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Current Isn't tomorrow Free Premium Day on Por... I mean uh forgot I said anything.
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Happy birthday, Mewtwo!
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It's not like I got my Ishtar to 10/10/10 almost immediately after getting her or anything!
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Ishtar, because she's so defenceless.
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Ishtar stole all my QP! Such a useless, defenceless goddess that I totally didn't intentionally roll on her solo rateup for because she is SO uncute, hmph!
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@1Charak2Uh... Dantes does not have EX-rank Luck. Dantes does not even have a Luck stat because his luck is that bad.
  • Name: Nursery Rhyme ("Alice")
  • Class: Caster
  • Appearance: The Heroine of Children
  • Personality: Polite and cheerful, but also childlike in her view of the world. She tends to be rather friendly to others and can be quite the chatterbox sometimes, and seems to find it hard to show malice towards others, even her supposed enemies. As the Heroine of Children, she cares deeply about children and one of the few ways to make her angry is to upset or hurt them; it doesn't need to be physically either, as there are certain other Heroic Spirits she despises due to the stories they wrote as humans. She also can't stand bullies, and isn't afraid to make this fact abundantly clear. Despite having the identity of "Nursery Rhyme", the embodiment of her namesake, she insist on being called "Alice" instead, and occasionally refers to herself as such in the third person. Even though she claims to hate bad ends and love happy endings, she seems perfectly fine with actually fighting; it's possible that her childlike innocence doesn't entirely grasp the concept leading to her seeing it as a game and her battles simply being playing with the other Servants. She is especially fond of tea parties and will often try to set one up when left to her own devices.
  • Stats:
    • Strength: E
    • Endurance: E
    • Agility: C
    • Mana: A
    • Luck: B
    • Noble Phantasm: EX
  • Class Skills:
    • Territory Creation: A
  • Personal Skills:
    • Self-Modification (A): Due to her unique existence, Nursery Rhyme's form is more mutable than other Servants, allowing her to modify her attributes almost at will.
    • Shapeshift (A+): Nursery Rhyme possesses the ability to change her shape and appearance in order to reflect her Master's favourite stories. However, due to a previous summoning, she prefers to remain in the form of a small girl influenced by Lewis Carrol's Alice books.
    • Meanwhile... (A): A heavily degraded form of an ability Nursery Rhyme used to have known as "The Queen's Glass Game: Perpetual Engine - Maiden Empire". The original version allowed her to rewind time to allow her playtime to go on forever, but due to neither being on the unearthly territory of the Moon Cell nor recieving the necessary backup from a certain young girl, Nursery Rhyme is only able to use it on herself in a much more limited fashion. With it, she can rewind her own personal time, healing herself, removing any negative effects and restocking her mana supplies.
  • Noble Phantasm(s):
    • Name: Nursery Rhyme: A Tale For Somebody's Sake
    • Rank: EX
    • Type: Anti-Army
    • Appearance: Whilst the focus of this Noble Phantasm is the book she holds, as a Reality Marble its appearance when activated is more like the background than the foreground. Its true appearance, however, is none other than Nursery Rhyme herself.
    • Effects: A Reality Marble embodying the concept of nursery rhymes, fairy tales and children's fables, a gateway to Nursery Rhyme's inner world; although Nursery Rhyme herself is a product of this Reality Marble, creating an infinite loop where there is no beginning or end, just like the very concepts she embodies. Without fully activating it, she is able to pull concepts from this inner world and use them in the real world, basically turning fantasy into reality; due to a past encounter, however, she is especially fond of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, and so often pulls concepts and characters from the Alice books. This includes card soldiers, griffons, mock turtles, and most dangerous of all the manxome Jabberwock. She also has the ability to call forth the Nameless Forest, but due to how dangerous it is to both friend and foe she is rather reluctant to do so. Invoking the name of the Noble Phantasm will fully activate the Reality Marble, unleashing Nursery Rhyme's inner world and transforming the surrounding area into a facsimile of Wonderland itself, a world built on the nursery rhymes and fairy tales, a dreamlike land where nothing is ever as it first appears. Nursery Rhyme is almost like the queen of this whimsical reality, and as such can instantly summon multiple beings from the stories and poems that she is the embodiment of. However, like all childhood fantasies, the Reality Marble is ephemeral and fleeting, and will eventually collapse and return the world to its usual state.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Changes:
@Rin: Blurbs on the bookloli's skills, please. Doesn't have to be long, but Meanwhile really needs one.

