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Alright guys I need to start a gofundme for my toilet because I just destroyed it.
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@Altered Tundra: Do it.
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Contemplating an RP to make for the summer: look my profile and see what you'd like to see... though I don't want to do anything too major.
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I think I'm in for a sig/avatar change... and maybe my fourth fucking name change.





It's your friendly neighborhood Allen J.

I've gone by several names on this hellsite, since I've been around since Oldguild - didn't make too many waves back then, however. But, I am a twenty-three-year-old guy that lives on the east coast and attends community college for a criminal justice degree. When I'm not in class or raging online, I am at work at the worst place in the god damn world. And when I don't feel like doing any of that stuff, I'm usually on steam playing a game or watching Netflix. So my times kind of divided lol. I guess I call myself an average role player, there's better out there. I usually GM an RP or two, but sometimes, sometimes, I manage to find an RP that interests me that I join. I really like making a variety of different characters, and one thing I like to do is add depth and weave symbolism into my characters because people are a lot more than just one thing. I also like adding music where ever possible. I have a variety of preferred genres; I like superhuman and sci-fi settings the most. Though, I'm down for anything long as it sounds cool. I GM'd a lot of superhuman RPs, but, honestly, I'm trying to branch out and be known for a dude that makes any type of cool RPs. I have lots of ideas I want to put into play, which I'll detail below. I guess my specialty would be creating different worlds.

Message me anytime if you want to do them, or talk or play a game. Anything really. Also if you sent a message and I don't reply; chances are that I was out and looked at it on my phone or other device and wanted to wait until I get home before I replied. If I don't respond, feel free to prod me to get a response.


Vivid Recollections: Into the False Light: By far my most passionate project. Basically, it starts out as a generic "kids get magic powers" slice of life then it gets dark when I reveal that there's something incomprehensibly powerful out to get them and destroy the world. It has some pretty interesting characters and an emphasis on symbolism, and has a dark storyline that isn't basically "everyone dies lol". I hope to someday develop a universe out of this.

Nomadic Fist: Radiant Soul: Two years ago, I made World Warriors: Nomadic Fist, the greatest RP of all time regardless of what anyone says. I went through some issues and gave it to someone else. Eventually Nomadic Fist Radiant Soul was created and I am actually participating in this RP. The RP has a lot of potential and fresh blood in it and it could easily be the second best RP of all time.


Well, less future and more potential.

Titanshell: An RP that is a mixture of Armored Core, Anarchy Reigns, and Metal Gear. Basically, the world has been destroyed by war and polluted by corrupt companies, so cybernetics have become the norm. Corporations have taken over and are the de facto governments, and thus they are waging war on each other using advanced weaponry such as combat cyborgs, mobile fortresses known as bastions, and the eponymous Titanshells - giant war machines that destroy armies and leave cities in rubble. So the RP is a mixture of cyberpunk and Mecha, I'm not sure what the cast will be yet.

Virtual Memoirs: An RP inspired by retrofuturism artwork, and the basis is that society has developed similar to the 80's retrofuturism art and has that kind of aesthetic. I'm not sure what the RP will be about, but maybe it'll be about exploring space or maybe I'll make it a noir-like drama on the lines of Transistor.

Deadwood: An RP that was years in the planning, basically it was a high fantasy world that was destroyed in a cataclysmic event that rendered a lush world a desolate wasteland. A few thousand years later and the nations are pulling together what's left, but it's still horrible. Very little of the land can sustain life, and people are dying by the boatloads. A group of adventurers is hired by the leaders of one of the only prosperous settlers to figure out what the hell happen to the world. The reward is getting to live in her nation, but it's not as easy as it sounds.

The Dream Garden Asylum: A different spin on "a bunch of people are kidnapped and given superpowers by bad guys". They've all been given serums that have changed their bodies in one way or another - but the catch is that they must continue to consume the vials in order to continue using their powers and it'll mutate them over time. They have to survive the creatures and other failed experiments that lurk the halls of the asylum as they attempt to find a way to escape with their humanity.

American Guilt: WIP title, but inspired by two songs (American Guilt and American Terrorist III). It's basically America on the verge of becoming a cyberpunk dystopia, where people are killed on the streets if they aren't being farmed like cattle. Everyone is under constant surveilence and rights are disappearing by the minute. A group of citizens attempt to tear down this awful system, some call them terrorists, others call them freedom fighters. However, they won't be able to leave with their morality intact. An RP that'll probably get me put on a government watchlist lol.

