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Name: Mime Bomb
Ultimate Title: Ultimate Mime
Canon: Carmen Sandiego (Netflix Show)
Age: Unknown

Powers/Abilities: Mime Bomb, as a graduate of VILE academy, possesses top-notch skills vital to any thief. This involves things like stealth, lock-picking, silent observation, acrobatics, and other related skills. He does not seem to be very skilled at self defense, generally seeming avoidant of fights, but his graduation from the academy implies that he does at least know some basics. He is also, per his namesake and ultimate title, a very good mime.
Weapons/Equipment: Mime Bomb does not generally carry around any regular equipment, with any and all items he uses being either improvised or specifically for the heists he is on.

Other Info: Mime Bomb does not talk in a traditional sense. He will mime out all of his "speaking". For both GM and player sake, this writer will summarize what he's attempting to communicate in a post. Whether or not this works out in character however, is up for interpretation.
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"Ciri? I'll keep that name in mind. Always nice to meet someone else who isn't entertained by all this blather." She piped in response to the white-haired woman revealing her name. Her tone remained as collected as possible, but the same shadow that'd passed over her usual unbothered expression remained for a moment as Bayonetta thought on how Ciri had brushed over the fact of how she'd known her. That, it seemed, would be a matter for the two of them to discuss later as the dark-haired man who she'd spoken to before responded in turn. The more grim aspects of Bayonetta's expression seemed to melt away slowly as she listened to what he had to say. Well! It seemed there was at least a few someones here with class. "Bayonetta or Cereza, your pick. Though for reasons beyond me, people seem to like the first better..." She stated in response with her name, her lips quirking up into a smile as she listened to his flattery and explanations. "In this business-" Bayonetta began before being cut off by the crack of an explosion in one of the nearby buildings. The sound of everyone's scramble to get out and assess the damage nearly drowned out Luthor's call to action, but she just about managed to hear him as she joined the others in scrambling out. Her shoes rapidly clicked against the tile and soon the pavement as she found herself, like the others, in front of the damaged building in question. The Umbra Witch's expertise wasn't in human affairs, far from it. But the Laguna and sometimes Infernals she'd dealt with had always targeted her or someone similarly inclined to the affairs of the Trinity of Realities. The damages done in the process? As far as she knew, it was always manageable damage, places like empty streets of historical cities, damage that simply hadn't mattered, or conveniently empty areas affected by her business. That was all, in the end, collateral that'd hardly left a scar on the world. But this? This was different from anything she'd imagine this "Superman" would've done prior to whatever details that man in the office enjoyed keeping in his hand. Seeing it in front of her was much different than the footage. This wasn't accidental in the slightest.

This was fucking slaughter.

She watched as the other members of the group charge off in their own directions to handle the survivors. Good, leave it to them. The civilians needed help, but not nearly as much as she wanted to punch this "Superman" in the face. Bayonetta stewed in a rage concealed by her silence as she entered Purgatorio once again through a similar emblem to the one Lucifer had seen her exit. As quickly as she entered, she summoned the wings of Malphas similarly to how she'd done before, rising up to the top of the building quickly in flight.

Bayonetta wasn't alone in the motion.Morningstar and another spiky-haired individual whose name she hadn't caught had also flown up looking for a fight, their silhouettes outlined in purple as she looked herself for the assailant. While everyone scrambled to manage their respective situations below, the Umbra Witchherself found as much luck as it seemed her fellow spiky-haired searcher did. In the midst of all the chaos, it seemed that the man in question had slipped away. Bayonetta let out a frustrated but resigned sigh as she began to recollect herself, slipping out of Purgatorio behind Lucifer out of a similar emblem that she'd appeared out of before.

