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Current Rewatching Danganronpa the Animation! I still cry every time I see Alter Ego...
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9 mos ago
Holidays are hectic. I should be back after.
10 mos ago
@CAS1006 I'm playing the HD collection at this very moment XD
2 yrs ago
Sorry for the delays. Holidays kept me busy and now some family stuff.
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2 yrs ago
TMW you're trying to watch your favorite movie online and internet sucks. (Summer Wars in my case)


Hello, I'm Kyle. I'm 25 and I love role-playing. Some of my favorite past times are reading, video games, watching anime, and... and... Ya, that's about it really XD Hit me up if you ever want to rp! I like every genre but Romance s a must for me, even if it's not the primary focus. I'm not so into Sci-fi or historical_(except Fuedalish Japan, I love that) but I'll do them if I like the story enough.

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What do you mean by entity in entityxteen?
I'm not so good at making group rps but I think my idea is more group based.

Basically, we play creepypasta charas of our choosing in Slendy's Mansion. All characters are welcome, including Zalgo and his allies. I would love a war between Zalgo and Slendy but it's up to players. I'd like to play Sally Williams, but I can play Anyone main really. Or I can play an OC. Anyone else is free. I hope to find peeps who are willing!

Name: Kyysucara Namosaka
Age: 27
Species: Air Witch
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Omg! I would LOVE to do this idea with you! As a wiccan, this hits close to home for me. Plus my main OC usually owns a bar! I'm 27 irl.
Hi there! I see a lot of pairings I'd be interested in!

Resident Evil
Monster girl maid/Master
White Rabbit/Alice
Red Riding Hood/Wolf
Trapped in video game
Pet(anthro change)/Owner
Martial Arts Trainer/Student
Monster Girls
Monster High School
Zombie Apocalypse
Cosplay Cafe
A scientist discovered that, in the digital, humans also had a data code, and he decided to try combining human data and Digimon data. After several failed attempts he succeeded using Digi-Egg data. Any other level caused too much data corruption.

You are one of the successful experiments, and one day you receive your digivice and are transferred to the digital world where your Digi-Egg hatches.

I'm fine with it becoming 18+.

Idea taken from London Kat.

Anyone interested?
Is this still a thing? I'm interested.
I really want to do something along the lines of A Series Of Unfortunate Events. I don't care if we go Canon or Original, regardless, we'd have to go AU. Incest is a definite plus. If you've never read or seen it...

Siblings find out their house was destroyed and parents killed by a mysterious fire. Each has something special that helps. (Inventor, Photographic memiry, anything really). They get put with one guardian after another but someone is after their family fortune by any means necessary. Everyone else is an idiot and can't recognize the villain even when it's proved to be him/her, so it up to the siblings to find ways to outsmart him/her.
So... I really REALLY want to do something in these three fandoms. I've seen all of Final Destination and Saw but only the first season of Danganronpa. But since I'd like an original universe of them, minimal knowledge is needed. I can even give said minimal knowledge to those interested.

I generally write semi paragraph to 2 paragraph, usually around 1 para. But I can do more depending on situation.
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