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5 days ago
Current No, I meant if interest in FGO leads to them trying to do an official English release of the Fate/stay night VN. Well, Realta Nua but still.
5 days ago
There's a decent LP of it on the Let's Play Archive at least, so there's that whilst we all wait to see if FGO somehow manages to garner enough interest for an official English release I guess.
5 days ago
Keyword there is "anime". If you're trying to run it, you REALLY need to be familiar with the original VN, and familiarizing yourself with Tsukihime and KnK can help a whole bunch too.
5 days ago
First tip: find someone who actually knows how the Nasuverse works. XD Believe me, the number of Fate RPs started by people who have no clue what they're doing is a bit disconcerting. D:
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5 days ago
So be sure to use protection then.


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Andersen, Tokyo

It could have been worse, really. He could've ended up here with that fairy tale girl, the one who kept criticizing his works for some reason... Or even worse, he could've ended up back on the moon again. Yes, perspective allowed him to downgrade this situation from "intensely aggravating" to merely "slightly annoying". That said, though, if he'd been able to pick his companion for this unscheduled rayshift (which is the only conclusion he could come to at the time), Mordred probably wouldn't have been his first choice. Or his second. Or his third, fourth, fifth... Really, there were a lot of people he'd prefer to be with than an impetuous, arrogant and obnoxious knight with a daddy complex. And as he expected, she was already mouthing off and freaking out. To think that she was the child (for want of a better word) of that proud and stoic King of Knights. Really, Mordred had to be an embarrassment to her family.

"Ugh... Calm down already." Andersen rubbed his forehead in exasperation. Yes, they'd apparently been cut off from their Master, although at least a lower class Servant such as himself wouldn't feel the effects for a little while longer than such a gigantic mana drain as a Saber. "I wish I had a drink right now so I could better put up with your whining, but..."

It was at this point Andersen trailed off, as he began to notice the weird looks passers-by were giving him. Stupid... Not that he could help it, but ever since his first summoning as a Servant he'd appeared as a child, no older than ten... But with a deep, masculine voice, one that represented his true maturity but which was rather at odds with his physical appearance. Initially he'd assumed it was due to the perversity of his original Master (not that he liked thinking of her), but after being summoned a second time at Chaldea... Well, suffice to say it seemed to have stuck, and the natives were rather confused as to where this manly voice was coming from. After all, there was no way it was coming from the little boy, right?

"...Look, throwing a fit is just going to waste your mana even faster," he continued in a hushed voice, an eyebrow twitching in irritation as people continued to stare. "So why not at least try and show some of the composure your "father" has just for once? Not that I really care about you, but Master would be rather upset if one of her most prized (for whatever reason) Servants faded away like that. Hmph."
@Raineh Daze@VitaVitaAR
Masters are hard. D:
This just reminds me of G Gundam, but since G Gundam is the best Gundam I am okay with this. :D
Oh right, totally doing a Demi-Servant (since the Heaven's Feel hype train has no brakes), just need to figure out what exactly I'm doing with that. ^^;
@Crimson RavenOh yeah, go with the thing Raineh linked, that's the closest you can get to reading the VN without actually obtaining a copy of it thus it is acceptable.

...And once you're finished with it, the same guy also did an LP of Tsukihime so you should read that as well. Especially the mansion routes. Especially Hisui's route. And then watch the Kara no Kyoukai movies. And then...
they won't finish animating Heavens Feel for ages.

Why do you hurt me like this.
@VitaVitaARExcept this time you're cheating on your waifu with her own child. How shameful.
So many Fate characters

Not a bad thing. Just interesting

My excuse at least is that since they're finally animating the best route (something I've waited over a decade for) the Fate/ hype train is currently an unstoppable juggernaut. :D
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