Bayonetta emerged right about on time to hear the angel taunting the seemingly no-showing "hero", tp which she responded with a click of her tongue meant to mimic disappointment. "Now, now, Morningstar, is that any way to greet a new playmate?" She quipped, her tone retaining some of it's playful edge but her face mirroring whatever flavor of frustration and anger Lucifer felt. Bayonetta paused a moment for dramatic effect, flying in front of him to make her silent yet similar rage known to him with her absent smile. "Then again, he did stand us up, so maybe we should call him whatever awful names come to mind." She stated, examining the scene below with her silvery-blue eyes as she looked for another outlet of helping in this situation. Bayonetta quickly found it in the group before examining some of the people in the street. Her gaze darted back up to Morningstar. "Would you look at that? Seems they've forgotten to give us an invitation to the little party they're throwing." She commented, drawing his attention to the group below. "I don't know about you, Morningstar, but I say we jump from one venue to the next." Bayonetta glanced at him as if offering him to follow, but regardless if he did, she began descending to the ground. Whoever was below would likely be able to see her, as she was now out of Purgatorio but she intentionally took some time landing as she glanced a few times back upwards in case the bully would suddenly show up. Late arrivals were some people's style, after all.

Interactions: @TheElenaFisher (Ciri), @ratKing (Lucifer)
Mentions: @XeroUltra (Bardock), @thatguyinastore @Attesa @Yamperzzz @ProfSpacecakes @RirisStride1 @ClownTown (Front of Building Group)
hello person I have absolutely never met before, I also like Bayonetta
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"Well, seems someone has to put a naughty boy in his place." Bayonetta chirped as the group split themselves into teams, standing near the group that'd called themselves Strike Team. Though she was a woman of many talents, perhaps it'd be better to leave the punishments to those who had the stamina for them. It seemed she was far from alone on strike team, with a good number of the group deciding they'd be better left to actually fighting Superman than planning things out. Including a white-haired woman who seemed to....recognize her? Well, it wouldn't be the first time someone with white hair had done something like this. "A fan? I suppose my work doesn't go unnoticed after all." She purred in response, though if said woman were to look at Bayonetta's face, she'd see that her smile had sunken a little. That tone didn't seem like the voice of someone seeing someone she admired, no. It sounded like greeting someone she knew. And here she'd thought she'd left the memory troubles back home. Well, people always seemed to overpack for their trips, didn't they? The white-haired woman seemed to content herself with asking another member of the group on what team they'd find themselves with, leaving the Umbra Witch to ponder that alongside the dark-haired man who'd claimed to be an angel. He...certainly didn't look like any member of the Laguna she'd ever met, besides the shape-shifting seraphim that'd called themselves Joy. But Joy weren't winged as far as she knew, and any tell of angels that'd managed to slip out of Purgatorio was lost on her. Perhaps she was overthinking this. She'd seen things happen in this office alone that escaped anything a witch, a sage, an infernal, or even anything beneath the umbrella of the Laguna could do. Wherever these people had come from, perhaps some of those places didn't have angels quite as ugly and unpleasant as the ones she'd put out of their misery. It didn't mean she'd completely take this man at his word straight away, or even take her eyes off granted what he claimed was true, but it would be the conclusion she stuck to for now. It seemed that was the type of compromise she often had to make in her line of work, didn't it? Nonetheless, it'd be for the best that she wasn't a complete stranger to the ones she'd be fighting alongside. "Have you seen the pigs flying today? I seem to have finally met an angel I'm not at odds with." She piped towards Lucifer, initiating conversation in between the repetitive clicks from her heels as she approached him.

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It seemed Bayonetta's light jokes were lost on Mr. Luthor. Ah well, he wouldn't have been the first. It'd be rarer to find the contrary, actually. Sometimes it felt like every talkative type in town managed to find their way to her. Though despite how usually impatient she found herself with those who were content to ramble on, she seemed to listen, albeit annoyedly, to Luthor's lengthy ramble in response to all the questions he'd received. Though her silvery blue eyes were focused on anything but who she was listened to as she caught wind of the glare dripping with content from the squire's little friend after she complimented his point. Oh, it seemed someone here was quite the jealous type. Bayonetta gave the Nekomata a smirk in response to her rage, watching as she put on her little show with a small clap. "If that's what gets him to pay for dinner, then I think you've earned your tip." She quipped with the same unwavering expression, before turning her full attention back onto Luther. As rude as this interruption to her schedule had been, she supposed she'd seen a worse hand of odds. "I suppose I'll come along for the ride, then. Another painting in the gallery of rogues couldn't hurt." She stated, joining in the statements of the others that they'd join in on this quest. Well, she doubted that there was really a choice to go by from what she'd heard before, but any freedom they could grab seemed enticing.

