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Current So, I'm on some sort of official and consistent schedule now. Which is nice, unless life decides to screw it up for me.
3 yrs ago
Hooray for being back in the swing of things! I'm back to a mostly regular upload schedule for my LP's, and I can even stream now! Hoorah!
4 yrs ago
RIP Satoru Iwata. Gone, but never forgotten. You will be missed.
4 yrs ago
Might be moving soon. What fun
5 yrs ago
Now that Superstar Saga LP is done, time to get OoT Master Quest finished!


What's up, Rawk Flawk and visitors alike!

I... am the Master Gamer, rawkhawk64. This also happens to be one of my internet hidey-holes. I enjoy all manner of Roleplays, usually fantasy or sci-fi settings. I also do fandoms. I'll usually check out any Kingdom Hearts, Naruto, or Pokemon RP's. I'll also check out other fandoms I like, but those usually have to be done well.

As for what I do outside the Guild, the big one is streams. You can catch me at

Hope to have fun RP'ing with you!

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For Yuuto, his day had started out normal. Well, as normal as it could when he was dealing with a couple of cracked ribs courtesy of his training last night. When his father wanted to punish him, he made sure that his son could at least gain some use from the punishment. Still, it hurt to breathe. That was when the call came. Yuuto chose to ignore the call when he saw who it was. However, he figured it had something to do with the council and quickly made a decision. He slowly made his way to the Council Room.

Just before reaching the room, Yuuto ducked into an empty classroom and climbed the walls up to the ceiling. From there, a quick hop into the Void ensured that he could spy on the entire meeting with no one being any the wiser. Thus it was that Yuuto entered around the same time as Vernon, and heard the details. So, Clara was missing, and it seemed the nurse had a plan for a temporary leader. Yuuto watched, crouching closer to the ceiling as the meeting continued. His mission-trained mind were taking in the most important details to report to both Clara and -- Mephisto-dono if necessary. Yuuto remained mostly near the door just in case he ran low enough on Void Energy that he needed to retreat. The events after the tournament had seen his reserves grow, but he still didn't want to risk running out and being seen. He also chose not to risk staying in the tangible world for the risk of someone actually thinking to look up. No, this was safest. He was nearly undetectable in the Void. He doubted even Clara could find him.
Seems neat.
You've tickled my curiosity.
Seems interesting. Chalk me up as tentative.

Brutus glanced over at Diana as she thrust her weapon at him. As soon as it came into contact with his body, Brutus could feel the electrons start coursing through him. He cut off his Flashfield as he continued to absorb the energy. The electrons (and resulting electricity) thrummed through his body, causing him to start sparking all over. His body practically sang with energy. "Y'all might wanna get outta the way. This ain't gonna be pretty." Brutus stated. He felt... something... something guiding him, telling him how to configure the sheer overload of energy that he was experiencing right now. And it would be dangerous. As soon as his 'allies' were out of the way, Brutus held his hands out. "Alright, here we go! Firing the cannon!"


An explosion of electricity ripped out of Brutus' body, pure and condensed electricty. As a singular mass it lanced out, disintegrating anything unfortunate to be in its path. In all honesty, it looked like some sort of beam attack from those foreign cartoons he'd watched as a kid. Brutus panted as the energy finally stopped flowing after a few seconds. He was sure that if he'd tried to pull that off without the girl's help, he would've been completely wiped. As it was, he felt like he'd just run a marathon with his electricty enhancement turned on the entire time. He turned to Diana.

"Thanks for that boost." He held a hand out to her, trying to keep his eyes on hers, instead of her rather scandalous appearance. "Name's Brutus."

Bruuts waited in his room, but no one ever entered. Instead, he heard what sounded like noises of a confrontation outside. He peeked his head out and watched what went down. After seeing Michael, Brutus knew he had to help. It certainly looked like his companion was having a few issues with standing. However, it was then that the girl shocked herself and conjured a sword of lightning. Brutus smirked. He approached the cultists from behind. "Allow me to also provide some shock and awe." Brutus intoned, attempting to tag the leader and a few other cultists as well. Once he hit 5 of 'em, he would then light them up with his Flashfield for the usual 15 seconds.
I see this rises back from the ashes. I shall be throwing my hat into the ring once more.

As Yuuto watched, his Void Beam hit his intended target, although it seemed that it must have interfered with one of his abilities. However, his opponent then turned the nozzle towards Rurik. Yuuto twitched, running calculations in his head. Would Rurik be able to take another blow? However, this thinking cost him as he was then caught by not one, but seven full-power nozzles that sent him flying even further away than the first hit. At this point, Yuuto felt a couple of his ribs crack, and he was sure he'd be off of jobs for a few days after this whole thing was over.

Once more, Yuuto embraced the Void, emerging on the side. After slipping for a bit, he applied some of his Void Energy to stand on the mud like it were solid ground. Yuuto walked forward, slowly and in pain, toward David. Even water puddles were traversed as if they were solid ground. "Void Wisdom say 'Always remember noble foe who fights.' You are indeed worthy foe." With that, Yuuto sped off, dashing as fast as he could at his foe. If he got close enough, he would lash out with a Void Pulse empowered kick to David's legs, attempting to incapacitate his foe.

While Yuuto had to give the kid credit for not being intimidated, he'd soon learn that sometimes it would be better to surrender. However, Yuuto's thoughts were interrupted by a large torrent of water. The initial blast by the fire hydrant had taken Yuuto off-guard, and it was only his extra defenses offered by the Void that let him only acquire some more bruises as he was sent flying by what felt like one of Father's punches multiplied by a factor of around 20 or so.

As soon as he regained his senses, Yuuto shifted into the Void, rolling from the impact and picking up a couple of more cuts. As Yuuto moved to the side, he re-emerged. "Very well. You choose to interfere with mission." Yuuto said, drawing some kunai before flinging them at David, followed by a Void Beam. Let's see how he liked that. Yuuto had been nice and not empowered the throwing knives with the Void. He was sure that Clara wanted the kid alive, for whatever reason. However, that didn't mean that Yuuto couldn't rough him up some.

Brutus had spent the rest of the time after the medics had revived him just laying in bed. Why? Why did he lose to Bak? Why did his electricity cut out? It seemed it wasn't his powers, either. Aram hadn't been able to perform his Alchemy. Still, it seemed that dear Bak and her explode-y pal were due for some payback next time he saw them. However, those thoughts would have to wait, as he heard voices. Foreign voices. Damn. It was a bad time for him to try and fight. He had his electricity back, but he was bruised and sore all over from Rurik's explosion and Bak's repeated shots from her flak gun. Not that he knew what had caused the bruises.

"Alright. Let's see how this goes." the electric boy muttered, sneaking to hide behind a curtain. As soon as any of the cultists walked through, they would feel the sting of his tag, followed by a 10-second burst of electricity from his Flashfield.
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