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It's your friendly neighborhood Allen J.

I've gone by several names on this hellsite, since I've been around since Oldguild - didn't make too many waves back then, however. But, I am a twenty-three-year-old guy that lives on the east coast and attends community college for a criminal justice degree. When I'm not in class or raging online, I am at work at the worst place in the god damn world. And when I don't feel like doing any of that stuff, I'm usually on steam playing a game or watching Netflix. So my times kind of divided lol. I guess I call myself an average role player, there's better out there. I usually GM an RP or two, but sometimes, sometimes, I manage to find an RP that interests me that I join. I really like making a variety of different characters, and one thing I like to do is add depth and weave symbolism into my characters because people are a lot more than just one thing. I also like adding music where ever possible. I have a variety of preferred genres; I like superhuman and sci-fi settings the most. Though, I'm down for anything long as it sounds cool. I GM'd a lot of superhuman RPs, but, honestly, I'm trying to branch out and be known for a dude that makes any type of cool RPs. I have lots of ideas I want to put into play, which I'll detail below. I guess my specialty would be creating different worlds.

Message me anytime if you want to do them, or talk or play a game. Anything really. Also if you sent a message and I don't reply; chances are that I was out and looked at it on my phone or other device and wanted to wait until I get home before I replied. If I don't respond, feel free to prod me to get a response.


Vivid Recollections: Into the False Light: By far my most passionate project. Basically, it starts out as a generic "kids get magic powers" slice of life then it gets dark when I reveal that there's something incomprehensibly powerful out to get them and destroy the world. It has some pretty interesting characters and an emphasis on symbolism, and has a dark storyline that isn't basically "everyone dies lol". I hope to someday develop a universe out of this.

All-Verse: The Initiative: Another side-project of mine out of a desire to build an entirely original multiverse. Not too much to say about this one, it's basically an RP where homies across the universe are plucked from their homes to form a team that fixes problems across the multiverse. It's basically the Time Patrollers from Dragon Ball Xenoverse.


Well, less future and more potential.

Titanshell: An RP that is a mixture of Armored Core, Anarchy Reigns, and Metal Gear. Basically, the world has been destroyed by war and polluted by corrupt companies, so cybernetics have become the norm. Corporations have taken over and are the de facto governments, and thus they are waging war on each other using advanced weaponry such as combat cyborgs, mobile fortresses known as bastions, and the eponymous Titanshells - giant war machines that destroy armies and leave cities in rubble. So the RP is a mixture of cyberpunk and Mecha, I'm not sure what the cast will be yet.

Virtual Memoirs: An RP inspired by retrofuturism artwork, and the basis is that society has developed similar to the 80's retrofuturism art and has that kind of aesthetic. I'm not sure what the RP will be about, but maybe it'll be about exploring space or maybe I'll make it a noir-like drama on the lines of Transistor.

Deadwood: An RP that was years in the planning, basically it was a high fantasy world that was destroyed in a cataclysmic event that rendered a lush world a desolate wasteland. A few thousand years later and the nations are pulling together what's left, but it's still horrible. Very little of the land can sustain life, and people are dying by the boatloads. A group of adventurers is hired by the leaders of one of the only prosperous settlers to figure out what the hell happen to the world. The reward is getting to live in her nation, but it's not as easy as it sounds.

A mixture of urban-fantasy, superpower, and horror; the universe is a unique setting that revolves around the emotions and mememories of the people who live in it.

The Othergrounds: A reboot of one of the first RPs I made on the guild. It basically revolves around a bunch of kids that find themselves in a strange place, an abandoned city that is full of mysteries. They're also the few people around that have magic powers, or they gain magic powers upon arrival in the Othergrounds. The cast attempts to get to the bottom of things as they find out that they are not quite alone. An RP that is meant to examine themes of isolation, loneliness, and reaching out to each other.

Hunted Forever: A simple horror/supernatural-thriller RP, a group of completely random people in a completely random city are hunted by a crazed cult. Said cult has a lot more power and influence than expected, as their goals, their membership, and what they worship seem to be completely otherworldly.

Who Is Eleanor Black?: A group of investigators are hired/called out to a remote village in the United Kingdom to investigate an anomoly: a woman has apparently disappeared into thin air. However as they follow the trail they quickly come to the realization that it's a lot more complicated from a mere disappearance; it's almost as if she was wiped from existence. They find magic is in play and it gets a lot more complicated as they investigate the Black Family. The RP will either have the cast be the investigators or the inhabitants of the village.

