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Current Hey everyone! Things are slowly coming around. Still alot to do and now a new Laptop to get into that direction! :3 Maybe now I can get back to roleplaying like I've always wanted!
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3 yrs ago
I have to an important decision in my life to step away from roleplaying till i can get my life in order since it is in a web of confusion and uncertainty. I still wish to talk to you all. Im sorry.
4 yrs ago
Craving a Bleach Rp. Hmm.....
4 yrs ago
9-11 never forget
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4 yrs ago
I feel like crap, im tired of holding in the pain by being strong, im tired and I just want to let it out....
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Hello! Those looking at this I would like to Introduce myself:
My name is Jazz as you may know, I have been in the guild a few or so years before it had crashed and was rebuilt. I like video games: ranging with XboxOne and PC. I absolutely Assassin's Creed, Halo, Witcher and Splinter Cell. I do play some minecraft but not a hardcore mincrafter.
I also like to draw but not a huge pro with my style close to manga/anime like. But loving the chibiness. Love my music, and its ranged kind not exactly specific on genre but more bands and their songs. Some of a bands songs I like, some of theirs I dont like.
As you may know I roleplay but can rp so many before I am over loaded. I like to roleplay many different fandom based roleplays and some I would be willing to try:
-Witcher -Halo -Assassin's Creed -RWBY -Marvel -Transformers -Fate/Stay night
-Nauto -Star Wars -Lord of the Rings -Yu-Gi-Oh! -Black Butler -Supernatural -Red vs. Blue -Inuyasha -DMC -FMA(Fullmetal Alchemist)
I am usually up for anything if you wanna give me a holler. I usually do 1x1s cause I don't like making alot of people wait on me for a post since my post time is based on anything. I have a phone I like to look at these but I dont like posting from it cause of the autocorrect on it. Other than that I like crossovers sometimes, romance, humor, adventure. Not too big on horror rps. Its the whole imagination within me saying thats real and stuff when I know its not yet isn't too freaked out with Haunted houses. I usually cover my ears since some of them are really really loud and my ears hate the loud noises.
Anyway. I can male or female characters, im not tooo picky. You need a male character and if hes a fictional character, I might be able too, same goes for female. I can even do male x male or boy x girl, though havent done a girl x girl so there is that.

I live in Oklahoma, US. So central time for me of when I maybe on though I dont think with the fact that i use my phone for this site that I am ever shown offline so *shrug*

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Carth could only shrug as his answer to Ash's question. He wondered just as much as she did as to what the redhead woman was waiting on. "Maybe waiting for us? I do not have a clue. For now, food is on my mind, and then some good night sleep." He told her with a small smile to his lips as he continued to eat. It was when he was done that he felt satisfied and ready to hit the hay for the night. He hadn't forgotten that the redhead was there, just wondered what she was waiting on. "Feeling any better?" He asks Ash, genuinely curious.
Carth snorted a laugh to try from escaping his lips, but understood where she was coming from since he was happy to see such good food. Carth started in on his plate after thanking the maid, keeping an eye on the red haired woman himself as well. He shrugged again when Ash mentioned the white robed figures being a clan of Assassin's. "Wonder where they came from if rumors are starting to flutter around like a migration of butterflies. Think they heard news of what's going on and investigating too?" He asked, looking thoughtful of the idea and maybe seeing they could get their help. It was more like hopeful thinking at this point.
The brunette seemed to beam with delight at the sudden news. He would finally get to let out some steam by confusing this woman that we would be soon following. He hoped they'd still get to sleep because he knew they both needed it. Carth wondered what information the base would have. If it was anything near what help them solve this than it amazing.

What also had Carth curious about was the White order of magic users and the White robed assassins. He wondered if they were from around here or if they came from somewhere far off. He guessed that the creatures were a place to start first before seeing about these white robed figures. "Base first, robed figures second? Both sound interesting in their own rights." Carth declared with a shrug.
Carth seemed to debate this more but then seemed to pout when Ash didnt seem to want to participate in the slight of fun he had planned. Why did she have to ruin it like that, he will never know.

