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Current What I do with a crate of mongeese, live grenades, and a bucket of glue on my property is none of the government's business.
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Bitches be like, "You mine <3". First off, I'm in the U.S. Army. "I" belong to the State.
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Oh, so you think you're a REAL Joe Biden fan? Name all 3 of his complete sentences.
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Stack sats, print gats, distill vats, feed cats
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We here at Cyberdine Systems have heard your demands and we answer your cries with "BullyBot". With the push of a button you can now automate all of your cyberbullying. The future is here. Embrace it.


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"So are we in accord?"

Maréngo smiled and gave a hearty *aye!* before downing his horn and slamming it down a satisfying thud. The idea of a captain being in charge outside of battle made his teeth grind ever so slightly but he didn't show it. The way of pirates was one vote for one man but he was not boarding a pirate ship and he silently reminded himself of that. He could stomach taking the orders of a stranger if he was worth his salt and if there was gold at the end of the job.

"Someone make sure that Y'Vanna at least eats something solid. She's definitely going to need it..."

Maréngo laughed as he retrieved his knife and used it to skewer a large chunk of pheasant breast, separating it from the rest of the body with a flick of his wrist. He also made sure grabbed an orange from one of the baskets. Scurvy wouldn't catch this sea dog with his pants down that easily.
"Don't worry, I'll be keepin' an eye on this one," he replied with a gesture at the trouble maker in question.
Which wouldn't exactly be hard. Y'vanna wasn't unpleasant to look at, not that he'd give her the satisfaction of hearing him say that out loud.
Gods know how full of themselves women get with the smallest compliment.

With lists being drafted and requests being made, Maréngo thought to make his own list of needs. Certainly he would need a fishing rod and or a net. Dried provisions feed the man but not the soul. Speaking of, a supply of tobacco wouldn't hurt. Useful during what little free time they might have once they got to their destination and as a trade item among his fellow sailors. If nothing else, he would be sure to consult a soothsayer or an oracle of some sort. Many sailors throughout history have been superstitious and he was no exception in that regard. What did Leathe have in store for him he wondered. A thought crossed his mind as he took a bite of the meat on the end of his knife to save an offering in case the temple allowed outsiders the honor of giving to the gods. He felt it would be appropriate given how much trouble the lord of the seas had gone to to save one no name sailor's life. As disconcerting as the thought was, he doubted he could count on another miracle from on high any time soon.

Following the train of thought, could he count on the others here? Not in the sense of whether or not they could handle themselves, but if he could trust them not to run or crumple in the face of difficulty. As much as he didn't like to grapple with this feeling, he knew he would have to. Things were so much simpler living on the waves. Everyone had to trust one another or everyone might die. Simple as that. Everything got so much more complicated on land.
Maréngo felt the newcomer's eyes on him and returned Nora's gaze with a smile of greeting and a friendly nod for her savage companion. He looked her over and found nothing wanting from the Zherpanian. A sword on each hip implied any number of hidden weapons and not to mention the ornately carved rifle across her back. A thing of beauty with few peers. There was little doubt in his mind it was either plunder or a gift; most likely the former. The pirate also recognized a fellow pirate when he saw one, even if she sailed dunes rather than waves. She had the sort of hardened look about her that only one who makes their living far from civilization has. Speaking of, the oak tree shaped like a Tork man accompanying her was an especially good example of such a look. A thought crossed his mind that if they tied a rope around the wild man's ankle and threw him overboard he would make a decent anchor by weight alone.
"A perfect addition to the crew!" Maréngo thought to himself with an amused smirk.
Jokes aside, his own experience told him there was rarely such a thing as too much muscle in a group of outlaws.

Neh'miah's self assuredness gave Maréngo pause. Confidence was one thing, but his felt tainted with arrogance and he was not looking to almost get himself almost killed twice for the same brand of foolishness in the same month. He'd have to keep a sharp eye on that one to be sure.

He caught sight of Solange attempting to make a mark of poor Percy and shook his head with a chuckle as he relieved the bar keep of a pitcher.
"Tempting a man as he works, Ms. Belgrad? Shame on you!" he admonished sarcastically, "Leave the poor man be and let's have that toast you mentioned earlier."
Maréngo poured himself a horn and raised it up with a smile.
"To health, wealth, adventure, and new friends!"
The sailor gave a patient smile as he took his seat, aware of his foreign name.
"Maréngo, sir and give me just a moment to think. I'm no quarter master but..."
He tilted his chair back at a precarious angle and mumbled to himself as he counted on his fingers, staring off at nothing. Literacy may not have been his strong suite but numbers came easily to him. After a long pause he turned to Vargas.
"Two weeks small crew, room for equipment, I'd say somewhere more than likely between fifty-eight and sixty hundred gold. No more than sixty five hundred or you're being robbed blind."
@vietmyke Gotcha. Thanks!
@vietmyke So assume Ingram is the squad leader and I was just wondering what his rank is because I was planning to make an older guy as you saw and didn't want to accidentally make Jorgenson outrank his boss
@Yam I Am Oh no is Jorgenson gonna be the grandpa friend?

Lucina: "Jorgenson, you are the daddy issue."

Jorgenson: "oh"
<Snipped quote by Yam I Am>

Call Sign: "Daddy Issues"

She looks like she wore a choker in middle school because she got hot and bothered after reading a wattpad fanfic about her favorite anime characters playing 2 man couch hockey and now thinks hair pulling is BDSM.
<Snipped quote by vietmyke>

Alright, here it is, shiny and complete. Roast me.

Call Sign: "Daddy Issues"
Damn y'all work fast. Current working ideas is a medium mech specializing in exoatmospheric boarding actions, atmospheric boarding actions, CQB, and MAS-to-MAS CQC in the form of melee MAS martial arts known as Jäeger Kunst. Will start drafting later tonight
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