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Swiftly coming up to the big annual weekend job at Tutbury Castle! Which means slow replies from me.
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Do yourselves all a favour and watch the series 'From'. It's fantastic!
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The marvel SDCC Hall H panel last night was 🔥
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Trying to ignore it's father's Day is fracking difficult because 1) it's triggering for me to an extent and 2) no one is online to chat!
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Kay had to agree with him about Manny. She may not have seen Manny herself, but from what she could understand of what John has described, she easily could imagine Manny scolding John at any given opportunity. "you're not completely useless. Your mouth still works if we need advice, info, make out sessions...." She smirked, saying the last bit under her breath. "But seriously, there isn't much happening right now so you taking some recovery time isn't the end of the world" she reassured him the best she could.

Fia figured that Drake's idea was as good as anything they had right now, "okay. You got any gut instincts of where exactly I should focus my attentions to?" she asked him. She planned on checking everywhere but if there was somewhere Drake thought she should check more intently, then she would.

Josh nodded, "quite possibly, maybe later I'll ask him but I guess for now the idea of letting everyone, including him to just rest and relax sounds a bit more important right now" he commented.
Kay could only hope that what he said about Fia was true. She also felt like she had a lot of work to do to get a bond with Fia....whenever she came into their lives and not in a time travel sense. "I hope it's changed things for the better too. I'd hate for them to go home and nothing has changed for them" she replied.

Fia nodded, the last thing the group needed was to be overwhelmed even more at this moment. "I wonder...but even if he hasn't yet, we know it will happen. That's the one advantage we have over all of them right now." She replied, before she tried to help give some relief to his head pain. "I really don't like how this is hurting you so much...part of me wants to do a scout around for any dangers, but I don't want to leave you either" she told him honestly.

Josh thought about how to answer her question. He wasn't particularly aware of ever being around magic before Trish, sure he had a horrible feeling in the pit of his stomach before their parents died, but he put that down to just a gut feeling and nothing particularly magical. Now he was starting to question that. "Not that I'm aware.. I was convinced it all started with Trish, but I can't say for sure anymore. This group of yours really does make me question everything" he smiled sheepishly as he replied, scratching the back of his neck.

She still had absolutely no idea why she even kissed him and made the first move, when she reacted so badly to him kissing her on the case much earlier on, the night before. Yet here she was enjoying his presence, learning new sides to him and not wanting his company to leave her. Then there was the fact she was somehow making him laugh and smile as well, she didn't realise she was capable of making anyone other than Sam or Bobby do that honestly. Of course she did make others smile and laugh but after her meltdowns and truths coming to light in her mind, she had almost forgotten she could make others feel happy.

"Well, it's for his safety too naturally" she quipped back with a smile before she had rustled in his pockets for her car keys. "I know you hate driving and figured you'd be more helpful as a guide than the driver. I won't kill anyone I am actually a capable driver believe it or not. Unlike Mika when she is on one of her major rages" she chuckled. She opened the driver's side door and got inside,closing the door behind her, putting the keys in and starting the drive out of the carnival to get back onto the main road to head back to the motel. The one place she didn't particularly want to go back to.

Driving back she put the radio on just for some background noise as she always preferred driving to noise in the background. She was still thinking about the fact she also gladly leaned into him and kissed him, finding she was smiling to herself as she drove. Part of her wanted to grab Cason's hand with one hand, but she resisted doing so and kept both hands on the steering wheel as she just about remembered the way back and only needed Cason's guidance once or twice to make sure she didn't miss a couple of turns.


Back at the motel she saw Dean's car wasn't in the car park like it was when they left she figured they beat them to it and she was incredibly grateful for getting back with no sign of Dean around. It was bad enough for her that just by being back at the motel, reality was setting itself back into her mind but she fought the negativity to keep a hold of the happy mood she was in as much as possible. Pulling up into a free spot which luckily was in front of her room, she turned the engine off and gave a sigh leaning back into her seat. "At least the big lug ain't around by the looks of it" she commented to Cason.

"So you sticking around tonight or gonna go into hiding from Dean?" she asked Cason, turning to face him giving him a smirk. She couldn't imagine him ever doing a runner from her brother but she also knew how much Dean probably wanted his head on a pike if Dean could have his own way. Not that she would ever let that happen, and she certainly couldn't imagine Annabeth letting it happen even if she was pissed off at Cason as well. "Because I personally would appreciate it if you stuck around" she smiled at him, opening the car door with one hand to get ready to exit the car.


