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Overall? Things were going well. Neres wasn't quite level three yet, but she would get there soon. That didn't matter though - because she had obtained the most powerful item of all. A really nice hat.

Sure, she hadn't gotten it herself. She'd just traded Mimika for it. It was a joint effort, though. It was their combined effort that had gotten them that hat. The fruits of their labours had ripened and god, they were good. She couldn't say the same for the tunic she had, which was more sticky than any item of clothing should ever be, but it gave her stats...

"Woo! We did it, Mimika!" she said, throwing her arms up into the air. It was still bewildering how she could move so effortlessly. "Without that other guy, too!" In her vision, the arrow indicating her next objective popped up. "Oh, we should... follow this, right?"

So she did, and soon she found herself in the town of Bellview. She was impressed once again with how alive it was. There were many people, a lot of them selling various things. But Neres ignored them all, because she had no money. Thalam Online was a truly realistic game. The arrows continued all the way up to the barracks, where the aptly named 'Tu Tauri Al' was waiting.

"Oh. That was surprisingly easy," she said. Without caring for consequences, she opened up the door and walked in. Time to hand in that quest!
Class: Warrior
Level: 2

112 // 105 // 105

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The day continued. Kikumi left her underlings to their own devices, unusually. That isn't to say that she didn't check up on a few of them - but it was the evening and she needed some time for herself. She made her way down to the beach, though it seemed that she had been beaten there by some others. Tatsuo and a few of her students, no doubt enjoying the fresh sea air. The sea was chaotic, yet also calm and serene. The very thing that drew her to the breath in the first place. Seeing it was already occupied, Kikumi decided against going to the beach.

Instead, she made her way back to her home. It was much larger than the rooms of the students. The gift of owning the area. She gave a small nod in greeting to the flowers lining her walls, entering swiftly. It was silent, but she could tell there was someone in there before she saw them.

"You didn't come and see me," the person said. "Did Emi not tell you?"

"She did. But you're here anyway." Kikumi sighed. "Tell me what you want and go." She shuffled out of her shoes, staring up at Tsurugi. The useless one.

"Ah, it's been weeks. Aren't you happy to see me again?"

"No. You're not allowed in here." Kikumi placed her shoes neatly next to the door. She began to walk further into her house.

"Is that so? I'm leaving again tomorrow, so..." Tsurugi said, reaching for her shoulder.

"I see." She swerved his hand. "I wish you a safe trip." She didn't get a reply. Just a loud sigh and the sound of the door opening then closing. If that man had any redeeming qualities, it was that he knew when to quit. Even if he did it too often. Still, Kikumi felt a disappointed. Her house was too empty. Now it was just her, her thoughts, and all of the paperwork she had to do. It remained like that for the rest of the night.

The next day came. Kikumi had slept less than she'd wanted to. Her mind was going in circles about the River Pillar business. She couldn't decide on anything. But that could wait until the night came once more. While the sun was up, it was time to train. She got ready quickly, slipping outside into the sunrise. Another day on the Sea Pillar Estate.

On the agenda for the day - starting the newbies on their training. That was, of course, Tatsuo's job. But Kikumi would go down later regardless. There was a decent chance he'd be off doing something else. On top of that, she'd need to organise her other students and then keep an eye on the new demon slayers. Just to see how they were settling into things. So much to do and only twenty-four hours in the day.

round 2
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"Mmm, sure. I got it," Emilia grinned, keeping her eyes on the slime. These things sure were resilient. Though it also made sense that a sword wouldn't be the most effective weapon to use on a slime. They were so cute, but Neres couldn't help but take delight in beating the poor thing up. The things they dropped would be useful too - these blue ones had swords, which she could definitely used. She also wanted to beat up the other coloured ones as well, however. The red ones allegedly dropped hats - and god, did she want one.

Her onslaught continued after the arrival of their cleric. Always a good person to have around, even if this one in particular was a little unusual in her methods. From her knowledge, they couldn't even heal until they got a few more levels. That shouldn't be a problem, since they were so low level and nothing was (probably) going to kill them anyway.

"He~llo," Emilia chirped to Mimika, watching her use Smite. A powerful spell, and a cute caster too. She could respect someone who was bothered with things like that. After all, character creation was the second most important part of a game. "Let's finish off this slime, then move onto some lower level ones, yeah? These ones have quite a lot of health."

She was about to attack the slime once more when a message popped up. "Merge parties..." Emilia read. Ah, she supposed that one of her teammates had chosen to invite someone else to the party. She was a little miffed that she hadn't heard anything about it before then, but it couldn't hurt. Not like she could find anyone weirder than her current party members. They did their job well, at least.

Emilia hit 'accept', then brought her sword down on the slime. "Die already, jeez," she whined. "I just wanna get this quest done!"
Class: Warrior
Level: 1

sword attack]

"Emma! Pleeeeease! You told me you'd watch it with me ages ago!"

