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Current So, I'm on some sort of official and consistent schedule now. Which is nice, unless life decides to screw it up for me.
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Hooray for being back in the swing of things! I'm back to a mostly regular upload schedule for my LP's, and I can even stream now! Hoorah!
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RIP Satoru Iwata. Gone, but never forgotten. You will be missed.
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Might be moving soon. What fun
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Now that Superstar Saga LP is done, time to get OoT Master Quest finished!


What's up, Rawk Flawk and visitors alike!

I... am the Master Gamer, rawkhawk64. This also happens to be one of my internet hidey-holes. I enjoy all manner of Roleplays, usually fantasy or sci-fi settings. I also do fandoms. I'll usually check out any Kingdom Hearts, Naruto, or Pokemon RP's. I'll also check out other fandoms I like, but those usually have to be done well.

As for what I do outside the Guild, the big one is streams. You can catch me at

Hope to have fun RP'ing with you!

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Brutus glanced over at Andras as she declared she was advancing. Fortunately, the electric boy had managed to evade Bak's incoming salvo. Brutus shook his head. "Always knew that girl was more dangerous than she let on..." he muttered. However, he knew that the most obvious play was for him to attack Bak. However, the enemy would prepare for that. So, he'd have to target one of the others. Brutus shook his head. He hated these mind games, but they were a necessary part of this tournament. They had to prove themselves so as to get more and better-paying jobs. With that in mind, Brutus quickly caught up to Andras with some electric enhancement. "I'll watch your back! Retreat at the first sign of trouble! If we're lucky, they'll try to follow us, and I can just zap the poor sap that decides you're an easy target." Brutus said with a bit of a mischievous glint. "Provided they survive, that is." he added as an afterthought. He was still running strong, and felt confident this would be a good initial plan. Staying on the defensive was not an option, but it could help them probe the enemy's defenses and maybe soften them up if they slipped up.

Brutus stared at the stadium as he walked out next to his teammates. He had only returned to the Vigilantes' HQ the previous day, having been spending most of his time training. While he'd managed to improve his skills, he hadn't really made much progress on a new technique he was working on. Still, progress was progress, and Brutus was never one to turn down any sort of improvements, no matter how minor. He glanced over at Aram and Andras. He quirked an eyebrow at the card-wielding girl as an indication that he had indeed seen her late arrival. "So, I can guess that someone woke up late this morning?" he asked. The question was asked in a humor-filled voice and with a smirk, something that few would ever see or hear from the serious teen. "Aram, nice to see you again." Brutus then directed toward his other teammate, his voice still sounding humorous. He then tucked his hair (braided into a ponytail) into the hoodie he wore, before stepping away from his comerades and letting electricty spark around him. Oh yeah, he was ready.

As for Yuuto, he sat stock-still on the bench until the cheer went up, as did Bak's missiles. He'd gotten a stern talking-to from his parents about how the honor of the KÅ«gekino clan was on the line. After all, if the next heir of the clan performed well, then perhaps some of the more criminally inclined that were watching would hire the family to do more jobs. More jobs meant more income and prestige in the underground. So, of course, Yuuto nodded and played the part of the perfect dedicated heir. Ninjas had no friends, no emotions. He was merely a tool for his employer. And yet, he had been asked to participate in the tournament. The only way for Yuuto to accept in due accordance with his teaching was to treat these "games" as a job. His goal: to win. Yuuto glanced a Bak, noticing her casting a couple of worried glances at Vittorio. However, Yuuto set his ponderings aside. It wouldn't do to get too entangled in drama. He was here for a job, nothing more. However, he would give her an appreciative nod and a smile if she were to catch his eye. Just before the official start, Yuuto raised up his face mask. It was showtime.

Another job well done. Mother and Father would be most pleased. These thoughts were at the forefront of Yuuto's mind as he wondered the halls of Mephisto's after classes. He'd skipped a couple of classes to get the job done, of course, but that was insignificant. The only thing that could potentially worry him was Bak, who wondered the halls and "disciplined" wrongdoers. However, he was sure he'd either be able to avoid the machine-girl's wrath, or at the very least escape to The Void if needed.

