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Yay, I'll get to moving my character as soon as I am done posting this. I just want to point out though that currently your discord invite link has expired; otherwise I would have tried to join.

Thank you @Butteryicarus for drawing my character for me :)
I am interested. I hope I can make this work, in all sincerity. I don't want to string you guys along again.
Of course. I read through the sheet just now and don't see any issues with it as it stands. I do encourage you to reach out to @Redcord to discuss things. Either way, you'll have to wait for full acceptance until the allotted time period ends. But it looks good, and I'm happy to have a player who will more directly deal with the political fallout that much of the ongoing narrative will create.

And don't worry about the length of the application. You're talking to a guy who years ago made a Spider-Man sheet that was so long it hit the Guild's character limit and broke down every aspect of Peter's life from pre-birth to Spider-bite. It happens to us all at some point.

Hey, really excited to hear that you think it looks good and that you're happy that I wanted to deal with the political elements of superheroes. When I saw the timeline, I got really inspired to include mentions of the Wide Awake movement because I thought it'd fit well with the themes I wanted to go for.

While I wait for the 48 hour time period to end, I do want to say that I did PM Redcord right before writing this message to get the ball rolling to see if he's ok with my concept or not. However, I just wanted to inquire if there is a discord server or anything along those lines for this RP, for faster communication? Not a big deal if there isn't, but I know some RPs here do have discords for that reason.

Hi everyone! I did not forget about this RP. Firstly, I had some of the worst weeks of my life happen to me, vis a vis having to deal with my university loans not getting dispersed. That ended up occupying a lot of my free time, and dampered my mood to work while it was hanging over my head. Secondly, as you can probably see from the writing sample... I might have gotten carried away with my application in some areas. I just, really loved this concept, but I'm afraid it sounds kind of shitposty on the surface, so I wanted to really articulate that no, this is serious, and I intend to play this completely seriously. So I ended up writing a 14 page application, in which half of it is just the writing sample. I assure you, my actual work in this RP will not be this long, and hopefully therefore not take as long.

I'd like to credit @ButteryIcarus for helping me make the sheet by keeping me focused. In particular, the art was by her. She also produced this piece, which is based off of a scene from my writing sample (particularly when Karla is internally monologuing in front of the flags):

So yeah, if you're still willing to take me, this sheet's ready for review.
Hey, I would like to get back into forum RPs after taking an extended hiatus. I can see that this thread is still marked as apply, but I wanted to more directly ask if this RP is still accepting new players or not? If it helps, I do have a character concept in mind, but it is someone who wouldn't really operate in New York City normally so I would need to finagle a reason for them to come over. Also, the character is a villainous legacy, albeit a very minor one that I imagine wouldn't even necessarily show up if I never said anything.

More specifically, I was hoping to take a heroic (or perhaps more accurately, antiheroic?) spin on Flag Smasher, who might genuinely be my favorite Marvel character. I love Flag Smasher because he manages to mix batshit lunacy with an actually poignant anarchist-adjacent manifesto I would find far more agreeable if it wasn't filtered through said moon logic. I think the idealism and the lunacy are both integral parts of Flag Smasher, although since he's usually a villain, the latter wins out. In my interpretation, I'd be leaning more on the former. Flag Smasher would be someone who saw their diplomat father killed, and the rise of xenophobia in Europe* and the world writ large; and decide that the correct solution is to put on spandex to go help migrants trying to arrive safely on shore and beat up neo-nazis and the like. A superhero who is very much political, and actively seeks out a platform for their message on the job, but tries to not lose sight of helping out people in the meantime.

I assume in reference to this RP's Captain America, given that this RP's interpretation just recently resurfaced, it'd make the most sense if Flag Smasher was relatively new on the scene too, with them having some kind of major one-sided rivalry against the First Avenger. Flag Smasher hates Captain America for tying himself up with nationalism, and Captain America is utterly confused why this random hero that should be on his side spends so much energy trying (and most likely failing) to one-up him.

If y'all like this idea, I can try working on it this weekend. I shouldn't have much going on.

*I think Flag Smasher being Swiss is an integral part of their character, given the country's association with international diplomacy and NGOs. Hence me being somewhat apprehensive because we currently don't have any other European heroes yet. But its not like they have to be in Europe all the time either. I'm also going to say I'm not the biggest fan of the MCU interpetation of Flag Smasher, so I'd be mostly sticking to the 616 version for inspiration, although as someone who prefers playing female characters in a vacuum, I might take the genderswap in mind at least.

"I can't believe this is it, Asterix," Lucie wistfully droned to her robotic companion.

It seemed like it was years since she, along with an assortment of nomads across the globe, first encountered the robotic nemesis known as Oh-One. By chance, she was at the ground zero of one of the worst terrorist attacks in human history; the carnage she experienced first-hand in Rio still haunted her to this day. She, along with her drone, Asterix, vowed to bring the robot to justice that day.

Finally, that day came today. Through the work between MAVERICK intelligence, spearheaded by the group of nomads Lucie embedded themselves in, the true location of Oh-One's headquarters were discovered. Nestled in a remote area in the freezing desert of Antarctica, it was a heavily fortified compound, protected in all directions by an extensive network of laser batteries. Sending in one squad of nomads, by themselves, was ruled by the UN to be suicide. The final job to take out Oh-One would be done by MAVERICK.

Of course, Lucie wouldn't be excluded by this policy. From what she could tell, she was the first MAVERICK agent assigned to this Antarctica raid. And thusly, she was in the cargo hold of the plane, talking to her best friend in the world, even if everyone else in the organization believed it was simply cargo.

"You excited for this?" Lucie beamed to her drone.

