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Recollections: Magnanimous
A passion project of mine that I was working on since pretty much the start of the year up until now. Basically taking it from the most basic idea and shaping it into its own thing. The basic premise of Magnanimous is that the cast consists of the children (by blood or adoption) of James Vanburen. James was a man that was known for being wealthy, compassionate, and caring for not just his children but his family... and then he mysteriously passed on Christmas day. A year later a curse activated that turned all of his children into stone if they left their own town, and now they have to put all of their differences aside to solve it.

Recollections: The Coven
Honestly, an RP that I made on a whim that I don't really understand what it's supposed to be (but no one does and people think I'm brilliant). It's the story of a buncha wannabe witches, degenerates, and other weirdos as their strange lesbian sex cult encounters things that are somehow even stranger and come in class with other morons. As something dark brews in the background. Honestly has some of my favorite scenes/writing.

"I'm a dominant..."

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Our first vore character.

LIMITS ⫻ Predation is a curse that isn't inhibited by Emotional Fields in any way. Basil has similar abilities to that of predators with this abstraction. His muscular system makes him strong and durable as a grizzly bear and fast as a coyote (but on two legs, don't think too hard about it). He can also smell twice as good as a bloodhound. Basil's Affixation also drives him to hunger the longer he has gone without eating meat... a few hours at most before he can no longer ignore it. If he goes a few days then he's probably going to eat somebody alive.

WEAKNESSES ⫻ There isn't a particularly large amount of weaknesses of the ability, however Basil is more susceptible to poison or other such things if consumed.
Spoopy Scary

The Vanburen Estate

Shane poured the whiskey into the glass... but seconds after the last drops went in several strands of fabric came from the side and wrapped themselves around the glass. The strands were several different colors at once but appeared like spiderman himself had shown up. Instead of the webhead, it was Shane's sister Sabrina who had a flat look on her face as she had her hand out. The strands of fabric were coming off of her fingertips, and the glass was carefully and gently pulled away from Shane. Despite his sister's delicacy, a little bit of whiskey spilled on James ol' hardwood bar counter.

The girl sighed as she manifested a rag out of thin air using her abstraction and walked over and wiped it up. She didn't even look at Shane as she said, "Let's not drink now of all time, we need a clear head, yeah?" Her voice was low, and her phrasing was a bit awkward. She sighed as it all was wiped up and then she took a seat next to Shane.

"I don't think going to fight the cult is a great idea... what if one of us gets hurt? Or what if we hurt one of them? I don't really want anything bad to happen to anybody."
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I just realized (and checked) that I never made an introductory thread!

Better late than never.

The DENS Base - The Forgiven Compound.

Lyss's confidence in this mission was at it's highest, at about 80%. They had the strength, but not the numbers. They had good intel, but something about this was suspect. As if it was going to be too easy. The mention of secret passages meant they had an escape route if they were trapped inside the compound. It wasn't pleasant that their last resort escape route was in the dungeons- hell, it was fucking weird enough that the compound had a dungeon. Fucking religious freaks.

To have a team on the outside ensured that there would be backup, but they were definitely going to have to fight their way out. Lyss saw this happening just as their confrontation with Annabelle happened. Except for this time, Maximillian would be there from the start to fight off whatever was working with Saul.

A chick with a beanie? Was she talking about Isla? Lyss hadn't seen her since she got her ass out of the beach house. She hoped that Isla was safe somewhere out of this country.

"They should already know we're coming."

Lyss raised an eyebrow and looked at Maximillian. Isn't that a bad thing?

Lyss looked at the Director next and listened to her lack of information. She didn't mind the retreat and regroup plan, but she worried that it would be difficult to escape the entity if it showed itself. Hopefully having Maximillian there would make that easier on the group. She still didn't believe that they knew "everything", and she expected there to be a few cards hidden up Saul's sleeve, but she wasn't going to bring the team's spirits down before their mission. So, Lyss simply nodded and looked at her Coven sisters.

"Lets put this bastard behind bars."

"Splendid," Director Alcott smiled as she put her fingertips together in a tent. Before she said the next thing she closed her eyes... and then the Heart necklace that she had tucked underneath layer and layer of clothing began to glow a cyan color. Sigils appeared around her chest before they vanished just as fast as they appeared. "The chance of this operation's success is eighty-percent... rounded down."

She chuckled for a second as she rolled herself a bit closer to the Coven.

"Which mission would your merry group like to go on? Plant the distraction or bagging Saul?"

Penny was surprised that they were even given the option. She'd figured that DENS would make the Coven be the ones to bring the ruckus while their agents acquired Saul. The Coven were pros at causing chaos, but likely lacked the subtlety or tact required to peacefully extract a VIP. Penny smiled. It would be a shame if something were to happen to him before they were able to make the hand-off.

"We should be the ones to take Saul. He's a coward. He'd probably off himself if someone like Maximillian even steps into the same room, but he'd underestimate us," said Penny, folding her arms as she looked over at Madison. "If we were going to use a teleporter then Kimberly would normally be the better choice, but considering they let her get put into a coma we could use Isla. Does anyone have a way of reaching her?"

"Now, listen here," Cindy said to Penny annoyed. "We didn't let anyone get hurt. I don't know what they told you- but you gotta understand we were ambu-"

A hand on her shoulder from Maximilian stopped her as he said.

"No, no no... it was my fault that it happened," Maximilian sighed. "If we didn't jump the gun and have her teleport us all there, we wouldn't have fallen for such an obvious trick."

"Taking Saul," Maya said, agreeing with someone for once. If only because providing a distraction sounded more dangerous and she really wanted to make it out of this alive. Though a distraction would work better for her... anything sneaky would require her to not use her abstraction. "Isla? The Scottish girl, right. She only ever talked to that tall girl... Uh, she's in the group Snapchat I think. We could send a message there but nobody checks that shit unless it's a meeting day."

