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It's not a waste of time, it depends on where you put them and how you present them. The Guild's looking a little dead lately so that's a thing.
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My next rp is known as the Non-Binary Pals.
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I bet Mahz bought a Ferrari with the Ad Revenue Money.
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Recollections: Magnanimous
A passion project of mine that I was working on since pretty much the start of the year up until now. Basically taking it from the most basic idea and shaping it into its own thing. The basic premise of Magnanimous is that the cast consists of the children (by blood or adoption) of James Vanburen. James was a man that was known for being wealthy, compassionate, and caring for not just his children but his family... and then he mysteriously passed on Christmas day. A year later a curse activated that turned all of his children into stone if they left their own town, and now they have to put all of their differences aside to solve it.

Recollections: The Coven
Honestly, an RP that I made on a whim that I don't really understand what it's supposed to be (but no one does and people think I'm brilliant). It's the story of a buncha wannabe witches, degenerates, and other weirdos as their strange lesbian sex cult encounters things that are somehow even stranger and come in class with other morons. As something dark brews in the background. Honestly has some of my favorite scenes/writing.

Black Fall: Academy 003
A reboot of my Academy rps which I got the urge to do after I rewrote some lore for it. It is also my first foray into Discord based roleplaying and so far it's nice. The gist of the RP is that crystals that grant superhuman abilities fell from the sky and there were schools established to train people to use these abilities.

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The Recollections Universe - Off-Urban-fantasy and supernatural/cosmic-horror.
The Tyrant Shell Universe - Mechapunk (Mecha and Cyberpunk mixed together).
The Black Fall Universe - Modern-Superhuman tale.
The Collective - My Discord Server.
The Ghost Lounge - My 1x1 Thread.
The Ghost Archives - Character storage.

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That's what I say when I spontaneously cancel an RP.
@fledermaus that's just cold my g
Hmmmmmmm whatcha' saaaaaaaay
@Skai Accepted.

LIMITS ⫻ Arabelle can only scry on one location at a time, and her ability only works on locations that she has been to. The act of teleportation is more straining the further away she teleports - theoretically, she can teleport any distance long as she has been there, but teleporting far distances will tire her out. Teleporting from one end of Araminta to the other will feel like she just ran a mile at top speed, but say teleporting from one end of the Vanburen manor to the other will be easy.

WEAKNESSES ⫻ If Arabelle teleports through a broken mirror then she'll receive a cut from it. If the mirror is broken while she is inside of it (before she teleports) then Arabelle will be forced out of it and injured in the process.

Fun fact: Arabelle was the placeholder name for Araminta when I ran the first Fourth Seal rp.
I have the first couple arcs planned out in my head.

also for the people that are interested a lot of the discussion goes on in the Discord server.
@The Ghost NoteSo are we gonna get a big happy family tree once we (read: slow bastards like me) get more characters up?


Also, how big do you plan on having the Vanburen family be? We gonna fill the line up with a big, meaty cast of expendable siblings and spouses?

I don't want there to be a bunch of characters (even NPCs) that are just there/irrelevant to the story, so I guess maybe not that big.

So you all won't have that weird space on top of your tables you should have the sheets [row] to [row].

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