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Current The boys trailer watched, and no rps needing replying to...booorrrreeeeddd!!!
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Every year February overwhelms me with how busy social wise it is 😂! Can it just be March yet?
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Now for that awkward few days between Christmas and New Years 😂 but in that time I'm back to rp
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when you wanna change your signature but cant get one to work at all
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After 4 years I'm BAAAAACK!!!!


30something who loves to rp to pass the time and meet new people! When the world is right, I'm a character entertainer for a party business and do fan films. Utter geek who loves gaming and reading and rather addicted to the art therapy colouring books haha!

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Josh nodded at Serena's request and helped her up and over to Drake. He could understand why she would want to go next to him after he saved Bane's life. "Just keep ahold of me okay" he told her softly, making sure he had a proper grip on her so she wouldn't fall, but not hard enough that he'd hurt her.

Manny didn't want to appear and interfere but he had to acknowledge that John's point of the kid risking his life to save their future was valid. He paused the room except for John, as he always did. "You're calling on me a bit too often lately John" he commented. "But you're right, I may know someone who could give you a lead on how to save his soul core" he told him. "But I can't interfere by helping you, but if I was? I'd find what you need in your book of contacts if I was you" he said, hoping the hint of his help was enough, without risking being reprimanded for his actions. He used that moment as he spoke to make the address of who could help him and Drake in his book.

Despite having earlier saying that she wasn’t going to get blind drunk and be professional, it seemed what she was drinking was making her do the complete opposite. She didn’t give it a second thought that if Dean caught her getting drunk right now he would be unbelievably annoyed with her and would no doubt scold her like she was a child for it, but right now she didn’t care. She needed to do her job and forget about everything that was circling in her mind this evening. When Cason said it wasn’t like demons would just be out in the open, she rolled her eyes, ignoring the fact that he tried to stop her drinking, when back in the motel he was encouraging her to go against Dean’s wishes and make her drink. It actually baffled her in some ways, but she wasn’t going to bring focus to it, instead just focus on what he had to say. “I just want this job over with already, if this witch, demon or whatever is gonna make a move, then they should just so it already” she commented, when a drunk student slammed into her back, shoving her right into Cason and laughing about it, as she quickly grabbed onto his jacket to try and steady herself.

She felt glad that Cason actually grabbed her to keep her on her feet, and by doing so he inadvertently stopped her from starting a punch up with the student. She did however use the moment to quickly shoot intense daggers at the student behind her before looking back up at Cason, seeing him intensely looking at her wondering what he was thinking as he stared at her. She was completely oblivious that Annabeth was watching them from afar and that Mika had at some point left the brothers and came to watch over them like the mother figure she was capable of being when it suited her. Every part of Natalia wanted to scream and shout and protest at Cason touching her, to shrug him off and tell him to fuck off, but the cheap beer in her system was preventing her from doing so. “bloody teenagers...” she grumbled in annoyance to herself, “you can let go of me now” she then told Cason quickly after, but making no effort to remove herself from his grip either, instead just constantly looking up into his dark eyes fully aware that she was still holding onto him also. Her mind was a mess, filled with traumatic memories and alcohol making her not think straight in the slightest. The traumatic memories telling her to run from Cason, the beer telling her to stay in his grip.

In her slightly drunken state she could see why Mika slept with him, even if it was under Cupid’s spell, the guy was attractive, she couldn’t say otherwise but she also couldn’t get passed what he was. He wouldn’t be the first demon to pretend he actually cared about her welfare before backstabbing her.


Mika did start with the brothers but the idea of Natalia and Anna alone with Cason just concerned her far too much. She couldn’t get Natalia’s behaviour at the motel out of her head and was convinced if someone wasn’t there with them, something would happen that not even Annabeth could stop alone. So she told the brothers she was heading to where the party was and if they needed her to call straight away and she’ll run back to them. Sam agreed it was a good idea as he too was highly concerned about his sister’s rapidly declining behaviour. Sure, they had seen her have bad days with her PTSD before, but nothing like on this hunt.