Mika gave a smug nod when he confirmed he wasn't judging her for the pile of food she had brought over. She was also thankful for the fact he agreed that getting some of Natalia's favourite snacks wasn't a bad idea and might be the start of reconciliation between Dean and her. She hated it when they were at lugger heads with each other because she hated that she always felt she had to choose a side to try and calm things down between them even though she didn't like taking sides in the slightest. "Exactly and even she insists on eating I'd rather have some kind of emotional bribe to bring her back round to our side. As much as I hate doing that to her, we gotta try anything" she explained her way of thinking, seeing how the negative thoughts were trying to bubble up in his mind again.

Seeing him light up however about her not forgetting the pie for him made it all worth it. She always was the better one out of herself and Sam to remember Dean's love of pie. She even softly chuckled when he moved everything else out the way to bring the tubs of pie closer to him as if someone or something would snatch it away from him any moment.

She looked up when she heard the clerk coming back with their pizza box. The woman had an infectious smile in Mika's mind as she smiled back, which only got wider when the woman complemented her on her hair, making Mika briefly looked down to stop herself blushing, then looking back at the woman. "Aww that's very sweet of you to say, thank you. I guess it's a bit of a trademark for me at this stage. Means this one never loses me in a crowd" she chuckled, gently nudging Dean's arm as she spoke. It wasn't far from the truth either as it seemed whether her hair was her natural dark burgundy red from when they were teenagers, the stark snow white hair when she dyed it to try and pretend to be someone else to protect Dean or being her current black and pink....Dean always found a way of spotting her in a crowd and pulling her back to him.

She let Dean pay for all the snacks, beers and pizza. "What can I say? I like snacking! I'm not some chick whose frightened of food" she said with pride and a chuckle, helping the woman pack everything into bags to be polite and helpful, especially as the woman had been so absolutely sweet to them both. With the bags packed up, she took a hold of them so Dean could take the pizza and beers. She was so ready to head back and start their movie night, to just ignore the drama for just that bit longer, at least until the morning but she would be lying is she said she wasn't concerned about where Nat went with Cason and if she would even return to them.

The idea of Natalia just disappearing with a demon and not returning to her family was a big concern and worry for Mika, even if she didn't say it out loud for the sake of not adding more worries onto Dean.


Back at the motel, she got out the car and saw Natalia's car was back in the parking lot but the people in question were nowhere to be seen. There was just a dim light emanating from Natalia's room so she figured that either the girl was still awake and with Cason still or she was hopefully asleep, alone and just simply forgot to turn the lights off. However she did think the latter option was probably the least likely. Snapping her thoughts of Natalia out of her mind, she headed to hers and Dean's room with him.

Drama could wait until the morning.........
Kay sighed when he blamed himself for all of this all over again. "John, if he does, then well....he does. But you can't blame yourself for everything." she told him. "The way I see it, none of us are perfect or do things perfectly every time, we all mess up at times. It's just how we're built as people" she explained, before realising she wasn't exactly fully human and internally winced at her own words, something she wouldn't have thought twice about before meeting John and Serena. "People and phoenixes" she corrected herself. "but you know what? If that teenage girl in the other room is our kid, then she's proof we haven't completely screwed up in everything we do" she added.

Fia nodded, understanding what he was talking about. "then maybe we can ask when she's free. Or ask one of the shadows what they mean?" she replied. She still wished she could find out how things were in their time period but she also didn't want to upset Drake any more than he possibly already was or any more stressed out.

Josh smiled and still thought that Serena was getting more amazing. "Well you're still pretty incredible" he told her once more.
At John's words, Kay shook her head and brushed his apology off. In her mind it wasn't warranted, especially in this moment. "I know, but you don't need to apologise. Things are honestly alright here right now. Drake is taking things easy, so are Josh and Serena. Chas is tidying up, Fia is looking out for Drake. Trish is fine downstairs. I'm fine. You don't need to worry about anything other than getting better" she explained, squeezing his hand and giving him a soft smile. "So please just rest up for me." She requested of him.

Fia gave a nod and stifled chuckle as she too knew they were getting the biggest bollocking of their lives when they did go home. She knew as well as he did just how protective their folks were of them both, especially John over her and Serena over Drake. His second statement did intrigue her though, "what do you mean? Someone from this time wanting to skip to our time?" She asked him with a raised eyebrow.

