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Current Swiftly coming up to the big annual weekend job at Tutbury Castle! Which means slow replies from me.
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Do yourselves all a favour and watch the series 'From'. It's fantastic!
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The marvel SDCC Hall H panel last night was 🔥
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Trying to ignore it's father's Day is fracking difficult because 1) it's triggering for me to an extent and 2) no one is online to chat!
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I am not designed for UK heatwaves 🥵 pretty sure I'll be a puddle soon enough


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Kay couldn't deny what Serena said, they all did have a habit of getting themselves hurt, hells, she was one of the worst for actually getting herself killed temporarily. "That's true" she replied as she walked and then saw Bane asleep as Serena gestured toward him. "bless him, he deserves the nap" she said.

Fia didn't believe him for a second and when he fell forward, blood dripping onto the floor of the cab she knew she was right to not believe him. "Dad!" She said worried, tending to his aid as best she could, using her mage abilities to try and stop the bleeding at least, whilst Chas sped up and made an effort to get back quicker. "we're almost back Fia, he's going to be fine" he tried to reassure her.
Kay nodded, not surprised that Serena would have gotten her information from Bane. At her remark about John, Kay's lips curled upward in an amused smirk, "you're probably right, he has a habit it seems to getting himself hurt" she replied then headed on ahead and downstairs.

Fia couldn't help but smirk and scoff in amusement at his words to her. It was amusing to her because it was the complete opposite to what she was used to hearing. Her mother always said she took after her father more and most definitely had his stubbornness. So to hear she was so much like Kay was both amusing and surprising. "I'm usually told the opposite...." She muttered, then saw how pale he was going and took his hand to try and help calm his shakes. "Chas we gotta hurry, he's looking worse" she told Chas. "Got it kiddo" he replied, putting his foot down on the pedal and speeding back.
Kay trusted Serena's words when she said she could feel that they have it all under control. What she didn't like was that someone needed healing, and she instantly felt herself mentally planning a moment to heal anyone who needed it. "it must have worked, what John had to do. It's clearly had a knock on effect" she replied.

With John safely in the cab and this time next to Fia, Chas ran round to the driver's side and got in, wasting no time in starting the engine and driving back. He kept glancing behind him to make sure John was alright but overall kept his eyes on the road. Fia looked down at her shoulder then up to her dad's eyes, taken aback by his praise of her. It wasn't that in her time he never praised her, but it was difficult to get praise from him, so to hear him here and now say she did good meant an awful lot to her. "Thanks dad" she replied softly.
Kay was relieved when Serena agreed that the decision to leave them behind was the right one. She was so was used to witnessing Serena insisting on doing things herself that it as much as it was a relief to hear the opposite reaction, it was also surprising. "that I genuinely don't know. Drake said something about an ambush but then said it was now okay, so I don't know what's happened. I've heard nothing from the others" she explained.

Chas saw the state John was in and how bad it was getting, hoping it would end soon, which his hopes were granted. He knelt down and held John up, "let's get you in the cab" he told him, making John use him as a crutch as he walked carefully toward the cab, where he finally saw Fia coming out of the woods limping and leaning on the wolf for support.

Hearing the repair job get done Fia sighed with relief. "Good, the energy shift is intense, it's gotta have had a toll on dad. I also feel his pain...we gotta get to them" she replied, leaning against the wolf and limping out if the woods, seeing Chas and John. Meeting back at the cab, she got into the cab and sighed. "you okay kiddo?" Chas asked, as he helped John into the cab, "yeah..just a sprained ankle, nothing that won't heal up when I get back" Fia replied.

