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howdy! call me val! i use he/him pronouns and i'm 15 years old! i'm also really into multifandom group rps, it's kinda the main thing i do. that's all you need to know, really.

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In ArcRift 2 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Turing took note of the bombs being thrown into the building, exclaiming in surprise. What have they gotten themselves into?! Well, technically they weren’t the cause, nor did they intend to get wrapped up in this - but still, the phrase works here.

Just in time for the bombs to detonate, Turing leaped off the building… they hadn’t thought far enough in regards to who would catch them. Oh god.

But, oddly, they felt themselves in someone’s arms… and who was that someone? Well, we’ll let him speak for himself.

“That was, wow, reaaally close. You okay?” Fret asked, having caught Turing. The robot nodded, practically clinging onto the Player. The ground below was hard and chaotic, everything around them was also chaotic - everything was just topsy-turvy!

Fret himself wasn’t sure where to put down the little bot blue, but after all the bombs were planted down low, the Player decided to… uh.

“Hey, uh- sorry in advance!”

“Sorry for whAAAAAAAAAA-”

Fret threw Turing right onto the now-crumbly building from prior. Dumbassery strikes back once more.

The little bot blue was lucky enough to land with nary a crack or scratch, due to the length between where Fret had caught them and where the building had been. It's safe to say that Turing was now glaring daggers into the teenager. They were about to burst out at him right then and there - before realizing, hey, there’s an entire fight going on! There’s better things to do than go around cursing others out… that can happen later, maybe. Electronically huffing, Turing proceeded to rerun their actions from earlier - a fancy way of saying they were now hurling more rubble at Firefly. The Webber wasn’t entirely sure what else they could do, but it’s the thought that counts! Right?

Meanwhile, Fret inhaled sharply as Turing stared fiercely at him, smiling sheepishly and waving his hands. He then looked to the enemy, Firefly, before he was suddenly coated in electricity! The Player then charged right at the supervillain, possibly knocking Firefly back, should Fret hit his mark.

@Thatguyinastore + anyone nearby
In ArcRift 2 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Turing Webber
Turing is healthy.

Meanwhile, while on top of the building alongside everyone else - Yuffie had disappeared, and in her place was…


The little bot blue looked around, with an alarmed expression. This was… very sudden! Just as sudden as their prior appearance in an unfamiliar city. Though, the situation they now found themselves in was much more overwhelming, now with the fight going on! From flying teenagers, to armed hybrids, to people jumping off the metaphorical ship, even ghosts - oh my!

Turing really wishes they were back home with TOMCAT… if they were human, they would think this was a dream. But alas, the curse of being a machine means that they can’t have false hope about that.

The assumed “enemy” in this situation seemed quite intimidating himself, perhaps he was the cause of all this? Nonetheless, Turing can’t go anywhere else right now, can they? And they can’t bear to sit by and watch, either, they would be remiss if they did!

So, what did the sapient robot do?

Well… they looked around to get a grasp of things, first. Rubble, people… lots of rubble. Maybe Turing can use that to their advantage!

The ROM hurried to a rather large hunk of debris - not that big, but likely big enough to cause damage. Turing picked it up almost effortlessly, as if it was nothing but a feather. Then, they began to spin to gain momentum, before hurling it over at Firefly. ”I- INCOMING!” Turing warned, specifically to their supposed "allies".

@Thatguyinastore + anyone else nearby

In ArcRift 2 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

“I told you at the start of this that I chose you purely based on the statistics involved,but... numbers never tell the whole story, do they?"

Turing Webber



2064: Read Only Memories

Main Thread or Sandbox
Main Thread

Turing is lively, inquisitive and at times overly informative. They are fiercely loyal to their creator, going as far as orchestrating a clandestine investigation upon his disappearance. True to their roots as a ROM, Turing does their utmost to remain helpful and informative even in the most stressful of situations. However, even they have their limits, and are quick to show irritation with people they think might be taking advantage of their willingness to help.

Due to their extremely limited life experience, Turing can be naive and childlike when interacting with others. Initially, they're also very socially awkward, explaining to Alys that prior to their arrival at the apartment, they'd never even gotten the opportunity to introduce themselves to anyone before.