A unique superhuman setting where people have been empowered by crystals and the energy they give off, a deconstrction of the superhuman story.
Task Force RAVEN: An RP that focuses on the title group; an elite task force that is the best at what they do. They eventually find themselves in the middle of a huge conspiracy that will shake the organization, as the RP explores their relationship with each other and the world that they live in.

The Group: An RP that centers around a team of criminal Metahumans that have been gathered and employed by a mysterious higher interest. They rarely ask questions because they're being paid so handsomely not to, but they soon find themselves getting in over their heads.

Prison Break: A group of Metahuman inmates break free of their confinement... and end up being forced to work for a mysterious person who has mysterious goals. Simple enough, the RP is meant to center around a bunch of morally ambiguous characters or people who haven't had their shot of redemption yet, similar to the suicide squad.

Infinite Worlds: Basically adopting one storyline from a previous RP. Basically a bunch of friends (and new homies) find some missing scientist's notes and decide to follow the trail. They find secret organizations, dimensional travel, and friends!

The Broken: Or misfit toys. It's about a group of Metahumans with severe problems (either mental or physical) going to a therapy group and bonding with each other. Featuring adventure!

A quirky RP series based off of fighting games and anime; is a fantasy kitchen sink that mixes the ridiculous with serious plots and settings.
Demise of Dreamers: Set after an alien invader conquers the earth and subjugates it; banning all forms of combat. Martial artists and other warriors must either join the resistance against him or assist him to gain complete control of the world. A darker take on the universe, but will still retain the RP's signature ridiculous in a serious situation.

Fighting Gold: In a generically named metropolis that has become a hive for warriors and other weirdness, a corporate madman attempts to subjugate the entire city. So the various fighters and other warriors must either side with him or against him, or fulfill their own agendas in a strange city that will expand and get more ridiculous as the RP goes on.

More or less an OC Multiverse.
Brothers: This is a loose idea I had that'll have to be ironed out in the interest check. Basically, the RP is going to be the players making their own version from different universes of one character and they all go out on adventures. That's it.

Strangers: A group of various adventurers have been displaced from their home universe and have no clue where they ended up. They have to work together and learn each others quirks and strengths as they travel through the All-Verse to return home... which they find out is not as easy as it sounds.


@Spoopy Scary: Honestly one of the best roleplayers on this site, we go waaay back. Despite his woman hair I really enjoy roleplaying with him and he is very intelligent. He has helped me a lot throughout the years.

@Junkmail: Despite all of his stale memes, shitposting, and other cancer he's a great guy. Pretty talented roleplayer for what it's worth (waaaay better than some of the retardation I've seen on this site) and has helped me with a lot of my ideas.

@Maxx: Even though he's infuriatingly flakey, I still regard him as a cool cat. He's a good roleplayer and definitely has some very good characters.

@He Who Walks Behind: If he would climb out of that damn cave and actually roleplay on this site, I would say he's the best. I always enjoyed his writing style and his characters, and he was my go-to co-gm when he did roleplay. He's also funny and probably has a huge dick.

@Dragonbud: I should probably talk to her more. Probably.


@Zombiedude101: My go-to Co-GM and right hand man, you've probably seen him as the Co-GM in my RPs a lot. He really helps me worldbuild and makes my retarded ideas less retarded and I appreciate that.

@Lord Wraith: Honestly he has a superhero universe that's closer to a comicbook and a lot more consistent than mine. Eventually we will actually roleplay with each other some day.

@FernStone: As much as I like reminding them they're bad, they're actually a consistent and dedicated roleplayer. A lot more than what I could say about everyone else on this fucking list.

@Altered Tundra: I wanted to actually put something nice down, but this fucking degenerate still listens to edgy middle-school rock bands unironically.


@Savo: A cancer cell that has fell off my body and developed into its own person. He's pretty cool for what its worth, and I entrusted him with the World Warriors RP after I fell on hard times and despite his attempts to eliminate what's left of my will to live, he's pretty fun to bounce ideas off of.

@redbaron1234: The last surviving brony, but are you a brony if you're a girl? These questions bring up the very nature and duality of man.

@Kamen Evie Is one of the few people on the RPG who likes Armored Core. They earned their spot on this list.

@KaiserElectric: Favorite activity is a word that start with a 'y' and ends with 'fing'. Will bring ruin to everything I know and love.

