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Getting a 'D' on a paper or test from your teacher is like someone breaking up with you but saying they still want to be friends.
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With the rise of self driving cars, eventually there will be a country song about how your truck left you, too.
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Cheese is just a loaf of milk.
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A bullet may have your name on it, but a grenade simple says "To whomever it may concern"


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I just wanted to take some time to appreciate the following folks who have ensured that my latest roleplay, Santa Celia: A Superhuman Story, has gotten off to a strong, solid start. These players have taken to each other in a way I haven't seen in a long time and have taken what little guidance I've given them and run off to create something beautiful. Characters have just organically clicked in the IC and you can see the plot threads hanging there, just waiting to unfold. So thank you to all of you:

I want to give an extra special thanks to my Co-GM, @Hillan who is also my oldest friend on the Guild, our shenanigans having survived even the infamous Guildfall. As well as my other Co-GM and newest friend, @JunkMail who has been very insightful and overall joy to work with.

I am very much looking forward to watching our stories continue to unfold as we build and shape the world of Santa Celia together and with whomever else might join in later.

Once again, thank you guys for such a great GMing experience already. Here's looking at 40 and looking towards 400!

Archie, Nicole, and Natalie

| Written with @Chukklehed & @Silver Carrot

"Jesus! For a second, I thought you were know, it doesn't matter. So, you're him from the house, huh? Well, I guess we both know each other's secrets now,"

"I have to spend weeks digging the truth out of you, but as soon as I do you turn around and start sharing with the world?"

Archie stuttered a few times, trying to find a way to reply properly to Nicole. For a brief moment, he genuinely thought she was upset with him. These fears were quickly dissipated when he turned around to meet his friend's gaze. He still wasn't used to thinking of that word, friend. His momentary fear melted away, and he spoke in a way that didn't at all conceal his mirth. "I kinda owed her this one. She... saw me." He said, using his hands to try to emphasize that he was not in the same state was he was in now.

"Saw you?" Nicole asked, eyebrows raised, "I guess you did say you changed. Changed how exactly? Oh, hold that thought a moment." Turning back to the door, she went to finally lock up. When Nicole returned and introduced herself, Archie mentally face-palmed for forgetting his manners. He wasn't a complete boor though, and waited his turn to make his own introduction. Natalie shook Nicole's hand, and answered the cafe owner's introduction with her own. "I'm Natalie. Yeah, I'm not....I wouldn't say I'm antisocial. Scared of opening up, maybe? Sorry for not really talking to you before now."

Archie, seeing his chance, reached towards Natalie to initiate a handshake. "Archie. Anderson. Uh, Archie Anderson." He said, offering her an awkward smile. Nice moves, Archie. For being such a lady killer in high school, his ability to talk to women had eroded quite horribly. He had been told that by the divorce counselor, that most recently divorced men had difficulty getting back into the whole flirting-dating scene. Damaged goods are always harder to sell. he thought, reminding himself of what he was deep down. He pushed those thoughts from his mind and focused on the woman in front of him. This was not the time, nor was it the place. "It's, uh, it's a pleasure to meet you."

She returned Archie's handshake, and reciprocated the smile just as awkwardly. It was certainly true that the prospect of romance didn't even cross Natalie's mind while talking to Archie, but that wasn't necessarily all Archie's fault. She hadn't moved on in the past two years, and had no desire to move on. When you watch the person you love murdered right before your eyes, you don't merely 'miss' them. You get horrible nightmares about their death every night.

"Natalie Ellis. It's nice to meet you too. At least properly. We didn't exactly talk earlier."

They shook hands and Archie, being himself, immediately feigned incredible pain as if his hand was being crushed. This was all a joke, of course. The alcohol in his system and the camaraderie or the situation was bringing out a particularly laid back side of him that was comfortable with letting loose for once. Natalie looked terrified at this, and recoiled her hand in fright. Seeing that Archie's hand was fine, the wild look in her eyes calmed down and her face relaxed. "That wasn't funny," she retorted, as she started giggling. Before long, she had put her hand over her mouth and was convulsing with repressed laughter. There were tears forming, though her eyes were gleaming with joy and relief that seemed alien and unpracticed in them. She'd never joked bout her power before. It was a stretch to even say she'd accepted it after all this time. She tried her hardest to ignore it, but Archie's joke had opened something, and all Natalie could feel right now was relief. She wasn't even sure why. Archie smiled and sat down at the table Natalie was had been at, as if to converse with her. This was somewhat exciting, and different but in a good way considering how life had been as of late. Since Nicole was locking up, he figured it was probably a good time to get out of her hair.

"Do you two want to head over to the The Tír na nÓg?" He said, throwing a thumb over his shoulder to the door behind him. "Might stop other late night strays from thinking this' a good place to get some coffee."

"I'm not sure about drinking right now," Nicole hedged, "Especially right after coffee. I suppose we could go for the atmosphere though, it'd be nice to get out of the shop for a while."

"For once, I agree with you." Archie commented, glancing quickly to his coffee but not saying anything further. "But as far as bar food goes, it's pretty good."

