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Current Knowing humans I am pretty sure a ton of us WOULD fly billions of light years just to stick something up someone's ass.
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@Blaze Gamma: Did you get your very own Murderdaughter? :O
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Husbando version of my waifu came easily, but now I am starting to fear I am using up too much of my FGO luck too early in the year. D:
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Aren't us Brits notorious for our self-deprecating and sarcastic sense of humour? Also, making the female trainer an Angry Scots Lass is the best thing.


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  • Name: Paul Bunyan
  • Class: Berserker
  • Appearance: She's a lumberjack and she's okay!
  • Personality:
  • Stats:
    • Strength: C
    • Endurance: A
    • Agility: C
    • Mana: E
    • Luck: E
    • Noble Phantasm: C
  • Class Skills:
    • Heroic Spirit Expansion: D
    • Mad Enhancement: D
  • Personal Skills:
    • Delightful Comrades (A): Originates from the anecdote where a bunch of abnormal stalwarts gather under Bunyan. It seems that it is not due to a coincidence that Bunyan’s comrades and the crops she raises up are enormous, but due to Bunyan’s Skill influence.
    • Bean Soup Lake (A): Originates from the anecdote where Bunyan’s camp make bean soup out of the whole lake, enough food for a season. Bunyan has the ability and the magnanimity to provide for tens of thousands of corps. As long as you’re with Bunyan, you’d never miss a meal.
    • Popcorn Blizzard (B): Originates from the anecdote where the animals, who misunderstood of the shell of popcorn that Bunyan ate and downpoured from the sky as blizzard, froze to death. The death from the cold even though snow was not actually falling was perhaps due to an unconscious mind attack, or perhaps through the warping of reality by means of Bunyan’s skill.
  • Noble Phantasm(s):
    • Name: Marvelous Exploits: Astounding Achievements
    • Rank: A
    • Type: Anti-Army
    • Appearance:
    • Effects: An all-out attack where Bunyan converts the founding history of the United States of America into a conceptual Noble Phantasm and slams her enemies with titanic force. ...At least that's what she claims. Mostly it just makes her grow to immense size, large enough to trample any enemy beneath her gigantic foot.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
And reasserting my claim on Berserker because giant lumberjack daughter.
They're not as ubiquitous as they are in the west but they do exist.
@RoflsMazoyMaybe I'm being a little too nitpicky but the name "Voltron" isn't going to mean much of anything to most Japanese people. ^^; Go-Lion maybe, but even then it's a lot more obscure in Japan than it is in the west. A better idea would probably be something like Getter Robo or Combattler V or GaoGaiGar or something.
Does Shiroyama have a uniform or some kind of dress code? I didn't really think about that possibility until now.

Suzie is the president of the Fashion Club; it's possible that the high status it has achieved due to her is the reason why all the students of Shiroyama High wear personalized, custom uniforms.

Was something I figured out with @VitaVitaAR during the previous version of this RP and I assume it still applies to this one.
May have been lazy and just reused my first post from the previous iteration of this RP.

But on the other hand that means I can completely bypass one of the most difficult things in RPing (actually making a first post) so meh.
Fashion Club President Suzie, Shiroyama High Cafeteria

It was the best seat in the entire cafeteria. She'd made sure of it, of course, having picked it out early on during her first year at the school. A large table, albeit not too big (she wouldn't want any nameless losers getting ideas and trying to sit near her), situated near the window... She could watch the cherry blossoms fall during spring, bask in the sun during summer, approvingly glance as the leaves changed into their fashionable autumn suits, and serenely admire the snow as it fell during winter. Even nature knew that fashions changed as time passed, and it was something that reassured her. Some would call her shallow, but she knew the truth. Being this beautiful wasn't easy, but it was worth it.

After all, power is beautiful, and thus beauty was power.

And in all of Shiroyama High, there was no-one as self-assured of their own powerful beauty then her. Suzume Tsukasa, but please, just call her "Suzie". She insists. Some of the flunkies, fans and hangers-on that surrounded her had probably even forgetten that Suzie was just a nickname. Then again, aside from her and a small handful of others, the Fashion Club were a bunch of morons, their brains clearly addled by the bleach soaked into their hair and by the lamps of tanning salons. Suzie was the one who had brought them to their current lauded status, and according to her philosophy that only served to reinforce the fact that she was clearly the most beautiful girl in school.

"Like, so what's the sitch with this new girl, y'know?" Suzie thought aloud as she ate her lunch. She'd almost finished, but she'd saved the best part for last; a bunch of small riceballs made to look like cutesy baby pandas. She'd always had a bit of a weakness for cute things, really. "She, like, totally just walks on in like she owns the place and, like, totally beats someone that higher level than her? And with that outdated ensembled? Puh-lease! Girl is in serious need of a makeover, y'know what I mean?"

