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What kind of hotdog are you? Are you a big kielbasa or just a turkey dog?
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Post-sleep clarity hitting like a train wbu?
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My name is Yamperzzz, but you may simply call me Yam. I go by both they/them and it/its pronouns. I like to draw, animate, and I'm currently teaching myself coding with GML!

I prefer group multiverse RPs, but I can also invest my time in other RPs as well! Just whatever seems interesting.

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I was born without any wisdom teeth! So no worries about ever extracting them. Can't say the same for my sister, though...
In ArcRift 4 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Voss and Sanford's CS

Several, several hours later, and everyone was still in the jet long after nightfall set. Even as Lex and the fliers outside the jet searched extensively for Superman, they had come empty-handed, and there was not much the cabin crew could do except sleep and bandage up. Voss was doing exactly that as he preoccupied himself with wrapping up his torso and a portion of his right arm. After giving his prosthetic additional support with the bandages, Voss tore the last piece of the cloth with his teeth before carelessly tossing it to the side. Sanford frowned as he spotted the roll unroll itself across the cabin. He huffed.

"You know, you could've just given that to me, man. Someone else could've used it." The mercenary attempted to wipe some of the oiled black off his face, only to smear it. Voss didn't bother to look Sanford in the eye as he resumed adjusting his prosthetic.

"It's been hours, son! If some'un needed it, t'ey would've used it already."

"Then why have you only just been using it? I see you." He shot a judgy look toward the old man. Voss rolled his eyes before leaning his face toward Sanford. He only glanced at the grunt before returning his attention to his leg.

"... Uh, ask me later. I'm a lil busy-"

Voss was interrupted yet again as Lex Luthor spoke over the intercom, announcing that they were going to return back to base. Voss sighed and let himself relax, only to scrunch up like a piece of paper when static blared through the systems. Sanford covered his ears... wherever they would be, with his hands. Voss, however, grew angry in the face again as he covered his head with his arms for a moment before stomping onto his feet to yell over the noise.


Just then, a new voice overtook Lex Luthor's and began to cheerily speak to the others inside the jet. The static was quickly replaced with circus music, of which made Voss tilt his head in confusion alone. His face was no longer red with rage, but it was soon going to become pale with fear as they would all soon discover what was going to happen to them.

The pair of misfits both squinted as a bright light beamed from outside. They both took a peek, although Voss was really the only one to provide some kind of comment besides a worried scream between the two.

"'Scurvy...?' T'as me line... WAIT WHAT IS T'A-"


It wasn't immediately clear how long everyone was on the ground. To much of everybody's surprise, everyone was relatively unharmed by the crash. The mangled site of the crash was a fair distance from both Sanford and Voss, though. Sanford was the first to rise, just as Joel began to check up on the survivors. Sanford groaned as he shakily sat himself up.

"... Ergh... Present...!" He rose his hand again and, just as before, retreated it back toward his body as soon as he did while yelping in pain.

After some more time, Sanford rose to his feet, and he began to stagger across his new environment. It appeared to be an amusement park of sorts... Although an abandoned one. It was dubbed Joker's Funland, but the last thing the mercenary felt was fun as he nervously explored a bit. In the meantime, Voss had awakened, and he rolled onto his belly and pushed himself up in full view of the sign.

... and his face softened.

"... Feck..."

He too stood up after some time, although hesitantly so. Whatever this place reminded him of, it was enough to make the previously confrontational sea captain tuck a tail in-between his legs as he shuffled aimlessly across this old steel mill turned amusement park. He purposely avoided others and instead chose to move toward the steel mill section of the place. Despite this, Voss would eventually begin to search for something to get his mind off whatever he was thinking. This made him trudge toward the bumper cars, or at least close to them, and he began to investigate to see if he can actually get down there to operate them... For old time's sake!

As for Sanford, he eventually got to a point where he left to investigate the remains of the jet. He was alone or, at least, he thought he was until an unfamiliar voice emerged from seemingly nowhere. The mercenary twirled on the spot to meet Gyro with his hook out, ready to defend himself in such a mysterious place. However, Sanford soon began to question if the man was really a threat, after all. He listened carefully as Gyro calmly explained his Steel Ball like he was waiting his whole life to. Even if it was unprompted, the spiel lulled Sanford enough that he lowered his hook by the time Gyro began to gaze at the mercenary.