@Crosswire: They should change their username to Buttwire. One of the nicest people from the World Warriors RP.

@wxps350: I found it, the most cancerous human being in the world. Please eliminate soon as you read this.



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This is what Mahz made the RPG for
added a kimberly post
@MagratheanWhale actually I'm going to edit in a Kimberly post that affects O'Cyrus.
it's time for the return of the support group header!

I was going to have Britney explain everything in this post, but I figured that I really, really, didn't want to jam too much into one post. Especially since there's probably going to be a ton of vitriol thrown her way.

@FernStone Let's also assume that Kimberly went "yeah sure!" in response to Rien and they're now in the lobby.

@Eric Horst
St. Mercer Hospital

"... You have powers, don't you?"

Britney asked, just from Charlie's reaction they definitely saw the energy. She knew how her abstraction worked, or how abstractions worked in general, and if Charlie was still Blind, they wouldn't have reacted at all. Charlie probably awakened during the event that got them sent to the hospital, but that's irrelevant. According to Charlie, the town had gone upside down... and that confirmed Britney's suspicions. Which meant that they had no time to play around.

"We'll discuss it later!" Britney said as she dispersed the energy and grabbed onto Charlie's wrist as she began marching down the hall towards the front entrance. She was hoping that the group was the one making the racket, not the Glutton's minions...

St. Mercer Hospital

"Let's get to the lobby, at the very least."

Kimberly responded to Rien, and she shared a similar sentiment in how the coast was waaaay too clear for the hospital being under attack from the Glutton. To Kimberly, it was just the calm before the storm, and the real threat was simply right around the corner. Still, they needed to survive, no matter the cost. "Here, take my hand..." She said as she grabbed onto Rien's hand, a gesture she didn't didn't put too much thought behind, and they proceeded through the halls of the hospital. Eventually they made it to the lobby and Kimberly had to take a second look to figure out what had happened. Two burning bodies, and everyone's at each other's throats. If the situation wasn't so tense, she'd sarcastically ask what she missed.

Still, somebody was on their knees freaking out after they were shot backwards through time? This guy was completely new... she didn't really get to know anyone in their group, but she could tell a newcomer when she could see him. With a silent nod towards Rien she released her friend as she walked over to the person. Billy had a similar idea... but he had the nerve to make stupid jokes. She was wondering how the guy managed to take nothing seriously, even after they lost two different people. She rolled her eyes as she pushed past him and knelt forwards towards the new guy. He was taking his power really hard, and Kimberly wanted to help him.

"I just wish were going crazy, but it's a lot worse than that," Kimberly started off. "It's all real." She flatly said.

"Where the hell do I start? Well, from what I understand you've 'awakened'? Is that what I heard someone calling it? You have something like this?" Kimberly moved aside her bangs to reveal the camera's eye directly on the center of her forehead. "I... don't even know how to explain any of this to you. You got some kind of magic power, that's all."

@Atrophy@FernStone@MagratheanWhale@Eric Horst
St. Mercer Hospital

In time, the rage slowly subsided as Zoey just pressed Penny against the wall. She looked towards the ground as those emotions inside of her got more and more conflicted. It was evident that, despite her grief, what everyone said was getting to her. She ignored the newcomer as she merely took a step away, and the electricity faded as the brand on the back of her hand stopped glowing, seemingly withdrawing in general. She found herself a seat as she firmly placed her hands over her eyes as she slouched down, she was literally fighting tears.

A sigh of relief escaped Justin's lips as he was glad that things went the way they did... he was worried that Zoey would have killed Penny, or vice-versa. Especially when they needed everyone - he nearly jolted at the newcomer but Tuyen explained it pretty well and he didn't feel necessary. He needed to comfort Zoey above all else as he stepped over to her.

"I... wanted to break the news to you at a better time," Justin said. "I know... I know it sucks, but everything that Penny said was right: Claire died."

"I can't, Justin..." Zoey sobbed, and nearly broke down into uncontrollable sobbing, "She was... she was my best friend!" She loudly said, "How could she just die, what the fuck killed her...?"

"It's hard to say," Justin started off as he looked at Cyrus... Justin's eyes shot wide open as the guy did some freaky deaky shit and flew backward. Going off the glowing brand on his hand, he was one of them; An Awakened. Which was good because they needed fresh blood to replace what they lost. He ended up turning back towards Zoey as he finished explaining, "I don't fucking know what killed her myself... it's nothing from this world."

