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Current I get intense anxiety in the shower thinking that people think I'm jerking it when in reality I'm standing in the hot water like an iguana under a heat lamp
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Who tf likes sparkling water that shit tastes like tv static
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When two pregnant women get into a fight it's like a mecha battle between the unborn babies
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Getting a 'D' on a paper or test from your teacher is like someone breaking up with you but saying they still want to be friends.
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With the rise of self driving cars, eventually there will be a country song about how your truck left you, too.


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you know ily. Happy valentines day.
There are a few people who I've been friends with for a long period of time that I think deserve some recognition for the friendship I've have with them.

@Dragonbud, @Ruler Inc, @Maxx, @He Who Walks Behind, @Spoopy Scary, @SepticGentleman, I mean it when I say this, you have all been there for me when I needed to feel understood, or not alone. Over all the years, through all the moves, the breakups, the changes, the one thing I could always count on were you. Thank you for thinking of me. For reserving part of your mind for my birthday or the books that I like to read. Thank you for being my friends.

Fuck the whole lot of you.

As of late @Lord Wraith has also found a place for me, and has chosen to trust me and include me in many things despite being relatively new to one another. Thank you for that, because as far as I am concerned you're on that list too. I look forward to the many laughs we have in the future regardless of what it will bring.

"Let me do this. I need this,"

Archie bristled, seeming to disagree with the idea but didn't seem to do anything about it. With one mighty motion he shoved the door forward, causing the gravity built fort of fallen structure to collapse. Natalie, still being somewhat below Archie, was shielded from the falling rubble that fell forward when it lost support. As the woman stepped forwards, Bianca bolted, crashing through the damaged wall and heading out into the night. Natalie sprinted after her, leaving his side quickly and running through the new hole herself into the scrapyard.

He saw the girl sag slightly when she lost sight of Bianca in the dark, and a part of him thought to comfort her, but then he noticed the resistance of the wall as he barreled through it, then that he could still see Bianca. He was running after the metahuman on all fours, and fast.

In a flurry of claws and scales his limbs carried him forward, pumping like mighty pistons with no regard for how much noise he was making. He rapidly gained ground on his quarry, who could likely hear him running her down. His size and speed made him unable to stop as he rapidly overtook her, yet in a terrifying display of reflex for something so big he pivoted before his gallop went airborne and swiped at Bianca as he passed her. The power behind his claws gouged deep, ugly scrapes into Bianca's armor, and his mass and speed made even an indirect hit send Bianca off her feet. He hit the ground with no grace whatsoever. He landed on all fours, claws plowing into the ground in an attempt to stop himself. Bianca's own speed carried her forward as she landed clumsily, rolling against the dirt of the scrapyard. Bianca's world was spinning. She shook her head when she came to a stop, trying to collect herself. Archie pounded the ground in frustration in an act that was reminiscent of simian rage, and the giant was on her in a moment- giving her no time to get back up and fight back.

Bianca wasn't sure what was happening in the moments that followed, she couldn't even scream as the air was repetitively knocked out of her. She felt pressure, and then the feeling of weightlessness and her stomach lurch as she was thrown around. Archie had grabbed her by her ankle, and was slamming her into the stacks of cars, becoming increasingly angry that his prey wasn't breaking. It was eerily childlike, comparable to a tantrum almost. With a mighty bellow he slammed Bianca into the ground, releasing her from his grasp for moments before he grabbed her again and enveloped her entire head and shoulders in his maw. Bianca having had but a moment to breath, gave a muffled scream as that power of Archie's jaws forced his teeth through her metal armor in a vice grip. She felt each individual pop as his teeth penetrated her skin, and realized that the only thing keeping her alive was the rigidity of her armor. The pressure was immense, and the the pain was unbearable. Even his saliva burnt. Out of desperation she failed wildly, kicking and screaming as she struggled to get out of the bear trap that was Archie's jaws. He shook her wildly like a dog toy as she struck him, kicking vigorously with her legs, and striking the sides of his jaws with her arms. Bianca reeled and arm back and struck Archie hard with one of her hands, and there was an almighty crack when she made contact.