Old/New Gods: I had the off thought in my head after seeing the twentieth thousand "School for Greek Gods" RP. What if there was an RP about Gods from all mythologies and not in a school? That'd be pretty cool right? Right. I have no idea about the plot or the setting!

Desolation: I Remain: A horror RP about a strange red mist rolling through the world, and where ever the mist goes; monsters follow. Most of the world has been wiped out by this mysterious fog as nobody - not even the military knows how to deal with it. The RP follows a group of survivors as they travel far north as rumor has it that the fog can't travel up mountains. However, it's not simple as it sounds.

A mixture of urban-fantasy, superpower, and horror; the universe is a unique setting that revolves around the emotions and memories of the people who live in it.

The Othergrounds: A reboot of one of the first RPs I made on the guild. It basically revolves around a bunch of kids that find themselves in a strange place, an abandoned city that is full of mysteries. They're also the few people around that have magic powers, or they gain magic powers upon arrival in the Othergrounds. The cast attempts to get to the bottom of things as they find out that they are not quite alone. An RP that is meant to examine themes of isolation, loneliness, and reaching out to each other.

Hunted Forever: A simple horror/supernatural-thriller RP, a group of completely random people in a completely random city are hunted by a crazed cult. Said cult has a lot more power and influence than expected, as their goals, their membership, and what they worship seem to be completely otherworldly.

Who Is Eleanor Black?: A group of investigators are hired/called out to a remote village in the United Kingdom to investigate an anomoly: a woman has apparently disappeared into thin air. However as they follow the trail they quickly come to the realization that it's a lot more complicated from a mere disappearance; it's almost as if she was wiped from existence. They find magic is in play and it gets a lot more complicated as they investigate the Black Family. The RP will either have the cast be the investigators or the inhabitants of the village.

A unique superhuman setting where people have been empowered by crystals and the energy they give off, a deconstrction of the superhuman story.
Task Force RAVEN: An RP that focuses on the title group; an elite task force that is the best at what they do. They eventually find themselves in the middle of a huge conspiracy that will shake the organization, as the RP explores their relationship with each other and the world that they live in.

The Group: An RP that centers around a team of criminal Metahumans that have been gathered and employed by a mysterious higher interest. They rarely ask questions because they're being paid so handsomely not to, but they soon find themselves getting in over their heads.

Prison Break: A group of Metahuman inmates break free of their confinement... and end up being forced to work for a mysterious person who has mysterious goals. Simple enough, the RP is meant to center around a bunch of morally ambiguous characters or people who haven't had their shot of redemption yet, similar to the suicide squad.

Infinite Worlds: Basically adopting one storyline from a previous RP. Basically a bunch of friends (and new homies) find some missing scientist's notes and decide to follow the trail. They find secret organizations, dimensional travel, and friends!

The Broken: Or misfit toys. It's about a group of Metahumans with severe problems (either mental or physical) going to a therapy group and bonding with each other. Featuring adventure!

A quirky RP series based off of fighting games and anime; is a fantasy kitchen sink that mixes the ridiculous with serious plots and settings.
Demise of Dreamers: Set after an alien invader conquers the earth and subjugates it; banning all forms of combat. Martial artists and other warriors must either join the resistance against him or assist him to gain complete control of the world. A darker take on the universe, but will still retain the RP's signature ridiculous in a serious situation.

Fighting Gold: In a generically named metropolis that has become a hive for warriors and other weirdness, a corporate madman attempts to subjugate the entire city. So the various fighters and other warriors must either side with him or against him, or fulfill their own agendas in a strange city that will expand and get more ridiculous as the RP goes on.


@Spoopy Scary: Honestly one of the best roleplayers on this site, we go waaay back. Despite his woman hair I really enjoy roleplaying with him and he is very intelligent. He has helped me a lot throughout the years.

@Junkmail: Despite all of his stale memes, shitposting, and other cancer he's a great guy. Pretty talented roleplayer for what it's worth (waaaay better than some of the retardation I've seen on this site) and has helped me with a lot of my ideas.

@Maxx: Even though he's infuriatingly flakey, I still regard him as a cool cat. He's a good roleplayer and definitely has some very good characters.

@He Who Walks Behind: If he would climb out of that damn cave and actually roleplay on this site, I would say he's the best. I always enjoyed his writing style and his characters, and he was my go-to co-gm when he did roleplay. He's also funny and probably has a huge dick.

@Dragonbud: I should probably talk to her more. Probably.


@Savo: A cancer cell that has fell off my body and developed into its own person. He's pretty cool for what its worth, and I entrusted him with the World Warriors RP after I fell on hard times and despite his attempts to eliminate what's left of my will to live, he's pretty fun to bounce ideas off of.