Whatever thoughts would follow were literally blown out of Yuuto's mind as an explosion launched shrapnel all over near where he was. Thankfully, he managed to avoid more than a couple of scratches by quickly disappearing into the Void. After the dust had settled, Yuuto reappeared, and glanced through the hole. There was Bak, talking with the loner ghost kid. Yuuto approached where Bak could see him.

"Please don't tell me that I have done anything to earn your ire, Bak-san. Void wisdom say 'Powerful ally should not be made foe, lest ire of others be aroused.' Void wisdom usually right." It was at this point that Yuuto saw the fighting. "What is happening? Why is there fight?"

Brutus watched from the bunker as the Greater Demoness was taken care of with a combined effort of some students from all three groups. After the roof fell through, Brutus just watched and waited. Eventually, a single beam of light pierced through the barrier that held King and the others. As King emerged, Brutus watched in interest. That certainly had to be Alto. No matter. What mattered was the objective. Speaking of which, Nasaraph seemed to take care of it. Brutus approached King himself.

"To be fair, Nasaraph, we don't need proof that we killed it. It's dead, and that's what matters. The only concern I have is if the property damage will affect our payout. We need this money."

After Brutus said his piece, Bak spoke up. However, before he could even start sparking, Nasaraph had a short argument with her before she left. Good. Brutus didn't feel much like fighting. He was sore and aching all over.

"I say we ignore her, and go report the success of the mission. AS I said before, whether or not we killed the Demon doesn't matter. What matters is that the Demon is dead."


Yuuto mostly watched in silence from the ceiling as one of the St. Laurel's students finished off the Demon. Intriguing. Then, Bak and one of the Vigilantes started arguing, before Bak left. Yuuto dropped down from the ceiling, landing lightly next to her.

"Fear not, Bak-san. Void wisdom say 'Door of opportunity open when you not expect it.' All we must do is wait, like lion stalking prey. Come. For now, we must rest and recover. Big tournament is in one month. Mephisto-dono will expect us to be excelling." What he didn't say was that he would have to report to Mephisto what his daughter was up to in this building. It seemed he had a lot of work to do. As he glanced over at Bak, Yuuto lowered his mask that covered the bottom of his face. He then smiled at Bak.

"There be no succeeding without your efforts tonight, Bak-san. For that, be proud and happy. Now, let us focus on tournament."
As interesting as that seems, it's not exactly my cup of tea. I'll pass on this one.
A sharp rapping noise emitted from the other side of the door. One Giovanni De Luca quickly shot straight up out of bed, blurting out a seemingly non-sensical shout.

"I tap five mana for "Lich's Mirror!" Then, he looked around, sitting upright in his small room. He wasn't at a tournament for Sorcerous Assembly? "Huh? Must have been a dream..." It was then that his brain decided to catch up, and Jack's words processed what today was. "Right! Today's the parade, isn't it? Better get ready!" With that, Gio scrambled out of bed, grabbing his toiletries and a towel. Fortunately, Jack had either not showered yet, or had already finished. Gio took a rather quick shower, also taking the time to scrape the stubble off of his face. Beards and Gio did not mix.

After departing the shower, Gio headed back to his room and got dressed for the day. He took "presentable" as a pair of slacks and a nice button-up shirt. No ties or bowties, though. He couldn't tie them to save his life. The last thing he did was secure a belt around his waist.

This belt wasn't any average belt that most people wore. Oh, no, this belt was his prized possession. In fact, it was why he was able to use his abilities. On the right-hand side, the belt had two pouches. One pouch had three slots for Gio's Potions that his powers could generate, though they were all empty since he'd had to use one on his last case. The second pouch was more like a giant square sack. In it was a green ring. This was for Gio's Relics, even though he only owned one right now. On the left hand side was a simple deckbox. The logo etched into the outside was reminiscent of an animal's skull. It had a top that was typically held closed by magic, but could flip open like one of Gio's magnetic deck boxes. Inside, were two sets of slots. One was labelled "Draw", and the other "Discard". In the Draw pile were 12 special cards. Gio's cards, to be exact. The ones that granted him their power.

After making sure his belt was secured, he headed downstairs for some breakfast. Along the way, he ran into the resident... "mascot". Blinky was an odd fellow. To be fair, Gio hadn't met any goblins in his life, so perhaps Blinky was normal for a goblin? Eh, it didn't matter.

