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1 yr ago
Current So is anyone else in this state where no one, and I mean, no one is replying anymore?
2 yrs ago
Okay....I’m getting sick of this. I have no one answering anymore. I started four rod and all four backed out. I’m not sure why I’m even trying seems no one wants to write with me anymore
2 yrs ago
Sorry to everyone I am writing with! I have been gone on trips and road trips and finally just got back so I will be replying very soon
3 yrs ago
I am sorry to all those I have been playing with. I had my wonderful baby girl beginning of December and and now just finally getting back to normal life. Well as normal as it can be being a mom.
4 yrs ago
I feel like all the people I post with are vanishing on me...does anyone else have this problem?


I am Megara Foxfire and I have been on the site for around five years now. I am married to a wonderful man who makes me happy every day and I am a interior designer. I am at home with our daughter and I love to write to pass my time when I'm not cleaning my house or doing other wife things.

I love doing 1X1 role-plays and I love using thread or pms. I either go off my interest thread, which I have one that is more updated going or I have a list of charters that I am working on to base plots on. If you are interested in being partners just PM me and I'll talk with ya on ideas. I write causal, sometimes higher if the story grabs me.

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Solar laughed and said “oh we all saw it, she’s just so stubborn she won’t let us do anything till it gets too far...too stubborn Captain” Dante sighed and said “I knew she wasn’t feeling right but I was trying to get the ship under way and she was locked up in here...” he looked at him and said “she’s sick but not from anything normal...but it’s not my tale to tell...”
Sounds great!
Arrow nodded and hit the button again to be sure it went through. Wolf closed her eyes to her pain and tears rolled down her cheeks. Then she seemed to relax a little, her pulse slowly. Arrow sighed and said “tell me that helped...I can’t stand seeing this kid in so much pain” wolf reached out and took Jon’s hand, her eyes open slightly as they looked at him. She said to him mentally “is...Riza...and the How I really?”
No worries, just wanted to check up on ya
This I could get behind this. Pm when your back online.
Artemis nodded and said “better check in with arrow before heading to bed...” she saved what robin had to the case file then shut everything down.

Arrow nodded and moved to the machine, hitting the morphine button. Wolf grabbed the mask and pulled it down, the ice packs coming off her swollen eyes. She looked at Jon and her eyes filled with tears as she tried to talk but couldn’t. Arrow looked over and said “Bane had her by the throat...crushed something in there?” Wolf nodded slightly then Jon heard “it hurts...Jon..I can’t talk...why...” Arrow looked over and said “her heart is beating really fast Jon, can we knock her out or something to help give her some pain relief?”
Artemis nodded and said “I’ll keep going on robin was working on and see what else I can find. Though I was walking thru the main bay and saw Superman carrying he okay?”

Arrow looked up and said “I think she might be...her hand moved...” Wolf felt Jon and in her mind said “Jon? What’s happening...I can’t eyes feel heavy...Everything hurts...the others aren’t safe...Bane will go after them...” suddenly her heart rate jumped and Arrow said “Jon whats on? Is she okay?” She was in a lot of pain now, her free hand weakly trying to get the mask off
Artemis looked at it all then pointed. “Robin left his notes...dead man? Wait isn’t that the guy who died and came back to solve his own murder? His one of Batman’s guys. What could he have to do with all of this?”

Alfred nodded and carried Batman inside. “Master Bruce you’ve over done it...come and rest...”

Back at the base Arrow was sitting by Wolfs bed, looking at the chart that just came out and muttered “no idea why I’m reading this...I have no idea what I’m reading.” He looked at Wolf and muttered “I hope your hanging in there kid...a lot of people are worried about...” he stopped when Wolfs hand moved a little. He moved over and took her hand. “Wolf? Can you hear me kiddo?” Her face was still wrapped up and the mask over her mouth. Arrow cursed and stood muttering “can I take off the ice packs for her eyes...”
Robin flinched in his sleep and turned over in bed, breathing deeply. He muttered “Riza...Wolf...” he passed out completely. The door opened and Artemis was there. “Is robin okay? He wasn’t in the should see what he found”

Batman moaned but couldn’t move, fighting to open his eyes. When he got to the manor Alfred ran over and said “oh no not again what happened to him?...leave him with me and come in the morning. I’ll get him fixed up. Please send my dear lady Wolf my best? Oh and I have a Get well basket for her on the table there...” he took Batman’s arm and Bruce moaned “ over them...please...”

Arrow nodded and sat down, taking Wolfs hand and said “we are right here kiddo...just hang in there okay?”
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