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Gang Weeders, transform and rise up!
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... it's a goddamn succubus summoning RP isn't it?
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Looks like I missed an 'RPN not too good' talk. I guess I'll rekindle it and maybe even go as far as to ask which site you would pick if you could only choose from this baby boy and RPN.
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sims more like simps jajajaja espanol


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Would it be all right if I did a verbal description instead of images?

Find an image then describe everything that ain't there.

@Sylph de Graaf

We'll always have space! I'll probably regret saying that and maybe cap us if we manage to hit 20. Come on in!

Go ahead and put her in the character tab.

I think that's more in-line with nature, since Earth will be more soil and rock and minerals while nature will be more flora and even fauna.
So I got pics. Should I wait for an okay to post an application?

Make the app and post it in OoC first.
A Pokemon idea would be neat.

Its not showing :/

Gimme a bit, I'll reupload it.


We'll need to think of limitations if we're going with time. Maybe come up with something that makes M=D hard to achieve, such as personality, personal pride or even being a villain that our heroines must constantly prevent from being a M=D.


While the Dragokey is merged, what is my RP contribution?

Am I like a voice in someone's head, shouting encouragement? Do I also fight on some kind of separate plane (Think Soul Eater weapons)? Do I coordinate the personality with the Magilocks to come up with something new as part of the Collab (basically like a fusion from Steven Universe). Or for the time I'm a non entity?

Coordinated shared body fighting.

So yeah, basically SU or DBZ fusion.
<Snipped quote by Crow>

I really do like the seconf form, it even comes with a whip, but i think I'll try for another magic lock forum, as it seems too restrained for a wind user.

I'll help you look for one then, maybe as you try to find one yourself.

@The Irish Tree

1. Flexible. They would usually do the toku thing, but you're allowed to bleed for dramatic purposes.

2. Instant

3. I meant to insert 'age normally' there. I'll edit it in due time.

4. Their appearances vary, but most of them resemble dark-coloured animals with evil miasmas.
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