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Heyo, came to make my present known; Ex grabbed me from Discord
I'm joining, I just prefer to do things there as I have direct lines of communication XD

Concept is an Avian ship Engineer, have been looking at the intricacies of how to transpose that into the setting!

Also, I like BBCode, so uh- Expect at least colored dialogue >3<
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🐤 Location: Metropolis, Park | Feeling: Indignation, disappointment, FURY | Status: Under effect of the Charge-Up; 🐤
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@thatguyinastore, @davefromdiscord and @TheElenaFisher (SEES) 🐤

Sage hoped that this couldn't get any worse than holding still a bunch of fire, and the destruction of the park. You know, he really did hope that this fellow superhero could see eye-to-eye with him and the actual very dire and important things going on right now but- As it turns out... He had hoped too much, expected the best of other people as always. And, it rarely worked out, didn't it?

Hancock's inability to wage priorities, resulted in the Charge-Up having more than enough time to kickstart, Toayî's influence seeking to numb the straining pain he had been put under. The tips of his wings gain a saturated blue tint, the flames resembling the ones from stoves, yet also never expand past a threshold, as if they had been dipped in paint rather than being made of fire. Such a curious phenomenon also halved the shades of the ones he had been restraining, and though the other was nowhere close enough to see it, there were little streaks of blue like broken glass decorations inside his eyes too.

What this meant for Sage was the loss of feeling. Physical, emotional- He could no longer feel how strained his powers were, but neither could he feel things like sympathy anymore, reduced to logic and objectivity until anything set them off. Yep, them as Toayî's demeanor was also bleeding through him now. Being set off, however, wasn't going to be a hard task with a 'partner' like Hancock around...

Yes, yes he knows what firefighters are. In fact, he's been studying really hard to become one! But not even the sight of his idols could gather much from the numbed out pyromancer, who merely watched with... not exactly concern? Just knowing that it would not end well given the situation. Yep, there they go- At least it seemed like either they were gone in an instant, or safe enough from the foot of the giant oblivious Deities.

"If I asked you, it's because there was a reason for it.", that reason once having been urgency but, if regret could kill-

It wasn't as if he had made some elaborate complicated request either, it was just... water... for a fire. Unfortunately, the man was about to prove that even a simple ask could be made complicated when the other person did it half-heartedly. The welcoming sight of the truck loaded with water had soon turned into disappointment when there was more than just water in it. There was nothing that he could do, even if he tried to return these creatures back to their place, he won't make it in time, they would only burn to death or suffocate without water- It would be a pointless effort.

Once the fire had been put out and Sage was freed from his task, he took a little flap to go higher, throwing himself back down and swooping to land beside the pitiful sight. ...He should be sad, as he raised the Sign of the Soul and gave them a moment of silence in condolences; He should be sad, but 'sad' as an idea had stopped making any sense.

Anger though... Anger was quick, powerful. The flame aura came to life around him as the pyromancer turned back around to glare at the incompetent 'hero', if it is that the other is worthy of being called that.

"DO YOU EVER PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU'RE DOING??!", eyes glowing furiously, Sage's voice echoes out in a three-part choir (represented by underlines), courtesy of Toayî further fuelling the sheer indignation he felt, "We're trying to reduce casualties, not make them worse! You've endangered animals, let non-powered people step into a situation they can't control and for some Gods damned reason cares for a bench and inanimated object, that is easily put back together or replaced, more than people! What the heck is wrong with you?!"

The immediate area around him is unbearable, he's chugging off heat and flame like a furnace but he doesn't care- He just has this urge to go off on Hancock for being everything that a hero should not! Being so, so infuriatingly incompetent and lazy that he can barely even consider him a functioning adult, even less- URRRRGH!!

"Why don't you go do something actually useful and knock one of those giant ladies out, since you can only speak with violence?!", GODS, HE WAS SO DOOOONE!
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Interactions: @Jeff Jones; @Thatguyinastore; @KageBaka [Hatter group]
-> Everyone?