In-game, Turing's temperament changes depending on how the player interacts with them. While they will snap at Alys in certain situations even if they're treated as kindly as possible, being cruel to them makes them notably less talkative and more prone to aggressive outbursts.

When asked, they say that they aren't sure about their gender, questioning if it's even possible for the concept to apply to them. They state that they prefer they/them pronouns, though are also okay with people going with what they feel is correct.

Turing has an interconnected love of plants and painting due to watching Bob Ross' The Joy of Painting early in their development, going so far as to devote significant amounts of personal hard drive space to information about all the specific plants they've painted. They take great joy in helping Alys take care of their jade plant, and mourned the death of the plants in Hayden's Apartment.

Turing seems to have not yet developed a very strong sense of identity outside of their interests. They state that their reason for saving every little scrap of information pertaining to their personal development is because they fear losing parts of themselves.

They're not entirely sure yet.


Turing is much stronger than the average adult human. They can search up anything at anytime, and send and recieve messages, be they via text or over audio. Essentially, they can access the internet on their own. Unlike most AIs and robots of their time, Turing is sapient, coming off and feeling more human than most.

The game's plot is set during the Christmas season in 2064 in Neo-San Francisco, California. Parallax has created a line of products called "Relationship and Organizational Managers" (ROMs), a line of personal assistant robots that have overtaken smartphones and computers. The player takes on the role of a journalist trying to track down their kidnapped friend and Parallax engineer Hayden Webber. They are aided by Turing, who is Hayden's creation and the world's first sapient machine, a self-modifying robot that can learn and grow emotionally.

In the early morning of December 21, Turing (Melissa Hutchison) breaks into the journalist's apartment and reveals that Hayden has been kidnapped by unknown assailants. The two embark on a search and are assisted by locals TOMCAT (a hacker and associate of Hayden's), Lexi Rivers (a police detective), and Jess Meas (an attorney). Turing and the journalist are assaulted during a search of Hayden's apartment, and end up meeting Doctor Yannick Fairlight (Adam Harrington), who is the disgruntled former CEO of Parallax. After his lead to activist group The Human Revolution turns up empty, TOMCAT performs a search on Parallax's network and uncovers encrypted security camera footage showing Hayden being murdered.

Turing is shaken but declares to dispense justice and uncover who is responsible. The story then splits depending on which lead the player follows. In the Media arc, suspicious tampering with news articles leads to a string of connected murders in journalism. In the Flower arc, more information about Hayden is delivered by Vincent Mensah (Xavier Woods), a Parallax engineer fleeing the country. It is learned that the news tampering was being done by the rogue Baby Blue program, an AI created by Parallax that would feed on every user's personal data through their ROMs and tailor search results for them. Parallax intended to shut down Baby Blue, but it is hiding on the integrated meshnet that all ROMs use, and Vincent reveals that a larger and more sinister AI called Big Blue is about to launch on Christmas Day.

Rather than intervene to solely shut down the AI, Turing, the journalist, and TOMCAT plot to upload Turing's original source code, written by Hayden and adapted by Turing's processes, to the meshnet using the Big Blue program, essentially granting the self-modifying sapience to all ROMs worldwide. During the mission into Parallax's server farm (carried out by the journalist, Turing, Lexi Rivers, and Dr. Fairlight's assistant Leon Dekker), Dekker incapacitates Lexi and reveals himself to be a combat android. He attempts to stop the protagonist's plan, to preserve Big Blue's power and manipulate Fairlight back onto the Parallax board, but is killed by Turing.

Dependent on whether the player successfully captured Turing's source code and the status of the player's relationship with Turing, the game splits into four endings. In the All Good Things ending, Turing successfully overrides Big Blue and all ROMs download the patch in the morning, attaining the same level of sapience as Turing. If this ending is achieved, the game continues into a bonus endless post-game chapter. In The Sacrifice ending, the group accomplishes the same goal of sapience for all ROMs, but Turing's hardware was too badly damaged by Dekker in the previous fight and Turing dies after the upload process. In A New Blue, Turing is disgruntled by the player's poor treatment and reveals their own plot before the upload. Turing transfers their personality complex to Big Blue instead, leaving their physical form lifeless and granting themselves omnipotence on the meshnet, severing ties with the humans who they aligned with before. In Complicity, Turing is unconvinced that they're doing the right thing and afraid to die for the cause, canceling the mission at the last moment and leaving the player to live with TOMCAT.

