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I'm Morgan - 22 years old and currently studying biology and psychology. I've been roleplaying for about ten years now, and I've loved every moment of it.

I'm always looking for more roleplays to join. My favorite genre is science fiction, but I'm open to just about anything. I can do 1x1s, and I'm open to any level of casualness in a roleplay.

Send me a PM if you're interested in collaborating/working together.


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Ransom and Pandora had been riding for hours by the time they finally made it to Talonwood. The sun had finally caught up to them, and it hung overhead. It was a much smaller city than he was used to - more of a town, he was beginning to realize. He tightened the grip of his ankles against Pandora's flanks as he reached up and tied a bandana around his neck to protect it from the sun.

As they entered the town's main street, Ransom pulled on Pandora's reins to slow her down to a light trot. Pandora tossed her head slightly, tasting the air around her as the townspeople went about their business.

He finally pulled her to a stop as they neared the town's general store, and he hitched her outside. He had his guns and changes of clothes, but never had he needed a bedroll or pack to travel with. Inside, he found an older woman tending the counter, and she greeted him with a smile.

"G'morning, ma'am," he greeted, taking his hat off as he closed the door behind him. "I've found myself in need of some supplies."

About half an hour later, he'd mustered up a collection of survival supplies that the shop had immediately on hand -- a bedroll, a week or two of nonperishables, a tent to name a few. He secured the supplies on Pandora's saddle as best as he could.

With his new supplies readied, he mounted Pandora once more and continued on through the town. Everything permitting, he'd arrive at their meeting place shortly.
I should have a post up some time tomorrow! I just graduated from college this weekend, so my life’s been a little hectic recently as I’m sure y’all can imagine

The night that the letters were sent out, Ransom Burke remained in the cell that had been set aside for him following his testimony. Two weeks ago, he'd been arrested at his favorite local pub. Only now were the last remnants of his facial bruises beginning to fade. A week ago, he'd sold out the man he'd once considered to be something alone the lines of of best friend -- or, perhaps, brother. The plea deal was meant to give him his freedom, but this was nothing like freedom. With no semblance of witness protection in the city, he wouldn't last very long outside of these walls. Even outside of the city, he was certain he'd be tracked down and shot or slain or worse. Even this cell was becoming less safe with each day -- it was a matter of time before his other former associates took care of him to prevent him from ratting on them.

And so the letter was something of a saving grace. Mail was typically delivered to inmates with no emphasis on timeliness, but the odd timing of the letter, coupled with the mailroom operator's own curiosity, eventually brought the letter to Ransom's cell some time after midnight. A knock on the bars startled him and broke him from his silent reflection.

"Mail for you, Mr. Burke," the guard muttered, slipping the envelope through the bars and onto the floor of the cell. "Seems something important."

"Thank you," Ransom rasped, his voice weighed down by disuse. He gave a quick cough to clear his throat as he opened the letter and lifted it to read. The guard hadn't made it far down the block before Ransom was up the against the bars of the cell. "You now! Go on, get that warden of yours!"

Through a bit of shouting and waving the letter in the warden's face, Ransom found himself standing outside of the jail in the early morning as a guard was sent to fetch Pandora from the jail's stables. As the Gallimimus caught sight of Ransom, she cried out and pulled against her reins towards him. She squawked as the guard holding her tugged against her, and she quickly whipped around to snap at his fingers. In fright, the guard dropped her reins, and she darted forward, nearly knocking Ransom back as he secured his arms around her neck.

Pandora plucked at his newly-washed hair as though to groom him as he stepped back and inspected her feathers in an equally affectionate manner. They'd done a piss-poor job taking care of her feathers, he noted, and he figured the first time they made camp, he would take care to groom her.

Another guard had returned then with the belongings Ransom would take with him. A collection of guns and clothes and other personal effects had been gathered from the Burke household where his mother had held on to them after his arrest. Knowing she would convince him to stay, Ransom had sent a letter with the guard giving his best wishes to his mother and three sisters while detailing his plans to head out West. An empty promise at the end detailed how he would send for them when the time was right.

In the mean time, Ransom situated his belongings and mounted up. He had a bit of a ride ahead of him to reach Talonwood for his departure.

"Let's go, girl," he grumbled, pressing his heels against her flanks. The sun had begun to rise over the horizon now, and with it to their back, man and beast set off for the edge of civilization.

hoo boy - it took me a moment, but I've finally finished my character! I love all of the other characters so far - I'm excited to start!

I love concept this so much!! I'd love to play some sort of sheriff role if you're looking for it, but I'd take whatever role tbh.

Hillhaven Main Road
@Aviaire @ReusableSword

Baylen found himself slowly moving down his porch steps until he came to stand right at the base of the steps. He certainly made no effort hiding himself, but he figured that there was no need for secrecy. A slight smile pricked at the corners of his mouth as he watched Vera interact with the lizard-man - lizard-being? There would be a time for semantics later he reckoned.

