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It's fucked up that there are 1000 Christmas songs but only one song about the boys being back in town.
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Face down, ass up. Help, I’ve fallen and I cant get up!
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To catch a predator, except instead of Chris Hanson they have a very angry Gorilla. The show is now called Statutory Ape
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Read and lead rhyme and read and lead rhyme, but read and lead don't rhyme, and neither do read and lead.
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Then how come it took for 15 years to come back from the gas station!

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sorry I'm on an ass free diet

Trying the Monk lifestyle are we? Putting your pimping days behind you?
i don't want to sit with you scrubs

I just wanted to stick in my dick and dash

like your dad did

eat my ass

I'm going to see my dealer. Go to the picnic table by the woods down past that coffee shop we went to last time you busted me out.

Archie read over the lines a few times. He wasn't a particularly smart man- he knew that, Lynn knew that, everyone he had ever met probably knew that. He wasn't one for grand gestures or long winded, beautifully worded dialogue... But he wasn't stupid. He knew people well enough- or at least, he got people. This was textbook- girl shares and tender moment with someone she cares about and she, from what Archie had been told, is so unused to trusting someone with anything that the feeling of vulnerability is too much that she runs. And he got it, he did. Archie realized that the last person she had trusted had quite literally shot her in the back.

That didn't mean it wasn't at least somewhat hurtful.

Archie rubbed the bridge of his nose with his index finger and thumb and sighed. Yes, this wasn't that big of a deal. He'd see her again, but the last interaction they had was when she had burnt his hands and... well, he cared about Lynn. A lot. He didn't want to have to go through more deal and destruction just to speak to her again. That wasn't right, or fair, or just, or...

He sighed, and took the sticky note. He folded it neatly and tossed it in the garbage. Lynn wouldn't want the doctors knowing that she was going to buy drugs. Everyone in his life had left him in some way at some point when things got hard, or complicated. Whether it had been by choice or not was irrelevant- the people who were supposed didn't. His mom was volatile and left as soon as the money dried up. His dad died. His brother was arrested. His adoptive father pointed a gun at his head. Natalie shut him out. Lynn was running.

He just hoped that Lynn would give him the time of day. A chance to forge some trust like Natalie had. Archie wasn't entirely sure what to make of the Natalie situation yet, if he was being honest. More pressing things had been on his mind and he wasn't very good at thinking about more than one thing at a time. He opened his phone and took a quick glance at her contact picture. It was a picture of them on Homecoming night- he had a beer in his hand and she was laughing at something that he or someone else had said. It was a good memory.

He grabs his jacket and sets out. He'd been well enough for a while and, if he was being honest he was in more for observation at this point than anything else. He'd get himself checked out tomorrow, after he had seen to what he needed to with the group. The picnic tables past the coffee shop that he had visited when he had given Lynn flowers, and when they had found the body- that's where he needed to go.

As he walked he selected Natalie's profile, separate from the rest.


He frowns at that. Stupid, he is. The absolute stupidest. And Eli's not even here to tell him whether or not that's a word or if that message is a good idea. He backspaces.

So, how are you?

Ugh, he thinks. It sounds so strained, like the small talk you make when you don't really want to be having the conversation. While he erases that message, too, he wonders if he should just call her. That'd probably be selfish, though, because he wouldn't listen to a word she would say, but, rather, he'd listen to her voice and commit the sound to memory. He's nearly forgotten the way she can make every word sound beautiful, and it's something he never wants to lose.

Thinking of you

And that— that's what he should really say. That's what he's thinking, after all, and a lot of girls used to say they could never get in his head. There's something that won't let him send it, though. Maybe it's the fact that it's almost too candid; too sincere. She might take it the wrong way. He doesn't want her to. All he knows is that they're both due for a lot of conversation and that in between whatever plan they make when they group up the time will be spread thin. He feels like it's his duty to warn her, even if she knows herself. He erases the 'Thinking of you' and types, 'Be prepared for a lot of questions.'