"I don't drink, but I wouldn't mind something to eat. Besides, if I didn't go out with you guys, I'd probably just be sitting in my apartment. I could do with this," added Natalie.

With that, the three set off to the bar together with a feeling of contentment that none of them had felt in a while. They entered not long after the Fosters had left, and did their best to ignore the crime scene not far away. That was life in this city, after all.

"Oh, this? I was washing a glass up, and I was holding it too hard. Sometimes I don't know my own strength,"

Now that Archie was closer to her, he could very clearly see who he was dealing with. This was in fact the girl from the house. She was wearing the same clothing, and the way that she spoke... Archie was no expert in humans, but over the years he had learned the behaviors of a person that was obviously lying. This woman had not hurt herself cleaning dishes. She had hurt herself on a blade. She was a person of inhuman capabilities like himself and Nicole. He very briefly considered the likelihood of the three of them just happening into one another at such an odd hour, but quickly pushed it from his thoughts. Lady luck seemed to enjoy playing the game of chance with his life this evening.

He took a deep breath and decided to take a somewhat safer approach. To speak in such a way that only she would know what he was talking about- if this woman really was the person he saw only hours ago. "I'm sorry to hear that you cut yourself, must've been a particularly large piece of glass." He said. He reached up to his neck and shoulder and pulled aside his shirt to show her the two small bruises that he had left over from being shot in his reptilian form. "I'm sorry you had to... see that. Earlier, I mean. In the house."

And there it was. If she was there, she'd know. If she wasn't she'd think he was a weirdo or a creep. Only time would tell if his intuition was correct. Nicole's acceptance had him riding a particular high that made him feel like he could make things right without risking himself. Even if she was scared of him, at least she would know that there was more than just anger and scales to his person.

@Silver Carrot

Okay so, your answer only half answers Wraith's question. Where does the original come from? Does it come from Joshua? Does it just materialize out of thin air? Does it fatigue Joshua to summon them?

I think durability of that level works a tad differently. Something of that thinness would flex, but would not shatter.

At the end of the day, what we're cross on is that your character, as it stands, has the ability to create ten golems (which is about 2/3 of our entire cast at the moment) with that level of offensive capability and resistance to punishment. We're okay with you having one hard to destroy golem, or several easy to destroy golems (like, say, the durability of glass). Right now, the ability allows you to have the best of both worlds.

EDIT: If Josh lost consciousness, would the guardians still protect him? Or would they continue to materialize?

"I suppose since you told me your secret, it's only fair that I show you mine."

All things considered, Archie hadn't expected that Nicole would accept his confession as easily as she had. He didn't really know what he expected, honestly. This was all new territory to him, telling someone about his... affliction. He certainly didn't expect her to reveal to him that she had abilities of her own.

"I know it isn't the same, but my power doesn't change who I am when I use it, I never hurt people without meaning to. I cant say I understand how you feel. Still, I hope that knowing there's someone else who isn't completely normal will help you somehow."

And just like that, Archie felt the weight of the world come off his shoulders, if only for a minute. He still felt slimy, and like a time bomb, but the voice in his head that was telling him he needed to hide himself was uncharacteristically quiet. Someone who, while not identical to him, was similar. And it explains why she was able to repair his otherwise shredded clothing. Perhaps the man upstairs wasn't out to get him after all, because out of all the people in the city, he managed to find the one individual who had the capabilities necessary to help him cope with his own abnormalities. In this moment, that voice had been proven wrong. Archie opened his mouth to reply but was cut off by the ding of the store's welcome bell. He shut his mouth quickly, not yet ready to publicly out himself. He cast his glance over to see who the newcomer, and quickly changed his mind about his earlier thought. The man upstairs clearly did hate him, because the person who just entered was the girl who had stumbled into... the other guy a little over an hour ago.

Archie met her eyes and very quickly looked away to focus on his coffee. Nicole stood up and walked away to address the new customer. While neither were looking, with shaky hands he took the flask off his hip and dumped some of the liquid in his coffee. Once he was satisfied he took a long drink from his coffee and winced, then put the cup down. Nicole's sarcasm brought on momentary feeling of jaded mirth to Archie. If only she knew the half of it. He remembered everything that happened in that other body- she had seen him hurt someone horribly. Despite this, the liquid courage in his system and Nicole's acceptance spurred him to do what was right. This woman, if anything, deserved an explanation. Or an apology. Or both. With a deep sigh, Archie stood up and walked over to the newcomer.

"Hi," He began awkwardly. Just because he had submitted himself to doing this, didn't mean that he had thought what he was going to say through. "I, um-" He continued, trying to find his words. "What happened to your hand?" he finally finished, deciding that 'Hi I'm that lizard' was probably not the best approach. He had realized, just in time too, that he had to be sure that this was the right woman.

@Chukklehed@Silver Carrot
Yeah well I'm UNhappy to help and you DEFINITELY canNOT pm me at any time if you think there's anything I can do to help.

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