"Sorry! I swear, I'm totally sick. I gotta go to sleep early. So I can get better, and we can watch loads and loads of stuff together. Besides, I don't wanna get you sick too."

"I never get sick, it's fine! Please!"

"Later, okay? I love you, but I gotta take care of myself too. You can do your homework."

"I don't wanna."

"Yeah, well you have to. I made you dinner, so go and eat it. I'm gonna sleep."

"...Night, Em."

A sweet smile laced with deceit. "See you later. I swear I'll watch it with you tomorrow."

It wasn't a lie. She was going to sleep. She was sick (a bit). It was just the nature of what she would do while she was asleep that mattered. That was - play the all new Thalam Online, which Emilia had been excited for for longer than she was comfortable to admit. Now it was out, and she could experience that beautiful world within her dreams.

Admittedly, a lot of time had been wasted. Many things - difficulty falling asleep out of excitement, the servers being down, all followed up by a good hour on the character creation screen. All of the detail in it was overwhelming. Half of that hour had honestly been her having a meltdown over the graphics of the game. Eventually, it was all over and everything faded into the beautiful view of the game. Emilia took in a sharp breath, as well as the scenery. Absolutely gorgeous. She just felt like she was there, so far away and yet still in the comfort of her home.

She'd never been to the beach before.

"Bellview," Emilia said breathily. "Bellview, oh, wow!"

She tried to move her arm, watching as it... well, did just that. She moved around more, erratically, thoroughly enjoying herself. For a few minutes, it was just her spinning around, laugh cutting through the air. She looked a bit insane, really. Once she had exhausted the entertainment out of that, Emilia finally decided to check out what she could do. Chat... some bars... quests... ah, mail! She opened it up, revealing her launch cape. There really were no words to describe it. There were numbers, though: 2/10. Plain, black, with the Thalam Online logo on the back. "Ah, I love it!"

With her new attire, she was finally ready to do some quests. To begin with, there was nothing big, just a generic slime killing quest. Emilia could do that. She reached for her sword, feeling its weight in her hands. She'd never be able to hurt anything with her noodle arms. But in this game, she could do just about anything. She'd even picked the fae class, because she really wanted to fly.

She began her mad dash towards where all of the other players were. Clearly, that was the place where her targets were situated to. Weapon in hand, Emilia beamed widely, ready to obliterate the first slime she saw, and then many more after that. She was going to have so much fun.
Eira Winters ❄ Antartica


"Oh jeez, do we have to run there?" Eira hissed. Mainly to herself, but it was still quite loud. "This is... some bullshit. She did like running. It was enjoyable, and much easier for her since she never got hot. It was quite a joy, being in school and watching her classmates suffer in summer PE.

Nevertheless, Eira followed at a regular pace. She didn't have the will to keep up, nor did she care enough to. "We'll just follow these idiots and catch up in a minute, yeah?" she said to Dawn, watching Chloe's antics with mild amusement. So high energy, and in the afternoon as well. Some people were just like that. Eira, for one, was not, but a few of the jokers she was about to go out with were, it seemed.

There were worse ways to spend time. There were definitely better ones - much, much better ones - but this was fine too. She couldn't even remember the last time she'd gone out for a meal, much less burgers. It wouldn't hurt to reset the clocks on those. She patted her pocket, checking if she had money. She wasn't so cruel as to actually not pay for her own food. Otherwise, those poor boys' wallets... ah, a tragedy in the making.

It wasn't much longer before she caught up with Raymond and Chloe. "Fancy meeting you here," Eira drawled, glancing over the building. How elegant. "Shall we go in, then?"

Seth Moore ~ Wonderland

That was it, really. A commotion, and some shouting from outside. The police had arrived, there to save the day, et cetera. Lock up the bad guys! Maybe even kill a few in the process, the protagonist's friend dies, he gets the girl. So repetitive, so boring. It couldn't possibly hurt to spice things up a little.

Seth walked towards the situation at a lazy pace. No rush, no rush at all. Just so he could get a better look. A swarm around the van, some things happening on top, and the helicopter overhead.

Maybe a bit of a rush, actually. He brushed off his outfit, pulling out his gun, and moving considerably faster than before. His stand wasn't particularly flashy, but he could figure it out. Just needed to buy some time, a bit of a distraction so that things could go off with less of a hitch. No one was paying him much mind, yet

As he got closer, his presence became more known, but a lot of them were still very focused on the whole prisoner escaping part of the plan. With a deep breath out, Seth shot into the crowd. "One at a time, one at a time," he yelled out. What then? Improvise, really. Run like hell, maybe attack a few more people and then get picked up, if things went well.

Things going well wasn't really how villains operated, though.
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