The Nekomata had been momentarily taken aback by the welcoming reaction of their 'captor'. Normally this was where strong, powerful men feel apart, feeling their mortality grip around their ankles and pull their egos back down to Earth. Some would scream, others try to run away, some would even freeze in place as if unable to process the situation... She loved them all, the reactions were the real treat, like seasoning to a nice cooked dinner- But Hatter's reaction was, quite unique, she had to admit, the one who had ceased all movement had been her in the end...

"Oh, you little rascal, that was such a corny rhyme~!", and Berit just- Laughed. As much as she had no respect left for the man, he still had style; Still made what would have been a quick encounter with a cliched ending, interesting.

Rather she hadn't gone in for the kill as some kind of reward or because the Youkai hadn't truly intended to do so from the start, would soon not matter. They had still left the trickster behind to probably die, after all- Wasn't the building burning and threatening to collapse on itself? Berit wondered if they would have felt anything had that come to be true... Mysterious explosions or crushed by rubble, his fate would have been the same, and it would still have been on them and their lack of foresight!

" 'Didn't know'?!", Date's protection of Sougo had ground like fur getting pet the opposite way, "Excuse me, but even a small child with an underdeveloped brain would have picked up that if the sinister man with a top hat was offering it, it's because it was a damned trap!! Therefore, not only does he have no basic instinct of self-preservation, he also endangered us all by being brain-dead!", if she had any say on this matter, that magical tech weird belt would be staying far away from his person for the rest of the adventure! Who in their sick twisted mind was giving incredible power to idiots?! This had to be a bad joke!

Either way, decrepit abandoned dinner aside, they were faced with a door and perhaps to vent her frustration, the Nekomata had pointed her tail at it, ready to blow it t smithereens! ...She didn't have to, one of them used their mind for once and managed to get it unlocked and
second idiot rushed past it missing a punch. Hellooo? Collapsing building was still a thing? Her excuse was that she didn't care and if the ceiling caved in, she'd be fine! But these were the 'so-called' heroes and they were simply doing just as much damage. Seems like a good functioning brain was not one of the items on dear Luthor's list, huh?

Finally they were back outside!
...what was that, we skipped something? Do not worry, it wasn't that important and will come back again in time-

So finally, they were back outside!
Overall, while definitely hungry, Berit had been pretty content with the group's little adventure. Really, her 'cheery' demeanor, excitedly rushing back into the parking lot with her tail dancing behind her would be quite adorable, if her clothes weren't basically soaked in blood, to the point their original color was barely visible. Well, Hershel might have still thought it was cute, and that was really the only person whose opinion actually mattered. So it was cute, end of story-

Nope, not so fast.

You see, the Nekomata had no idea of who Firefly even was. She wouldn't have cared- in fact! When the cars and so on had started exploding and pulling more objects into a fiery inferno, she had been quite ecstatic, watching it with wonder! It dragged her back to when Youkai were fierce and feared, having dominated all of Japan; She was sure that entire villages had been burnt just like this as well, one of her whims... Boredom, pettiness, you name it! She had, literally no reason to care about fighting a normal human on a fancy armor as if they were the lord of fire.

But then, Firefly made a mistake. Attacking the first-aid camp had set Hershel off over the civilians and attacking that very same camp where Hershel was, set off Berit as a consequence. It wasn't even concern, she knew the cleric could take care of himself, it was more of a 'how dare you' kind of moment, how dare this mere human target her property so promptly!

Her tail tips ignited with a murderous rage, only for her entire form to be soon coated on it. Her anger was so great that it even surpassed any standards she might have, shifting into a gigantic take on her cat form, becoming a Siamese cat with her body the length of a car. From here she had much better space for aiming her tail, unleashing a beastly roar followed by what can only be described as a double spray of machine-gun fireballs. Sure, his suit may be resistant to fire, but its spiritual properties would still guarantee to make a number on the villain's psyche. In other words, this would hurt like hell! And provide an opening for other attacks to land.


