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Thankfully- whether people had listened to Cole or not- everyone had gotten out of the way as the Precision Bolt hit Firefly, followed up with a hailstorm of Megawatt Hammers to his dome. While the dust was still settling, the Demon of Empire City jumped down, using his Static Thrusters near the ground to slow his descent. He would've just ended it all with a Thunder Drop from far above had it not been for the fact that idiot Negan hadn't waltzed over to the flying criminal, but perhaps that was for the best- as a fate far worse followed Firefly.

Superman himself- or at least, it looked like it- had come along to finish the job, and did exactly that. After frying the arsonist criminal, the rogue hero turned to face everyone, prompting Cole to raise an electrified hand despite being absolutely drained yet again. Thankfully (or perhaps not, depending on how one looked at it), Superman flew off without a single word to the group, causing MacGrath to lower his palm and sigh. He'd already started walking off to a nearby light pole when Lex announced that the group needed to go after Superman, only sparing the jet a singular glance before beginning to drain it for a new charge of electricity.

"This was a hell of a welcoming party for you to make for us, Luthor." The Conduit sarcastically remarked aloud, before finishing his recharging process and walking on board. By some miracle, he'd ended up right next to both Nahobino and Cloud on the jet, both of whom had already demonstrated they had electrical abilities of their own that Cole could very well use in a pinch. Either way, they were also beginning to strike it up of sorts, with Cloud muttering that something wasn't right and Nahobino approaching the former. Regardless, Cole nodded at the latter before taking a seat nearby the two, glancing outside the window idly and watching those who were able to fly prep up.

"You're right. When we were grilling a two-bit crook, he mentioned that Superman and Lex Luthor weren't exactly best friends. Luthor's had some 'nefarious schemes' in the past." Whether Luthor could hear Cole shittalking him didn't really matter to him; freedom of speech was something America loved to tote around, after all, and he was just stating the facts. He glanced back to the duo, giving both of them a small nod as if to say they were all right in his books.

"When we get a moment, we need to talk." Obviously, Cole meant Not around Luthor, which he hoped the other two would pick up on- partially about Lex, partially about Cloud's psychotic, long-haired obsessor. Whether they acknowledged this or not wasn't too important, since the next few hours passed by quite rapidly- filled with idle conversation to determine each other's strengths and weaknesses or utter silence, it didn't matter.

What did matter was the interruption at nighttime. Luthor's orders to head back were cut off by a shrill voice, and a euphemism thinly masking the fact there was a missile that had been launched right at the ship. The first people to go were outside the ship, presumably from the puke-green gas following behind the crude rocket. Cole didn't even have the ability to Shockwave the projectile, since the doors were- for some dumb reason- locked tight.

"Oh, you've gotta be shitting me-"

And then the rocket hit dead-on, causing the jet to spin out. The last thing he remembered was the seat right in front of him approaching his face, and fast.

Voices. The first thing that entered his groggy mind was voices. Everyone's sentences were garbled together, forming a cacophany that felt like it was pounding his head with every syllable not unlike a migraine. The next thing that he could... "feel" was a blue glow. Well, sort of see, sort of feel. He'd only faintly gotten his eyelids open, so he could make out the aura that surrounded him for a moment and gave him the strength to finally shake off the headache and general grogginess. With this lent strength, the Conduit pulled himself up to his feet, and got a good look at the gang's situation.

And boy, it was not looking good.

Whatever the case was, there were three new arrivals- two girls that were already being harassed by two of the gang's whack jobs, and a boy who'd found an arm... which apparently belonged to Penny.

Well, at least that was at the beginning. Three more people showed up- one, a horse rider with a garb that certainly made him stand out. Cole was most interested in this guy than anything else, since he didn't seem like he was there to finish the others off. In fact, the guy blatantly said "they"- probably that nut job who blew the jet up- would now be after him, just by association. At this, MacGrath just raised an eyebrow. He doubted the rocketeers would know this guy personally- all he needed to do was just ride his horse away, and nobody would know any better as long as he didn't get spotted. The large group couldn't do that themselves, due to the sheer numbers they had. So then..?

"Why are you helping us out, if you're putting your neck out just by being here?" Whatever the case, the guy fiddled around with a sphere, prompting it to spin around before mentioning something about echolocation. Didn't take long for Cole to put two and two together and realize he was probably trying to look around for others. At least, so it seemed.

"...Thanks, I guess. If you find anyone lying around, lemme know." That second bit was in part due to the fact that Nahobino was missing. Granted, that blue-haired warrior could summon a dragon and a snowman-demon, so Cole wasn't that worried about their safety, but it was good to keep tabs on his potential allies.