Madison put her hands on her hips as she looked to the left and then to the right as she pulled out her phone. Well, might as well give it a shot instead of standing around here with their thumbs up their asses.

Isla you out there?

She sent out into the Snapchat group. She shrugged. It was either this, or Isla dipped from the Coven when the beach house got destroyed... or she got eaten.

She definitely was not gonna bring that up.

And, of course, out of all the people to respond, Mariah answered the message.
"she busy"-- and she didn't even bother to put any punctuation behind it. Mariah types as Isla fucking writhes around in flames.

While Lyss was thinking that bagging Saul would be her top priority during this mission, she was going to let her sisters decide what the Coven was going to do before she decided for them. Lyss looked at each of her girls, smiling when they agreed to do the exact thing Lyss was hoping for. Penny was exactly right. Saul would definitely underestimate them. He seemed like one of those misogynistic pricks that would think women were weak. She couldn't wait to see the look on his face when they'd drag his ass out of his cushy compound.

Penny mentioned Kimberly and Lyss immediately lost her smile. She knew Kim was still alive, but she was definitely out of the game. She looked at Cindy as the agent began to defend their actions, but Lyss was surprised when Maximillian cut her off and took the blame. Lyss gave him a look that told him it wasn't his fault at all, but she wasn't sure if her word about it meant anything to him. She wasn't there. In fact, she felt like he felt guilty that she had to fight Annabelle without him while he caught up to them.

Lyss let out a small sigh and looked at the Director.

"With or without Isla, it sounds like we'll be extracting Saul. I can't promise it will be a clean arrest, or that he'll come out unhurt, but he'll come out with us."

"I'm not expecting it to be clean," The Director answered with a smile... that perturbed Madison for a second before she added, "I just need him brought in... or down if you have no other options."

She looked to the left, then to the right. "I feel as if there is no longer any need to discuss this matter any further, Agent Page."

The blonde-haired Agent perked up, with her hands behind her back, as she finally spoke, "Yes, Director?"

"How far can your flock extend? Can they reach the entire building?"

"The most they've gone is about three city blocks," Helena answered.

"Excellent. Work with Agent Vahan to provide support to both teams... if you can, prevent them from reaching their firearms."

"Got it," Helena answered with a nod.

"Agent Cornell, Obott, you two will be on the team that causes a distraction," The Director started. "Agent Keagan... You're okay with leading the team to capture Saul, yes? I trust your abilities to get the mission done right... or close to it."

"Of course," Cindy answered as she crossed her arms.

"Let's get this done, I have confidence in this operation."

At least someone does. Madison thought to herself as she wasn't feeling all that confident in this mission. She felt like there was something that the Director was hiding from them? Maybe that was just Madison's distrust of the feds, however, she trusted Lyss fully... which is ironic given that she thought that, before, Lyss was going to sell them out. Madison was going to follow Lyss to the ends of the Earth and she hated herself for doubting her loyalty to the Coven...

It's not like my life matters much these days.

"Wow, Madison your tits," said Maya.

"Oh, Maya," Madison started. "Your lack thereof."

The tunnels leading into the compound were just as someone would expect. They were hastily made, probably with a shovel, and hope. Helena went in first with her flock and confirmed there weren't any traps, then the rest of them went in afterward. Maximilian was leading the group with a flashlight as they slowly moved through, with Agent Page giving them the heads up if anything changed or went wrong. Thankfully, entering the place was easy, but Madison had the feeling that exiting was going to be a different discussion.

They stopped at a ladder, made out of wood that was definitely handmade and Madison thought she was gonna get splinters from it. The ladder leads into a hatch that was already opened by Page and she could see the faint glow by the Flock. Maximilian went up first, followed by Cindy, then Trevor and Madison were taking point for the "Coven". She looked behind them as she floated upwards, illuminated by a faint glow.

She looked around and it seemed that they were in a storage room... and a crate full of something was moved aside. This was a bit iffy, but she felt a little bit more protected with the body armor that the DENS provided her... even if they didn't accommodate her sizable bust that well. Now she kind of wished that she wore that sports bra but she wasn't going to complain about it (Not out loud).

The faster they get Saul, the faster they can bring this madness to an end and get payback for Izzy and Kayla's deaths.

Maximilian walked over to the door as he looked back at them, "Agent Vahan, is there anything around?"

"No," Leon answered, "Just spooky dungeons."

"Alright," Maximilian answered as he opened the door and he looked at Agent Keagan. "We'll go out first, then you guys follow. Got it?"

Cindy nodded her head as she got, "Got it, boss." She said sarcastically before Maximilian rolled his eyes.

"Let's go," Maximilian said as Trevor followed him out the door and the rest of their team followed behind him.

"Okay," Cindy looked at the Coven, "Are you all ready for this? We have no room for error, just remember that."

Lyss nodded from where she stood in the darkroom, but her eyes were watching the door that Maximillian left through. On the outside, she looked calm and ready, but inside she was tense and expecting an ambush at any moment. Entering had been way too easy. Saul was expecting them, even if he didn't expect the Coven to be with the DENs. Maybe that was the reason the mission could succeed.

Still, she activated a black sigil above her ring and began to channel energy into it. She wanted to be ready if things went to shit.

"Lead the way, agent. I've got the rear."

Not a word left Cindy's lips, she gestured for them to come along as she quickly placed that hand back on her M4 Rifle. She kept the barrel aimed low as she proceeded into the halls of the compound. Her thumb was on the safety, ready to quickly switch to automatic when the time comes. The halls were... eerie. It barely phased the experienced soldier in Cindy, but she was still on high alert. It was dark, barely illuminated by the lighting fixtures that they had overheard. It was quiet... which wasn't good because every sound they made traveled. There was also that faint and odd smell - one that Cindy knew smelled like a dead body. They had to have something up their sleeve and it was a matter of being prepared for it... Cindy pressed her earpiece.