As soon as he went down, Berit would be throwing herself on top of the fiend, to hold him into place! It's not like she was afraid of such pitiful attempts at fire after all.
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🐤 Location: Metropolis, The Daily Planet -> Park | Feeling: Determinated, Helpful, Exasperated | Status: In pain; 🐤
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@thatguyinastore, @davefromdiscord and @TheElenaFisher (SEES) 🐤

Just as Sage had turned around to get back inside the Daily Planet's lobby area, an explosion had rung in the background... Followed by even more explosions. The pyromancer could only sigh as he slooowly turned back around to catch the sight of the smoke in the distance. Of course, hoping that this would be just a pleasant visit had been too much; It was like he just either attracted trouble or ended up in the line of it! What was he? The Multiverse's problem fixer??

"Welp! Seems like the interesting shiny buildings will have to wait!", he held his frustration deep down, playing things off as if this was a daily occurrence... Not that it was too far from it to be honest, "I hear the hero call~!!"

With a nod at no one in particular, the young-man soon reassured himself, pulling off his armlet in a swift singe motion. The air around him picked up a couple degrees near immediately, the kind soft cappuccino brown eyes gaining a tint of determined fire red-orange. Without having much time to explain things, this is where the others would have been clued in Sage's Magical heritage, but before any question could be done, he had already gone for a sprint towards where the chaos was coming from.

"This looks dangerous, so you two stay here!", he advised, hoping they would stay put for once he came back! ...Though if they didn't, he wouldn't really blame them for it, as long as they were safe and so on... It would just get a little lonely-

A good distance from the pair, the Descendant brought his wings forth; A perfect mimicry of what a bird's would look, pointier primaries to rounded secondaries, they were huge! With a span that was nearly his full height, slight see-through constructs of flame that still danced contained in a shape. They extended themselves as much as possible and a mighty flap launched him in the air for take-off, the wings sticking to the back right after, allowing him to cut through the air akin to a bullet, towards the highest point of the parable.

It was such a freeing thing, flying... Sage always felt like all of his problems and worries couldn't reach him in the Sky, chained to the ground so, sooo far away~ The overview was, both quite pretty and filled with a sense of urgency, smoke and dust raising to the air in two different places. He couldn't be in both of them at once, so it had to be a choice, made in a split second with the pyromancer soon flying over to the park area.

...By the Gods what was he even looking at?! Some kind of fight between two enourmous and scary entities! This was like, like being caught in the crossfire of Deities 'resolving' a conflict! What in the Multiverse was even going on??!

Not- that he had much time to wonder about it either way as one of them was capable of unleashing lasers?? Things exploded, there was a trail of fire and destruction. That suddenly explained why he was in this world... Cody hadn't come with, so there was limited ways to put out the fires, but steer them and keep them from causing too much damage? Now that was a job he could handle!

Holding a hand to the front and dragging it back to himself, the flames travelled back towards the middle, allowed to burn only what was contained inside the area and away from fleeing civilians. It was only a matter of time before the Charge-Up kicked in, responding to the amount of strain the airborne young-man was putting himself into, but it would be worth it. He was holding this thing here until someone could put the fire out proper, that's what he had decided to do-

"Dude! Can you- urgh- Maybe forget that bench and then... maybe- Maaaybe come help me out for just a minute?!", Sage called for the other flyer in the area, who was... ranting about unimportant things... He also wasn't sure that a talk would be enough in this situation, unless they could physically keep those two giants from hitting each-other...?

"Please someone put out the fire, this really hurts!!!", he also couldn't do much more while doing this!
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'How pathetic', a single thought passed in the Nekomata's mind once the Hatter seemed to begin whining over the solution even a small child could have made. Honestly, at this point, Berit felt nothing but contempt for the man... And maybe just a little pity. It was more than obvious that he was no mastermind, and that for every bit of chaotic and entertaining, he missed... potential. Complete chaos was... unpredictable, and dumb. The lack of any kind of M.O. any sort of planning was the bane of any process. To fully abandon order was to fully abandon craftiness, was breaking up even with logic itself.

It was, a recipe for disaster really. And here it was, unfolding itself right before her eyes. How boring-

" 'How', he asks, unable to see that he's given the answer itself previously... Classic human blunder.", she smirked in amusement, going for another goon's face.

