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Current We all know who the TRUE Black Swordsman is anyways.
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Yeah, weird choice from the series that's included Link, Spawn, Heihachi, Darth Vader and Yoda before. ...Wait.
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"Save Our Souls" is an example of a backronym, actually. SOS was originally chosen mostly because it's easy and instantly recognizable in morse code.
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Just be a magical girl monster girl! Even if that basically makes you into something from Tokyo Mew Mew.
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They must call you bismuth because of how much edge you have.


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If I can think of something, I'll join!
I was thinking of an elf, but we'll see how things turn out.
...Yeah, by this point I'm just holding things up and you'd be better finding a replacement. Sorry about that, just wasn't feeling good for the whole week and just fell completely out of sync with what I was doing.
@Omega ManSorry, I've just been feeling kind of not great all week and haven't really been able to do anything.

I'll try and get something sorted out over the next few days, but if it gets to the point that I'm really holding things up way too much I'll step out and let someone else take my place. Sorry about that.
@Omega ManSo um yeah how's everything looking right now?
So we're pretty much all in agreement about facing a team of Psycho Rangers then, I see.
And I have filled in that last field as best I could, so... Yeah!
Sister Prisca Kirchner

This wasn't how things were supposed to go! Not at all!

The Church had planned this all out for her. Prisca would go to Japan to aid the Tohsaka family in retrieving this supposed Holy Grail. She'd been provided with a catalyst, a hunting knife acquired from a contact in England who swore it belonged to the legendary Robin Hood. Prisca would summon him as Archer and use the sanctified rites of the Church to provide support to him, the two of them staying away from the front lines as much as possible. That was the plan.

But as soon as she'd performed the summoning ritual, it became clear that their contact had lied. They lied to the Church? To think that there were people who would do that... Well, The Lord works in mysterious ways, and not only would He forgive them for this but maybe it was all part of His plan...

But suffice to say, what was summoned was no legendary marksman, no fabled king of thieves. Her Servant wasn't even a man, or even a woman for that matter. No, what had appeared in the circle was a young girl, about ten or so. The tattered cloak she wore covered an outfit most inappropriate for someone her apparent age, and the poor thing's face was marked with scars and stitches. And... And she'd called her "Mother".

"Oh no, no... I'm not... I'm just a S-sister, um..."

But she kept insisting. The young girl would not refer to her as anything other than "Mother", and soon enough Prisca realized she wasn't calling her that because she was a nun. She was calling her that because she honestly, truly believed her to be her mother.

But... But I'm only sixteen! And... And I'm a nun! I can't be a mother!

But still, the young girl insisted. Eventually, Prisca relented, and resigned herself to playing the part of the girl's mother. However, she was in for an even bigger shock upon asking the girl's identity...

"Assassin. Jack the Ripper. Nice to meet you, Mother."

Oh, so she was Jack the Ri-

Wait. Jack the Ripper? The infamous serial killer, who haunted Whitechapel and plunged London into a state of terror? That Jack the Ripper? There was no way that such a small child, a young girl whose face brimmed with innocence, could be Jack the Ripper... Right? Then again, Saber, that beautiful young swordswoman, was apparently King Arthur, so it wasn't... Actually no, that didn't help make it less surprising or unbelievable at all! But... But even if she was Jack the Ripper, she was still a child. Still pure and innocent. No matter what crimes she may have committed in her previous life, surely she could still find forgiveness in the eyes of The Lord?

...First things first, though, she needed to find her a change of clothes. If she was going to be the mother of this girl, she couldn't have her wearing such... Such a scandalous outfit! Maybe she could borrow some from the Einzbern girl, she seemed to be around the same age as Jack... But for now, she'd have to make do with a spare robe. It might be a little big, but at least it was better than that... That thing she was wearing before.

"Come along, Jack, we're almost there," she mumbled, feeling her Servant's tiny hand squeezing hers as they made their way towards the Tohsaka Mansion. With a sigh, she lightly knocked on the door, and made a silent prayer in the hope that her comrades wouldn't react too strongly to her summoning a different Servant than intended.
...I'll get back to you on the recommended enemy field but since all the important stuff is done here we go I guess. Admittedly I blanked on the backstory so I just half-assed it but still hopefully it works out.

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