"Left or right," Cindy asked her eye on the sky.

"Right," Leon answered. "Just keep goin', I'll guide you through this."

"Copy that."

"What do you think?" asked Penny as she sidled up to Lyss. Unlike the others, she had outright denied the body armor despite the insistence from the agents. Penny felt better about relying on her own abstraction than being weighed down anyway. "Is Saul not there and we're walking into a trap, or are we walking into a trap and Saul will show up to taunt us?"

While the others began to advance, Lyss walked alongside Penny. She glanced at her and shrugged a shoulder. "I'm not sure. I'm sure they know we're coming, but they don't know when." She glanced behind them once before looking back to Penny. "You've spoken to him before, right? With Kimberly. What do you think he'd have up his sleeve?"

"Honestly? Not a clue. He pulled a gun on me almost as soon as he could. But I doubt you get to be the head of some mega cult without knowing a few tricks," said Penny, rubbing the back of her neck. "I just can't believe the guy has any followers. He's a massive asshole."

Lyss smirked. "You've got that right."

"You two," Cindy stopped abruptly on her heel and turned around to face them. "Lock it up, you don't know who else can-"

"... She forgives you. "

The voice appeared in Cindy's ear... it sounded so close that it felt like it came from right next to her. Cindy jolted as she looked to her right and immediately aimed her rifle at... nothing. Just the thin air. Her heart was racing and her eyes were wide open as she kept that rifle aimed in that direction for a few moments. Just before she tilted her head just slightly as she pondered out loud.

"... Did anyone else hear that? I hope one of you weren't playing a prank now of times."

Lyss raised an eyebrow, having just been about to admit the agent was right when Cindy aimed her gun at the air. "I promise you that was no prank." She listened closely to the silence but heard nothing. Her head turned to peer into the darkness around them. "I don't feel any apparitions nearby."

"... Doesn't mean it's an Apparition," Cindy grumbled for a moment before she stopped, took a deep breath, and shook her head. Quietly whispering to herself, "... Guess my mind was just playin' tricks on me." She brushed it off or at least tried to make it seem like she's brushing it off. She gestured for them to come along before they reached a T in the road.

"Take a left," Leon spoke into her earpiece, and then Cindy turned her head left. They kept moving down the hallways... as Leon directed them, that smell of rotting flesh got worse and worse. "Saul's in some type of church room they set up... with some other people. I can't tell if they have any weapons on them."

"Looks like we're gonna find out," Cindy replied as she kept going.

"It's just down the hall," Leon said, "Just radio silence from here on."

"Got it," Cindy said. They didn't need Leon to tell them that they were close, because they saw lit candles lining the wall as they got closer and closer. Eventually, they saw the main room and the smell of rotting flesh was strongest in here. It was hard to see everything but they saw all the candles and flowers that were decorating the room. In the center of the room, with Saul and other people kneeling at was best described as a sacrificial altar. An ornate stone slab that was just dripping with blood... fresh blood.

"Leon..." Cindy almost pressed her earpiece as she looked into the room. Okay, they had to be quick but something about this didn't feel right. Too easy. She looked at her group as she whispered, "We're going to go in hard and fast and we're gonna hit them before they have a chance to react - but be ready to pull out at a moment's notice."

She nodded her head as she asked,

"Is everyone ready? Is anyone not sure about this?" Cindy asked.

Lyss knew something fucked was going to happen the second they stepped foot into the room. Yet she agreed that the element of surprise they held would be their greatest chance to catch these sick bastards off guard. Holding back the bile in the back of her throat because of the horrid sight before her, Lyss simply shook her head and prepared to run straight into the sacrificial room. The second she stepped foot within she planned to summon a small army of undead to take any initial attacks from Saul's minions.

"Bit late for that now," Maya murmured but gave a nod to being ready. She covered her nose with her hand in an attempt to block out the horrible smell, not that it did much, averting her eyes. It all felt a bit wrong, even to her - but she still prepared to go in and provide cover with her abstraction as needed.

"Wouldn't be here if I wasn't," whispered Penny. She crept up next to Cindy to take the open spot next to the other side of the door leading into the sacrificial chamber. The zipper on her change pouch quietly sliding open on its own as she stared out into the room. Her eyes watered at the odor of death and decay but then focused, lasering in on Saul. She held her breath. She could easily hit him from here, but she held her shot. Something didn't seem right. Everything was going too smoothly.

With a nod of her head, Cindy took in a deep breath... not loud enough to alert Saul and the others of their location. This was not gonna end well, Cindy could feel it in her guts and she was certain that the others felt the same way. "Count of three," Cindy said as she grabbed a single flashbang from her armor.


Cindy put her finger in the ring and twisted it, before it was pulled off but kept it in between her fingertips.


She pulled the secondary safety pin off and grasped the flashbang tightly.


She sounded as she chucked the flashbang into the room as hard as she could... it landed right by Saul and his cronies. Cindy turned away, closed her eyes, and covered her ears (and hoped that the rest of the Coven did the same) as it loudly exploded. She turned her body and uncovered her ears to shouts and screams of Saul's crew. She grabbed her rifle and aimed it into the room.

"Go! I'll cover you!"

"Agh, you idiot! A warning next time?" shouted Penny over the ringing in her ears as she rapidly blinked away the white light, her hand covering her eyes. She was as mad at herself as she was at Cindy who hadn't mentioned shit about taking cover. Growing up in rural Montana, Penny had dealt with her fair share of guns enough to know that your finger stayed off the trigger and the barrel was kept away from people you didn't want to shoot. Sadly, the country folks had failed to pull out the SWAT gear when she was growing up and she had failed to pick up the different shapes of grenades from the few times she'd watched her brother play video games.

"Pay attention!" Cindy shouted at Penny as she rolled her eyes at her.

