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Current Ruler Inc is closed. All assets are up for grabs.
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Ruler Inc's stocks are falling, and executives are desperately trying to hold on!
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Ruler Inc's future is uncertain!
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> Aw shit new Mystery Skulls song! > It's just the same one as before just with a different name and slightly better quality.
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I'm writing the lore for future RPs and my God it's so much fun while rocking to Silversun Pickups.
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I almost forgot, I wrote an explanation on how abstractions can transfer and shit.

The Awakened can transfer their abstractions to other Awakened. They can do these two ways; if they have a strong emotional bond with another Awakened they can willingly transfer it to another Awakened (or perhaps a Blind), or if they die the Abstraction can be taken by another Awakened. It's also possible for an Awakened to transfer a small fraction of their abilities to another person. Once they have the ability their sigil will appear on them. For another Awakened to use an abstraction that does not belong to them, they have to understand and channel the emotions that created said abstraction. If they don't understand the emotions they will not be able to properly use the abstraction to it's fullest strength. It is entirely possible that an Awakened can have many different abstractions. However, the Awakened are only capable of using one abstraction at a time. An Awakened can only share their powers with another Awakened or counterpart.

It's possible for there to be what is called a "Collective-Awakening". It's an uncommon phenomenon where multiple people Awaken around the same time in the same vicinity and they each share a piece of the same power. However, it won't occur every time there's a group of people Awakening. Each member of a collective-Awakening gain their own "primary" abstraction but a far weaker secondary powers belonging to each member of the group. However, sometimes collective Awakenings will not gain a power belonging to each member of the group but an abstraction reflecting what they think of the person (Such as gaining a speed based abstraction from someone they believe is impulsive). This will only occur if there's a great sense of familiarity with a member in the Collective. They gain a special mental link to each member of the group that allows them to share memories and see each other's auras through walls. However, they have a special ability that other Awakened do not and are capable of using these abstractions without understanding anyone else's emotions. If they gain the abstractions of the other Collective members they will be able to use them at full strength.

A question that may arise is what would happen if the Awakened's person changes? That part of them that the abstraction formerly reflected is gone? It's simple, and it's known as a Second Awakening. If a person undergoes a great personal change they will still retain their previous abstraction until they experience the second moment of powerful emotion and their abstraction will change to represent their new self. They'll still hold onto a previous piece of their abstraction as everyone still retains a piece of themselves, but it'll be so weak that it would be nowhere near the strength of the original.

I also rewrote the said lore bible in case you all wanna see it... well, I'll show you some parts bc there's some heavy spoilers here and there.
ok rp dead now

It all flipped in one second.

The young Blackmore went from cool and confident to staring at Lily in abstract shock upon hearing the girl's little revelation. Of course, Drake played it off as laughter for a second to keep it cool. "Aw stop fucking with me..." He said with a grin before realizing that he can't hide his emotions. The pure rage he felt... because in his eyes; Lily fucked up far more than ever.

"Are you really, really, saying what I think you're saying?" Drake asked, almost spitting. Small amounts of electricity went up and down his body as he slowly shifted from his human form to his electrical form. "That you accepted powers from REAPER - then act like that shit is casual?! The hell were you thinking?!"

He was completely covered from head to toe in electricity as he said, "Do you even know what they did to me?! To many others!?"

"Nakala, thanks."

Well, that went well. The girl had an obvious accent she wasn't from America - but of course, Nakala didn't mingle too much with people from other countries so it was hard to pinpoint where. Sounded French, but who knows? To Nakala the only thing that mattered was that the girl was black. The girl had a seat next to her but still, the question was on her mind.

"Hope ya' don't mind me asking, but where are you from?"

Okay, there was a weird layer of awkwardness to the discussion Drake felt. Or thought he felt.


Nonetheless, he was going to make the conversation work! Because Drake wasn't stupid enough to throw a potential score out the window this early! Even if it's small-talk... Drake always thought that it got more flak than it deserved! Only people that bitch about the small talk are the wannabe Socrates who want a deep and philosophical conversation all the time. Though, he admits he could had come into it a liiiittle better than he did. The conversation was about being excited to attend school - which Drake was, but he wasn't going to sit here and ramble on and on about it!

"Well, yeah," Drake said, as he raised his finger into the air and it began to arc with electricity. "Had this power since I was like eleven! It comes naturally to me, but there are a few things I'd like to learn." Of course, Drake left out the power replication part only because he was always told to keep that under wraps. While Drake hardly ever did what he was told; experience taught him more than enough. The electricity faded from his finger.

"School sounds nice - get to meet new people! But, what did you do to get sent here? Rob a bank?" Drake asked with a smirk.

It took the extremely embarrassed Kashmira a moment to collect herself. With a sigh, she managed to collect herself and said, "I should have been paying-" Rashmika muttering something made her stop and reconsider. "I'm sorry - for my reaction, I got just got so embarrassed, and it's my first day here too!" Kashmira said, talking super fast.

