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Current So, I'm on some sort of official and consistent schedule now. Which is nice, unless life decides to screw it up for me.
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Hooray for being back in the swing of things! I'm back to a mostly regular upload schedule for my LP's, and I can even stream now! Hoorah!
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RIP Satoru Iwata. Gone, but never forgotten. You will be missed.
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Might be moving soon. What fun
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Now that Superstar Saga LP is done, time to get OoT Master Quest finished!


What's up, Rawk Flawk and visitors alike!

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The ninja merely observed as Bak jumped in surprise at his entrance, before proceeding to hand him the unconscious student. He nodded in understanding. He quickly ducked out of the room the same way he came in, hoping to deliver the package before the St. Laurel's student could intercept. Once outside the room, it was easy for him to sneak up behind the Vigilantes, especially after two of them haphazardly jumped into a hole in the floor. He snuck up behind the remaining Vig, and dropped the body. As it hit the floor, he disappeared into the Void, walking away and following Clara. Perhaps it was time he focused on his primary objective...


As Brutus watched, Aram and Nasaraph both headed down below to help Michael. Brutus was considering following, then decided to stay up here and assist if possible. While he was trying to line up a shot for a tag, the fight below seemed to end as abruptly as it started. Before Brutus could make any further moves, he heard a thud behind him. He whirled around, his arm held up and crackling with electricity. There, in front of him, was another student. Brutus quickly stopped his sparking, and picked up the hapless student. He then turned to where King had disappeared, and walked into the room. He shouted down.

"King! We got another one. Just seemed to appear out of thin air!"

Brutus was staring at Vittorio. How could one person become so... hopeless? It was the only word that Brutus could use to describe the shell of a man in front of him. Fortunately, Nasaraph had offered to fight the spectral being. Brutus' body had finally stopped crackling with nervous energy (quite literally). Brutus turned over to Aram. Before he could get any questions out, however...


A lound splintering noise from behind them caused electricity to jump all around Brutus' body. As he turned around, he could only stare. The floor behind them had just... disappeared. Sure, he'd heard rumbling and explosions from below, but he hadn't expected the building to literally fall apart! Perhaps it was Bak? Nah, he was sure he'd hear screaming if Bak had been the cause. Brutus inched slowly forward, peeking his head down the hole...


Yuuto managed to not quirk an eyebrow at Clara's statement, although it was a very near thing. Didn't people usually react to help with thankfulness? It was then that he remembered that Clara was the daughter of Mephisto. Still...

Yuuto's eyes glanced down the hall toward where Bak had been, before disappearing into a room. Yuuto decided to follow her. He stepped inside, noticing a mechanical whirring noise, followed by Bak taunting. Ah, it appeared that St. Laurel's was here. Perhaps this was why Clara and the Student Council were here? Ah, well.

Yuuto nodded to Clara. "I shall help others." While Yuuto was aware that he didn't need to get involved, it had been a while since he'd gotten to let loose. With that, he disappeared into the Void, walking to where Bak was. He found the mechanical girl very quickly. He popped back out, appearing next to Bak.

"Greetings, Bak-san. Am here to help. You need?" Yuuto glanced at the student slung across her backpack. It sure looked like she was in the middle of something.

Yuuto stared at the missive, picked up discreetly. The request was simple. Too simple, really. Then again, it had been a while since Yuuto had taken a job. He had his schooling to worry about, after all. To be fair, the ninja didn't think Mephisto cared about such trivial things as schooling. Still, it didn't hurt to play it safe...

But why would Mephisto want a pair of eyes on his own daughter? Yuuto shook his head as he ripped the message into pieces, letting them loose into the wind to be scattered. It didn't do to ask questions, he'd been told. His only job was to do as the employer asked. As for the reward... Well, Yuuto was a simple kid of simple means. Perhaps just enough money to pay for some typical "teenager" stuff, in order to keep his cover better. After all, during school hours, he was simply a transfer student, and it wouldn't do to blow that cover. Few knew of his true purpose of being a glorified mercenary.