"This is fucking why I like doing this fucking shit alone," muttered Penny to herself as she shook her head. Her vision came back soon enough, blurred like a poorly taken picture with a cracked camera lens. The coins snaked up her arm. She kicked off of the wall and extended her hand forward, checking only to see that no members of the Coven had moved between her and her target before repulsing a few coins through the air towards the spot Saul had been seconds before Cindy had blinded her.

Lyss reluctantly shut her eyes tight and covered her ears the moment she saw the flashbang in Cindy's hand. She heard her shout out, "Three!", followed by the pop of the flashbang going off in the room. Cindy gave the ok and Lyss heard Penny's complaints. She opened her eyes to look into the room. Amidst the smoke, she could see many of Saul's followers panicking, but when the smoke cleared for a moment around him she could tell that he was not.

Lyss felt frustration and rage overcome her and these emotions propelled her into the fray. She stopped at the edge of the chaos to slam her hands against the floor. Her eyes flashed black and suddenly the ground around Saul's sacrificial stone began to shake. Twenty undead soldiers emerged from the ground and stood in a circle around the smoke. They ignored any cultist that ran screaming past. Their focus was on Saul alone.

"It is time to face the consequences of your actions, Saul!" Lyss shouted as she stood from where she knelt. She took a step towards Saul and removed her gun from its holster. Lyss herself was wearing a bulletproof vest. She also wore a medium-sized bowie knife strapped to her thigh. "This game of yours is over."

"You been watching a lot of movies, sis?" Madison asked as she chuckled at Lyss's theatrical display... despite how serious the situation was. The Jaws activated on cue and Madison was covered from head to toe in a rather brutal looking mass of bones... it was odd given that normally the Jaws manifested normal bones. This time it was claws, teeth, and other sharp bits that covered her from head to toe. Not important, as she flew up into the air, and watched the zombie horde that Lyss summoned as they went for Saul.

Saul's followers were in a frenzy, screaming, shouting, and running. His own eyes were burning and his ears were still ringing... the flash-bang wore off, but he was still in pain and confused. He tried to run off but he tripped and fortunately caught himself when he hit the ground. He saw the zombie horde charge towards him and his eyes shot open... he tried to go for the other exit but they had him surrounded.

He looked over his shoulder and the first thing he caught sight of was the one covered in bones taking flight. This was not happening, this was not happening...

"... That is quite enough." Saul heard the voice of the Messiah in his ear... it was oddly comforting.

One of Saul's followers... an older caucasian man with a potbelly, balding head and heard, and wore a robe dropped to his knees. Glowing orange cracks formed on his body as he screamed at the top of his lungs. That was before his arms underwent a freakish growth... exploding expanding muscle sizes and length to the point they were both twice as long as he was. They were oozing orange pus as he screamed at the top of his lungs and swung his arms out at the undead.

There was something odd about the thing. They all felt the overwhelming chill of something wrong in their spines. Penny's eyes adjusted in time to see Saul scrambling away and began to move after him, but she halted dead in her tracks when she saw the orange glow. There was something eerily reminiscent of the light that made her heart jump into her throat. She forced herself to tear her eyes away from the freak and began looking for Saul.

"Run." The Messiah spoke to Saul as he immediately beelined for the opening that the minion created.

"Don't let him get away!" Cindy shouted as she touched the ground and created a cascading wave of green glass that quickly traveled towards the... thing. Right when they reached the monster, it exploded into a massive wave that caused it to yell as it was stabbed by the needle-like glass.

"... Tha' fuck? " Madison shouted as she watched the scene... well, she was probably physically the strongest here so she might as well try and stop him. She immediately dives bombed Saul and-

Suddenly, something came from the other entrance... it came fast like a fucking missile, which was surprising for how fucking large it was. Madison reacted just in the knick of time to stop and mid-air and throw her arms up. The raw impact of it felt like she had something tossed at her but she maintained her position in the air. Madison flew backward and landed on the ground skidding.

She looked up at her assailant and her eyes went wide. It was some kind of living armor. She could see the bits of a skeleton inside of it, but the armor was oozing orange pus from head to toe... that kind of reminded her of something. Not just that, it was huge easily twice her size. Madison narrowed her eyes as she caught sight of the thing's sword... which is grasped with both hands.

"We have contact!" Maximilian shouted over the comms. "Some kind of creature! I don't know!"

Penny cursed and turned to fire off a couple of coins at the knight in oozing armor that was attacking Madison. As expected, the coins pinged right off of the armor. If it shattered any bones, Penny didn't see and the skeleton didn't react. Fuck it, bone armor versus medieval armor seemed like a fair fight. Madison could handle it. Penny caught sight of Lyss running towards Saul. As Penny dodged around one of Lyss's shambling undead soldiers she shouted,"This one's yours, Madison! We'll get Saul!"

Lyss cursed as she watched Saul's freakish bodyguard knock her soldiers down. She ordered the rest to rush the being and decided to focus on Saul herself. She rushed towards him with her gun aimed his way. The flying armor flew right over to collide with Madison, but Lyss simply ducked to avoid it. As her minions all rushed the oozing muscleman Lyss got herself close enough to fire a round at the back of Saul's leg. If it missed it would just scare him.

"Don't take another step, bastard."

Saul yelled as the bullet pierced his leg and he fell over... Despite Lyss's orders, he attempted to crawl off. His leg was bleeding profusely as he attempted to flee. "I... It cannot... end... like this... Me-Messiah!" Saul cried out for the Messiah as he reached for the sky...

"... And it takes you being on the verge of death to finally put your faith in Mother? Some "church leader" you are, Saul." The Messiah's whisper appeared in his ear as he was frozen."I should leave you to your death and find another, more worthy, church-leader. However, I cannot live with even the ideation that the False God has succeeded."

The ceiling loudly and violently cracked in the middle of the room... in between Lyss and the main group. Madison was in the middle of fighting the armor, blocking a swing of its sword with her forearm. When she heard the cracking of the ceiling, she whipped her head around and screamed.