When Dean had arrived into the room Mika knew all Hell would break loose and so when it did, she wasn't in the least bit surprised. She hated that when Cason came back, Dean just absolutely lost his composure even if she couldn't blame him for doing so. She was far from happy about Cason moving in on Natalia when she was slightly drunk herself but she was done with the fighting. She watched on with concern and slight fear as Anna managed to get Dean to let Cason go and focus yet again on Natalia. She couldn't even get a word in whilst Anna lectured Dean on putting all of his focus onto the wrong person at this very moment in time. She was right, that much Mika could think of and when everyone resettled down once more she sighed with some sort of relief. She didn't even pay attention to how Sam was reacting to this whole situation, but it seemed Sam had in fact at one point turned from the bathroom door and was watching everything unfold.

When things settled, he turned back toward the bathroom and kept hoping that Natalia would just open the door and come on out. He also hoped that Nat hadn't heard any of what was being yelled at but he knew motel walls were hardly thick enough to be sound proofed, so chances were she did hear absolutely everything. Yet unbeknownst to him, Natalia didn't pay attention to any of what was going on in the main room. She was so swallowed up in her own thoughts in the bathroom she really didn't know what was going on and just assumed that her family were fighting amongst themselves for letting her go out on the hunt in the state she was in. She didn't even think that Cason would have come back to the motel, let alone her room. Why would he? She drunkenly did give him the impression she was flirting with him after being pushed into him, then pushed him away and did have a habit of speaking to him like shit because of what he was.

Then Natalia had come out of the bathroom looking like an utter wreck. Sam and Mika both knew this was more than drunkenness affecting the youngest Winchester in this moment as she stepped out and went to the table and chair without even looking at any of them. Both of them wanted to go over and comfort the woman, but both knew they'd be pushed away if they did, so they remained stood where they were, Sam having stepped away from the bathroom door and by the wall and Mika near the main door. They listened to Nat speak of why she was being so unpredictable and reckless and as she spoke they found themselves getting more and more shocked and heartbroken. Sam couldn't stop the silent tear from falling down his face as he wiped it away and listened, staring at the ground as he did so he could take in absolutely every single word Natalia said. Mika stared at Natalia as she spoke, seeing no sign of a lie being spoken, just a broken girl sat in front of them all. A broken girl that she hadn't seen since they day the boys rescued Nat from the institute.

Both could remember that night far too well. Sam had been looking any other people to be saved at one end of the hospital, whilst Dean was at another end. That was when he found her- Natalia. Stumbling out of her room, drugged up, dangerously thin and scared almost to death. She was mumbling about how she got let free by something or someone and back then he just assumed she was mumbling about nothing because she was so high on the drugs in her system but over the time they had been with her, he had to admit he did think about what helped her get out of her room more and more. It was a question he always had on his mind but never expressed openly to either Natalia, Dean or Mika. He remembered he had to pick her up to carry her out whilst also fighting his way through demons at the same time and she weighed next to nothing. He was certain that night she wouldn't survive the night but she somehow did. She survived, remained mute for the longest time whilst she healed up, gained weight and began to look healthy. He saw there and then what a fighter she was, but it was also during that time he found her only item she owned, a polaroid photograph that was in her filthy jogging bottoms of her with their dad.

Snapping out his own memories he saw how Natalia finished talking and was just crying and shaking. He looked up when Cason stood up from the bed and began to walk over to Natalia, only to have Dean try and fail in stopping him. He watched the man's demon's movements carefully, clenching his fist as Cason just sat there, like they all seemed to be doing- in silence. He, like the others for a while didn't know what to say to her story. All he knew was that if he ever came face to face with any of those demons again who were part of hurting his baby sister, he would gladly dish out torture ten times worse than what they put on her. Little did he know Cason was partly to blame for Natalia's time in that hospital. If he had known, he would have gladly punched him so hard he'd have broken the door and had Cason on the floor outside.