Gyro began to spin his Steel Ball to an almost inhuman, but beautiful degree, so Sanford ultimately approached the man to make some sense of it. He scratched his head before holstering his meathook back to where it belonged.

"... So, uh... Shouldn't you be afraid of that thing ripping your ear off? It just seems... unsafe. And bats don't really spin to echolocate, as far as I know... How is this related?" He pointed at The Ball, referring to how closely Gyro leans to listen to the sound vibrations. Even as crazy as Gyro sounded, Sanford continued to humor the man. Why is he so hypnotized by that Ball spinning, anyway?

"... You hear anything interesting there, big man?"
In ArcRift 6 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Voss and Sanford's CS

At some point, while Samus was interacting with Negan, yet another explosion rang out from the distance, likely from the aforementioned tower outside. Even then, Voss hadn't bothered to check. He remained behind the tent wall to not only avoid eye contact with the space marine, but he also assumed that the sound was nothing more than the rescuers in the tower fucking around as per usual. Whatever. It wasn't his job to supervise the tower extraction anyway. It wasn't until Negan exclaimed and ran off alongside Samus that the sea captain bothered to check. He began to stand up, and as he did, he gawked around the corner to witness a volley of flames that rained from above approaching the camp at an alarming pace. Before he could even stand to his full height, Voss threw himself aside at the last moment to avoid the incoming inferno. He landed belly-down onto the ground outside and shielded his head with his arms as the blaze roared straight through the center of the camp. Voss swore he heard cackling as it rushed by.

When the coast was clear, the old man scrambled to his feet and whipped his head toward the camp. At least, what was left of it. The entire shelter was ripped in two and was quickly engulfed in flames. Parts of it began to collapse on itself, and those who cared enough and able enough were dashing toward the firey camp to rescue whatever civilian happened to be inside. Voss, on the other hand, directed his focus on other matters. He turned toward the path the flames were taking and realized they were caused by an unidentified flying man who began to engage those on the tower - he grabbed another man from the upper floors and tossed him to his death below. Voss' face promptly became blood-red as he identified his new target. Whoever this flying man was, he had just burnt up Voss' "loot" and was now about to pay the ultimate price.

The sea captain growled as he lugged his dropped weapons along from when he threw himself to safety, not noticing the small flames which had latched onto his oversized coat. He then bolted toward the assailant, hoping to get his saber some use today.

Before Sanford's questions could be even answered, a series of explosions rocked the tower and tossed almost everyone around inside it, including the grunt. He wobbled about before grabbing onto a secured concrete pillar for stability. Not long after, a man in a jetpack and equipped with a flamethrower flew through a hole in the wall of the room to yank a terrified Mister Combustible by his scruff. After berating the lightbulb man for disclosing far too much to the team, the flying man then threw Mister Combustible off the side of the building and followed it with a burst of flames as the poor man descended. Sanford wasn't close enough to witness the man's death, but he did hear the gutwrenching POP! of a bulb exploding. The man, who was eventually addressed as Firefly, directed his attention onto Sanford's group, where he soon began attacking them.

While everyone else was busy fighting this loser as he juggled bombs and turned others into BBQ, Sanford briefly retreated to the side once again to prepare something. Just like the burning and screaming civvies on the ground level, Sanford was cooking up an idea. Trying to get Firefly while he's in the air is a pain in the ass, and forcing him onto the ground would be the best solution. But so far, there had been few successful attempts in doing so. In the back, Sanford grabbed whatever rubble was nearby and looked the heaviest. He pulled out some extra wire which he used for his hook to wrap around the debris and tie it securely around his waist. When he felt he was heavy enough, the Nevadean spun his signature meathook in the air before throwing it toward Firefly, hoping to latch it onto the chassis of his suit. Once the wire became taut, Sanford let the flying maniac drag him off the edge of the tower to hopefully serve as a weight to pull Firefly down toward the ground. Whether or not he makes a fast descent is yet to be seen.

Regardless of whether or not Sanford actually helped in lowering Firefly back to Earth, Sanford did get close enough to the ground to allow the ground teams easier access to the target. Neither of them was touching the ground, but Sanford was a few feet above everyone below and could be grabbed rather easily... As everyone will see shortly.

