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3 mos ago
Current Hey everyone! Things are slowly coming around. Still alot to do and now a new Laptop to get into that direction! :3 Maybe now I can get back to roleplaying like I've always wanted!
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2 yrs ago
I have to an important decision in my life to step away from roleplaying till i can get my life in order since it is in a web of confusion and uncertainty. I still wish to talk to you all. Im sorry.
2 yrs ago
Craving a Bleach Rp. Hmm.....
3 yrs ago
9-11 never forget
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3 yrs ago
I feel like crap, im tired of holding in the pain by being strong, im tired and I just want to let it out....
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Hello! Those looking at this I would like to Introduce myself:
My name is Jazz as you may know, I have been in the guild a few or so years before it had crashed and was rebuilt. I like video games: ranging with xbox 360 and PC. I absolutely Assassin's Creed, Halo, Witcher and Splinter Cell. I do play some minecraft but not a hardcore mincrafter.
I also like to draw but not a huge pro with my style close to manga/anime like. But loving the chibiness. Love my music, and its ranged kind not exactly specific on genre but more bands and their songs. Some of a bands songs I like, some of theirs I dont like.
As you may know I roleplay but can rp so many before I am over loaded. I like to roleplay many different fandom based roleplays and some I would be willing to try:
-Witcher -Halo -Assassin's Creed -RWBY -Marvel -Transformers -Fate/Stay night
-Nauto -Star Wars -Lord of the Rings -Yu-Gi-Oh! -Black Butler -Supernatural -Red vs. Blue -Inuyasha -DMC -FMA(Fullmetal Alchemist)
I am usually up for anything if you wanna give me a holler. I usually do 1x1s cause I don't like making alot of people wait on me for a post since my post time is based on anything. I have a phone I like to look at these but I dont like posting from it cause of the autocorrect on it. Other than that I like crossovers sometimes, romance, humor, adventure. Not too big on horror rps. Its the whole imagination within me saying thats real and stuff when I know its not yet isn't too freaked out with Haunted houses. I usually cover my ears since some of them are really really loud and my ears hate the loud noises.
Anyway. I can male or female characters, im not tooo picky. You need a male character and if hes a fictional character, I might be able too, same goes for female. I can even do male x male or boy x girl, though havent done a girl x girl so there is that.

I live in Oklahoma, US. So central time for me of when I maybe on though I dont think with the fact that i use my phone for this site that I am ever shown offline so *shrug*

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I like how we started the old one. I think it was about like that I think.
I have them still saved too. Need to get back into it. Been trying to job hunt and all that fun stuff.
I know :(
Dont know on the second one. WOuld have to watch it again and that would be waiting till dvd.

As for the first question is because she became the Soul stone. Since she was the stone. bringing her back would be impossible. Hence Grimora is still alive and not Natasha. Because in the 'past' Thanos didnt get to kill Grimora to get the stone. Clint and Natasha beat him to it. And when Bruce used it at first, he admitted that he tried but didnt succeed.
It did. :( It did alot. :(
I know.....and black widow.
Awwwwwww! I sorry! *Hugs*
It was great. Loved it till that end. :( I was crying.
I saw it saturday. I understood the tissue half and the no down time for bathroom breaks.
Okay. Noted
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