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Current It is one of my core beliefs that once should not waste kinetic energy.
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The average dolphin eats less than 8 horses a year
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If a woman asks you if you notice anything new, say "Your beauty surprises me every day", and then continue talking about velociraptors.
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Birds do it, bees do it, heck even educated fleas do it. Lets do it, lets go hurtling straight into a sliding glass door and die.

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do it see if i care

@JunkMail ur a bitch

@Byrd Man i'd like to report this man for being what we in the business call toxic
Sierra Hilton

"И женщины смеются над вашими шутками здесь! Что за страна."

The laugh died in Sierra's throat not long after the man wandered off, and Sierra felt heat well up in her chest. Embarrassment, and a small amount of resentment at that comment. "бабник." she spat in response- the word trailing off as she had been both too late and too timid to be picking a fight anyways. He was already gone, and likely hadn't heard her speak at all. She sighed, and elected to select her food rather than hold up the line any longer. The more she thought about it, the more she realized that old man winter hadn't necessarily insult her, just imply that he's funnier than he is. The heat in her chest was more embarrassment than it was indignation. She breathed, recomposing herself before she spilt her lemonade.

Bed, there.





There was a resounding yes from several voices.

She shook her head as her mind was crowded with thoughts. Her others must be busy. Talkative. she thought to them, and all at once she was at peace again. She continued making her plate when she was poked in the side. She turned her head questioningly in the direction of the poke, and seeing nothing turned the other way. She caught a small glimpse of a smirk from another her, walking with an enormous plate- more than she could ever eat alone. Then again, she never really had that problem. She had obviously been sent to get food for the others.

"Hey!" Her head whipped around again in the direction of the voice. She recognized it as father Christmas'. "Come sit here. I already made a friend for you, so you can't say no."

He wasn't speaking to her, though. he was looking in the other her's direction.

Sierra's step slowed to a halt, and she turned her head questioningly towards the voice that had called her, finding a tall man with brown hair and silver streaks calling out to her. She had never really been one to turn down an invitation, and without much thought she changed her course. She placed her enormously stacked plate down and took a seat between the two large men. The one who had called her over was slightly larger, build more like a truck than his pale companion who was leaner in build.

"У вас нет работы?"

She turned, and saw herself from the lunch line, a hand on her hip. She raised an eyebrow, and spoke. Her other self had chosen Russian, probably because she didn't want these two men to understand their conversation. She followed up in Russian herself.


"I'm you, why would I be?"

"They're both pretty good looking."

"You have a job and I talked to them first. You know the rules."

The Sierra sitting frowned, and sighed. She didn't lie to herself and she knew it. Sierra slid out of her seat and grabbed the enormous plate off the table. She opened her mouth to speak, but the other her cut herself off, in english this time.

"Mike Wazowski over here speaks Russian." she commented, throwing up a thumb in Valery's direction and sporting an unimpressed look on her face. The Sierra who had been sitting's eyes widened as she realized that she had called the two men hot right in front of one of them. That sent her off quickly. The one remaining Sierra sighed and took her other's place at the table, placing down a much more normally portioned plate of food.

"Sorry about that." She said, casting a look to Tim and Valery. "I just cant help myself sometimes."

She was used to the weirdness that usually followed, but was feeling particularly plucky today. She opted instead to glance over what had just happened in favor of treating it as normal. This was a superpower school, after all. It likely was somewhat normal and even if it wasn't it was normal for her and god damnit she was so tired of explaining her ability to everyone who ever met her. One of her spoke in her mind.


"Oh, uh, Sierra." She said, looking between the two men again. "Sierra Hilton." She crossed her arms, offering a fairly awkward but undeniably her hand shake to both of them at once. It seems she was going to get her wish. This was something.

@He Who Walks Behind@wxps350

Also relevant

Her power grants her a natural nat 20 on all investigation checks.
"Woah hey look, it's captain obvious, faster than the speed of stupid."

Looks pretty good my dude. The quote "Honesty without tact is cruelty" comes to mind. Looking forward to seeing how she handles.

Hmm. Seems interesting. I'll see if I can get some inspiration to strike.

Looking forward to it!

Looks good! You stuck your skills in the Other section instead of the skills section, but that's more of a nitpick than it is anything else. Accepted!
There room for me to jump in on this? This looks cool and I've got a bit of a character idea floating around.

You could say we’ve got lots of space!
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