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Kay first went to the kitchen and decided to cheekily raid his fridge, as she figured she would be more or less living here for some time. Opening it, she found the food that CHas had previously brought in, but could tell that if it wasn't for that then John wouldn't have much in at all. She did however find what she was hoping to find and that was bottles of beer. She grabbed two, closed the fridge door and opened them both using the edge of the worktop, a trick she had learned in university by her roommate Ethan. She walked out of the kitchen and looked for John, finding him by his laptop at a desk, handing him one bottle. "find anything?" she asked as she took a swig of her own bottle. "You look worried" she pointed out.

Doctor Levine refused to admit what he was doing was wrong. Deep down like any one in the world knew it was sickenly wrong but he would never admit it because he was now a stubborn older man, stuckl in his ways and can't deny his desires, no matter how sinful and utterly disgusting they truly were. He gritted his teeth from the pain of the shadows getting tighter and tighter around him like a constrictor snake. He was truthfully absolutely terrified and couldn't move in the slightest to try and alert anyone to save him, not that most of the nurses in his ward would come to save him, little did he know it. The moment she made all the nightmares come to him in his mind, seeing all the kids and their fear and upset on their face as he got what he wanted from them, all the times they flinched under his touch as he stroked their faces, their legs, their arms.... all the times they grimmaced and silently cried as he took their innocence...then came the girl that that he always considered his favourite. His little girl 'Red', the firecracker of a youngling who pleased him in ways that no other child had done since, Kay. Seeing a very young Kay suddenly made it all fall into place why these people were there and how they knew what he had been up to all these years. He screamed from the pain, but had to laugh at times as he tried to get through it, knowing he was dying. "At least I saw little Red one...more...time. The slut that no one can live up to!" he managed to get out through his haggard breathing and between his screams.

Chas watched on and pulled out his phone to give John a text in very short hand 'he's getting his justice, don't call Kay Red. Chas.' then clicked send, as he suddenly felt awful for giving Kay that very nickname before they got here.
Kay would have thought (and probably did partially) that Fee was absolutely crazy saying her destiny was with John. To her, destiny was one of those things that she usually thought was utter bollocks, just like she wasn't one to fully believe in love, or at least her being worthy of it. She had been so scarred and so used to just one night stands or reckless moments with men in bar restrooms, that she never considered love existed, especially for her. "Destiny? You're pulling my leg Fee" she scoffed slightly, "I assure you Kay, I am not 'pulling your leg' as you so eloquently put it. You're the daughter of the original phoenix Fira, you are of a rare bloodline, a bloodline that in our kind was almost call royalty. I do not joke about these things. It is said the phoenix and Hellblazer are to find each other" Fee explained. Kay sighed, trying to process what she was being told. "Is that why I feel i can't be far from him? Why I need to be close to him last night?" she questioned, "yes"Fee simply replied. Kay exited the garden after a few minutes, closing the door behind her and remembering her way back to the main room.

Doctor levine was ready to press the red button for security under his desk when he listened to what Serena was telling him. Her first comments making him smirk, not thinking she was of any threat to begin with at all. Yet the moment she somehow managed to throw his desk away from him by her shadows, he knew instantly she wasn't a normal human. She had powers, powers that he had heard of, similar to members of the justice league. He pushed his chair backwards, trying to gain distance from the two people in his office. "You're crazy!" He exclaimed, as her shadows wrapped around him like restraints, lifting him up into the air in front of them. Chas smirked as he watched and let Serena deal with the doctor in her own way. "I'd listen to her doc, she's not one to piss off" he sneered back at Doctor Levine. "I've done nothing wrong to these kids!" the doctor protested, even though he knew he did.
When Kay said what she did, she intend on implying that John should go ahead and go see what he could do to help. As he walked off she sighed and stared upwards toward the tree branches and at all the cherry blossom before staring back down at her feet. "he's doing too much for me..." she mumbled to herself. "he's doing what he feels should be done" Fee spoke up for the first time in a while. "I just want Sam to live a normal life, and not be dragged into this shit show" Kay replied, "and Sam deserves that but he's right. You need to make sure she isn't in danger just because she's been so close to you" Fee countered, making Kay sigh. "you're going to be alright here Kay. This is where you're meant to be, with him and the others. Your place is next to him" Fee added. "says the one who didn't trust him or the other two initially" Kay scoffed with a smirk, "that was before we got here and you read the book. Before I spoke with Bane. More of my/our past knowledge has unlocked for me. Your destiny is by the side of the Hellblazer" Fee explained.

