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Current Swiftly coming up to the big annual weekend job at Tutbury Castle! Which means slow replies from me.
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Do yourselves all a favour and watch the series 'From'. It's fantastic!
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The marvel SDCC Hall H panel last night was 🔥
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Trying to ignore it's father's Day is fracking difficult because 1) it's triggering for me to an extent and 2) no one is online to chat!
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I am not designed for UK heatwaves 🥵 pretty sure I'll be a puddle soon enough


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NAME: Harper Olsen

AGE: 31

Face claim: Arielle Kebbel

Personality: loves the hunt, brash, sarcastic but witty.
Background/how they became a hunter: Harper just kind of fell into the hunting life. She was in a bar one night drinking and winning games of pool to take men’s money in the process. She was a regular at her local bar when one night a big fight broke out in the bar. One bloke started hitting on a woman and it went south quick when she dismissed his advances. Harper being Harper couldn’t stand by and broke a pool cue on her thigh and stormed into the fight. She ma ages to drag the bloke out the back into an alley during the fight, pool cue still at hand just about and that was when she found out the bloke was a vampire. Shocked and in fight or flight mode, with only knowledge from movies and books, she slammed the cue into the vampires chest and made a run for it when she bumped into a hunter who killed the vampire and then took her under their wing and trained them. That Hunter’s name was Ellen Harvelle. The rest is history.
Now she’s finding herself on a hunt and she’d about to come into contact with more than her target......

Weapon of choice: any kind of firearm and knives. But will use anything at hand if in a tight spot. Even her wit if it comes to it.

Aquaintances: The Harvelle’s (RIP), Bobby Singer.

Vehicle of choice: Jeep Renegade 2018 in black

Tattoos/scars: has three sigils on her right forearm for Hope, Balance and Light. Scar wise she has one scar on her natural waist where a bullet grazed her skin.


A black Jeep Renegade pulled up at the side of the road into a street parking spot. It was early evening, not an awful day but not a great day either. It was murky and gray skies all day long, nothing that could truly inspire anyone to really do much. This was no different for the driver of said vehicle. An average height woman, dark blonde hair, long in length that just about framed her face. Dark brown eyes and a slender build covered in jeans, a black vest and black biker jacket. Pulling the keys out of the ignition, she gave a little sigh. "Man that drive was a killer" she complained to herself. Taking a moment to just de-stress from the drive that took her a good 14 hours from her last case, Harper found herself stretching her arms up and behind her as best she could in the confines of her jeep. "right woman, get some food, a drink then head straight to the church" she commanded herself, knowing if she didn't eat something now, it would no doubt be another long several hours before she did eat. The last thing she wanted was to faint on the hunt or Bobby Singer would have a lot to say.

Ever since Ellen and Jo died, Bobby took it upon himself to be her liaison and give her cases, along with checking in ever now and then. It was something she was thankful for as she did miss the Harvelle's greatly and missed having the roadhouse bar to pop into and just let off steam. Snapping the out of her thoughts, she shoved her car keys in her jacket pocket, grabbed her wallet and got out of her vehicle, walking into the diner she had parked in front of. Stepping up to the bar, she looked at the menu before ordering a coffee, burger and fries as she sat on the stool. "well not seen you here before beautiful" a grubby older man greeted her and sat beside her. She rolled her eyes and slowly turned to face him, "correct, you've not seen me before and before you continue with whatever mindless spiel you think would sweep me of my feet? Don't. It won't work, I'm not interested, will never be interested. I just wanna eat my food, drink my coffee and leave." She said flatly as she smoothly turned back to face the bar and continue on with waiting for her food and drinking her coffee that a waitress had been pouring whilst she roasted the man beside her.



She pulled up round the back of the first Unitarian church, parking in a place that had no cameras in sight and got out. Walking round to the trunk, she popped it open grabbing her duffel bag that she had earlier on packed with anything she may need for a ghost hunt. Slinging it over her shoulder, she closed the trunk, made sure it had locked shut and stepped back round to head to the back door. She didn't notice anyone else around which she took as a good sign and walking up to the back door, she pulled out her pick lock kit to use to gain access to the church. She had earlier cased the joint on a tour so she knew the layout beforehand, something she didn't think enough hunters did. To her it proved vital to do such an action if the opportunity was there, and tonight was no different. With access gained, a torch on, she knew exactly the kind of places to check on. "Alright ghosts, where you hiding? I know you're causing problems here than the tour guides are letting on" she quietly spoke.