That was before the ceiling gave way and came crashing down creating thousands of pounds worth of rubble. It was a cacophony of noise and dust and rubble was sent everywhere.

"Fuck!" A blast of air sent Penny back away from falling rubble and she managed to stick the landing, her eyes looking up and her abstraction activating in time to see the loose bits of ceiling bouncing off the rubble towards her. The sigil under her neck glowed as she repulsed the bits of mortar and brick away from her.

After the dust began to settle it became clear to Penny that Lyss and Saul had been cut off from everyone else. Penny moved towards the rubble, throwing a glance over her shoulder to make sure that Saul's creepy bodyguards were not getting the upper hand on the others. She climbed up what rubble she could before brushing her fingers against the fallen chunks of the ceiling. As she touched them, the rocks violently swung around her back and were launched harmlessly towards her right as she began to clear a path.

The Knight fiercely clashed with Madison, but it turned its head towards Penny. Almost as if it was about to disengage... before the Knight (seemingly on purpose) lost the clash. It was launched off balance by Madison's attack and she jumped up into the air and landed on its skull. It was crushed in a sickening display as the orange fluids turned red and stopped glowing. Madison sighed as she turned her attention towards the rubble, she immediately flew towards it as it seems that Penny was already working towards it.

"Agent Keagan, do you copy?" The Director spoke over the comms.

"Yes, Director?" Cindy pressed her earpiece.

"Withdraw from the mission area immediately!" The Director said.

"Alyssa's been separated," Cindy answered as she glanced at the wreckage... only for it to be engulfed in orange light. Cindy tilted her head sideways as she laid eyes upon... Lyss. There was something... off about her, though.

Madison deactivated the Jaws when she saw Lyss, but she was closer so she could see what exactly was wrong with Lyss.... her eyes were a dark orange color that looked a bit familiar. "Girl?" Madison asked as she wanted to get closer but she was afraid to at the same time. Did she start talking to... nothing? Then swinging her fist at... nothing. She was spazzing out and Madison wondered just what Saul did to her.

Then she summoned her undead army and turned it on them.

"Girl!" Madison shouted as the Jaws reactivated seemingly unconsciously as she prepared for the undead tide.

"Ms. Burns!" Cindy shouted as she aimed the weapon downrange before she pressed her earpiece. "Director, Ms. Burn might be compromised!"

"Get her out of there if you can, if not..." The Director paused for a moment to say.

"... Then leave her."

"I... It cannot... end... like this... Me-Messiah!"

Lyss frowned as she stepped closer to Saul. If he was calling to this entity it meant that it was close. Even this entire team couldn't face it. She hesitated for a second, her foot almost finishing its third step closer to Saul as she watched him freeze in place.

The Messiah was here. She could feel it.

The ceiling above her head suddenly split. Lyss looked up and was relieved to see that it wasn't directly above her, but her heart dropped into her stomach when she realized what would happen if it collapsed. She was going to be cut off from her sisters. Lyss looked back just in time to lock eyes with Madison. She saw her sister open her mouth and heard her own name, but it was already too late.

The sound of the ceiling collapsing drowned out Madison's call. Lyss immediately turned towards the opening in the wall that Saul was crawling towards and booked it. She made it just a little past Saul when the falling rubble caught up to her and knocked her onto the ground. Lyss immediately covered her head and neck and braced for any further debris, but none came. She had made it far enough to avoid getting crushed by fallen concrete.

Unfortunately, dust filled the small part of the room left. Small bits of ceiling littered the ground around her. The only source of light came from the hallway. Lyss took a breath and found herself coughing from the dirty air.

So, she was alone in a low visibility situation with a maniac with a hole in his leg. It could be worse. Was The Messiah still here? Had it stayed on the other side to keep the DENs distracted?

She wasn't taking any chances. Lyss channeled her lux into her ring and pressed her palm to the floor. Whatever this thing was, she could only hope that it was an ancient apparition. She understood apparitions. She focused her energy and soon created a protective ward of a fifteen feet radius around her. Hopefully, it would keep this Messiah away from Saul as well. The cult leader couldn't have gotten far.

My pistol... Where's my pistol?

"If you wanted fair odds, Saul, you just got your wish." Lyss huffed into the silence as she got to her feet. She peered onto the ground around her to look for her pistol, but so far she saw nothing. If the only government-regulated vests came with a flashlight.

"Madison? Agent Keagan? Lyss asked as she pressed the button on her earpiece. "Is everyone okay on that side?"

Yet there was no answer.

An orange light appeared from behind Lyss.

"... Fair odds? No." Lyss heard a voice from behind her, it was the strange being wearing the white robe with the golden accents on it. Holding an orb of orange light in his hand. Appearing despite the usage of her abstraction. "Saul had them from the beginning... what Saul wished for was salvation, an easy way out..."

The Messiah's voice was a strange whisper that was a mixture of two separate people talking at the same time. The gentleness of a little girl and the harsher voice of a little boy. When Lyss blinked, the Messiah was now right in front of her.

"... And his prayers were answered. As always... Mother provides. She can provide for you too... if you so choose."

Lyss stared down at the being with an expression like a stone. Her back straightened with the heightened sense of danger that the entity carried with it. Disappointed in her abstraction's failure, she released the spell to save her energy for other purposes.

"What can your Mother provide for me that the Hound has not already given?" She asked with a strained voice. It was the only indicator that she was afraid.

"Many things, in fact," The Messiah said. "Salvation. Joy and... other things your heart desires."

The Messiah's lower face could be seen as they raised her head from underneath the hood. "The system that the False God has set up... their little game... I can feel its consequences wearing down on you. A demon created by its power has killed many of your friends. Your grandfather has passed down a dark legacy that you are forced to inherit. While there is a great fear of the Hound and other such beings in your heart..."

