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Current You know that feeling when you've been denying your mental health decline all along and trying to moveitmoveit and then you just one day crumble unexpectedly and you can't moveitmoveit anymore?
17 days ago
Learned a new mistake: should not always represent myself as capable and someone who gets shit done. People will use it and give you burdens you're not meant to carry. Crazy expectations too.
24 days ago
Happiness is ignorance and stupidity.
26 days ago
Basically my partner has been taking my rings just for "comparison's sake" and have been alerted that in case one of my rings disappear, not to be alarmed... Should I mentally prepare?
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Its a different kind of pain when you read old amazing roleplays you had with great partners that you are no longer in touch with. It's like revisiting an old comfort show that you can't finish.


I would die for this man.

Advanced multi-para to adjustable writing. A fan of drama, action and detailed scenes in general. Very flexible when it comes to settings, slice of life is probably my weakest point due to the lack of interesting elements, but the only interesting slice of life roleplay I have had involved crime and a complicated relationship between a war veteran and his much younger romantic interest. I love psychologically challenging characters and situations.

The quality of my writing will reflect against my own partner - you will be my inspiration, as well as a demotivator. And please, communicate with me if we're writing. Please. I need to establish a writing chemistry with you in order for us to make some quality content.

But personally, I write a lot. Everything is labeled "mature" because I'm an adult who enjoys writing and reading nasty and messy stuff. What comes to your mind when you read those two words is entirely up to you, but you might not be wrong, but there could be a whole lot more than you can imagine!

Aside from that, I'm a sucker for world-building and character development. Slow burn is the shit I'm here for. Just add some dark subjects to the plot, and I'm all about it.

Roleplay rating (Sex, violence, profanity): 5/5/5

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Standards for you and me:

  • 3rd person narrative
  • At least 200 to 500 words on average, 1k+ for setting the mood and introductions of the scenes/characters/other (I wrote posts that were long several google doc pages when I'm particularly inspired)
  • 3/3/3, no fluff, no fade to black, words worse than f-bombs being thrown around
  • Use of more characters
  • Use of realistic art or real life people references (no anime characters or simplistic drawings, I'm a very visual person)
  • Use of imagery and music for roleplay (optional for you)

Themes for this story:

  • Complex characters that should be more fleshed out as we go, these will be bad people
  • Organized crime and action, some intrigue
  • Multiple characters involved
  • Forbidden romance, affair, character differences/polar opposites, age gap, enemies to lovers
  • Modern day, big town in the USA (Chicago, New York, fictional American city)

The main cast and concept of the story

Your main character
(I'll refer to him as YMC)

They don't make men like these anymore in the US. From the late 20s or older in age, a tough, dangerous and rugged man, strong and masculine, someone you just don't wanna mess with. Someone notable in this specific gang that rule over the streets. They're like the rabble, weapons, drugs, sex work, underground clubs - all of the unwanted people of the society will come here to find success and wealth, living a liberated life. The gang could be like a group of bikers or something similar: informal and the types of people that would make you want to cross the streets or at least be in their good graces. They're direct rivals to MC's side.

YMC and MC are two different worlds that would clash throughout the story. However, differences attract, which would become a fatal attraction.

Your (side) character 2 (optional) or just an important NPC
(I'll refer to him as YC2)

This is if you want to deal with a little bit of an "affair" but even if you don't want to take on this role, I suggest you read it as it is relevant to the story.

An ambitious man from an influential Italian family. They're a mafia, while their roots in this business are not running deep, they have been breaking through. This character's father has been friends with MC's father for decades and now they're coming with an agreement to arrange an engagement between their children: YC2 and MC. This would not be an easy task as MC is an incredibly difficult woman who wants nothing to do with this engagement and is being forced into this position, the feelings of YC2 about both the situation and MC is up for discussion. Regardless, neither of them have enough authority to have much say in this scenario, as there's deeper reasons why this arrangement is created.

He can be a decent man, he can be manipulative and cunning, he could be abusive, there's plenty of choices to go about it, whether he's a side character or story important NPC.

My main character
(I'll refer to her as MC)

docs.google.com/document/d/1JEOzEMwnM… - This is her brief character sheet.

It would seem like she has it all, a mafia princess. Old money family, conservative, strict and misogynistic, the Beneditti empire was built long before her and even her father, Giovanni. Standards have been set and traditions are followed. It is an elite, it is formal, pristine, Christian on the surface. And MC needs to adhere to these standards. She is no soft woman, she is cold and sharp as a blade, she had done terrible things in order to be where she is today, yet she feels like she has nothing. And after her brother's death, Giovanni could not have illegitimate bastard sons to run the family and he never married again after his wife's death. Without a man to run this family, Giovanni was left with a dilemma: allow his very capable and relatively young daughter to take on the nearly a century old burden or find a man who will continue the tradition.