Slow footsteps approached, they had a somewhat unnatural pace that would be familiar to anyone who paid enough attention to this particular person. From one hallway, Jordan Nichols walked in, fully clothed in what she was wearing during the night of the incident. Her clothes were dirty and tattered, which Jordan preferred to having her ass hanging out in that damn hospital gown. She looked around and saw two dead bodies, someone freaking out on the ground, and various other craziness. Is it a bad thing that Jordan was already desensitized to the group's insanity?

"Thank God you guys are alive," However, Jordan quickly threw a thumb over her shoulder, "They got all of our stuff in a back room unless ya'll want to go out in the cold with your asses hanging out I'd come along."

Justin knew that Jordan had a valid point there... he was getting tired of looking at ass. He knew everyone else had the same idea so he was the first one to go grab his stuff, and since Zoey wasn't all that inclined to get up, he was also going to get her items.

Eventually, everyone was fully dressed and standing in the lobby-room. After some coaxing Justin convinced Zoey to get dressed and she came out of the supply closet in the dirty clothes that kind of reeked... but the smell was the last thing on her mind right now.

"Okay... what now?" Zoey asked the group and there was a bit of silence before Justin answered.

"Honestly, we need to find Britn..." Justin was confused as Britney came out of hallways at that exact moment. She had a stranger right behind her, but Justin was more focused on Britney. He clenched his fists as she was unsure of how to respond. Should he be angry at her? Or should he try to see from her perspective... either way, he had a lot of mixed feelings for his former friend.

"Well, here I am." Britney nervously said as she walked in the center of the group. There was a deep sense of regret in the girl as she wondered what the hell she should even say right now.

"... That's one question out of the way."

"Alright," Britney said as she nodded her head, "We need to find everyone fast as possible, then we'll get out of here and regroup at-"

"No, fuck that!" Jordan loudly voiced her concerns as she walked over to Britney. Even though Britney was a lot bigger than Jordan, she still stared down the girl without a single hint of fear in her voice. "I want some fucking answers, and I am not going anywhere with you until I get them." She spat out the words to a former friend with the same ferocity she would speak to her worst enemy. Because in Jordan's eyes, Britney was an enemy until she convinced her otherwise.

"Because your fucking games nearly got us killed- it already got some of us put in a box! So tell me what I want to know, then I'm taking the first trip back to Philly away from all this bullshit." Jordan nearly shouted the words, as she crossed her arms.

Justin spoke his mind on complete instinct, "I'm with her on this, no more bullshit." He wasn't as angry as, say, Jordan was, but he ultimately felt the same way.

A sigh escaped Britney's lips as she merely plopped down on a chair. A wave of regret hit her as she realized that everything that Jordan said was right; everything was on her head. All because she thought that she could play games and look where that got them? She looked around and realized that she was the most hated girl in the world right now, everyone looked at her with faces of disdain.

"Truth is... I honestly didn't think things would turn out this way..." Britney started off, "I thought we could find a way to beat the Glutton and fix all the problems with the town easy peasy... but life's not that simple, is it?"

Britney started off, before she looked off into the snowy streets of Farmer Hill, "I thought you all would just play along long enough for you all to understand what the hell we're dealing with. I thought I was trying to help you all, protect you from the town by giving you the truth in pieces... because in all honesty, I didn't think you all would believe me, nonetheless follow me." She turned her head back towards the group.

"But... with Claire's death, what good are these secrets? All I did was hurt you all... and lose one of my best friends," A tear trickled down from Britney's eye as she continued, "From here on... I will tell you all everything. Heh... there's so much shit I have in my closet I don't even know where to start... what are these burning questions on your minds? I know just about everything that has been going on in this town behind closed doors, so I can probably answer them."

Nakala was largely silent during the whole affair, being shocked that she was just taken out of her homeworld just as she was on the brink of death. How she was saved by this "Praxis", and is now a traveler of this All-Verse? This was incredible because Nakala was getting tired of her own universe. Perhaps... Olivia is out there somewhere in the All-Verse? Nakala looked down at Impala, who looked up at her as she took a step forward. She smiled as she said,

"I guess I'm not a warrior like the rest of ya'," Nakala started off as she glanced at everyone in the room, like the girl that just teleported and pulled out a freaking gun. "I'll join Praxis on the condition I get to explore this All-Verse."