@redbaron1234: The last surviving brony, but are you a brony if you're a girl? These questions bring up the very nature and duality of man.

@Kamen Evie Is one of the few people on the RPG who likes Armored Core. They earned their spot on this list.

@KaiserElectric: Furromantic.

@Crosswire: They should change their username to Buttwire. One of the nicest people from the World Warriors RP.

@Drag: If we were Metal Gear characters, he'd be Volgin, but he'd call himself Revolver Ocelot anyway.

@wxps350: I found it, the most cancerous human being in the world. Please eliminate soon as you read this.


@Zombiedude101: My go-to Co-GM and right hand man, you've probably seen him as the Co-GM in my RPs a lot. He really helps me worldbuild and makes my retarded ideas less retarded and I appreciate that.

@Lord Wraith: Honestly he has a superhero universe that's closer to a comicbook and a lot more consistent than mine. Eventually we will actually roleplay with each other some day.

@FernStone: As much as I like reminding them they're bad, they're actually a consistent and dedicated roleplayer. A lot more than what I could say about everyone else on this fucking list.

@Altered Tundra: I wanted to actually put something nice down, but this fucking degenerate still listens to edgy middle-school rock bands unironically.



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tfw you introduce an antagonist too soon but have fun writing him anyway.

Town Hall.

“Look, doesn’t that prove that this idiot can’t be one of those things? Please, put down the gun and we can explain why we’re here. Maybe you could help us.”

The Mayor sighed as he lowered his weapon.

"... I ought to put a bullet in him anyway to remove him from the gene pool," He started off as he looked around. "But, I don't see the point anymore."

Britney was relieved when he lowered the weapon, but his venomous gaze landed upon Britney and he pointed his figure at her when he shouted, "YOU! This is all your fault! You and your shithead father."

The girl put her hands up, but sighed when she said, "It probably is."

"Where is Micheal at?" He asked, "We need to have a word."

"Probably not in this universe, or dead," Britney started off frankly before she sighed, "Both are possibilities at this point."

"But, that doesn't matter," Lynette said as she tried to take charge. "I have a feeling you know what's going on?"


"We're trying to stop that thing, and if you help us-" Lynette tried to plead with him.

"What's the point?" He said as he grabbed himself a spare chair that was lying around and sat down on it. He looked down at the floor, with his body posture completely lowered. "We're all dead anyway."

"I wouldn't say that-"

The Mayor rolled up his sleeve and it revealed a sigil of an eye. "No, we are dead. For years I've played along with that bastard and his friends. Hated every second of it, but they kept the monsters out of my town so I just kept my mouth shut, and swept whatever dead body they made under the rug. Time after time... they said it was for the greater good, and look where that's got us. We're about to be eaten by an abomination. And...."

"Hold up, just what are you getting at?" Lynette had to ask... her New York accent she tried to suppress for so long slipped through.

"My abstraction lets me see the future, but do nothing about it..."

The sigil of the eye glowed brightly for a second

"... And that thing gets out, one way or another."


The Speaker glared at Rien for a few seconds and didn't break contact for the duration not even to blink. Before the being finally spoke,

"Because I am a Speaker," The being spoke completely emotionless, "I speak the truth, and the undeniable truth. I feel it is the duty of higher being such as myself to enlighten the deceived."

"Whatever that means." Kimberly rolled her eyes.

"But, this vision, this recollection of mine has another layer, and it is in your best interests to see it." He raised his hand as sparks and embers engulfed the area. It quickly reverted to a cloudy ethereal plane with heavenly white clouds and smoke all around. There was a blue light shining from somewhere, and Justin was immediately reminded of the visions with the Child... and speak of the Devil; the child was there talking to somebody obscured in the shadows. Obviously by the Speaker, but what was the damn thing's game here.

"... You see, that's where the issue lies," The Child says in their heavenly voice. "The damage that thing has done to their minds... it's a possibility that they will never wake back up - I am doing the best I can to repair their fractured minds, but I fear... they may not be the same."

The Child sighed as they looked off to the side, "I have faith that they would have solved the issue before it got to this point, but the Glutton is a cunning being. At this point, it gained so much momentum... it may be too late..."

"But, you have a plan?" The person obscured by Shadows said.

"Yes, it's not perfect, and it carries a heavy weight; a weight that many would not be able to carry," The Child said.

"What is it?"

"You're an Awakened, and... when my predecessors designed this world; they made human emotion a tool as means of an experiment," The Child started off, "The beings of this world were granted with the abilities to manifest powers from those emotions. Share those emotions and help understand and connect to each other."

