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Will post a sample for my character this weekend!
Still looking for this one
Might post some characters later
Hello everyone!
Still looking :)
Hello! Im Zero, Ive been roleplaying for probably 10 years now. Im looking for a new partner to roleplay with!
-At least post a paragraph or two
-Please Do Not Ghost Me
-Prefer if you would play multiple characters(I'll play multiple too)
-Please tell me your limits on mature content and preferences
If you read these please say Purple when you DM me

Its also based on The Boys, MHA and Invincible. It will be a slightly darker take on heroes. Who get into intense adventures and fights. Not to mention instense and steamy scenes. Some will be self centered, some will be selfless.
This is a world where the heroes are treated like Celebrities> Working for a mega company called The Hero Association:HA. Popular, loved, famous, and known by everyone. At times it seems they do more advertising then actual crimefighting. Some enjoy the fame and money. Others dont enjoy it. The Company also trains new Heroes, preparing them for future generations. Despite it, theyre at least doing good work....right?
Unknown to some, the company actually CREATES or employs the villains the heroes fight. Making it easy for the villains to escape their max prisons. Its also why some villains are able to get away so easily. It also creates a lot of disasters heroes save. Such as buildings falling, fires, collapsing bridges, natural disasters etc. Yet, there are some heroes who know this and actively take part in it.
These heroes are given favoriability and often exploit other heroes for their benefit.
The young heroes are used to figure out who will be the 'next big thing'.
Which will you be
A hero who will do the right thing
A hero who sells out
Still looking!
Really want to do this one
Name:David/Dani Bell
Alias:Black Cat
Age 19
Powers:Teleportation, Invisibility and shadow self(Can create a duplicate made of shadow. The duplicate can fight but its also very weak)
Look:Shoulder length white hair, fair skin, one yellow eye one blue eye. Has an eyepatch over their blue eye at times. Their skin is also very pale. A thin frame. Their overall look can be androgynous at time.
Other:David/Dani is nonbinary. They tend to dress as either gender at times, and uses They/Them pronouns.
Another character
Happy spooky season
More ideas and characters to come
Still looking
Name Mayor Amanda Smith
age 34
Look:Short dark hair, professional attire, wears a gold ring, curvy body. Is known for her charming smile, and special heels.
Personality:Amanda looks and behaves like a mayor who cares about her city. Wanting the best for everyone, and giving back to the community. She also seems to care about others. However, Amanda is also very spineless. She knows of the Hero Association's corrupt deals, and often lets them have free reign to do what they want. Even giving taxpayer money to them. She does so out of fear of what they will do if she ever decides to go against. Remembering the previous mayor, her own mentor Lucas Washington was killed by Omni-Woman, but made to look like he got in a car accident.

Another character to reveal herself
Still looking for this one
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