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Sapporo, Japan
Ishin Academy, April 7th

Takara sat confused amid her fellow first years. Wow, so many faces! She’d have to get introduced to all of them. She took note of as many names as she could, but quickly lost track. Adachi Chen, Mizuhana Yoshiba, Ookouchi Yachiyo, Chikai Yuki, and, well, a bunch of others. Wow, it sure was crowded all of a sudden. She’d intended to introduce herself to, uh, Yoshiba (Yeah! That’s right!) and then meet some of the others afterward. There was probably going to be some sort of group introduction at the beginning of classes, directly or not. Whew, now there was some creep leaning over her to grin at Yoshiba. Yikes. Oh, now he was talking about Tokyo?

Hey! I’m from Tokyo!

Then some other kid, Yuki (Yeah! That was right too!), piped up about Tokyo too!

”Hey! I’m from Tokyo too! I’m Katō Takara!”

Takara practically shouted it at the Tokyo crowd. Her excitement was clear in her voice, and the way she swiveled to view the Tokyo crowd was a bit too quick to be mistaken for anything else. But she couldn’t see any girls in the Tokyo crowd right now aside from some girl from Okayama, which was a bit disappointing. She caught her name, Rin, just at the end of whatever it was that she was saying.

”I’m from Ryōgoku! What district are you guys from?”

Takara flexed her arms with excitement, pumping one in the air to express pride in where she lived. It was, admittedly, a weird place for someone like her to live, but considering her connection to Sumo, it wasn’t that surprising. It was mostly so her father wouldn’t have to commute far, but it made things a little more difficult for Takara and her mother. But still, it was her home and plus it was the world’s best place for Sumo, so of course she’d be proud to live there! Who wouldn’t?

Sapporo, Japan
Ishin Academy, April 7th

It’d been a very exciting morning for Takara. She hardly ever had a chance to ride the bullet train, and she never thought she’d be going to such a prestigious school, so she was rushing to make sure she made it on time. A few bumps in packing essentials, having to run and buy a replacement heating pad for her spine, and almost missing the bullet train left her sweating a storm. But she made it, and she was impressed with herself for once.

The ride was a nice change of pace from staying in Tokyo all day, but she didn’t have much to do aside from look out the window. April was a slow season for Sumo, unless you were looking at some weird underground scene that wasn’t approved of by the Japan Sumo Association. She could try and see if there was anything like that in Sapporo, but she figured she wouldn’t have time. Besides, what would Ishin think if she was caught sneaking out to see Quirk Sumo matches? She couldn’t tarnish the reputation of such an esteemed school! Well, at least there was stuff going on in May. Well, with all of that intense thinking, the ride was over before Takara even knew it.

Takara made sure to pack lightly, only taking what she needed. Her heating pad, some recipes for a hardy Chankonabe, her phone, a single set of pajamas, and her favorite pillow. It was nice having few interests, because it meant that she didn’t need to buy lots of things. It was easy carrying everything with her, but in her big rush she wound up having to ask a stranger for directions. She’d forgotten how to get to Ishin from the train station, but she was determined to make it on time. She had to look good. What if a Sumo Wrestler had shown up late to a match?

Ah, I hope I’m not late.

Takara glanced down at the information she’d received with her acceptance letter. She knew she was in the right place. It was too school-like to be the wrong place. But the hallways were kind of confusing to her, and she had to stop to read every sign to find her way to what should have been an easy-to-find hall. At this point she was rushing, hurriedly walking when there was nobody around to see her awkward attempt at not-running and slowing down whenever she so much as suspected someone might look her direction. She was nervous, but the fact that there were other people walking around meant she was probably on time. Finally, (after unknowingly walking in a circle several times) she found the meeting hall and found a seat after almost sitting with the second years.

I’m too nervous. I can’t mess this up on the first day! C’mon Takara, if you can’t get in the dohyō you at least need to find a seat to watch!

Oh, this was exciting! Sure, she couldn’t find her way around as easily as some people, but she was too excited to sit still. Had she missed part of the speech? Was this intermission? What time was it? So many questions, but she had to be polite. She should probably ask, though. Where she was sat was somewhere near the edge of the row, so there weren’t too many people seated on her right, but that didn’t mean she was alone!

The student to her left, a blue-haired girl, sat more seriously than Takara herself did. Well, Ishin was a serious school for serious people. It’d probably look good if she straightened herself out, too. It’d probably be good for her spine, anyways. It took her a second, but she timidly turned to her neighbor and whisper-yelled, ”I’m not late, right? Also, hi, I’m Katō Takara! I’m so glad to meet you!
T a k a r a

Personal Dossier

Katō Takara



Physical Description
A short girl by trade, Takara stands at an astounding 4’8”. Her eyes are a simple brown, but they’re a bit big for her face. All around, she is plain on the outside. Beyond this, a Chinese ancestry shows subtly in her chin and nose among an otherwise pure Japanese face.

Her body is stronger than it looks, especially given her short stature. Her width is obvious, but there’s a certain discipline to it that’s evident. Takara’s legs are exceptionally strong, having trained them for an optimal Tachi-ai. On top of this, she is faster than she looks, and tends to be slightly stronger than most kids her age.

Hard Worker
Super Secretly Cynical
Personal History
Takara was born to Katō Yuuta and Miho, a semi-famous Sumo wrestler and a teacher, respectively. She has a strong relationship with both of her parents, and while she admires her father more, she feels that she knows her mother better.