Enter Voss, who had arrived onto the scene after rolling and hurling himself away from the danger zone of bombs dropped left and right. He was even more pissed than before as he glared at Firefly losing altitude. Seeing Sanford literally hanging onto a thread gave Voss the pathway he needed to get from Point A to Point B. While the Nevadean was busy yelling obscenities to the jetpack man and ordering him to surrender, the sea captain charged behind them with a saber in his teeth and latched onto Sanford. The grunt was understandably surprised as Voss began to climb on him and up his wire with no warning.

"AAAAUGH!! Hang on, man! Get off! He's coming down, he's - OW!"

Sanford was interrupted by a running blade planted on his face as Voss pressed forward. It's a wonder how a man wearing a prosthetic leg with limited movement is able to ascend a wire so quickly if he wasn't so goddamn angry. In only a matter of seconds, Voss became close enough to grasp onto Firefly's suit and he took this moment to grab his saber again. The pair paused for a short while as Firefly would likely attempt to throw them off by any means necessary before Voss would regain his footing and begin to cut and rip away at the man's suit. Whatever exposed thing the sea captain spotted that looked weak enough to grab and tear or cut on Firefly's chassis was taken advantage of - whether it be wires, components, or even flesh. He shouted at the man as he tried this, his voice crackling with pure fuming rage.


In ArcRift 6 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Voss' CS

The old man hardly bats an eye at Fenrir's arrival. Even if Eric hadn't recognized the Lycanroc, Voss wouldn't have cared less. He didn't take his new assignment very seriously despite the reprimanding from All-Might and Hershel. Voss is stubborn and, in most cases, just plain selfish and stupid. Although, Voss has a chance to change that, given Samus' arrival. After hearing the commotion Negan was making, Voss peered behind the corner of a wall he sat against to get a gander of the "sci-fi marine" Negan had mentioned. Part of him hoped it was one of his old pals from his previous adventures, just so he could have a familiar face here and play the victim.

"'Sci-fi mar...'" He stopped as if he was trying to recall something. "... Huat the feck are ye on 'bout...?"

He shuts himself up the moment he spots Samus. After staring at the marine for several long seconds, the nervous sea captain slowly sank back into his spot and pretended he saw nothing, all while whistling.

In ArcRift 6 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Sanford's CS

Between the time Sanford was teleported to the rooftops with the Hunter’s help and now, the Nevadean had become missing in action for the majority of the ordeal. Few knew where he ran off to, and to be honest, a few may have even forgotten about him. But good news! Sanford’s mind is a fortress and hasn’t forgotten you! … Whether or not that is a fortunate thing is subjective. Regardless, the grunt reappears shortly after Mister Combustible answered Red’s question as best as he could. Those standing close enough to a particular doorway may hear the distant pitter-patter of running feet approaching them, growing louder by the second, followed by exaggerated panting. In due time, the sound would rush past them and lower in volume for a few short moments before stopping entirely. The footsteps would return at a much more moderate rate.

Sanford backtracked to the doorway by moonwalking, and he curiously leans his head far back to peek inside the, erhm, interrogation room. Those who bothered to look at his would notice that the grunt was drenched in blood and other organic matter. It would seem that Sanford had gone off on his own little adventure while the other group did their job. He holds that leaning pose as he scratches his tattooed back with his gory hook.

“... Eyy! There ya’ll are! I was starting to wonder if you guys actually made it, aheha!” The Navadean turns on his heel and walks into the room, tracking bloody footprints everywhere. Then he approaches Mister Combustible rather calmly, where he’d pause and try to wipe his bloodied disembodied hands on the lightbulb man’s suit.

“Ah, excuse me. I’m just gonna borrow this… Yeaaaaaaaaaah…”

Whether or not this happens, Sanford will momentarily forget the thug was there as he turned to chat with the rest of the crew.

“Sorry I couldn’t help! My, uh, hands were full. Yes... That’s what happened.” He chuckled for a moment before continuing. “Anyway… didja bozos torture anyone for answers yet? … Hey, anybody see a Hunter dude around lately?”

In ArcRift 6 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Voss' CS

Voss hadn't noticed the drone behind him until Hershel left when he peered in the man's direction and then toward All-Might. It took the sea captain a double-take to register the machine's presence… Well, machines’, as there were multiple. The one that was focused on Voss, in particular, made the older man lurch backward in surprise. Voss had already regretted stepping foot into this camp for obvious reasons, and he didn't want what he believed were threatening futuristic robots staring him down like ravenous dogs. Thus, he went on the defensive, ignoring All-Might for the time being.