Chas continued to wait for Serena, not wanting to rush her but not wanting to be in here longer than necessary. When she explained how it she was fixing as she went, he had to admire her for it. "and no doubt these kids will be more than grateful in their own way" he told her, before leading her to the office, making sure they both took all the blind spots they needed to as they went. He stood outside the office which looked like any other room in a home, no windows on the door or walls to look inside into the office. Just a simple sign on his door with the doctor's name on it, telling them that this was the place. He balled his hands up into fists by his side, not sure what they were going to see when they walked inside, but was ready to do what he could to bring hope to these current kids and closure for the likes of Kay. "let's do this" he commented, stepping forward and walking into the room, where the doctor was sitting at his desk doing paperwork. "who are you? You're not normal security" Dr Levine demanded to know. He was a greying man, Chas would have put him in his late sixties to early seventies if he had to hazard a guess. He looked good for his age, but considering he had been doing this 'job' when Kay was a kid, that's the age bracket Chas would put him in, which made it all the more sickening.

"we're here to give justice to all those children you swore to help and made even worse. We're here to stop scum like you getting your rocks off to kids!" Chas sneered.
She shook her head a firm no in answer to his question. "not got a clue. Last time I saw her was at university two years ago, before I went on the run. I don't know if she went back to the family home or got her own place or what." she replied, partly surprised he had a lot of friends or some that could even help find out where she is. "I have her number still, unless she's changed it since. But, and I can't believe I'm saying this, but it can wait. I came to this little haven to digest and calm from the last bombshell you dropped on me. Not to get more" she smirked dryly. It wasn't that she didn't want to find her sister, but she didn't think her mind could take anymore shocking revelations for the time being.

Chas let her do what she needed to, or more so what her shadows needed to, hoping that what she was doing was helping the patients and not causing them anymore pain. "behind us at the end of the corridor." he explained, "and whatever it is you, I wanna see it for myself. This asshole needs what is coming to him" he spoke, trying to avoid as many people who might possibly know they're not really security as possible by keeping away from making any eye contact with anyone.
Kay had never given that a single thought that not staying in contact would put Sam in just as much danger as keeping her close. At the time, she just made a run for her own safety from their possessed room mate and never looked back. She thought that if the demons were constantly on her tail and they had no one else to use against her, that SAm would be safe, but she never thought of the facts given to her by John. Yet again, she never thought there was anything truly magical about herself at the time, so it wouldn't have occurred to her that her own aura of her link to her would be enough to keep Sam in danger. "I never thought of it that way, I just thought..." she started to reply but needing to pause for a couple of seconds before continuing. "I just thought that if I wasn't in close proximity to her, she could continue her student and adult life and be safe from all those demons that are hunting me. I thought I was keeping her safe by ignoring her attempts to bring me home..." She finished, a lump in her throat forming, making her gulp and wipe at her eyes before any tears successfully fell, like they were threatening to. Sam meant the utter world to her and she wouldn't be able to live with herself if anything happened to her. "I guess that was stupid thinking" she said once more, annoyed at herself.

Chas nodded and when the doors opened to the lift, he exited it with her and let her find what she needed to whilst he scoped round the floor, looking for all the cameras and making notes of all their locations. He also made notes of where each blind spot was near every camera, and the ones that had no blind spot because their views would cross each other, he used a rune design John would use on occasion to disable them, by pulling out a pencil and drawing them on the walls discreetly, said a few words and watched the runes glowed softly before turning invisible to show they were working. Turning to his left, he found where the doctor's office was, making himself pull all of his efforts into not storming ahead and just beating the living shit out of him himself. As a father, it angered him in ways he never thought possible, especially as he had onlyrecently been making real progress in making his own family life better than it was. Even if he knew things would never be the same with his wife. He made his way back to Serena, seeing that she was managing to get her shadows to find the patients that were having nightmares, which would have been relatively easy as they all had nightmares due to their own mental health and with what they were going through from this monster of a man. He gave her a light double tap on the shoulder to let her know he was back. "I found all the cameras, disabled the ones that would be an issue for us and found the office we need" he explained in a hushed tone.
"he reminds me a bit of my best friend and adoptive sister Sam. She's the same in some ways. She was always there for me and we did everything together, even university. Yet she always knew when to verbally kick my ass into gear when I needed it. Even if I didn't think I needed it at the time." Kay replied to him, "its why I don't want to risk finding her or have her find me. I don't want what's hunting me down to find her and use her against me in any way. She's my weakness and I would do anything to keep her safe" she told him. "she deserves a normal life and I don't want to drag her down with my sorry fucked up self" she added.

