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More plots coming soon
Might think of a few more fandom plots
Also Im willing to take some too!
(Elizabeth x Jack)
so, this has been a pairing Ive been wanting to do for awhile now. Problem is Im not sure how to make it work. One thing for sure is it will take place in Rapture. My idea is in this universe. Andrew Ryan, and Comstock are one being. Andrew Comstock, Jack's backstory will remain the same. As for Elizabeth, she will be Comstock's heir. A orphan he took in to become heir to his empire. Rapture fell, and Ryan hid Elizabeth away. With the 'key' to control Rapture. Jack is tricked into tracking her down. That is until she tells him the truth of her life. Being forced to take in Ryan's views. Views she despises, and along with Jack, is tricked by Fontaine.
Just a small Bonk
and to let you guys know I have more ideas coming
Feel bad for such a short post :'(
Shhh, its ok David, I know this may seem bad. I know how you must feel. Scared, angry and confused...I know. But you cant change this.." She reached over to stroke his face wiping away his tears. Giving him a soft smile. Leaning over to kiss his forehead. "Just always remember, accept the things you cant change. But never be afraid to fight for things too change and do the right thing." She closed her eyes. For the last time.

David shot away, panting as he looked around. He mustve dozed off during the escort. Creaking his neck and looked at the others. "Sorry, how long have I been out?" Looking over at Mackenzie, wondering what happened since he was asleep. Knowing that he missed a lot. Letting out a sigh as he tried to remember his dream. It felt like the last minutes of it were slipping away from him, as he tried to hold onto them.

So much has happened since he woke up in this wild place. Despite just arriving, he felt like he spent an entire lifetime here. And even though he was a stranger to this world, he felt like he has been her for ages now. Spent his entire life in this world. Not to mention the shadow arm, it felt...familair somewhow. When ever it came out of his back, sometimes he felt like he wasnt in control of it. As if it had a mind of its own.

It was like it was the arm of someone else, trying to protect him.

Who was this woman? He knew her, he had to have known her! Someone here had to know how to help him. To get his memories back. Looking back at the Seeing Yakeru, he walked over giving his friend a small smile. Maybe a drink would help him. "I could use a drink...people use drinks to forget. I might need one to remember." He said, with a small laugh.
Thank you so much, it was a lot to read XD and I unfortunately don’t have time to read all that, and figure out who is where. (Something I had issue with prior)
So this helps out big time
can someone bring me up to speed about whats goin on
Shit, I forgot about this and now Im so far behind
Prey:Who are Yu?(FxFxM)
Three years after the events of the first game, the Typhon-Hybrid of Morgan has worked hard with Alex to hopefully bring peace between their kind. That is....until the real Morgan appears! She hasnt aged a day, revealing that she made a deal with the Typhons. In particular, she has become their Queen, and is now mad for power. Morgan, along with her assistant, must find a way to stop her. But....can she kill herself?
Hello everyone, Im still looking.
I needed time away for awhile with personal life going on
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