Speaking of which, Cole'd noticed Cloud on the ground. Still not up yet, apparently- at least, so it looked upon first glance. Walking over, the Conduit knelt down before shaking the "SOLDIER" slightly, attempting to wake him up.

"Hey. Stay with us, you hear me?" While still knelt down, he only gave Roman Torchwick and Neopolitan as passing glance, as both were being interrogated by Otto. Instead, his thoughts wandered back to the plane. How it got hit, and nobody could get out.

Did that idiot lock us in so we had to fulfill the mission and not run off? Granted, the party probably wouldn't have ditched, since Luthor supposedly had the only way back to everyone's home worlds, but the fact the asshole had locked everyone in meant he didn't trust the gang of misfits. But why? What else was he hiding, besides the fact he had a grudge against Superman?

Not to mention how easily that rocket hit... You'd think the jet would have some sort of countermeasure for rockets, what with how fancy the technology was. They weren't set up, right?
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Thankfully for Cole, Nahobino gave him a good jump-start by offering a source of electricity in the form of her palm. Upon doing so, MacGrath clasped hands, and within moments absorbed enough electricity to get him back up to a good state but not enough to fully charge himself; he didn't want to inadvertently drain Nahobino, after all.

"Much appreciated." It was at this point that the closet opened up to show a guy with a light bulb for a head running right at Cole. He almost socked the guy in the face with a fistful of electricity, but Bardock had thankfully stopped the cane from being remotely a threat. Cole would've grilled the two-bit crook, who introduced himself as one "Mister Combustible", but everyone else seemed to have this down.

Turns out the culprit of the current situation was one "Firefly", the arsonist Cole had seen in the vision- Combustible wasn't lying at all. Probably meant to be the scapegoat of the current situation, if MacGrath had to guess. There was more to the Superman situation, as well- Superman and Luthor apparently had a grudge, the latter being the source of "nefarious schemes" according to the glorified bulb.

Unfortunately, before any more info could be extracted, the group was interrupted by the aforementioned pyromaniac, executing the scapegoat crook before engaging in combat with the party. It was at this point that Cole lifted an electrified hand up to shoot at Firefly, but stopped just short. For some damn reason, people were crazy enough to try and engage in melee combat in mid-air, of all places, making it too risky to blast away. This hesitation ultimately screwed him over, though; when Firefly hurled grenades towards the rooftop, Cole was forced to dive backwards to avoid the explosion- however, rubble quickly surrounded him, and though miraculously none of it hit him, he was temporarily trapped.

A few moments, and a couple Shockwaves later, he'd freed himself from his debris-made prison, with a scowl etched on his face. While Firefly had chosen to fly down to the streets to cause chaos, Cole made his way to the roof of the tall building before firing a few Megawatt Hammers... directly upwards. After doing so, he turned his attention to the still moving Firefly- where people were STILL getting up close and personal! He wasn't going to miss his chance now, though; he had to make sure his electric missiles hit him, as they needed to end the fight ASAP. So, without any hesitation, Cole turned on his watch, calling out for the others to get the hell away.

"Get away from that maniac unless you wanna be fried!" With the one warning thrown out across the watch comms, MacGrath immediately focused in on the scene below, time slowing down once more as Precision kicked in. This time, he targeted Firefly's jetpack- chances were it was electronically powered, so a good bolt would hopefully be more than enough to clip the guy's wings, even if it's only temporarily.

If the shot connected (which it should, considering the near-instantaneous shot of electricity), the Megawatt Hammers would sharply veer away from their trajectory at the sky, instead being directed straight for Firefly like precise, fast homing missiles! If those hit, the sheer amount of energy behind the blasts should be enough to fry whatever electronics were working in his suit, and just like his Shockwave would create an anti-gravity effect, removing Firefly's momentum and knocking him away before leaving him vulnerably dangling in mid-air whilst slowly falling to the ground.
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Background Music:

Well, that looks like the goon was telling the truth, then. The guy in Cole’s vision certainly didn’t appear to be the Superman that Lex Luthor had shown the group. And if Superman could fly on his own, he didn’t need some jetpack to go around.

Either way, the instant the vision ended, Cole stood up as he blinked the image out a couple times. He’d done the psychic stuff a few times before, but he was never going to get used to it whatsoever. His grim gaze shifted to the others, before speaking up.