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Giovanni Potage
Location: Gotham City Alleyway
Interactions: [@Thatguyinthestore] @cadesmith@Edyfum0@Jeff Jones @alleywaygang

Whatever conflict in the fog-covered alleyway that would've occur between Faust and the two individuals was interrupted by a MIGHTY SHOUT from above,ECHOING MENACINGLY THROUGHOUT THE AREA. "YOUR COVER IS NO MATCH FOR THE POWER OF MY DEMON ENERGY AURA, TINY HEROES OF GOTHAM!" The voice echoed, the words of whoever it was that spoke DRIPPING WITH VILLAINOUS MENACE. As quickly as the voice spoke, hot steam began to rise from somewhere in the fog, creating an updraft that dispelled the fog that Faust had brought. Without the fog to partially obsure the vision of those in the alleyway, the speaker became clear. A red-haired young man stood in an AWESOME POSE with a bat with a knife taped to it slung over his shoulder on top of a nearby dumpster. While one of his hands secured the weapon on his shoulder, the other was outstretched as he addressed the people "below" him. "HAHAHA! TREMBLE BEFORE, LITTLE HEROES! FOR I, GIOVANNI POTAGE, AM HERE TO TAKE YOU DOWN!" Giovanni declared, waving his free hand dramatically in front of him before a MYSTERIOUS CLOUD OF MIST began to build up around him, before suddenly seeming to disappear. Where he disappeared to became clear in a few moments before he reappeared behind Faust, having used the steam to give him a small boost of both steam and height. "TELEPORTS BEHIND YOU!" He shouted IN A MENACING DECLARATION OF ATTACK as he VICIOUSLY STRUCK THE BAGHEAD WITH HIS SOUL SLUGGER DOOM BAT OF MAXIMUM DESTRUCTION! But as good of a baseball bat swing in a sneak attack as it was, it seemed that his target didn't dramatically fall to the ground as he'd hoped. Didn't help that what he'd intended to be a SUPER DRAMATIC VILLAINOUS LANDING had ended up with him awkwardly shuddering for a second as he landed beside Faust. "Ngghhh, that is not easy on the ankles..." He muttered to himself before awkwardly fumbling his bat back into a more intimidating posture. It EXTRA didn't help that without the fog, it seemed now, with the stick pointed at the baghead and the fact that the three of them were spread out across the alleyway, that they weren't a band of allied heroes but...


Ugh, beating up a group of heroes would've been a whole lot COOLER than catching a villain in the midst of a robbery off guard. Well, it meant he had less competition in this new city, and that was good, but STILL... Giovanni glanced from the baghead to the two citizens, leaping back in what was clearly meant to be an impressive slip from the grabbing range of whatever kind of rivalry he'd just declared by attacking this tall figure, but almost stepping on his cape in the process. He stood sturdily with his SOUL SLUGGER DOOM BAT as he assessed the threat much different from what he'd assumed initially. Giovanni said nothing for the moment, but any second now, he'd probably be able to come up with something to make him identifying this baghead as a fellow villain not awkward now that he knew they weren't all heroes. Any second now..
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In the middle of the barrage of questions directed at Mr. Luthor, an emblem of sorts would appear near the back of the room where Lucifer was standing, quiet enougn that nobody save for those looking in the right direction would see it.

It was barely there for more than a second before a tall woman with raven hair emerged, the emblem disappearing behind her as she became visible to the group. She gave a small knowing wink to Lucifer before beginning to walk forward, her shoes giving satisfying clicks against the office floor with a small burst of butterflies paired with every step.

“I’ve got to agree with the squire on this one. I’d hate to RSVP to an invite with no place and time on it.” Bayonetta stated in response to Hershel had said, giving him a small nod as her walk came to a slow as she approached the desk. The fact that she’d seemingly been not there before was addressed with a smirk as she continued to speak. “Do remind me, was I in charge of bringing snacks? I’d hate to be left without an excuse to be late to the party.” Bayonetta quipped, coming to a stop beside whichever people left room for her to stand in front of the desk. Though her vocal demeanor was all jokes and playful tone, if someone were to look closer at her face, they’d see Bayonetta’s jaw slightly clenched. Regardless of whatever she said to brush off her sudden appearance, it seemed that something—maybe the prospect of Joel’s daughter becoming spirited away and his stress beforehand—had perhaps touched a nerve or two.