Shaking his head, Yuuto dipped into the Void so no one would see him run up the side of a building. Once on top, he emerged, and began to make his way to where he knew some of the Student Council had been heading. Along the way, he made sure that he'd grabbed all his equipment. Kunai? Check. Shuriken? Check. Senbon? Check. Tanto? Check. Collapsible bo staff? Check. The sword and staff were strapped across his back, and the rest were in a shuriken pouch tied to his right thigh. Good. He was ready.

Upon arriving at where he'd seen the others heading, he saw an abandoned apartment building. Just what would Clara be doing here? He quickly ducked behind a chimney as he saw a figure descend from the third floor. His well-trained eyes caught the unmistakable figure of King, as well as Alto. Hmm... this complicates matters. I must be sneaky, like cat on prowl. With that, he disappeared back into the warming embrace of the Void. Upon making his way to a different side, he put one foot on the wall, then another, and walked up. He saw a peek of Clara through a window on the third floor. Emerging from the Void, he hopped inside the window. There were a couple of creatures that screeched at him as soon as they saw him. Imps. Quickly, he whipped out two kunai, and threw them. The poor imps were speared through before they knew what hit them. They kunai pinned the buggers to the wall, each emitting a soft thud! While people with superpowers couldn't really be affected by his weapons (his tanto would only scratch a powered being), the weapons were nice and deadly to lesser demons. Yuuto quickly checked that the imps were dead before retrieving his kunai. He then stepped out the door, stepping just behind Clara.

"Ah. Erdrigan-san. I saw Student Council heading here. How can I help?" he asked, stowing away his kunai. At this point, he heard a loud crash behind them. His eyes flitted down the hall to where he assumed the conflict was. There, he saw a half-machine, half-human. Bak, if he recalled.


It appeared that Brutus wouldn't have to wait long, as King replied shortly after Brutus sent the message. Brutus sighed with relief. Even though he wouldn't admit it, he'd feel better having back-up against the forces that Mephisto's had sent.

"Well, isn't this a bit of pickle!" Upon hearing the voice, Brutus whirled around, but it was just King. At this point, Brutus had given up trying to figure out how their leader worked, and just rolled with it, although the questions still sounded off in his head. However, upon King's question, Brutus snapped out of it.

"It is as I said. Mephisto's and St. Laurel's both have students here. It would appear that both sides are after the missing students that were said to have gone missing around here. As you might have guessed, St. Laurel's hasn't said a thing to anyone. Also, Clara is here. Other than that, I've noticed nothing else out of place here." Brutus turned to Aram and Nasaraph, but before he could say anything, a face he couldn't quite place appeared from the floor, and appeared to be singing. What threw Brutus off were images of himself and Katherine, albeit the images were a bit dated.

"Been a long time Brutus. Geon always was impressed with your power. But for what purpose or whom do you use that power, Brutus?"

Ah, now Brutus vaguely recalled him. Vittorio, or something like that, wasn't it? "I use my power for a cause I see fit, protecting the world from a threat perhaps much greater than any it has ever seen."

It was well-known that Brutus didn't completely buy King's story. However, it wasn't well known that Brutus fully believed King's words about the threat that would come to the world, a threat that King stated was perhaps greater than the Ancient Evil. Brutus felt this was why he was given his powers, and put his full effort into the Vigilantes.
Well, sh*t. I forgot this existed. The other RP I'm in has been picking up. I'm off today, so I'll try to have something up by tonight.
Brutus quickly turned around as Aram followed behind him. At first, the electric boy wondered how his companion had reached here, before remembering the display of Alchemy. However, it was the offer that relieved Brutus to no end. "Hey Brutus, if you like I can take that sword off ya. I'm pretty well versed in the applications of such weaponry." With that, Aram would find the Bing-Bong Sword practically shoved into his hands.

