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Current Have you heard the tale of Updog the Chucklesome? It's not a story the mods would tell you.
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Oh, so you think you're a REAL Joe Biden fan? Name all 3 of his complete sentences.
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Lame. Shine with polished steel in your hand and on your breast as you crush you enemies beneath your heel. May the cities you burn light your way.
2 mos ago
Stack sats, print gats, distill vats, feed cats
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We here at Cyberdine Systems have heard your demands and we answer your cries with "BullyBot". With the push of a button you can now automate all of your cyberbullying. The future is here. Embrace it.


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No one:

The rest of the squad watching Clive pull an any % speed run for violating all the Geneva Conventions on some monster
Big rabbits? Oh I don't think you understand. I'm gonna get weird with it.
ooooh Pet Tamers
nevermind about that Home Improvement Department warrior

It's time to get funky with mutagenic monstrosities
He doesn't have positive opinions about any urban areas, really.
Probably because that rucksack has his underwear, toiletries, shirts, pants, socks, an extra pair of shoes, a rain tarp, compass, flint and steel, canteen, first aid kit, a coat or two, a bundle of sage in an air/water tight hard side container, survival knife, hatchet, waterproof lighter, and ~11 lbs (5 kg) of ammunition in various calibers.

In short, Clive packs with the intent of walking into the woods and not walking out for a good while.
I swear I only catch the worst typos after I hit send. I must've proof read that post a dozen times and still managed to forget the word "elbow" I even read that line out loud to myself every time I changed even a single word during the draft just to see how it sounded.

It was supposed to say: "Ever wondered how much force it takes to make a human elbow bend backward?"

Clive was almost surprised how quickly the time passed as he talked with Janie. It felt like only a brief moment before they were already landing. Sometimes he forgot how easy it is to lose track of time when not stuck inside his own head, alone with his own thoughts for days, even weeks on end without seeing another (living) human in all that time. Perhaps he should make an effort to talk to his teammates more often. Teammates. That's a word he hadn't been able to use in well over a decade. It was... nice. He was still adjusting to the idea of sharing the sandbox with others, but this was probably a good thing for him. If not, he was still plenty young enough to leave and continue hunting for a few more years before he got too slow and something killed him.

As he exited the plane, he said goodbye to his new friend, but not before he gave him the deck of cards they'd played with. Hopefully she knew enough to hide it well.


Clive didn't even wait to pull his phone out before swiftly bearing down on the man who took his bag. Though he hadn't seen them before they took the luggage, Clive was never one to hesitate when the situation arose. He was surprisingly quiet for someone of his size power walking in hiking boots as he snatched up the rest of his luggage from the belt in one smooth motion; slipping the guitar case strap over his head. Perhaps waiting for back up would've been smart, but these thieves had stolen his underwear. Now it was personal. There was almost no warning before Clive placed an arm around each of their shoulders in an attempt to forcibly stop them. While not overly tall, Clive still had a few inches on both of thieves and leveraged it to maximum effect as he loomed over them like a thunder cloud. His voice never rose above quiet conversation as he spoke.
"Ever wondered how much force it takes to make a human elbow bend backward? Not as much as you'd think." His grip on their shoulders tightened painfully. "Leave the bags."

Current idea is Milwaukee, a painted warrior from the Home Improvement Department sent out to explore the aisles beyond their domain. Many-Nails, Khan of Tools and Lumber, seeks new shelves to bring into the empire, new resources to fuel the conquest of the Saw Dust Horde's neighbors, and treasures to rub in the faces of the Plumbing Clan to show them once and for all that Tools and Lumber is best suited to lead the other clans to glory.

I'll probably change it later
Why the hell not? I'm in.
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