Archie instantly released, throwing Bianca away unceremoniously and into several stacked cars. She fell from the wall of scrap, and landed in the dirt once more for the upteenth time that day. Her armor was shredded, the metal crumpled. There was a distinct 'U' shaped dent around her head and shoulders that was lined with punctures, and blood was leaking from the holes. Bianca had been soundly pummeled within inches of her life, and made little movement aside from the ragged in and out motions of her breathing. Archie's jaw had been fractured, but was far from broken- likely already on the mend. He shook his head, shaking the hit off. He turned his attention to the still form of Bianca and slowly approached, prepared to continue his onslaught.

@Silver Carrot

"Excuse me, Miss? Have you seen Natalie anywhere? She asked me to pick her up from work." The voice came from behind Bianca prompting her to take a deep breath as she took a second to get into character before turning towards Archie with tears welling in the corners of her eyes. Archie, seeing how in distress the woman is, swiftly exited his vehicle.

“I’m so sorry, they made me do it, they took her!” She sobbed running towards Archie before he could step too far away from his car. She wrapped her arms around him, placing her face against his chest.

Archie grabbed her by the shoulders and gently pushed her arm's length away. He opened his mouth to speak, but instead his legs were swept out from below him. He felt his body careening back, and felt his head harshly contact the hood of his car. He faintly remembers the sound of his car's alarm, and then nothing at all.

An odd silence swallows the large home, it being void of the joy and laughter that had once colored the air. Boxes are carelessly strewn across the floor, each inhabiting bits and peaces of beautiful memories that when now recollected, only leave behind a bitter-sweet aching.
in front of the kitchen counter stood Archie as he stared dumbfounded at the disheveled mess that is his home.

How is it that only a mere six months ago he had been the happiest he had ever been.

Perhaps being surrounded by his boxed up memories made him nostalgic. The dark haired man recalls the first time she had admitted her true feelings for him.

The event had occurred years ago, when the two were about to split apart so each could return to their respective homes. Archie had been in the midst of turning away from the lovely blonde haired girl when she had blurted out her thoughts.

"Arch, I like you."

The young man had frozen in his spot, for not even he, whom is ordinarily completely ignorant and dense in most romantic situations, could not deny the truth of her words. From the fear in her small voice, and blazing blush to her cheeks, Archie knew that her words held a much heavier meaning than he hoped. He had been surprised when he felt a warmth rushing to his cheeks as well. It wasn't as if he had ever felt any way towards the girl before him in a more than friendly manner. Sure the girl is pretty, with her long locks of golden, and stormy skies full of a thirst for knowledge, though taking into account their three year age gap and their history, Archie had always thought of the girl as a younger sibling of sorts.

However, before he had the chance to act as if he hadn't an idea what she meant, something came over him.

With her sweet calming voice, soft disposition, and wide eyed stare, she reminded him of another time. He hadn't been sure of what or who it was, or even if the thing was concrete or just some abstract place he had strung together in his thoughts, but it was familiar, and comforting. So instead of telling her the truth, that he hadn't had any romantic feelings towards her, Archie had told her that he liked her as well.

From that point onward, the two had become inseparable.

It had only been four years ago, post much pushing from his mother and friends, that Archie had finally went down on one knee and proposed to her. Of course she had said yes, and with great enthusiasm. It felt as if, with that beautiful diamond ring, all of her childhood dreams would finally come true, and she would be whisked away to some fairy tale land, happy and in love with the man of her dreams.

Though when Ellie now looks back at that moment, she laughs at herself for being such a hopeless fool, for not seeing all the signs when she had the chance.

