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Hi back and welcome
Seeking a female to brainstorm RP ideas. Open to anything especially romance, sci fi and horror. PM if you're interested and we'll discuss.
Looking for female RP partner to brainstorm ideas with. I'm into sci fi mainly but open to other ideas as well.

Current ideas I have are dystopian sci fi with a 1984 theme. But with an original plot based on the movie. Or a student teacher romance RP

PM if interested
<Snipped quote by Mutank95>

@Mutank95 Right here at the top of this very board.

I used that and it was still denied
@Mutank95 Please review the required sections of the character profile and update your profile. Thanks!

Is there a character template that I can use to fill in whatever's missing?
Also few more questions, how does traveling between the three planets work? And is there a universal currency?
I'd like to make a character for this rp but a few questions, does your character need to be from one of the three planets that are already listed? And does the rp take place primarily on the three planets? Also regarding the content of the three worlds, there's a technological planet, a magical one, and the third one? And are there any cities or towns that are already made or can we make up our own for the sake of character backstory?
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