Oh, the sound of ripping flesh, the feel of it smoothly cutting under her claws, blood splattering left and right as the Youkai went in a frenzied manic dance of pain and misery! So good~ Her only regret was that Hershel couldn't be here to see this, though, the lack of a 'leash' was very much appreciated either way! What should she care about these people? Be the markdown their temple, nose and chin be a reminder of their lack of self-defence. Be a punishment for allowing themselves to get kidnapped in the first place.

Why would that be her problem...?

"You pushed for a drink that was clearly a trap, one of our own was under some kind of suggestion as a result. Really, it's like you've laid down the pieces of a puzzle for us to put together! Why are you surprised?", the next one went down, the two halves of the mask clanging against the clockwork grounds. Streaks of blood also went down the leaned surface dripping out of the 'world' itself, how fun. A dramatic pause was filled in with a lick of the soaked claws, obviously, an ex-actress would know how to make some impact!

"Be careful with playing games, my dear, or you'll end up being toyed with instead~!"

Explosions, new abilities, the crumbling of the illusion- All of that little mattered to the psychotic laughing feline, only the thrill of the experience, the rush of the hunt, the raw display of power working her up like a charging battery. It screamed for more, this wasn't enough, it would never be enough- It had been way too long-

It was like a drug, making her euphoric, heavy crazed breaths escaping from her lungs...

"Perrhaps you're not so out of place after all, darling~", a compliment to Date's ingeniously, though she had never faced him directly. All he could see was her tail, swinging with anticipation as Berit neared her prey, still unaware of the lurking predator behind him-

"And now he shows himself, the MAIN COURSE-!! It's awfully rude to ignore a lady's approaches, did you know?", no one else mattered. A glowing threatening gaze of turquoise was locked on the short man, hungry, merciless-, "Maybe suffering for it would make you a more respectful gentleman..."

Did he dare to turn around? The Nekomata was right there, standing behind him, merely a step away, the menacing aura no doubt sending a shiver down his spine. He'd be lucky if he got out of this alive-

"How shall we do this, hmmm~? I could go straight for the chest cavity... but that would be too quick- Maybe I'll tear you apart limb by limb for your insolence-! Ohhh that'd be good... But I might be feeling old school. How would you feel about having a chunk of your neck bitten and pulled out...? Now that'd be so messy!!", she laughed before getting even closer, now whispering at the foot of his ear...

"Why... I thought that you loved some chaos, or am I wrong?"
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"Ex-cuse mE?!"

Tail tips igniting in a display of pure ire, the Umbral Witch's commentary had clearly been taken horribly by Berit, who felt like she was being compared to a miserable prostitute instead of the grand actress she had once been! Though... To be quite honest, stolen lives and riding off another's accomplishment was probably not valid. But a- A sex worker?! Twisted as it was, the Nekomata's standards were way higher than that, something lower than the rats that scurried the vain and dirty cities of London... Despicable, unacceptable!

Luckily enough, Hershel had chimed in again, throwing the desired compliments the angered Youkai's way. Though not by complete, the stroking of the cat's ego did keep her from starting a whole scene over Bayonetta's insolent tease, her partner knowing just how to balance out the proud and unhinged one's fire. Snobbishly raising her head with a 'hunf' and keeping her tail straight up, she had soon joined by the cleric's side again, eyeing the rest of the room with an overprotective jealous edge.

The organization of the groups little mattered to Berit, remaining in silent, alerted observation unless when talked to by Otto and in part by Date. The former had returned a pleasant response, earning a couple points of respect out of her. A clever man that one was, though as the day would progress, Rena would soon come to begin doubting it... For Date, well, she could only roll her eyes in slight annoyance as he reacted to the shapeshifting akin to a clueless child.

"Darling, if something this simple is enough to baffle you, then perrhaps you've ended up the wrong place today.", considering the size of the threat they seemed to have been 'enlisted' to deal with, the lack of professionalism was... quite telling. He wasn't going to last too long out there, was he? Aw, what a shame~!

On the other hand, Cole's doubt in her abilities had been met with clear hostility, the Nekomata's turquoise eyes glowing with murderous intent as she stared deep into his soul. Eventually, she smiled; Her eyes still piercing into the man as if the glare could tear him apart on the spot, leaving only a lump of meat soaked in blood behind.