“These guys weren’t hired by Superman. Someone in a jetpack and metal suit, with some kinda breathing issue, set them up to detonate bombs in the lower levels. Might’ve been the flying person we saw earlier, too.” Cole was certainly feeling glad he hadn’t taken the easy way out now; if he’d been hasty to move on, they wouldn’t have found out that their target this time may not be Superman himself. Regardless, his eyes looked over to see the goon dead, and the blue-haired man shouting at the sniper about taking a precious life. It wasn’t that hard to put two and two together, so when the Chosen Hunter said some bullshit about them being goons, MacGrath scoffed.

“We don’t have to kill every low life street thug. Prisons exist for morons like them; leave the executions for the really sick psychos.” Cole scornfully replied, though he wasn’t exactly in a good current shape to make his point via violence. Thankfully, the blue haired man had summoned a monster partner, who had noticed how hunched down Cole was and asked if he needed help.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just need a little electricity around here, and I’ll be all better.” In fact, he’d started using his Electrical Pulse, using his senses to search for a power source to drain. This was, unfortunately, interrupted by the thumping on the closet. As Penny asked if it was someone else, MacGrath followed behind despite being lightningless, warily eyeing the closet as if some monster was about to come out of it any minute.

“Keep your guard up anyways. Better to be safe rather than sorry.” Considering he was the one without electricity at the moment, Cole decided it’d be best for him to take point so the others could focus whatever weapons they had. So, without further ado, he walked up to the closet door, waiting for someone besides Penny to acknowledge the door. When that happened, he’d stand off to the side and quickly open the closet door, exposing who- or what- the source of the sounds were…
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Status: Inquisitive
Inventory: Mysterious Watch
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Background Music:

The thug wasn’t working for Superman? Cole raised an eyebrow at his response, almost considered zapping him once. But considering how the guy was visibly about to shit his pants, he didn’t think the gunner was necessarily lying. The sniper came over and touched the goon’s forehead as a bunch of people started threatening the captured foes left and right right before the seemingly-homicidal robot from before flew in, listing a few ways to torment the hostage-holder before offering money. Cole couldn’t help but shoot Ultron a look of disbelief at this, but before he could say anything else someone with a giant dragon flew in, completely collapsing the roof above the group…

…The next thing MacGrath remembered was waking back up to feel a load of rubble on top of him. He let out a groan as he opened his freed palm up, using a Shockwave point-blank to blast the rubble off him. Anyone else who had been trapped by the debris would soon find their physical burden relieved by more Shockwaves, but by the end it was obvious Cole was physically drained; his hunched state just grew worse, and a slight grimace had replaced his scowl. He’d need his batteries charged, and preferably before he got into another fight, or he’d be stuck with basic bolts and no fancy attacks.

“A little warning would be helpful next time,” Cole snidely remarked to Nahobino before looking over at their one thug… who’d been knocked out. Spandex boy began slapping the guy to wake him up, but with smoke everywhere Cole really didn’t want to waste much more time- especially with Superman potentially running amok. But if they didn’t work for Superman, was that caped figure a coincidence?

“This is such a bad idea, but… watch my back.” While Otto tried to wake the baddie up, Cole walked over to one of the now-deceased bodies courtesy of Ciri’s sword, and put his hand on the dead man’s forehead- activating his Psychic Vision in an attempt to see what the thugs had been doing before taking the hostages, looking back in time as far as the memories would let him.
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Background Music:

Cole could hear Penny's voice as he clambered out the window, asking the gunmen to let go of the hostages. This, in turn was responded to by a guy screaming to back the hell up- not the kind of distraction Cole had wanted, but one he could work with, as long as bullets weren't flying. Unfortunately, the sickening sound of a sword cleaving through flesh could be heard seconds later, with gunfire following rapidly.

Shit! was the first thought that came to his mind, as he proceeded to rapidly leap from jutting brick to brick in an attempt to get to the scene before anything else happened. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case, as he could immediately tell when he reached a window peering into the room. An ashen-haired swordswoman had made her way inside, the source of two goons with stumps for hands lying dead on the ground. Spandex man had also rushed inside to spew webs left and right, snagging two others, and a sniper had just ripped open one of the baddies' chests, but there were still a few more goons to go. With Cole still peering into the window, time seemed to stop as he... considered his options.

As much as the hostages matter, we need to get to Superman now. If he gets away, Luthor's gonna have our hide. Taking these goons out manually and getting the hostages out will eat up a lot of our precious time window. I could throw some grenades into the room, blast those crooks out now and get back to the chase without losing too much time. But it'd endanger everyone else in there, including the civilians and my potential teammates...