He hates that too, though, hates absolutely every word that's coming to his mind. He might even dislike himself a little at this point, and he's admittedly furious with himself for letting them fall apart when it's the last thing he wanted. Archie stuffs his phone in his pocket in a huff and keeps walking. He's getting close to the woods now, and he hates walking alone near the woods. It was weird, but expected given everything that had happened. Finding the body, watching Eli nearly die, watching Radvi blow half his face off... He doubted it would ever go away at this point. The woods up here weren't like they were down where he was from. They're so thick in places that the trees block out the sun almost completely. He had grown up wading through thickets of trees and shrubbery, so he wasn't scared of being out alone, things had gone wrong up here. More than at home, and he found himself scanning behind the treeline for signs of movement- the kind that danced at the edges of your vision and convinced you there was something there. His inner predator was taking over just enough to remind him that that he was not safe here.

His heart monitor beeped, and he released a breath he didn't know he was holding. He looked down and silenced the device. When the beeping had subsided, he heard voices. Thankfully, voices he recognized. Archie cast a sidelong glance at the trees again and quickened his pace. It was Eli, Natalie, and a person whom he had not been acquainted with. Cara had just spoken up as he had arrived, and he unfolded like a six foot jackknife, sliding to a stop behind them and almost tripping on his own two feet as he slowed his pace a little too rapidly. He managed to catch himself without introducing his face to the dirt, but his stumbling had probably alerted them that we was coming up behind them.

It was a sidewalk, but given everything that had happened, it was probably not a good idea to surprise anyone right now. Eli was... she looked disheveled. Not in the way that she she dressed or walked, but in the way that she carried herself. She seemed stiff, if not a little jerky- as if she was ready to book it at a moments notice like deer. Given everything that happened- he couldn't blame her. He carried a big stick inside him, and he found some solace in that- but she had been fairly safe up until recently. Until she met you a voice chastised in his head. He hoped that whatever had put the fear of god in her wasn't him.

Natalie seemed better, and attention catching at that. She smiled easily, and he was pretty sure he had heard her laugh on his way over. What beautiful things those were. Archie remembered the amount of times he had seen that before- in a Natalie that while similar in appearance acted in a totally different way. It was funny- almost like Eli and Natalie had switched dispositions. He smiled at her as he regained his balance and stood straight up again- running a hand through his hair. Words were always hard to form around her, and as his eyes went over this 'new' Natalie all he managed was a "Hey, Nat."

The last one was new to him. Familiar, but not. Archie was okay with names but excellent with faces. He was certain that he had never seen this person in his life. He was shorter, about Eli's height- but he was fit. He stood with his shoulders back and there was an edge to him that Archie couldn't quite place. The other man leered back at him with dark eyes, and Archie was momentarily taken aback by the intensity of the man's gaze.

There was a shrill pop- coming from Archie's spine, and Archie realized he loomed over them in this moment. He was probably a hair over six foot right now, but his previous discomfort had brought out enough of his other side to warrant the beginnings of a change. He shook his head and tried his best to move on. Don't give it any attention, Archie- you'll make it worse if you draw attention to it. He smiled.

"I, uh..." he began, trying to find his words. Nat always made him- it. Nat always made it hard. To find his words. "Hi. It's... on the way. Where we're going and-"

He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. He was never this awkward. Then again this was the first time he had seen them since he tried to kill them. That always made things complicated. "God, sorry. I'm Archie." he said, extending his hand to the stranger. Any friend of Eli and Natalie's was a friend of his.

Assuming, that was, they still considered him a friend.

His day had started early, as had his homework. Elise Wessex. Female, twenty four years old. Local to LA, lost her family in a break-in. Here profile had ink to it, more than a normal agent who had been in the game as long as she had been.

Throughout his time in FAMA, and RAVEN before it, and the Academy even further down the line he had studied the trees- all the valuable skills that he had needed to survive this long, but his experience had allowed him to see the forest. He had pulled up every file with her name in it that he had access to. And, if keyword 'Wessex' was to be assumed involved in everything recorded, she had a lot of ink in her ledger. That meant she had been involved in a great deal, and that a good amount of attention had been afforded to her. He could ascertain undercover missions since the day she started- that's where the scrubbing began. It was difficult to say exactly what she had been doing, but he could make an educated guess. She couldn't have joined FAMA prior to eighteen, so...

Henry flipped back to her age again. Twenty four, right.

