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Current Hot Take: A lot of Advanced RPers write too much. A few paragraphs is nice and descriptive but when everyone writes 12 paragraphs every post for just their character, it gets monotonous real quick
1 mo ago
Am I allowed to kinkshame someone if they sexualize Animaniacs?
2 mos ago
If you ever meet a conspiracy theorist just out crazy them. "No way 2 planes could've brought those towers down!" respond with, "Lmao, this idiot thinks planes are real."
3 mos ago
How are kangaroos a real thing but jackalopes aren't? Hare with antlers VS a dog rabbit deer thing that hops around on arm-sized toes, street boxes for giggles, and has a fleshy fanny pack for babies
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3 mos ago
NASA says naughty space cowboys get put in the corpse wiggler
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SUPREMELY interested
I'm game

The sounds wheels on concrete grew louder as a seated figure rolled her wheelchair up to the assembled group. She was not easy on the eyes by any stretch of the imagination with her heavily scarred face and missing eye. The tank top she wore did as much to hide the collage of scars running down her right side as her shorts did to hide the scarred, misshapen flesh at the ends of her stump legs. Though her legs were gone, what was left of her was visibly muscular. Her arms alone were more than enough to beat the daylights out of a man or get her wheelchair where it needed to go. The faint stench of tobacco followed as she approached and only grew stronger as she produced a small butane lighter from her pocket and fished a loose cigarette from her cleavage. She paused to light the cancer stick before coasting right up to Denzel with a less than pleased expression

"What a knee slapper, makin' the cripple roll around on the ground." She jabbed a finger up at him with narrowed eyes. "I got half a mind to beat your ass, funny man."
There seemed to be more harsh words just on the tip of her tongue, but she stopped when she noticed Cathrida just off to the side. Dannie grinned before giving a loud belly laugh and slapping the table.
"Well I'll be shucked and fucked! If it ain't the Butcher of Banzing back from the grave. What've you been up to you crazy Lunar bitch?" she asked, offering her hand across the table to shake.

@Crosswire Ooooh I like the shock weapon idea

Alright, that should take care of everything and thanks for everything you saud both criticism and compliment.

By the 9! A sci-fi roleplay that didn't die before even getting off the ground? What trickery is this!?

In all seriousness I'm very excited to throw my hat into the ring here and give this one a go.
yep, in fact I've already made one I just can't get the pictures to work

tried uploading them to imgur and everything
@Shiva dope I got this weekend off so I'll get working on a profile
Did someone say...

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