Time resumed as he immediately knew what choice he was going to make. He grabbed onto the top of the window, swinging in feet-first as he crashed through the glass. As he landed on the floor, time slowed down rapidly for him, his eyes seemingly glowing a bit as he lifted his electrified right arm.

With barely any time to waste, Cole immediately fired off an electrical bolt at a goon in close proximity to some of his other friends. The electricity hit his head, arcing over to every other hostile gunman nearby and shocking them just as effectively whilst Cole could feel a burst of adrenaline from the attack, gaining extra electricity and health regeneration for a split-second- the former extremely important, considering each Precision strike drained him immensely. Regardless, he'd rinse and repeat the electrical headshot chain until all the goons were incapacitated or human toast- though this would unfortunately leave him feeling pretty drained despite the electrical bonuses.

Hence, anyone who looked over at him would notice he was somewhat hunched down. Not that he cared that much about being drained- or of the others potentially endangering the hostages by running in.

"We need to get these hostages out now, before the smoke becomes too much." Unfortunately, though he could probably carry one civilian and just jump off the building, he probably wasn't the best-suited for getting all the hostages out simultaneously. Hopefully one of the others had some kind of power to get that done.

"But first..." Cole would run over to any incapacitated-but-not-dead foe, Arc Restraining them and putting electric "shackles" around their hands and feet to the floor to make sure they didn't get up. After that, he'd run over to one of the webbed gunmen before tearing the gas mask off, glaring at the enemy before raising an electrified fist.

"I want answers, and truthful ones, or I will fry you like a piece of bacon. Who set you up to do this? Are you Superman's lackeys?" He kept his glare at the man, though there was certainly enough room for anyone else to interrogate the shooter.
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Mentions: Lex Luthor @Thatguyinastore, Sephiroth @TheRealMonaMona, Otto @SomeMekBoy

When Cloud cast a bolt of lightning on Cole, the electricity was promptly absorbed. In fact, it made him feel a little bit more charged- compensating for the fact he'd used up some electricity on his Shockwave earlier. The Demon of Empire City's expression shifted from contemplation to a small smirk on his own face, complementing Cloud's own grin.

"Yeah. That answers my question well enough. If you've got any bigger bolts than that at your disposal, I think we can get along just fine." So he had more than that giant sword on his back; someone wielding more electricity could very well synergize with him, although he wasn't sure how he could help Cloud out in return.

Not that he'd get to contemplate that; the rumbling threw him off his feet, as did Lex's shouts that their target was outside blasting up a building. Right as Luthor was screaming at the others to take care of Superman, Cole had already opened up a nearby window, climbing out before dropping straight down.

And yet, for anyone who was remotely concerned about Cole, the unmistakable Electric Man looked completely fine when the others got outside; better than fine, actually, considering he was running amok and helping seriously-wounded civilians who were incapacitated, using his Pulse Heal ability accordingly.

"Hold still now." Though his voice was still gruff, the concern was more than audible in his tone; only the audible sound of an entire floor collapsing caused him to pause, glancing over to the others who were now catching up. Seeing (and hearing, through his phone- which apparently was now linked to his watch) "Hershel" begin relief aid, the Conduit promptly pointed the injured people he'd healed over to the camp site as soon as they were getting up and able to walk.

"Head over there, a medic will do a more thorough job." Once the general mass of people had dispersed, he noticed Cloud visibly balking... and two other people loitering nearby. The teleporter, and the winged psychopath. Surprisingly, the former was actually offering to help Cloud out, whilst the latter was (unsurprisingly) doing nothing but sitting around, telling the other spiky-haired guy to pick his own fight or something like that.

"We need to stop Superman and minimize the casualties. You two go find Superman, I'm going to get as many people as I can out of that building!" And though it looked like he was still pissed-off as always, Cole shot Schezo a grateful look- almost like an apology for being an ass earlier- before running off. It was at this point that he spotted the others flying or climbing up rapidly; although Cole could certainly parkour, he wasn't remotely as quick as someone like the flying redhead girl, or the spandex leader. He needed to move quick- and that was when he spotted a very long wire protruding from the exterior of the building- spanning the height of a couple stories, at least.

Maybe if I juice that up, I can get a bit more height... Use it like a power line. With this thought in mind, Cole immediately zapped the metal wire repeatedly, waiting until it thoroughly coursed with electricity, before leaping up and...

