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Current Apologies to those I rp with; life is hectic at the moment and I'm trying to piece everything together. I'll respond when I can.


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Hi, everyone. I'm just looking for someone to do 1x1 rps with. I prefer the rp over Pms, not really the threads.

Fandom Rp Ideas

Cuphead- The Devil's Flame. Whilst attempting to take Cuphead's soul for the umpteenth time, the Devil meets a new face to the island and starts feeling strange whenever she's around.

Harry Potter- Slytherpuff relationship. Can be set in a time era of our choosing.

Rise of the Tmnt- Our own setting or same as the show.

Transformers- Before the war, during the war, Shattered Glass

Hi there! I'm looking for a Spiderman 1x1 with someone who doesn't mind playing Peter Parker/Spiderman. It will take place between Homecoming and Infinity War, just Peter balancing his daily life with superhero life. However things change when a new student, my oc, arrives at the school along with a new villain for Spiderman. Can Peter stand up to the challenge or will his secret be found out?

We can discuss what villain he will go up against or make our own. Feel free to pm me if interested.
I guess
I'm not sure tbh
2 and 3
I'll be honest in saying it's been a long while since I've seen the sequels
Did the same to mine
Charlie sighed softly as the tension died down, the brothers lowering their guard at the nonthreatening kid. He was adamant about not contacting his father, telling Charlie there had to be a rift between the two. She sighed softly as she remembered how an unintentional rift came between her and her own father.

She was brought out of her thoughts as Danny mentioned pizza but much to the disappointment of the brothers turned out to be moldy. She chuckled a little as Donnie and Mikey hummed TAPS as they paid respects to their beloved pizza. She glanced at Raph,making sure he was alright and not too agitated. "You alright?" She asked him.
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