The Messiah trailed off as the area around Lyss... changed. It went from the rubble-filled basement of the compound to an endless voice. It was a very dark-orange color that had a faint light in the distance... completely featureless other than the Messiah and Lyss. They were seemingly all alone in this space.

"I do not offer power, instead I offer redemption... and knowledge of the world beyond the beyond."

Lyss frowned. Her hands tightened into fists. She didn't know how she was going to get out of this situation, but she sure as hell wasn't going to give in to this being.

"I do not fear the Hound. I don't fear death." She replied slowly. "I know you were the one to lead Annabelle Heart to my sisters. How could I trust you?"

"What will you do if I refuse?"

"I only lead her to you all because I knew that you would persevere over that... creature, it is not even worthy of a name," The Messiah spoke as a grin formed on their lower face for just an instant before their lips turned back into a smooth straight. "You may not fear death, but I can sense that... frustration hidden inside of you, Ms. Burns. You may deny it, but it is there."

The Messiah was quiet for a few moments as they felt that girl's presence. They grimaced... before focusing back on Lyss. Smiling yet again.

"I possess knowledge of the world beyond and something... beautiful," The Messiah said, "Would you at least hear me out? In return, whether or not you accept this gift, I will not harm you. In fact, I will even allow you, your sisters, and your allies in the DENS exit from this place."

Lyss clenched her jaw. It was a generous offer. It meant leaving without Saul, which would not make the Director happy. They could come back for him, but how many other innocents would die before they returned? She saw the bloody stone slab. She still worried: would the Messiah be this generous next time?

"What do you have to say?"

"Let me ask you a question..."

The Messiah kept half-smiling... never even showing the inch of a tooth (if they even had one).

"... Do you know the origin of creation?"

"I've heard many versions." Lyss answered. She had a feeling that this being's version was just like the others. Some twisted story to make this being look like the one true god like it said it was. She probably wouldn't believe it, but there was still a curious part of her that wanted to hear it.

"Of course, you have," The Messiah flatly said before they raised their hand. "I'll just show you their version of the origin of the universe before adding some... corrections."

The orange room suddenly went black... before it became dotted with countless stars. It was almost wonderful. Out of nowhere came two massive and cosmic looking beings. They were full of stars, and nearly featureless except for the feminine features one had, and the masculine features the other had. They floated through the stars... leaving behind a trail of planets as the Messiah looked on in disgust.

"They say that long ago, two beings are known as the "Ones above all"-" The Messiah's finger quoted. "Saw a cold, lifeless, universe and decided to fill it with life. Everything you see here was made in their image, and they decided to share a small piece of their Godly powers with... lesser beings."

The Messiah scoffed before they added on a (likely surprising) bit

"... Which isn't necessarily wrong but it's not the full story."

Lyss had been watching this Messiah's face, or what she could see of it, for their reaction between glimpses of the view. Her eyebrow rose. She was a little surprised that they didn't disprove the entire theory. "What's the full story, then?" She asked before adding, "What are you? How do you know this?"

"I am..." The Messiah trailed off for a second. "... One with Mother... I've given everything to her, and in return, she has given me so much. Knowledge, power, warmth, and comfort...."

The stars disappeared as it showed a vision... one of a massive ball of orange light similar to that of a sun. Constantly moving and flowing as glowing tendrils extended outwards for miles... Lyss could faintly see something underneath the mass. If she was observant she would notice that there was not a star in sight... only cold darkness, except for what had to be Mother.

"Ages ago there was Mother... and only Mother. She nestled all life inside of her and we danced in her womb. Inside of her... there was no such thing as loneliness, grief, or suffering. Only joy as we compensated for our flaws with the strengths of the collective... However, the other beings were jealous of Mother for her gift..."

However, the two celestial beings appeared out of nowhere and reached into Mother and yanked thousands of orbs out of Mother as the creature writhed.

"... So they took it from her," The Messiah spoke. "You owe your existence to Mother... we all do. However, they believed that they had killed Mother. They were wrong...."

The scene went black as it changed to the image of Mother floating over a city as the people below were running away screaming. Her tendrils were scooping people up by the boatload and the sky was red.

"... Mother began a rampage of retribution against the False Light. She took everything from them as they took everything from her...."

The next scene that the Messiah showed Lyss was Mother's tentacles wrapped around one of those being's necks and it squeezed down so hard that it decapitated him.

"... Even took their lives."

"However, in the process, Mother was weakened..." The Messiah trailed off as the scene changed yet again... there were thousands of Adepts wearing robes and had sigils all over her. They sucked the creature into a portal. "She was sealed in a different world... coincidentally, your world."

Lyss pressed her lips together. She turned her head to look at the being.

"If you and the Mother created our worlds, why would you ask Saul and his Forgiven to kill so many innocents? I could be persuaded to believe you, but I will not side with you. Annabelle Heart was created because of his actions, and she died by your hand because you led her to us. Her death was necessary, but she was created because of Saul. She killed so many in her search for revenge."

"It is not murder," The Messiah answered as they stuck their hands out and the void turned back into that dark orange abyss. "It is... worship. Simple worship by sacrifice, the highest form in my opinion."

The Messiah was silent for a few seconds. "Saul is... a new church leader. He is still growing into the perfect church leader. While it may seem that Saul created Annabelle, she was the one that cast away her humanity in pursuit of revenge. That Apparition... the Wendigo... he knew that this would happen. He was the one that took advantage of her and used her to kill countless to fuel his own power."

"Is that not what you are doing with Saul?" Lyss asked curtly, her voice revealing her anger.

"One would assume beings as ancient as you and your mother would understand the similarity. If you and Mother are truly the creators of this world, you would care more for its inhabitants."

"You misunderstand us," The Messiah said. "Mother did not create this world, nor the flesh that stands before us... more like the soul that pushes your body forward. By sacrificing bodies, we revert bodies to their purest form and are embraced by Mother..."