He was glad when Dean finally found the words to say, saying what they all no doubt were thinking to some degree or another. All he and Dean had ever wanted out of Natalia was for her to open up to them. Yet the moment Dean mentioned about trusting Cason, he braced himself for the blowback those words were about to cause. Natalia looked up at Dean, her eyes narrowing dramatically as she wiped the tears enough so she could bring herself to talk once more. He didn't have to see Cason sweeping some of Natalia's hair behind her ear to know Cason touched her in some way as both Anna and Dean flinched. "Are you serious right now!? I never once explicitly said I trusted Cason! And sure, I could have told you all of this forever ago but do you realise how difficult it is to say those words!? To say in detail how I was tortured because our good for nothing deadbeat dad dared to have me and give me the bloody Winchester name!? All I have ever wanted is to live a life where i'm not crippled with the ptsd of what I went through! You should know Dean! It's not like you've ever truly opened up about life in Hell is it!?" she spat with drunken venom. She was hurting and aiming her hurt at him wrongly, but she didn't know who else to aim it at in this moment.

"Now that's enough Nat, it's not Dean's fault. Like you said, he and Sam saved you that night" Mika finally stepped forward and spoke up, unable to remain silent any longer. Her voice remained calm but it had an essence of firmness to it to show she wasn't going to stand for any more raised voices. "Just get out...all of you...GET OUT!" Natalia spat back, she didn't want to feel crowded in any longer. It was too much for her to handle, her head was swimming, she was exhausted and in mental pain. "Nat..." Sam started to quietly and calmly protest, "I mean it! OUT!!" She demanded once again, showing she wasn't going to be changing her mind on this. With a sigh Sam nodded and started to head toward the door to leave, he gave a glance around at absolutely everyone, a look that said 'come on- let's just leave her alone'. He then became the first to open the door and exit even though every part of him was just wanting to stay and scoop her up in his arms and hold her protectively.

He waited outside for the others, curious to what everyone thought they should do. As they all exited Natalia then looked up and grabbed Cason's arm. "wait....don't go....please" she quietly begged of him. His touch from earlier giving her a sense of familiarity....of weird comfort.
Kay sighed when Serena called her out on not telling the whole truth. She should have known she couldn't have hid everything from her for long. "Alright...Bane commanded it, John found the break in the leylines that the demons are using to track us. So with some of your wolves, Chas and Fia, they're going to close it and cut off the connection." she explained quietly. "They didn't want you knowing any earlier because they didn't want you and I to either go with them or after them after what we endured yesterday" she added for more context.

Chas kept an eye out on their surroundings, as well as John but he was also wanting to see Fia re-emerge already as he was getting worried for her being in the woods for as long as she was. "Good because I'm now getting worried about Fia not returning" he said honestly, even though he didn't want to concern John with his words.

Fia watched extensively at what the wolf was doing, at first she flinched but she did allow the wolf to heal her. "Thanks... I would have healed eventually or used a healing spell myself, but I appreciate the help" she explained. "But yeah, I'm alright, think my ego is more bruised right now than anything else" she smirked, as she pushed herself up onto her feet, feeling the aching in her right ankle. "Might have sprained my ankle but I'll be okay" she said as she limped over to the dead hellhound and yanked her blade out of it's body, seeing it turn to ash. "We better get to dad and Chas" she told the wolf.
Kay had hoped this would be enough for Serena but the moment she frowned and asked to have a private word outside, she knew her hopes weren't to be. Sighing and placing the cloth down beside Drake so if he felt the need for it, he could reach for it without moving too much, she stood up and nodded. "Sure" she replied, walking outside the room, closing the door behind them both. "What's wrong?" She asked.

Chas waited beside him, keeping an eye out but also feeling pretty certain that Fia had the last remaining hound distracted and far enough away from them both. He was about to reply to John, but even John got cut off mid sentence when they both heard Fia's yell if pain. "John she's got backup, keep going with this" he told him, knowing it was so important to do this part and had a feeling Fia would lecture them both if they didn't complete the task.