Chas nodded as he saw they were reaching the fourth floor, "start on this floor as it makes sense to do so. I'll find the office and do some scouting out, see where all the cameras are located etcetera" he explained, figuring if they could multi task it'd be more helpful to them. He also had some tricks he learned from John he could use.
Listening to him talk, she nodded her understanding of needing more positive outlets. "I can understand that" she replied, curious about the whole mention of him being in hospital, but she didn't want to pry either. She got the feeling he wasn't usually a very open book when it came to his past and she was okay with that. "Chas seems like an incredible friend for you" she then remarked, as she crossed her arms casually across her chest, in an attempt to half hug herself.

Chas was glad when they could talk a bit more for a few seconds whilst the lift took them up to the fourth floor. "okay, I'm not sure what rooms have his patients in or if everyone on that floor are his or not, so you might have to get your shadows to check that out somehow before going to any patients." he replied, "or if the floor's reception is free of staff, I'll see what I can hack into on their computers" he added.
Kay listened to him as she looked around and found herself walking over to a cherry blossom tree, placing her hand delicately on it and smiling. "it's amazing, it's so peaceful here" she remarked before looking over her shoulder and back at him, her eyes getting the blue hue back as she calms down. "I can't believe this is here, this house just amazes me more and more John. What you can do is incredible" she told him honestly, turning round properly and leaning against the tree to face him.

Chas did understand where she was coming from, but he was sure if they needed boxes for any reason then they'd find some on any floor. Yet in his expertise of breaking into places somewhat on a regular basis because of helping John, he knew what he was talking about. He wasn't exactly proud of the illegal activities he had to do to help John, but he knew it was the only way most of the time. He pressed the button to call for the lift when they got there, finding luckily that the lift was already on their floor as the doors instantly opened. He let Serena walk in first before following suit and pressed the button for the fourth floor.
Kay nodded, glad that he was willing to join her for some fresh air. She walked with him to the back and still couldn't fully understand how he had a back garden inside the house. Then she reminded herself that nearly everything in this place was magical and was probably best to not question it. She looked around and sighed like she had an intake of breath and felt fresh air for the first time. "this is beautiful" she commented, starting to smile again.

"that'd be all well and good but we're not pretending to be couriers, we're security. Something tells me security guards don't bring in parcels for people." he explained as he looked at the map, "bingo! The staff break room is up on the fourth floor also, we can use that as our excuse for needing the lift" he said, thinking it was a much better simpler plan than anything else. It also would come across as much more believable.
Kay listened to his reasons and nodded softly, understanding better his reasons. She saw his hands shaking which made her slide her hand down his arm and grabbed his hands, giving them a comforting squeeze. "I get it, I mean...I get it now. It was and still is a lot to take in and I still need to let my mind fully compute it all logically but i'm understanding your reasons. I guess, I guess the reason why it's a shock is because I'm not used having people fight for me in this way. It's been so long since I've had anyone have my back and fight for justice for what I've gone through. It's overwhelming John. I've had to fight alone for just over two years nearly on the streets, it's hard to acknowledge there's anyone out this world who would want to fight by my side" She explained, her tone a lot softer than when she previously spoke to him. "I'm so sorry I snapped at you, you didn't deserve any of that tone." she apologised, not letting go of his hands.

At Serena's question Chas took out his phone and checked his notes that he was forwarded by his contact. "Looks to be on the fourth floor, back left corner of the building" he replied, swiping his figner left to right on the screen to bring up the map. "We'll need the left hand side lift on this floor in the atrium. We just need to get to it without being spotted by the receptionist, or at least, without drawing too much attention to ourselves and why we'd need that lift." he explained, showing her the map of the place, pointing at the places they need as he did so.
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