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Been looking to do the two dragon plots posted, Hero Academy, Magical Girl and A New Reign
Dont worry lol
I appreciate that you read it and listed purple
Sent messages to you both!
Mysterious new slave
A young traveler(MC or YC) hears that there is a rumours that a half-dragon has collected a large hoard of precious treasure over the years and they are hired by someone else to try to steal it. Perhaps they think a half-dragon will be easier to kill than a full-sized dragon. They end up getting caught and the half-dragon punishes them in ways theyd never expect. However the Half-Dragon learns there is something unique about this traveler

The Dragon Master
a dragon is allies with a particular house/family of dark elves who live in a huge city deep underground. The dark elves like to capture surface dwellers and sell them as slaves in their dark city. The half-dragon sees something they likes about one of the new slaves and purchases them, only to offer them a much better life than he could have hoped to have if he had been purchased by a dark elf. They just have to please the Dragon when they desire. But, it beats slavery....Right?
More ideas and plots are coming soon.
Dont be afraid to drop your own!
A few fandoms Ive been craving lately
HP Lovecraft
DC Comics
Marvel Comics
Elder Scrolls
Blade Runner
DragonBall Series
The Boys
Mortal Kombat
I got some more plots coming, please stayb tuned everyone!
@wheelsAwesome! Shoot me a PM
Got more plots coming! Please stay tuned
Daughter, of the Prince of Darkness
She is the daughter of the legendary vampire Dracula. Though unlike her power, she fears her bloodlust, and hates her existence as a immortal vampire. She seeks the aid of the descendent of her father's longtime rival and foe, Dr. Abraham Van Helsing. She pleads with the decendant to believe her story. Wanting to help her find his ancestor's old notes, in hopes there could be a cure! Though, there is a great darkness, wanting her to embrace the evil within. And this darkness is closer to home, then she realizes.

Y-Youre an assassin?!
They were college sweethearts! It was almost like they were perfect for one another. And now are having a great life. He works for amajor tech company, and she is a successful model. He also plans on asking her to marry him. Its going to be a perfect life!.......that is if she didnt have a secret. Behind the intelligent, and beautiful model persona. Is a deadly assassin. Known as the Black Siren. She has not told her boyfriend. Whether its fear for his life, or because she enjoys keeping it from it. Though, everything will be open once she learns a rival assassin wants her boyfriend's head.

My best friend is a Magical Girl superhero?!
They were friends as long as he could remember. They liked to call themself the Brains and Brawn Duo. Or the B&B. She(YC) always defended him from bullies, being a tough as nails tomboy, who didnt take shit from others. While he(MC) he was her smart bestfriend, who helped her with school, and is the manager of her band, well was. Until she ended the band. Now they just film skateboard stunt videos. He has noticed she has been preoccupied lately.
Then one day, theyre attacked by a strange creature. Reluctantly turning into a Magical Girl! Now he has to learn the secret she kept from him, and what she can do with her powers.
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