The first few months of their marriage had been blissful and easy, the way their relationship had always been. That is until a sourness had started to invade their words and actions. Small things that they did started to annoy the other, and small amounts of venom had started to drench their conversations. Then it happened. Though those tiny things had been building up, it wasn't until their world had been fractured that finally in one night of shouts and tears, the two had split apart.

When they thought it over rationally, neither was surprised in the split. Their relationship had always been one of fairy tales that belonged in-between the bindings of a child's novel, and not in the real world. When they had first met again, a week subsequent to the night of pain, the two on smiled at each other. A sardonic, pained smile, but a smile none the less.

They had spent the day discussing the night of pain, and what had led up to it.

By the end of the conversation, Ellie had found herself lying comfortably against Archie's chest, and they both knowing that they were never meant to be a forever kind of thing, just a familiar distraction. The dark haired man is brought out of his reminiscence when he hears the quiet footsteps of someone walking into the kitchen.

He glances up to find the face of his soon to be ex-wife.

She is still pretty, and delicate like a flower, though the long years have slowly started to age her beyond her years. Her long locks of honey-gold are now pulled up into a high ponytail, rather than hanging off her shoulders like so long ago, and her large watery grey skies have dimmed in the slightest. The thirst of knowledge becoming less and less prominent.

"I think I only need one more trip, and I'll have all my things." She informs him in a sort of business like tone. It sickens Archie to hear her speak like that to him, they... they were still friends, weren't they?

"It feels really strange," the man admits. "In a couple of days, this will no longer be our house."

"I know," Ellie agrees with an exhale. "But it's about time we move on, don't ya think?"

"Still feels weird," is all he mutters in response.

The two stand there in silence for a few moments, neither knowing what to say next. However, the silence is broken by the quiet sobs of Ellie. So much has transpired in these last few months, and the weight of it all has started to hurt, so much so that she could no longer hold it in.

It feels as if everything she has ever wanted as a child has been wrenched from her grasp, and now she must start a new.
Hearing the small cry, Archie's light blue orbs look up from their downwards cast and find Ellie trying to wipe away the tears.
She appears so tired, as if someone had chewed her up and spit her out.

Archie moves from his position and stands before her. He presses his forehead against hers and clamps his hand around the small diamond necklace that is bound around her neck. The necklace he had gotten her for their two year anniversary.

"I still love you Ellie," he admits in a whisper. "…Maybe we can find a way to work this thing out?"

Archie is surprised to not feel pain when he sees her shake her head.

"I know you love me Archie," she assures. "But you don't love me the way a man should love his wife."

"That's not true," he argues.

"Yes it is." She interjects with a croak. "Because you can't look me in the eyes and tell me that you love me in that way. In the unconditional, heart wrenching, aching sort of way. The way I loved you. the way I love you."

He does not reply, he doesn't know how to. She has left him completely speechless. His grasp lets loose of the diamond necklace as a wave of shame comes over him.

"I'm sorry," he speaks after long, infinite minutes of silence drag on.

"It's alright," she tells him. "I... I already knew."

He offers a grateful grin her way before pulling the blonde into an embrace, he still being hesitant in letting her go, letting his childhood go.

Archie had never been well in being alone. Although, here he is, letting go of his best friend, and embarking life on his own.

When the two finally split apart, Ellie balances on her tip toes and grants him a sweet kiss on his temple before wishing farewell and walking out of the house they had once shared as husband and wife, leaving behind an empty void in her wake.

When Archie came to, he felt a fire in his chest. He had been stripped, and was wearing little more than his jeans. He groaned and moved, but found himself to be bound tightly to whatever he was retrained to. His eyes were covered. He couldn't see a damn thing. Suddenly a thunderclap headache returned. Our of instinct he reached up to try and rub the offending wound, but was quickly reminded of his bindings. His attention shifted when there was a creak as the door to wherever he was being held opened, and someone walked in. He instantly froze in place, refusing to move or give away that he was slowly regaining consciousness. He felt them kneel down near him, and place a hand on the top of his limp head, moving it as if to face them. He allowed himself to lull with the movement.