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Cisgender Woman

Main Thread or Sandbox

Main Thread

Bayonetta appears, on the surface to be cool, collected, and by multiple means someone to never take things completely seriously. Through her own "playful" comments and nature, her sometimes teasing behavior, her overall impatience for those who monologue or are otherwise talkative, and her attempts at bantering with enemies, Bayonetta wears her nonchalant nature on her sleeve. Such nonchalance appears to sprout from confidence she places in herself to be like her mother, who she is seen at multiple times to be very close to. Her relationship with her mother seems to be the source from which she seems to take pride in being an Umbra Witch from, though due to her black sheep nature in the days of the clan's life she seems to prefer handling things herself to some extent. Though despite the latter, she does seem to accept and appreciate help from others whenever there's something she cannot fully manage. Sometimes the more callous angle of her personality is off-putting, but despite her mischievous exterior, she cares deeply about others all the same. She seems to show fondness towards children or beings perceived as children, growing very attached to both her younger self and Loki within very short periods of time, seeming to fear deeply for the latter's potential drowning. She's seen to be deeply troubled by Luka's accusations against her in the first game, and after developing a more proper friendship with him, seems to greatly appreciate his help and conversation in the second game. She noticeably holds some grief over her mother, Rosa, after her death, and grieves her father upon learning the truth about him at the end of the second game. Bayonetta also cares enough about Jeanne to risk going down into Inferno to rescue her, and lashes out aggressively at Alraune for any present and potential harm done to Jeanne to the point of likely killing her had Rodin not intervened. Though she seems to take some lengths to conceal how deeply she cares for others, immediately shifting back to playful facade from screaming at Jeanne to wake up upon seeing she was alright. Lyrics from the first game's major song even imply that she "hides sadness with a smile", seeming to state that she perhaps conceals how deeply she cares for others beneath her confident smirk.


Bayonetta's motivation has been shown to be majorly situational, based on whatever major concern at the time (her memory, Jeanne's potential death, etc.). Though regardless of this, Bayonetta goes out of her way to fight and kill angels as an Umbra Witch.

Though Bayonetta has a fairly large arsenal of weapons across the games, for the sake of simplicity and because Pixxie doesn't want to keep track of anything extra, Bayonetta will only use the four-gun set "Love is Blue". Two of these guns are used in her hands, two of these are strapped to the backs of her feet. Said guns were a gift from Rodin near Christmas in the second game to help deal with angels in the city, meant to be used in the Bullet Arts of the Umbra Witches rather than regular guns which cannot handle her power. It is implied at some point that the way the heel guns are fired are via some form of mild telekinesis.

Bayonetta also has her witch watch, a gift from her mother and the contributing factor to the long life of an Umbra Witch. She seems to hold some attachment to it as a natural consequence of the closeness to her mother.


Bayonetta is skilled in terms of both raw physical power and weapon prowess. Immensely skilled in the Bullet Arts (involving guns that can handle her power and martial prowess) and showing a skill to pick up just about any new weapon purchased from Rodin in a short period of time, her brutal yet graceful combat style is augmented with speed and agility to perform multiple feats in acrobatics. Bayonetta also seems to possess a level of impressive perceptiveness, being witnessed in multiple instances to evade several types of attacks via anticipation of enemy movements. Additionally, Bayonetta has immense physical strength and endurance, seen multiple times to be able to physically overpower powerful angels and demons in addition to hurling extremely large regular structures with comparably small amounts of effort. These abilities in congruence with her magic have made her a formidable opponent against multiple opponents who evenly match or even exceed her in raw power with only herself and the occasional ally.

