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Current Ultra Sun get! Time to take an Incineroar along the road to the Pokemon Le- I mean WRESTLEMANIA! WHOO!
22 days ago
Happy happy Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, happy happy Halloween, Silver Shamrock!
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2 mos ago
I will forever be salty that Raineh got my favourite Rider and yet I failed to draw her. D: GACHA IS BAD CIVILIZATION!
2 mos ago
No, I meant if interest in FGO leads to them trying to do an official English release of the Fate/stay night VN. Well, Realta Nua but still.
2 mos ago
There's a decent LP of it on the Let's Play Archive at least, so there's that whilst we all wait to see if FGO somehow manages to garner enough interest for an official English release I guess.


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Sounds like fun, really. And it's a change from all the grim 'n' gritty superhero RPs that always seem to pop up, so tentative interest I guess.
Let's see if I can get something figured out then. ^^;



Really, Andersen couldn't be bothered paying much attention to what the others were fighting about right now. After all, he wasn't much of a fighter himself anyway, and he'd most likely just be a detriment to the whole thing, so it was best if he just stayed out of the way and tried to do something constructive instead. Thus, as he cowered behind Mordred, he took out his tablet and begin flicking through apps, trying to find something that might help him figure out just what was going on.

"...Hang on... That face looks... Familiar..." Eyeing a certain app, the Caster rolled his eyes. "You've got to be kidding m-"

Before he could finish that thought, though, he was knocked to the ground as Mordred suddenly slammed into him. Normally, this would have led to him spewing out a disgruntled tirade at the knight, but after seeing what had been heading towards him before she'd knocked him out of the way... Rolling his eyes once more, his body shimmered with golden light as he disappeared, transforming into his spirit form.

"Can't you leave me out of your petty squabbles for just once, Mordred? Hmph..." Even as a disembodied voice, Andersen's annoyance was perfectly clear.

@Raineh Daze
Dragons exist as well, but are unlisted(mostly due to fears of people swarming to be dragons) and already have someone aiming for one. ^^;

Only because you suggested it!
Tentatively claiming a spot with the strange girl I guess.
I suggested kitsune udon, but GS thought it was "too silly". :(

The smell of breakfast wafted through the catacombs, thankfully drowning out any of the more unpleasant smells that could be found down there. The wondrous scents of bacon sizzling, sausage and eggs frying, toast... Toasting... And, of course, tea brewing, a nice bubbling pot of English breakfast tea sitting on the stove as Caster skillfully flipped the greasy food onto a pair of exquisitely decorated china plates. Maybe they were a bit fancy for this kind of meal, but she didn't really think much about it; after all, breakfast was almost like a tea party, wasn't it? Tea was served during it, after all, and thus it was clearly the same kind of thing. It only made sense to be as fancy and extravagant as possible, since it would be an insult to such a fine beverage to do otherwise. And so, humming gleefully with a smile on her face, she placed the two plates piled high with fatty meats, fried eggs and toast upon a tray, as well as the teapot and two beautiful cups before carrying them to her Master's current sleeping chambers.

"Merry Unbirthday, Master!" she cried out as she entered. Every morning, she'd greeted Cassandra with the same exclamation, and today was no different. Without even stopping to wait for a reply, she set the tray up on top of her Master's lap and began pouring her a nice, hot cup of tea.

"Alice woke up early, so I decided to make you a delicious, nutritious full English breakfast! Although I couldn't find any black pudding or baked beans..." For a moment, her perpetually cheerful face fell, but it didn't take long for her to return to smiling. "But that's okay, because there's plenty of bacon and eggs and sausage and toast and of course most important tea! So Master, please enjoy this delicious breakfast Alice has made for you! And.. And if you like it, I'm sure all the new friends we're going to meet soon will love it too! Master, Master, when are we going to meet them? Alice is getting lonely down here with just the two of us, after all!"

Bethany Fridumar

Bethany stifled a yawn as Arturia helped her aboard the ship. All that work at the village had tired her out, and... Well, seeing her Servant smile like that, she couldn't help but blush.

"Ah... Maybe you're right, Arturia..." It really was impossible to refuse her suggestion when she made that kind of face. She really was far too pretty to be King Arthur. It was almost unfair, really. As she laid back, her cheeks turned redder as she said one last thing before drifting off...

"Um... You'll, um... W-w-watch over me, r-right? Um... I'd... Sleep better knowing that... Arturia..."
She's not giant and robotic!

Hibiki is, by this point, basically a Super Robot. :D

"Basically"? >.>
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