..."Grinding" on the vertical rail, letting go at the top to gain significant air! The jump was more than enough to get him up to Penny's level as she investigated the coughing sounds. When he grabbed onto a window ledge and peered in to see Penny and Luthor's robot thing mentioning hostages inside. This was enough to prompt him to open the window and clamber inside, immediately coughing a storm at the thick smoke. Using an Electrical Pulse to try and "sense" bioelectricity through the walls, he rapidly confirmed what Penny had mentioned; there were people inside, but some of them seemed to be purposefully towering over others. He turned to the redhead girl to say something, but she was already starting to cut out a hole.

"Wait, we need to-" Before he could stop her, Penny had already torn the hole out of the building. Cole cursed as he ducked out of sight from the hole; unlike Penny, he could only sense the people's general locations and not which ones were hostile (yet, at least). He needed a better line of sight, preferably away from the hostage-takers' view at first, yet with an easy shot that wouldn't threaten the civilians.

"Damn it! Make sure they don't start shooting anyone. When I make my move, follow suit and take any of the goons I don't see out." Whether or not Penny cared that Cole was bossing her around didn't matter; he already clambered out the window he entered within moments. With the potential risk that the hostage-takers would just start shooting looming over his head, Cole leapt from footing to footing on the side of the building, parkouring over to one of the other windows that'd give him a better look at the hostage holders- preferably a line of sight where he could see all of them at once. Otherwise, he just hoped Penny- and the robot, and anyone else- would be smart enough not to scare the gunmen into beginning a massacre. They were losing precious time on finding Superman as it was; they couldn't afford to waste both time and lives simultaneously.
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Mentions: Schezo @Mav, Sarah Miller @cadesmith, Joel Miller @Thatguyinastore, All Might @ProfSpacecakes

The moment Cole had "threatened" Lex, one of the animals- a fox with shades- told him to calm down- like Grey was expecting MacGrath to promptly fry Luthor. Okay, maybe the outburst was a bit too much, and the reaction was somewhat understandable. That teleporting fool had gotten out of the way and had shot a nasty look at Cole before uttering what sounded like a curse, and a couple other people had gotten caught in the Shockwave, but the blast wasn't meant to kill.

"Relax. As long as we're crystal clear on what's going on here, I'm not going to zap anyone." The human lightning rod lifted his unelectrified hands up to indicate so. Thankfully, it seemed like Luthor was somewhat willing to cooperate, since he promptly showed Sarah in a playroom. The explanation for bringing Sarah in was apparently due to her ties with the webbed guy- Joel- who in turn supposedly had survival skills to bring to the "kill an alien superpower" party. That wasn't really that satisfying of an explanation, but it was better than no explanation at all. He still got the feeling some details- either about the Millers, or about Superman- was being held back, but he couldn't be assed to press any further. No point pushing his luck any further than what was needed, either.

Finally, the watches were supposedly a communications device that could also swap places with party members. One of the things that popped up was the notion that other "unregistered" people had watches, despite Lex complaining about the watch using resources. Again, Cole chose not to pursue this avenue of questions due to how much of an aggressor he was painting himself as. No; he'd ask later, at another time. For now, he folded his arms as the red spandex web-shooter mentioned forming three teams: An information, tactical, and strike team. A a talking cat seemed to have problems with being led, as she leapt off her perch to shapeshift into a replica of the web-shooter. After boasting about how her "abilities" were going to help all teams and turning into a human-esque girl, Cole ddin't really give her the praise she was expecting, instead folding her arms.

"No offense, but unless you can actually copy people's powers, too, I don't see how turning into anyone can help us stop an alien superpower. Especially if he's as tough as he's being advertised." A glance was shot at Luthor, who'd claimed conventional attacks weren't going to work. The "combat moves" bit was concerning, since it made it sound like Superman would be at least as resilient to attacks as that bastard Kessler was. So... if things went south and it turned out they couldn't put a dent in Superman, maybe they had to go about it a different way.

"The only way I could see it directly helping is if you find someone who Superman's related to. Maybe impersonate them and get him to stand down." At this point, the blatant comic book superhero and a brown-haired guy both agreed to the notion of splitting teams, with All Might asking about talents and Hershel suggesting sub-divisions. Cole stepped back as a few minutes of discussion between the ragtag group actually formed without too many issues, and teams were developed. Honestly, what happened in Empire City made him balk at the notion of trusting others, or making another group. But... desperate times called for desperate measures, and considering how this Superman seemed to be insanely powerful, Cole needed at least one partner to call his own. That, and cooperation.