"Ah foolish human, of course, a creature with such a tunnel-sighted train of thought would cast doubt into what they do not understand.", how dare he, how dare he assume that was everything she could do! Or that she was simply embiggening herself like an egotistical megalomaniac that was doomed to failure. If she said that she could be part of all teams, it was because she knew that to be the most rational truth, "Manipulation and Charisma has a lot more power than strength alone, did you know~?"

"But worry not, I've once had an entire village under my control. What I can do it's much better than what you're expected."

And yet, she wasn't going to tell him! Not after he had been so rude about it. Wait for the surprise with everyone else, you fiend.

Talking, talking, talking... Oh, so much talking! These people really loved the sound of their own voices-

And finally, action! A building was on fire, it was such an amateur's job and such a weak incendium. Honestly, they had decided to flee merely one-fourth of the task in! Preposterous. Arson was an art, this? This was... pitiful, even somewhat disrespectful. Urgh, not even the villains of this world had any class! Only the chaos was, kind of enjoyable. Berit got herself feeling rather nostalgic for a moment and then oop- It was gone.

This is where Spiderman's 'orders' started to crumble together with his reliable image. 'Get up top if you can' made sense but- Aren't, the civilians up there too? We're suddenly separating groups on ability not whether their abilities can be useful in the given situation?

A rescuing endeavor was, certainly not Berit's thing.

Differently from a certain absurdly moralistic bird boy with a penchant for throwing himself into deadly situations, the Nekomata did not have control over flames. Even if she crossed into the disaster area, there was not much that could be done for whichever poor soul was caught in between them. Expect perhaps to accelerate the process and end their suffering... Call it a display of mercy-

But no, none of it was enticing enough for the feline Youkai to make the effort of climbing buildings towards the top floor. Instead, she bid Hershel a quick farewell, mischievously approaching to lick his cheek before turning around, gradually walking away as if nothing had happened. He could stay with the boring outdoors while she, was going for a hunt right inside.

And oh my, how exciting things had gotten!

Berit's first thought had been some kind of illusion, as what should be a collapsed building looked more like a stylish 5-star hotel's hallway instead. The chaotic tone of a disembodied voice had the Nekomata filled with anticipation. It was a real delight to be faced with something so out of ordinary for once! Silent, yet craving for escalating twists one after the other, once they got to the dinner table, she felt quite... underwhelmed.

Sure, sure, they had some kind of aesthetic going for them, and it was interesting but- Brunch? This was basically just brunch and, it wasn't very exciting... She had expected so much more!

Be it an act of defiance or her attempt at making up for wasted time, the Nekomata had sat on the table itself, being a proud asshole cat, and touched none of the offerings, winning about how she only eats meat; Raw meat, preferably human meat. Despite everything, the rudest approach would come from a ghost and some electric black and green creature. She hadn't been paying attention. Of course, for such a chaotic host, he did not seem mad about it, perhaps even eager. Berit had to give the man a bit of respect for that.

Illusion or not, it intensified. Choosing to watch in their new twisted reality, the Nekomata enjoyed as one of their own was put against the group, against their will. Wherever was in that strangely smelling tea had the power of suggestion! A bit cliched, yes, why would you trust random tea offered by a man on a tacky tophat- But even so, there was some charm in the tactic... It was passable and entertaining enough.

"Oh yes, 'mine, mine, mine', how many times will we have to explain to you humans that you do not choose the cat?", the feline taunted with an amused purr, "Oh no, we're the ones that choose you! And what a shame, I've already made my choice..."

She had only expected to be a watcher this time, appreciate the chaos, follow how the others dealt with things, but Lilith's idea would be soon the catalyst for a worse one... Remove the masks? You've got it. But how about going even deeper than that? Control or no control, Berit couldn't care less about the well-being of the rabbit henchmen. Her sharp nails grew into long deadly claws and as the woman lunged towards a couple of the men, she aimed for their faces ripping out masks and flesh; Everything she had the right to at once!