"That's where you misunderstand me. Yes, I'm frustrated with the way the world is now. That I've lost so much because of it. But I will not allow this senseless killing. It is not worship but fear that makes them sacrifice in your name."

"You have no choice but to allow it," The Messiah shrugged as their voice went flat. "Many have tried to stop her... The so-called 'All' and their Ancients, Ms. Lawson, Ms. Walton, Liao's son..."

The Messiah walked off into the abyss for a second and stared at it. Lyss's fist tightened as her anger rose. She shifted her weight onto one leg fully prepared to act if the Messiah tried anything. "And yet they have all failed. Mother has returned time and time... and she will keep returning. There is not a thing man or deity can do to stop her. And they will fall before she will...."

The Messiah trailed off before they whipped back around to face Lyss. "However, I will stop myself here."

The dark orange voice faded away to reveal the ruins of the basement... caked in dust from the collapsing ceiling and broken rocks. It was just Lyss and the Messiah.

"As we agreed, I will not impede your escape in any way, in fact," The Messiah raised their hand, and then the debris blocking the way was seemingly consumed by an orange light. Sparks and embers seemingly burned it all away. "Just remember..."

The Messiah slowly faded away.

"Mother forgives you."

Then they were gone. However, there was something odd going on the other side of the debris.

Lyss released the breath she'd been holding. She felt like she'd just avoided getting hit by a train. Her hands unclenched and clenched again. She shook them out and looked around her. Saul wasn't there anymore. She couldn't even see a blood trail.


Her head turned now to where the wall of debris used to block her view of her friends. "Madison!? Maya?Anyone?"

However, on the other side of the wall stood three figures... her friends, or what used to be her friends. They were seemingly... corrupted by something. Maya was oozing orange pus as she was missing her entire front. Her jaw was missing and her internal organs were exposed. Her eyes were glowing with orange color as she stood there. Agent Kegan was covered in orange, glass-like, crystals that covered her entire upper skull and only revealed her mouth and rotting teeth... also oozing orange pus. While Penny was covered in blowing pulsating blisters and her limbs were twisted.

"... Unfortunately," Lyss heard the voice of the Messiah besides her. "Your friends weren't as defiant as you were. Thus, Mother has freed them from her bodies and... repurposed them."

The Messiah shook their head. "You should join them."


"You said they would be unharmed," Lyss muttered, her voice low and monotonous.

"And they weren't."

She turned towards the Messiah. Her body shaking with white-hot rage and her grief displayed clearly in her eyes. If she feared the entity at all at this moment she would have asked them to bring her sisters back. But her friends were gone, and at this moment she didn't give a fuck.

Lyss stepped towards the being and swung her fist right at their tiny 4'5" head. Which went through the Messiah's head.

In the blink of an eye

They were gone.

Were they even there?

Lyss stumbled as she swung through thin air. She caught herself quickly, huffing with frustration.

As she looked back at what was once her sisters, Lyss realized she didn't have the heart to hurt them. Even if they were the Messiah's soulless monsters now. If they went back on their word if these husks attacked her, would she have the guts to finish them off?

Lyss took a deep breath and pushed her hair back from her face before she knelt to the ground. She slammed her hands against the dirt, black sigils appearing over them. Fifty undead soldiers rose from the ground to stand between herself and the oozing bodies. She began to back away towards the exit. If anything she hoped to escape before she had to hurt them.

... And suddenly there was no exit. It was just her and the others. In a completely smooth and featureless room.

"No way in hell." Lyss hissed as she looked around the room. The Messiah was messing with her head. Was any of this real?

Even if it wasn't, she was better off safe than sorry. With a pained grimace, Lyss gave the order for her soldiers to attack. She stepped backward and prepared to summon more as her horde raced towards the three monsters that were once her sisters.

The Vanburen Estate - The Deck

But, Justin made sure to commit the Vanburen's abilities to memory. He had seen several demonstrations so obviously Raymond's abstraction was stone (Justin was gonna comment on just why he glossed over Emotional-Fields but hey, that would waste time), and Alexander was basically a BDSM Danny Phantom. What was interesting to Justin was Ezra's ability... the ability to change the size of anything and become proficient in it? That was fuckin' cool, but he was gonna keep that childish excitement to himself. Oscar's ability was simple, but rather effective (won't he shock himself if he uses both though?). Little miss weirdo decided to pull out her own abstraction and it was a mess of tendril-like hands that she wiggled around. She brought one in his direction and then he was tempted to hit one with his steel balls but he just sidestepped it. She better keep those hands to herself, or she's going to really need an abstraction like that.

However, Georgie had a bit more... hostile reaction.

Justin was split on Georgie in general. He appreciates her intelligence and observations, but on the other hand, she was excessively rude and hostile, and worst of all wanted to make this difficult. He didn't know where her hostility towards the weird one (or, as she liked to call her, the Northern Twat) came from, but Justin had not a clue who she was! Nor was he gonna play detective and attempt to figure out who she was. That's their problem and barking up the wrong tree will surely not end well. What was the problem was that Georgie ran off back into the house explaining that she didn't want to explain her ability around the weirdo and Trisha did the same thing. Well, Justin didn't exactly think that the latter would even get involved so he disregarded her. She probably had a lame power.

Like bringing art to life.

Still, they had to get a fuckin' move on. The faster they get this done, the faster they can worry about more important things. Like trying to look into who in the world stole those. He didn't want to seem impatient but who fuckin knows with that cult? Maybe they're planning to come back.

"So, um," Justin ran a hand through his hair. "We should probably decide on how we're gonna go about this real soon. I suggest we just go to them and try to catch them off guard."
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The Vanburen Estate

“Why are we immediately jumping to the idea that we go in swinging? Like you said, Justin, they caught us unprepared and still lost. They didn’t get what they wanted, they were forced to retreat, and they took casualties while we only lost the use of our dining room until repairs are done and the bearskin rug in the entryway that, in hindsight, was a bit tacky. I honestly think the threat of violence would be better than actual violence, and I rather not go murder a bunch of people who might have family that might start asking questions. So before we go galavanting off to assault what seems like a couple of losers who hang out in a ransacked Five Seasons maybe we could try brainstorming a few other ideas? Anyone?”