So 2014, maybe 2013 depending on when her birthday was and how zealous she was. He thought back to those years- middle eastern conflict, the war on drugs... Perhaps she had participated in some way in one of those? Henry perused her history again, and seeing no vaccine or medical history suggesting she had left the country, wrote participation in the middle east out. She was... likely too young, and obviously to high value to have been placed in such a dangerous location so early on. So that left domestic affairs. Drug busts, trafficking interception, maybe delta crystal or serum trade disruption. He could work with that.

Her ability was audio-sensory in detail. She had it since she was young. Deltahuman involved double-homicide break-in. Yikes. A part of Henry was very glad he was fortunate enough to still have his whole family still with him. His mother and father were in their sixties now, enjoying their twilight years in easy peace while their children went and saved the world in their own ways. His sisters were older than him by two and three years each. One was a chiropractor with her own practice. The other had married a funeral director and had taken on half the responsibility of that family business. Both with families and responsibilities he couldn't quite identify with, which was a good thing. He had started young, and he lived a dangerous life for a long time. He had nearly died more than a few times. Being in that position was no way to have a family. All of this, ignoring the obvious tells that it wasn't in the cards

His parents love him because they're his parents and its... its their duty. But who could really like what he was? His sisters loved him, bless their hearts they did, but they didn't talk about him when they talked about the family. He wasn't invited to family gatherings like the rest of the family. He had terrified their spouses, and he had never met his nieces and nephews. And... well, he couldn't blame them for it. And and if he found someone that at least halfway tolerated him, and she sees him, he knows. She's going to stare at him, at his gargantuan frame and teeth and scales and claws and think crap. She's going to be so disappointed. She's going to wish he was someone else.

And... and he can deal with that. If he ever found someone, he can deal with her disappointment. He's used to people being uncomfortable around him, even if they never say it out loud. But he can't go looking for it. He can't keep actively trying to find someone who's going to at least initially wish he were someone else.

So he gave up. He hasn't given up, because he still vaguely hopes that he'll be with someone one day, but he gave up because he doesn't believe he'll ever find her. And he's okay with that.

Really, he is.

Henry looks at the time. 0800.

He sighs, shuts his stupid computer, tosses the papers onto his damaged bed, and gets ready for work.

She had been on her feet in an instant as soon as he had opened the door and ducked under its frame to enter the room. He could hear her heart rate from down the hall. She was a tiny thing, slightly taller than most women he had met but lithe. Suited up she probably weighed no more than a hundred a forty soaking wet. He towered over her, peering down and over his barrel chest- so wide you could probably rest a gallon jug in the divot between his collar bone and shoulder. But she did not buckle under his gaze. She wasn't scared of him. Despite himself, he smiled down at her, revealing the tips of teeth larger than her fingers. She didn't even realize it, he could see, but he saw it in the way her spine straitened at a challenge, the way she hadn't even needed to make an effort to look him directly in the eyes- to match his predatory gaze. He saw it in the total change in mannerisms the moment you put her in her element, in the time it took him to open the door to her approach.

She was no stranger to such things such as him, she who had spent a lifetime perfecting an act of meekness to conceal unexpected strength. And though it was the best he'd ever seen, hers was still an act. She was too young to been pushed to the abyss yet, and he hoped she never would.

"Agent Olin, it's very nice to meet you. I'm not sure if you're one to drop the formalities, but you can just call me Wessex."

Oh, he liked this one.

Henry laughed, deep and booming. Like a speaker at a concert the depth of the bass in his tone enough to hear and feel. He smiled at her, genuinely this time. He appreciated her effort to treat him as normal, so he might as well act the part. His eyes flashed to the papers and back to Elise and he shook his head. "Well, Agent Wessex, as much as I'd enjoy to sit down, I believe on learning on the job." he said, deciding not to comment on the fact that the seats in the room would not support his weight. He had... found that out the hard way. He turned, wheeling around on his heel and opened the door he had just come from, and held it for the younger agent.

"We can get to know each other while saving the world, yeah? Go suit up. There's people dying out there."

