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Hello Everybody! I am new to the site (as the title says) and wanted to see how this all works. I don't always have time to arrange a full tabletop session, so I thought I'd check this out in order to scratch the itch. I would like to know how to search for specific game titles (D&D vs Pathfinder, for example).

I have been playing for a ling time, off and on. I was really into the whole White-Wolf thing back in the '90's and early '00's. Mostly Werewolf, Vampire and Changeling. But I have played many other systems as well.
I am a fan of one system in particular which I never get to play because it's kinda small in comparison. If anyone knows of a Talislanta game, could ya point me in their direction? Thanks!

I am a full time chem lab tech. I have a family including one son in college and another in High school, so that all kind of explains where my time goes :-D

Always open for further details, but that's a start, I suppose.
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