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Current We all wait for something. Pizza will not be one of them.
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I sense hijinx.
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Dun dun dun, another one bites a tree stump, dun dun dun, another gets hit by a bus, and another one gone and another one gone... My sense of humor is dark.
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Not long now... the time approaches ever quick...
2 mos ago
The time of darkness approaches, which means it's the perfect time for horror RPs.


I'm just another face in the crowd, even when I'm not. Wait scratch that, large crowds are nerve wracking, let's just say I'm that guy who hides in the center of the crowd and pretends he isn't there.

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Intriguing. I'm intrigued. Not to say that I'm the high society type to says that a lot, but intrigued is a good word for how intrigued I am, never thought I'd be saying intrigued so much today, that's also intriguing.
Note: Lot's of exaggeration's going on in my IC post, for dramatic effect. He's not immortal, he's just so bored it feels like he's been stuck in a cell forever. :P
Day 789, December, Year unknown
Location: A cell of some sort, I think, I have no idea.

His head hurt like hell, maybe it was because he kept banging it against the wall out of sheer boredom, Dan didn't know anymore, he just wanted something relieve him of this eternal hell. He'd been trapped within the confines of his cell for what felt like years, it was probably more though, probably something along the lines of centuries, he'd long outlived all the other fools, with the exception of maybe the alien or whatever it was. Dan resided on the end row of what he still assumed were cells, and his only "Room mate" was the robed alien being in the cell to his right. To his left there was only a wall. The alien wasn't really fond of conversation though, and they were cold, like not cold in a sense of the alien was ignoring him, but literally freezing the air around it.

Although the cell's were all somewhat isolated, Dan could still feel the seeping cold wistfully making it's way into his cell on one side every so often. That and the constant crying or whatever it was resounding from the alien's cell was beginning to get on his nerves. That was an understatement to say the least, Dan had yelled at the alien to shut up more times then he had bothered to count. How was anything supposed to sleep with constant crying reverberating through the walls?

Dan was finally bored enough to cease his own light banging, and pulled himself to his feet, moving over to the opening on his cell known only as...the door. A fearsome entity indeed.

"HEY! YOU JERKS! IF YOUR STILL ALIVE OUT THERE, GIMME BACK MY PROPERTY! THAT STUFF BELONGED TO MY GRANDMA! RELEASE ME YOU VILE SCUM! TURN ON THE HEAT! ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME!?" His shouting seemed to go unheard, as nobody came to the cell door to meet his demands like they were supposed to. Why was the world always so disobedient? Life, why couldn't he wake up from this?

First he'd have to get the dang alien to clam up first though. Why was it he was forced to live forever while trapped in a cell next to a chilly, sobbing extra terrestrial?
@Metronome Wait is that my cue, oh uh...crap I'm still thinking, uh... alright I got something! One sec! Well more like many seconds.

A demonic symbol as a way of symbolizing new beginnings? That was certainly an odd way to think of things, but Emil wasn't one to judge others on preferences, merely actions. He was in no way a church goer, couldn't ever wake up on time to make it, not to mention they'd thrown him out on more then one occasion when he'd stood up to protest that there were reasons the police had been formed in the first place and that people shouldn't always be off praying to "God" or whatever they believed in. After being thrown out, he'd remember he'd been relieved of his duties as an officer of the law and kick himself for forgetting. Old habit's die hard.

The large sum of money had certainly shone a new light on the lady Hobbs. She either was incredibly generous without meaning to be, or she was a bit absent-minded in her excitement to get her new industry started, either was fine with him for now, he needed the money, maybe he could finally buy himself a mattress.

As tempted as his law abiding and good nature was to inform the pretty woman of her mistake on the sum she was offering up, he kept his trap shut and merely kept his eyes on his contract, though he couldn't help but allow his old investigator instincts to kick in for a moment, and his mouth began working for him.

"Before we leave, is there anything else we should be aware of? I dunno why, but something about all of this seems fishy, not just the case, but you and your hirin's. Most employers I know wouldn't be able to stand the sight of half the people in this room and tell em to ankle their way out, yet here you are allowing us all in without hardly a second thought. What's your angle? I'm not tryin to be rude, but it's my-WAS, my job to be a skeptic." Emil took another glance at those who littered the room with him, noting every single individual and what he'd need to remember about each one in case he needed to match a name to a face at some point.

Absently, his other hand fumbled into his coat pocket, trying to locate his own pen he kept with him, briefly revealing the interior of his trench coat to the world. It was covered in lazily stitched patch work, nearly falling apart, and it became clear he'd been referring to more then just the others when he'd asked his question, he himself was also one of those who'd probably be turned away.

With the exception of basic labor, but that hardly paid anyways.
@Glyph I'd say so but that's not up to me. :P
@Fallenreaper I honestly agree. This has something great goin for it and it will be a shame if this goes broke.
Right then.

Elijah Rothchester:
Middle child prince with an anger problem and a thirst for revenge of any kind with a surprising amount of thickness going on in his head.
Now then, how to begin... I'm stuck between sitting in a corner mumbling how boring the cell is and at the bars yelling about his stuff being returned to him and how stupid everything is and such. :P
@lady horatio True that. It'll be downright hilarious either way.
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