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23 May 2017 1:57
Current See since "neko" literally just means "cat" I am imagining a cute little kitten dressed as Stalin.
22 May 2017 4:54
I mean you'd THINK Jeff Goldblum turning into an insect would be the most hilarious thing ever, but...
21 May 2017 12:20
That heart-stopping moment when you become a vampire.
20 May 2017 19:12
...I think I'm one of the very rare people who prefer Return to Hanger over Hanger 18. Mostly due to the lyrics, really.
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20 May 2017 19:11
Welcome to an empty fortress, a mighty wreck that once was proud. Ate alive by oxidation, abandoned by a crew of cowards. Navigation systems failed, computers crash and they all fall down...


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@OgobrogoI do like magic knights in just about everything, I suppose... Knight was probably going to be a little paladin-ish anyways, though, but hmmm.

Also to be honest, I actually drew up a whole bunch of designs back in March based on the FFV jobs just in case an FF RP ever popped up because I am a total dork, so... My potential Knight, Black Mage and Mystic Knight characters I guess. XD
Hmmm, going to need to decide between knight (with a stupidly big sword, naturally) and black mage I guess.
...Oh right, whilst I'd be fine with either job system, the more rigid style would make it easier for me to come up with character concepts so... Probably that one I guess.

As for races, I'd probably play a human anyways so I have no strong feelings either way I guess.
Well since it seems to be based on my favourite Final Fantasies (ie. basically everything before XI ^^; I mean I'm sure they're decent games but they just never appealed much to me) I might be interested. But we'll see how things turn out I guess.
@BingUm... You still there? ^^;
So I mostly had Hilda run into Kyouko because she too is clad in something that's comfy and easy to wear.

Also I am trying to write an "American" accent with Hilda (since Unova is based on New York and all), but whilst a Brooklyn one would probably be more appropriate I always seem to drift towards a southern drawl whenever I try to write "American" for some inexplicable reason. Oh well.
Pokémon Trainer Hilda

Ah, Castelia City! The City of Grandeur! No matter where you went in Unova you'd never find a place like it. Even though it was early in the morning, the bustling metropolis was already teaming with activity, as both people and Pokémon swarmed between the skyscrapers like ants around a hive. And one of these people was none other than the current Unova League Champion; Hilda of Nuvema Town, sixteen years old, currently lost amidst the crowds.

"Aw darn it..." she mumbled, as she fumbled about with a map. Even though she'd been to Castelia numerous times before, the layout always confused her. "I'm never gonna get my Casteliacone, am I?"

Maybe it was this way... Or maybe that way... Or possibly this way? There were so many streets and alleys in the city... Although the one she'd ended up in didn't look familiar at all. Nope, not familiar at all. Wherever she was now, it definitely wasn't Castelia anymore.

"...Must've took a wrong turn." Turning around, she realized that yes, she definitely wasn't in Castelia anymore. Or, indeed, anywhere she'd seen in Unova before, and she'd seen pretty much all of Unova during her travels. Nope, this was... She wasn't sure where she was other than some random street in an unknown town. How'd she even end up here, anyways? At the very least, it didn't take long for her to run into someone who looked just as lost as she was, some redheaded Kanto-looking girl (and judging by her shorts and ponytail, one with impeccable fashion sense).

"'Sup!" she said, giving the redhead a friendly wave. "I take it you ain't got a clue where you are either, right? I mean unless Castelia City's gone under some major redevelopment when I wasn't looking..."

Smiling, the Pokémon Trainer extended a hand towards the redhead.

"Name's Hilda, by the way. Pleased to meetcha!"

@FlamelordWell Hilda's Golett is a ghost so I don't think it can get any deader.

Then again, it also lacks a mouth.
Had a random idea I wasn't sure would actually work, but after talking to Vita she said it'd be okay so... Here goes. ^^;

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