With the wolf pinning the hound, she made sure her blades hit true, panting as she watched the hound yelped and howled in pain before dying on the ground. "Bloody hate hellhounds...." She grumbled again, shuffling herself up against a tree bark so she could gather herself after the fight. She also needed to check herself over for any injuries so she knew if she needed to pause for healing or not. Checking herself over, she initially couldn't see any injury and was about to sigh with relief, but the moment she went to get up to go retrieve her blade, she fell back down onto the ground with a hiss. Pulling her trouser leg up she saw a gash down her calf, "well shit...."
Satisfied that Drake had managed to take the painkillers, Kay then placed the damp cloth on his forehead to cool him down a little. When she heard the knock she looked behind her and have a small smile. "He's just bit hot and has a headache." She explained to Serena, "he felt faint so I helped him lay back down" she then gave some context. "But otherwise, everything is fine" she finished saying, deciding not to worry Serena with what the others are doing and she hoped Drake picked up on her deliberately not mentioning the others.

Chas kept trying to help John to wake up, noting everywhere his mate was injured or hurting to the best of his abilities. With all his strength, he helped John up onto his feet and walked with him to the leylines slowly but surely whilst Fia and the wolves stood guard and watch of their surroundings. "I'll tell us what John, your future kid is one hell of a fighter" he said, just trying to keep John awake whilst they staggered to the break in the lines.

Fia nodded in agreement at the wolf's words. She had no plans on letting this hound run to escape and she wasn't going to rest until she killed it herself. She slowly looked around them all, remaining alert, glad that her spell to see the hound was still very active. "Seems Chas has that under control with dad." She told the wolf then found the hound in the shadows. "Found ya" she whispered, starting to creep up on it but it seemed it had sensed her and pounced out of the way, deciding to play its own game with her. She refused to lose it so continued the hunt etching further into the shadows when she went flying sideways in a spinning motion. She landed in a muddy ditch with the hound over her, snarling and drooling. She fought to get out of under it, scrambling to lift her legs up and kick it off which she managed, but not before the hound got a bite out of her shoulder.

"AHH!!" She screamed in pain, now fighting the urge to not curse as she sat up, grabbing one of her concealed blades, igniting it in phoenix fire and throwing it into the hound.

Starting the drive back, he was grateful he knew how to drive Nat’s car as it was a different feel to driving Baby. He let Anna lean into him none the less as he drove, noting how Natalia especially was being rather silent in the back whilst Mika kept a close eye on her, albeit discreetly. Yet in the pit of his stomach, he just knew it would be any moment when Nat would kick off and after this day and evening he wasn’t sure he was particularly ready for it, or how it was all going to go down once Dean caught up to them. “I’m worried about it too honestly, I’m just waiting for someone to kick off and I don’t know if I’m mentally prepared for it” he replied to Anna quietly for almost fear of upsetting Natalia even more. Something told him there was so much more to this whole situation, he just didn’t know what and it frustrated him that his sister never let him in and just closed them all out. He knew just as well as Dean and Mika did that she favoured himself out of himself and Dean so it hurt him greatly that she shut him out particularly. It seemed however that he wasn’t quiet enough as he heard the familiar scoff from Natalia behind him, but no other words were exchanged....

The drive was absolute hell for him, and he had no doubts that it was uncomfortable for the others as well. Pulling up to the motel and pulling into the car park, he parked outside Natalia’s room as the space was still empty, he found Nat didn’t even wait for him to fully turn the ignition off before she dived out of the car and headed to her room, opening the door and walking in. Sam found himself sighing and running his hands through his hair after he pulled the keys out and put them in his pocket. “She’s gotta open up...she can’t keep doing this, it’ll get her killed” Mika said sadly, genuinely concerned for the young woman’s mental state. “I know, but you know what she’s like, she’ll shut us out quicker than Dean can say ‘pie’.” Sam countered.

“Well this time we don’t let her shut us out. Because tonight was the last straw. She said she wouldn’t get drunk, she promised Dean she wouldn’t drink, but she still did. She let her guard drop which in turn made mine and Anna’s guard drop because we were too concerned about her.” She told him bluntly. “what do you mean?” he asked, turning to face her in the car seat, “she got drunk and got close to Cason.....he kissed her” she said, not wanting to snitch on Natalia but she saw no other way. It had to come out at some point and she knew Sam would nag until she told him the truth anyway. “what?!” he exclaimed, trying to stop his blood from boiling. With that he said no more and got out the car, and stormed into Natalia’s room, leaving the door open for the girls.