So, the first thing he did was walk over to Hershel when things were somewhat getting less crowded near him, before nodding once and raising an electrified fist as it crackled with energy.

"Throw me in with all the other Strike people. Cracking skulls in is something I'm more familiar with, anyways, unless you've got any corpses you'd need me to read their last memories of." Either way, considering nobody else seemed to have noticed him yet- or were discouraged by his somewhat brooding nature- Cole stepped into the background again, only next to Cloud. It kind of seemed like they both had similar ideas- let their works do the talking for them. Only thing was that Cole had no idea what the giant sword-wielder had besides for said Buster Sword. That said, he swore he got a glimpse of some glowing orbs slotted in the sword's hilt. MacGrath gestured to the orbs, letting his eyes fall upon Cloud, before speaking up.

"Don't suppose you've got any other magic tricks up your sleeve, besides that sword? Because I don't think this Superman will care too much about getting on the ground when he's got lasers coming out from his eyes." His eyes went back to the group, finally beginning to finish up, as he nonchalantly sparked electricity from hand to hand just to pass the time.
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"Y'all gotta look at the bigger picture here. Nothing worth fighting for was ever won without sacrifice."

Name: Barret Wallace

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Canon: Final Fantasy 7 (Remake continuity)

Main Thread or Sandbox: Sandbox

Starting Location (SANDBOX ONLY): Metropolis (Specific location UNKNOWN)

"I wish I could be with you all the time. I really do. But if I stay here, I can't fight out there."

Despite looking like a loud sailor-mouthed brute (which he still is), Barret has a soft side for those who he takes a liking to. This hulking giant will take care of those who gain his trust, and is especially fond of his daughter Marlene. He acts as a softer father figure to Marlene and Tifa, and looks after Cloud after Barret sees through the ex-SOLDIER’s initial impressions.

That said, Barret has a burning hatred for Shinra and anyone remotely affiliated with them, having declared that those working for Shinra need to acknowledge that their corporation is evil. In his eyes, Shinra greedily sucks out the planet’s mako, draining his world of its energy without any care for repercussions. Because of this, he has become the head of an Avalanche cell that was dedicated to destroying mako reactors, even though these actions deemed his cell as extremist by the (hypocritically) military-funded HQ. He will certainly go to no ends to make sure his planet is safe from Shinra’s grubby hands, though at times it seems like Barret has an ulterior motive...



Biography: As aforementioned, Barret Wallace is the leader of an ecoterrorist cell caled Avalanche, vowing to take down Shinra’s Mako Reactors to save the planet even if the general public villifies them. At one point, Barret hires Cloud Strife to assist with a reactor bombing, kicking off the events of Final Fantasy 7 (and its Remake).

Other: Barret's HEX color is C2261F. Also, this CS was ported from a previous RP, Tear in the Multiverses, hosted elsewhere.
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"All in a day's work."

Name: Kassandra the Eagle Bearer

Age: >24 years old (Born ~454 BCE)

Gender: Female

Canon: Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

Main Thread or Sandbox: Sandbox

Starting Location (SANDBOX ONLY): Gotham City (Specific location UNKNOWN)

Personality: When asked about the Eagle Bearer, some may call Kassandra a kind woman who’s helped them out for free. Others, a ruthless fighter who shows no remorse. Neither viewpoint is wrong at all. As an adopted Kephallonian, Kassandra can initially be seen as a tough and dependable mercenary who can hold her own in a fight. While this is very true, her brush with both Spartan and Athenian cultures have also made her relatively rounded out.
In addition, she is fiercely loyal and cares deeply about her friends and family alike. She can often develop a close bond between herself and those who gain her trust. Anyone who threatens or harms her companions can and often will be subject to her bloodthirsty rage, which often isn’t quenched until her perceived threat is subdued. However, this can also be a weakness. Because of her strong ties, she may easily be provoked into reckless fury if her friends are even threatened; she has even confronted fellow allies over poor treatment over her friends before.
Outside of her intelligence, bonds, and rage, Kassandra often prides herself on a sort of moral code. If she claims she will do something, she almost certainly will do it. However, she will almost always attempt to refuse anything that can put potentially innocent people in harm’s way. If they’re a part of a contract or it’s impossible to avoid, she will attempt to mitigate the casualties by getting them out of the way nonlethally or via persuasion. Most “morally right” deeds asked of her by others- such as clearing out bandits or rescuing civilians- are done for free. If the job is amoral, she’ll do it at a fee, and will almost always steer clear of immoral contracts.