Josh smiled brightly at her seeing her reaction to his words. "I do think so. You've blown me away every time I've seen you just get on with what needs to be done so far. It's incredible." He told her honestly. "I'm sure not many people could just know what to do in a situation like John ended up in, and just jump to action like you did. That was seriously superheroic in my eyes" he added.
Waiting for Arabella to get a room, Harper continued to wait by her jeep, trying to stop herself from showing her pain on her face just in case some by stander came by and noticed. She didn't want any unnecessary attention coming her way after the evening she has had. So as she waited, she people watched as they passed on the street ahead until her phone buzzed with a text message from Bobby Singer. Pulling her phone out of her pocket with a wince, she opened the message and read it, 'you alive? -B' it simply read which made Harper smirk in reaction. She typed out a short reply as she saw Arabella exiting the reception building.

'I'm alive, coulda told me there was another on the same job though. But we're both alive, job done' was the message before she put her phone away once again and looked up at Arabella as she got closer to her. Noticing the signs of a hunter's tricks to disguise certain objects, she knew the toiletry bag was also a first aid kit. She chuckled lightly at the woman's comments about the reception staff member, "Doesn't surprise me. He gives off that vibe of expecting favours for giving rooms to women" she replied. As Arabella finished up with getting what she needed and putting other things away in her bike, she grabbed her bags off the jeep with a small grunt. "I can feel this glass shard shifting deeper, so if it's all good with you I'd rather get patched up first then I can focus on the wood that in you" she explained.

Pushing herself off her jeep, she pulled out her room key from her jacket pocket and began to walk to her room door, where she put the key in the lock, turned it and opened the door, stepping inside before offering Arabella to come inside after her. Once Arabella would make it inside, she closed the door behind them both and dumped her bags on the bed where she perched herself down, carefully wriggling herself out of her jacket and yet again wrinkling her nose in irritation at the ripped shirt. "This is gonna suck so bad" she muttered, deciding to carefully pull the fabric off the glass shard so she could lift her shirt up to make things easier for Arabella to help her out with the actual wound. Normally she would have just pulled the shard out first, but this time she felt like doing things the opposite way might be a bit better for first impressions.

She did feel like she could trust Arabella, the woman certainly gave off trust worthy vibes compared to a lot of hunters she had come across in her time. Lifting her shirt up she looked down at the injury and sighed, reaching out with her other hand she unzipped her duffel bag and pulled out a bottle of vodka from it. Using her teeth to unscrew the cap, she tipped the alcohol over her injury to sterilize it and winced sharply at the contact. "son of a bitch!" she cursed through gritted teeth before quickly taking a normal swig of the alcohol to try and numb her mind as well as her body. "Okay...lets get this done I decide to just knock myself out and pretend this isn't in my side" she told Arabella, glancing back up at her, clearly in pain but there was still that glimmer of sass in her eyes.
Kay shook her head at him protesting. "You're in no fit state to do any kind of work John. Me and Chas can hold down the fort while you continue to rest" she replied to him. "If you do anything other than lay here and let your body recover you will be in harm and no good to anyone. I can't have you any more hurt than you already are" she told him honestly, gently grabbing his hand. "So please, just stay put...for me?" she asked of him.

Fia didn't like the idea of someone waiting for them to return home but she couldn't understand why someone would be doing such a thing. Yet she also got an amusing thought in her head and she couldn't help but smirk and stifle a small chuckle. "Could you imagine if it's just our folks waiting to give us the biggest lecture of the century?" she said to him, hoping the thought would bring him some light relief just like it was bringing her.

Josh listened to her story intently, finding it fascinating that the desire and need to help others clearly ran in her family. "Your uncle sounds like he was a real hero to people in his own way" he commented back. "And well...after what I've witnessed lately, especially today, it seems the heroic personality and trait doesn't fall far from the tree" he smiled at her, truly meaning every single word he was telling her.
When she saw him try to get up, Kay instantly walked over and gently pushed him back down on the bed. "Oh hells no John. You are not to get up. You're on bed rest for a reason. What do you need to do anyway? Everything is fine here" she told him, perching on the edge of the bed beside him.

Fia sighed, seeing he really wasn't going to budge on his stance on this one. "Okay....okay...I won't go yet" she told him, wishing there was more she could do to help ease his headache. "If your gut says not to go then I'll stay put." She said once again.

