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- Morris "Shaggy" Ginuac, Mister Myster

For review... Up for editing and reinvention if this doesn't work out.

- Morris "Shaggy" Ginuac, Mister Myster

* NOTES: Updated as per Recommendation. Move to Char Section as per Directed.
Interest expressed... but you already knew that... didn't you? You were in my mind!
Name: Zhiniba

I am interested in this idea. I'd like to take up one of the beast-kin(anthro) leaders.

Zhiniba, Anthro Cougar, Sorceress Queen.

I see WolfHorns has contributed quite a lengthy submission and a lot of information. What information / How much information would you like other than my interest and the barest of ideas?
A modern day contentious romance between the children of two powerful families.

The two families are represented by one of the colors of the MtG game. Each family owns business, owns various land developments, controls personalities in the arts and media, and more importantly has a secret organization used to deal with less legal matters. While the each main family is one color, e.g. Red vs Blue, the secret organization is the other. Each family and secret organization is therefore a color combination like Red and Black. The fifth color is neutral to the machinations of the families. The characters of each family and organization are personifications of the cards with some abilities of the cards, therefore magical creatures and abilities are present in the world. Being a modern day setting, however, these abilities need to be cloaked under a façade. Regular people should not know about the true capabilities of the families and the people therein.

This rivalry that takes place in the public and in darker places is part of the backdrop of the main story. The main story is of course Romeo and Juliet under this context: forbidden love ultimately ending in tragedy.

Wraith: the Oblivian and Twitter
I'm surprised that I don't see any other interest for this idea.

White gouts of steam rising from drainage grates while surly looking trolls in bowlers and fancy jackets hang out in front of the casino. High over the city a team of elves float in a dirigible cloaked from detection in the hopes to evade the pixie gangs. In more civilized parts of the city a Vampire casually inspects a blood diamond with a loupe in one hand and holding a small silver pistol in the other to ensure that the deal is done properly with the human aristocracy. They have their own guarantees for the deal, a well-dressed sorceress with a silver cross and an engineer with a holy water hand cannon. Deals done at night are always tenuous at best.

During the day a mixture of mankind and monster go about their own individual business while enchanted automata assist the rich, ferry the working and upper class alike, and ensure peace. Built by the guild of engineers and enchanted by the guild of magi, automata are mistrusted by all and used by many. A young boy affected by the lupus curse hands out newspapers, really just a couple of folded pages while another member of his pack lifts a watch just a block away beneath buildings that tower over the smooth stone streets. "Blood Diamond Thief Strike Again!" headlines the news.

You probably have different ideas though. I'm happy to discuss.
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