Her flowery kimono top went into a second blossoming as splatters of blood added a macabre new pattern.

"But don't be down, my dear! If I carve your heart still beating from out of your chest, then you'll never be alone again.", she continued taunting, hoping that the Hatter was still watching. Watching as his show got so swiftly pulled from under his feet-!

"That's what love means after all, isn't it? To become one-"

Ahh~ She missed this so much! It was... extremely freeing.
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and basically everyone else.

For once through this entire meeting, the Nekomata had finally interacted with the ongoing conversation, letting out a loud scoff with a tone of disbelief as soon as Otto had said his piece. It was calculated too, done in the exact moment the room seemed to finally go quiet...

"Hah! As if you could tell me what to do! I shall be going nowhere without Hershel, or his explicit orders!!", Berit hissed out word by word in uncanny amounts of outrage, she also seemed to throw Bayonetta a glance during it, reaffirming her property before the witch could even dare taking a step closer. The fact that the other's presence got the cat feeling threatened lacking a single effort of concealment.

"If anything...", suddenly the tone changed, it was less of a instinctive reaction and more of a rational and confident statement, like someone boasting about their services. It didn't take long for her to throw a demonstration into the fray, hopping out of the windowsill- Now there were two of the Superior Spider-man! The copy spoke with the exact same voice even, it was kind of trippy, "I'd say that my abilities will prove useful for all teams as well."

A small mystical cyan-colored flame ignited just above the shapeshifter's palm, a glow of the same color residing in the previous white of the mimicked mask. Just for an instant. A blink of an eye later, Berit had taken her own human form, her ears and tail sticking out from it, all fire gone, for now.

"It would be beneficial to you if we aaall stayed in good terms now, wouldn't it~?"

And there she stood, proud and confident as if awaiting praise and shocked reactions out of her little 'performance'. Once in the stage, it stuck to you like glue!

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As Hershel played the good samaritan again, Berit nothing cared for the woes of the others or seemed intent to move once they had been told to go out of the cage. After all, no one told the Nekomata what to do, especially not to hurry a good meal such as this. She had picked some quirks, or rather had them intensified, from her time as an actress, and it was to keep the image of grace that cats were known for whenever in someone else's sights. It would be a shame to have things get too messy before such a fateful encounter now, wouldn't it?

The cleric understood that hurrying her up was a pointless endeavor, seemingly opting to prepare himself something as well, as the pieces of meat gradually became smaller and smaller to its inevitable ending. I would do. Hunger was like a state of existence for the Youkai, but for now... It would do to keep her in a better mood.

With the arm offered like a perch or platform, Rena had swiftly stepped out of the pillow and prepared a majestic jump to land on the target, not being too mindful of her claws, climbing to sit on his shoulder again. She cleaned herself while he gathered all their belongings, expectedly only watching quietly, a soft pleased fur inaudible to anyone else.

As luxurious as the corridors, walls and overall decor seemed, it was all rather boring. Felt like a human of unbearable egocentrism, needing to flaunt their wealth by making everything extremely extravagant without a cause. It was as empty as the room themselves probably were. She had seen it before, ample spaces- So ample that they could not be filled unless used as storage. They were the kind of people that thought that they knew everything and oh, Berit looooved to prove them wrong~

Foolish human greed in a desperate need to make up for something aside, the cat was delighted to be met with grand, beautiful windows in what seemed like a typical business office. Not that she cared. The request was once more silent, if only to give the bald mastermind some reassembly of respect... temporarily. Instead, a double-tap of her paw against Hershel's shoulder and a gesture towards the desk with her tail was all it needed for the message to be received. They had gradually moved closer soon enough.

Berit immediately had hopped down to land on Lex's table once the distance was right. But instead of addressing the man himself, her attention was beyond his figure, and even more his words. Alien threat, huff, why would she care about that?? Can't you solve your own problems, obviously you have all this money to burn, don't you?!

The Nekomata took a deep breath. Patience, Rena, patience. After all, someone else had already delivered a punch to the rich CEO's face, and it put a smile on her muzzle to see that happen from such an advantage point. Oh, glorious! Glorious chaos!! This group was full of them, and they were bubbling up in so many ways~! It was only a matter of time before it truly exploded and the Siamese was really good at playing waiting games...