Done and done.
Not sure how well this will work out but here goes nothing I guess.

@PKMNB0YJust call it "Emerald Odyssey" or something!
So kind of a Great Lakes Avengers/Mystery Men kind of deal? Sounds like fun!

If I can figure out an idea, I might give it a try. But we'll see how that turns out.
Not long after she'd sent the message, a reply popped up. Megu-chan was as prompt as usual, it seemed! And to be honest, Sachiko was actually kind of happy to find out she'd been sucked into the game too. It meant that she'd still get to see Megu-chan, still get to interact with Megu-chan, still get to... The point was she wasn't alone, since her dear friend would be here with her. Sachiko started to-

Well, if I'm stuck in the game I should stop thinking of myself as "Sachiko," shouldn't I? From now on, I'm Hasselback!

Hasselback started to type up her reply.

To: DokanMeguMegu-san

Wow, Megu-chan is in the game too? ^ω^ I'm soooooo glad I'm not alone! I'll run right over there, okay! ♪v('∇'*)⌒☆

From: Hasselback

Heh, run... I really can run there!

Giggling to herself, Hasselback broke into a sprint, heading towards the plaza as fast as she could. She'd never have been able to move this fast in real life, and the wind brushing against her just felt so... Aaaah! And there was Megu-chan! It was impossible to miss such a small, cute girl like her! She seemed to be talking to someone, but... But Hasselback couldn't hold back. Maybe because she could never do it before, maybe because she'd always wanted to do it, Hasselback refused to slow down as she approached the two other girls, sights set firmly on the small purple witch...


...And before Megu-chan could realize what was going on, Hasselback had practically tackled her, knocking her to the ground as she hugged her tightly.

"Megu-chan! Megu-chan, Megu-chan! I... This is amazing! It's so amazing isn't it! Meeeeeeguuuuuu-chaaaaaan~!"

When Sachiko had woken up today, she hadn't really expected anything like this to happen. She'd been feeling worse than usual over the past few days, so now she was in a better state she wanted to play some Emerald Odyssey and catch up with Megu-chan. She hadn't expected anything weird or unusual to happen; after all, this was real life, and not some anime or novel. Maybe something like this was popular in those kinds of things right now, but it certainly would never happen in real life, especially not to someone like her.

Thus, she was taken by complete surprise when it did happen in real life, and to someone like her too.


Had she taken too much of her medication or something? This clearly couldn't be real, after all. It had to be some kind of hallucination or delusion or something. People don't just get sucked into an MMO in real life after all. That would just be ridiculous.

And yet... And yet here she was. The vibrant world of Emerald Odyssey surrounding her, the heat of the sun and the wind gently blowing against her feeling far too real to be an illusion. As much as she wanted to question it, the fact that she was here, in this wonderful fantasy world... In the healthy body of Hasselback, Knight of the Shield... It was too amazing for her to care how it happened. All she cared about was that it had happened.

"I... I'm Hasselback! I'm so... So strong! So fit! So... So..."

It was an odd sight, really, one that made many NPCs turn their heads to stare as a small female knight with green twintails ran about gleefully through the streets, a look of pure undistilled joy plastered onto her face. To be able to run like this... Ah, it was a dream come true! Truely, this was the most wonderful thing to happen to her since... Since she met Megu-chan!

"...Ah! I... I should check up on Megu-chan..." Stopping for a moment, Hasselback pulled up her friendlist. She didn't even think much about it, just assuming that since she's in the game now, she could just... Do it. "Ah, I bet Megu-chan will be so surprised when I tell her I'm in the game! I wonder if she'll believe me though...?"

And so with a smile on her face, Hasselback sent her message...

To: DokanMeguMegu-san

Megu-chan! You won't believe this, but I got sucked into the game world! Isn't that cool? I know it sounds weird and like something out of an anime but it's totally true! I'll still try and join you for the raid though, just let me know where you are so we can meet up okay?

From: Hasselback

So I had an idea for this initially but it was taking me forever to actually work on, then I suddenly had another idea today and it just flowed out so easily that I decided to go with this instead. Anyways...

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