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I got more ideas coming!
Really excited for the idea above though. Mainly because I was thinking the Goddess could be Genderfluid. As they are able to change their sex and gender at a whim(Think of Loki).
Surprise Engagement Redux!
The Goddess of Mischief, causing trouble for mortals and fellow gods since her inception. What makes things worse is being the first born child she is next in line to take title of chief goddess. Her mother has decided to trap her in a magic ring, imprison her until she she meets her true love. Only she wouldnt find her true love for several millennia. A poor mortal discovers the ring, and as soon as he wears it. She is Free!

Only to find out that she cant be seen! Whats so fun about being the goddess of mischief if the only who can see you is one person?
More plots coming soon!
Hope you having a good holiday season!
What biting you REDUX

Similar as before, YC is saved by MC after being bitten by a mysterious wolf and it transforms her into a She-Wolf. With no other alternative YC stays with MC until they figure out what to do. And whats the only idea they can think of? Use it to fight crime what else? She decides to use her new abilities to fight crime, take down criminals and hopefully get to the bottom of what bit her. Together our characters find a secret pack of werewolves looking for a new alpha. And guess who they have their eyes on?
Do it for him Redux!
Similar as before, a perfect couple, a perfect life that is until he loses most of their savings in a scam. In depseration she takes a job at a popular strip club. However discovers the secret about the club. Its also an underground Assassination ring! She is given a choice become an assassin or be shot in the face. She takes the obvious choice getting even more money! Even after having more then enough money, she continues to do both jobs! how far will she go down this rabbit hole?
Been looking for a DC Rp
Particularly OC characters.
Working on the plot but it will be 50-50 balance

I have a discord!
So for more 1x1 roleplay fun, message me there ^.^
Got more ideas breweing ^.^
@Vampwolfie send a request on discord ^.^
So similar to the previous plot happy couple. One a computer programmer the other a supermodel. Seems like a perfect life! YC while doing a contract learns that MC is also an rival assassin! But not in the same style she is. He is more of a cyber assassin. He uses technology either to take someone down publically revealing details of their life they wish to remain hidden. Or makes it easier for other assassins to take the targtet down. But also works for a rival group. Now she is plagued with a choice, to confront her true love, protect him from her friends in the guild, or convince him to join her.
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