The Child sighed, as they began to explain, "They... also gave them the power to take a bit of the Godforce of the deceased. Of course, this means inheriting their memories... and their abstractions."

"I am aware of this," The shaded person said. "But... what are you expecting me to do?"

"The Awakened are dying by the minute, and the Glutton is harvesting what little Godforce he can from them, and at this point there's only you, those with the broken minds, and less than a dozen other Awakened left. And that's all the Awakened we'll get. I hate to suggest it, but for the good of all of us, we may have to get their abstractions from them before the Glutton can get their hands on them. By any means necessary, if I can not fix them..."

The Child shook their head as they turned away from the person, "... Then you must go kill them and harvest their abstractions."

The shaded person shook their head, and Justin really wished they could see their face or recognize their voice. Or really anything to identify them. The scene went back to the library, but Justin had a feeling at the game that the Speaker was playing.

"Nice try, dickhead," Jordan said. "But how do we know it's real?"

The Speaker turned away from Jordan as they said, with a shrug of their shoulders, "How do you know that the world before you is even real?" The Speaker put their hand up, and a book manifested from the embers and orange light.


"You have come to your own truth and conclusion to accept reality as it has been presented to you by the false Gods," The Speaker answered quickly and without a second thought. "Just as I have come to the truth that it is merely a limitation on the mind and soul. Confining you all to be cattle, harvested by the beings of blue light."

Honestly, a lot of it just went over Justin's head... he just decided he had enough when he slammed his foot on the ground. "Just cut to the chase, asshole," Justin said, "If we go with you; you'll show us whose the mystery person."

The Speaker had their hands behind their back for a few seconds.

"... And why would I do that?"


"I give you all the truth, and it is your own duty to accept it - on your own terms," The Speaker said before they broke off into a long tirade. With each word, the Speaker faded into a mass of fire, embers, and orange light. "All else I will tell you is that the Child... the False God, is lying to you all and you all are blindly following it...."

Before they were gone, they left them with fifteen words.

"... If you seek the truth, you will have all the answers you are looking for."
I'll post tonight
are we going back to camp and roasting marshmallows!?


It would be symbolic for this RP to end where it began.
Oh yeah there was a massive piece of foreshadowing in my last post.

And it wasn't the obvious.
<Snipped quote by Ruler Inc>

Glad to know the town has very secure archives

i mean it's full of old people so yeah
@Ruler Inc Would Min be able to use his abstraction to get the password of the computer?

He might finally be useful xD

Also will try get a post up tomorrow

Yeah it's qwerty12345
I know this is gonna suck, and it really does suck for me, but I'm gonna drop this RP. I really can't get the drive to post for it and I just can't do it. You can do whatever with my characters, I mean I left the RP so give them whatever humiliating death you can. Really sorry but I don't have any inspiration.

Until next time. I'll definitely hang around in the discord if you'll have me.

also I updated the description for the child next up the watchers

Town Hall.

"Seriously, Penny," Britney immediately slid in front of Penny to voice her disapproval of her idea to stick together - while pretty good - was doomed to fail. "If the Watchers attack, we'll be bottlenecked in here-"

"But, knowing the Watchers," Sharon said finally piping up, "They'll take out the two of you out before you even could scream and everyone down here would be screwed because they'd be expecting a notice." Sharon crossed her arms and stared at Britney as the girl didn't have a single valid argument against it.

"Besides," Sharon said as a few insects crawled from underneath her parka. They were flies, cockroaches, and other insects - they immediately went towards the exits. "They'll watch the door and if Lynette does her thing we can have a great indicator someone's coming...." Sharon rolled her eyes at Britney as she took the initiative as being the first one down. Britney didn't appreciate her attitude but she decided not to comment on it.

"It's safe down here, are you coming?" Sharon shouted as the rest of the group went down.

"I'll help," Lynette said as she tried to hoist Paige down, with Britney helping... and the larger and stronger girl was doing more of the heavy lifting for the two.

Once they all got to the basement they were met with the sight of row after row of shelves full of folders that were bound together with a mere note. Unfortunately, while the town had gone through many changes over the years, the town archives were the one place that had the least changes. And why should it? Most of the time the stuff down here was never looked at and why should it have been? This was a town of secrets and anything incriminating was never put down here. So there was a mess.

"Well this is going to take a while," Sharon groaned.

"What if we look at the computer?" Lynette suggested as she quickly drifted to the computer and realized she needed a password. "Any guesses?"

