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Current @Blaze Gamma: Did you get your very own Murderdaughter? :O
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Husbando version of my waifu came easily, but now I am starting to fear I am using up too much of my FGO luck too early in the year. D:
2 mos ago
Aren't us Brits notorious for our self-deprecating and sarcastic sense of humour? Also, making the female trainer an Angry Scots Lass is the best thing.
2 mos ago
Like seriously, I grew up in the UK in the 90's. The Fat of the Land was a REALLY big album for my generation and it's actually pretty sad that one of the guys behind it isn't here anymore.
2 mos ago
Aw man, the Firestarter died? RIP Keith Flint indeed. :(
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Caster ~ Alice

"Oh... Oh! That's right!" The tiny girl with the wonderful hat was right! If only Alice had stayed in the park to begin with... But now they would definitely all find Dorothy! With her help, and the somewhat plain yet pretty girl who felt strangely familiar's help... And the kindly older gentleman too, they would definitely find her!

Taking the offered hand from the somewhat plain yet pretty girl who felt strangely familiar (really, once Alice calmed down she would need to ask her name), she led the group to the park, all the while worrying about Dorothy. What if a bigger dog had shown up? What if she'd been chased off by it? What if she'd been decapitated? Oh no, no, that wouldn't do at all, no! That would be terrible!

"Ah... Ah, there! That's where we were when we saw the puppy!" Alice frantically pointed at a flowerbed covered in red and white roses. "Yes, yes, Alice was telling Dorothy about how they should just paint the white ones to match the red ones, and then... And then the puppy! It was so cute and fluffy and friendly! And then Dorothy was gone. Where did Dorothy go? I miss her..."

Caster ~ Alice

Ah, she wanted to help her, she really wanted to help her! Alice knew she shouldn't really talk to strangers, but this girl... She seemed like she knew this mage. She wasn't entirely sure how but something about her seemed strangely familiar. Maybe they'd met in a past life or something? Oh, but that wasn't important! What was important that she was going to help her find Dorothy! She and her Serv-

...Her Servant... Her Servant had a...

...What a wonderful hat she has! Is... Is that really a...

For a moment, Alice was entranced. No, surely it couldn't be... Did she really have a bird perched on top of her hat? How wonderfully whimsical that would be! Just like something out of a fairy tale! Alice knew all about that kind of thing, after all. And she was so small, even smaller than Alice herself... She looked so cute! Maybe after they found Dorothy she could invite her to a tea party. She looked Japanese, after all, and the Japanese did like tea... Unlike Dorothy. Dorothy was weird and liked coffee. And thought jelly was something you spread on toast. That was jam! Americans were so strange...

...Oh right, Dorothy! She had to find Dorothy!

"Ah, thank you, thank you! Alice lost Dorothy and... And..." The doll-like girl thought for a moment. When did she lose her again? Oh right... "There was.. A puppy! We saw a puppy near the park and... And Alice looked away for just a moment and then Dorothy was gone!"

Well, at least it seemed like she'd find Dorothy soon. Not only were the little bird-hatted Servant and her Master willing to help, but a kindly old gentleman had shown up too and expressed his will to help too! Turning to the man, Alice curtsied once more and gave him an angelic smile.

"Thank you, thank you! Alice is very thankful for your help too, sir!"

@1Charak2Uh... It's literally a big part of her character that those are her actual legs.

The same with Passionlip and her giant claws.
Holmes or Moriarty would actually be pretty fun to see really, what with Lupin being around too and all.

(Man I really hope all the quartz I've saved for him is enough for Moriarty D:)
Caster ~ Alice


Oh, this was not good! This wasn't good at all! Alice had only taken her eyes off her for a moment, and then she was gone! Vanished! Spirited away! They were supposed to go out for tea today, but how could they do that together if they were seperated like this?

"No, no... Where are you? Alice can't find you!"

The small girl Servant hurried down the street, her fluffy white hair bobbing around her agitated face. Where had Dorothy gone? She'd disappeared and left Alice all on her own...

"Dorothy! Dorothy, Dorothy, come out wherever you are!" No answer. Oh, where could she be? Alice didn't want to be alone, and Dorothy was always there for her!

Ah... She'd been so worried that she hadn't even been paying attention to where she herself was, so when she found herself on a crowded street outside a school... Oh, now she'd never find her! No, no, never, not ever!

However, it didn't take long for her to spot an opportunity. Yes, yes, those two girls, the kind of cute but plain looking brunette and the little redhead with a silly hat! They were wearing those weird armbands, which meant they had to be members of... Of... Well, Alice couldn't actually remember what they called themselves, but they helped out people! And since she needed help right now...

