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10 days ago
Current I'm now 30 yrs old and my 10th year on the site! Wewt!
1 yr ago
Well. Can say that with having a kiddo of my own, a partner that has taken the financial reins while letting me figure all this out. I only hope I can get into a decent routine.
5 yrs ago
Hey everyone! Things are slowly coming around. Still alot to do and now a new Laptop to get into that direction! :3 Maybe now I can get back to roleplaying like I've always wanted!
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7 yrs ago
I have to an important decision in my life to step away from roleplaying till i can get my life in order since it is in a web of confusion and uncertainty. I still wish to talk to you all. Im sorry.
7 yrs ago
Craving a Bleach Rp. Hmm.....


Hello! Those looking at this I would like to Introduce myself:
My name is Jazz as you may know, I have been in the guild a few or so years before it had crashed and was rebuilt. I like video games: ranging with XboxOne and PC. I absolutely Assassin's Creed, Halo, Witcher and Splinter Cell. I rarely play but still try. I have a kiddo of my own and a small part time job and a partner who is letting figure out how to be a mom while I also get a routine together of how to go about the day to day.
I also like to draw but not a huge pro with my style close to manga/anime like. But loving the chibiness. Love my music, and its ranged kind not exactly specific on genre but more bands and their songs. Some of a bands songs I like, some of theirs I dont like.
As you may know I roleplay but can rp so many before I am over loaded. I like to roleplay many different fandom based roleplays and some I would be willing to try:
-Witcher -Halo -Assassin's Creed -Marvel -Transformers -Fate/Stay night
-Nauto -Star Wars -Yu-Gi-Oh! -Black Butler -Supernatural
I am usually up for anything if you wanna give me a holler. I usually do 1x1s cause I don't like making alot of people wait on me for a post since my post time is based on anything. I have a phone I like to look at these but I dont like posting from it cause of the autocorrect on it. Other than that I like crossovers sometimes, romance, humor, adventure. Not too big on horror rps. Its the whole imagination within me saying thats real and stuff when I know its not yet isn't too freaked out with Haunted houses. I usually cover my ears since some of them are really really loud and my ears hate the loud noises.

Anyway. I can male or female characters, im not tooo picky. You need a male character and if hes a fictional character, I might be able too, same goes for female. I can even do male x male or boy x girl, though havent done a girl x girl so there is that.

PLEASE BARE WITH ME! I am trying to get back into my roleplaying way but not as much as I use to. I try to post one or twice a day mainly based on how many roleplays I have. I am trying not to disappear like I use to but back then I was trying to pick the pieces of my life up and was trying to focus on my own survival.

I am very very very thankful to the people who have stayed with me through those hard times I had and were hella patient with me while I got my life in order. You know who you are and I am blessed to have you as friends. While I am still getting it all together, I am better where I am now and coming back stronger than I was before

I live in Oklahoma, US. So central time for me. I maybe online but most times during the weekday I am working within the evening.

I also have a twitch, trying to be a streamer: m.twitch.tv/jazzspartan013/home

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Yami thought about this. All of what he'd seem come back to him. He had thought about it but figured it was better to strew on what he remembered here before going into something more serious. "If I could later on. I want to think about what I've remember so far before I continue."

"I guess so. This has been my main deck since I got into duel monsters. I found them fascinating."

Seto nodded as he though about what he was being told. "The human factor would be a problem considering nowadays anyone can worship a deity and don't have to reside in that country. So all we can do if figure out how to get rid of Apep's options of escaping the shadow Realm all together."
Priest Mahad enters the room to assist Atem with Zhara. Making their way out of the room and onto a bed for her to lay on her back for the healers to take care of.

Marik nodded and came to sat down at the coffee table. Looking at the cards of her deck, Joey was surprised. "That is an interesting set of cards. In that duel you called them spell-Counters?" Joey asks.

Cora nods. "They help my monsters in a number of ways. Boosting attack and defence, adding monsters to my field, what ever I need with what monster I use and the effect they have."

Seto looked at the screen before him and sighs. "I may have some. Do you possibly know of any gods or goddesses that maybe helping Apep right now? He has to have some support if he able to do what he's doing now. That or he has so many members to his cult to influence his powers."
Atem was almost thrown off ballance being pulled in. He rushed to Zhara's side when seeing sitting on the floor. He carefully helped her to her feet. "Can you stand?" He asks her.

Cora stops fidgeting with the card in her hand as she looks to Odion's hand on hers as she listened to his words. She can only smile as she looks to him. "Thank you. I'll take it to heart." She looks to the deconstructed deck and thinks about putting it away when she sees Joey coming into the run. "Sorry 'bout that, need to use the little men's room. Hey Cora, if you wanna we can look at your deck together, maybe see what we're working with."

Cora nods as Joey comes to sit across from her. "Wanna help us Odion?" Joey asks.

Kaiba leans back in the chair as he thinks about the information Set gave him about the Goddesses abilities. Wondering what could be done. In the mean time he was sure Yugi went to bed.
Both Pharaoh and Priest Mahad watched as Zhara got up and headed for a room. Mahad went to one of the beds to set Mana on. "Rest here for now Mana." They wait a bit before some worry starts to set in. They both make their way toward the room Zhara went in. "Zhara?" Atem called out, hoping he was okay.

Cora nods, understanding what Odion was saying. "Alright. I'm sorry, I feel new to having friends. Especially so many at once." She explains while fidgeting with a card in her hands.