You really shouldn't let whatever's watching out there get the idea that they can come in here and rough house you all without retaliation..

Is what Justin really wanted to say. That was that prideful, no-prisoners, nuclear option, upbringing speaking. He knew that maybe they wouldn't understand that - well, maybe he gave off the wrong intention. He tried to save face.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, I think I kinda sent the wrong message here," Justin puts his hands up shaking them back and forth. He leaned back a little bit like a dramatic display. Before he chuckled and said, "I'm not saying we should be killing anyone - in fact, I advise against it. But, it's a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation here, by that I mean I don't think there's anyone to solve our problems without violence."

He shrugged as he looked Ezra down. He was obviously the man in charge and Justin was going to give him the utmost amount of respect. It was a miracle he's even hearing him out after all, but he had to say this. "What we need to do is take the Triple Goddess out of the equation. And if what I know about ancient ghosts is correct; she's gonna go down swinging."

Justin shrugged again as he said, "Take her out, and the cult's just gonna be a bunch of idiots floundering around."

At best, that is. At worst, they'll just find another patron saint and become a problem down the line.

“What if I pretend to join their cult but, but, but instead of kicking their asses I instead lead their leader to a mirror? And then Arabelle and I could pull them through and they’ll have nobody to follow, causing a power vacuum which will make them turn on one another and crumble from the inside.”

Justin raised an eyebrow at the mouthy girl, Ezra seems to be compatriots with her? For a second Justin thought that she was his sugar baby but then he heard something about being a "sister" to the Vanburens. That was an interesting notion, to say the least, but James slept around a lot. He probably has kids all over Araminta and beyond. Still, the girl was quite... annoying. Constantly talking about nonsense... Justin didn't know what, but he got some odd vibes from her. By that, he meant that she was odd.

"I don't think that's going to work..." He cut himself off there as he was certain that explaining how the Triple Goddess was the real problem (for the third time) was gonna fly over her head.

... If she was listening in the first place.

However, the servant chick that disappeared dropped a skull on the table and explained what it was. And Justin's heart started racing.

“This is what they came here for. The Horned God is sealed within this skull. A girl within the cult spoke to me before I escaped. She is against this Morgana and the Triple Goddess's plan to release him. She gave this to me for protection. If this girl is truly against their plans, she may know a way to stop them without violence. She may know about this goddess's weakness too. I think we should try to contact her.”

The Horned God.

Probably a powerful Apparition. Just in the hands of some servant all along. He was relieved that she had the Horned God and not the cult, but they should definitely get this somewhere secure. ASAP. The rude chubby girl took the skull and voiced some points that Justin had no choice but to agree with. However, Justin faced Arabelle when she mentioned that she made contact with one of them and something didn't quite sit right with that. He scrunched his face for a second as he slid his hands into his pockets.

"Do you like... know her name? Or how to even get in contact with her?" Justin started. "Or if we can really trust her, you know? Don't get me wrong, this could work out in our favor but she could be aiming towards installing a different deity for all we know."

”Do you think you’ll be able to contact her?” We’ll have to get rid of the Triple Goddess either way, but it will be easier if we can negotiate with the cult itself. Without her, I don’t think they will be a threat to you.”
"Whatever we come up with will end in violence anyway. If we try to negotiate it will turn into a fight. If we ambush them we'll most likely win the fight. The most important thing here was keeping the ram's head away from them and it wouldn't be safe with Arabelle."

"She's got a point," Justin gestured towards Georgie. As much as he liked Tuyen, he had to admit that her idea was definitely not going to go anywhere. "Only thing I think they'll want is the release of the Horned God."

He paused for a second.

"And that is not going to happen."

The tallest of the bunch kept quiet during this entire conversation... Sabrina Vanburen had a scarf over her face to protect her from the cold. All this talk of violence was not... boding well with her. Even you, Ozz...? However, she didn't want the Vanburens to go in and fight these people, she finally stepped up as she said.

"We know the names of a few of them and where they work," Sabrina piped up. "Why don't we just send the cops after them?"

Justin sighed as he facepalmed at having to explain the obvious. He held up one finger as he said, "One, try finding a cop that'll take a report of a cult of actual witches raided your mansion with hellhounds and magic seriously."

He raised another finger, "Two, a cop without magic is gonna get shredded by them... there's a little thing protecting us from each other's abilities. I'm not gonna stand here and explain it because we have better things to do."

He raised another finger as he said, "And three, we need to take the Triple Goddess out of the equation and unless there's some kinda secret ghost hunting agency out there - that task falls on us."

It sucks but the Vanburens should have realized that they can't have other problems solve all of their problems. Though, Raymond mentioning the cult and their known abilities (so far, Justin knew that they had something up their sleeve) reminded him of something: he didn't know what the Vanburens could do. He had a vague idea of what Shane, Georgie, Raymond, and Alexander could do, but not the entire family. So, what better way to find out than ask?

"So, uh, what can you all do by the way?" Justin asked before he felt the need to demonstrate his own abstraction. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a few steel balls, and then they floated into the air for a moment before they combusted into flames. They spun around in a circle as he explained, "Mine is Pyro-telekinesis. I can move objects with my mind but whatever I control catches fire. Pretty simple, yeah?"

He didn't want to go into his grandmother's abstraction because he realized how impractical it was to use at the moment. Shane mentioned something about hitting up James' bar and not to bother him until they decide on a plan and Justin couldn't help but roll his eyes. Well, if he wanted to get drunk now of all times, that was on him but Justin was gonna focus.
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