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Current Hey everyone! Things are slowly coming around. Still alot to do and now a new Laptop to get into that direction! :3 Maybe now I can get back to roleplaying like I've always wanted!
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2 yrs ago
I have to an important decision in my life to step away from roleplaying till i can get my life in order since it is in a web of confusion and uncertainty. I still wish to talk to you all. Im sorry.
2 yrs ago
Craving a Bleach Rp. Hmm.....
3 yrs ago
9-11 never forget
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3 yrs ago
I feel like crap, im tired of holding in the pain by being strong, im tired and I just want to let it out....
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Hello! Those looking at this I would like to Introduce myself:
My name is Jazz as you may know, I have been in the guild a few or so years before it had crashed and was rebuilt. I like video games: ranging with xbox 360 and PC. I absolutely Assassin's Creed, Halo, Witcher and Splinter Cell. I do play some minecraft but not a hardcore mincrafter.
I also like to draw but not a huge pro with my style close to manga/anime like. But loving the chibiness. Love my music, and its ranged kind not exactly specific on genre but more bands and their songs. Some of a bands songs I like, some of theirs I dont like.
As you may know I roleplay but can rp so many before I am over loaded. I like to roleplay many different fandom based roleplays and some I would be willing to try:
-Witcher -Halo -Assassin's Creed -RWBY -Marvel -Transformers -Fate/Stay night
-Nauto -Star Wars -Lord of the Rings -Yu-Gi-Oh! -Black Butler -Supernatural -Red vs. Blue -Inuyasha -DMC -FMA(Fullmetal Alchemist)
I am usually up for anything if you wanna give me a holler. I usually do 1x1s cause I don't like making alot of people wait on me for a post since my post time is based on anything. I have a phone I like to look at these but I dont like posting from it cause of the autocorrect on it. Other than that I like crossovers sometimes, romance, humor, adventure. Not too big on horror rps. Its the whole imagination within me saying thats real and stuff when I know its not yet isn't too freaked out with Haunted houses. I usually cover my ears since some of them are really really loud and my ears hate the loud noises.
Anyway. I can male or female characters, im not tooo picky. You need a male character and if hes a fictional character, I might be able too, same goes for female. I can even do male x male or boy x girl, though havent done a girl x girl so there is that.

I live in Oklahoma, US. So central time for me of when I maybe on though I dont think with the fact that i use my phone for this site that I am ever shown offline so *shrug*

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Yeah. Somewhat working on it. But I know about the hardship of potty training. Helping potty train my siblings It was interesting x3
Im okay. Getting stuff sorted, trying to find a job which has been difficult since january 19 after I got fired january 17. Im hating the fact that im having provide the money I barely have and asking my mom to see if I can help. But on the slight free time I have, trying to come back here and rp again.
The laughter, hustle and bustle as shops, and trades set up and or ready for business. Children running and playing it was all so exciting. She saw many thing that involved flowers, streamers, ribbons, banners and even the slight breeze of petals from the blossom trees. Her lit up as she continued to walk, weave through the people till she was within the center of the Towns Square. Silena decided to help others while she was there with their set ups, handed gifts, and had come to play with some children that bumped into her at one point for a bit.

It wasn't until she felt someone watching her. The same watchful gaze from the shadows, having kept an eye on her since she could remember. She hadn't noticed it much but now that she wasn't under so many peoples gaze, Silena looks to the direction she can feel that gaze but doesn't go for being direct and going within the mass crowd. Looking for her target wasn't exactly easy, but managed to find the protective aura that she come to feel within her life that wasn't her father.

Creeping up on the servant Silena recognized and couldn't forget a face, tackled her pray with a playful roar from behind Loki. "RRRAAWW~! Got you~!" She knew that she shouldn't get close or have any ties with servants of any kind but Silena couldn't help but be happy for what today was. That and actually felt proud of herself for her assumptions so far.
Later, elsewhere on the island...

