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Current Urgh life keeps getting in the way and making me exhausted. 😅.
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I'm sort of back to RP. I hate unintentionally ghosting you people, so please bear with!
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Apologies to anyone I'm slow replying to RP's with lately. September was extremely busy for me and I'm back in therapy. So I burn out quickly mentally
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That moment when you wanna write but you're on a train and the free wifi is absolute dogpoop, so cant access most things including downloading a Word app
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Happy birthday John Constantine 🎉😅


30something who loves to rp to pass the time and meet new people! When the world is right, I'm a character entertainer for a party business and do fan films. Utter geek who loves gaming and reading and rather addicted to the art therapy colouring books haha!

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Chas wasn't sure if he wanted to know about himself in the future. It the fact he was still in their lives was a bit of a relief. He knew every time he 'died', it was one less soul keeping him on this earth. He just wanted to be in his friends and his family's lives. He wanted to see his own daughter grow up, so knowing he was still alive in Drake's future was a great relief. "Good to know" he replied.

Fia smiled briefly at hearing John's praise, but she refused to break concentration. "Right and Serena? Let me know if you feel anything off" she replied before asking for some help from Serena. She tried to let her sense home in on Serena and the spell to make sure nothing went wrong. "I'm not sensing anything yet..." She spoke up.

If there was one thing that Nat did notice before they all went their separate ways, it was that Cason didn't or felt he couldn't, promise her not to do anything reckless and come back to her. His words of "I'll do the best I can" rang through her mind constantly which just made her determined to keep to her word that she wouldn't get herself killed or hurt so he didn't feel like he had to do something reckless. She just had to trust that although Sam didn't like him in the slightest, he wouldn't let Cason ruin whatever it was she and him were becoming and keep him alive and safe. If not for Cason, but for her. She knew Sam knew she would never forgive him if something happened on his watch.

Forcing her mind to keep on the present, she smirked as the demon she shot went down like a dead weight, smoke appearing as the coated arrow yip pierced through the host's flesh. She always felt a tad bad for killing the innocent person in the process but time was of the essence tonight and she knew they couldn't save every single human inside. She didn't even think about Dean behind her possibly trying to get her to stop and not take the shot just at that moment. She had an agenda against demons, she wanted justice for everything they had put her through for years and she wasn't going to wait on permission by her big brother. It was solely when Dean cursed and Cason's voiced echoed out to everyone in the vicinity did she remotely feel bad for not waiting on everyone else. With Dean hiding behind a wall, she took to remaining behind a couple of bushes and a tree so she could try and remain stealthy as much as possible, whilst Mika took the other side of the barn's wall.

Mika, on the opposite side to Dean, snuck forward as she saw another demon follow his comrade out of the barn. "Well hey there soldier" she cooed in the ear, making him swiftly spin round without taking any precautions, stepping right into Mika's blade stupidly. "Oh sorry, forgot I had it" she smirked, twisting it and yanking it out as she watched the demon writhe and twitch as the realisation of the blade being coated in salt was coursing through his body, making him smoke out and flee. As the body dropped to the ground, she turned round ready to go back to Nat but she took was cornered by another demon, stopping her from getting to Nat. "Well hi there sweet thing. How about you tango with me without the cheats?" He coyly spoke, stepping towards her, making her back up so she could study his actions. He then started quickly towards her, making it impossible for her dart out of the way in time. The demon gripped her by her neck and sniffed her deeply. "You smell...different. you're not like your team. Interesting...very very interesting!" He smirked, making Mika grimace and feel confused by his words.

She tried to wriggle out of his grip, but all it did was make his grip tighter. She began to gasp for air, raising her hands to try and wrangle herself free. "Get off of her!" Nat threatened, bow raised, arrow nocked and aiming right for his head. Mika stated at Natalia, unsure if she could trust the girl's aim when she was in front of the target. Yet she knew she had to trust Nat with all her might. "Aww the little psycho bitch is proving herself of her title! Tell me, how's life outside of the asylum?" He replied, but that just pissed Nat off even more, making her loose her arrow which struck the demon right in the skull, with only the breeze of the arrow in the air being felt by Mika. "Thanks!" Mika gasped as she regained her breath. "Always" Natalia commented back.