Wrinkling her nose in disgust as half the fashion club and a bunch of other students who just wanted to bask in her glory nodded like automatons, the most popular gal in Shiroyama High daintily lifted one of the rice pandas between her lacquered nails and popped it in her mouth. Seriously, that girl... Hopefully she wouldn't be as much of a pain in the ass as Atsuko was.
  • Name: Suzume "Suzie" Tsukasa
  • Age: 18
  • Gender: Female
  • Appearance: "Like, you'll totally never be this popular, girlfriend~" Due to being half-American, Suzie is somewhat tall for a Japanese girl and stands at about 5'6". She's also a natural blonde.
  • Personality: On first impression, Suzie comes off as little more than the stereotypical gal; an airheaded, materialistic bimbo who only cares about being fashionable, having all the latest toys and flirting with anything that moves. She knows she's considered one of the most popular and desirable girls in school, and is more than willing to flaunt this status to get what she wants. Which... Brings us to a certain very important point: she is nowhere near as dumb and airheaded as she initially comes off as. Shrewd, conniving and devious, she uses a combination of her natural charisma, her good looks and her daddy's money to ensure her place at the top of the school's social ladder, and is not above using her connections and the information they provide to blackmail potential rivals into standing down. She worked hard to become the most popular gal in Shiroyama High and will not only refuse to give up this position but she'll use every dirty trick at her disposal to ensure things stay the way they are.
  • Backstory: When you think of the elite of Shiroyama High, you immediately think of the student council president. Soon afterwards, however, your thoughts turn to one Suzume "Suzie" Tsukasa, a girl perfectly willing to flaunt her status as The Most Popular Girl in School. Born to a rich Japanese businessman and an American supermodel, Suzie has always been blessed with affluence and beauty, two things she has maliciously abused to crawl her way up to the top of the social ladder. Whilst most of the school sees her as some sort of idol, wishing they could be like her or even with her, only those who are truly close to her know that deep down she refuses to share the limelight with anyone and will use everything in her power to crush anyone who seems like they might threaten her position. She's been able to make her way to the student council, and whilst she works alongside the president and tries to act like her friend, well... There's only room at the top for one.
  • Inherent Engine Skill: Absolute Territory Field - A defensive ability Suzie uses to protect herself whilst her summons fight for her. By using it, she calls up a 6x3' glowing red rectangle that withstands any three attacks aimed at it before crumbling into nothing. Suzie can call up a maximum of three of these fields at a time, and usually just uses them to hide behind whilst she lets her summons take care of her opponents for her.
  • Active Engine Device: The mystical smartphone app iDolon! Using this wondrous app, Suzie is able to call cutesy critters to do her bidding! The most basic summons are the three that come free with the app, although since it's a freemium app if Suzie is really pushed into a corner she could potentially purchase some premium summons... As it stands now, though, the three summons (all of which stand at about three feet in height) are as follows:
    • Kumachi: Taking the form of plush teddy bear that glows blue, Kumachi is the "Power" summon; his physical prowess is the greatest of the three, but he sacrifices speed as a tradeoff.
    • Usako: A glowing pink bunny plush, Usako is the "Speed" summon; naturally, she moves the fastest and can jump the highest, although her strength and durability are somewhat lacking.
    • Inarin: A plush fennec fox that glows neon red, Inarin is the "Magic" summon; whilst her strength, speed and durability aren't very good, she can toss magical fireballs, and the flapping of her overly large ears allows her to fly.
  • Skills: Daddy's money ensures that if it has a price, Suzie can probably obtain it if she so desires. But her real power is her connections; due to being at the center of the social web of Shiroyama High, very little happens in the school without her quickly knowing of it. Her ability to quickly obtain news, information, gossip and rumours are the main reason Atsuko puts up with her. Due to being half-American, she's perfectly fluent in English.
  • Rank: 49
  • Club: Suzie is the president of the Fashion Club; it's possible that the high status it has achieved due to her is the reason why all the students of Shiroyama High wear personalized, custom uniforms.
Arinne entered the room, and Saturday followed behind her.

...Even though she'd met some of these people before, she still felt awkward around them. Really, "met" was about all she'd done with them. She'd never really talked to them, after all. Even if she'd tried to, she wouldn't have really gotten far. Arinne was the only person she could talk at length with, and with anyone else the most she could really get out were a few mumbles before she had to make herself scarce. People were just... Not her strong point.

It was so much easier to deal with dead people, really.

Silently, she took a seat as close to Arinne's as possible and hunched down in her chair, shoulders sunk and head lowered as she quietly took a jammy dodger and began munching on it like a mouse. Really, she already knew everything Arinne was going to say... Why was she even here? Couldn't she just... Get to work already? It would be far less awkward than having to deal with all this...
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