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"Seventy-four? Well, it'll do," Euphemia said. She wasn't sure how she felt about that number, it was a fair distance from a hundred. After some thought, she decided that it was close enough for her. "Shall we go, then? Stay close, remember."

She clasped her hands together, giving a sweet smile to her companions. Then her eyes closed, and her face twisted to concentration. Suddenly, without any warning for the others, she used her magic. To anyone who was watching, it would just look like they had just disappeared instantly. But it is a little more complex than that. Bending the light in such a way with such detail is a lot more work than it seems.

It is easy to create a bad illusion. It is difficult to create a good one, one that would fool people from a fair distance away. Making a perfect one, that is indistinguishable from reality, is something else entirely. But the Dalraans strive for perfection, and Euphemia is no exception. So, through years of relentless practice, the flawless illusion of invisibility had been carefully crafted. When Effie opened her eyes, and looked down, there was absolutely nothing there.

Of course, that only meant she had done a good job. It was a little disorientating, having yourself disappear. Everything was still there, but it didn't look that way. With her apparent absence and her silent footsteps, she began to make her way past the policemen, trying to keep an eye on her companions. Well, at least where her companions should be. Any slip-up, no matter how minor, could mess the whole thing up. She was a Dalraan, and she did not make mistakes.

Truth be told, she was a little nervous about what exactly investigating a crime scene entailed, but that was overshadowed by a morbid curiosity. It couldn't be that bad. Effie was sure she could handle anything that came up, and after all, she wasn't alone.

No worries! I’ll have a post up later today.
It's a fair assumption that Effie'll use her magic to cloak herself and the others to get them in, but if you'd like me to make another post for that, then I can do that too.
I think my group is still waiting on @Chi, but they haven't been online in about three weeks.

There is no point in waking up early. There is nothing productive to be doing in the morning. The only thing to get out of it is another hour of lying in bed, trying to get a bit more sleep before it's time to get up.

So why was Vanessa staring at the ceiling at six in the morning? She would have to get up to go to work anyway, but that was later in the day. She had the glorious night shift, and spent the entire evening up until midnight doing work. Obviously, by work, she meant doodling with the odd actual sketch, while just happening to sit behind the till and occasionally helping customers. Vanessa could afford to feed herself, so it was good enough.

She groaned, staring at the clock. 6:48am. Four minutes since she'd last checked, thirty since she'd woken up. She stroked the cat lying on her chest, waiting for time to pass. "Please tell me you can knock me out," she said mournfully. "Just this once, I'll let you attack me. Do you wanna do that, you little bastard? Seems like you always do." Though her words were harsh, she spoke softly, in that cooing way people use with their pets. Unfortunately for her, her cat, which she had lovingly named 'Lizard', had chosen to be nice for the first day of his life. He let out a soft meow, and did not move. But he was soft, so Vanessa allowed it, continuing to run her hand down his soft black fur.

It was about six more clock-checks until she decided to finally get up. The time was 7:24am. With a little difficulty, she pushed Lizard from herself, rolling off of the bed until she was standing on the floor. Dressed in an oversized hoodie and some shorts, she began to get ready for the day. Vanessa supposed that she may as well go out, since there wasn't much for her to be doing inside. She could do some sketches and just chill in the community centre or something. Sounded like a good time.

It took her a lot longer than anticipated until she left the house. Somewhere in the realms of ninety minutes, as a matter of fact. She was dressed simply - black jacket, grey shirt, blue jeans - but all that time hadn't been wasted for nothing. She looked nice enough. A canvas bag containing some pencils and a sketchbook was hoisted over her shoulder, and it was about time she got going.

"Bye bye, Lizard," Vanessa chirped. The cat's ears perked at the sound of his name, but it wasn't as if he could understand anything she was saying. Still, she continued to talk. "I'll be back later. Behave, and I love you!"

As she made her way to the community centre, she thought about what else she could do. She'd have to go home before work, but that still left a lot of the morning free. While it would be great for her to spend the whole time practising her art, Vanessa really didn't have the patience for that. She could go somewhere else, maybe.