He couldn't have a woman lead the Beneditti empire. That would be ridiculous. So he decided to mask the weakness as an offering of good faith to his good old friend by introducing an arranged engagement, which would mean that the other family will get some of that Beneditti power in their grasp. Who would pass up on this spectacular opportunity.

MC knows she deserves all the credit and power. And she would never settle for a man. So she needs to be smart and sneaky in the way she deals with this situation. She has few of the men under her authority that answer only to her, but it is far from enough for her to deal with this unfortunate situation.

And it just so happens that strange circumstances bring her face to face with the rival of the Benedittis...

How does the story start?

I have a few ideas. One is that she is forced to stay over at YC2's place where she is trapped in some way if you decide to make this character your secondary one. MC is forced to be around him and they can develop an interesting relationship through the interactions, but he is not the focus. He may be romancable with MC, but like I said, he's not the focus. In the meantime, she would try to seek men out that she can pay, with the intention to have them under her belt as she's trying to figure out how to get herself out of this predicament (she's not below figuring out a way to kill YC2 and his whole family if necessary). As to how she meets YMC, I had this one spicy idea. She comes across a "neutral ground" where a lot of criminals of different statuses come to make quick and dirty buck through selling drugs, offering other services and, most importantly, is like a fight club where all the money is. And that's where YMC is, coming out of a ring, sweaty and bloody, looking at her with a smirk on his face, recognizing the princess in this shithole of a place, where she does not belong. And that's where the story begins. They are rivals and also enemies, so their dynamic should be "enemies to lovers". Which also means intense gun pointing, hate sex and I am a sucker for intense falling in love.

The second idea is that YC2 is actually coming to the Beneditti estate on and off as the arrangements are being made, which would work even better if YC2 is just going to be a story important NPC. Meanwhile, there was an incident that involved drugs and the Benedittis men - which is unacceptable, as Giovanni prohibits any dealing or using of substances among his made men. Fingers are pointed immediately at YMC's gang, as they're the kings of the drug deal market. Giovanni is willing to start a war, but MC has noticed that something is quite off and she chooses to investigate, which leads to YMC and her meeting up. Turns out that there's a third party trying to sabotage the two biggest gangs in the city so they could do whatever they want to do and claim the streets. And this is where MC sees the opportunity to get an upper hand on everyone to free herself from the shackles of the family and be the queen of the empire she believes she deserves to be, but naturally that's easier said than done as there's many odds against her and YMC in the picture could either make that harder or easier for her.

Or we can do a mix of both, which I'd love! Or you have your own ideas and suggestions, which I would love to hear!
The idea:

I'll keep it short and simple. I have been really feeling the modern day college theme with those typical stereotypes and late 90s and early 2000s craziness, but I want to spice it up a little bit. I am always here for the romance aspect and additional degeneracy, but I just want something more to break the every day monotony, you know?

Maybe one of the students is a masked murderer obsessed with a specific girl, making it feel like the Scream and Scary Movie levels of amusing. Maybe there's a whole underground facility in the college where weird stuff happens and maybe there's some occult things. Maybe vampires secretly coexist with them or some other monstrosities. I don't care how we ridiculous we make it, it's not exactly meant to be taken seriously, just needs to be written well.

Or we can go a more easier route if you like this setting but don't feel like doing anything crazy, I'd be down playing some stereotype pairings. Such as a goth girl getting herself in an affair with a star football player who is dating the head cheerleader, but its the standard "enemies to lovers" theme. Things like that. (Goth girl stereotype is my personal favorite, so I'll mainly gravitate towards that.)

Either way, I'm open to hearing suggestions and ideas!

About me as a writer

If our writing chemistry matches, my imagination will have no limits. I am all for sitting down and discussing necessary details (not everything though, I feel like some things should be revealed in roleplay itself, since I love surprises and to surprise) and get into writing hyped and ready for whatever comes. So if we click like this, you have nothing to worry about. I'll literally get to you whenever I have the opportunity to do so. And this is exactly what I look for. If we don't click immediately, don't worry, I'm still your partner in crime who will be just as invested.