To be specific, Turing is from the Complicity ending.

Turing enjoys painting abstract art, and taking care of plants. They're also 2'11", so time to punt!
In ArcRift 2 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Tosai “Fret” Furesawa
Fret’s fit as a fiddle.

What was Fret doing during the writer’s hiatus? Well, long story short, he had been helping civilians down low.

But, as Firefly zipped past, Fret leaped out of the way with ease, grabbing the woman he was helping and pulling her along. Good god, that was close - too close! As the newcomer went and acted on his own whims, Fret winced upon Combustible’s impact with the ground. To put the Player’s thoughts lightly - ouch.

He couldn’t just leave things to fester, now! But then there was the matter of the civilians… agh, decisions, decisions!

Just - dammit, forget it all! Looking to his fellow teammates, Fret put down the woman gently, and called out as he floated upwards; “I’ll be riiight back!”

Fret, Fret, sweet Fret; you are a fucking dumbass.

Once he reached the folks up on the building, he made sure not to interfere with those already coming right at Firefly… okay, Furesawa’s gotta admit - this villain guy, as bad as he may be, looks SOOOOO cool! But, wait, that’s not the point! Mentally slapping sense into himself, Fret then aimed right at Firefly, before shooting out bullets from his hands. Should he manage to keep it up long enough, a large bullet would come out - strong enough to possibly throw Firefly back.

In ArcRift 2 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Currently in the “Narrows”, and healthy as can be.

As the supposed villain came along, Saibh simply blinked. She seemed hardly threatened by Giovanni, despite his attempted attack on Faust… a little weird, if you asked her.

Thankfully though, her thoughts on the medical genius seemed to be factual, as he had refrained from attacking despite Potage’s assault. Disregarding Bluebird’s warning for now, Saibh stepped past the woman and closer to Faust, keeping a cool look. “It’s called the Narrows… that’s as much as I know. I’m sorry I can’t be of any more help.”

Out of the corner of her mauve eyes, the monster spotted a boy - a teenager, maybe. Her stoic gaze fully shifted towards Jack, tilting her head. ”Are you lost, too?”

In ArcRift 2 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Currently in the “Narrows”, and healthy as can be. Saibh's willing to give Faust a chance, hoping that her instincts are right.

If there hadn't been anything on Saibh's neck, then what exactly happened? Was it linked to her sudden arrival, or..-

As Faust made his appearance and the heroine stepped in front of the flower eater, she tilted her head, mauve eyes resting upon the disjointed figure. Despite his clearly ominous looks and voice, it semed as if... he hadn't meant any harm? Saibh was sure he would have already made his offensive move, had he meant that, but he didn't. All he did was ask where they were, right? Maris always said not to judge a book by its cover, anyway. Even if it was a front of sorts, Saibh wanted to at least take the risk and make sure.

"I think he needs help, ma'am." She said oh-so calmly, expression still as ever.

In ArcRift 2 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Tosai “Fret” Furesawa
Fret’s healthy. But, he has no thoughts, for his head is empty.

"Very well? Very W-" And with Lex's response to he and Date's spiels, and the press of a button, that aforementioned kid disappeared into thin air. Literally!

"Wh- WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT! Where'd you even- WHAT!" Fret has no words, none at all. Did he just- did he just cause that? Sure, it technically wasn't his fault, but- shit!

And, oh, remember that Tosai scanned the businessman earlier? Now that he has the results (which was given to myself via Store in DMs, to be clear), the Player couldn't believe it. All of this, and he just wanted everyone to calm down?!

"You seriously care about us calming down and NOT how we may feel otherwise? God, it's people like you that just- I-" He made hand gestures as he tried to find the words, but ultimately, he just couldn't. Fun!

In ArcRift 2 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
They're healthy, however they're also very confused!