"So what's you're ba-rilliant mind tellin' ya now, Sherlock?" Tristen looks to Joey with a Skeptical look on his face.
"Beats me. Right now, the only thing my brilliant mind is doin' is givin' me a brilliant headache!" Joey counters and he hold his head with a wince.
Yugi was looking around where he could find a trace of Shadow, remembering what Yami taught him just earlier. Though he had found a moving shadow that was showing them the way, he did spot where the thieving took place. "Well, maybe we should stake out the scene of the crime. It's over there!" Yugi runs over to an arena with 146 stamped on the side, and sits down on the ground. Joey was the first the speak up. "Think the thief'll come back?"
"He just might, and we can put our heads together and plan in the meantime." Yugi suggested while looking around some more, someone in the bushes is watching them, as the other three walk over and join Yugi.
"Yeah, but don't forget one of those heads is Joey's. That's sorta like subtractin' one brain!" Tristen said with a thoughtful look. Joey glared at his friend while being sarcastic. "Ha, ha."
Yugi in the mean time noticed something about the bushes. It was what he was looking for, straight face about it. "I know you're out there! Show yourself!" Yami from the sidelines nodded to Shadow, proud for helping out like she did.
The masked kid leaps out of the bushes. "Ahh- ha!! I've found you at last, Yugi!!"
Everyone looked to the masked kid, ready for anything. "That must be the kid we were lookin' for!" Joey declared.
"I can handle 'im!" Tristen started walking towards the kid. "I hope so, you're twice his size!" Tea spoke up.
"Just try me, ya big dork!!" Mokuba challenged.
"Back off, kid!" Tristen warned as he stopped midway. "And hand over the star chips you swiped from that other duelist!!" Joey said next.
Yugi looked to the kid in realization. "Hold on. I think I know what this kid's after. He wants to duel." Joey and Tristen looks dumbfounded. "Huh?"
Yugi looks solely to the kid. "That's what you want, right? You wanna duel me?"
"You better believe it!" The kid confirms. In no time, Yugi is sliding into place atop the blue dueling podium, and his opponent atop the red.
Joey and the others on the sidelines looks confused. "I don't get it. Why is Yugi goin' to the trouble a' duelin' this guy, when we can just take those star chips away from 'im?"
"Y'know sometimes I don't think even Yugi knows why he does half the stuff he does." Tristen shrugs. Joey nods. "Huh. Yeah, it's kinda weird. D'ya think it has something to do with his Millennium Puzzle?" As Joey says this, the Millennium Puzzle begins to glow, and shakes and sways on its own. Yugi was replaced with Yami, though does anyone seem to notice but Shadow and Yubel.

"Now, how many star chips will you wager?" Yami asks calmly.
"To wipe you out? Five!" The kid declares.
"Then five it is; but only because I think I know why you're doing this." Yami states while setting down his four Star chips.
"I don't care what you think, Yugi, 'cause I think you're gonna lose!" The kid digs the stars from his pocket and scatters them on the console. As the more confident Yugi intently regards his opponent, the outline of a glowing golden eye shimmers on his forehead.

"What does Yugi see that we don't? It's like he's looking into the other player's soul." Tea noticed, unsure what to think about that.
"Hey-- soul, shmoll. I can see from here that that kid's gonna get his butt kicked!" Joey quipped
"Maybe, but Yugi should hurry if he plans to get those star chips back to the boat in time!" Tristen reminds.
"Don't worry, Tristan. He'll win the chips, and we'll be back at the dock with time to spare." Jaden says confidently.


Life Point Score:
Yugi: 2000
Kid: 2000
This is it, Yugi. Now you're gonna pay for what you did to *my big brother*... The kid thought to himself.
The Kingdom of Asgard

Rumored all around the cosmos to be the brightest beacon in all the realms. A kingdom that shines by it's golden palace and other structures that would seem to reach out toward the heavens. This Kingdom up close and within look advanced than the rest you would ever see....Well....That was what one was able to see from afar. But that alone all changed. A war broke out between Asgard and Jotunheim, the Army of the Allfather Odin and the Army of King Laufey.

It was a bloody and gruesome war where in the end, Laufey had been defeated by Odin of Asgard, though not without leaving a reminder on the Asgard of how fierce the battle was. At least that was what some were so told. But as the saying goes: an eye for an eye. In this case, it was a child for an eye. The Allfather took the child of the King of Jotunheim as a trophy for their Victory of that war.
Many say that Laufey abandoned the boy for the reason of the boy killing his mate at birth and that he was smaller than them. Who knows but this boy was Asgard's Trophy none the less.

And his name was Loki. The son of the King to Jotunheim.