He was nearly as overwhelmed as Vera was as he gazed across the street at the lizard-person. Suddenly, Baylen longed for a sketchpad or something to record this moment. If all went well, hoowever, there would be plenty of time to learn more and ask questions and record whatever information he wanted to. The lizard seemed to take everything in stride - even Amara's sudden flirting. Some sort of second hand embarrassment washed over him all of a sudden as he watched that exchange. He started to step forward to intervene when a voice called out to him, and he jumped slightly.

"Ah, Ala-" he began, promptly cutting himself off as Alastair fired off questions at him. "Well, I ... erm ... I don't suppose I have an answer for any of your questions." He looked back across the street at the anthropomorphic lizard. "Though I believe it just arrived. I should think we would have heard about it had it shown up before." He paused and smiled to himself, slightly amused. "Or perhaps it's very good at hiding." Baylen silenced himself as he watched the lizard respond and pull the small creatures out of his bag.

"There's only one way of getting an answer, however." Finally, Baylen stepped forward and began to cross the street. As he walked over slowly, he waved a hand slightly and offered a smile. "Hello there!" He stopped a few paces away. "I'm Baylen - the town's doctor. It's a pleasure to ... uh ... to meet you." He looked curiously at the two critters. "And those ... 'Varkann'?"

The Western Woods

Across town and a few stone's throws past, a figure slunk along with ease. He climbed over intrusive boulders and slipped under fallen logs. Despite a tall build, he carried himself with a surprising amount of precision. A lifetime of weaving in and out of marketplaces and, later, university halls had left him quite agile even in his mid-thirties. It was hard to believe even with the amount of processing he had done recently that in a few short days he would be placed officially, irreversibly, against his personal wishes in the midst of his thirties. He wondered now if his impending birthday had been why he spent most of the past season wandering about the woods. There had been very few injuries or illnesses thus far. The only other options for him were to drink or be stuck alone with his thoughts, and neither seemed like a healthy way to cope - especially at his age.

A satchel slung over his shoulder held the spoils of this voyage - herbs that could be crushed into poultices and applied should the luck of Hillhaven's residents begin to wear out. Baylen had been gone for some time now - he'd left his front door just as the first rays of sun were filling the main street and leaking into the residences of his neighbors. Perhaps he ought to head back in case one of his fellow pioneers needed him at this hour, or maybe he had finally decided that this whole woodsman act would soon render him unapproachable and melancholy to his neighbors. Hefting the satchel further up on his shoulder for security, he turned himself around and began the voyage back to Hillhaven.

Hillhaven Main Road

He stepped up on his front porch and quickly looked about the main street of Hillhaven for any signs of activity before slipping through his front door and into the building he had made his home. By most standards, it was quite cozy. A front sitting area boasted a sturdy fireplace and hand-crafted wooden furniture. Quilts and cushions served as upholstery and made the room feel even warmer.

To the side of the room was his office, and off the back of the room was his kitchen which had a staircase that led to his private quarters. With quiet steps, he placed the satchel of herbs in his office before creeping towards the kitchen. For the past few days, a craven had been lurking about his lawn. As he worked preparing meals and potions and poultices, he would throw her a few scraps. Within the last day, she would poke at his kitchen window as though checking to see if he would pay attention to her. This morning, he'd left the window open for her, and to his joy, she'd climbed in and was eating his leftovers from breakfast which had been laid out on the counter for her before he had left.

He slowly crept into the room, and as his foot caught on a particularly creaky plank of wood in the floor, she looked up suddenly and flinched. Baylen and the craven held each other's gaze for a moment before she cried out and took flight. Baylen rushed forward as she struggled to find her way out of the room, knocking pots and pans and utensils out of her way as she screeched at him. With his hands in front of him to protect his face, he finally guided her out of the window where she cried out once more before taking flight.

"Oh, dear," he breathed, watching her fly off. With a sigh, he set about fixing the room. But the house felt stuffy and uncomfortable, and so he quickly grew frustrated and exited once more on to his porch. As he fixed his hair, he noticed that his mailbox had been tampered with. Securing his hair in his well-loved half-up, half-down manner, he gathered the note and opened it up. A quick read-through, and his day had been ever so slightly improved. He stuffed the letter in a breast pocket on his coat quickly as he caught movement out of the corner of his eye.

Vera had exited the inn at some point, but he found his gaze fixed on the Deputy and a...what was that? He caught the railing leading down from his porch as he watched the enormous lizard-like being move down the street. It was unlike anything he'd seen before, and as much as he refused to step forward and face it himself, he couldn't help but watch with fascination as the lizard-person interacted with Vera.
here's the town's doctor! i'll reach out shortly to the rest of y'all to talk about those heartmeters, but i have some work i need to do tonight before that.

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