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Sorry about my lack of appearances. At this point Im taking a much needed hiatus from here after 5 long years. Not sure when I'll be back, but it won't be for awhile... sorry about that... : (
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Revenge of the 5th has always been a thing tho...
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Do not forget about the GOD DAMN bacon.
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Man... feels awfully nostalgic coming back to my old stomping grounds since my absence.

Will try to get something up tomorrow~
@DangerousDM Still good man?
Now considering I still have the link saved, this is what it says if you try clicking on it directly:

I have just noticed this and I am absolutely livid as the thread's creator. I would please like an explanation as to why it has been terminated and why nobody has told me about it earlier...
@Scarlet Loup No worries, take your time. And congrats on graduating!

Without being able to properly listen to his surroundings, Nathan continued to yell at the top of his lungs towards anyone who could help him. While he personally believed that he was yelling in a voice that would considered to be normal, anyone else nearby would hear him screaming like an absolute lunatic. This should promptly alert the corporate forces to confiscate him for his lunacy-like behavior, however they would luckily be picked up by people more akin to him.

The first person to arrive that Nathan saw was a well-toned man with pink-and-white hair. He only saw him just as he turned around, where he saw him approaching him cautiously while being low to the ground. Overjoyed, he crouched as he began pointing to the fallen member.

"Oh thank god you're here!" Nathan expressed desperately in a louder than normal tone, "My comrade here is trapped under the rubble and~!"

Suddenly, Atkin would feel something push him aside as he nearly found himself tumbling down a small pile of debris. He was quickly able to catch his balance, but nonetheless he felt fairly shaken up by the encounter. He didn't hear him coming from behind him at all. In fact, he couldn't hear what the man said afterwards outside of a blurred noise resembling speech, almost as if he was hearing from underwater.

"HEY!" Nathan shouted back defensively as he hopped back onto his feet, "There was no need for~!"

Thankfully Nathan would cease his spastic yelling as he saw both men assisting his fallen comrade. He didn't need to hear to see what was going on and how absolutely torturous it was for his fallen friend. Quickly he too began to comfort the fallen man as he began muttering for him to keep going.

"C'mon man, you're going to be alright." Nathan encouraged hopefully as he tried to help with pushing away the statue, but to no avail. It was too heavy for even the three of them to lift. Tears glistened in his comrade's eyes in a heart wrenching gaze that would sadden even the most pitiful of bastards. Nathan truthfully had not seen his face before but the fact that he was one of his own was enough to move his resolve in getting him out alive.

However the more they tried, the worse the circumstance became. Even Nathan's own eyes began to tear up in despair. Suddenly, his comrade would look to him and speak in a desperate tone. Nathan's head got closer to him in an attempt to listen close at what he has to say. Yet he would be presented with both his bracelet and a package of some kind.

What Nathan would hear next would be vital for the safety of the materials presented to him. While he couldn't hear exactly all that he said, he would catch three phrases in his speech:

"...𝙵𝚛𝚎𝚎 𝙼𝚘𝚞𝚗𝚝𝚊𝚒𝚗..."


"...𝙷𝙿𝙵𝙶 ..."

Nathan's brain quickly began to engrave them into his physique; being the only three phrases his ears would relay. They would begin to playback in his mind over and over again, making sure that he gets the idea. Yet it would be enough knowledge for him to understand what he wanted him to do. He grasped the fallen man's hand as he began to stare into his hazy eyes, growing more lifeless by the second. More tears streamed down his own as he watched him leave the physical world and into the afterlife.,,

"I..." Nathan croaked as he sniffled in place, "I won't let you down... I swear by it."

With that he finally lets his partner go and grabs ahold of both items. Glancing over the bracelet first, Nathan read the writing that was engraved into it. It would only show the name:

"Isaiah Relgo".

Nathan went through his memory in order to dig up anything revolving around that name. Yet his conscious was too busy playing back those three words he heard as they quickly constructed a mission goal that he could understand:

"Deliver the Package to Free Mountain.
Bring it to the fallen comrade's brutha.
It will help against the HPFG."

As long as he keeps to that goal, he should have no problem in accomplishing it. And luckily for him, he knew just where to go. Free Mountain is not a literal mountain of the free. Rather it is the largest MLI enclave found right in the middle of the neutral zone. If he can deliver the package there, then his job will be done.

But to accomplish this, he must first get himself out of HERE.

Nathan glanced up to the dark-skinned man who barked something in a rushed tone. No doubt he wanted to get out of here as much as they did. Tucking the package in between his arms, he quickly began to follow Johnny, hoping he had figured a way to get out of here. While he did so, he would finally notice another person that happened to be around them - a tall pale woman with colorful hair and sported a few tattoos on her body. She would to ask something to the rest of the group, which Nathan interpreted as something among the lines of "What the fuck is going on?".

That's when Nathan prematurely spoke his mind regarding his current predicament.

"Free Mountain..." he spoke in a semi-dazed state, not realizing that he was speaking aloud, "I must get to Free Mountain."