Ah, but isn't the press conference today... the disappearance of that girl. Vanessa's brows furrowed as she walked, deep in thought. I hope she's okay. But if anything's happened to her, it'll probably come out today. Should I go? I guess so. She felt a little guilty, using the disappearance of this poor girl to sate her own curiosity, but it wasn't her fault the mayor's daughter had disappeared. She just wanted to know what was going on. She didn't know the girl very well, as she had not lived in Emerald city for very long, but she seemed lovely.

Vanessa was deep in thought on her way to the community centre. Much of it was just thinking about her plans for the rest of the day, as well as things she had to get done over the next week, but there was a little speculation mixed in. She was thinking about the things that could have happened to Lily Turner, of course, which quickly devolved into a competition with herself about what the most weird thing she could come up with was. Vanessa soon ended that line of thought, not wanting to give the matter any more attention. She'd find out soon enough, anyway.

The community centre was relatively close to where Vanessa lived, though her definition of close was 'acceptable to walk there', which was very, very broad. She made a beeline to the public garden. There was one specific place she sat every time she went to the gardens, and that place was where she decided to sit once more. She stretched her legs out over the grass, feeling it tickling her ankles. From her bag, she pulled out a thick sketchbook, half of the pages filled with pencil sketches. The quality varied, but none of them were particularly awful, even if Vanessa thought they were.

Right then, art time.
Seth Moore ~ Wonderland

Seth couldn't believe he was going to be late to his villain meeting. So, against all of his best interests, he began to leg it, all the way to the prison.

He burst into the door not too long after Marionetta, panting heavily and not nearly as composed as she had been. He cast a glance over the others in the room, and immediately stood up straighter. Seth smoothed out his clothes and hair as subtly as he could, which was not saying much. He continued to watch his new allies, trying to take a stab at what their quirks would be. Some of them were obvious, like the scorpion lady, but as you would expect, the non-mutation ones were kind of hard to figure out. It didn't stop him from making a few guesses.

He pulled out a chair and promptly collapsed into it. "Mornin'," he drawled, sitting up straighter. First impressions are important, and he had just realised that he may have messed his own up. "Name's Wonderland, real one available upon request, my birthday is probably in April, and the only thing I got A+ on is my blood test. It's lovely to meet you all, I'm sure we'll all get along great."

Seth leaned in a bit further. He still couldn't tell much about the rest of his allies, though he had only just arrived. He didn't even know their names - well, except for Marionetta, he'd been able to catch the end of that conversation. He pointed at her. "You. Your quirk is..." He had no idea. He'd missed her demonstration. "Being a goth. Right?" It was a fair guess. Seth got those kinds of vibes from her. As for the others, his predictions were: being British, scorpion tail that did something, something to do with gas, and then a guy with a mask who he couldn't figure out at all.

He would learn about their quirks eventually. After all, they had to work together. Seth wasn't one for the whole power of friendship shtick, but if that was what it took, he would do it.

I’m interested in this, I’ll try to have a CS done sometime soon.
Eira Winters ❄ Antartica


So, it seemed like mentally willing someone to do something did not work. It also seemed like there was something else she wasn't particularly prepared for, and that was Judith. Somehow, the two had never spoken before. Maybe it was just down to bad luck. The smaller girl stood up, and said something. 'Sour'. It was safe to say that Eira had no idea what that meant. Perhaps she was still out of it from the nap she'd evidently just had. Eira awkwardly nodded at her, but wasn't really sure what to say. There wasn't much to say, they straight up didn't know each other at all.

"Thank you," she decided.

Next, Damian, despite Eira's best (entirely mental) efforts, did say something. Something about the villain attack. She could help with that, even if she wasn't in the mood to do so. How heroic of him to be trying to track down villains even when he was in school. In all fairness, it wasn't as if there was anything better to be doing.

"Villains? Hmm," she paused. "My memory isn't great, but I remember some things. Birds... lots of birds. Not sure exactly what that quirk was, but there were many, many birds. Scorpion lady - nicked me in the back of my neck. Then I had some kind of out of body experience, think that might be because of the sting though. Gabriella got full on paralysed? I think. So I'm assuming it's just a more minor dose of that. Maybe it's a different quirk altogether, but I don't like the sound of that."

She sighed and paused again, lost in thought for another minute. "I don't suppose you can find anyone with a quirk that makes the entire class act gloomy as shit, though. Because that's definitely on the table at this point."
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