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Current Did you knowthe U.S. Congress has recently approved new environmental regulations? Search "Operation Northwoods" to find out more.
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Fun Valentine's Day fact. St. Valentine is the patron saint of epilepsy and Epstein didn't kill himself, but was in fact murdered to protect a cabal of pedophiles at the highest levels of government
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Sometimes I think about how the CIA trained a squad of attack dolphins with harpoons strapped to their backs in one of their 638 attempts to assassinate Fidel Castro
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Me, jumping from cyberpunk, to high fantasy, to mecha, to post apocalyptic, to space opera, and back to high fantasy: "Parkour!"
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You would think telephone poles are sturdy, but climb 20ft up one and they get pretty flimsy, let me tell you.
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Hey there! Saw the interest check and if it's not too late, I'd like to make a submission.

Talk about an original concept. Count me in.
Well color me interested, here's a submission

Hey there! Saw the interest check and if it's not too late, I'd like to make a submission.

Kay once again insisted on carrying equipment herself when the pirate crew disembarked and made their way into the warehouse. She almost regretted that decision for once when a spray of gunfire caused her to jump out of her skin and nearly drop some very expensive hardware. Once Petrukov’s gun ran mercifully dry, Kay was left clutching her chest with heaving breaths and fearing a heart attack at the ripe old age of 34. The ringing in her ears was only drowned out by her pulse thundering behind her ears as she reflexively wiped something from her face that wasn’t there. The movement unintentionally smeared her makeup and revealed the dark circles of fatigue under one eye. All at once she returned to the present more pissed off than usual, but determined to seem as detached as ever, as she moved past her employer.

β€œI’ve been holed up in worse places,” she remarked, hoping a white-knuckled grip on her duffel bags would stop her hands from shaking.

The affectionately dubbed β€œhacker woman” set about finding somewhere to plug in all her equipment. She found a single outlet in one of the darker corners and got to work setting up her station. Not wanting to set everything on the floor, she called dibs on one of the rickety metal work tables from the machine shop and dragged it over to her little space. Her hands moved of their own accord as she unpacked, adjusted, maneuvered, and finagled all the necessary and less necessary tools of the trade into position. Her oversized laptop dominated the table and formed the nexus of an unsightly array of wires connecting the external hardware flanking the triple screen behemoth; all flowing into an industrial surge protector. Antenna of various sizes and blinking lights decorated her impromptu workspace and she kicked her now empty bags under the table.

She stretched and admired her work for a moment before slipping the last pack off her shoulders and setting it gently on the floor. A bundle of cables emerged first and then a contender for the ugliest headset on the continent. The base appeared to be a variation of the β€œLooking Glass” VR headset series developed by FuryTech and one of the older models to be sure, but that was where the similarities ended. The slick, shiney white paneling had been removed to make room for a whole assortment of extra wiring and circuitry that formed a sort of veil. She set the tech aside and stood, stretching with a groan, and made her way toward Petrukov. She made a mental note to attempt contact with Delilah later after she spoke with her employer. Maybe if she was lucky the pirate queen would reveal her plans and not spring her absurdity on Kay last minute.

As much as she disliked having to pull the plug, Dannie exited her mobile suit along with the rest of Cathrida's motley crew. She made sure to be the last in so the other mobile suits would be facing away from her when she awkwardly fiddled with her folding wheel chair and plopped down into the seat with all the grace one could expect from a half blind and legless pirate. On her way over to the pirate captain, she couldn't help admiring the ship. All the haphazardly placed thrusters on the back reminded her of her recently ended career of piracy. Or perhaps she was simply under a new employer?

Dannie joined the gathering party by the shipped and listened to the talk about a partially finished ship. What a perfect mess. A smile spread across her ghastly face and she chuckled as she pulled a flask of questionable brew and a pack of cheap cigarettes from her pocket.
"So that's the plan, is it? What kind of mess have you gotten us into?" She chuckled again as she brought the flask to her lips with one hand as the pirate shook a cigarette out of the pack into her lap, "Seems we have our work cut out for us."
Dannie paused to exchange vices and exhaled a cloud of bitter smoke with a grin. She was under no illusion that Zern would send a batch of newbloods to take down the Butcher, but that's what she wanted. She relished to challenge. Maybe, hopefully, they'd send a specialized unit. Something a bit harder for her to chew up and spit out that would make her really work for the privilege of drawing breath. A girl could dream.
"If we get out of this alive, who thinks the captain should buy her new crew the first round of drinks. Show of hands!"
@FalloutJack Probably need a whole new link. The one in the 0 post is invalid
@nitemare shape Hey there! I'm interested in joining but the discord link doesn't work.
Renar is... also here lmao
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