The girl was super indifferent to everything - and Kashmira wondered what was wrong. Did she just take this whole situation lightly? Or was she just hiding her true emotions? Kashmira merely shook her head as she grabbed onto the girl's pale hand. This was something alien to Kashmira, the concept was introduced to her the second she got to America and her uncle had to tell her that Americans don't know what "namaste" means. She was a little rough as she shook her head. "My name is Kashmira Sarai, it is great to meet you!" Kashmira said with a smile. "I would be glad to eat with you and forget about the circumstances behind our meeting, yes?"

Rashmika laughed for a moment, as she said, "Ah, making friends I see? I'll leave you to that," Before she ended the facetime she said, "Aavjo."

That left Kashmira alone with her new friend (?) Esmerelda. Kashmira grabbed a tray and got the same food as she did before with greens, corn, and anything that didn't had meat in it. She found a seat as she smiled... at a loss for conversation. "So, um.... what brings you to the Academy? I'm sorry if I'm being boring!"
I guess in the meantime I'll update the OP and NPCs. Maybe write stuff for the Watchers.
Nice job posting so far.
@Ruler IncThat alternative might work for the best; it'd be easier to pick it back up. Do you know when you head out exactly?

October 10th

South Carolina.

Well, Nakala's mother grew up in Florida and she said if she had to choose between blowing up Florida or South Carolina, it would always be Florida. So maybe that says nice things about South Carolina? Well, Nakala omitted the bus because she didn't want to sit on a sweaty bus for over ten hours and instead took the plane there. As much as she didn't trust Uber drivers she ended up taking one and passing the bus! The car came to a stop, Nakala grabbed her things, she went to the meeting room and ended up playing on her phone while everyone was getting things together.

Pretty much everything she heard was already told to her by her mother. Of course, they glossed over a few facts that Nakala knew that no one else did. The fact that the Academy's were prisons for young delinquent Metahumans. Whenever Michelle caught young Metahumans in KINGFISHER many of them were given the options for going to the Academy or spending a bit of time in prison. Everyone went with the Academy. Naturally, Nakala wondered for a few moments how many of her fellow students are crooks. Well, Nakala grew up in Black Fall, which isn't known for being the safest place.

The class of 2016 was herded out of the auditorium and Nakala followed behind them at her own leisure pace with a phone in her hand. She was hoping the food wasn't garbage - knowing places like this, the free food was probably garbage but they probably had a fancy restaurant here. Nakala shook her head as she grabbed a tray, plate, and had some chicken, corn, and she was praying that it wasn't awful.

Now, it was time to make friends. The worst part about leaving home to attend school was that you had to leave behind so many friends. However, Nakala knew that she just had to make new friends in the meantime! With a turn of her head, she decided to try to find someone to talk to. Of course, her eyes landed on a girl with massive dreads. She was young, pretty, and had great hair... and best of all black. She was sitting all by herself and that was more than enough to approach the girl.

Nakala walked over to the girl with a smile,

"What's up, I like your hair," Nakala said, "Mind if I have a seat?"

Look at that, Drake was already popular!

A girl was already trying to get his interest. A girl with blonde hair and green eyes, with a big of a more muscular frame. Cool, a sporty girl! Drake couldn't wait to get the attention of other girls - maybe training here was going to go way better than he originally thought! Without a second thought, Drake slid onto the table opposite to her and with a smile, he enthusiastically said, "Definitely, nice scarf!"

He decided to start a conversation right away, "What's going on? Excited for your first day of school?"

"Kashmira, are you okay?" Rashmika said over the phone in Gurjatari, but Kashmira hardly paid any mind. All she saw was the necklace case escaping the safety of her underarm. Before anything else registered, she quickly willed it over to her as she got up to her feet.

Then the embarrassment set in as she stared at the girl handing her the phone. It took a few moments for the whole situation to register before she stood there in shock. Eyes wide open and not one inch of herself moved. Then, even though the girl seemed rather casual about the situation, Kashmira was horrified.

"I am so, so, so, so, so, so sorry!" Kashmira said in an incredibly thick accent, and for once, in English. She grabbed the phone and wiped it off with her Nike shirt. "I should have paid more attention! I got it all over you, all in your hair! All over your face!"

"Ha, calm down, sister!" Rashmika said with a chuckle, reminding her that her phone was safe and sound. "It looks like you cracked the camera!"

"Oh..." Kashmira followed Rashmika's advice as she said. Kashmira glanced at the girl's demeanor and she seemed really... apathetic. She wondered if she was okay, or was about to explode in rage. "I apologize, friend. I am so sorry, I am okay by the way - but what about you? Are you alright?"

Kashmira looked around and saw that business was going as usual, before her eyes landed on a napkin dispenser. "Let me get you a napkin!" The girl quickly went over to the dispenser and came back with a handful of napkins. She offered them to the girl.
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