Bayonetta's magic as an Umbra Witch comes in many different forms at the cost of needing to constantly kill angels, including the following:

-Wicked Weaves, where Bayonetta uses her hair as a conduit to summon beings from Inferno, the most powerful of whom is Madama Butterfly, the demon whom she has a pact with.She can partially summon the limbs of demons, like Madama Butterfly's hands or the wings of Malphas, but can additionally fully (or partially depending on the demon) summon demons by speaking in Enochian and dancing, usually used as a finisher to a great enough enemy.
-Umbran Climax, a technique where upon sufficently charging a reserve of power, can unleash it to bring herself into an elevated state of power. This allows her to use Wicked Weaves at a more frequent rate in addition to unleashing Infernal Weaves at the end of a series of attacks to summon demons (albeit in a lesser form than a more dedicated summon) with some chanting in Enochian.
-Witch Time, a technique where Bayonetta speeds herself up momentarily (seen after dodging an attack in battle but used in longer sequences in cutscenes to quicker move in certain situations) to utilize the "slowed-down" appearance of the world as a window of various (usually violent) opportunities.
-Torture attacks, where Bayonetta chants in Enochian to summon a variety of tortuous objects to potentially finish off her enemies in a very brutal-typical fashion.
-Beast Within, where in the right circumstances, Bayonetta can take the shape of an animal. These forms at the moment include a panther, a crow, a swarm of bats, and a snake.
-Witch Walk, allowing Bayonetta to walk on any surface (horizontal or vertical) regardless of gravity either on a full moon or specially made magical devices.
-Direct Control/Infernal Kiss, both of which are used to describe situations in where Bayonetta takes control of a machine. The former describes when she sticks her middle finger into the key slot of a vehicle (like a motorcycle) to assume control of it as if she had the key, and the latter describes when she nudged Enzo's plane in the second game by blowing a kiss, pushing it to help ensure that despite the angels around Fimbulventr, he'd make it home.
-Access to Purgatorio, a realm parallel to the human one where angels bleed in from Paradiso and demons bleed in from Inferno. Beings in Purgatorio are perceived by those who can access it as purple silhouettes outside of Purgatorio, and beings in the human world as perceived similarly to those who can access it in Purgatorio.

(this is a really gross oversimplification, go read the wiki)
Born from the forbidden union of a Lumen Sage and an Umbran Witch that sparked the Clan Wars that would eventually wipe all the Lumen Sages but Balder (her father) out, Bayonetta was destined to be a black sheep from day one. Having a rocky childhood as an outcast with her close friend Jeanne and her mother as comfort, she was somehow taught magic and ended up sealed away due to a complicated series of circumstances during the Witch Hunts. She was later unsealed and placed right in the path of the murder of Luka Redgrave's father by angels, leaving the blame solidly on her. Later, Bayonetta was baited by Balder into coming to Vigrid by a mysterious item she believed would restore her memory, becoming involved in his scheme to revive Jubileus the Creator and reset the world. After a lengthy journey that ended in a connection with her younger self who was returned to her own time, reconciling with Luka and Jeanne, and killing her father, Bayonetta had a peaceful few months without any major events. Near Christmas later in the year however, due to Balder's death, the order of the cosmos was thrown off-balance, resulting in Bayonetta's summon going wild and inadvertently killing Jeanne. After traveling to and up Fimbulventr in the company of the mysterious Loki and clashing with the Masked Lumen, Bayonetta saved her friend and foiled the plans of Loptr to revive Aesir. This however, resulted in the corruption of her father (the true identity of her father) by Loptr, resulting in an odd time loop as he returns to the past. After this, Bayonetta returns home to the city she lives in, and is last seen beating angels on a plane with Jeanne.

Bayonetta does not bleed, and instead produces rose petals as a substitute for blood. Her shadow is also replaced with the silhouette of Madama Butterfly in light of their contract, and occasionally small bursts of butterflies appear near Bayonetta when she lands from a short fall.

Bayonetta, according to the opening scene of the first game and concept art, holds a steady job as a nun outside of angel-kiling. Though the opening scene suggests maybe one leads to the other.

i'm dropping percival king and zora salazar
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Name: Giovanni Potage
Age: 19
Gender: Cisgender Male
Canon: Epithet Erased
Main Thread or Sandbox: Sandbox
Starting Location: Gotham
Personality: Giovanni is, to generalize, a wannabe villain with a heart of gold. He tries to build himself up as the biggest and baddest, giving his weapons and techniques with his epithets intimidating names, announcing “teleports behind you” when he sneaks up behind people, building himself up with grandiose claims about himself, and putting down (albeit gently, he’s a villain, not a jerk) those who oppose or are in a thin peace with him. Giovanni also believes “street cred” will bring him closer to his ultimate goal of becoming the greatest supervillain in the world. He makes quick judgements based on information he’s given, quickly hopping to new ones as he learns more about situations he’s in, and continues to hold and speak of them. Despite all this however, Giovanni is absolutely secretly nice. He deeply values his minions, showing a deep respect for them and their safety, enjoying activities such as knitting, and believing a true villain is absolutely not a jerk, even jumping from the Banzai Blasters because of this. Unrelated to all this, Giovanni appears to be quite thrifty, shown by not stabbing a knife through a bat due to not wanting to ruin a good of either, and complaining about prices from the fabric he used to make his costume to his Banzai Blaster fees. He also seems to find intrigue in historical artifacts, requesting he be buried in dinosaur bones and mentioning he wanted to steal said bones alongside things such as mummies.

