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Happy Hogswatch!
2 mos ago
Still not sure why Guel Jeturk is getting isekai'd to the Paldea region though but I can roll with it I guess.
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2 mos ago
The closest thing I can think of like that was that a scoop of ice cream in a glass of coke was a treat when I was a kid.
6 mos ago
If you want a good adaptation of Tolkien's work, just go listen to Nightfall in Middle-Earth.
8 mos ago
Isn't that just a Fate RP?


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I guess I'll try and get something figured out.
I guess we could see how that turns out. Might be tempted to at least try for the Mikazuki replacement but we'll see I guess.
Rhea Ramone

It had only been a few weeks since Rhea began studying in Paldea but it was long enough to notice the differences between it and Galar. Curries weren't as popular here, for one thing, with the trendy food being big elaborate sandwiches. The areas surrounding Mesagoza seemed a lot more open than her home region too, to an extent only really comparable to the Wild Area. The Pokemon League was different too, although admittedly she knew that Galar was more an exception to how other regions organized things. But the big difference she was really noticing right now, as she sat in a shady area of the schoolyard...


...Was how much brighter and warmer it was here. It could've been worse, she supposed. She could've transfered to somewhere tropical like Alola or something, which would've been utterly unbearable for someone from such a dark and dingy place as Spikemuth, but still... At least her Pokémon seemed to be enjoying the weather, the two of them tossing a Pokéball between each other playfully. Of course, since Mudpie lacked arms she had to keep heading the ball, and Gigantor kept getting hit as it stopped to flex at anyone who passed by, but they seemed to be having fun at least. Good for them. At least no-one was bothering her right now, unlike that poor goth kid nearby.

Even if they were being bothered by a cute tomboy. Not that Rhea had a thing for tomboys or anything (obvious lie). With nothing else to really do right now, she leaned forward a bit to get a better look at what was going on. Just because she was curious, of course, and not because there was a cute tomboy involved (obvious lie). Really, she just wanted to see where this was heading, and it had absolutely nothing to do with a cute tomboy's back being in her line of sight (obvious lie).

And here I was thinking that G-Witch would've brought in a bunch more Gundam RPers. :(
It's villainess time!
Oh hey thanks for the reminder. Totally didn't almost forget to add moves until now by the way that would be silly ahahah.
Oh boy I feel like parts of this are a mess and even after all this time I still can't end a backstory section in an organic way but still.

Oh right since someone already claimed ghost I guess I'm going to have to be ground if I'm starting with Golett. I can work with that I guess, probably spin it that my character specifically tranferred to Paldea because Rika is their idol or something.
I was considering a transfer student from Galar to justify it anyways, so that works out just fine.
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