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@stone's sidekick in persona with boats

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read Helck guys

it won’t get you in the RP but to be 100% honest it’s a better use of ur time than roleplaying

from the guy who is planning an rp when he could currently be reading helck? loser
Also 18 got dang pages already the helc is goin on.

turns out people like persona way more than we anticipated + this thread has a dozen people viewing it at any given time (i see all of you and i fear you)

also, shitposting ^-^
So I know nothing about Persona, but I want to see how far up the the number of applicants can get.

funniest thing i've seen all day thank you

edit: if we get to 20 apps there won't be a special prize but we will ruin stone's day and this is very important to me
<Snipped quote by hatakekuro>

avi and i hate personality sections

they can be good but honestly it's just cuz people won't shut the fuck up and write like 6 paragraphs

anyway like. yeah. i guess i'll redefine it as "character interaction opportunity" or sumn

yeah this, i'm not too big on loads of text for something that will be mostly demonstrated in the IC, for me reputation is a way of seeing how other characters/NPCs might react to your character + for a bunch of 16 year olds, their reputation at school is really important to them

or maybe we're just lazy...

Speaking of animal companions. Is the boat the animal companion for this rp?

we have a creature in mind (fairly easy to guess given the theme)
It's always weird when people who have little knowledge apply to a RP set in that fandom.

"I don't like Fairy Tail and haven't really watched it."

"I'm gonna join this Fairy Tail RP."

It's like ???? to me.

We don't really mind as long as someone understands what the series is and writes us an interesting sheet :) also you can't underestimate the appeal of the boat
NGL. Kinda surprised no one tried to app Moby Dick as a persona. What arcana would it be anyways?

Personally, I'm surprised and a little sad no one (so far) took Nessie :(

@stone we will never forget
Jesus christ this is the most active thread I've seen in about 6 years

the fresh tag immediately followed by β€œ200 posts” is killing me
<Snipped quote by The World>

I have designs in the works (give me a day or two to finish)! Uniform currently is fairly simple - light blue blazer, white blouse/shirt, black trousers or skirt (gender doesn’t really matter, your character can wear whichever they want although as expected most female students will probably stick with skirts) tie is black with one or two design features.

@hatakekuro about your question regarding uniforms, sorry it’s quite easy for posts to get buried here
@stone edit this into the main post additional info pls πŸ₯Ί
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