The brunette seemed to stop pouting when Ash seemed to get serious and seeing the red haired woman at the bar. He listned to what Ash could seem to listen to only to wonder if she could read lips. He waant fluent but he would be able to catch bits and pieces. He wondered what could be so bad about this white robed figures. What could be so bad about them. "Well. Sounds like we have some leads that might lead somewhere. Wanna check out one of those?" He asked her, wanting her opinion.
Carth smiles as he sees her concede to the barmaids orders as he continues to take drinks on the ale. He had to admit that rubbing the temples were the universal language for having a headache. It was nice of the barmaid though and one that would definitely get a tip from him. Mainly for showing attention to their guests. The flame user glanced to the red haired woman before even thinking about what his thoughts were.

"And thats their downside. Their nosey. Let her be nosey. I want her bored off her ass or frustrated. We can either confuse her or be boring. Either way it will bring me great pleasure in making this woman's gears turn." A smirk passing across his lips. "Though i like the mischief route so much better." He admits as the smirk morphs into a goofy grin. Yes. This young man could be quite the goof ball. It was who he showed this side to would get the chance to see what he was really like then the brave and serious mask he always put on.
Taking a glance to Ash's directions, he indeed saw the red-headed woman that was indeed watching them from the other side of the room with some of of interest to them that even he didnt understand. As much as he wanted to walk up to her and demand answers, he didnt want to cause a scene. "Or all the above. Either way, we might need to keep an eye kn her too. See what she wants and how shes trying to get it. Though confusing her sounds like a good option." He purposed, a glint of mischief clearly present for only Ash to see. He seemed to already thinking about how to go about it, except was distracted by the barmaid who came to give them their drinks. Though in doing so handed them one more and it was a mug of what seemed to be tea. The barmaid winked to Ash as she scooted it in front of her encouragingly.

"Herbal tea sweety. It'll help unwind the mind. Good for headaches too. No buts either you hear me? I want to see it downed before i get back with your meals." Having that mother like tone before leaving without any words to be exchanged. Carth was indeed surprised about what just happened. But it seemed that this inn knew how to help those who seemed to need it. He leaned over to take a sniff of the mug only to hum with content. "Yep. Smells nice too." He confirms too before taking a drink of his ale.
Carth could only nod as he sat down at a table that was empty. He looked to Ash to see she was rubbing her temples. "Headache?" He asks, his eyes showing concern, understanding that so far this was all just a huge headache. He knew this quest wasnt going to be easy but this was all surrounded in mystery that seemed to start with Ash. All the more the reason to figure it out to take that off her.

For now all Carth could think about was food and they derserved a good meal after all that. He could afford it. He raised his hand to try to catch a barmaid and put on his best smile. Successing, Carth waved her over. "May we have two full platesand two pints, one ale, one water please?" He asks kindly. The young maid nods, "Coming right up, sir!" Before going off to get their order. Carth sits back as he looks to Ash, still noticing the feeling of being watch which was starting to grate on his nerves for some reason.
If Carth knew if they were being watched or not, he didn't let it show and seemed relaxed, especially after what happened tonight. He gave a curt nod when Ash pointed out that they were being watched but didn't seem to make any sort of move to do anything. When making it to an Inn, he let Ash pick the rooms while he paid. With a thank you, Carth goes with Ash to go to a pub when she asks if he an idea who would follow them, he simply shrugged. "No clue. Wish they would stop and just tell us what they want." Carth stated with slight annoyance.
Upon getting the horses settled for the evening, Carth got his horse settled and fed, even giving it an apple for its hard work. He then looked at Ash when she mentioned a room and dinner. He had to admit he was hungry. Really hungry actually. He had no idea if it was because of being an Elementalist but he had quite the appetite when he used his fire. And to be honest he had used quite a bit of it too. "Rooms and dinner sound good. I am quite hungry, to be honest." He left when Ash was ready and made their way to the Inn for dinner and rooms.
Carth looked to be in thought about the nickname but figured that he would find out somehow. Carth looked ahead to see that there were indeed lights. He figured then that the lights were the village itself illuminating considering how dark it was out.

Soon it was upon reaching where the village was within sight that Carth seemed to feel a bit more at ease. He had the horses continue on their path to the village where he would find a stable give their horses rest before going to find an inn and get them rooms. Carth helped when Ash needed assistance.
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