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2 mos ago
Current Rolling on FGO again, Jalter get. Time to find out what all the fuss is about her I guess. \o/
2 mos ago
Sometimes FGO is good to me. Like letting me summon Medb in a single ten roll. Thank you, you horribly capricious game, for giving me my floofy and slutty Queen of Connacht. :D
3 mos ago
Rolling on the new FGO gacha... Get the Count of Monte Cristo in a single tenroll. THE SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE HAS CAME HOME :D
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3 mos ago
Too young to remember Ren and Stimpy I assume?
3 mos ago
...You're just lucky those are both only 11 episodes long, Fab! D: Grumble-grumble making my watchlist even bigger than it already is grumble-grumble...


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Right, just need to think up a decent Quirk I guess... Hmmm.
Ooh, interest... If I can figure something out at least but we'll see.

Also pretty much agree with everything Sunbather said, really.
Man, seeing Robotman up there reminds me of how much I love Doom Patrol and makes me want to consider trying to do something for this. I mean knowing me I'll screw up at the starting line but we'll see how things turn out. XD
@Pyromania99Kind of lost interest, sorry. ^^;
Man, I always want to do some Digimon RP but it never seems to work out for me... Here's hoping billionth time's the charm or something. D:

Also Fate combo whoo~
I need to get stuff figured out I guess. ^^;
Oh right you wanted me to express interest in the actual thread. Let's see if I can get something figured out I guess.
Whee, replacement for Andersen~


...Anyways need to think about which Servant to use. Hmmm.
@ConnorREJECTED. I told you when you asked over PMs that this RP was closed.
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