Seto watched the soldier like monsters vanish in the the wind after given their instructions. To hear the god ask about his brother was a question he did not expect. "He will be alright. He is currently resting. Yugi healed a concussion he had." Kaiba explained. He had to admit that opening like this, especially about his brother felt weird.
Priest Mahad looked concerned. He hurried to the group ahead. "My king! Mana might have an idea of what's going on with Zhara's injury! It was a blade infused with magic." Atem looked toward his priest before looking back to the Healers and Zhara. "Is there a way to heal such a wound?" He asks.

Cora had gone back to sorting her cards when she straightened her posture instantly and felt like she had been caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Taking a deep breath and relaxing a little, looked up to the man who was with Marik before deciding to answer. "Well, I ummm...you see...I don't know if it is out of line, but I was wondering if there was a way I could help Yugi. I have a feeling he still isn't feeling good and didn't know if it would help him any by giving him help my the healing ability we were given." Feel nervous about it all.

Seto eyes Set with curiosity as he explained their options. "It would be more beneficial to have him here then. That way Mako could rest and then be explained everything." Seto concludes.
The healers had put a thick cloth to try and stop the bleeding they made it to the Healers ward noticing that this was quite serious and trying to pick up the pace for Zhara's sake.

"A blade that glowed red? Did you sense any magic coming from it?" He asks her as he walked.

Joey nodded, getting up to see Cora. Marik let Odion take Yugi while he went to find a place for Yugi. He opted for a couch still when Cora noticed while separting her cards. She wanted to say something but didn't know if it was wise to.

Seto looked to the god with a curious look on how he looked but left it be. He certainly wasn't surprised that Set know Adam. "I have of need of some of your scouts. I found Mako, however with how late it is, we do not have anyone who is in any condition till tomorrow. We need to have Mako protected till we can have a good number of the group well enough to retrieve him."
Atem smiled, nodding to her request. "He is in fact. I am sure he will be open minded to any ideas." Walking with Zhara and the healers that were trying to help and keep an eye on Zhara.

Priest Mahad looked to his apprentice on hearing her words. He wondered what it meant and might in the future. He would wait till it was just Zhara and the Pharaoh to speak about Mana said. "It's alright, Mana."

Marik wrapped an arm around Yugi to catch him, maneuvering him to pick him up and carry him. "I'll take care of Yugi if you want to take care of Cora." Taking Yugi to another couch to rest.

Seto nods. He then pulls out the God card Set from his deck and sets it on the Desk. "Set. I summon you for a task."
Atem picked up the staff, handing it Zhara when he dropped it. He could tell the wound was bad. "Your wounds need to be tended to now, Zhara. Everything will be arranged accordingly." He informs her. Mahad nods in agreement.

Seth looks away from the Priestess, not admitting that it seemed like a good idea. "I will hear them out on their ideas."

Marik moved and helped stabilize Yugi. "That may not be advisable Yugi. I hate to say it but you need sleep now. We'll check on Duke and Mokuba in the mean time. You need rest now."

Seto nods, thinking about it. He looks to Adam. "Something wrong?" He asks casually.
Mahad nodded and came over to his Apprentice and checked her over. "I thank you for protecting her Zhara." A healer also helping check her over.

Atem watched her to see the wound on her back and the cuts and bruises he was able to make out. "I am unharmed. Priest Seth I am sure is seeing a healer as we speak." The other two healers came up to Zhara to check her over and immediately noticed the gash on her back. "Lady Zhara, we must tend to you immediately. Please come with us." By then Mahad had his Apprentice in his arms and the guards ready to head out.

Priest Seth was caught off guard by Lady Isis and her assisting him. "I understand...." He wanted to show his long overdue gratitude toward Zhara.

Joey nods. "We got Cora. You get some rest and you can help her out tomorrow." He agrees with grin letting Yugi know that they got it and willing to help.

"From what I was told Rex Raptor and Weevil Underwood were attacked on brought into the Brotherhood. From where Mako has been trying to find Joey. My guess is that he knows that Joey would help out." Seto reasoned as he sat down in the chair. "From here it would be figuring out if we should get to him now or wait till morning."
Getting the Ka spirits in the tablets was easier Zhara's assistance and the hosts pinned down. Atem got to one of the towers to see what was going on when he saw Zhara on the outer wall and with Mana in her arms. Having some healers on standby and ready to assist the wounded before they could be assisted by the guards to be escorted to the Healers Quarters.

"Shimon! Have the guards sweep the city for any injured and robbed figures that maybe left scattered to the wind." The Pharaoh comes down from the tower to fetch some a few healers himself and some guards. "I'm off to retrieve my shadow." As the gates open, Priest Mahad comes down from the wall. "My king! Wait!" When he reaches Atem he kneels before him. "I humbly request to go with you so I may protect you and see to my Apprentice." Atem nods. "Rise Priest Mahad and come." They go see to the two women.

As Priest Seth descends from the wall nursing his side, watches the small group with the Pharaoh. Priest Aknadin places a hand on Seth's shoulder and shakes his head. "You need to see to a healer." The young Priest concedes and goes to a healer as requested.

Joey scrambled from his seat and went to Yugi. Helping him sit back down. "Careful Yugi. I don't want to see Cora hurt either. But it doesn't hurt to ask her. If you really want to push through then go to bed. I'm sure you'll feel better in the morning." Wheeler suggests.

Kaiba tried to find a camera as out of the way as possible but close to the docks. It was then that he made it figure that looked like Mako on his boat like he waking sure it was secured while watching for something. Seto watched a little longer. "Looks like he will be alright. Set said that his scouts found Mako trying to get ahold of Wheeler. May have him go after Mako and bring him here.
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