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4 mos ago
Current @Fisticuffs I was disappointed about how low Skies of Arcadia Legends and Grandia 2 are on that list.
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6 mos ago
Of course... I get back and now I'll be slow again. Skipping paying my phone to cover other bills.
7 mos ago
In order to come back, I need to drop some rps to make time.
7 mos ago
So... I'm sorry but my hiatus is taking longer than planned. Not sure when I'll be back.
7 mos ago
Sorry that I've been slow. Life's been hectic. I'll be slow for a bit but if I take more than 5 days or so, poke me.


Hello, I'm Kyle. I'm 25 and I love role-playing. Some of my favorite past times are reading, video games, watching anime, and... and... Ya, that's about it really XD Hit me up if you ever want to rp! I like every genre but Romance s a must for me, even if it's not the primary focus. I'm not so into Sci-fi or historical_(except Fuedalish Japan, I love that) but I'll do them if I like the story enough.

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I'm fine with it.
I am.
I'm still interested. :)
@jynmi88 I'll like that idea! Hmm... Could I make the legendary Zoan user? I have an idea for one.
@jynmi88 By different type, do you mean element wise or, one has logia and another has paramecia?
I'd be up for one.
Sorry guys! I never got the notification of replies here! Just read through everything that was talked about. I like Ink guy!
Will this villain be like our Buggy? Lol
@jynmi88 Okay. I don't mind playing villains of my creation. So I could play them for my arcs. :)
@jynmi88@Digizel All I know is that I'm not very good at playing other people's villains. XD I'll do it if nobody else wants to but I'd prefer not to.
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