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Current Really sick of being lied to and vanished on…
1 yr ago
Wondering what is the point anymore.
1 yr ago
Starting to think I don’t belong here anymore…
1 yr ago
Well…more people vanish out of the blue. Starting to wonder if it’s me that’s causing stories to die off.
1 yr ago
Well what turned into my kiddo being sick turned into me getting the stomach flu. Thank you to all of my partners for being patient in waiting for my posts. It took me a few days to bounce back fully.
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I am Megara Foxfire and I have been on the site for around 11 years now, old site then the new site. I am married to a wonderful man who makes me happy every day and I am a interior designer. I am at home with our daughter and son and I love to write to pass my time when I'm not cleaning my house or doing other wife things.

I love doing 1X1 role-plays and I love using thread or pms. I either go off my interest thread, which I have one that is more updated going or I have a list of characters that I am working on to base plots on. If you are interested in being partners just PM me and I'll talk with ya on ideas. I write causal, sometimes higher if the story grabs me.

I am up for anything as long as it doesn’t include kids or hurting kids or abusing them. I’m a mom so I don’t do well with it.

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Serena smiled and said “then let’s get making something. I think I saw a waffle iron in there the other day” she walked to the kitchen, her shadows already getting to work on making food for the group. Tea was brewing as well as coffee.

Then Serena heard the horn and paused what she was doing. “Kay…it’s John. I need medical supplies and fast”

John groaned Chas picked him up, his vision blurry “make sure…the girls are…safe mate…if I don’t…”
Serena smiled and said softly “I’ve never seen him sleeping like this…he normally always sleeps in the shadows…he must feel safe here. So, what else did I miss this morning?”

John groaned softly, his body shaking. It was clear the hell hound had done a lot more damage then they had seen. And the magic drain and topping it off his lack of sleep was the kicker.
Serena nodded and followed her saying “it’s a trait of all of us stubborn souls have…” she made it to the landing and then looked around. Bane was asleep on his wolf form on the couch and she smiled. “Kay…”

John shook his head and said “I’m okay…really I’m…im…” he suddenly fell forward, his blood pooling under him.
Serena nodded and said “Bane filled me in on the plan. It must be something with all these attacks lately. Come on, my guess John is going to need some looking after when they return”

John smiled weakly and said “you are so much like your mother…I’m glad you got more from her then me…” he blinked hard for a moment: his hand shaking as he suddenly went white as snow.
Serena closed her eyes for a few moments then said “they have it under control…my wolves aren’t in fighting mode so…but someone needed healing. It’s odd…I can feel them so much clearly now…it’s not a strain…”

John nodded weakly, barely staying awake as he leaned on Chas to move. The wolves moved to the cab ans vanished once they were safe inside. John was breathing hard, his head spinning and pounding. He moved his hand and rested it on Fias shoulder and said “well done love…you were amazing…” he was in shock but looking at her.
Serena listened then nodded, folding her arms. “It adds up…and it was a risky move but needed. Neither of us she be out there till we can protect ourselves better…” she looked at her and said “but something has gone wrong?”

Joh was shaking as he said “she is alright…she is her mothers child’s…she…” his hand suddenly dropped as they heard a hiss like a vacuum resealing. He was panting hard and blood pooling under him. “It’s…done…they will be safe…now…” then he fell forward, his body spent and mind a beaten mess.

The wolf nodded and moved over to be her support and said “lean on me.” Then they heard the hiss and he said “it’s repaired. The dark energy is dying off…”
Serena closed the door and said “my high wolves are in a fight right now. But I am not so clearly something is wrong. Only I or Bane can command them so…what aren’t you saying?”

John cursed softly then kept going, his body shaking as blood dripped off of him. He said after a few minutes “I’ve almost got it…it’s like someone ripped this thing open with a can opener. It’s a mess…”

The wolf walked over and licked the wound, the blood stopping and sealing. “Are you alright alpha?”
Drake smiled weakly and said “it’s okay mom…everything will be okay…” Serena frowned and said “Kay? A word outside?”

John leaned on Chas and held his hand up. His eyes glowed as he worked to repair the line. It took time as he muttered “knowing Kay she trained her…wanting to keep her…” then he heard Fias cry and he stopped dead. His eyes glowed with emotion as he turned his head.

The wolf tackled the beast and pinned it on the wall, getting it off of her.
Drake looked at them and took them, swallowing them and flinching. “Thanks Aunty…it will be okay…” there was a knock and the door opened showing Serena. “Hey, everything okay?”

John groaned, blooding dripping from his nose and mouth. He was banged up for sure, the hellhound stepping on him really not helping matters. But he was trying to wake up, knowing his child was in danger. John moved his arm a little, fighting to get up as he said weakly “Chas…take me…to the opening…”

The wolf stood next to her and said “it knows we can take it. But we can’t let it run. We must close the break in the line. We need the mage to finish what he started” they could hear the hound walking around, sticking to the shadows.
Drake nodded weakly, breathing hard. “Okay…that sounds…”

The wolf jumped out and tackled the hound, pinning it so Fias attack hit true. The hound howled and burst into ashes. One down. One to go. John groaned and smiled weakly then rolled back and passed out.
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