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Nazi Germany campaign would require nuance and good story writing—this is series that made you shoot a grenade launcher while hanging out of a moving car at a helicopter 8m away two installments ago.
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I'm addicted to buying unbelievably expensive custom helicopters (yeeeeeeaaahhhh)

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Hmmm... how very suspicious... maybe Matteo was a Nilfgaardian spy all along! o . O

just like how nao is secretly a punk boy with earrings, tattoos, that weird lip chain thing, and he doesn't actually wear glasses :^)
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English pls Glad to have some unfamiliar interest. Just to confirm though, would you be able to post regularly, on a minimum of a weekly basis? Asking cause it looks like a buncha the RPs you joined seem on the slow side and all.

Yea, I'm all good for weekly posts. Technically the only RP I'm in right now hasn't even started.
for the love of god make girls too
M o m o k a

Personal Dossier

Kimura Momoka


Shibukawa, Gunma, Japan

Physical Description
Standing at 5'5", Momoka stands taller than most her age due to her foreign blood. With her father's Norwegian roots, Momoka's hair is a dense blonde. Styled with a comb and a single elastic band near the nape of her neck, very little work goes into maintaining her hairstyle. Her dull blue eyes constantly seem tired yet gentle. However, bringing all attention away from her eyes is the large streak of pink paint across of her face. Constantly reapplied by her nervous tics, the stark line tends to also draw attention away from her large forehead. The tips of her bangs share this tic—almost as if permanently dyed.

Her body is surprisingly well built. Lean muscle hidden constantly hidden by loose clothing attest to her unexpected dedication. Her general build would best be described as average. Her style of dress consists of loose shirts and raggedy pants that are constantly splattered in paints. Her uniform is remarkably clean, however. Though, this is because she owns dozens of uniforms. Most of them become stained pink by the end of the day.


Personal History"Burger's character just wants to be eaten. In a sexual way."
Born to Nils Jansen, a painter, and Kimura Rio, a retired pro hero, the aimless Momoka would almost certainly be a hero or an artist. Momoka always did her best to be liked. She did everything her parents said to the best of her ability. She even picked up painting in an attempt to impress their father. Whenever the neighborhood kids wanted to play, Momoka would always turn them down because she would only slow them down. As she got older, she only thought less and less about her future. Things that she once enjoyed, like painting, had lost their lustre.

Even though she was slow, Momoka helped out everyone she met as much as she could. Many residents of Shibukawa had encountered the young Momoka assisting with something. Be it painting someone's fence, getting a cat down from a tree, or trying to fix someone's computer, she became a well known fixture of the community. Momoka's choice to become a hero was, in reality, the recommendation of her mother. If she didn't know what to do, she could just help others even more. After all, her mother knew that Momoka had the heart to help others. Momoka, of course, wanted to help people. Despite the protests of her worried father, Momoka was resolute in becoming a hero, just like her mother.

Character Development & Conceptualization
Momoka is, in essence, a character that struggles with her own aimlessness. While she has the willpower to achieve her goals, she lacks any sort of drive to create her goals. This has lead to her doing primarily what others tell her to do. As Momoka develops, she will begin to understand that having this sort of aimlessness hurts her greatly. Because of her insecurities, Momoka has the compulsive need to be liked. She will swallow her opinions if she thinks that others will disagree. Her artist's block is reflective of herself. She lacks individualism; she'd rather be liked than be unique.

Because of her upbringing, Momoka has had very little interaction with the "bad" of society. As a result, she has big heart that, for better or for worse, believes in the good of people. She looks to villains as evil because that's what she's been taught; rather than work to defeat these villains, she would much rather save people. This innocence of Momoka acts as a foil to other characters who see villains as irredeemable beings of evil.

As Momoka grows as a character, I intend for her to become more free willed and concise about her future. She'll eventually learn to value her own self-worth instead of being stuck looking for validation. She'll finally understand the missing piece in her paintings and finally get her inspiration back. Her innocence may fade or may be steeled against coming trials, but she'll begin to understand what it really means to be a hero.

Abilities & Talents

Quirk Type

Quirk Description
Inherited from her mother, Pretty in Pink allows for Momoka to freely control pink liquids using hydrokinesis. This connection is somatic; she must make hand signs, arm movements, and other gestures to control the flow. For instance, in order to launch a spear made of paint, she must punch with as much force as her body can muster. She can create a shield made from paint, but she must block with her arms.

The type of liquid she uses affects its properties. Concentrated pink liquids such as paint tend to be easily controlled, but slightly pink liquids (such as dyed water) can hardly be controlled with any degree of accuracy. The viscosity of a liquid affects how the liquid moves; thin liquids tend to move faster while thicker liquids tend to move slower but hold their shape better.

As she uses a liquid, it accumulates contaminants. Little bits of dirt, grime, rock, and other unwanted materials make the liquid unreliable and troublesome to use. Her range is about 30 meters before the liquid becomes almost impossible to control. While depending primarily on the liquid she manipulates, her top speed is thrice that of her punch: 20 m/s. However, doing so is taxing on her body. As she can't create any pink substances, if Momoka runs out of usable liquids, her quirk becomes useless.

Other Talents & Attributes
Momoka is adaptable. Because of the effort she puts in and her general openness to new ideas, she can acquire skills at a slow but steady pace.
Momoka is a talented painter. Her paintings are nothing special, however. While they are fine technique wise, they lack any sort of emotional punch.
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