When she was young, Takara wanted to pursue her father’s career choice of wrestler, though between her quirk and the traditional rules of Sumo, that was out of the question from the start. While her father didn't exactly approve, he liked having his daughter look up to him and taught him what he felt he could. She received some minor bullying because of it, but her Sumo moves allowed her to make quick work of most opponents, and she quickly became respected by her youngest peers. Her tough (stubborn) spirit and her heroic (hot-headed) attitude were traits she had been given by her father, and she used them often. Little Takara, unfortunately, only realized that it was a pipe dream when she was twelve.

After that, she died down a little bit. She got through school fine enough without much incident except from a less-than-a-few less-than-favorable grades. Her worst offense was sneaking off to see an underground Sumo event. Her mother scolded her for obvious reasons, but she understood well enough and helped Takara where she needed it. Through Takara's slump, her mother helped her and is the sole reason that Takara enrolled at Ishin Academy. Studying for it was harsh, and she would have preferred one of the "nicer" schools, but she figured that if she couldn't make her parents proud through Sumo, she'd make them proud by being a hero, and so she put in the work to study. She was a little slow, and had to really work at understanding the concepts, but combined with the help of her mother and more than a few weeks of working at it, she managed to scrape together enough of an understanding to get in. Barely.

Character Development & Conceptualization
As she is now, Takara's one of those kids who has only one real interest and that's all she knows how to talk about. Her identity is focused on one big aspect, Sumo, but at the root of this obsession is a fear of disappointing others, or even worse, disappointing herself. She shifts this lens onto becoming a hero in an attempt to make sense of it without calling her motives into question, and as a result, she boils things down to a simple game.

Takara has yet to mature enough to the point of understanding that other people don't share her motives. She believes that if she wants something, everyone wants it and it's right. She has poor teamwork skills and tries to take the lead, but her lack of wit makes her less than optimal for such a role. She works hard but hardly works, only putting in any real amount of effort if she thinks it'll benefit her in some way. Those who openly disagree with her earn her ire. Her dimwitted nature combined with her bullheadedness means that she is constantly at odds with figures of authority. Worse still, the girl has yet to develop the self-awareness required to realize that she projects herself onto others.

Her desire to take on competitors in Sumo, coupled with her careless attitude and her sinkhole optimism, see Takara wanting to take on any and all challengers. She does not consider such big concepts like her duties to humanity, she does not quite register that saving lives is an important and morbid reality of the hero, nor does she consider that stopping a villain is a moral dilemma that could have bigger implications than simply winning. Her actions are rooted in her own desire for glory and sportsmanship above all else, and she does not quite grasp the risk of the world. Heroes and villains are just sides to take (wrestlers to cheer on), she figures, and she does not think of the moral implications of a thought like that. The words of bad guys and good guys is showmanship and little else in her mind. Takara has yet to develop an identity outside of Sumo, and this is the only lens she is capable of seeing the world through.

As time goes on, Takara is intended to mature past these views. Ideally, she sees the error of her ways and learns to practice her brain as much as her body, or at the very least accepts that the reigns of command be handed over to someone else. Instead of looking inside and calling it outside, she will learn to separate the two things and think about the impacts of her actions. Most importantly, she will learn that Sumo isn't the only aspect of her which exists, nor is it even the most important aspect - she will learn that there is more to a person's actions than mere showmanship, perhaps jading her worldview a bit.

Abilities & Talents

Quirk Type

Quirk Description
Matroyshka allows Takara to disconnect her upper and lower body from one another, allowing a secondary, smaller, Takara to come out. This Second Takara can do the same thing. The Third one, however, is too small to contain another Takara, and despite Takara's best efforts, cannot seem to open her up. Doing this is painless, but she frequently finds her midsection cramping, and she has some spinal problems from it.

Each of these mini-Takaras are like a pinky toe in terms of control. They are incapable of acting autonomously, and will stand around doing nothing unless Takara concentrates on animating them. Recombining her upper and lower body is a taxing feat on its own, and there is some hollow space within her (as a result, she can hide small objects inside of her). She can make the the mini-Takaras move, but like her pinky toe, she can only make it move if she moves her other parts too. As an extension of her body, she can see/hear/smell/taste/feel/etc. what her miniatures do, but it is often disorientating for her to decipher what is going on.

A side-effect of this Quirk is that each of the mini-Takaras require just as much nourishment as the big Takara. Gaining weight is difficult for her, and she is essentially eating for three people. The more weight she is able to gain, the bigger they grow, and she suspects that if she were to eat enough, she could grow a fourth Takara. Strangely, her physiology is fine (if not odd in its arrangement). When she is not controlling them, they "fall asleep" in the same way as a foot, and she has to stretch them to prevent that prickly feeling which occurs during such an incident.

Oddly enough, when she sneezes, all of her miniatures sneeze with her.

Other Talents & Attributes

  • Takara can Cook A Mean Chankonabe. That's about it.
  • Takara knows a lot of Sumo Moves. She is a decent fighter because of this, but even more than that, uses her vast knowledge of Sumo to formulate her strategies and adapt in a physical confrontation.
  • Takara is Tough. Really, she can take a pretty hefty punch for a 4'8" 15 year old.
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