“You let Cason kiss you?!” Sam questioned Natalia angrily and a bit too loud. Natalia span round as her back was facing him initially as he came bounding into the room. “are you serious right now?! That’s what you wanna lecture me on?! And for the record Sam I didn’t let him do anything okay?! I shoved him off when he made the move! You really think I’d let some bloody demon get that close to me?! After everything I’ve gone through at the hands of his kind?! I’m sorry but you don’t get judge me!” She yelled back at him as she removed her hooded jacket, throwing it on her bed and not even paying attention to the signs that Cason had been in her room. “I’m not judging you Nat! I’m worried about you! We all are! But you put everyone in that crypt at risk because you’re drunk and focused on Cason, who shall I remind you is already on bad terms with Dean!” Sam replied with a greatly raised voice. Mika had walked in behind him with Anna and placed her hand on Sam’s shoulder, an action that Nat took as Mika picking sides. “oh what a damn surprise! You take the brother’s side on this!” Nat practically spat. “I’m not taking sides Nat, I’m trying to get you both to lower your voices” Mika replied quietly.

“Let me guess it was you who snitched on me! You need to keep your god damn nose out of my life! You may be dating my brother but that don’t give you a damn right to police my life!” Natalia spat with drunken malice. Mika wanted to say something back but Nat’s words just left her speechless. Nat at this point was on the brink of tears and like hell was she going to let the three of them see her cry. “don’t talk to her like that! Just open to us, please!” Sam scolded and begged of his baby sister. “I’ll talk to her however I damn please!” she yelled at him before storming off into the bathroom and slamming the door shut, locking it. “Nat come on!!” Sam called out, walking over to the bathroom and knocking on the door.

Nat just slid down the door after noting the dirt in the sink and knew Cason had been there. She held her head in her hands as everything overwhelmed her in her head, the alcohol making her head spin on top of it all. The tears then ran down her face, feeling lost, confused. She listened as Sam kept begging her to open the door but she just couldn’t bring herself to. She even found herself wishing Cason was there to diffuse the situation, but then she hated herself for wishing that as she still had her negative feelings towards him because of what he was. Sam was trying for what felt like forever until he turned his head and saw Dean opening the door. “she’s locked herself in the bathroom and refuses to come out” he explained to his brother. “Tell Dean to sod off!!” Natalia shouted through the door, not in the mood for Dean’s scolding either. “you know he ain’t gonna do that Nat! Neither are the rest of us!” he countered truthfully.

She knew he was right, they were being even more stubborn than normal and deep down she knew it was pointless in trying to avoid the big conversation for much longer. Yet she held off for as long as possible before she couldn’t anymore. She slowly climbed back onto her feet from the floor and walked over to the sink, turning the tap on and splashing her face to try and sober up. She stared at her reflection in the mirror for a few moments before slowly walking to the door and unlocking it which caused Sam to step back. Natalia then slowly opened the door and stepped outside, sitting at the table that previously had Cason’s jacket on. Sam was about to speak but Natalia stopped him before he could actually speak. “firstly...I’m sorry for making you Mika and Anna drop your guard because of me. I let Cason convince me to drink even though I promised I wouldn’t. I guess...I guess I thought it would make having to work with him all the more easier to accept...” she began, refusing to look at any of them. She just stared at her feet the entire time so she could actually get her words out without stumbling too much.

