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Current We're all Yu-Gi-Oh! cards here.
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One of my favourite things to do on this site is just refreshing the page and getting a new ad. Sometimes it's an NFT thing.
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What he said.
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I've been keeping this avatar because I forgot who the artist was, but now I can just search for shark vtuber fanart and find him. Suggest a replacement avatar.


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"I'd say you did plenty," Miria said with a gesture toward the unconscious pink team. "Unless those guys weren't also your doing."

There was a pause while Mr. Raptor introduced himself. Not the most original name, bit not like Miria was really one to talk, there. He didn't really stick around long, but did leave the crate he'd secured behind, and got a "you can count on me!" to see him off. She took a seat on the crate to continue the conversation.

"I thought magical girls were just a thing on children's television shows. I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised with everything else going on in this town." And there go the comments Maple's probably already had far too often. "And you use magic." So she was mistaken. Magic...was probably worse. Another variable to worry about, certainly. And just something that made Earth curiouser and curiouser.

"I suppose I shouldn't pry too much into how your magic works, but I am curious. It's not like magic is something one just sees every day. I guess you're another of the heroes running around Grailham, then?"

"Whether it be on children's television shows or in real life, a magical girl's mission will always be the same - to bring smiles to everyone!" Miracle Maple gave Miria a wink, "if there's trouble in Grailham, I'll be there! Because that's what heroes do!"

Kaede woke up on fine morning, still groggy from a good night's sleep.

"She said I did plenty, Trinity!"

"Yeah yeah, just eat your damn breakfast already, you've got a whole day ahead of you," Trinity sighs.

After which, Kaede would check the old snail mail.

"Would you look at that, Trinity!" Kaede squeals, "there's a new cafe! And they've got directions! I say we check it out before I invite any friends there!"

"You have friends?" Trinity raised a brow (or equivalent).

Kaede gave Trinity a deadpan look, before looking away and returning to the house to prepare to head out.

"This is the place. They boast some pretty good strawberry shortcake!"

"They also boast subpar graphic design," Trinity adds, "actually, what part of this looks like a cafe?"

"Yeah, good point," Kaede says, then speaks to a random man that just so happened to be Greg, "excuse me, Mister, where's the cafe?"

"Right this way, Miss."

"I'm a boy."

"... apologies. Mister."

With that, Kaede was lead into a room, where he was locked in ans immediately greeted with a rude display of kunai launchers - the road ahead blocked by them. Kaede's eyes widen.

"I think I've established that I am not dying until I get a girlfriend," Kaede utters.

"No you haven't," Trinity replies.

"I did now!" Kaede says, whipping out a bracelet, before taking a red-coloured trinket out.

"Maple Driver, activate! Insert Maple Stamp!"

"Sparkle~ Sparkle~" the 'Maple Driver' spoke in response.

"Enter Inferno Stance!"

"Strawberry Blaze~" the 'Maple Driver' continued to contradict his words.



A blazing typhoon surrounded him as he rushed forward, the sheer power of his transformation melting the kunai and obliterating all the machines. When the flames dispersed, a magical girl with a ponytail that fluttered like flames appeared.

"We did this joke already, didn't we?" Miracle Maple said as she looked at the burnt, charred and melted kunai launchers. "Oh right, one more thing - MAGICAL GIRL MIRACLE MAPLE: INFERNO STANCE!"

A pose was struck by instinct.
Maple's eyes widened at the sight of Shield Maiden. To her, Shield Maiden's moves and tactics were awestruck-inducing.

"Shield Maiden, huh?" Maple scratched her head, "I'm the hope that everyone relies on, Magical Girl Miracle Maple~"

Maple blushed and scratched her head.

"I'm uh... working on a proper catchphrase," Maple reveals a plshie snake of some kind hovering beside her, "this is Trinity, my uh... mascot I guess? You know, every magical girl needs one of these, am I right?"

Maple glanced to the side to see one of the Sinister Six running away.