A crash was heard downstairs in the basement and Harper sighed. "Always the bloody basement" she complained, pulling her handgun from her jeans, already loaded with salt rounds. Cautiously walking through, she headed right for the basement door, opening it slowly and flashing her torch light down the stairs as she carefully stepped down. Part of her wanted to call out, but the sensible side of her brain knew not to say anything, just on the off chance that it wasn't the ghost she was hunting, but a real very much alive
Ooc thread for discussions or anything else
Kay nodded at Drake's suggestion about how to handle anything dangerous they may possibly come into contact with, and Trish's little addition made her actually smile. It was so pure and thoughtful. "Yeah Trish, we can take the trash out too" she replied. "Right, I'll head down to see what needs doing, you lot make your way down when you're ready to" Chas said, patting Kay on the shoulder then heading downstairs.

Josh held her firmly as he felt her shake in his grip. "Come on, let's get you to have some rest and relax. Maybe a good bath will do you some good" he suggested, knowing what she needed in this moment was somewhere to properly relax that involved no noise or other people getting in her way or getting hurt.
Kay thought about Drake's suggestion and quite frankly, she couldn't think of anything better than that, so she nodded. "may as well, it's not like we'll have much else to do in the mean time and we probably could do with doing what most would consider mundane things" she replied. "As long as we're careful not to touch anything magical to create any problems for him" she quickly added as she remembered that not all was exactly safe in the millhouse.

Josh hugged her back, rubbing her back in an attempt to be soothing. An action he never really always understood how it could bring comfort at all, but everyone did it anyway. "anytime" he replied.
Fia instantly went to Drake's side to help him up so he didn't have hurt himself more. She then turned her head to Kay and was also curious what this time's John did on a daily basis. "to be honest, he just does whatever and since myself and Serena have come into his life, we've not had much downtime. We brought him quite a bit stress if I'm honest." Kay started replying, "so I guess we just relax, do whatever, try and not destroy the place whilst he's on bed rest, make sure he eats and drinks" she finished saying.

Josh smiled and nodded, looking her in the eyes, "I am. I'm incredibly proud and impressed. You're seriously a force of strength Serena" he explained to her.
Kay and Chas nodded in agreement, whilst Fia was still just being grateful that John was alright and pulled through. "Yeah, I think the bed rest will do him good even if he'll be restless, it gives us all and mostly you guys a chance to just not plague your minds with everything bad out there." Chas replied.

Josh was sympathetic toward Serena, he couldn't say he knew what she must be going through, but he could feel sympathy for her but also pride. Waking right up to her, he enveloped his arms round her, pulling her into him. "I can only imagine how scary that must have been for you in particular. It was scary enough for those of us helping you. But you know what? I'm proud of you for doing what needed to be done. You amazed me what you did back there" he told her honestly.
"she's about the only one I'd trust to help him kiddo" Kay replied to Drake honestly. She then turned to Trish looking a little more serious, "I hope so. At least for a while. The world knows we all need and deserve a little break. I'll also hazard a guess John will be on bed rest for a few days to recover" she explained. "Bingo. I'll imagine when he wakes up he'll moan and moan until he drives us all up the wall or something shuts him up" Chas smirked, a small chuckle escaping his lips.

"He does seem like a complainer to me" Kay smiled slightly, easily imagining him being an awful patient, at least, if his time in the hospital was anything to go by.

Josh made it to where Serena was and walked over to her, rubbing her back. "How you holding up? You did amazingly" he told her truthfully.
With the help of Josh, Chas carried John to the bedroom, glad that he had help as he knew he couldn't have done this on his own. Laying John in bed, he sighed and exited the room to leave him be. He was honestly glad that it was finally over as he felt like they were down there forever. "I'm gonna go check on Serena if your good?" Josh spoke to Chas, to which he nodded. "yeah, go. I'll let the others know about John" he replied, letting Josh head back downstairs to Serena, then headed to the spare room where the others were.

Kay instantly stood up when Chas walked in, her question clearly written on her face without saying a word. "He's alright. He's on bed rest in his room" Chas explained, making Kay nod. "Good" Fia sighed with relief.
"very well" Fee replied with a humble nod. She then turned to Chas "I shall I aid you in clearing the path" she added after seeing Chas agree to the request of Serena's. With that, they both walked on ahead and cleared the path, picking up anything that could be in the way and putting to one side. It didn't take either of them long, then Chas thanked Fee and went to Serena to say that the path was clear to move him to his room. Fee headed back upstairs and before entering the room where Fia, Drake and Trish were, she let Kay have control once more.

With a gasp and a couple of deep breaths Kay was back, her vision was filled with darkness or a golden glare, depending on which direction she looked in within her head. She let herself comprehend where she was and what had happened, piecing everything together mentally before going back into the room. "He's going to be fine" she told the young'uns.

(Apologies for the late response, I had work past week then came back from work with a horrendous cold that made me sleep most of the week)
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