With a nod exchanged by both girls, they began to run round to try and find Dean but they couldn't find him. "What the hell?" They both said in unison. This wasn't making a heap of sense but they had to keep trying holding down the fort for the others. "You go left, I'll go right and keep finding Dean, stay safe" Mika instructed, trusting that Natalia would be okay separating from her. It was risk, but they had no choice. So separating they did. It was only then did Mika find Dean being cornered by two demons. "Shit" she cursed.

Natalia used this moment to climb as best she could go the roof of the barn after finding some haystacks she could use for steps. Reaching the roof, she looked around. She could see Duke and Esme trying to hold down the advantage on their enemies, whilst also spotting Cason, Sam and Anna Beth with their old fight. Lifting her arm over her shoulder to grab another arrow to nock in her bow, she drew the string back once more, debating on who to help first. She turned between Duke's group and Sam's several times before finally deciding on helping Sam's group. Just as she was about to loose the arrow, she got shoved off the roof, her bow flying out of her hands, clambering on the ground as she rolled and smacked her head hard onto the ground. Everything began to go hazy and dark, but she didn't fully black out straight away, not until she saw two feet walk towards her.


Sam refused to be far from either Annabeth or Cason, but he had his own battles going on. A female demon aimed right for him, as he headed himself up for a fight. He knew just because the host was seemingly a small framed woman, it didn't mean they were going to be an easy fight. He flipped his knife in his hand, making sure he had a good grip on it. "Stop toying with me already" hele said, just wanting this night over with. He hated they were all split up in groups, even though he agreed it was the best plan but it felt like it was all going wrong. Almost as if these demons knew they would go in for an ambush attack. He charged the female demon as she charged him, using the same tricks as Dean by grabbing the salt in his pocket and throwing it right in her eyes, making her scream and s ratchet at her eyes. With her temporarily blinded, he went for the kill, stabbing her right in the heart, forcing the demon to smoke out, whilst the meat suit dropped to the ground dead.

Turning on his heels, he saw Annabeth go down and was ready to run when Cason beat him to it, getting her up on her feet, only to end up back down again and getting knocked out. He saw the assailant and went to charge, but he got hit round the back of his head, falling to the ground. "Shit..." He managed to curse out before he felt his eyes behind to shut. Refusing to go out, he shook the pain off, waking once more and stumbling back onto his feet. "Anna!" He called out, stumbling over to her to try and give her some kind of cover.

Chas found it sad but not surprising that luck wasn't always on the kid's side, considering it seemed their families stayed linked to John in the future. What did surprise him however was the kid's next question. "Uhh...8 I think?" He replied as he have it a quick think off the top of his head. "Yeah, I saved souls" he repeated more aure of his answer this time.

Fia looked between her dad and Serena as they spoke and couldn't help but smirk slightly, happy that John was taking an interest in seeing how capable she was. "you're gonna be fine Serena" she reassured, before she looked back at the book and took a deep to centre herself. Something she was always told to do if it was at all possible. She really didn't want to mess this up and disappoint John, even though technically he wasn't yet her dad in this time. She began to recite the spell in the book, holding out one hand to hover it over the circle around Serena as she did so. Her pronunciation was perfect of the Latin she spoke, a by product of the teaching she underwent in her time. The spell made her eyes glow their phoenix golden hue. Shadows of her phoenix wings cast out onto the walls behind her, despite the wings not revealing themselves physically.
Chas wasn't finding anything either so far and that was exactly what he wanted. "I'm not finding either, but ya can never be too careful. Always good to truly make sure" he replied to Drake. He didn't know if that was a lesson he would have been taught in his time or not, but it was a lesson he always stood by firmly. Especially when it came to being around John Constantine.

Fia looked at the spell in question that John was showing her and nodded. "I can handle it" she replied to him before turning her head to Serena. "Yeah we're sure about this, you're gonna be fine" she told her honestly. She then looked back at the spell to really memorise it in her mind. "Let's do this" she said.
Chas stepped out of the front door ahead of Drake. He glanced around and couldn't see any threat so far, so he gestured for Drake to follow him out. Stepping forward, he decided to to circle the perimeter by going clockwise around, only unlike last time he did checks, he was much more thorough and made wider search. "See anything?" He asked.