"Baddy Hands! Baddy Hands! Give Blinky shiny?" From what Gio could see, Blinky already had been gifted a few trinkets. However, Gio did have one thing.

"I believe I have just the thing, Blinky. Found it yesterday." Gio said, pulling out of his shirt pocket a shiny metal bottle cap. After he'd dulled the pointy parts, he figured he'd give it to Blinky. One of the first thing he'd learned about the goblin was his love for shiny objects, and this one apparently passed Blinky's test, as he took it and sped off, presumably to either try and obtain more treasures, or to put away the ones he had. Chuckling, Gio entered the kitchen and smelled pancakes.

"I've heard of wake up and smell the coffee, but I think I prefer waking up to the smell of pancakes instead. Mind making me a few?" Gio asked, chuckling a bit at his own joke as he fetched some orange juice. After glancing around, there was quite the crowd already gathered.
I'm trying to translate game mechanics to an RP like this. Never really tried this before, but I'd like to think I've done a decent job of it.


Name: Giovanni "Gio" De Luca

Age: 22

Alias: The Silent

Tier: 3

Years Spent in SYNBAD: 5 years


Most people would describe him as average. Average height, average build, average-looking face. In terms of appearance, that suits him just fine. When dressing casually, he tends to stick to t-shirts (mostly ones themed around cards), and blue jeans. He wears sneakers, and the occasional ball cap.

When out and about on official SYNBAD business, Giovanni dons the simple outfit of The Silent. A green cloak covers most of his body. His head remains uncovered, but he wears a huge animal skull over it, with the spine trailing down to the ground. This simple look is rather intimidating. He also wears bandages around his forearms.

Personality: Giovanni is a rather kind and open person. He likes making friends, and especially loves making others laugh. He can kind of come off as a bit of a comedian and a goofball, even if his humor shifts between normal, morbid, and sarcastic. However, when people get to know him, they'll see that he tends to be a bit of a realist, not having any idealistic tendencies about his expectations. He would rather not sugar-coat the truth of matters, even if the truth could traumatize someone. After all, fighting to survive in the wild for 10 years will do that to a person. It is because of his hardships that he would rather see everyone laugh. After all, laughter is the best medicine, is it not?

When it comes to interests is where most people see the most interesting face of Giovanni. After joining SYNBAD, he was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. In conversations, he has issues picking up on body language, and will also be unable to control how loud he is at times. The best way to describe his social life is "active, but odd". He will occasionally go into a long-winded and one-sided speech on certain topics of given the chance.

Quick Learner- Due to the unusal trait of his powers and his past, Gio is a quick learner, absorbing new concepts almost like a sponge takes in water.

Strategist- Gio is a very good strategist, capable of forming both long- and short-term plans. On top of that, he has learned to adapt his plans on the fly.

Improvisation- As stated before, Gio is able to improvise on-the-spot. This allows him to formulate loose plans that can accomdate for a variety of situations. However, extremely unexpected circumstances can catch him off-guard.


Card Games- Perhaps as a direct side-effect of his power, Gio certainly loves card games. He especially loves TCG's, as they remind him of his own ability. He avidly plays, and attends tournaments when off-duty.

Reading- Gio loves books. Especially fantasy books. He is usually seen with a book in his hand when not on a mission.


Weapon: A simple dagger. It was gifted to him by his dad before he was killed by a pack of wolves. It seems to be magical, capable of channeling his powers into it.

Deck of Cards- A set of cards that Gio always carries on his person. These cards are special, in that they are magical. They can grant him special abilities.

Deck Box- A holster that contains a simple, but durable, leather box for his cards. It has two sections, for the Draw Pile and the Discard Pile.

Relics- Rare and powerful magical artifacts that grant Gio permanent abilities. These effects are usually good, but can occasionally be detrimental.

Relic Bag- A simple bag that holds his Relics.

Potions- Potions that he can occasionally find. These either give him buffs, or give his foes debuffs. One-time use only.

Potion Pouch- A pouch for holding his Potions. Can carry a max of 3.

Fighting Style
Gio's fighting style is reliant on what cards he draws. If he draws no attack cards, he cannot attack for a while [that current post]. If he draws no defense cards, he cannot block any incoming attacks.

Strength- His strength is limited at peak human level, although he has not attained that yet. However, he is certainly above the average when it comes to his strength.

