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6 days ago
Current ...You're just lucky those are both only 11 episodes long, Fab! D: Grumble-grumble making my watchlist even bigger than it already is grumble-grumble...
6 days ago
All I know is that I apparently need to watch Aoi Hana now.
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6 days ago
I liked Sakura Trick at least, but that was partially because it actually let the girls kiss on-screen. Even if I have to ignore that nonsensical thing in the finale.
6 days ago
And if you're like me and like both then you win every time! :D
6 days ago
Hey, I know a girl who loves yuri. Of course that's because she's a lesbian but still.


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...Anyways need to think about which Servant to use. Hmmm.
@ConnorREJECTED. I told you when you asked over PMs that this RP was closed.
@Raineh DazeAccepted!

At least, that's what the poster claimed. As you start your new year at Taketori High, you couldn't help but notice the garishly printed flyer, its bold colours catching your eye as you passed by even as others dismissed it for its wild claims. A club that investigated the supernatural was just childish fantasy, right? But you happened to know differently. Whether you possessed minor psychic powers, were an amateur mage or just happened to be a regular average teenager who noticed strange phenomena you couldn't really explain, you had a feeling that this club might be able to help you somehow. And so, you were one of the very few people who actually signed up for the Supernatural Investigations Club, hoping you might find what you were looking for...

...Unfortunately for you, though, club president Hinata Mikuzume turned out to just be some kind of space cadet. Whilst her enthusiasm for the club's activities were unquestionable, the fact remained that you didn't really find anything for the first month or so. But as you started to just accept the fact that the club was indeed nothing more than a product of one girl's childish fantasies, you began to notice strange things going on. Not only were the other club members like you in some way, but you were about to run headfirst into the realms of the unknown...

So yeah, kind of a slice of life thing, loosely inspired by things like Haruhi I guess. Whee~ Since it's a closed RP I don't really need to go too deep into the specifics so... Sign-up sheet!

  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Gender:
  • Appearance:
  • Personality:
  • Brief Backstory:
  • Skills:
  • Abilities:

<Snipped quote by Rin>

Please don't break the Earth Cradle.

I make no promises. >.> <.<
Riiiight, time to try and not just make girl!Sanger I guess. Let's see how this turns out.
@CrimmyAlright, evil cleaving it is then.
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