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23 days ago
Current America having Mother's Day on a different day than us always makes me scared I forgot it until I remember that I already got something for her a couple of months ago.
1 mo ago
As someone old enough to remember when "simp" was a term referring to a particular shape of a girl's unmentionables, every conversation I see using the term becomes unintentionally hilarious.
3 mos ago
RIP Genesis P-Orridge. Their music with Throbbing Gristle and other groups was weird, disturbing and highly influential and the world will probably never see an artist as unique as them again.
5 mos ago
Happy Hogswatch to all!
9 mos ago
Knowing humans I am pretty sure a ton of us WOULD fly billions of light years just to stick something up someone's ass.


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Ritsuko Fujimaru

Aaah... Did she really have such confidence in her? Or was Saber simply trying to be nice? Either way, Ritsuko felt the pressure to provide her with something delicious grow even stronger.

"W-well, uh, I guess uh..." What was easy to make whilst still being delicious? What was cheap to make whilst still being delicious? "S-so uh... F-fried rice for dinner, then...?"

Hopefully that would appease her. After all, fried rice was a dish fit for a king, even if it was really cheap.

Oh right trying to figure something out we'll see how that works out I guess.
Ritsuko Fujimaru

...High quality? Ritsuko couldn't help but flinch at those words. Her Servant was a king, after all, so naturally she'd be used to only the finest food! Even if she'd complemented her cooking before, that had to had just been courtly manners, since such common slop was clearly not fit for the palate of royalty! Arturia clearly expected food of a higher class, something that she clearly couldn't provide for her! And even if she could, she'd just spent most of her money on clothes! Aaaah, why was she so bad with money? It seemed impossible for her to hold onto it whenever she got some, after all!

"Ahahah, uh, d-don't worry Saber uh..." Ritsuko let out a nervous laugh, rubbing the back of her neck anxiously. "Uh... Um... H-hey, how about, uh, rice? Fried rice, rice balls, risotto, paell-" Wait not that I can't afford saffron right now! "-I mean uh mochi, uh... You name it, I'll make it!"

Thankfully, thanks to a certain Servant rice was so abundant in Fusang that you could get whole sacks of it for free, so at least that solved the monetary side of her problems for the time being.

Ritsuko Fujimaru

Ah, it was so much fun to see Saber try on all those outfits! As weird as it was to be teasing King Arthur, she was just so cute when she was embarrassed that it was impossible to resist! Aaah, maybe she'd spent too much money on clothes, but so many of them looked so good on her that she just had to get them.

...Especially the suit. Just thinking about it made her cheeks feel hot, her breath grow short and her legs tremble. Such a powerful force would be deadly in the wrong hands, so clearly she had to make sure she had it all to herself. Yes, that was clearly the only reason why she bought the suit for her. No other reasons or ulterior motives whatsoever.

With her bags fuller and her purse emptier, Ritsuko happily left the store with Arturia, although she felt like she was forgetting something. Something important...

...Something that suddenly came back to mind when she heard her stomach rumbling.

"...Oh... Oh right, food! Uh..."

...Unfortunately, her purse was a lot emptier now... And she couldn't survive on just eye candy...

Ritsuko Fujimaru

Ritsuko tilted her head quizzically as Arturia described herself as "not so beautiful". The hell kind of standards did they have back in Camelot anyway?

"Have... Have you never looked in a mirror or something, Saber? You're super pretty! C'mon!" With a smile, Ritsuko grabbed her hand and dragged her into the nearest store, where she immediately began looking for things for Arturia to try on.

"Hmmm... Tube top, denim shorts, red jacket...? Nah, that doesn't suit her..."

After a bit of rummaging, Ritsuko picked out the first outfit for her Servant to try on: a blue skirt and a white top emblazoned with a black lion rampant.

"Come on, come on, try it on!" She was almost giggling with glee, really; she was getting far too into dressing up Arturia. "Don't worry, there's plenty more stuff to try after that too!"

Ritsuko Fujimaru

It had been kind of a weird week, really.

Ritsuko had expected things to be different in Fusang, but she hadn't really been prepared for what had happened when she arrived. It was the first time she'd lived on her own, although seeing how often her parents were at work it wasn't too much of a change. And the city was so much bigger than where she was from, so much louder and livelier than she was used to. And, well... She'd ordered a catalyst for a Servant online. The seller claimed it was a one-hundred per cent genuine relic belonging to some famous something or other, but the surprisingly low price had caused Ritsuko to doubt its authenticity. Still, it arrived promptly... And looked a bit different from what was advertised. She wasn't surprised, really, as she had an inkling that the seller was a conman. But still, she wasn't going to waste it, and hey, even if it was fake she'd apparently get a Servant who just suits her well or something (she hadn't been paying too much attention to the explanation but still).

And then she summoned King Arthur.

And then she found out King Arthur was actually a girl.

And then she found out King Arthur was actually a very pretty girl.

All things considered, this was probably one of the last things she'd expected to happen. Even she'd heard of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, after all! He... Well, she was kind of a big deal! It made absolutely no sense how a low ranking mage with a cheap, most likely counterfeit catalyst could've summoned someone like that!

Well... A week had passed. A week with King Arthur. At the very least, she was easy to get along with. She was overly serious and stubborn at times, yes, but she was also a rather pleasant person... And her seriousness was actually rather cute at times, too. Of course the one thing she'd really noticed was, well... Her appetite. How could such a small girl eat so much? It was great to see her enjoying her cooking, but her larder had quickly gotten rather bare. So... Here she was, heading out to the store to restock. Naturally, her Servant... "Arturia" accompanied her. For one thing, not only did she want to make sure she got food Arturia liked, but well... Whilst her dress was rather pretty, she couldn't really wear it casually. And she was notably smaller than Ritsuko, too. She could've borrowed some of her clothes, but they'd be too baggy on her and a girl like Arturia deserved to wear something that actually fits properly.

"Hmmm... What kind of stuff do you want to wear anyway, Saber?" Ritsuko pondered aloud as they passed by some boutiques. "Then again I bet you'd look good in anything..."

Had a Master idea for Arturia, didn't work out, threw something together quickly and here we are.

@RoflsMazoyI'd probably prefer just an on-site OoC but if everyone else thinks otherwise I guess I'm fine.
I actually really like this idea and my only misgivings are the worry that I won't be able to figure out something workable for it and that I'd probably end up turning things into Konosuba. XD

But we'll see how things turn out I guess.
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