Josh smiled as she said a few things she liked and wanted. "What made you want to be a doctor before all of this?" He asked, curious to hear more about her story.

Nat wasn't completely oblivious to her choices in food, nor was she oblivious to the reactions Cason had given her order, or his chuckle when he naturally went to make sure she wouldn't drop anything she was carrying before grabbing the rest of the food. The only thing she didn't notice at first was him chuckling at the fact she put the plush puppy in one of the chairs. She glanced up when he made it to the table and put his stuff down before sitting down himself and she smiled just that bit more. The endorphins and serotonin swirling around in her mind and body by this time. She picked up her hot dog and took a bite out of it, her eyes closing in joy as she nodded from approval. Sure, she had eaten much better food but it was all because of the experience, the environment they were in that made it taste so good to her. It was such a innocent thing to come from her considering what her job was, it was endearing.

As she swallowed her mouthful, she stared at him as he told her she needed to sort out her eating habits. He wasn't the first to say such things to her, Mika had said the same thing as had Bobby many many times. Yet the way Cason said it, it felt different for some reason. Maybe it was because he tried so hard to keep her alive in the asylum and he didn't want that be for nought, or maybe it was because he did actually care for her. She didn't know at this stage but she didn't let herself think about his reasons too much. "You're not the first to say similar and probably won't be the last but I can eat healthy foods when I want too, but tonight is cheat day." she told him back. "Unlike my doofus of a brother, I don't solely live off junk food 24/7. I'm just enjoying eating what I want at the moment. Without being a downer, every meal still feels like a last meal to me" she smirked, then let it change into a more warm smile.

She then continued to eat a bit more, switching from bites of the hot dog to the fries and taking sips of her soda. The lights of the carnival reflecting and shining on her cheekbones and in her eyes. Reds, blues, yellows..all looking bright against her dark hair. For Natalia this was most definitely logging into her mind as a core memory and she had someone who she never thought she would bond with to thank for it. She honestly thought that if anyone would give her a night of normality or even day of normal life, it'd have been Sam as he was always the one to tell Dean to give her a break and not be on her neck all the time.


As the night went on she found herself finally able to forget she was a hunter for a while, that she was a Winchester and felt like she was cursed because of her father's name. She just felt like a normal twenty-something woman having fun and spending it with someone who intrigued her and she felt safe with. She was laughing genuine laughter, the type of laugh that made her cover her mouth at one moment but another time she'd close her eyes tightly and throw her head back in laughter. She had a prep to her step that she didn't have before, a light in her eyes that wasn't there when they were at the motel. It was like for the first time Cason was able to see the woman she was deep inside and not the sick skinny thing she was in the asylum or the callous hunter she had become. He was witnessing a whole new side to her, and in a lot of ways, she was witnessing a new side to herself she thought had long since disappeared.

Soon enough it had gotten late and they had no choice but to walk back to the car and do the drive back to the motel. She was tired but she was also on such an emotional high, she couldn't help but keep the little skip in her step as she walked beside Cason, one arm firmly wrapped round the plush and one looped through his arm. "Thank you Cason for tonight. It's been the best ever" she told him honestly, as she stepped in front of him, walking backwards slightly before pausing her walking and leaning up, planting a kiss on his lips without a second thought. Pulling away, she smiled and chuckled sheepishly, before continuing to walk beside him again back to the car.

Once at the car, she remembered which pocket Cason had put her car keys in, so she slipped her hand into said pocket and grabbed her keys. Unlocking it, she opened the back seat door and pushed the plush onto the back seat where she couldn't resist strapping it down with the seat belt. "before you say anything, I'm doing it purely so it doesn't fall forward and cause us to crash the car" she said to him, turning to look at him knowing he was bound to give her a look for her action. Shutting the door, she walked round to driver's side, feeling like she was happy enough to drive back this time. "I'll spare you from driving back this time, I'm sure I can remember the route back" she explained, opening the door then getting in.


Dean's response to the movie choosing did amuse Mika even if it didn't surprise her. She was now determined to find the cheesiest movie on the TV that was on just to wind him up a little and make the night stay on a humorous and light hearted vibe. In the gas station, she let Dean go to the chiller section to grab the beer, smirking and shaking her head at how he waved his hand in reaction to her suggestion. 'typical man of mine' she thought to herself happily. In the snack area, she continued to grab whatever she could physically hold, making sure she didn't forget anything. If she ended up picking up too much then in her mind, they had plenty of stuff to take on the road with them.