Giovanni wields a bat with a knife duct taped to it, dubbed by him as the “Soul-Slugger Doom Bat of Maximum Destruction”. This appears to just be an ordinary bat with a knife taped to it, but the tape seems sticky enough to remove the knife from it and reattach it. The knife also seems sturdy enough to be hit at someone by the bat, and to be thrown back at Giovanni with decent strength. Giovanni also possesses a knitting kit in him in his man purse, including a pair of needles and a variety of yarn. He appears to no longer have any additional equipment after giving his Banzai Blaster peashooter to Molly, which she discarded.

Attributes: Giovanni is skilled at leadership, finding creative uses for his epithet and those of others, and knitting. He possesses an epithet, “Soup”, which allows him to create and manipulate soup and it’s aspects. He can use this in several different techniques, including forming orbs of soup either as-is or with explosive properties, manipulating steam in ways including making dispelling whirlwinds, boosting himself in bursts of speed or upwards with steam, creating fogs of steam that obscure vision and recover strength to those within it, increasing the temperature of soup without a direct line of sight, and producing healthy soup from his sweat to recover strength once per fight. Since his lucky number is thirteen, he has an ability separate from his epithet where every 13h attack he does is extra effective, which can be charged by simply gently knocking about objects.

Background: Giovanni was raised by his two mothers (one of whom is seen in the series) prior to the show, but his overall background is unknown other than that. He broke into the Jazz City Museum hoping to score some historical artifacts, unknowing crossing wires with Molly and two thieves looking to steal the Arsene Amulet. He formed an unlikely alliance with Molly due to aforementioned two absolutely wrecked him and his boys, dubbing her “Beartrap”. With the help of her and Dr. Sylvester Ashling, the three were able to defeat the two, with Giovanni and his boys escaping arrest and getting the amulet. He then had it appraised by Ramsey Murdoc, intending to give it to the boss of the Banzai Blasters for “street cred” but ending up having it stolen by two higher-ups. He then proceeded to make a show of beating the two higher-ups in a half-finished fight, attempitnng to look strong but just actually exposing his identity to the authorities. The last he’s seen in the series is hiding in the bushes after retreating due to now being a wanted man, having his name now attached to the theft of the Arsene Amulet.

Other: N/A


Name: Percival King
Gender:Uses She/Her pronouns, but is stated by creator to have an identity left to fan interpreting. (Aka non-binary.)
Canon: Epithet Erased
Main Thread or Sandbox: Sandbox
Starting Location: Metropolis
Personality: Percy is a no-nonsense individual, arm in arm with her principles. She speaks consistently in a very formal, even tone, using uncommonly used words and sometimes odd turns of phrase to communicate what she wants. Percival is utterly dedicated to everything from her job, to the promises she makes, to even her breakfast of bread and water at a precise time (she adds butter to the water on holidays). She’s quite straight-laced, utterly sworn to upholding law and order but falling short when her own dedication to doing it results in insensitive and unusual actions on her part. Percy is also very vulnerable to questions to her abilities, and often pursues her goals harder to dispose of these doubts. Despite all this, she seems to believe in the concept of both change and fairness, believing in the idea that society has failed criminals and offering compromises to Ramsey despite his previous crimes.

Equipment: Percival wields what is stated by her to be a “real-ass goddamn sword”, which appears to be simply just a very intimidating sword of unknown type. She also carries around with her two pairs of eraser cuffs, handcuffs for inscribed (people with an epithet) that make them forget their epithet once they come into contact with them.