Life at the palace was not easy for any servant or slave for that matter but Loki did what he could to get by without any mistakes. But that didn't mean the abuse wasn't any easier. Practicing his magic from an early age, he would often use his magic to keep the facade of looking fine and healthy, but without it and no one around, would be bruised and cut. Sometimes the cuts were bad, others not some much. Loki would be lucky his wounds would heal within a considerable rate. But that also meant his distrust for people especially men grew more and more each passing day.

The Crowning of Prince Thor, the God of Thunder was a celebration to all of Asgard as well as his marriage to the Warrior Goddess Sif. One that brought absolute joy to Asgard, was the birth was the young Princess Silena. That too was where our young Loki would have his life changed forever when he was charged with watching over her by the Royal Family. There were celebrations of the Princess' birth and the birthdays to come. But where the Princess was, there was Loki watching her like a shadow.

One day within the Gardens of the Palace of Asgard......

A young girl running among the countless flowers planted within the gardens, chasing a butterfly till it sat on one of the many flowers, fluttering its wings a moment before resting them and spread wide to see its beautiful, colorful wings. The girl laughs as she watches, not wanting to catch it, but watch it. It wasn't till the butterfly flew high where the Princess wouldn't be able to chase it anymore. The girl seemed down about this fact when she say something fluttering and green caught her attention. Looking to that color of green, Silena could see that it was a green butterfly. Not knowing if one existed or not, she was surprised to see another, then another. Before she knew it, there were about a dozen fluttering around the Princess and a few even landing on her and tickling her skin, giving her kisses which caused her to giggle.
Off in the distance and using the foliage as cover was the Jotun slave in a simple green tunic and black trousers and boots with a small smile on his lips as the girl was amazed and in awe with the butterflies he had made with his magic. Black hair short and sleeked back, watching Silena and her surrounding. When Silena was called, the butterflies flew away till they were out of sight and soon without her notice once her attention was elsewhere disappeared so no evidence of his magic was noticeable. His smile was gone and walked away to tend his other duties while staying near for when he needed.

From that day forward did the Joutun stay within the shadows till she turned the age of Fifteen and this is where we begin our story......

Asgard since the early morning was bustling with excitement for the festivities for the Princess' Fifteenth Birthday. Servants all around were getting ready be it decorations, food, you name it and many from the allied Kingdoms were invited as well as many talents and games for the people as entertainment. Since the moment that the Princess had awaken, she could feel the buzzing of the people and their excitement topped with her own for she was Fifteen. So far all her birthdays had been exciting but this one was obviously big. Though she would have much to do as the Princess, she did wish she could be out there to participate before the Ceremony. Knowing what the event was going to entail, she decided to dress in more common clothing as she sneaks out and go see what it was that she would possibly miss out on, heading out of the palace and into the town.
It was the henchman that was dragging the kid away so they could follow and that would have been how they followed. Though would be interesting her finding the thief and finding him that way too when they try to find who is actually Mokuba. But it will help when Joey has his moment of being a goof. x3
She's pretty. Hmmmmmmm...Im trying to think of something. For some reason Im already thinking of a deck for her. A Magicians deck. Trying to figure out how to tie her in. Granted I just woke up so my brain is not running completely just yet xD
I dont know. I might. Not sure what I would make though.
Your pics for Shadow aren't showing up :(
In the distance from the camp a tall figure stood with the cover of the forest at his disposal, making it hard for anyone to notice him. His piercing blue eyes looked to the group with observation and curiosity. "Seems I'll need to be more careful. She's interesting indeed. Time to keep my distance till the time is right. They maybe the only chance we have to save the future. I hope you're right about this." The figure spoke softly aloud before turning and walking away. "Now to look for Him..."

The Coming Morning......

"I wish I had more star chips." Jaden said as they walking a path in the scattered forests and meadows of Duelist Kingdom. He was feeling a little down about them not having found a duel for the poor kid since they got here. He was beginning wonder if he would ever at this rate. Yugi was walking with the younger and gave a smile. "Don't worry about it, Jaden, you're doing fine. You'll be able to find a duel soon. I'm sure of it." Being positive about the situation. Joey grinned like a fool. "Yeah. I'll make it my mission if I have to!" suddenly running ahead to stop while looking to Jaden and puts his hands on his hips and standing proud like some hero from a comic book with his chest puffed out. Everyone couldn't help but laugh at Joey's antics, knowing it was to help Jaden cheer up which seemed to work. "Alright." Jaden grinned and Joey couldn't feel any prouder when Jaden perked up.

