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Current I hate EA and the whole Origin thing. I HATE it.
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Oh no, I'm sick, I should spend this time off resting... *plays the entire Dragon age trilogy and doesn't sleep at all*
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Don't worry, you'll turn 25 and still won't know what to do.
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Yes. Leave before it gets worse. Trust me.
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I would die for this man.

Advanced multi-para to adjustable writing. A fan of drama, action and detailed scenes in general. Very flexible when it comes to settings, slice of life is probably my weakest point due to the lack of interesting elements, but the only interesting slice of life roleplay I have had involved crime and a complicated relationship between a war veteran and his much younger romantic interest. I love psychologically challenging characters and situations.

The quality of my writing will reflect against my own partner - you will be my inspiration, as well as a demotivator. And please, communicate with me if we're writing. Please. I need to establish a writing chemistry with you in order for us to make some quality content.

But personally, I write a lot. Everything is labeled "mature" because I'm an adult who enjoys writing and reading nasty and messy stuff. What comes to your mind when you read those two words is entirely up to you, but you might not be wrong, but there could be a whole lot more than you can imagine!

Aside from that, I'm a sucker for world-building and character development. Slow burn is the shit I'm here for. Just add some dark subjects to the plot, and I'm all about it.

Roleplay rating (Sex, violence, profanity): 5/5/5

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Note: Your gender identity won't affect my choice in writing with you. I just seek out people who play male characters while I play female roles, as I prefer to include romance and adult content, I personally had great experience writing with female identifying partners who played male roles. And yeah, you gotta be comfortable with writing adult content (profanity, violence and smut, no fade to black)

Quick rundown of the plot


  • My character takes on the Hawke's role, rather than actually being from the Amell/Hawke bloodline, my character is from a Robin Hood-esque assassin leader of an organization that is fairly grey in the moral shade range. Read my character profile for more information.
  • Your character is the son of Arishok, pure-blooded Qunari, under the pressure of the Qun and his father's influence. The entire Kirkwall ordeal is almost like a trial for YC where he has to prove himself. However, when he is set off on a quest with MC, his views of the Qun are challenged by MC, who is very set on freedom of the people and what it actually means to live rather than to strictly abide by laws. The point is that MC has a full on impact on YC.
  • Following canon side characters will be included: Varric, Anders, Cassandra, Isabela (Although Isabela's role to some degree will be replaced by MC and she will be more of a background character) as they hold importance in the main story, as well as Inquisition. Other canon side characters can be included, and making original side characters is also welcome.
  • The journey of our characters will start during the Act 2 events, My character, as Hawke had in the games, already had earned the tinniest bit of respect from Arishok and she will come back to work for him. Only events that will be played in Act 2 from Act 1 is the part with Sister Patrice and Saarebas (Shepherding Wolves quest) and Viscount's son Saemus running off with the Qunari (Unbidden Rescue) as these are topical situations for our characters.
  • The exact point where our roleplay starts is when MC comes before the Arishok with the information that the man she's targeting actually has the Tome of Kolsun in his possession. She offers to bring it to Arishok after catching the culprit, however Arishok prefers for that to be done with one of their men and sends YC, I strongly suggest you add a Qunari friend for YC that may end up dying during the story. However, MC did not tell the whole truth to either the Arishok and his son about the Tome...
  • Our characters should bond and possibly even fight the Arishok at the end. The conclusion of Dragon Age 2 storyline is what makes YC end up becoming a Tal-Vashoth, which will lead to our second story in the Inquisition - where YC becomes the Herald of Andraste.
  • As a Herald, he'll get a visit from a group of pirates who offer their services to the Inquisition, led by a curious masked Orlesian woman... Whose identity he will discover later in the story of the Inquisition.

The Starter of our Story


Warning! It's novella length! Let this also serve as a writing sample!

In conclusion...


All that's left to do is to send me a PRIVATE MESSAGE. WRITING SAMPLES ARE DESIRED!

However, I will heavily judge a person based on their first message they send me. I need to know from the start if we're compatible. If you send me just a line of text in inbox, I'm not gonna bother reading, let alone respond.

Given that I did my best to let you know here everything you need to know about me as a writer, I want you to be detailed about yourself when you send me a message. If I captured your attention, I think its only fair you try to do the same to capture my attention!
Still looking for the perfect partner!
Spooky edgy NSFW stuff warning, nothing softcore here bb, okay moving on!

Terms and conditions:

  • Modern setting, supernatural genre
  • NSFW content will be a big part of the story
  • Mature, advanced and literate partners only, not only in age, but way of writing
  • Megan (my character) romances men, but any other side characters of any gender can be also used for NSFW scenes
  • Despite the naughtiness, there needs to be a story. I'm a factory of all sorts of ideas, but I need partners first to figure this out
  • Any supernatural creature is welcome

Idea dump:

Secret societies of supernatural creatures that blend in with modern society, fighting the oppressive powers of the supernatural societies, fighting the hunters of the supernatural beings, an inner conflict between the said creatures, classicism among their hierarchies, rebellion, etc.

What I'm not looking for:

  • Not interested in basic human characters, there should be more to the character
  • Not interested in exclusively submissive males, I take on switch roles in writing, I find writing non-stop dominants tedious
  • Not interested in exclusively smut content, I need story with naughtiness
  • No anime faceclaims

About me:

The character I want to play for this roleplay is HERE

Your application:

Please do the following, otherwise I'm not going to consider writing with you if you don't do this.

  • Send me a PM with the following info
  • Writing sample of any roleplay, just so I get to know your writing style
  • List of limits (remember, if you're not comfortable in doing NSFW content, this roleplay s not for you)
  • Dump some ideas and desires for the roleplay you want to do.

living in a certain country where freedom and tolerance is in extremely low supply, but can’t escape just yet. Need a place to process the chaos unfolding, and, since I always refined real issues through roleplaying

I felt this deeply, as I'm almost in the same situation. Welcome and I hope you'll get at least some of that imaginative/virtual freedom here to get the hell away from the chaos at least mentally/emotionally through creative ways.
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