“I know every hunter has their.....issues with demons but mine runs deeper than any of yours. It was demons who ran that institute, took it over and ran it as some torture chamber. Sending me there was thought to be the right decision....we all know anyone outside of this world would think of us insane, so I don’t blame my adopted family for making that decision...but once there it went from bad to worse every day..” she began explaining, trying so hard not to cry and muffle her words all over again. “it started off as mind games, pretending they’re human, they’re friends so to speak....saying they’re there to help me. I just had to talk...but I didn’t know them, I didn’t trust them with my story. Then they got impatient. Drugs started getting pumped into me....relaxants to make me loose tongued, drugs to make me sleep so they could chain me to the sorry excuse of a bed in my room at night, so I wouldn’t try and escape...all kinds of shit. Then it got worse than that, they started locking, literally, me into ice baths for an hour at a time to begin with, only unlocking me and taking me out when I was close to hyperthermia. One time my heart stopped, was considered dead for a whole minute and they had to revive me just to do it all over again the next day.” She said, struggling to get the words out of her mouth.

“Ice baths then turned into electroshock therapy. Chained to a chair, electrodes all over me, shocking me in the head and chest, only comfort I got was the bite gag in my mouth to stop me from swallowing my tongue. They were convinced I knew about the whole Winchester family the moment someone found out my real father was John. But I didn’t and no matter how many times I begged them to stop because I didn’t know any Winchester other than dad, they amped up the wattage. Nothing I said or did was right to them...” by this point she was crying all over again.

“if it wasn’t ice baths or electroshock therapy, they were tying me to chairs, slicing through any part of me they wanted to try and make me talk. Healed me up then started all over again. One time they even whipped me for kicks, whipped me so hard the scars you’ve seen today are my reminder of it. Then there this was one guy, who pretended to be on my side the whole time. That was almost worse than the physical torture. He falsely planted in my head the chances of hope of freedom. Said it would be over soon, that if I said quite literally anything it would set me free...but it didn’t work. I lied to and try an earn my freedom, but they researched my words, found out I lied and as punishment starved me until I could barely hold my head up or walk then burned me at the nape of my neck with a live wire. Yet I kept hoping dad would come for me, come save me from that hell but he never came. The only thing that ever came back for me was the torture, the pumping my bloodstream of drugs making me so docile I couldn’t fight back. If it wasn’t for you Dean, Sam...I’d have never gotten out...I—” but she couldn’t go on.

The crying overtook her and her hands were shaking uncontrollably. As she finally opened up what she endured, it all flashed through her mind like she was watching it on a TV screen. She hoped now it was all out in the open, they would finally understand why she was so flippant with Cason, why she was so adamant on not telling Dean and Sam what they had truly saved her from all that time ago. She still couldn’t look any of them in the eye so she couldn’t see the pure look of horror and sadness on their faces.
Kay sighed, hoping Drake would be okay, and she did find it concerning that he couldn't seem to finish his sentences now. She quickly walked to the bathroom and opened the cupboard to get some painkillers and then she turned the cold tap on, letting it chill as much as possible before soaking a face cloth in the cold water, ringing it out enough so it wasn't dripping wet and then folded it up. She also partly filled a small bowl of water incase it ever needed re-wetting. With everything aquired, she walked back to the room Drake was in and say by his side. "Here, take these" she said, handing him the painkillers.

Chas saw John trying to get up only to pass out, making him run toward his friend. He wasn't going to leave his friend alone. He could see Fia was capable of holding her own as he saw her take down the hellhound with ease. It was incredibly impressive to say the least and it was clear that she was trained hard to be able to look after herself. Though there was an ounce of sadness in that fact as well as in his mind no child should have to grow up faster than they need to or know how to protect themselves from all of this. "John!" He said, kneeling down and nudging him slightly.

Fia's eyes darted round quickly, trying not to get distracted by her father passing out on the ground. That's where this John felt so different to the one she always knew, her father in her time was formidable and didn't get knocked out so easily, he was downright terrifying in a fight until that day they lost her mother which sent him on that downward spiral. She was still thankful they changed that moment, but now wasn't the time for reflection, she had another hellhound to fight off. "come on you asshole! Show yourself!" She practically growled, keeping up her guard, ready for the fight.
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