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4 mos ago
Current I could be actually posting in things instead of observing the online member count.
4 mos ago
How popular is "Because I'm bored", truly?
4 mos ago
Obviously, I haven't drank water yet.
4 mos ago
Wait, you guys are getting candy?
4 mos ago
Well, why else would we be on the one place without girls?


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Interested. Are there any limitations as to what Digimon we can have?
I have had a busy-ass work week, two of them to be precise. This has caused me to be less active on all fronts, not just this one. Right now I'm juggling some schedule here and there.
Multiverse? Woah woah woah, we doing some dimension hopping across FT parallel universes or something?
Forgot to bump you, old chum!
gonna place another bump 'ere.
Year's been rough and empty hasn't it? Well, welcome aboard.
Hey Crow

Great to see you here too-

-... uh, what do I call you? Venchi or Dutch?
Obligatory 24 hours later bump!

In the meantime, I'll prep to post the Out-of-Character.
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