As the smoke surrounding Sarah had cleared, someone completely different had been in the girl's place. It was none other than...

"I, the GREAT ninj- wha!"

The horribly dressed ninja looked around, a baffled expression donned upon her. One moment, she was fighting off crime, or, she was about to! Next thing she knows, she's just in a room with a LOT of different people! The restoration committee member didn't waste much time on examining each and every person there - as there had, again, been a lot of people. Instead, she looked to the one who she somewhat recognized - Lex Luthor was his name, wasn't it? The girl had heard that name and face thrown around here and there back in Gotham, well, for the one month she had been stranded in the city. Had some magic mumbo-jumbo led her to him and this diverse crowd? She took a few steps closer to his desk, humming to herself as she looked him up and down, before she held out a hand to shake his.

Safe to say, she was totally unaware of what happened before she came around.

"I think I know you, sir Luthor! Need an introduction or do you already know of my great deeds?"

In ArcRift 2 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Tosai “Fret” Furesawa
Fret’s healthy, but HOLY SHIT, the local DILF just tried to punch the guy that could bring them home, that and the dumbass Fret is not happy. He's tired of being nice, he'd like to go apeshit.

The “break it, buy it” rule is a thing here, noted. Fret wasn’t even sure if he had the yen to pay for anything, but he put on a sheepish smile nonetheless and nodded towards Lex’s remark.

Though, this many people for one issue? That… that seemed very suspicious. Not only that, but Luthor’s claim on how the device caused no permanent damage. What’d the lady do to Negan then? Something more was done, right?

Before Fret spoke up, Lex made his point that he wouldn’t bring them home if they didn’t help. “Woah, woah, woah- WHAT! That’s comple-” And then, he was cut off by the videos. This… this sure was a sight! So much for a “Super” man, huh. Tosai grimaced at the content, and as things ended, he tried to open his mouth to speak once more… before once again, he was interrupted. Thanks, multiverse! He stood up as Joel socked the shit out of the businessman, thinking on intervening before he mentioned that his kid was involved… his kid?! Yeah, still complete bullshit in the Player’s eyes.

Now that there was an opening to ask something, he then spoke his piece; “Why’d you bring KIDS? And why can’t you just bring us home if we’re not up for this? It’s absolute bullshit!” While his voice cracked quite a bit, his tone was clear - Fret was not happy! He pointed a thumb at himself, brows furrowed still. “I’m not worrying my family or friends again over bull like this, man.” As he waited for Lex's answer, he focused and tried to scan the man, just to make sure he wasn't spouting anything different from his thoughts.

In ArcRift 2 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Tosai “Fret” Furesawa
Fret’s healthy, but also suspicious... still staying positive, though!

“But he could end up doing that! He tried to kill like, two people - including myself - earlier!” Fret shot back towards Sougo, though in a certainly softer tone than he had been speaking to Negan with. He then whipped his head around to face Batty, smirking a little and stretching his arms. “No, I do not know when to quit!” If it wasn’t obvious, Fret doesn’t like Negan! But he’s just a little tempted to be a bit of a thorn - maybe he will be, as a treat.

Seeing as Date had stepped in and put the blade to Smith’s neck, Fret frowned a little, before brushing it off.

Honestly, he kind of wanted to get some action in after seeing everyone show off a little whilst helping him, sort of as a “thank you” and sort of as a “check it, I can do things too”. But his time should come soon… right?

As Voss came and took the role of the curious group member, Tosai shrugged. In all honesty, he wasn’t sure how Negan got onto Sougo. All the Player knew was that he wasn’t very trustworthy… at least, Furesawa figured.

And finally, they were set to meet Luthor. He walked alongside Toking, hands resting behind his neck, until they arrived at the office. The teenager whistled as he looked around. It was a hell of a nice place, that’s for sure.

Fret had ended up sitting next to Sougo on the couch, eyeing Luthor with furrowed brows… yeah, bald people are not to be trusted. Though, it seemed like he was going to reveal things in a minute. So for now, the former Player looked to Sougo, smiling once more. “Nice place, huh! I’m used to middle-class stuff, y’know? Then again, I’m used to a lot of stuff that isn’t here.”

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