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7 days ago
Current TMW you're trying to watch your favorite movie online and internet sucks. (Summer Wars in my case)
1 mo ago
Internet is cutting in and out so posting is tough. Will do so when I can.
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6 mos ago
@Fisticuffs I was disappointed about how low Skies of Arcadia Legends and Grandia 2 are on that list.
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8 mos ago
Of course... I get back and now I'll be slow again. Skipping paying my phone to cover other bills.
9 mos ago
In order to come back, I need to drop some rps to make time.


Hello, I'm Kyle. I'm 25 and I love role-playing. Some of my favorite past times are reading, video games, watching anime, and... and... Ya, that's about it really XD Hit me up if you ever want to rp! I like every genre but Romance s a must for me, even if it's not the primary focus. I'm not so into Sci-fi or historical_(except Fuedalish Japan, I love that) but I'll do them if I like the story enough.

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In a last ditch effort to stop the man, he stopped him with his fruit but not before he could wrap his limbs around him. "Damn... It won't stop me but it's definitely going to slow me down..." He started coughing as he inhaled the smoke before getting an idea. He stops holding the man with his fruit and instead focuses on his free hand with the spear that wasn't in the legion pirate. He starts spinning it, creating a vacuum of sorts to hold the smoke at bay as he slowly works his way through the ship with the man on him. He may have been saving the man too depending on where his spear struck but he didn't care. Better to live to fight another day.
The legion pirate would be in for a surprise when he found where Kyy was hiding. Although he'd returnedMusashi's dagger, he wasn't unarmed. His spears were pointed at the way in as he rested, not dumb enough to let his guard down for a moment. Out of breath and a bloody nose wasn't nearly as bad as bleeding out so he still had an advantage. "Try me. One more step and death will be slow. I can guarantee it."
I REALLY want to do something like Summer Wars. If you've never seen it, here's a basic idea.

A program is implemented on the internet that makes it so everything you do is as easy as one two three and anything you can do in real life can be done in said program (martial arts, controlling anything electronic, casinos, shopping, chatting, anything). Our characters are schoolmates. Girl is from a well known family. Could be money, family's history, etc. Guy is a part time code monkey for the program. One day girl asks if he'd like an easy job but doesn't tell him it's to pretend to be her fiance. Her gram is old and it's her birthday so girl wants her to believe she's found love before she passes. But while there, the guy accidentally solves the supposedly impossible to solve encryption algorithm of the program, giving an AI hellbent in hacking everyone access. With access to anything controlled by the accounts it hacks, what's an AI to do?
Okay, thanks.
@Ellri Can you add people after the pm has been started?
Hello! I was wondering if there's a way to have more than just two people in a pm, like the ability to have a group pm.
Kyy nods, understanding why she glared. He may wield spears but he followed a similar code. But he also knew that he'd need a slashing weapon for his plan. "Thank you. I'm sorry for asking, especially when we don't know one another. I will treat this blade as if it were my own. I'll return it in fifteen seconds." He holds the dagger backhand and rushes through the enemies, pushing passed his normal limits. Starting his count, he takes them out faster than an untrained eye can see before collapsing in front of the girls. He holds the dagger out to its owner. "Sorry... I took two seconds extra." His nose was bleeding from the exertion he'd put himself in and his body felt light as a feather from moving so fast. "I have to rest. I'll catch up when I can."
That's true too. We have two snipers lol.
Just Musician but GM isn't taking more people at the moment. But if the two members are no shows, there may be more.
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