“Oi! Quit starin’ at me wit’ those big ol’ eyes!” He barked at the drone behind him, then waved his armed hand around as he addressed the other drones. “All o’ ye! Ye useless buckets o’ scrap-”

In mid-swing, Voss’ hand was suddenly caught by a tight clasp far broader than his own hands. Fearing it was one of those strange bots he'd just insulted, he prepared for the worse as he was roughly spun around and his arm yanked up toward the sky. But instead of coming face-to-face with those drones, he instead faced All-Might in his infamous strong form. Voss almost didn't recognize the man as he instinctively yelped in shock. He had attempted to pull from the blonde hero's grasp to no avail until he began speaking. By that point, Voss had frozen in place, staring back at All-Might like a deer caught in the headlights. His gaze would not leave All-Might until the exchange was over, nor would he speak until All-Might dismissed himself.

The older man listened very carefully to the man above him. Voss wouldn't do much else after that point except wince and whimper when All-Might squeezes his hand. When Voss is finally freed, he falls on his ass, where he stays there for a few seconds to recover. It would seem that it was this confrontation that finally broke Voss, as he remained silent even as he returned to his feet. Finally getting the memo, he holsters his weapon as he sulks off toward Negan in defeat. Not before mumbling a few more insults of everyone else who'd been keeping him in check - especially All-Might. He chooses to sit down and pout by the bat-wielder, clearly displaying shame and embarrassment from the beratement.

He huffs and says nothing more.

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Voss' CS

When Eric had prevented Voss' bullet from properly "misfiring," the sea captain was this close to charging at the pink cat himself with a saber in hand. Eric can stop a bullet in the air, sure, but can he stop a sword from swinging at him at full force? ... Probably. It wouldn't hurt to try, Voss thought. However, before he could even begin to draw his saber, All-Might's voice boomed across the camp. Voss flinched, causing him to almost drop his Jakobs onto the floor as he fumbled. After a few short seconds of juggling a live gun in his hands, Voss gripped the holster securely and faced All-Might all disheveled-like. The old man feigned confidence and courage, none of which managed to show through well.

"Calm yer nips! all I want is me stuff back, is all. Then I'll show meself out the doo-" Before he could continue, Voss was interrupted by All-Might who had now directed his attention on HIM. Voss chokes as he stumbles over his words. He then proceeds to correct himself by, once again, pretending the hero wasn't getting to him. To do this, the sea captain foolishly poked the bear with insubordination... and gun twirling.

"I'm nay handin' ye me guns! An' I'm sure as Hell ain't puttin' 'em away. Huat if somebody runs in, an' I'm nay ready? I promise ye this: ye willnay get anymore issues from me, matey!" He twirled his Jakobs on his finger more vigorously. "That, er, 'misfire' was jest a one time thin'. Won't happen agai-"

The pistol then slides off his finger, causing it to tumble below his feet. Thankfully, it never "misfires," but Voss would be lying if he said he hadn't felt his soul leave his body between the moment his finger lost contact and the gun finished tossing about. He froze until the latter occurred, which he then lurched for it as quickly as possible. On his way back up, his gaze meets Hershel's, who was already threatening the cowering older man under him. He almost didn't register the crunching sound he heard, until his eyes briefly darted at their feet, where he noticed the indentation where the concrete was damaged. All he utters before Hershel departs is a quiet and feeble "okay" which was barely audible.

Once the other man leaves, Voss returns to his regular height as he rubs the back of his neck in Hershel's direction. He turns to face All-Might where he awkwardly chuckled and pointed a thumb back at Hershel.

"... Heh... tough crowd...!"
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Voss' CS

Voss was anticipating the wet, gorey sound of bullet meeting skull, but when seconds passed and nothing seemed to happen, Voss turned around to find that... FUCK HE DID IT AGAIN FUCK FUCK FUCK

Eric didn't seem mad at all. Just... oddly clueless. Like a shitty mascot for a PSA from the 90's telling you that you shouldn't piss on an electrical fence. Why is he like this? Listen man, you don't question the pink cat who just let the stopped bullet fly past you again and you can't tell whether or not that was a threat in disguise.

Anyway, Eric sends Voss a roll of bandages his way and he just... stands there... I wonder what he's thinking about.

maybe he's thinking about shitposts when he should've slepin or sum...
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Voss' CS

"Well, maybe if I..."

