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3 mos ago
Current Swiftly coming up to the big annual weekend job at Tutbury Castle! Which means slow replies from me.
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4 mos ago
Do yourselves all a favour and watch the series 'From'. It's fantastic!
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4 mos ago
The marvel SDCC Hall H panel last night was 🔥
5 mos ago
Trying to ignore it's father's Day is fracking difficult because 1) it's triggering for me to an extent and 2) no one is online to chat!
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6 mos ago
I am not designed for UK heatwaves 🥵 pretty sure I'll be a puddle soon enough


30something who loves to rp to pass the time and meet new people! When the world is right, I'm a character entertainer for a party business and do fan films. Utter geek who loves gaming and reading and rather addicted to the art therapy colouring books haha!
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