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Chas glanced at Serena and nodded, "we got some things, dunno if we'll have what he needs, but I can go look." he replied to her as John spoke to Kay. He was sure that bed rest would do John the world of good when it came to it.

"hey...there's no need to apologise. You just need some bedrest that's all, you're gonna be fine" she told him, trying to stay hopeful for his sake and hers. "come on, let's get you to bed yeah?" she suggested, standing up and holding out her arms to help him up.
Kay sighed again just wanting John to not stubborn for once but it looked like that wasn't ever going to happen. She now understood how frustrated Sam must have been with her when they were younger and she herself was the stubborn one. She checked John's body temperature by placing the back of her hand on his forehead. "he is a little warm" she confirmed.
Kay sighed slightly frustrated when John said he was still coming with after everything she just said. "no you're not. Chas can come with us. You need to recover" she told him. "the girls are right John, you're in no fit state to go anywhere" Chas agreed. "we'll be fine with Chas" Kay said, trying to convince John as best as she could.
The fact that someone they didn't know the identity of had sent people to beat John to death to get to her and Serena, had almost slipped her mind what with everything else that since been found out. "it's a starting point" she agreed. "so what do we do to figure that out? That also requires John not doing much so he heal up more" she added, placing her hand on his knee to make it perfectly clear that she didn't want him exerting himself too much if he wasn't going to let her heal him up quicker.
Chas looked at Serena wide eyed slightly, 'of course both the girls get kids' he thought to himself, refraining from openly shaking his head and touching his forehead. Kay thought over all the words being spoken amongst them all as she also thought of what the answers could be for them over this. Just as she thought it couldn't get anymore difficult to comprehend with the earlier information, even more comes out in the open.

"what should we do? None of us know how to time travel I'm guessing... Its not like that normal even for the world of magic, surely?" she commented. Subconsciously she found herself twiddling her necklace she got given by Sam in her fingers as she tried to come up with some kind of gameplan or answer.
"what can a shadow of a phoenix mean? I'm guessing nothing good if you saw the kids running from it?" Kay replied, when Chas walked into the room drying his hands on his jeans as he did. "Trish told me about one in her dreams, she didn't think it was bad as other bad things disappeared when that bird arrived" he explained, looking at Trish to check he got that right.

Kay looked between Chas and Trish then at Serena and everyone else, "so if its not a bad sign, what's the other options? The kids were crying out for help to Serena when she traced the warning" Kay pointed out, " There's another one?" Chas asked, having missed the moment when Serena explained with Josh about them having a son in the future.
"okay" Kay replied, turning the page back to herself and started drawing the added bits and more alterations, focusing on the feathered tail that Serena described. She kept it plain black and just like a shadow figure almost as Trish described it as such. To her it seemed to be a shadow of a phoenix but she wasn't an expert on these things despite her heritage.

She turned it back to Serena and Trish again, "like this?" she asked them. "like a shadow of. A phoenix in bird form?" she queried.

Nat knew her outburst was probably not fully needed, but he was beginning to really get on her wick about everything. His attitude was so full of smugness that it just got under skin more than it should by this point, but she put it down to the fact that the demons in the asylum that all but tortured her were also incredibly smug about their actions. They all thought nothing could stop them from targeting those hunters or family members of hunters (whether those family members knew it or not like herself).

His reaction just made her roll her eyes as he texted her brother practically an SOS for her sanity. She had a feeling Cason would know who she was texting, but considering he no doubt texted Annabeth, she felt more than justified to text her brother. "Then stop winding me up, if we could just act professional for this I'd be very grateful" she replied to Cason with a sigh, deciding that saying that instead of what she was actually thinking which was 'yeah and demons also have a sadistic streak where they're all but non caring when it suits them'.

At his remark about her texting Dean she sighed yet again. "you'll have a lot of proving to do to make me appreciate you" she pointed out to him, noting how he was putting on that signature smug but flirtatious smile to her again, which made her wonder why she was suddenly being the next target to his ways and not someone else. Sure, she was the only one not in a relationship with someone (something she prided herself on) or being tangled up in but things still felt like the universe was being against her all over again.

Dean's reaction to the text that he got made Mika just know that the subject matter had to be about Cason. It was the only logical assumption she could come up with, so when he confirmed her suspicions by saying what the situation was, she sighed. "Guess we better go save her then. Gotta admit that's ballsy of him to go for her. I mean, she hates demons more than the rest of us, even if we don't fully know why" she commented.