Voss picked up his Jakobs and attempted to use the bayonet on the end to tuck the blade underneath the wristband and saw outward. This, of course, failed. He would've kept at it (and possibly risk cutting himself in the process) if a certain Espeon hadn't arrived on the scene. In the middle of his operation, Voss' head perked up as soon as he heard a new voice behind him. He turned around to face Eric just as his recently sacked goodies and trash rose high into the air to orbit the cat. Voss immediately scrambled to his feet and almost slipped as his worn running blade failed to grip the ground. Once he was fine, he didn't hesitate to threaten Eric.

"Uh, the feck ye are?" Voss marches toward Eric, following him to one of the victims. He both looks and sounds pissed, as one might expect from someone who was eager to rob the vulnerable. "All that shite's mine, so feck off an' give it back 'fore a poke a hole through yer sides." It seemed hypocritical for Voss to toss away most of his catch because he assumed it was useless, only to iterate that they were all rightfully his when someone takes them. Anyway, he continues to bitch. "Finder's keepers, kitty-cat. If their families want it so bad, they'll pay a ransom. Then every'un's happy!"

Then he noticed Negan siding with Eric, which flustered him somewhat as he tried to reason it. Ultimately, Voss tries to grab some of the floating items while bribing the man. Whether or not Voss' attempts at taking the floating items succeeded, he would not retrieve anything substantial. "I - er - HUAT? Yer helpin' him? Nay even if I split the spills wit' ye?" On the topic of the civilians, Voss reiterated. "Them? Sure! ... if ye let me have me stuff back."

When even bribing would most likely not work, Voss would continue to pester Eric and Negan to the camp where All-Might and Hershel resided. It seemed that the crazy old man was hesitant to actually threaten the pair with violence, as Voss continued to make half-assed tries at persuading Eric to drop the items instead... That, or he was so stupefied by Eric's display that it rotted away Voss' remaining neurons.

Eventually, Voss blended into the background so much that the other characters began to speak over him as they made an effort to save these civilians. Every time he began to talk, the others would interrupt, making him a stuttering mess.

"I - er - wait - if ye'd jest stay still - or jest stop... please...? Hey... Hey... HEY!"

When all else failed, Voss walked up to what he believed was his obstacle. The group had several bodies from the street in the camp, where they were hoping to save them. So, it was only logical for the unhinged sea captain to point to the nearest one using one of his trusty Jakobs...

Without warning, Voss pulled the trigger and unceremoniously fired at one of the bodies in the head. If the shot lands, not only would it mean death for the civilian, but if it hits the head, everyone else in the camp risks a second gunshot wound as the bullet is guaranteed a ricochet to the nearest person.

Regardless of the outcome, Voss would turn to the group and shrug, smiling broadly as if he made a simple mistake.

"... Accidental discharge."
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Voss' CS

As Voss resumed his looting, Negan struck up a conversation with him. The sea captain hadn’t bothered to look back at the man since he first questioned him. For the most part, Voss hoped that if he ignored him long enough, the other man would take off and Voss would once again be left to his own accord. When that didn’t work, the older man shook his head and sighed. At least Negan wasn’t immediately berating him for robbing the defenseless… as of yet.

“... Well…ye’d never ken huat ye might find...” He retrieves a set of keys and tosses it just as his hands touch it. “... Maybe if ye find somethin’ nice, like an’ heirloom… ye can use it fer blackmail - if they’s got family…” He then pulls out a wallet, briefly scans through its contents, and chucks behind him at Negan’s feet. Whatever was in it, it had no value to Voss. “... If nay… I always like t’ pitch it at rivals, watch ‘em fight over it an’ loot whoever’s down…” He scoffed, but stopped once he begins collecting an unimpressive sum of coins. He frowns.

“... ‘Course,” he continued. ”Ye could always jest sell it. Which I might end up doin’. The last place I wanna be is ‘ere savin’ some nobodies from a man I donay give a shite fer… Maybe tear this watch off an’ buy a ticket t’ elsewhere… Oi, ye think this watch might be worth somethin’?” Voss finally turns back toward Negan to pull on the watch Luthor gifted everybody. To do this, he places his Jakobs on the ground, for the time being. The watch was wrapped around his wrist tight, but the stubborn old man was adamant that it was something that could be removed easily.

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