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Ive been really craving something with superheroes lately
Still looking ^.^
Life is hitting hard
Still looking to take my mind off hard times
Still looking!
New ideas to come soon!
Who knew being bad felt so good.
Supervillain rp
Superheroes may be fun, but being bad is always better. Thats right in this were villains. Were bad, we know were bad and we like to have fun. We do what we want, when we want and get what we want. We can discuss the plot further, but this for the most part is focusing on badguys
Im in the mood for a superhero rp.
Something involving corruption
More things to come! Happy easter
Love triangle
(You will play two characters)
YC1 is a close neighbor to my character who helps MC take care of his young daughter. Thinks lead to one another anns the two begin a relationship with one another. However MC is divorced, and his Ex(YC2) is very possessive of him. It doesnt help that she is the CEO of a major business, and he is her personal assistant.
And she isnt going to let him go without a fight.
Still Looking
and more plots coming
So here is an idea

Steampunk Adventure
-In this steampunk world, technology is powered by a very finite resource. More and more the people are trying to create a new limitless resource of energy. Here comes MC, who develops a new source of energy. Its called a Zero-Point Crystal. Yet many want to get their hands on it, to steal it from him.
YC is hired as a bodyguard. She is given a specialized mechanical arm. Functions on as a arm, and weaponry. Its powered by the crystals.(Unknown to her its to test the Crystals without getting subjects) In return she keeps the arm and crystals. Thats all I have at the moment, but this will be more story then smut
Dealing with real life stuff right now so stuff will take awhile
This includes RPs Replies.
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