A (nearly) full set of abilities can be found on the Wiki Page. Most common Abilities will be found here, though.

“I long for the old days! Remember them? They were simple! You had nothing—young and alone—and I had everything. And I gave you the world! Kephallonia—in the palm of your hand!”

“Kephallonia. Some gift.”

An Ancient Greek warrior, Kassandra is a Spartan-born mercenary whose primary goal was to earn drachmae. Whether this requires her skills as a true fighting misthios, silently taking down high-profile targets, or even performing mundane everyday tasks, she will take on any job given to her. In addition, she keeps her family dear- going to great lengths to reuniting and protecting them from those who wanted them dead.

Other: Kassandra has previous from a bunch of past RPs. Also, this CS was ported from a more comprehensive document, and rewritten to avoid major spoilers.
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Condition: Healthy
Status: Pissed off
Inventory: Mysterious Watch
Interactions: Lilith/Shantae @Second2Last, All Might @ProfSpacecakes, Joel Miller/Lex Luthor @Thatguyinastore, Schezo @Mav, Otto @SomeMekBoy
Mentions: Ultron @ClownTown, Negan/Mercy Graves @Thatguyinastore, Sonic @duskkyy, Sephiroth@TheRealMonaMona, Cloud @ratKing, Sarah Miller/Fret @cadesmith, Date/Date's Eye @Jeff Jones

The Glass Cage

Cole had a feeling this would be absolute chaos. The metal maniac tossed the bat-wielding lunatic off to the side without a care, the latter flying over MacGrath's head. He couldn't exactly say the prick was asking for it, but that didn't mean the robot was in the clear either. Thing was giving him a bad feeling for some reason; probably that attitude problem it had. Cole's gaze at Ultron was interrupted by a blue hedgehog turning himself into a ball projectile and bouncing right off the glass. He'd suspected something like that would've happened, especially considering Ultron's laser had been reflected right back, but that just sealed the deal. No point in busting out his electric powers yet, he supposed.

Lilith and Shantae's responses weren't very reassuring for him, either. The latter claimed no knowledge on Metropolis before the former asked if Lex and Metropolis were of some importance. At this, the gruff Conduit just shrugged his shoulders.

"Hell if I know. Neither of those names ring any bells to me." The last thing Cole focused on out of the conversations was one more person- a blonde guy proposed a theory that Cole had thought of about, but was reluctant to admit. The group was taken... from different worlds. It would explain the insane variety in the people's appearances; some of them didn't even look like they were human, or even Conduits in Sonic's case.

Either way, Cole had a good amount of time to think on that theory- and examine the others- for the hours that passed. He'd deemed the biggest threat out of the group was far and beyond Sephiroth, the man whose smell woke Cole up. The way he moved so fast, ready to cut anything down with that massive sword of his? Normally, he'd be willing to call someone out on their bullshit, but maybe he was right- maybe they were stuck with that psycho. Cole wasn't sure if he wanted to test that theory just yet. Finally, he'd noticed the watch attached to his wrist, but hadn't touched it at all. From what he could tell, it wasn't removable, and he wasn't about to try and drain or fry it in case the damn thing was some kind of twisted bomb.

Luthor's Office

Regardless, once the group was let in by who seemed to be Luthor's assistant, Cole kept generally to the back of the pack in the elevator, with a slight inclination towards All Might and Cloud, the latter of whom he hadn't interacted with just yet but was still curious to talk to him and that giant sword of his rivalling Sephiroth's. This sentiment didn't change at all when the group got to Lex Luthor's place. MacGrath just leaned back in the corner, sparking tiny bits of electricity from his hands while Luthor started his spiel. The apology for the rough transition merely made Cole scoff quietly, and the selection of "individual skills and abilities" made Cole's eyes narrow.

Right, like a psycho with a bat is likely to help out outta the goodness of his heart. Plus, there was the question of why he would enlist a young girl to get things done, who didn't seem to have any powers of her own. At least, not visible Conduit ones. Her father- or guardian- seemed to have a similar thought, promptly whacking Lex when the guy finally stopped beating around the bush and revealed that their target was an alien who could fly, destroy whole buildings, and laser people to death. Had Luthor not stated that Superman was a "Kryptonian", Cole could've easily mistaken the guy for a Conduit.

