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Im really interested in the Curse of the Goddess, Blood War and Y-Youre an Assassin?!
Blood War
(It doesnt matter which of us plays the vampire or werewolf)
A vampire and werewolf became mates. Both kingdoms hate it but both love each other and want peace. They also want to have a child in hope to end the vampire and lycan war.
*Possible side plots*
-side plot 1:The vampire/Werewolf queen is actually using him to find a the kings weakness, but realizes she really loves him
-The werewolf/vampire king has to leave for a few months and his brother visits and seduces the vampire/werewolf queen
Sent a message to you :)
Thank you for the interest
More plots are coming

Under the Sea
MC is sailing through the ocean, its a dream he always wanted to do. When he was a kid he was swimming in the ocean, and to this day he swore he saw s girl in the water, but she had a fish tail!. But of course, no one believed him. Now that he has a ship, he wants to travel the water to prove his story true, then a storm ruins everything. He thought he was going to die, the last thing he saw before blacking out, beautiful violet eyes. He soon finds himself on a island, with a beautiful, yet familiar mermaid looking at him
More plots coming
stay tuned!
Really craving the two queen plots currently
Queen's Revenge
YC is a strong willed queen, but her husband is a spineless ruler, who would rather enjoy the lavish lifestyle then be a ruler. Currently, he is dealing with rebels, and to get revenge on him for being a wimp, she lets herself get captured by the leader. Much to the leader's(MC) surprise, she is a willing captive. It surprises him how much she is willing to help him take down her husband, as long as he promises she gets to be the queen still.

Queen's Harem
Similar to the other Queen plot I have. YC is a powerful queen, who is looked down upon by her husband. She sees him as a spineless wimp, who lets his council decide how to rule. Not to mention their marriage is all show, and she resents him. She soon starts developing relationships with others. Her bodyguard? A Visiting Prince? A handmaiden? An Elf? Another Queen? A strong willed rebel?
-A few ideas of where this can do, REALLY wanna try a reverse harem rp.
-you wont be playing multiple characters
Life After Death?
MC recently lost YC in a tragic accident, they were a perfect couple. But she just disappeared, without a trace. One day, he find a note for him. A letter from to her meet. This cant be real, dead people dont leave notes.....right?
-I was thinking YC could be either a vampire, ghost, or MAYBE a zombie(maybe we can work with this)

Blood Red Roses
MC got ina tragic accident, and was saved by YC, a powerful vampire countess. Daughter of the Count of the most powerful Coven, the ones who all other covens have to follow. He isnt a vampire persay, but a human thrall. Thralls live MUCH longer then any humans. To them, 100 years is like 1. Her reign as empress will soon begin. Others arent too keen on it, and some dont like how close YC is to MC. But is there a deeper reason as to why she turned him?
I got more plots and pairings coming
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