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Current Holidays are hectic. I should be back after.
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@CAS1006 I'm playing the HD collection at this very moment XD
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Sorry for the delays. Holidays kept me busy and now some family stuff.
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TMW you're trying to watch your favorite movie online and internet sucks. (Summer Wars in my case)
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Internet is cutting in and out so posting is tough. Will do so when I can.
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Hello, I'm Kyle. I'm 25 and I love role-playing. Some of my favorite past times are reading, video games, watching anime, and... and... Ya, that's about it really XD Hit me up if you ever want to rp! I like every genre but Romance s a must for me, even if it's not the primary focus. I'm not so into Sci-fi or historical_(except Fuedalish Japan, I love that) but I'll do them if I like the story enough.

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I really want to do something along the lines of A Series Of Unfortunate Events. I don't care if we go Canon or Original, regardless, we'd have to go AU. Incest is a definite plus. If you've never read or seen it...

Siblings find out their house was destroyed and parents killed by a mysterious fire. Each has something special that helps. (Inventor, Photographic memiry, anything really). They get put with one guardian after another but someone is after their family fortune by any means necessary. Everyone else is an idiot and can't recognize the villain even when it's proved to be him/her, so it up to the siblings to find ways to outsmart him/her.
So... I really REALLY want to do something in these three fandoms. I've seen all of Final Destination and Saw but only the first season of Danganronpa. But since I'd like an original universe of them, minimal knowledge is needed. I can even give said minimal knowledge to those interested.

I generally write semi paragraph to 2 paragraph, usually around 1 para. But I can do more depending on situation.
It's been a bit since I made a request here but here it is!

Some about me: I'm 27 and I've been rping for about 12 years, longer if you include offline. I'm usually a semi-para to 2 paragraph writer, usually on the single paragraph side, hence the free tag. I love smut but i do like at least some story to tie it all together, anywhere between 70/30 to 20/80 plot/smut.

Even if its not listed, you can pm me your fandoms/ideas! These are by no means all I'm interested in! I love a lot of fandoms, most anime/manga but some others too. I also love original ideas!

Now for my cravings (more * = higher craving):
RWBY ******
A Series of Unfortunate Events******
Digimon (Adventure, Tamers, or Fusion)****
Kingdom Hearts*****
Game Grumps**
Vanoss Crew**
An idea I have rolling around in my head is what if another race had some kind of mystical secret? Like the Elycrys or Wellspring but the Gnomes or Trolls control it.
Great! I can't wait to hear from you!
I've been watching The Shannara Chronicles lately and I'd love to rp something in that verse. I'm open to suggestions.

If you're not familiar with it, it's a medieval setting. The four races (Elf, Human, Gnome, and Troll) Hate each other and have their own lands. Demons are sealed away thanks to a tree in the eleven capital. Magic is rare, most think extinct, but it's there. Guns are a thing but rare as they're artifacts of human pasts.
Saki sighed. "Okay. I'll save you a little time by answering some in advance. I'm Saki. I snuck on board the marine ship to get at their treasury." She suddenly smiles and climbs out of the barrel. Inside was the loot. "Once everything went down, my only way off was to sneak on board this ship instead."
Saki cussed under her breath, realizing she'd been heard. Deciding it was safer to just reveal herself, she called out. "I'm coming out, don't attack." She put her arms up first to show she was unarmed as she climbed out of the barrel.

Kyy sighs. "They're right. Whether we like it or not, our first priority should be getting away from here. We can worry about them later."
Saki was inside the barrels that Rainer put the marine by, fighting back a sneeze. Just after Rainer walked off, she let out a small sneeze.

Kyy just smiled as he watched Janet sink the marine ship, still feeling a bit weak from the ocean. "Sorry about the tow guys. We saw marines and actwd."
Kyy looked at Rainer as he carried him. "Thanks... You seemed surprised that i couldn't swim. I'll... explain when we're back on board." He rested a bit and let the fishman get him on the boat. "Do you know what a devil fruit is? They're special fruits that grant powers when eaten. But they come at a cost. Anyone who eats one lises their ability to swim, and basically sinks like a log. My fruit gives me time manipulation. I believe our explosive friend has one too."

Saki smirked and crawled over the rope to the pirate ship. She spotted the spearman and another talking and kept hidden, climbing into an empty barrel to hitch a ride.
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