Finally posted! Let the journey officially begin!

You may also proceed to interact with one another.

After delivering the messages to their respected residents, the old Courier would be left with only one last letter. However, unlike the others, he knew who the person was. It was for one "William E. Buckland", a retired sheriff who was in charge of a pre-industrial Talonwood. He was in charge for a good 20 years before he relieved himself from his position, just before the town's great expansion. Now he lives alone on a small farm just outside of town, where he'd remained ever since.

It would take him a solid twenty minutes from his current location, but eventually the courier would arrive at Buckland's little farm. It was already fifteen minutes after nine by the time he arrived. He found himself standing a good meters away from the old cabin's door, blankly looking at it for a solid second before returning to life. The courier hadn't seen the ex-sheriff since he departed from his duty and while he considers him as a friend, he'd hesitate in wanting to speak to him. After all, it was late and no doubt he would prefer to be alone at this hour.

Like before, the courier would send out his post-pterosaur as it fluttered towards the house. It would notice the front window that was already opened and quietly perched on the windowsill. It made little noise as it cautiously entered the house, its huge eyes quickly darting from corner to corner as it attempted to locate the owner. But no later as it stepped foot into the household, a raspy cawing hiss would rapture from the darkness as another flying creature emerged from the messenger's left. It was a large dimorphodon, famous for their large head-to-body ratio and the vane situated on their long tail. While it was considerably small in human standards - being 1 meter in length with a 1.45 meter wingspan - it was still large enough to kill the smaller Jeholopterus. The anurognathid screeched loudly as it hastily dropped the envelope and fluttered back to its master before they both hastily retreated into the night.

The dimorphodon cawed loudly as it flapped its wings in a victory pose. Yet its ruckus would be successful in awakening the inhabitant from his room - none other than William Buckland himself.

"Hell," the ex-sheriff cursed as he rubbed his forehead, "Quiet down! Just what's the matter with you, Casper?"

The smiling pterosaur cocked his head at his owner, chattering his teeth in rapid succession to form a friendly greeting. He'd peck the envelope to show William the curious envelope he retrieved from what he believed to be an intruder.

"A letter?" he asked confusingly, "At this hour? It must be darn important if that's the case."

The old man glanced down and plucked it from the table, carefully opening it. He rubbed his bone-white mustache as he began to read the contents.

Buckland took a deep sigh once he finished, nodding at the task that was lain before him. He had been waiting his letter for a long time, perhaps a little too long in fact. Already he had everything in place for the event of such a rapid departure for the past six months. He had his gear, his mount, and most importantly the new owner of his little farm. Due to the fact that no one wanted to buy his property, he planned to give it to his younger brother who lived a few miles to the south and have him deal with the property.

Quite frankly, Buckland knew that this was a risky and bold investment. But really what's more that he could loose at this point? Or know what to do here for that matter? Casper chatted curiously as his owner turned to scratch the side of his beak.

"Well lil' bud." he stated with a light smile, "The time has finally come. We'll be leaving first thing, tomorrow."

With that, he closes the window and shuts the blind. They had a long day ahead of them.

"April 16th, 7:09 AM
Location: Talonwood Settlement, Jura Forest"

With the morning fully underway, Buckland quickly packed any last minute supplies that he believed he would need. He already had his guns, a few minor tools, rations, blankets, amongst others, but he wanted to be completely sure that he was at the very least comfortable in the long journey ahead. He gathered the skinned bags as he exited the backdoor and walked towards the stable with Casper on his shoulder.

"C'mon Charlyne!" he whistled as he opened the thick wooden gate.

From within, he would see a large creature lazily rear her head to greet the old man with a snort. Charlyne was a fully-grown female Iguaunodon, a beautiful brown and white-striped specimen who had served Buckland for years as his trusty steed. She met him when she was only a hatchling and with his great care and service she had made a collective bond with her owner. Until now, she had also been living quietly on the farm, usually seen grazing upon the pastures amongst a small flock of smaller Gideonmantellia during the day. Now she too will go on the long journey west to find new and fresh pastures on which to feed.

Buckland gently caressed the creature's boxy head, feeling her hot breath gaze the side of his face. She could also feel like something was different, making her a tad bit antsy and uncertain. "Eaaasy girl." the man whispered softly as he patted her neck softly, "It's gonna be ok.". The iguanodon began to slowly calm down, as if she was coming to agreement of what was about to come.

Once she was a little calmer, Buckland would set the saddle and supplies on her back before getting on himself. Once on, Casper would descend and perch on his owner's shoulder, clattering his jaws in anticipating excitement. With everyone now aboard, Buckland grabbed ahold of the reins and signaled for her to move.

"Onward!" he called as they would officially departure for their journey to Lakewood.

Update: Post is underway, but one more day mayyyy be required to have it finished and polished. But do know that it's currently being worked on.

Edit: First part done - I just need the second portion that revolves around actually starting the first chapter.
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