Mika had been at the party long enough to see that Natalia was trying to drink far too much to be fully coherent as a hunter. It was concerning her greatly and she knew deep down she would have to send the boys a warning text sooner or later. For now, she just stayed near Annabeth and observed the whole situation with her when she saw how Natalia was getting terribly close to Cason. It made her grit her teeth and cross her arms in front of her chest, not out of jealousy but out of annoyance that it didn’t seem like Cason was doing much to push her away. From where Mika was standing, it looked like Cason was just taking advantage of Natalia’s state.

Then came the shove. The shove that pushed Nat right into Cason’s arms and the two of them looking at each other deeply. “I bloody hope not, but with how Nat is behaving it’s entirely possible. Just get ready for anything, when she’s remotely like this she can lash out really badly.” She warned Annabeth. Yet no attack was occurring, just a lot of staring and that unnerved Mika all the more, she knew of Natalia’s habit of getting drunk and having one night stands, and she prayed that Cason wasn’t going to be another one of those situations. “please don’t do anything stupid Nat...please for everyone’s sake and Dean’s blood pressure, don’t do anything stupid” she commented and prayed. “AB we better prepare for calling the boys for backup. Those two are putting me more on edge than this hunt is” she told the other sober and sane woman in the crypt.

Fia wasn't surprised that Manny didn't always do him favours in this time, as it was simply the same in her time. She had hoped in some way it was different in this time and what she witnessed in her time was simply down to something occurring and changing the relationship between her dad and this Angel. Instead of saying anything to him, she kept her focus on Drake and nodded, "that's all I can ask for right now" she told him.

"Have you tried calling to him nicely? A please wouldn't go amiss ya know sometimes" Kay retorted, knowing manners wasn't exactly his strong suit. Overhearing Kay say what she did made Fia smirk slightly. "She's got a point" Josh said in agreement whilst staying close to Serena the whole time.
Fia listened to Drake talk to the others about her, instantly getting he didn't see her re-enter the room. She wanted to just go over and hug him, hearing how guilty he felt for snapping at her but John continued the conversation about how to heal Drake's soul core first. Hearing him mention Manny made her grit her teeth tightly closed but she said nothing, deciding to keep a poker face instead. She didn't trust Manny as far as she could throw him, but she had to agree that John had a point in his theory.

With the glass of water handed to Serena, she walked over to Drake and gently hugged him. "I told you to get both of you home in one piece you doofus, but I'm just glad you're alive right now" she told him. "Just please don't do anything that reckless again, you scared the utter shit out of me" she told him.

Kay thought about what John was explaining, knowing she wasn't nearly as adversed in this subject as John was. "Then we ask for Manny's help" she said, "we can't let Drake remain hurt when the kids go back to their time" she said again, easily imagining how their older selves would react to the two teenagers coming back injured.
Fia grabbed a glass and got Serena some water, but she hovered in the kitchen for a few moments. She hates that she got Drake so badly hurt, she never should have let him come along she began to think. Then having him basically growl at her in annoyance just hurt Al the more, though she could forgive him for that. In her eyes, she deserved it for bringing him with her to this time.

"So how do we fix that before healing him?" Kay asked John after he explained why it was safest for Fia not to heal him in this moment. She also heard him apologise to Fia, despite her not being in the room. "Drake you have nothing to be sorry for okay?" She told him, as Fia finally came back into the room, walked to Serena and handed her the glass. "Here..." She simply said.
Josh looked at John as he spoke but it was like the words were way out of his comprehension. He understood the words but it was so out there that his mind just felt like it was imploding on itself. "I'm glad it's explaining a few things for you" he said back, when Drake's outburst also made him look over to the teenagers in the room.

