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Interested in DC
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Vampire x mortal
Ghost x mortal
message me we can discuss some things
I have some plots of my own ^.^
Awesome. ^^ Btw, if anyone else he has a PS4 I'd love to play Xenoverse 2 with you guys sometime.

I play it on Xbox Buddy
Quote: "Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better."
Name: Shiro Mochizuki
Age: 28
Race: Human
Family: None. He's an orphan.
Bio: TBR
Personality: TBR
Likes: Training, Fighting, protecting the weak, developing more lightning-based techniques, cloudwatching/stargazing
Dislike: Those who abuse their power, overly talkative people, large crowds
Abilities/techniques - Discovered a way to convert his ki into lightning he can control to an extent, which, due to being electricity and not just ki anymore, is closer to a raw element than a ki blast, making it a very bad idea to block his attacks without an actual barrier, and making them hard to dodge due to how erratic and unpredictable lightning is.
Super - Lightning Strike(Super God Punch, but instead of wrapping his fist in ki he wraps his fist in electricity), Shock Hammer(Lightning enhanced Sledgehammer), Thunder Crash(Arm Crash, but with once again with lightning instead of Ki), Drain Charge(this will later be upgraded to Super Drain and Hyper Drain, but it will take a bit of time and training before that happens), Paralyze Beam
Ultimate - Perfect Kamehameha
Transformations: None...yet(He's working on something involving his lightning but it'll take him some time to complete.)
Master: Self-taught
Other: ZENO

Quote: I'm the strongest!
Name: Mizune Briefs
Title: Sayain Queen
Race: Sayain and human
(Base form is pitch black hair, and blue eyes)
Family: Descendant Vegeta
Bio: (Optional)
Personality: TOught fighter, strong, quick thinking, brave, can be hot headed, never gives up,
Likes: Food, training, having fun, fighting, Protecting people
Dislike:CLowns, being bored, weakling
Abilities/techniques:(Supers) Galick Gun, Meteor Crash,Flash Bomb(A fiery energy ball) Dragon CLaw Strike(Hands become Ki-Claws and she slashes at the foe)
(Ultimate) Super Galick Gun
Hell Fire Bomb(A fiery large energy Ball)
Super Dragon Claw(Creates a giant Ki claw, slashes the foe, before fires a energy blast from her mouth)
(Skill) Energy Barrier
Transformations: [like supersayain or the gaint form of piccolo. Please be reason able, we have just started] Super Sayain(Can inly use SSJ2)
Master:None is self taught, but is looking for one
Other: Want to travel to Universe 11, and meet the Pride Troopers
Is this acceptable?

Name: Tuns
Title: Dancing Queen
Age: 50
Race: The Freeza Clan
Appearance: His head is shaped like a chest nut. He lacks bio gems on his body, and he has two horns on his head.
Family: No one of particular notice.
Bio: A member of Freeza's clan who enjoys Earth music.
Likes: Disco, Moon Walk, Rap, Swiss Cheese,
Dislike: Evil, Rock n' Roll.
Abilities/techniques Para Para Dance, Drunken Fist, Milky Cannon, and Death Beam (His 5 supers), Super Kamehameha (1 ultimate), Instant Transmission (1 Skill)
Transformations: No transformation.

Missing a few things
Overall accepted
What sort of abilities can be chosen? Stuff like Para Para Dance allowed?

That should be fine
Again nothing over powered
So no Hakai, Techniques done by Beerus or Whis, Basially abilities by god level characters
Its the 2020, humans have been infected with a deadly plant that if inhaled will make their spores grow inside of you and kill you within three days. If you haven't died from that the plant will re-animate your corpse to multiply by biting people and spreading the infection around. 15 years later whats left of the worl government united under a group of leaders and made a sactuary. Its was later dicovered some were immune, but those who were immune went under inhumane testing in hopes of finding a cure. All test subjects were failures due to incomatiable blood. A rebellion rose up against themhating the rules protecting those in power, and for the mistreatment of others. Its a war between the two factions and the zombies. Caught in the middle are three. One is a officer for the government, one is a high ranking rebel and another is a little girl, who is immune but blood is compatible to make a cure for all.

I want this to b a 50/50 plot and smut
I dont have many limits when it comes to mature content, but will let you know if I have any
Im open to ANY ideas you may have
I also have a few more zombie rps planned stay tuned
100 Years after the tournament of power, new fighters, new foes and new journeys. The two Omni Kings have decided to allow all the 12 universes be connected, they can all meet and train with one another. At the samtime theyre hosting something similar to Universe 7's World Tournament.
The Multiverse Tournament! Fighters can sign up and the winner gets a wish from the Super Dragonballs!
This is before the tournament.
COme joing the fun and find out what will happen Next time on
Select Universe where this will take place
Universe 7
Universe 11
Universe 6
Universe 10
Universe 2
Ceneter Universe(A new universe where anyone ofthe other 12 can meet, hand out or talk)

No OP Characters right away, IE No god forms.....yet.
Sense its late no one is stronger then super sayain 2 gohan, BUT Cant destroy planers etc right away
No killing characters unless permission is given
No godmodding
If fighting one another, we can discuss who will win or loose here in the OOC
Can be descendents Of other DBZ-DBS characters(Of the universes)
Please state which universe your in
Swearing is allowed
Transofmrations allowed(AGAIN nothingOp like Golden Form, Potential Unleashes, Ultra Instinct, God forms,YET)
Can be ANY race ofthe existing ones(No Angels, Kais etc, be reasonable)
Similar Builds as Xenoverse(Charging energy doesnt count) 5 main techniques(either existing ones or ones you made up) 3 Ultimate techniques, once special skill(Like barrier, instant transmission explosive wave), and one transformation(Kaio-Ken is ok to use with another transformation)
Wait to be approved before you RP
When making an OC, be creative with itm, funny etc. Basically have fun.
Put ZENO in he character sheet if you read the rules

Quote: [Optional]
Title: [This is if you wish to be King of Planet Vegeta, King of Acrosians, Guardian of Earth, any of the kais, etc. MUST BE APPROVED BY GM]
Race: [Each race has unique abilities]
Appearance: [Picture or description]
Family: [Ask permission from a member if you wish to be a part of their blood family. If so, inherit a technique of their choosing, MUST BE APPROVED BY GM]
Bio: (Optional)
Personality: (Optional)
Abilities/techniques(5 super, 3 ultimate and 1 skill)
Transformations: [like supersayain or the gaint form of piccolo. Please be reason able, we have just started]
Master: (Optional)
Parents:(Clone of Joker, and Batman)
Age: 18
Alias: Smiling Shadow
Appearence:Resembles Bruce Wayne, has a bright green streak in his hair, one blue eye and one green eye, and a wide smile. Pale skin

Why they were put in Arkham:Mass murder
Major Ability:Intelligence
Minor Ability: faster then Batman or Joker
Skills: Skilled in martial arts and steal
Personality: Has batman's training and disciplie, which joker's insanity and unpredictable nature.
Bio: Was a experiment made by Ra's Al Ghul. In hope to see if a clone madeof the the two make a perfect killing machine. He was sucessful but realized that he couldnt be controlled.
Weapon of choice:A Crowbar, and serrated knife.
Other:Has feelings for Nyla, thinks they could be the new Joker and Harley Quinn
Still looking Folks
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