But those thoughts about Superman clearly weren't what was on his mind when soldiers sprinted inside to point their guns at Joel. Instinctively, MacGrath lifted a hand in the soldiers' direction, electricity sparking from it as he was ready to potentially retaliate if Joel was shot. Only when Lex called the soldiers off did Cole turn his attention to Joel, starting to move to stop the man from doing anything he'd potentially regret... only to be stopped by the spandex guy who fired webs and incapacitated Joel. The blue lightning coursing through his palm stopped as he lowered it, relaxing as Luthor opened the floor to questions. Cole would've immediately taken this opportunity had it not been for the fact that other people immediately bombarded him, some with similar questions like he did. Some apparent hotheaded kid and the guy with a sentient eyein particular nailed his big question- Why the hell are kids here?

Which was promptly answered by whisking said kid away God-knows-where.

The Demon of Empire City moved quickly himself, but was nowhere near as quick as All Might- who had immediately bulked up before rushing forwards. The revelation that a "great ninja" had replaced Sarah wasn't even acknowledged by Cole, nor most of the actually-concerned cast, as Joel began screaming that he'd rip Luthor's head off. Cole's blue eyes glanced over to the zombie survivor, before shaking his head.

"Calm down. If you kill him, we won't know where he took your daughter." That wasn't to say Cole was calm himself; in fact, anyone could easily tell how restrained he was at the moment. Honestly, this Luthor guy was pissing him off; sure, Superman looked like a massive threat, but Lex wasn't giving the group full details. The fact he evaded Shantae's own question was big enough of a red flag; that, combined with how vague he was about Sarah's new whereabouts, was really giving Cole the impression that Luthor had something to hide.

When All Might turned to demand Sarah's whereabouts, Cole stepped forwards to be shoulder-to-shoulder with the superhero, silently backing the guy up as he opened his mouth to speak...

...Until some idiot teleported onto Luthor's desk, obstructing Cole and All Might's line of sight to Lex. Now, this would've been tolerable despite the stressful circumstances if Schezo had something meaningful to say.


Needless to say, Schezo didn't.

"Get out of our damn way, you moron!" Cole snarled as the restraint in his tone and in his expression fell apart, giving way to a deep scowl. The crazy antics from the cage, the fact that Luthor was acting so evasively, and the circumstances in general had taken a massive toll on Cole's patience, and Schezo's idiocy- ignoring the gravity of the current situation- had been the straw that broke the camel's back.

Electricity sparked at Cole's hands as he created a Shockwave! If Schezo (or anyone else stupid enough to block Cole and All Might) didn't get out of the way, he'd promptly be knocked off the desk and float in the air until he hit the wall behind Luthor- though thankfully it wouldn't hurt that much, besides the initial knockback.

Regardless, assuming Schezo was out of the way, MacGrath's hands continued sparking slightly with electricity as he shot a glance at Otto, who'd already shown (in Cole's eyes) a minor amount of bootlicking towards Luthor. Though Cole didn't say anything at the Spider-Man, nor did he point his electrified palms in the Superior Spider-Man's direction, the message was obvious- You better not interfere with us finding out the girl's whereabouts. Only when he was certain Otto wasn't going to at least try and web him and All Might up next did he turn his blue-eyed gaze towards Luthor, hopefully with nothing or nobody in the way. To show he wasn't about to fry Luthor yet, the electricity through his hands finally stopped, instead balling up his fists.

"Look. I'm not in that great of a mood, and I'm sure a lot of other people share that sentiment. So I'm gonna try and stay as civilized as possible here, and give you a chance before I let my patience wear out. First off, you'd better show us where that Sarah is, and let her father-" A guess as to what Joel was- "see her to make sure. And don't give me any bullshit about not being able to do that, considering you were able to rip us all outta our worlds."

"Secondly, if you're lying about that 'chosen for our talents and abilities' stuff, and something went wrong, lay it out straight. I don't think you're stupid enough to believe a little girl could help stop a flying alien with eye lasers, so if your machine screwed up and pulled her in then you'd better admit that here and now. Same thing goes for any of those other claims, like the Justice League being busy. If the rest of the Justice League are in cahoots and you're sending us into a death trap, you'd better at least tell us what else we're up against." To finish his own irritated barrage of questions off, Cole finally lifted up his arm, showing the watch to Luthor- one that everyone else almost certainly had, too.

"Finally, you haven't mentioned anything about this watch. Is this yours? Meant to be some kinda tracker to make sure none of us go rogue?" Though it wasn't as important as finding Sarah, the watch was still very concerning in and of itself. And he sure as hell hoped he didn't get some politician-esque response from Luthor that equated to "that thing doesn't matter". Because Cole really wanted an ounce of honesty from this guy, instead of afterthoughts and backtracking like what he just did to Sarah.
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