By the time Dean had put in the order for the pizza and leaned against the counter, she had finished having armfuls of snacks and brought them over. "don't judge me with the snacks" she told him, looking at him over the pile in her hands as she then placed them down on the counter. "Snacking is serious business during movie night and what is left we can take on the road with us. Also figured getting Nat's favourite flavoured oreos might break the ice in the morning between you two" she explained. As much as she didn't want to bring up the youngest sibling, she did think it might help in the morning. She knew like with Dean, the way to get through to Natalia, was through her stomach.

"And yes, I did find you some pie at the end of the aisle" she smirked as she waited with him for the woman to come back with their pizza. She had a feeling he'd order one with anything and everything on it and she'd spend enough time picking the bits she didn't like or want and chucking them onto his slices but that was just their way. It was a habit they had as teenagers and one that they never broke out of. It was also one she didn't want to break out of.


Sam spent a good fifteen minutes talking to Ruby outside, feeling anxious about Anna possibly waking up and asking who Ruby even was. He was just thankful that they were in California and not back with the others. "Sam you are playing with fire here being with her. That's all I'm saying! You know being with Anna won't make your life easier for killing Lilith right?" Ruby said, folding her arms across her chest once more. "I know but I also think we could use it to our advantage. With Anna on our side we can make it work in our favour, even if it isn't the easiest route to take but I won't let Lilith take her" he replied determinedly.

"Fine, but if this backfires I will say I told you so." Ruby sighed in annoyance and defeat. It was clear to her that Sam wasn't going to budge on the subject of Anna and it was pointless trying to break him. "Fine, you can say that if it goes wrong...but only IF it goes wrong" he retorted, glad that she was willing to drop it. "So tell me Sammy...does she know about us or your demon blood addiction?" she asked him, stepping up close to him and using her index finger to press against his chest. Sam crunched up his nose as she did so which told her everything.

"I'll take that as a no. For someone who hates lies Sam you're sure being good at lying to your loved ones" Ruby taunted with a smile. "Now isn't the time to gloat Ruby." he pointed out, stepping away from her, but stretched out his hand, "so do you have any more I can have?" he asked her, making her roll her eyes as she pulled out a small vial from her inside jacket pocket and forcefully placed it in his hand. "thank you" he said, wrapping his fingers round the vial. He was about to say one more thing to Ruby when he suddenly realised she had disappeared and left him alone.

Sighing, he crept back into the room, walked over to his bag and hid the vial deep in his bag so Ana wouldn't find it before he climbed back into bed, took his jeans back off again and let himself fall asleep beside Anna, one hand reaching out to hers and linking their fingers together. Satisfied she wasn't going to wake up, he fell into a deep sleep.
Kay nodded, pushing herself off the arm rest and gave Trish a pat on the shoulder. "if you need me you know where I'll be" she told her before leaving the room and heading upstairs, making sure to dump the trash bag by the main front door on the way.
Upstairs, she headed through the corridor, noting how Fia and Drake seemed to be in deep conversation in the office room before getting to John's room where she gave a knock on the door as she then entered, seeing him awake. " you feeling?" She asked him.

Fia hated worrying Drake like this but she honestly didn't see another logical way to see if things changed. She knew he was safest here in his current state and out the two of them, it was her who could handle the trip back home and back again. She also had the upper hand of being able to revive if she came face to face with death. Not that she ever intended on getting to that point. She felt she was too smart for that. "You won't lose me Drake. I swear to you, you won't lose me. We're always and forever" she told him. Leaning back from him, she pulled off one of her leather bracelets, grabbed a marker and drew a rune on it before inciting an incantation over it. It glowed for a brief moment then went back to its normal dark brown colour.

She then grabbed Drake's right hand where she put the bracelet on his wrist. "I've put an enchantment on this so it's linked to me. It'll tell you if I'm in trouble by glowing red on the rune. As long as it looks like a normal leather bracelet I'm safe. I'll be there and back before you know it" she explained.

Josh looked at her back and then to the wall before back at her again. "I want to know everything honestly. What does Serena love, hate, favourite things?" He asked her. He wanted to know anything she was willing to tell him.
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