"Good, please take it. That thing kinda gives me the creeps..." Which was partly true. The feeling that sword gave off... Brutus shook his head. "Besides, I'm no good with swords. This also lets me handle the small fry. Seems like your powers might be a bit... destructive" Before Brutus could even make to continue searching, yet another familiar face showed up.

"Guys, guys! what are you two doing here?" As the question was asked, Brutus had to fight the look of incredulity that threatened to give away his thoughts. 'Wait... did he come here... for fun!?' Brutus asked himself. "I'm checking out the eeevils of the Lower Level -- not that impressive by the way -- All I have to do is Absorb and these invisible people go with it ... Wonder why that is? I'm not usually able to do things like that. Cool weapon by the way. Oh well, I'm heading down to the lower floors, this one's boring. Haven't explored it all but I can tell nothing exciting is going to happen. Wanna come along?"

Brutus shook his head. Would wonders cease? "I'll pass on exploring the lower floors. King sent some of us here to complete an exorcism. We're apparently broke, and need money to enter the next tournament. Seems like you can handle ghosts on your own. If that's the case, it might be best to split up. Though I should warn you that there are oth-"

Knock! Knock! Knock!

It was loud. That was Brutus' first worry. What now? Did the imps have back up? Would they be drawn to the noise? Brutus' body started crackling with electricity, more out of relfex than anything. "Hello?" Brutus groaned. Great, just great. Why did the deities hate his life? He'd hoped that the perils of the building would've held off some of the others who'd gotten here first. But no... that'd be too easy! "Vigilantes, da? I do not know what you are doing here, but I do not want to fight. I do not think we have reason to. I am coming out now, please do not be shooting at me. Thank you."

Wait... hang on a tick... Brutus was sure he'd recognized that voice. With a few steps that rattled the aged and decaying floor (and wasn't that a comforting thought?), out stepped... Well, at first glance, many might say a demon or a freak. Brutus knew better. Bak Tsarevna, of St. Lucifer's. Brutus had fought her in a tournament last year, back when he'd attended St. Laurel's like a good boy. The fight hadn't been fun. Brutus learned the metal wasn't for show, as the girl was a literal breathing weapons locker. However, he'd managed to win out in the end. "You see? No silly business. Please do not Zap."

Ah... it'd make sense that Bak'd be wary of him. To be fair, Brutus was sure that she'd not experienced a shock before that point in her life. Brutus nodded, still keeping one hand crackling with electricity. To be fair, his control had improved greatly since his younger days. However, he still found it hard to completely still his power when he was on edge, and boy was he ever. He didn't fancy taking another missile to the face, thank you very much.

"I promise not to strike first if you don't. Now, what is it you want?" The question was asked with a mix of distrust and respect. Brutus wasn't too worried about a fight, other than the damage the mechanical girl could cause. After all, he had backup this time.

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As Brutus waited, it seemed that only one other would arrive. Brutus knew he'd seen the man around before in the Vigilantes, but the name escaped him for the moment. However, that didn't stop the other from greeting him. "Hello, Brutus!" came the greeting, after the display of his power.

For his part, Brutus grunted in greeting, more focused on the building. It was likely that whatever opposition was inside were likely on either the first or second floor. After glancing around, the electric user saw an opportunity. A fire escape that could get them past the first two levels. He pointed it out to the other Vigilante. "I'm pretty sure that there are others that have beat us here. It'd be best if we went up this way."

With those words, he quickly approached the fire escape, being sure to duck underneath the windows to avoid being seen. When he was at a good vantage point, his legs began to visibly spark with electricity. With a mighty leap, he managed to grab onto the fire escape. From there, it was easy to make his way to a room on the third floor. Fortunately for him, the window had been completely shattered, granting him easy passage. Once inside, Brutus had to quickly tag two imps that had sensed his intrusion. After rolling out of the way, Brutus activated his Flashfield, frying the poor lesser demons. They fell on the ground, twitching. After glancing around, Brutus saw no more imps, and headed out. Just outside, Brutus checked his surroundings. Looks like this building followed a numbering system for each room, which made sense. Apparently, he'd entered into Room 305.

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