Oh-Two was largely silent during the whole affair as well, mainly because she was scanning every lifeform in the room. Her eyes fell on every single person in the room, starting with the two most talkative, the blonde haired girl and the scared robot.



Name: N/A.
Sex: F
Age: 25
Hei... ERROR.

There was definitely something off about the girl whom Oh-Two had immediately discerned as a scientist or whatever was close to it in her own world. Every attempt to scan her ended with an error sign appearing after getting past the most surface information, or sometimes even before it. Oh-Two could tell that she was an intelligent being and was eager to bring information of this so-called "All-Verse" back to her home dimension. Which Oh-Two thought was incredibly risky... but Praxis didn't seem against it. Oh-Two wondered if Praxis would mind her taking information from these universes. However, she was going to keep her intentions hidden for now.

However, she scanned the scared girl and got a surprise.



Name: N/A.
Sex: N/A
Age: N/A.


This certainly surprised the android, she was certain that she was the only one of her kind in the room. However, this android's systems were miles above her own in some ways, but Oh-Two still considered herself the peak of the human intelligence within her own realm. Oh-Two made a note to figure out where ever this person came from, and immediately head there to see what sort of technology they had. However, she saw a kindred spirit, as the humans would say, in the girl and was determined to make allies with her! Then her eyes went to the strange... thing.



Name: N/A.
Sex: N/A
Age: N/A.


There was nothing like it, it was alien in every sense of the word! It interested Oh-Two... but, at the same time she couldn't help but get disinterested. The thing would not help her feel human emotion and was useless to her and her plans. However, it definitely could help Oh-Two with something. Perhaps she could find new technology to upgrade herself with, Praxis seemed more concerned with maintaining the balance of the multiverse.

There were plenty of questions being sent Praxis' way, and she was determined to answer all of them.

"Count me in, I'm not the most advanced of my people, but I can assist. Sort of. You said something about being fed power from our universe...What would that mean for those of us who don't rely on external power?"

Praxis was confused by the question... as it was obvious that they would still function as usual. However, she didn't mean to be rude. "You will be fine long as your systems operate at one hundred percent." Praxis nodded her head.

“The world I come from is a massive shithole that frankly should have died a long time ago, and I don’t typically do this pro bono hero shit. What’s in it for me?”

"If you so desire a reward," Praxis started off, "I may gift you whatever you desire the most, mercenary." Praxis started off, before realizing it was time to debrief the group.

"Alright, as I said before, there are thousands of things for the Initiative to do allow to find a simple first assignment to assess your abilities as a team...." Praxis started off as she stood frozen for a few seconds before she suddenly sprung back to lift. "... Your first assignment will be in the universe we have designated; The Endedverse." In the middle of the room, the projection of a destroyed city appeared, and there were sand and ruins as far as the eye could see. What remained of trees, cars, and skeletons suggested this place used to be a glorious paradise.

"This is a universe that was destroyed by war, completely devoid of all life... all that remains are machines."

"Fascinating!" Oh-Two enthusiastically said.

"However, within the universe are notes that belong to a genius scientist known as Dr. Honda. A woman responsible for most of the technological advances in this universe and the notes detail how to create automatons with ease. They should be resting, untouched like everything else in that universe... however, scavengers from another universe have located the files and are now in the process of taking this knowledge back to their home universe."

Praxis nodded her head, "If this gets back to their home universe, this could lead to an explosive change in the balance of their universe that could possibly affect the All-Verse at large. Your goal is to find this group of bandits, get the notes from them, and bring them back to headquarters."

Praxis was confident they could handle anything the group could face... they were dealing with a group of petty thieves and some of the people she has gathered are the best of the best in their home universe. "The threat level they pose is fairly low, but they can still catch any of you by surprise. However, take this as a training course. You will learn each other's strengths and weaknesses, and how well you all synergize with each other."

With a nod of her head, Praxis added on, "Any questions? I'd advise getting acquainted with your team now."

Same with me. I had thought about making another post before the next GM one but decided against it. I have a feeling, in my gut, that things might be getting weird here at the hospital; really quick.

Noooooooooot yet

Exposition first

Then I'm going to save the freaky deaky shit for the very next arc (and I have something really gross cooked up).
I plan to do another post over the weekend hopefully! Will probably wait for our shit GM to post first tho :P

my post will be incredible.
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