"Um... Hello!" Alice said, rushing up towards them and curtsying. "You have to help Alice! Alice lost Dorothy! I don't know where she is and I need help finding her! Please help, please!"

So after some discussion with the GMs I have decided to give Nursery an NPC Master. Hopefully I'll get her intro'd soon-ish.
@1Charak2I don't think they'd be a very good match, honestly.


Also on a more serious note best bookdaughter needs a Master I guess. D:
@1Charak2Uh... Dantes does not have EX-rank Luck. Dantes does not even have a Luck stat because his luck is that bad.
  • Name: Nursery Rhyme ("Alice")
  • Class: Caster
  • Appearance: The Heroine of Children
  • Personality: Polite and cheerful, but also childlike in her view of the world. She tends to be rather friendly to others and can be quite the chatterbox sometimes, and seems to find it hard to show malice towards others, even her supposed enemies. As the Heroine of Children, she cares deeply about children and one of the few ways to make her angry is to upset or hurt them; it doesn't need to be physically either, as there are certain other Heroic Spirits she despises due to the stories they wrote as humans. She also can't stand bullies, and isn't afraid to make this fact abundantly clear. Despite having the identity of "Nursery Rhyme", the embodiment of her namesake, she insist on being called "Alice" instead, and occasionally refers to herself as such in the third person. Even though she claims to hate bad ends and love happy endings, she seems perfectly fine with actually fighting; it's possible that her childlike innocence doesn't entirely grasp the concept leading to her seeing it as a game and her battles simply being playing with the other Servants. She is especially fond of tea parties and will often try to set one up when left to her own devices.
  • Stats:
    • Strength: E
    • Endurance: E
    • Agility: C
    • Mana: A
    • Luck: B
    • Noble Phantasm: EX
  • Class Skills:
    • Territory Creation: A
  • Personal Skills:
    • Self-Modification (A): Due to her unique existence, Nursery Rhyme's form is more mutable than other Servants, allowing her to modify her attributes almost at will.
    • Shapeshift (A+): Nursery Rhyme possesses the ability to change her shape and appearance in order to reflect her Master's favourite stories. However, due to a previous summoning, she prefers to remain in the form of a small girl influenced by Lewis Carrol's Alice books.
    • Meanwhile... (A): A heavily degraded form of an ability Nursery Rhyme used to have known as "The Queen's Glass Game: Perpetual Engine - Maiden Empire". The original version allowed her to rewind time to allow her playtime to go on forever, but due to neither being on the unearthly territory of the Moon Cell nor recieving the necessary backup from a certain young girl, Nursery Rhyme is only able to use it on herself in a much more limited fashion. With it, she can rewind her own personal time, healing herself, removing any negative effects and restocking her mana supplies.
  • Noble Phantasm(s):
    • Name: Nursery Rhyme: A Tale For Somebody's Sake
    • Rank: EX
    • Type: Anti-Army
    • Appearance: Whilst the focus of this Noble Phantasm is the book she holds, as a Reality Marble its appearance when activated is more like the background than the foreground. Its true appearance, however, is none other than Nursery Rhyme herself.
    • Effects: A Reality Marble embodying the concept of nursery rhymes, fairy tales and children's fables, a gateway to Nursery Rhyme's inner world; although Nursery Rhyme herself is a product of this Reality Marble, creating an infinite loop where there is no beginning or end, just like the very concepts she embodies. Without fully activating it, she is able to pull concepts from this inner world and use them in the real world, basically turning fantasy into reality; due to a past encounter, however, she is especially fond of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, and so often pulls concepts and characters from the Alice books. This includes card soldiers, griffons, mock turtles, and most dangerous of all the manxome Jabberwock. She also has the ability to call forth the Nameless Forest, but due to how dangerous it is to both friend and foe she is rather reluctant to do so. Invoking the name of the Noble Phantasm will fully activate the Reality Marble, unleashing Nursery Rhyme's inner world and transforming the surrounding area into a facsimile of Wonderland itself, a world built on the nursery rhymes and fairy tales, a dreamlike land where nothing is ever as it first appears. Nursery Rhyme is almost like the queen of this whimsical reality, and as such can instantly summon multiple beings from the stories and poems that she is the embodiment of. However, like all childhood fantasies, the Reality Marble is ephemeral and fleeting, and will eventually collapse and return the world to its usual state.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Changes:
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