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1 yr ago
Current Really sick of being lied to and vanished on…
1 yr ago
Wondering what is the point anymore.
1 yr ago
Starting to think I don’t belong here anymore…
1 yr ago
Well…more people vanish out of the blue. Starting to wonder if it’s me that’s causing stories to die off.
2 yrs ago
Well what turned into my kiddo being sick turned into me getting the stomach flu. Thank you to all of my partners for being patient in waiting for my posts. It took me a few days to bounce back fully.
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I am Megara Foxfire and I have been on the site for around 11 years now, old site then the new site. I am married to a wonderful man who makes me happy every day and I am a interior designer. I am at home with our daughter and son and I love to write to pass my time when I'm not cleaning my house or doing other wife things.

I love doing 1X1 role-plays and I love using thread or pms. I either go off my interest thread, which I have one that is more updated going or I have a list of characters that I am working on to base plots on. If you are interested in being partners just PM me and I'll talk with ya on ideas. I write causal, sometimes higher if the story grabs me.

I am up for anything as long as it doesn’t include kids or hurting kids or abusing them. I’m a mom so I don’t do well with it.

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Trish nodded and moved to do that. Drake looked up and said “Chas what should we do?”

Serena smiled weakly and said “that sounds like a good idea…will you stay with me?”
Drake nodded and said “we can use the shadows and Fias Birds Eye to help with anything dangerous” Trish nodded and said “we can collect the trash too”

Serena was shaking against him, like she was freezing and stressed out.
Drake nodded and Trish said “maybe we could clean things up for him? Maybe we could get a lot of this house clean up”

Serena smiled at him sweetly then hugged him and sighed. “Thank you Josh…”
Drake nodded and flinched to get up and said “so what do we do? Are there tasks John does daily we should take over?”

Serena looked up at him and said “really? You are?”
Drake smirked and said “but he will be thankful. Then we can take a couple days break then start looking into the ones behind the strange happenings”

Serena looked at him and said “I am scared to death…I haven’t done that in years…I thought I was going to lose him…”
Drake smiled and said “I knew mom could do it” Trish nodded and asked “so what now? Are we safe?”

John was out cold, his body hurting but slowly healing now.

Serena was leaning over the table, covered in blood and shaking badly.
Serena finished the last stitch and said “that’s it…done. Okay boys let’s get him back to his room…” she leaned back as the guys got John up and out of the room, Serena breathing hard.
Serena shook her head and said “no, thank you Fee. I can finish up here. Chas? Can you clear the path to his room. I’m making him stay on bed rest for at least a day…”

Serena cursed softly and said “bloody hound…the bone made the tissue not hold thanks to its magic…dang it…” she moved her shaodws to hold the wound in place and looked at the others. “It’s okay now…this will fix him up…how’s his pulse?”
Serena sighed and said “the tissue won’t hold. I don’t know why. I have fixed everything but I can’t close the skin. Please, you’ve healed a lot of wounds in your life. Can you look at it and tell me what’s going on?” She was shaking, her shaodws barely holding to keep him from bleeding out.
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