She nodded her agreement that it was entirely possible that Cason might not survive this night unscathed, but then again she couldn't help think it wouldn't fully be a bad idea. She just didn't think it would be entirely great if Natalia dished out the agression as something always told her in her gut that Nat would be more scary and ruthless than Dean could be.

Grabbing her bag, slinging it over her shoulder then taking Dean's hand as he reached out for hers and left their room with him heading straight to Natalia's room. At the room, she did the coded knock Nat always requested of them to do, "Nat it's us" she called through and it wasn't long before she heard Nat jumping up and walking to the front door and opening it, "about time" Nat commented, grabbing for her bag.


Sam let Annabeth grab for her phone and read it, grabbing his bag in the process. He hoped that due to Annabeth knowing Cason the best, she could be of some sort barrier between Natalia and Cason. He knew Nat would keep Anna safe and be there for her, even if she was a bit younger than Anna, but he also knew there was a lot of unsaid things that Natalia kept to herself when it came to the subject of demons and with Cason being a said demon, he knew if they weren't careful, things could go south real fast.

At the announcement that the two people in question were ready to kill each other he sighed, pinching his nose and shaking his head. He then looked at Annabeth, "guess we better go save the day if Nat hasn't asked for help herself yet." he started saying. "Do me a favour and do your best to keep Nat calm around Cason tonight? Dean and I saved her from demons, so it won't take much for her to lose her cool around him. I really worry about her, she clearly has PTSD but she won't tell us about it. I don't want Cason triggering something in her" he finished saying.

He too wanted them all to come back unscathed as much as possible, especially Annabeth and Natalia. He may be the middle sibling but he was fiercely protective of Nat even if it didn't always show as much, especially in the time that they all kind of spearated for a bit during Dean's time in Hell. That was something he felt incredibly guilty about as he was so focused at the time trying to Dean back, he felt like he neglected his sister. Something he wanted to make amends for if he possibly could.

Taking her hand when she was ready to go, he left the room with her and headed to Nat's room where he saw Dean and Mika already standing outside. "Seems Nat turned to Dean for help" he remarked, a tiny pang of almost jealousy hitting his heart at that realisation.
Seeing Dean looking for his keys made Sam hand them over to him when he came over to him and Lexi. He could tell that his brother had simply forgotten that when he stopped going out, he had taken over keeping the car running for supply runs or hunts as it made sense and meant the impala wouldn't run the risk of getting a dead battery due to lack of useage. The licking of his lips as he looked at Lexi didn't go amiss on either him or Lexi but neither said anything as neither saw a point in saying anything. For Sam it was just another little notch on his mental notepad of signs that Dean was crushing on Lexi and possibly letting himself begin the process of moving on.

Both he and Lexi followed Dean up the stairs and to the garage where they both got into the car, Sam in the front passenger side as he always did out of habit and Lexi in the back. Lexi also wanted to get into town just as much as Dean did and she knew that when they got there and Sam got dropped off, she would move to the front to sit beside Dean.

Reaching the electronics store, Sam opened the door to get out when Dean made his teasing remark making him shake his head and roll his eyes, "yeah yeah...dont you do anything I wouldn't do either" he smirked back as he got out of the car and closed the door behind him, which Lexi took as her cue to climb over from the back seat into the front unashamedly. "I get the feeling he's far too used to your teasing" she chuckled, acting like she didn't just practically parkour her way over the back of the front seat and sit back down next to Dean.

Sam saw what Lexi did as he turned his back to the car and headed inside the store, "if I did that I'd be a deadman" he muttered to himself in an amused manner before his amused smile turned into one of seriousness as he overheard a member of staff at the counter raising his voice to a woman. He watched on as the woman frantically was signing, making him guess she was deaf, not realising there was another reason for her not speaking at first.

He walked over and stood beside her looking at the member of staff as well as her. "There's no need for the hostility surely." he spoke up then looked at her. "If you don't mind me asking, are you deaf, is that why you're using sign?" he asked her politely and calmly, hoping he could be of some help. "Is there a way I can help?" he asked straight after, hoping it now wasn't a case of her being deaf, as he hated the idea of the staff member calling the cops on this woman.
Kay nodded at Serena's description, getting an idea of what she meant and she made her little alterations where needed and drew what was being said. "Was it like this?" she asked Serena and Trish, keeping it mostly as a silouette as neither gave any real in depth details. She turned the paper and showed them the sketch.
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