With a single finger, she shot a beam of hearts that struck and fried the running mook, causing him to fall unconscious.

"Well, at least I can say I contributed, teehee..."

@Vega7285 @Crimson Flame @Spin the Wheel
Kaede's assault could only go on for so long. One would not expect a teenagee to par with six fully grown adults.

One would guess right.

Kaede was beginning to get piled on my the Pink ones.

"We got 'im!" the pinkos said in unison.

Or so they thought.

Bright pink light emerged from the seams of the pink ones, before a pillar of light blasted them in all directions, causing them to collide with their other-coloured counterparts.


At the centre of it, a bright glowing humanoid figure appeared, wearing Kaede's clothes. These clothes gradually disintegrated, as the figure shifted from an androgynous-looking lad to to a feminine shape.

Kaede's hair extended into a hime-cut before being tied into a ponytail, all the while turning pink. New clothes began to form, these ones sporting a pink-white motif and a heart at the back decorated with angel wings. As a last step, boots adorned his-or rather- her feet.

"Magical Girl Miracle Maple - Arcane Stance!"

It seems like the sheer heat and power of being too close to a magical girl transformation knocked our perpetrators out. Why do you think villains always waited for it to be over?

Miracle Maple struck a pose, before looking around to see her enemies fallen.

"Too easy," Maple shrugs her shoulders.

"Before that it was too difficult," Trinity sighs.

@Vega7285 @Crimson Flame
(VS the Pink Menace)
Kaede was surprised to see himself get interrupted from his assault, by the somewhat famous Dynamo no doubt.

"Hey fasttrack! No time for poses! They're taking the chance to skedaddle!" Kaede exclaimed.

Kaede backed away from the fight range when he was interrupted.

"You gonna transform yet?" Trinity asks.

"Mmmmmm... I think I'll keep fighting as myself," Kaede scrstches his head.

"Kaede, you have to become a magical girl now!"

"No I don't, and I would rather handle it myself!"

"They are six fully grown men who are giving superheroes a hard time," Trinity sighs.

Kaede rubbed his temples. "Why couldn't you have given me a power suit?"

"You're getting off topic."

Kaede decided to ignore that last part as he proceeded to slam a headbutt at another assorted Sinister Six member.

"Dude, which part of six fully-grown men do you not underAAAAAAAAA-"

As for his next move, he pulled the plushie-like Trinity and began swinging him at the target's face.

Despite appearing to be a plushie made of soft fabrics and bolstered by cotton, Trinity was pretty durable, and if swung like that, could easily feel like a dozen rocks being slammed in your face.


@Crimson Flame
Fujioka Kaede

"Apparently Dad dug this bad boy up from underneath some ancient Greek ruins," Kaede explains to the strange serpentine mascot hiding in his bag known as Trinity.

"Wait, your dad's an archeologist?" Trinity asked.

"Trinity, we've established this before," Kaede replies.


He continued to walk around the museum, browsing the place and exhibits, before a most sinister team arrived to crack the glass and rob the place.

There were six of them.

"This looks like an emergency," Trinity says, "quick, transform!"

"No," Kaede replies, "if I can handle it like a man, I'll handle it like a man."

Kaede runs forward to the scene, and while they were distracted by the knight man's antics, he performed a low kick on the group's blind spot, disorienting them as they began to lose balance before he punched one in the nose directly, following it up with a crotch kick. He proceeds to punch another in the stomach, taking advantage of the disorientation to land more hits.

"Had enough? HAD ENOUGH?"
I've been watching a lot of the DC cartoons lately so I'm kinda stuck in this Schick of supers right now. On top of that, I just recently got my Hellboy RPG book, so role-playing a super hero/Villain sounds fun! Would we be able to play a Villain instead?

According to the freshly-linked OoC, yes.
Here's my mans!

Here's my mans!

This may be a weird question, but do you have an Anodite as your Discord avatar and do you hang around certain Ben 10-related communities?
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