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6 days ago
Current Oh fuck yes Simon Belmont is in Sma- HOLY FUCK KING MOTHERFUCKING K. ROOL BITCHES FUCK YES
7 days ago
...To think I've gotten to the point that every time I see or hear "Siegfried" my mind parses it as "Sumanai".
2 mos ago
Two bananas, badly drawn melons and a cute ninja boy who I shall call a strawberry to complete the fruit theme... Pretty good haul on the new FGO banner. \o/
2 mos ago
My fursona is an anthropomorphic homo sapiens.
3 mos ago
And then there's me who's just excited about the prospect of giving Eevee a bunch of silly hats to wear.


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...I will need to think of something for this!
I might have an idea but we'll see how that works out I guess.

I am not sure what class I am going with just yet but interest!
Right, just need to think up a decent Quirk I guess... Hmmm.
Ooh, interest... If I can figure something out at least but we'll see.

Also pretty much agree with everything Sunbather said, really.
Man, seeing Robotman up there reminds me of how much I love Doom Patrol and makes me want to consider trying to do something for this. I mean knowing me I'll screw up at the starting line but we'll see how things turn out. XD
@Pyromania99Kind of lost interest, sorry. ^^;
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