Drake ripping her hand away from him harshly and practically growling at her made Fia step back shocked and hurt. It was so out of character for him and she just wanted to help in some way. "I..." She stammered when John spoke up telling her to listen to Drake. Yet it was him saying he's more hurt than she could heal that felt like such a criticism to her abilities, even though she knew deep down that her father didn't mean it like that.

She stepped to one side to let John check on Drake and get the full truth out of him finally. Hearing what the demon did to him, she gritted her teeth, blaming herself for leaving Drake and Bane alone at the building. She was convinced the demon had gone back to Hell, never did she think it would come back for them. "I never should have left them alone" she thought to herself, but in that moment she put her mother over someone she considered her younger brother.

"You got it" Kay replied when John gave her the request he did. She could see the helplessness and hurt in Fia's body language and eyes but didn't want to smother her with what would no doubt he considered as empty platitudes. "Fia why don't you go and get Serena some water or something?" Kay suggested instead, thinking maybe Fia needed a reason to step away from the group. Fia nodded and wasted no time in doing that exact suggestion.
Josh didn't know how to take her words about her father, just assuming it was a scenario similar to when people say they feel or see their loved ones if they're in danger, acting as a guardian angel of sorts. However it seemed John thought differently judging by his reply to what she said. He was so focused on Serena that he didn't even notice that Trish was going to Chas and tugging on his arm, or noticing Drake and how badly he was feeling.

Fia looked over when she heard Trish talking with Chas, telling him something is was wrong with Drake, which made her turn her attention to Drake and saw for herself how peaky and pale he was looking and hurt. "Drake!" She said in worry, going over to him and making him let her see her injury. "Damn it Drake, why didn't you tell us you had this injury too?" She asked him. "I'm healing you and I don't care what you say in protest" she told him, deciding that although she could use some of her phoenix healing ability, she was a lot less capable of using that on someone else, but using normal healing magic was something she was capable of using.

She moved his hands out of the way and placed her own over the wound, focusing her eyes on where the wound was, she muttered an incantation that pulled the power of her own healing rune tattoo and carried its power over to Drake, without making him with the rune permanently.
When Serena woke up still thinking Kay was in the building, Kay instantly walked over, albeit carefully whilst her body still was regaining it's full strength. "I'm okay Serena, they got me out" she said, deciding maybe making herself seen by Serena was the best course of action. Josh let Kay and John both reassure Serena that she was okay before looking back at her and smiling softly, "you're back alive...that's the main thing" he replied to her.

Fia then stepped up after they all had their moments, "we made it out thanks to you Serena, dad got mum back just in time and it seems you unlocked your full powers or something which also affected Drake's I think" she explained.
Fia, Josh and Kay all listened to Bane speak. It felt like a valid theory to them all, as well as making Fia feel a bit more justified in suggesting that her and Drake go back to this time and try and set the course on a different path. When Serena started mumbling as she was coming round, they all looked toward her, hearing what she was saying. This made Josh kneel down and take Serena's hand, "Kay is safe, you're both safe" he kept saying, hoping that taking her hand and speaking to her will help Serena come round more and fully wake.

Kay just kept watching over everything hoping that Serena will wake soon, as she wanted to put her mind at ease that she was safe and alive. She could have only imagined how it must have been for Serena seeing her falling through the roof.
Fia sighed but respected Drake's decision. She looked across and followed Bane over to Serena and watched, seeing Serena was starting to come round which was a relief. "It's because we interfered in this moment of time. We aren't meant to be here, not yet but our desperation to save you guys is changing things" Fia theorised, feeling like her and Drake doing the right thing was changing the course a bit too much, too early.

"Don't blame yourselves yet Fia, we'd all be dead or worse if it wasn't for you two" Kay said, not wanting to think about her being Hell's weapon. She then looked back over at Serena and hoped she'd wake soon and could give them answers to what exactly happened inside the building. "there's no point in speculating anything until Serena wakes up and can tell us what happened herself" Chas agreed.
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