"Beginning to think that you're not worth our time. Or a lizard" a feminine voice spoke. He recognized it- it was the woman he spoke to before-

Oh no.

"It's been a day or so now. Monty and Vinnie are getting impatient. Me, too. If you can hear me, your lady goes up for auction in a few hours. And you... well, I hope your drivers license says organ donor, cause that's what you're gonna be."

She pushed his head away harshly, worsening his headache. "You've got six hours to show yourself. Think on that, scales."

He heard footsteps, and then the door open and shut once more.

Most people would be formulating, or scheming, or making peace with what was to come. Archie was doing none of these things. He was simply focusing on not screaming in agony. When he felt his maxilla begin to break, he lost his resolve. The beginning of a scream almost made it's way out of his mouth but was silenced by the contents of his stomach exiting his body through his nose and broken face, reduced to a gurgle. He struggled against the bindings as they became uncomfortably tight, tearing an arm and the ropes from the pole it was tied to, he desperately clawed at his face, nails and claws filleting his blinding and slicing through skin as his eyes themselves changed impossibly- seeing through the darkness that he was surrounded by. He kicked wildly with his legs, thrashing his broken body and freeing himself quite easily from what was holding his body down. He closed his eyes and curled in on himself, suffering through the torture.

Then, as soon as it came, the pain vanished. He stood, his eyes glowing in the darkness that surrounded him. He could hear the entire building, he could smell every odor around the block, and he could feel their fear as a harrowing, primordial roar tore through the relative silence of the building, reverberating through the walls and cutting into the occupant's very souls.

There was the sound of thunder.

In the compound garage, the hairs on Bianca's neck stood up straight. Monty and Vinnie immediately reacted, almost visibly making themselves smaller as they heard it.

"It's here." Was all Vinnie could muster. Natalie who was clad in nothing but her underwear after her clothing had been stolen was bound to a pillar in the center of the room. The men guarding her were instantly on their feet, and a few others grabbed their firearms. Monty was already making for the door.

Bianca's skin began to change as a metal plating covered her body. She shot a look to Monty, "Where are you going?!"

"M-mistake..." was all she heard him say as he exited the building frantically.

The room was quiet once more, but they could hear thew rheumatic thumping of something big moving far faster than it had any right to move. For the first time, Bianca began to doubt the legitimacy of her plan.

There was the sound of thunder.

The corridor doors leading into the garage exploded. Some of her men fired a few shots, but the heavy steel doors were being carried like a giant shield, protecting an absolutely massive black and white object from the rounds. Bianca had no time to react as the... thing barreled into the garage support Natalie was tied to, still moving at full speed. Despite the pillar's size, it was no match for three thousand pounds of force moving at forty miles an hour and was smashed through. Rocks, debris, and the beings sheer size took out the two men who were guarding Natalie.

The creature finally came to a stop, standing over Natalie and still carrying the door. Bianca's breath hitched as the confidence she had fell away. It was real. It was real and it was-

She opened her mouth to order her men, but was cut off by an ominous groaning.

There was the sound of thunder.

The ceiling above them, now lacking support, fell from above, covering the room in an impermeable haze of dust. Archie, thinking quickly, jammed the door into the ground and positioned himself directly over Natalie as the ceiling fell above them, forming a giant cocoon of rubble around where he stood. Archie, while holding the makeshift cover up with one arm, cast his eyes downward to Natalie, and offered her his other gigantic scaled hand. The dust would give her the ability to escape if she wanted to. Or fight, if she decided.

Bianca, who had avoided being trapped under fallen pieces of structure and was largely unharmed due to her armor, coughed and tried to clear her vision. In the dark she could make out the giant mount in the room, and as some rubble fell away she locked eyes with the huge glowing orbs that were staring into her very soul- as if it was some righteous judgement of her being. She heard- no, felt the creature open it's maw at her in the darkness and unleash another soul shatteringly hellish scream.

There was the sound of thunder.

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