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Current the status bar is great because you can force an entire website to listen to your stream of consciousness and since there's no block or mute function there's nothing anyone can do about it
14 days ago
decades since the concept of a music video first debuted and humanity has still yet to top ok go hopping across treadmills in what is very clearly a community hall they rented for the day
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23 days ago
island in the sun gang wya
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the real prime ministers were the lettuces we made along the way
2 mos ago
no replies tonight i have to lie face down on my bed and feel weird for six hours
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19 y/o from ireland, he/him
new to forum RP, but i’ve roleplayed for somewhere around a decade now on sites like twitter, chatzy and discord. i prefer "advanced", detailed roleplay: i can do what's considered "casual" here, but in terms of anything below that i get absolutely nothing out of one-lining lol. as well as ocs from both canon and wholly original sources, i can also play a variety of canon characters from various franchises, such as:
(bolded text marks franchises i'm especially interested in)

jojo’s bizarre adventure (parts 1-8, plus other araki works e.g. baoh the visitor)
persona (1-5)
shin megami tensei (and it's associated spinoffs, eg digital devil saga)
• shovel knight
• guilty gear
resident evil
• stranger things
team fortress 2
• half life
• portal
doctor who (this is a big one. includes all doctor who related media, even spinoffs, even the weird spinoffs like faction paradox)
• the office
• breaking bad/better call saul
• fallout
• marvel cinematic universe (tentatively)
• deltarune
• hades
• pretty much all the 1st party ips in smash bros

and probably a few more i’m forgetting.
for ships, i generally prefer m/m (im gay lol). will sometimes do f/f, but pretty much never m/f. i have some experience with combat rp, as well as managing, moderating and running rps for decently sized groups on discord.

discord is udon#3934

"udon you are my hero" - duskkyy
"Soooo like. Udon right? Love that guy!" - Icarus
"I want to talk to Udon about the fall of Constantinople" - Cloaked
"an udon sandwich is EXTREMELY possible" - David
"bearing in mind here udon is a massive homosexual" - megar
"udon do you ever stop to think about the things you type before you type them" - Igloo
"Udon the kinda fella who exhales unnecessarily loudly after having a drink" - Lava
"IMAGINE I just walk into a shop and I see udon there. I’d just freak out. I’d flip it. It’d be bonkers. It’s mental. I’d go insane. Totally crazy." - Icarus, again
"udon isn't human" - RoseWolf
"I frankly don’t even know if Udon exists." - SomeMekBoy

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would howard stark and, by extension, stark industries, have had any presence worth noting in this timeline? i'm trying to conceptualise a spin on vision, and i was thinking of tying him back to them.
interested, if there's still room!
interested! i believe we were in secret wars together a while back, which never really got off the ground. but the concept of reimaginings definitely hooked me, so i'd love to try it again here!

as for character ideas, i have a few, but i generally like to wait and see what others do first so i can play off of them. currently, though, im considering iron lad, loki, and wiccan for reimaginings.
interested! is there any specific type of magic the witches and wizards would specialise in, or would we have some wiggle room for unique spells within reason?

@Zeroth No problem with the extra details on my end, they fit Jimmy's character well.

@Letter Bee I'm fine with another NCR member, though them being Jimmy's direct superior may be a bit of a logistical stretch: Considering he was dispatched from an encampment in Wyoming, it would make sense for his superiors to be located there rather than following their scouts out into uncharted territory.

@Andromedai Would a Laser Pistol be alright? It's the lowest grade of combat-worthy Energy Weapon across the franchise, and in New Vegas you're given one right from the start if you pick Energy Weapons. If not, I may have to retool Jimmy a bit to fit another skill.
Given the Enclave have another prospective member amongst the cast, I opted for my initial idea for an NCR soldier to balance things out.

Thanks for the answers! With them in mind, I have a few ideas:

    1) An NCR fanboy, now serving as a scout in the army. Originally belonging to a vault, he and his family were liberated from the ongoing experiment and assimilated into the union. The character and his fellow vault-dwellers would have revered the NCR, both for liberating them and for their resemblance to the familiar old world government they'd read and heard about from passed down stories. His father died in service out in Nevada, further fueling his tunnel-visioned admiration for the NCR. He'd be dispatched from an encampment in Wyoming (implied to be mostly tribal lands by Fallout New Vegas) to scout out potential alliances and solutions for an encroaching food shortage (Thomas Hildern, an NCR scientist in NV, expects a food shortage due to overpopulation about a decade after the game's events).
    Tag skills would be Energy Weapons, Barter and Survival.

    2) A former Enclave scientist from the Chicago outposts. A controversial figure on base, he fundamentally disagreed with the Enclave's philosophy: Rather than believing that the Wasteland had tainted humanity, and Wastelanders, Mutants and Ghouls ought to be exterminated, he believed the opposite—that this was a new path of evolution for humans to take, and that they should be researching how to perfect it rather than trying to exterminate it. A combination of his counter-cultural views and dubiously ethical experiments to prove them led to his ousting from the base. He's since wandered the Wasteland to further his research, seeking to unlock the key to humanity's next step and leading the remainder of civilisation into a new, golden age.
    Tag skills would be Unarmed, Science and Medicine.
    (Unarmed may seem unorthodox for a scientist, but I figured it could be fun to subvert the usual trope of Energy Weapons. Plus, it would make sense for his character to keep himself in top physical condition, as he believes in pushing humanity to its limits and beyond.)

    3) Originally a child soldier in the Legion, this character was driven out from Nevada by the NCR. Lead by a Centurion, he and a smattering of other soldiers fled into Wyoming, where they attempted to carry on the Legion philosophy as a tribe. Eventually, however, they would come into conflict with other enclaves of the Legion who disagreed with them, and suffered equally from internal squabbling. Gradually, the remainders of the Legion in Wyoming would break down, becoming more tribalistic and beginning to war with each other. Seeing no end to the conflict, this character chose to cut contact with his tribe: While they were in battle, he raided their tents for supplies and deserted them. Eventually, he ended up in Montana, where he now attempts to settle down and leave the scars of his old life behind.
    Tag skills would be Melee Weapons, Survival and Lockpick.

I figure I'll pick an idea based on GM feedback as to whether they're feasible, then by the balance of characters we already have as they start to appear—both to not repeat anything, and to offer interesting interaction and character dynamic potential.
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