As Serena stepped inside, Fia finished and closed the circle. Proud of her work, she looked up when John asked a question that surprised her. The John in her time wouldn't let her take the lead on something like this, even though she felt she was more than capable to do so. Yet she also knew, or at least, assumed it was because John was a lot more protective of her than he outwardly showed. "Sure, what's the spell?" She replied, stepping up to him to look at what book he was holding.
Fia followed John and Serena into a safe room that happened to be the study in this instance. She looked around trying to find a big enough space to do what they needed whilst John started pulling down books. Finding a spot, she just moved the nearest desk slightly further away and grabbed the chalk that she saw on it. Bending down she began to draw the sealing circle which she figured would also act as a form of protection for Serena in the process. As she got about half way round, Fia stood up to straighten her back and looked at Serena, "okay, step inside before I complete it please" she instructed to the woman.
Fia smiled as John agreed to let her help him. In her time, she loved helping him whenever she could, even if sometimes she almost begged to be allowed to help. She knew the John in her time was only keeping her safe, but it did irk her when she couldn't help. So to be able to help now made her happy and feel of use. "Got it" she replied.

Chas have a nod of acceptance in Drake wanting to help him do a scout if the perimeter. He didn't see any risk in letting him help as he honestly didn't think there was any other danger around, but if there did appear to be, then he could just make Drake go inside and get other help so he didn't get more injured. "Okay, but if I say get inside, get inside got it?" He negotiated.

Mika didn't think Dean would cave to her plan so easily but it seemed he proved her wrong as he actually gave it some thought and then agreed to it. She sighed with some relief that for once they were actually thinking with their heads and not their fists. She wasn't prepared to lose anyone and that included their very own demon.

She too winced, but not as obviously as the boys did at Anna's choice of words. She didn't think about any of that. No, this plan HAD to work. She lost Dean once, and she didn't want to lose him again or anyone else. She knew if they did she wouldn't take it at all and the thought of how far she'd fall off the wagon again honestly scared her as much as the realization of a possible impending apocalypse. "Okay, with everything agreed, let's head out" she commented after they all decided who takes what group of demon and collected what they desired for the fight.

She too let Nat go to Cason to say whatever she wanted, as well as being proud of Dean for giving his sister that amount of respect. Seeing Dean reach his arm out to her, she gave a nod and reached her hand out, grabbing his arm and headed toward their point of attack to wait for Nat.

Nat was glad that Dean gave her that bit of respect, taking the opportunity gladly as she wasted no time in walking over to Cason. "Sam won't screw you over, he knows I'll never forgive him if he does. Which brings me to my next comment, please don't do anything reckless that would take you away from me okay?" she requested of him. She knew it was probably corny and clingy but she did still have so much to remember and such and she did feel safer with him around her. She felt his presence did help her regain her foggy memory.

She opened the trunk to pull out some backup weaponry consisting of a recurve bow and a couple of iron tipped arrows. It was something she rarely got to use it but it was a favourite of hers. She still remembered having to beg Bobby to agree to help her make the arrowheads. Slinging the bow over her shoulder, she closed the trunk and looked back at Cason. "See you on the other side of this" she told him, placing one hand on his left arm. With a squeeze, she glanced over at her brothers and nodded, before letting go of Cason and reluctantly stepping toward Mika and Dean.


If Cason wasn't on the scene, then Sam's plan or opinions no doubted would have been different, however there was no way he was going to leave Anna with Cason when she was more than willing to drink his blood. Just the thought in his head made him flip the tiny vial of Ruby's blood in his jacket pocket discreetly between his fingers. He had to keep his wits about him and not cave to any looking temptations to be extra strong for Anna. He needed to be fully aware and coherent about what they were going into.

With the plan decided, he walked to the impala and grabbed what he needed, his usual gun and an extra knife. It may not have been as useful as Ruby's knife that Dean had taken, but it would give them an edge to get this done. He couldn't help but eavesdrop on Nat and Cason's conversation and he really didn't know how he felt about what his sister was telling Cason, but he also knew he couldn't be too opinionated on it when he's had a secret fling in the recent past with Ruby.

