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2 and 3
I'll be honest in saying it's been a long while since I've seen the sequels
Did the same to mine
Charlie sighed softly as the tension died down, the brothers lowering their guard at the nonthreatening kid. He was adamant about not contacting his father, telling Charlie there had to be a rift between the two. She sighed softly as she remembered how an unintentional rift came between her and her own father.

She was brought out of her thoughts as Danny mentioned pizza but much to the disappointment of the brothers turned out to be moldy. She chuckled a little as Donnie and Mikey hummed TAPS as they paid respects to their beloved pizza. She glanced at Raph,making sure he was alright and not too agitated. "You alright?" She asked him.
And how the Foot uses the kids by tricking them. Like Casey says later they're not family.

I just realized she'll look a little different when reuniting with Splinter, still the same person, but her muscles are a little more defined from her training
I was thinking perhaps Charlie goes with Casey to follow Danny to the Foot Lair and finds Splinter with them.
Oh goodness. Just posted a reply and honestly the part I ended on gives one of Raph's many funny lines. "I don't think it's loaded, kid."
A faint blush appeared on Charlie's cheeks upon feeling his hand move to where he was holding hers. A small gesture for sure, but one that brought emotions to the surface. Did her? More importantly did she like him? All of these questions disappeared as he thanked her, causing her to give him a little smile. "No problem." She said before jumping a little upon hearing Leo's shout. She looked at Raph, her brown eyes wide. It couldn't be, could it? She listened to Jen as she explained what happened, hope rising inside her. Splinter was alive.

Sitting beside Raph beside the fire, she was a little nervous. What if they didn't share the same vision? Would the boys tell her and Jen what happened? Too many what if questions buzzed about her mind before she was brought back, seeing Jen offering her a marshmallow. She smiled in thanks before taking it. She listened to Leo before doing what he said, holding Jen's hand in one while the other gently sat beside Raph's. She did notice how calm he seemed whenever she touched him so she hoped it would help with concentrating.

Charlie gasped softly as the vision ended, tears blurring everything around her. Splinter was alive and had considered both Jen and her as family. She sniffed softly, drying her eyes before looking over at Raph, knowing how this news would affect him. He was right all this time.

The next morning Leo had told April and Casey what happened, telling them they had to go back. They arrived in the city just as it was getting dark, just enough cover to hide them as they snuck back into the sewers and towards what was once their home. The place was still a mess but could be cleaned up for sleeping spots. Charlie noticed something a little off, there were pizza boxes here that she didn't remember where there the last time she and Jen had seen them.

Her attention was drawn away as a noise came from a closet, all turtles alert and heading towards it before quickly opening the door. A boy around their age coward, holding up his hands. "Don't shoot!" He exclaimed in fear. Wait, she knew this boy, he was the son of April's boss.
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