"Try starting with A-A-A then work your way down." Sharon sarcastically suggested.

"Maybe we can find the archiver?" Lynette suggested.

"Probably dead," Sharon answered, "Or is screaming about redemption."

"... Orrrrr died while screaming about redemption." Lynette said with a sigh.

"We don't have the time," Britney said, "This place isn't that big, if we tear through it we can probably get through it all within the hour." She suggested, before immediately tearing open a file. While she would love a short cut right now; they really didn't have the time. Time is of the essence.

That managed to convince everyone to go ahead and do as she asked. They immediately went destroying the place looking for the information that they needed. Everyone was doing the best they could and as Britney said, they had already taken apart a quarter in about ten minutes. Except for Lynette who was eager to go seal the exits... she drew massive ice glyphs at each of the entrances and when she was complete she took a few steps back and it erupted into a massive ice block which sealed the entrance. Fortunately, Lynette could easily bring it down.

While they were tearing through the archives they were oblivious to the sounds of quiet footsteps approaching one of them. Until the unlucky victim was feeling the metal pressing against his skull.

"Don't fuckin' move," Billy heard a husky voice say to him. "I don't know if you're one of those maniacs possessed by that thing or what. Don't move."

Other people took notice and turned towards the man, but they would if they knew a lick about the town's politics...

... They would recognize the mayor of the town.

"None of you move!" The Mayor said, a short, portly man, wearing a suit. One hand pointing a gun at Billy's hand, the other one holding his stomach as his suit was torn to bits. The bandages underneath it obviously peaking from underneath and bloody, and he groaned in pain - as he kept the gun pointed at Billy's head.

The scene was tense as Billy was probably hoping for somebody to come to save him.


There was a part of Justin that understood Rita's hesitation, and if he was in her place the last place he'd want to be is right here. He felt bad for the person.

"I know how you feel," Justin looked away in disgust. "But, we gotta do this - trust me; I bet we're gonna see worst sights if we don't." He shook his head as he remembered way back when the Child showed them the vision of what the Glutton would do to the town. And after their first encounter... he had a feeling that the Glutton would make good on its promise. It was something that Justin was going to avoid for Katie, his mother, and everyone else here. He grabbed onto Rita's hand as he said,

"I'll hold your hand if you need it." Justin said, "We need to hurry up and we need to ignore the fallen." He walked in as fast as he could pass the body and once he was past it, he forgot about it.

"Everyone, search the place!" Justin said as he looked around. His fire illuminated the entrance as everyone else used whatever they could to keep the place alit as they searched. Eventually, Kimberly shouted,

"Guys! I found something, come quick!"

They all gathered at the opposite wall, and they had something useful. In fact, exactly what they were looking for. In a glass, the case was conveniently the map on a stand that said something like last remaining map of the mines. It was a complex piece of fabric that had all the mining routes on it and god damn it was messy... and that was probably why it was a great idea to grab the map in the first place.

"Alright, so, somebody needs to break this open." Justin said, "I'd do it, but I'm afraid of setting it on fire."

"... Are you sure you want to proceed down this route?" They heard a familiar voice behind them. It was, yet again, the Speaker. The androgynous being that approached them last night.

"You again?" Justin said as he pointed his hand at the Speaker. "I'll kill you if we stop the Glutton."

"I just came to give you all a warning..." The Speaker said with their hands behind their back. "... Those who have been redeemed are not the only threat here... neither are the warlocks from Glint...." The Speaker shook their head.

"Then who is it? You?"

"Aaaaaaaaahh," The Speaker trailed off as they lifted their hand up, fingers relaxed and with their palm facing them. "I'll give you a hint." Suddenly everything faded away in a mass of orange sparks and embers, and the Speaker just stood there in the darkness with them. Soon enough a scene faded in, similar to their recollections. A group of people ran out of the library doors as all they heard was a hellish cacking. They were covered in blood, as one girl immediately turned around. Jordan and Kimberly recognized the girl as the one that was dead, she pointed both hands at the door and the sigils all up her back began to glow through her clothes. From her palms came a stream of chill that froze the door shut.

However, her companions were so terrified that they all abandoned her except for one. One wielding an ax that snuck up behind her while she was freezing the doors and brought the knife down directly onto her head. Killing her instantly and leaving it embedded into her skull. She was lying on her face completely dead as the person in the hooded parka reached down to her waist and grabbed something before touching her back.

The glowing sigil on her back disappeared and appeared on the person through the parka... before they turned and fled. Soon enough the scene faded away into ambers, and the Speaker brought them back into reality. They placed their hands behind their back.
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