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"But why now after all these years? It's fishy that Dumbledore now decides to give Snape what he's been after. It doesn't make any sense." Mim stated with a sigh.

"Dumbledore is...eccentric. There must be a reason why he's rehired Slughorn, the question is why. As for Snape, at least we know he won't try to kill Harry." Rowan said, shrugging. He did have a point; Snape oddly had protected Harry during his stay at Hogwarts despite his distaste towards him. Whatever Dumbledore was up to was definitely preplanned.
"Long week." Rowan mumbled in response to his friends. Lying always pained him since they first became friends; even after the events of Professor Lupin's secret revealed to the whole school. He silently blamed himself for not being able to help that night, having drank the wolvesbane potion to control the inner wolf. He blinked a few times to dismiss the memory as he heard Axel then Harry talk about their summer.

"New potions master?" He echoed, sharing a look with Mim who shrugged in response, just as confused by the news.

"What's going to happen with Snape? I mean, he's the potions master but Dumbledore wouldn't replace him like that...would he?" Mim questioned. Everyone knew of Snape's dislike towards Harry since their first lesson even though the professor had helped save Harry's life, even the lessons to protect his mind from Voldemort.

"Not to mention the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. Let's hope this time their not a pathological liar, one of His followers, or anything like Umbridge." Rowan added, snarling a little at the last person. Ever since her first "ah ha hem" Rowan kept his distance the best he could from the twisted witch. Mim had to talk him out of confronting Umbridge when he learned about the punishment Harry endured; reasoning if she knew the truth he'd be hated, ridiculed, or possibly expelled. He shook his head, thankful the woman was finally gone from Hogwarts.
Rowan allowed himself to be lead by Mimoza through the sea of students, new and older, his movements zombie like. The full moon had drained him a few days ago leaving him as an insomniac which was torture upon making sure he had everything. If it wasn't for his sister and parents he most likely would have left his wand at home. All he wanted was rest; even though he slept through the ride to the station.

He mumbled an apology as he bumped into a first year, his mind in a fog before Mim gently helped him into his usual window seat across from Arianna. "There you go, Row. You can rest now." Mimoza soothed, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder. Out of the entire group the only ones who knew of Rowan's monthly curse aside from himself was his little sister and Hermione who figured it out in their third year because of Professor Lupin having the same condition. Thankfully both kept his secret.

Mim turned her attention to the others once Rowan started to relax, looking tired herself. The events of last year clung to everyone, especially Arianna and Harry after the loss of Sirius. Despite the lies surrounding him, Mimoza was glad to have known the truth and the wizard himself. She couldn't imagine the pain her friends were feeling.

" was everyone's holiday?" She asked, breaking the awkward air that hung around them.
Okay, was only wondering.
Do you want me to start us off?

"No, I'm not psychic. I'm a shifter." Mim replied, scales rippling as they made themselves look like the boy before changing back. "The only drawback is I can't shift into someone I've never seen before. As for seeing you...I don't understand it myself. For me you were both there yet not, like you were halfway through being invisible."

They tilted their head at him slightly. "You're not surprised by...this? Afraid even?" They asked, gesturing to their purple skin. A wave of deja vu came over them; the words were the same but they could remember who they spoke to. Only an amused, warm chuckle and a male voice saying nothing really surprised him lately. Mim shook their head to clear it.

"I'm sorry for crashing at your place. I didn't know anyone else was here and was looking for somewhere to stay for the night. I can find somewhere else to go."
Mimoza didn't overstay their welcome at the shelter that had taken them in for the last week...or was it month? They couldn't remember honestly; time had been strange lately with days blurring together into a tangled mess. Mim tried piecing them together however it was a puzzle with multiple parts missing so the full picture wasn't seen. It didn't matter now. Besides, they've survived this long right?

But it always wasn't like this. They could feel it. It started when they woke up in Westminister with no recollection of how or why they were there. All Mim had to their name was a backpack filled with spare clothes, their phone, and a wallet filled with allowance money. Wait, allowance? How did they even have an allowance if they didn't have a place to call home?

Whenever they slept faces and voices of people appeared in their dreams; despite the odd familiarity they knew they'd never seen those people before. Even trying to change their face into those who plagued their dreams only resulted in something straight from the uncanny valley. They stopped after a while, deciding to leave that puzzle alone.

Besides, they had to keep up the appearance of a normal human being. Normal...something Mim was not. People would run or call the police if they saw their true form; dark purple skin with scale like patterns, eyes a mix of lavender and sky blue, and moss green hair. The only things never changed in their more acceptable form were their eyes and hair.

Being it was getting late, around 8:30, Mim looked around for shelter. They knew a rooftop might work, however the cold weather was a problem. Nevertheless, they took the chance. Upon the roof, they glanced around, taking in the scenery before noticing an open window leading inside. Mim smiled before carefully falling through the window, listening for any signs of life.

Nothing so far. Good. Mim placed down the backpack and looked around the space, noticing old instruments and what seemed to be a sort of shelter. Someone had already claimed this space. A yelp escaped from Mim as they heard a male voice call out, unintentionally turning into their true self with a scaly ripple effect.

Mim looked towards where the voice came from and blinked. It was strange; the boy was standing there before them yet...not at the same time, like a hologram. "You''re a me." They realized, coming closer to where he was, forgetting about their appearance which thankfully was clothed.

Name: Megaera Grimwald
Codename: Hex
Age: 52
Physique: 5' 11", average
Main Mutation: Mind control telekinesis

Name: Mimoza "Mim" Castello
Codename: Mimic
Age: 18
Physique: 5' 5", athletic lean
Main Mutation: Shape shifting

Name: Evangeline "Evie" Argyris
Codename: Ghost
Age: 19
Physique: 5'7", average lean
Main Mutation: Alpha level telepathy
Hi, everyone. I'm just looking for someone to do 1x1 rps with. I prefer the rp over Pms, not really the threads.

Fandom Rp Ideas

Cuphead- The Devil's Flame. Whilst attempting to take Cuphead's soul for the umpteenth time, the Devil meets a new face to the island and starts feeling strange whenever she's around.

Harry Potter- Slytherpuff relationship. Can be set in a time era of our choosing.

Rise of the Tmnt- Our own setting or same as the show.

Transformers- Before the war, during the war, Shattered Glass
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