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Complete Lore Here.

TYPE-YELLOW Biological-Powers.
Examples include: Animal mimicry, super-strength, regeneration/healing, etc, etc.

TYPE-RED: Elemental-Powers.
Examples include: Fire-manipulation, Sound-Generation, etc, etc.

TYPE-BLUE: Mental-Powers.
Examples include: Telekinesis, Telepathy, Memory manipulation, etc, etc.

TYPE-GREEN: Power-Altering Abilities.
Examples include: Power negation, augmentation, replication, etc, etc.

TYPE-WHITE: Space/Other Powers.
Examples include: Teleportation, and any other abilities that don't fit the categories above.

TYPE-CHROMATIC: Hybrid-Powers.
Examples include: Elemental mimicry, having two separate powers from each type, fire that burns thoughts away, etc, etc

In the summer of 1963, it happened, the Delta-Storm, an event where tens of thousands of crystals rained from the sky and landed on the earth. These weren't ordinary crystals (Named Delta-Crystals), however, as they radiated with strange otherworldly energy (Nicknamed Delta-Point Energy) that granted strange and abilities to those who were exposed to it. These can range from teleportation to super-strength, to manipulating the elements and even replicating the abilities of others, the possibilities are endless. These superhuman entities are called Deltahumans (The older term was Metahumans, and sometimes they are referred to as Deltas/Metas). There are five different types of crystal/delta-point energy (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, & White), each granting a different type of ability but there's also the chance that someone may get two different types of energy (Known as being Chromatic, which is rare). However, powers are completely random within those categories and it's possible for someone to get a completely useless power. Only a select few are compatible with the energy (stated to be about 15% of all humanity) but once they are exposed (from the crystals or contact with other Deltahumans) it'll rapidly spread to the rest of their body.

This is known as an Exposure-Event and once exposed a person either develop their abilities Naturally (over time ability will manifest) or Under-High-Stress (in high-stress situations ability develop faster). The energy within a Deltahuman is invisible to all except special equipment and when they use their ability on the environment they project a bit of it (only for it to fade away once they've ended their ability). Every person's ability is different and unique to them, however, some abilities are Hereditary. These are few and in between but are more likely to occur if the mother is a Deltahuman and Deltahuman child usually takes after the mother power-wise. There's an extremely high chance if the parent was compatible with the energy the child will also be compatible with the energy.

Deltahumans are naturally drawn to one another through something known as the Black-Fall Effect. It's a subconscious draw to one another that's so subtle that nobody can notice - but even the shyest introvert will be drawn to other Deltahumans. If a Deltahuman touches a Delta-Crystal, they'll receive a massive power boost if the crystal corresponds with their type. For example, a Red Deltahuman will get boosted from a red crystal, but if they touch a yellow then it'll only be slight. There are a few drawbacks, however, as powers are linked to the body and mind, and overuse can result in exhaustion and physical pain. A Deltahuman pushing themselves too far will result in Ashing, which is best described as the body self-destructing. They'll fade away into ash and the survival rate is also extremely low - around 4%. There's also another side effect that makes it risky for Deltahumans to use Delta-Crystals.

Throughout the years there have been technology developed around Deltahumans, most famously the Power Nullification Collars - which disable a Deltahuman's power long as they are wearing it. Though, there's a new nefarious chemical that has developed in recent years - Power Serums. The REAPER organization is the prime distributor of these serums, these glowing vials of liquid can grant a variety of different powers once consumed. They can usually be bought by shady means, however, the REAPER organization sometimes distributes them for free for purposes unknown (either to drum up chaos, or test out a new serum). Most of the Delta-crystals have been collected by the world's governments however a few exist out there in the wild (with some theorizing that new crystals could be growing). While Deltahumans are a recent development out in the world, some suspect that Deltahumans could have appeared far earlier. It's only a suspicion, right?

There's a rare but extremely frightening transformation that anybody can go through if they touch a crystal. It is known as Chimerization, and any organic being in contact with a Delta-crystal is capable of the process. It's where an organism merges with a Delta-crystal and mutates into a powerful and freakish creature that is incredibly dangerous. There's no telling what form a being will take when they undergo Chimerization and some Chimeras end up completely eldritch. They will always have a body covered in Delta-crystals that'll continue to grow, however, Chimeras usually expire after a short period of time. What's dangerous about Chimeras is that they gain an enhanced, jail-broken, superpower that is insanely dangerous - but they're also dangerous for the Chimera. All Chimeras are mindless, vicious, beasts that aggressively hunt down other Delta-Crystals, which they seem to have a mental link to. Deltahumans are also far more likely of becoming a Chimera, which is why it's incredibly dangerous to use Delta-Crystals to enhance their powers. What's strange is that during natural disasters or other such events increase the amount of Chimerization increases.

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A story about friendship and traveling set in the Black Fall universe, a world about superhumans and their trials and tribulations. There was a man named Sean Rosier who was a teacher at Academy 003, he was a kind and inquisitive man. However, he harbored an interest, a secret project under the nose of the Academy leadership and the authorities: The Stargazer Project. It was born from a belief that there existed alternate worlds out there and he would penetrate the barrier between them and achieve travel from one world to another. One day, Sean just up and vanished, gone; without a trace. One curious student, Wendy Lucker, that was a friend of his did some snooping through his office and things and found a diary of his. A diary that told her all about the mysterious Stargazer Project and developed a morbid curiosity to find out what happened to him and complete this puzzle. Summer hit and Wendy gathered a bunch of her friends and set on a cross-country road trip... something that they had been planning anyway to celebrate their graduation from the Academy Program. However, the Stargazer Project is one that has many different eyes set on it... dangerous ones.
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