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6 mos ago
Knife of Evil is too great, prince of the robots meets his fate! Auchtertool no longer fight, killed by the wizard lord this night!
6 mos ago
Robot Prince of Aucthertool, over thy robot kingdom rule! Electronic lord of war, destined to reign forevermore!
12 mos ago
Happy Hogswatch!
12 mos ago
Still not sure why Guel Jeturk is getting isekai'd to the Paldea region though but I can roll with it I guess.
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1 yr ago
The closest thing I can think of like that was that a scoop of ice cream in a glass of coke was a treat when I was a kid.


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I feel like I've already screwed up so I'm just going to go make myself scarce and hope I have better luck next time, sorry about that.
Now Cameron needs a cute name for his fanbase.

Briar Rayne

"♫~Love is like a gummy bear, a yummy yummy gummy bear~♫"

Uuuuuuugh. She'd had it stuck in her head all day now. Because of course all it took was hearing some crappy pop song once to have it grip tightly on your brain. It was so insipid, so saccharine, so... So catchy.

"I swear, if I ever meet the kid who sung that..."

Briar sighed as she dragged herself through the front door, just narrowly missing a sudden downpour. That was unusually lucky for her, she thought, although it was balanced out by her thoughts being filled with yummy gummy love.

"Hey mum, I'm home." No answer. Must still be out.

"♫~Yummy gummy I love you, yummy gummy yes it's true~♫"

Damn it, now she was humming it. Hummy yummy gummy get out of my head already. Groaning in exasperation, Briar headed to her room to find something, anything to drown out the sugary sweet sound of gummy bear love. Slumping down onto her bed, she began flicking through her phone looking for something to listen to when she noticed a new email notification flash up. Without anything better to do, she quickly had a peak at it.

""Evil is afoot... Rival armies... You've been chosen... Bountiful amounts of cleavage awaits, my lord..." No idea how this got through the spam filter..." Rolling her eyes, Briar went to delete it... And of course now of all times is when her finger just had to slip.

"Wait no aaargh I didn't want to-"

There was a sudden blinding light, and then...

"-do that! ...Huh?"

Well at least it didn't infect her phone with spyware (at least she hoped it didn't). Still, this was... Different, to say the least. She'd been transported into a bright white room, and it looked like she wasn't alone.

Well this is never good.
I kind of already had a mega in mind before I even started on my character and just kind of worked back from it really.

Let's just go with Angewomon for now I guess. It'll probably be a while before we get ultimates anyways so they'll be plenty of time if I change my mind later.

Besides, there's a mega I have my eyes on that Angewomon can digivolve into anyways so this just makes things easier in a lot of ways really.
Technically a WIP I guess, since I'm still trying to figure out what Ultimate to use. I seem to be bouncing between Angewomon, ArkhaiAngemon and some OC Ultimate Sistermon variant (something like SuperiorSistermon or Sistermon Superior or Sistermon Merci or something that sounds less lame I guess), but aside from that everything else is done. Also admittedly I suck at writing out personalities so that's why that's so stilted I guess.

@CleveraptorQuick question, although not sure if it'll really affect what I go with or not but may as well ask anyways: canon Digimon only, or are OC Digimon allowed?
I can't promise anything since I've been in kind of a slump for ages now but I can't say no to a Digimon RP I guess. So... We'll see how things go I guess?
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