The CV-47 Heinlein drone wordlessly stared at her, or at the very least, what Lucie interpreted as the drone staring at her. Sure, Asterix wasn't capable of speech itself, or really much more than basic combat protocols that were already programmed into him, but that didn't mean the two weren't the fire-forged friends who constantly protected one another in mission after mission. She was proud to call Asterix her partner, and she had no doubt in her mind that the two of them would come out of this ordeal alive.

"I know I am, Asterix! We're finally going to be heroes!"

Even despite all the good that Lucie has done across the globe, all the people she helped along the way, something inside was burning at her, that she was a phony. After all, Oh-One still rampaged, killing more people in his mad quest to assimilate all life into his mad project. She was never going to be that hero, until Oh-One was finally stopped. And she had just the Tesla Grenade in mind to shove up-

"What the hell are you doing here? And who are you talking to?"

Lucie instantly jerked into attention. Spinning around, she saw a man in full power armor, obviously someone much higher than her on the chain of command. Although Lucie couldn't see his facial expressions underneath his helmet, Lucie could tell that he was incredulous at what he saw.

"Watching over the cargo with my partner, and giving him a motivational speech, respectively," Lucie replied matter-of-factly.

"Your partner?"

Lucie pointed directly at Asterix, "He's right there, sir."

Lucie was confused by how long it took the other MAVERICK agent to respond to her comment. She could feel the tension that was in the room, but she didn't feel like she said anything wrong. It was the truth!

"I... uh... see..." the power armor-laden MAVERICK agent said, before resuming what Lucie presumed was his patrol.

Lucie simply shrugged and went back to Asterix, who at this point was aimlessly moving around on his tracks. She gave him a thumbs up, almost more to reassure herself than the autonomous drone. So what if the other agents didn't get her relationship with her partner? She still got her missions done, she still got the enemy tangos down, and-


Lucie's head perked up as she distantly heard a MAVERICK agent call for backup elsewhere in the cargo hold. FAMAS in hand, Lucie dashed towards the voice, her drone rolling in behind her. Did Oh-One infiltrate the planes before departure? It would have been an ingenious trap to destroy the morale of the assault before it even began.

The Frenchwoman reflexively joined in on the makeshift firing line of MAVERICK agents, her Clarion joining in on the international symphony of assault rifles of every type. It took a very tense second for her to realize just exactly who she was pointing her gun at, however. It wasn't some infiltrator sent by Oh-One, it was Justin and Oh-Seven! What the hell were they doing on this plane, and how the hell did they get themselves into a tussle with the rest of MAVERICK?

Lucie was about to interject herself into the stand-off, but was interrupted by a glowing red light coming out of the window. Suddenly, there was massive turbulence as Lucie heard a massive explosion in the distance. This was more likely Oh-One's bidding, as another plane filled with MAVERICK soldiers was simply swatted out of the air.

Only a few seconds later, the remains of the plane crashed into the very one that Lucie and Justin and Oh-Seven were all in! A whole wing was clipped off, and Lucie struggled to remain in the plane as the plane's air pressure normalized with the surrounding air. Lucie could see her comrades, her fellow agents of MAVERICK, sucked out into their doom, as Justin and Oh-Seven made their semi-clean getaway (cargo box notwithstanding).

The plane was rapidly losing altitude, and Lucie knew that if she wanted any chance of survival, she needed to get the hell off of this thing before the whole thing fell apart. The smart thing to do, even if it was a gamble, was to just try to brace for impact; most plane crashes were survivable if safety precautions were taken. However, most plane crashes weren't caused by enemy AA fire, and who knows if the laser battery was spiteful enough to shoot down an already falling plane. She needed to get off now.

Lucie could try to find a parachute, but frankly, that might even take too long. If the plane drops below a certain altitude, which it was rapidly doing so, there might not be enough time to put it on and deploy it. Besides, there was something else she could use, something that, on paper, seemed absolutely ridiculous, because it was. But it was faster, and it meant getting off the plane now.

Taking the helmet off of a dead trooper's body, Lucie put it on herself. What she was going to do was going to involve a rough landing, and having some head protection was going to be vital for survival. She then grabbed Asterix, and kicked a dislodged piece of sheet metal that had come loose off of the plane, jumping after it immediately afterwards. With one hand gripping her drone, she used her other free hand to grab the sheet metal, and pulled it as tightly towards the stomach as possible, and prayed to God she wasn't going to hit flat land.

Suspended in a free-fall, in what felt like an eternity, Lucie's makeshift toboggan made her feel exposed to the cruel environment. Shrapnel from the downed planes was falling everywhere, and there was nothing Lucie could do to avoid getting hit except to be lucky. She couldn't even open her eyes due to the whiplash of the wind, and it took all of her strength not to let go of Asterix. They were into this together; she wasn't going to abandon him to his fate.

Suddenly, Lucie's world violently shook. She made impact onto the ground, and her everything hurt. But she held on to dear life on the piece of sheet metal, and she could feel it sliding down a hill. Her plan, despite the odds, worked. The snow broke enough of the fall, for the rest of the kinetic energy to be transferred into sliding down the slope. Still, Lucie was moving fast, and the pain made it harder and harder to keep control of the damn thing.

She hit a bank, and it was over after that. She couldn't keep control anymore, and she felt herself flung from the sheet metal. Lucie was very happy she did stop to take the helmet, as she slammed into the ground again. However, her gun, her box of grenades, even Asterix... they all fell around her as she faceplanted into the snow. The equipment, much like her, was fine, even as Asterix fell into the snow gunfirst, its tracks being suspended in the air and unable to move.

Lucie groaned as she started to get up, taking off the stolen helmet and throwing it to the ground. If her eyes weren't failing her, there was a group of nomads near her? She was way to dissorinted to tell who they were, at least at the present moment.

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