Mentally shaking his opinions out of his mind, he walked over to Anna, "ready?" he asked after Dean ordered his group to take the front. It was a solid course of action. He also figured that Dean decided on the back meant he and Mika would be able to keep Nat safer for longer. "lets get this done" he agreed with his brother, holding his arm out to signal Cason and Anna that they should get going.


With it all decided and the group ready, Nat and Mika crept round to the back and when they got close enough but still in range, Nat quietly slipped her bow off her shoulder and nooked an arrow. Raising the bow, she pulled back on the string, closing one eye she got the closest demon to them in her sight. Breathing out slowly, she loosed the arrow effortlessly, letting the bow relax and 'swing' in her grip as she watched the arrow hit her target, the demon going down with a grunt and a thud. "bullseye" she whispered. Mika couldn't help but smirk in pride at the girl's aim, even if she did think she was showing off slightly.

"Show off" Mika whispered, as she watched the other demons notice their comrade was down. "Showtime" she remarked.
Kay, Chas, Fia and Josh all listened to what John was saying and how Serena was reacting to the information. The thought of whatever that thing was, that there could be more of them and possibly in Serena's ear was rather unnerving. "I'll help you, in my time you taught me a lot things, I can be of use" Fia replied to John.

"Sounds like a good plan. I'll do a walk round the parameter to make sure all is clear for certain." Chas spoke up, getting nods from Kay and Josh.

Whilst everyone continued talking, Natalia found herself listening in and gritting her teeth in disapproval of using Cason as a scapegoat for their plan. She didn't like that one bit and she certainly didn't like using Anna either. She hated the whole using someone as bait, even their own even though it wasn't exactly a rare option for them. Then came the disagreements between Dean and Cason yet again, making her wonder if they would ever come to a realization they don't have to argue about absolutely everything that gets spoken about. She felt so in the middle of the two of them, wanting to keep Dean happy but also wanting to side with Cason. It felt like the two of them without even knowing it were tugging her in two directions and she was about to quite literally be torn in two.

"I don't like the idea of using Anna going in there. I'm down for Cason going in but for all we know, they could easily overpower him. Whoever goes in alone is risking too much or gonna make someone else unhappy." Sam began to speak up more after Dean was very clearly trying to get him on his side. "I'm with Mika too, just like everyone else here. You gotta admit Dean, it's a damn smart plan. Split into three groups and take them all out in one go. Not that long ago it's the kind of plan you or I would have come up with" he tried to get his brother round to their side of thinking.

Mika nodded as one by one, they all were coming round to her side of thinking, it was seeming that it was just Dean and Cason who needed their minds convincing. "Seems you guys are outnumbered in the plan decision making. So how about this...myself, Nat and Dean in one group, Anna and Cason in another group and Esme, Duke and Sam in the third group? Or Sam, Anna and Cason, then Esme and Duke stay together as a duo. Thoughts?" she suggested, deciding that if none of the others were going to take charge of this situation, then she may as well do so.

"I like the idea, it's the most solid one we have. We just need to decide who gets the front group of demons, who gets the back groups?" Natalia replied, she didn't particularly like being thrown into a group without Cason but she understood why Mika suggested the pairings she did. The demon and Lilith's protege/demon killer/whatever Anna was together made sense, they could back each other well, whereas the rest of them were hunters. It was self explanatory why those pairings worked. Sam nodded at the plan as well, "I'm down for that, I'd rather go with Anna and Cason personally though, they need a hunter on their team so all skills are covered for them." he added, looking between Cason and Anna to see if they were okay with that opinion.

"Fine by me" Mika replied, looking at the others one by one as she pulled out of her duffel some weaponry she figured she might need. There may be demons down there, but they didn't know if anything else was and something deep in the pit of her stomach was telling her, there was something else.

Seeing Mika prepare, Natalia and Sam did the same thing as they waited for the others to chime in with their opinions on what was decided for them all. He had to admit, since having Dean back in their lives, it was nice seeing Mika becoming back to her normal self again. Seeing her be the capable hunter she always was was a breath of fresh air after seeing her so miserable and shut off from the rest of them. It honestly not long ago felt like he lost two people during those four months and not just one.
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