Attributes: Percy us apparently skilled in wielding a sword, seeing as she carries one with her as her apparent main weapon. She also has a very strong moral compass, and apparently has a repertoire of knowledge on architecture as she does architectural consultation as a side job and simply needs to understand it for her epithet. Her epithet in question, “Parapet”, allows her to construct various small structures with various effects at the cost of her stamina. If Percy uses up enough stamina using her epithet, she has the high risk of passing out, the structures cannot be built on organic material, and the strength of the structures relies in the strength of the foundation they’re built on. Some of the structures Percy has been seen constructing include an apothecary to heal injuries, a wizard tower to create electric blasts (and create a magnetic field in pairs, and a forge to supposedly increase defenses.

Any of Percy’s past prior to the events of the show are left unknown. She is first introduced to the show as an unknown voice who answers multiple calls to the police, before coming to the scene of the theft of the Arsene Amulet. Despite her attempts to deescalate the situation, she failed to apprehend the criminals and retrieve the amulet due to the involvement of “hostages”. One of said “hostages”, Molly Blyndeff, was later interrogated by her to try and retrieve information in the Banzai Bkasters who walked away with the necklace the night of the crime. Coincidentally, she was called in to deal with a vehicle crash and happened to discover the collection of Banzai Blasters hidden in Redwood Run. Through a partnership achieved with Ramsey Murdoc, she managed to retrieve both the amulet and arrest several Banzai Blasters at Redwood Run, and is last seen in the series striking a deal with Murdoc as he was arrested.

Other: N/A


Name: Zora Salazar
Age: 31
Gender: Ciagender Female
Canon: Epithet Erased
Main Thread or Sandbox: Main Thread
Personality: Zora can be boiled down to two things: confidence and competition. Zora is confident in her abilities both as a sharpshooter and in general that she wields an air of confidence so strong that it turns playful. She threatens people with an air of joking and knowledge that she’ll catch them soon, messes around during the process of hunting her bounties knowing that she can, betting her target on a duel, and generally seems to take on her bounty hunting as a job of fun, aiming to take down those that are high on the price, but never as high as her own just for the excitement of it. Excitement is what Zora feels for the romanticized idea of dueling skill on skill with fair competition all around, and that’s why she despises epithets despite having one of her own. She believes nobody should have an advantage due to a superpower, which is why she wants to get rid of them and joined Bliss Ocean. Though despite this, she seems semi-hypocritical, using her epithet significantly in her jobs to the point of cheating with it and lashing out with it whenever she’s displeased, which she depends to become when someone insistently sits in her way or breaks something she cares about. Zora also seems to despise children to an extent, apparently attempting to normalize child murder. Finally, Zora has a very loose moral code, seeming to operate in the romantic idea of competition and the comings and going’s of money in bounties.

Equipment: Zora is equipped with two revolver pistols she made herself, designed after the markings given by her strong epithet. She’s very fond of them, shown by how she snaps to full-on rage after Ramsey destroys them. Judging by how she’s seen reloading the pistols, she also carries spare ammo for them.

Attributes: Zora is insanely skilled with firearms, seen making very precise and impressive shots throughout the show. She also possesses a very powerful epithet “Sundial”, which allows her to dial anything backwards or forward in a process with a beginning and an end, but she cannot move it any longer after the process ends. She can also freeze an object in a process like a bullet flying through the air, and unfreeze it to allow it to move through the process again. The effects of her epithet are removed from human victims once she turns her epithet off provided there are no permanent effects like death. Zora is also capable of imbuing her epithet into an object, most commonly her bullets. Her epithet is limited in its affects on things that do not corrode such as gold. She could hypothetically use her epithet to heal wounds provided they are treated absolutely correctly, but why would she do that, now? Regardless, her epithet is the reason for the triangular markings on her face due to its raw power.

Background: Little is known about Zora pre-show, other than the fact that she grew to love competition, despise epithets, join Bliss Ocean, and rise to the third-ranking officer. In the show, she’s seen hunting Giovanni due to his potential possession of the amulet, then Bugsy after it falls into his possession, and after stealing the amulet, eventually loses it after losing a conflict with Ramsey and Percy over the matter of Ramsey’s bounty. She’s last seen informing Bliss Ocean of her failure, and what happens next is unknown.

Other: beanpole woman go brrrr

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