Endurance- His ability to take a hit is quite surprising, given his stature. He can take most blows and come out just fine. However, he has nothing special granting him any particular armor or immunity (outside of his cards) to really strong people, or to weapons.

Willpower- 10 years of fending for himself in the wilderness has granted him an amazing ability to carry on despite the odds. When even his strength failed him, he kept going out of sheer determination and willpower. This has also granted him a resistance to mind-control. His mind is strong, and won't back down easily.

Speed- His worst physical trait. He barely ekes out average speed at best. While he has decent stamina, he won't be winning any running contests.

Reaction Speed- Thanks to having to think quickly on his feet, Gio has a rather respectable reaction speed. While the average person reacts to a visual stimulus in .25 seconds, he takes only about .15 seconds.


Name of Ability: Luck of the Draw

Classs: Magic- Card Magic (Relics and Potions are Magic- Equipment Usage)

Character Theme: Giovanni's first act is to always draw cards. From there, he begins to formulate strategies based on what he has drawn. This can range from an all-out offensive, to a purely defensive set of actions.

Ability Capabilities: With Luck of the Draw, Giovanni is capable of gaining several unique skills from his cards, Relics, and Potions. These abilities can be both beneficial and detrimental to him, or a mix of both.

Qualities of Ability-
  • Gio is able to draw cards to use their effects in combat. This drawing action cannot be interrupted (except by card effects), and he doesn't even have to physically hold these cards.
  • He can gain or upgrade cards by overcoming particularly tough trials, although he cannot exceed his maximum deck size.
  • Deck Size can be increased after extreme hardships. In lieu of gaining new cards, Giovanni can also potentially gain a new Relic, which gives him passive abilities (good or bad).
  • If he's lucky, minor trials may net him a Potion for his use.
  • He draws 5 cards at a time, unless a card, Relic, or Potion lets him do otherwise
  • Cards that he plays or discards go to his Discard Pile.
  • When choosing cards, three random cards are selected. He can then choose to select one of them to add to his hand. Or, he can choose to not add any at all.

Strengths of Ability-
  • His ability is very versatile, and can be used to great effect when the right card combinations are drawn. Relics can also grant him various boons, and Potions are great for sticky situations.
  • He never runs out of cards. When his Draw Pile is empty, all the cards in his Discard Pile are shuffled back into his Draw Pile and cycle through again.
  • His Cards can be upgraded. This allows them to either deal more damage, block more damage, grant more of an effect, or even cost less.

Weaknesses of Ability-
  • His ability is completely random. He could draw exactly what he needs, or he could draw something he doesn't need.
  • Some of his cards have certain keywords that make them situational. For example, Unplayable cards can't be played from his hand at all.
  • Cards with the Exhaust keyword disappear for the rest of combat once played. Cards that are Ethereal disappear for the rest of combat if they aren't played.
  • He can gain cards and Relics with negative effects. These are permanent, and cannot be removed.

Limitations of Ability
  • The number of cards he can play is limited by his maximum Energy. If he runs out of Energy, he cannot play any more cards (except 0-cost cards), and must Discard the rest of his hand.
  • What actions he can and cannot do (mostly attacking and blocking) are solely dependent on what cards he plays.


Theme Song: The Whims of Luck

Current Energy: 3
Deck Size: 12/15
  • 5x Strike [1 Energy; Deal damage]
  • 5x Defend [1 Energy; Reduce/Nullify damage]
  • 2x Blade Dance [1 Energy; Add 2 Shivs to hand]

Shiv[0 Energy; Deal Slight Damage, Exhaust]

Relics: 1
Ring of the Snake- Draw 2 additional cards at the start of combat

Potions: 0
As a future member of this RP, I give my word that I will commit to this RP and be present to the best of my ability. I will keep communication with the GM open via Discord, and post if I must be away for an extended period of time.

(I'm really awful at formal stuff [horray for Asperger's], so I hope that's enough)
Well, my next post is gonna see Brutus light the Demoness up for a bit with his Flashfield. If needed, I can hold off on it for a sweet tag team if needed. After that, I dunno. Yuuto is gonna be running lower on Void Energy the longer the fight goes, though if he gets a break it'll recharge quick enough.
I'm trying to translate game mechanics to an RP like this. Never really tried this before, but I'd like to think I've done a decent job of it.

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