"He-e-e-e-elp!!" They just heard a scream. Everyone startled and looks around for the source of the voice. "What's that?!" Tristen asks sudden alert as was Joey, their fighter instincts kicking in.
"Help me, somebody, please!"
Down the path, Kemo, one of Pegasus' goons in charge of the tournament, has a young duelist in a choke hold and is dragging him away. The young duelist was the source of the yelling and screaming. "Aaaagghhh, let go of me, somebody help me!!" This was when Joey and Tristen jumped to action. They weren't a fan of bullies and that was what they were seeing. "Hold on, kid, we're comin'!!" Tristen declared.
"Help, you gotta help me!!"
Tristan lunges for Kemo, cocking back a fist. "Let that kid go! I'm on the big guy!"
As Tristan approaches, Kemo tosses the kid aside; Tristan grabs Kemo by the arm and throws him. "Not too shabby." As Kemo flies through the air, he turns ninja; he flips over and uses the momentum to kick off from the ground and delivers a flying kick. Tristan falls to the ground, winded. "Ugh... I'm off the big guy...
The kid tries to scamper away, but Kemo grabs him by the arms. "Put me down!" "Quit squirming, ya little brat!"
"You heard 'im, needle-head! Put the kid down!" Joey stopped about ready to go after the man that had the young Duelist. Tea and Jaden had gone to Tristen to tend to him, Yugi looked to Tristen then the kid and Kemo. "What d'you think you're doing?"
"This is none of your business. This duelist lost his star chips. And the rules say he's to be kicked off the island!"
"But I didn't lose my chips in a duel, they were stolen from me! My cards, too!" The kid exclaims trying to get the man to see reason.
"I don't care what lame excuse you have, kid, you need star chips to duel and you haven't got any, so you're shippin' outta here! Those're the rules; those are my orders from Pegasus himself."
Tristan gets up, rubbing his head. "Ugh, that big creep! I say we follow 'im!
Yami was listening to the whole scene when he came up with an idea and looked to Shadow. 'I say we help. Attach to his shadow and leave some sort of trail incase we lose them, I can teach Yugi how to find it.' Yami advised. They could do this much to figure out what was going on. Yami was curious too....

Down at the dock, Kemo brings the struggling pink-shirted kid we saw earlier to a small rowboat, which is guarded by a couple of other tournament suits.
"Hey Kemo, what'd'ja catch?" One of them asks jokingly.
"Just another loser. Haha!" He tosses the kid into the rowboat, where he slams right into Weevil Underwood, and tosses his backpack onto his lap. Weevil rudely shoves him to the other side of the bench. "Hey, buzz off! They may be shipping me out, but I'm still Weevil Underwood, bug duelist extraordinaire!"
Intimidated, the kid stays away from Weevil, and sighs. "But I didn't even get a chance to duel..."
The kid turns to look; Yugi and his friends are running up the path toward the boat. "Hey, you!" Yugi calls out.
"You again?!" Kemo exclaimed, clearly annoyed.
"What did the guy who stole your star chips look like?" Yugi asked the kid, ignoring the man. He clearly wanted to help the boy. "Well, I couldn't see his face-- i-it was covered with a bandanna. But he was a little guy, and he challenged me in the meadow." The kid explained.
"He challenged you to a Duel Monsters game?" Yugi asked, wondering why the boy he was describing was trying to hiding his face.
"Yeah. But as soon as I put my star chips and Duel Monsters deck down, he snatched 'em up and ran off with them!"
"You shouldn't be shipped off the island for that! We'll get your star chips back."
Kemo folds his arms, getting between Yugi and the boat. "This boat leaves in exactly thirty minutes. Anyone without a star chip ships out."
"Then we'll get his chips back by that time." Jaden said with confidence.
Tristan punches his palm. "We won't let you bully him out of the game!"
"Nope! We'll catch that little thief and bring 'im to justice! Believe me, kid, you can count on us to track 'im down and get those star chips back!" Joey declares. "But who are you guys?"
"We're the guys that're gonna save your chips! Don' worry, ya got the ba-rilliant mind a' Joey Wheeler on the case, and I always get my man."
Yugi, Téa, Tristan drip their heads in defeat at this declaration. 'There he goes again.' In unison mentally.
"Even if he's just a kid. Onward, troops!" Joey leads them off and yet, they all follow.
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