With her attention divided between the brimming outdoors and the conversations in the background, Berit had eventually realized the presence of a windowsill right behind Lex and promptly moved to hop into it, sitting down right afterwards. To most, it would definitely look as if she was ignoring him which, to be honest, was half true still. Outside seemed a lot more interesting!
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Special...? Berit couldn't quite understand what the cleric meant by the word, about the same amount that she couldn't understand why she'd want anything else but meat. The sheer idea simply made no sense for her!

"My, my, Hershel...! You have known me for years and still hasn't picked up that I have no preferences~?", the Nekomata had teased with a tone as soft as a purr. Human meat came first, then everything else stood in a similar ground, except for raw poultry. That one was considered an act of despair at the sheer lack of taste or overall enjoyment. Much better cooked, that was for sure!

To much dismay, their nice little time away from all of the idiots had been short-lived. Her partner had barely been able to procure the items for his own sandwich, and soon the duo of babbler-mouth and rodent was coming near to them. Dris got a new glare, but Spamton?? Oh! Her ears lowered themselves with a display of pure cringe, the 'businessman's boasting tone being like nails on a chalkboard to the once glamorous cat. It was unbearable, Rena had been a hair-thin about to shout back at that thing to shut its trap-!

Only for Hershel to engage in conversation with the puppet, slices of meat put on her plate as a discreet peace offering.

...fine. It was not that Berit couldn't respect the chatterbox, she could. The fact that he would not accept the cleric's handouts so promptly and rather right for something he believe in was... at the very least, commendable. Stupid, since his goals were so small and insignificant on her eyes, but admirable, in a way. If only he could learn to develop an inside voice and awareness of the environment. And a brain, just all around a functional brain.

Though displeased and constantly giving off annoying flicks of her tail to make it apparent, the Nekomata began to nibble at her meal, still hearing their conversation but too entranced with her own needs to say anything about it. She mentally thanked whoever had made a collision with the creature, her ears shooting back up in amusement.

"Why, he simply got what he deserved, my dear~", but he'd most likely be alright. What was that saying again? Ah, 'a creaking door hangs the longest'!

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"Oh, nononono-", taken aback by the sudden offer and how it had been worded, Sage had taken a step away, waving his hands in front of him in frantic, exasperated motions, "Don't feel forced, really! Only if we won't be actually bothering you or anything...! Well, can't speak for her- Y-you understand!", and yet just as sudden as Jed had been, the young man had lowered into a polite bow.

"But I appreciate the gesture, honestly! I didn't bring much but, there are sugar cookies and tea more than enough for everybody...", after all, it wouldn't have felt right to keep things. He would have offered to share independently of the rooming situation, "I can do house chores too, I actually like them...?", which didn't seem like a common thing for people to enjoy- But he did!

In a more unexpected reaction, Ellie on the other hand, seemed to take his words with humor. Though confused at first, the pyromancer had joined with a snicker of his own, reflecting on how this kind of thing had become such a huge part of his life. From the outside? The things he had seen or done would definitely sound crazy!

"Oh man, I hope not...!", it was possible buuuut- Not the kind of thought anyone wanted to dwell too long in, "Though I've read some. ...Like, once or twice before, they were a few of the things that gave me hope.", he lowered his gaze again for a bit, washing it over the ground and yet, not quite. Something did seem to cross his mind, something from much, much earlier that he did not share, "I get into these situations a lot; Like helping people, so, it's basically my job in a way... Never easy, never dull; Sometimes, very rewarding", others quite traumatic too-

He should cut it right there, the memories were making him quite emotional and somewhat nostalgic. Sage didn't want to spoil the mood too hard, or start rambling about personal things that made little sense for the pair... Though there was definitely a fondness for it all resting in his soft brown eyes, as he looked more towards the blue Skies and reminisced internally. It was such, a heartwarming image...

"So uhhh- building!", he turned around and pointed back towards the front door, "Doooo we want to go check iiit?", Jed mentioned getting a job here, right?
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