So you can expect a lot of writing, like several juicy paragraphs, but there are scenarios when shorter paragraphs would be the best choice. It all depends from scene to scene, sometimes forcing long and detailed paragraphs can kill the flow of the situation. So I follow my creative instinct on this. But one thing is for sure - you'll get nuanced replies from me. My goal is to never give you a situation where you'd feel you hit a brick wall. In case you do, talk to me. OOC conversation is very important to me and the key to keep our roleplay going.

All of my roleplays have smut in it. When it comes to writing the NSFW material, my only limit is non-con and abuse. Everything else is quite literally on the table. Here’s a list of my preferences, but do be warned, it’s explicit. docs.google.com/document/d/1uK6ualpGT…

The least I'll post is once a week. I admit I have a busy work schedule and active social life, sometimes my energy can betray me. Either way, you'll be informed in case I cannot post that week. I am generally unavailable during the weekends.

My strong suit is character creation and development. I strive when writing action scenes, mental growth (or even regression depending on what is happening) and writing gut-wrenching emotional scenarios. One of my partners told me that I write the best scenes where I depict emotional pain and agony. You just gotta break my character to get me to that point, though.

If needed, I'll make side characters and give them depth... Don't worry about it, you'll never be the one pulling all the weight.
In deleted 28 days ago Forum: 1x1 Interest Checks
changed some stuff, I'm getting new ideas.
Short, sweet and to the point

The whole point of this thread is to make all of my requests non-lengthy and straight to the point. Which means everything is very barebones, barely any foundation set. This is meant for me and my potential partner to exchange ideas from scratch. I may have one or two specific demands, but nothing more.

Me and my standards

Basically everything I offer is what I expect in turn.
  • Writing style: Multi-para to novella length, descriptive, 3rd person, open to playing multiple characters
  • Characters: My mains are females, but I play side characters of many other genders. I am looking for main male characters to play against, your gender as a writer matters not to me
  • Preferences in writing: Immersion, focus on emotional aspects, I want to cry as I write because of how attached I get, great characters
  • Adult content: Yes this is a 3/3/3 rating, this also includes difficult themes
  • Specific limits: Nothing having to do with descriptive SA/rape, having characters go through it is fine, but going into details is a big no-no for me. I will not have main characters be below the age of 18. I am also not interested in writing with people who are below the age of 21, just my personal preference considering that adult content may be at play.

Dragon Age

I will not go into any detail or demands regarding the Dragon Age wants that I have, but there are few specifics!

One is that I want to base our roleplays on the three games and the events from the games. I am nostalgic about the games and want to relive them somehow.

Two, we can easily have an entire trilogy that we can write with a little number of main characters that can die (like the Warden) to impact the story as we go, or we can just pick one of three game storylines and stick to them.

Three, I don't mind keeping the canon characters or just making an entirely new set of characters for us, I am fine with either.

Four, I would love to have a romancable big Qunari man.

As for everything else, it's up for discussion and I'm open to it! If you want to know what ideas I have about merging stories from the games together in a big, cohesive story, poke me and I'll bombard you with ideas!

Vampire the Masquerade (bloodlines)

Like I have mentioned in the Dragon Age segment, I won't go into any detail, I will just share what I'm looking for.

I am always and forever nostalgic for the Bloodlines game and will forever search for the perfect partner to have a roleplay that is dripping with the vibes and atmosphere of the game, whether or not we play into the plot of the game or not. I love the darkness and brutality of the kindred existence, I love the goth/punk aesthetic and I love everything that the game represented. If you check all the categories of what the Bloodlines game was and you want to have a roleplay in that scene, message me, I will be delighted to discuss it with you!

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

Follows the arc of the CC story, just with my character replacing Zack. We can have original characters replace the canon ones, as it doesn't matter much to me. Highly would prefer that your main character that is romancable is akin to Angeal as much as possible, you have no clue how much I love that man and I will forever seek him out in this setting because that thirst was never quenched!

SMT Nocturne spinoff (rated R)

It follows the theme of Nocturne, just not with high-schoolers, it can be either college students or something similar. My character follows the story of the protagonist and she ends up being turned into a demon. However, she had been turned into a succubus, which is why I stated in the title that this is rated R. She is going to mainly deal with other demons of all shapes and sizes, personalities and interests, but her main power is, well you guessed it, sex. As a succubus she persuades demons through seduction and more explicit means, but one of her major powers is that she can steal some powers from demons she has intercourse with. Basically this is for the people who really like to play weird non-human characters with smut in it. I don't care with what kind of abomination you come up with, I'll be down, the more inhuman, the better.

If anything suits your interest, just send me a DM, if you comment here, it's very likely that I will not see. Just message me and we can start the brainstorming!
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