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If you have any ideas to share feeel free to DM me ^.^
This one is still open, if you’re interested shoot me a DM
And share any ideas you have too!
Looking for F

-Password is Purple
They are a perfect couple! He is a aspiring journalist who is still trying to get his big break. She is a model doing numerous photoshoots world wide! They both known one another since college, but....does he know her REally?

The Model side is just a cover, she is secretly a deadly assassin. The trips she take alone are really contracts. She seduces and sleeps with the targets! Sometimes the missions are sucessful, and sometimes they have a bit more work put into them.

She keeps this from him, out of protecting him. Yet there is part of her that does it because she surely enjoys hiding it. The thrill of her secret life. Its too much fun! She has the love of her life, and the debacherous life. Perfectly balanced!

That is until...her boyfriend has a target on his head from a rival assassin. Now she must reveal the truth and keep him safe!
Spooky season may be over, but Im still looking for this idea
Anyone ready for a good spooky season?
Still looking for this idea
Happy Spooky Season!
Still looking
Just a heads up still looking
Still Looking for this idea btw ^,^
Hello All, this idea is still open!
Also this idea can have be in several different settings.
Be it
Modern Fantasy(where fantasy creatures like elves, orcs, cat-people etc are just part of everyday society)
Scifi(Mutants, synthetic humans, androids, superhumans)
Or just regular people but thats not as fun to me
Heads up still looking!
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