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Current If you ever meet a conspiracy theorist just out crazy them. "No way 2 planes could've brought those towers down!" respond with, "Lmao, this idiot thinks planes are real."
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How are kangaroos a real thing but jackalopes aren't? Hare with antlers VS a dog rabbit deer thing that hops around on arm-sized toes, street boxes for giggles, and has a fleshy fanny pack for babies
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NASA says naughty space cowboys get put in the corpse wiggler
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The past tense of "shrek" is "shruk"
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you COULD be the "fuck everything" bard or you could do a Vicious Mockery build and make it your life goal to outright kill a man at 30 paces by shouting "You have big gay!"


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Alright I'm down to clown
@AtomicNut Sorry for the question spam, but I was wondering. I noticed you called it operation "Cold Iron" and I'm curious if things like silver and iron are going to play a role in dispatching Supernals
@AtomicNut Sounds good. Just PM me if you ever want advice in that department.
@MonkeyBusiness Good question. I'd imagine there'd be at least some witches and warlocks who'd prefer the security within the Strongholds
@AtomicNut Question, do witches have access to guns and if they do do they use them often? What about melee weapons like swords and spears?

Also I'd be more than willing to help with anything related to guns. I'm a bit of a gun nut if I'm being honest.
>well thought out lore

>compelling story

>edgy loner characters aren't allowed

>grimdark without being boring and predictable

Gardak "Shef" Flamelobba, the ork among Da Devil with a propensity for fire, had been having quite a bit of fun exchanging shots with any humie brave or stupid enough to approach their little dugout. Had being the keyword. Just under a dozen charred corpses now decorated what had effectively become a no man's land of scorched undergrowth and smoking dirt before the volcanic fury of his skorcha. He took a drag of his cigar, which looked comically small in the mouth of a greenskin. Flamelobba sighed a cloud of smoke and stood up to unleash another stream of liquid fire on the humie lines. He knew he wouldn't hit any of them as they'd all gotten wise and backed up out of range. Still, it was important to let them know he could still cook them alive in seconds should they move any closer.

Flamaelobba slumped back down against the wall and turned to Gutsnaga. The boss was a crafty one and he was sure he'd see them out of this mess. So when the boss mentioned he had a plan in the works, the ork grinned with anticipation. He liked when the boss said that because that meant something was about to go BOOM!!! or they were in for a right proper fight.
"You got it, Boss! I got 2 fiery stikkbombz, choppa, and..." The ork paused to count on his fingers. "1 skorcha fuel outta 3 skorcha fuel."
The ork unclipped one of the aforementioned stikkbombz from his belt and peeked over the wall to see who'd be the most fun to set on fire. His eyes settled on some sort of humie lobba. It wasn't very big but the shells near it looked like fun so he hurled the stikkbomb with all his brutish strength. He grinned savagely as he watched the grenade sail over the heads of the front line and roll to a stop next to the crates of shells. The humies didn't even have time to cry out before the entire mortar emplacement was bathed in fire. Flamelobba gave a great belly laugh as he watched humies scramble around like headless chickens as their very flesh boiled and dripped off their faces.
"Make that 1 stikkbomb!"
I'm game

Everything was so unbearably cold. Like lying in a snow bank in nothing but your birthday suit as your blood turns into an iron-flavored slushie sort of cold. Bel tried to sit up but her neck creaked and her fingers wouldn't bend. She tried again, this time focusing on bending at the waist when a blurry figure pushed her back down and mumbled something she couldn't understand if her life depended on it. That was when it occurred to her that she couldn't see anything and she knew for a fact she should at least see some glass in front of her.
"That's not good..."
Bel shivered as the cold slowly intensified and dug into her naked skin without much resistance. Her vision slowly returned and she couldn't help but feel that something was wrong as she looked down. The light coating of frost on her skin was thickening rapidly and she couldn't see through the cryopod glass through all the ice.

She was also vaguely aware of someone shouting far away and then everything came into sharp focus all at once. The cold intensified 10 fold and gut punched the air right out of her lungs. She was overcome with a sense of impending death for a brief moment before the crypod lid flew open. Bel sat bolt upright and she felt her throat burn as she heaved the contents of her empty stomach onto the floor. She stumbled to her feet and shoved someone in a lab coat out of the way, a doctor by the look of him. The medic collapsed to her knees and wretched a few times before she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.
"Pete's sake, woman! I said wait!" the doctor shouted from behind her.
He helped Bel to her feet so she could move to sit on the edge of the cryopod. Her head was pounding, spinning and vibrating all at once.
"There. Now, as I was saying, you need to sit down for a moment and let your body acclimate. You don't just run a marathon not even 30 seconds after you've been through an emergency thaw."
"Emergency whatsit?"
"Emergecy thaw. Your cryopod malfunctioned. You're lucky I came back to get my coffee mug otherwise you would've frozen solid."
"How about that? My life was saved by a coffee mug."
Bel laughed and clapped the doctor on the shoulder and stood, albeit shakily, but by her own power. It was funny really how often lives hang in the balance and the tipping point between life and death can be something as mundane as a misplaced mug. Out in the field it often came down to something as simple as a garden wall being an inch tall enough to stop a coilgun round from giving you a surprise field lobotomy.
"Thanks, doc. I owe you a drink sometime."
She half strolled, half stumbled out into the hallway leading out of the bank of cryopods and into somewhere else away from the doctor's yammering. She wasn't sure where she was going, just that it had to be somewhere else, somewhere she was needed or useful.

Eventually she managed to locate her clothes and other gear in a locker on the wall. Now suitably packed, she made her way out into the main areas of the ship to find something to do. She hated not feeling useful


It took a great deal of asking around, but eventually she managed to locate someone who could both get her her gear and let her know where she was supposed to be going. A field medic is wasted sitting on a ship hanging in the endless void of space. She was rather pleased to hear that she would be assigned to one of the Travelers and had made her way to the dockyard to patiently wait for her commanding officer and or look for them. In all the chaos she hadn't even managed to get a name. She didn't take it personally that no one could spare the time to help her. Everyone had a job to do and she needed to find one somewhere in the dockyard.

As she waited for some sort of indicator, she stopped to think about where she was and what it all meant. She'd made it and it made her smile to think about how she was floating through a virtually untouched galaxy. She couldn't wait to get started. There was so much to see, so much to do, so much to explore. There was no telling what awaited them beyond the confines of the Atlas and that thought alone sent chills of excitement up and down her spine. The day was here and she was more than ready.
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