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I'd be down if I get to make a character like my waifu Ash

I'd give it a whirl.
As the others had asked the emperor their questions, Pale couldn't help but feel remorse. Their questions were rather innocuous. Asking for slavery to end, how to fend off this corrupted horde, what these 'artifacts' entailed. All of these questions were valid and normal. Pale's question was—perhaps if she was unable to cut herself off—something that would get her executed.

What happened to your son's corpse?

Of course, she could have phrased it better. The meaning would always have been the same. She had a morbid curiosity about it. It would be a lie to say that Pale would've asked this question in order to get an idea of what they had to fight. In reality, she just wanted to see both a dead body and what she could take from it. Morals be damned, it wasn't as if the emperor's son would have any more need for his tools.

Surprisingly, Pale wasn't the final arrival. A green-skin had arrived and, with the assistance of the page, had introduced herself. This made Pale realize that she hadn't introduced herself nor had the page. In fact, she was sure that the page didn't even know who she was. Her introduction would have to wait!

The emperor had answered their questions and now was the time for the big reveal of the artifacts. Only, their introduction had been cut off by the entrance of some old hag. She greeted the emperor with familiarity and he responded in kind. This old fox being some sort of guide to them? It sounded interesting, at the very least.

With all other interruptions out of the way, the artifacts were finally brought in by their attendants. Even Pale, who's sense of magic was only an approximate, knew that the artifacts were powerful. She, however, didn't care about that. As the artifacts were unveiled, Pale noticed the most abhorrent thing about them—none of them actually looked good. Sure, to an untrained eye that demonic looking dagger may look amazing, but it also required the user to switch to a much more violent, rough, and black aesthetic. None of the items seemed to fit Pale's fashion sense. She enjoyed her outfit too much to just give it up for some relic.

But that's when she spotted a small ring. Hidden between two massive weapons, it instantly caught her eye. Rather, it did the exact opposite of catching her eye. Between all of the grand accessories, armours, and weapons, the unassuming ring seemed to be perfect for her couture. She went to it and, without even reading the card, slipped it on to her gloved finger.

She really didn't feel much different.

As she looked around her, she noticed one of the raggedy men holding an amulet up, it emanating a warm glow. But what had claimed her attention was that ghost cat.

She didn't like that ghost cat.

After all, someone who appropriates goods from the dead only had three fears: suddenly dying, slowly dying, and ghosts.

She decided that her first purchase with her newly acquired coin would be salt. And, if possible, she would get it blessed by a cleric. It was a necessary precaution. The salt would prove to be a valuable weapon against ghosts if the cat had come for revenge, even if Pale was just being superstitious.
Zina's already going to miss having her monopoly on the group's greenness...

green with envy
Pale was late.

An ordinary person wouldn't dare to arrive late for an audience with the king. However, Pale was not ordinary. On her travels to the throne room, she had managed to stumble upon a crypt - one with no signs of being explored. While it was her duty to meet The Emperor, it was also her duty to delve into each and every grave in search of treasures. After seconds of deliberation, she had decided to explore it. After all, what if it was some undiscovered vault of extremely powerful weapons? It would be her duty to acquire powerful items to defeat the scourge that had afflicted the land, after all. She salivated at the thought of some sort of powerful superweapon being hidden inside of an unmarked tomb, hidden away from humanity.

Of course, the tomb had nothing inside of it. Nothing except for a solitary skeleton, at least. Still considering her spoils of war, Pale took the dead man's skull. After all, her effort was worth at least something, right? Alas, her little diversion had wasted some time. No matter, the throne would make sure to at least most people had arrive, right? What were the odds that all of the adventurers would arrive at the same time?

The answer to that, as Pale had discovered, was actually very likely. Her arrival, while escorted by a guard, had not been announced. After all, which poor guard wanted to ever be the one to interrupt the emperor? Despite this silent entry, Pale still seemed to get the attention of others. Being a swashbuckling archeologist wearing bright and ornate clothing seemed to always do that to a room. Pale listened to the Emperor intently. Well, she did so to the best of her ability. Occasionally, she would forget that she was listening and would instead focus on the other future heroes meant to be her companions. A righteous knight, a thin mage, a knife-ear, some plant girls, and two raggedy boys. Well, Pale was certainly one to judge on appearances. None of them really appeared like Pale did - except, of course, for the fae. Already, she liked the two of them.

Before she knew it, the Emperor had finished his little speech and asked for questions. Of course, Pale had a question. A question that didn't quite pertain to the situation. Opening her mouth, she began to speak.

"What hap-"

Just as impulsively as she spoke, she shut her mouth. Her question, of course, was incredibly distasteful. While she wasn't afraid to ask the emperor face to face, being flanked by a bunch of guards made the question difficult to ask. She pinched her fingers and dragged them across where her mouth should be, signalling that she should shut up.
I want to die.

Sign me up.

Unpleasantly greeted by King at the front gates, Ria knew something was going on. While it wasn't unusual for King to occasionally show up looking for her, something was different this time. King had purpose. If he needed Ria when he had intent? Something bad was going to happen. Or something good. Something extraordinary always happened when King actually waited for Ria outside the gates of St. Laurel's.

King only said one word.


Ria liked to keep things real. Imps? No problem. Devils? Preferable. Banshees? Easy peazy. She'd even prefer fighting Leraje. She never liked ghosts. Getting slammed by a steel chair from behind does that to a person.

Despite her initial revulsion at the idea of fighting ghosts once more, she folded and agreed to help. Ghosts it was. She just needed to grab her bag of gear from her house. Especially the fire extinguisher. She had a feeling that someone would set something on fire.

Ria, with duffel bag in hand, and King met up with the others in the church. King explained the situation. Of course, one thing remained.

"So," Ria said, hints of unwillingness in her voice, "how exactly do we get these ghosts? Unless you want to throw some salt at them and try to punch them while they're not looking?"
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