Metal spikes flew through the air, whizzing out and past and around him. He felt them impact his hide, burrowing into his scales like nails through wood. But it was dulled and distant. As if it was happening but not. The air was alive with action- raging winds redirecting and misplacing most of the shrapnel. He aimed his gun, ignoring the searing in his shoulder. He felt the gunfire more than he heard it. The subtle shock of recoil from the stock against his good shoulder. Adam was providing cover for them. They could strike back safely now.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw it- the pinpoint flash followed by an arc of electricity. Impossibly fast and equally impossible to evade. It burnt through the air, unaffected by the winds and struck Adam.

Everything was dull, and muted, and gray. Except for the smell. He could smell the ozone and burning flesh clear as day. He screaming something- maw wide and bellowing. His voice had always carried, demanding attention like everything else about him, but he couldn't hear his own words. A rogue spike whizzed through the air and landed true- a direct shot to the skull. Adam crumpled, his body falling limp.

He remembered the smell of blood.

Maximilian shouted, sending his Echo forward. Cindy shouted. He shouted. He couldn't hear what was said but he could see the the pain in their's words. He knew what had happened before he even saw the body.

Up above, there was a groan, followed by the screech of shredded metal. The foundation of a building had been damaged, and was giving way- bearing down on top of him.

There was a crash, and smoke, and dust. He couldn’t see or hear anything anymore.

Henry startled awake, his enormous body jolting like a compressed spring. The reinforced bed beneath him groaned under the sudden shift in weight, followed shortly by the horrible sound of contorting metal- which only set him off further. He was in Verthaven, closed off from the rest of the world. One of his closest friends had just died in front of him. The devil rose from the abyss below the city and brought nothing but destruction and blood and death and-

He haphazardly struggled out of the bed, his enormous frame collapsing in a heap on the floor. The impact of his weight shaking the furniture and other items in the room. His tail connected with his nightstand as it swept across the floor, sending a picture frame skidding across the room. He scrambled, pushing himself up and away. Thick claws gouged ugly scars into the concrete floor, and he stumbled forward, catching himself on the room’s opposite wall. Henry pressed his hands against the cool concrete. He could shatter it. Tear through it like drywall. This had to be what was left of some collapsed building. Or damaged structure. Or something. He’d get out of here and rally with the rest of the RAVEN task force. He’d get them out of this hellhole of a city. He’d-

He rested his head against the wall and breathed. He felt his whole body flex anxiously.

Verthaven was... god, eighteen years ago now. He wasn’t in danger of being killed, at least not right now. He was okay, he was okay, he was okay. Breathe.

Henry pushed away from the wall and turned around to face his damaged bed. In the low light of the room the time displayed on the clock caught his attention. Red digital letters saying ‘3:49AM’. His day hadn’t started yet, still plenty of darkness left in the sky, but he wouldn’t be sleeping any more tonight. A glint of reflected light on broken glass on the floor tore his eyes away from the screen, and his heart dropped. The picture frame.

“No... No, no, no, no-“ He said, rushing forwards and kneeling down by the comparatively tiny picture frame, as if his sudden attentiveness would undo any damage it had sustained. He picked it up and sighed when he turned it over in his hand. The glass was shattered, but thankfully the picture itself was undamaged. It was a picture of him, Lihua, Meifeng, Sonya, Trevor, Cindy, Quentin, Cass, Reed, Adam... the Task Force, back before it all happened. "The red symbolizes the valor of the patriots who fought for our freedom," the voice of some grade school teacher whose name Henry no longer remembered had whispered from the recesses of his mind as he peered out from beneath his umbrella at the rows on rows of headstones washed grey by the rain. He'd put up a small tentative hand and asked the teacher, "I thought it was for their blood?" Well-acquainted with it, even at such a tender age.

He smoothed the picture over with the pad of his thumb, impossibly gentle for someone so big. He had no tightly knit task force anymore, and this battered and broken city was not Verthaven despite the external similarities. This was LA, and he'd be getting a new partner to watch his mountain of an ass in a few hours. Despite himself, he was looking forward to that. It was... nice to not be alone. To have someone to depend on and depend on you. A partner meant they would be essentially glued together at the hips. They'd go to the same places, take the same assignments, eat, sleep, and shit at the same time... For some it was too much, but for someone so far detached from the realm of normal it was a welcome change to not have to go through it alone.

He looked at the clock again.

3:51 AM.

He sighed again. In due time.

Its shit.

Will hopefully crank out a sheet sometime this weekend, dependent upon how busy I am.

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