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@Muttonhawk Good stuff, I'll take that into consideration.


@Muttonhawk I had considered Pelegath being a child of Slough sweet Mary Magdalene on a Minnesota-bound motorbike is there a lot of lore to read and considering his Domain is death it would only make sense for him to interact with the demigod of death.

As for an actual story... no
@Kho Please be gentle.

Also, I'm not very good at Digemon.

Lord of Rot

I'm professional, I swear.

Let's try this again...

Lord of Rot

@Antarctic Termite That's a lot to think about and I'll definetly reconsider well everything. Admittedly, it was my first idea and I did jump the gun with presenting it. Thank you for your advice.
@Double Capybara @Scarifar I can assume that the concept of madness had been explored but I've done some skimming and it seems that there is not an actual demigod/god of madness and the only god with domain over mind appears to be dead. To get into specifics, I've been talking with @Lauder about my concept and he made the suggestion for Pelegath to be born of the madness building within Keriss (yes, the lizard). The basic idea is for Keriss' mental instability to reach a breaking point and from that event Pelegath is born and takes with him the Demigoddess of Suffering's madness with him into the physical world. There's more we talked about but I don't want to give too much away right out of the gate in case this actually gains traction.
@Lauder Punny, but quite literal too @Scarifar I was looking to create a demigod of madness. (working name is Pelegath) He would be a chaotic demigod not by choice but by nature and be as likely to help guardians of order as he would aid vanguards of destruction. A completely unpredictable entity who would enjoy screwing with sentient races just because he feels like it. He would the power to induce all manner of madness from garden-variety paranoia to full blown insanity. What damage he might cause would be entirely random and impossible to find a pattern in because the Mad Demigod would himself be mad.

I also have (what I think are) some really great ideas about how a demigod such as him could have stationary holy states and even gain a sizable amount of followers if you're interested.
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