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Now I'm feeling the flow!

Name: Yuma Tsukumo

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Canon: Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL, with slight memories from a prior RP, Multiverse Paradise

Main Thread or Sandbox: Sandbox

Starting Location: Metropolis. Been there for a month, where he frequents a local card shop.

Personality: Yuma is an energetic and cheerful boy who likes to challenge himself to do just about anything that may seem record-breaking or big, even though he fails at it every time. Regardless of these failures, his determination along with his burning spirit gets him fired up and ready to eventually successfully complete what he set out to do. Even when depressed, Yuma will show up to any challenge that he either issued himself or had been issued by someone else.

Equipment: Yuma never leaves home without 3 important items: his Duel Pad and D-Gazer, in case someone wants to challenge him to a card game, as well as the 'Emperors Key', a very important artefact that his parents gave him, although he doesn't know exactly what it does...yet.

Attributes: Yuma is very atheletic, which allows him to make a few big jumps when he needs to, along with a good flip when necessary.

Biography: Yuma started off as the worst Duelist in Heartland City, until one day when a known bully by the name of Reginald Kaztle(mostly known as 'Shark' though), where he unleashed a great power known as the 'Number cards', as well as a alien being known as Astral. After Dueling those who were taken over by the cards, winning a tournament in the process, Yuma and Astral became an unbeatable team, eventually battling a dark force known as the Barians. After saving the world, it is...unclear what happened.

Other: I don't know how to add Astral to the mix yet.
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