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Current "Yep listening to nothing, taking no suggestions, Or destructive criticisms, that can't improve on perfection."
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IHOP N' Denny's are horrible
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They won't let me within five hundred feet of a Denny's. I got into too many fights in their parking lots.
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I'm a pure boyscout that never masturbates.
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When Ruler Inc falls, there's me.



I've gone by several names on this hellsite, since I've been around since Oldguild - didn't make too many waves back then, however. But, I am a twenty-three-year-old guy that lives on the east coast and attends community college for a criminal justice degree. When I'm not in class or raging online, I am at work at the worst place in the god damn world. And when I don't feel like doing any of that stuff, I'm usually on steam playing a game or watching Netflix. So my times kind of divided lol. I guess I call myself an average role player, there's better out there. I usually GM an RP or two, but sometimes, sometimes, I manage to find an RP that interests me that I join. I really like making a variety of different characters, and one thing I like to do is add depth and weave symbolism into my characters because people are a lot more than just one thing. I also like adding music where ever possible. I have a variety of preferred genres; I like superhuman and sci-fi settings the most. Though, I'm down for anything long as it sounds cool. I GM'd a lot of superhuman RPs, but, honestly, I'm trying to branch out and be known for a dude that makes any type of cool RPs. I have lots of ideas I want to put into play, which I'll detail below. I guess my specialty would be creating different worlds.

Message me anytime if you want to do them, or talk or play a game. Anything really. Also if you sent a message and I don't reply; chances are that I was out and looked at it on my phone or other device and wanted to wait until I get home before I replied. If I don't respond, feel free to prod me to get a response.



@Spoopy Scary: Honestly one of the best roleplayers on this site, we go waaay back. Despite his woman hair I really enjoy roleplaying with him and he is very intelligent. He has helped me a lot throughout the years.

@Junkmail: Despite all of his stale memes, shitposting, and other cancer he's a great guy. Pretty talented roleplayer for what it's worth (waaaay better than some of the retardation I've seen on this site) and has helped me with a lot of my ideas.

@Maxx: Even though he's infuriatingly flakey, I still regard him as a cool cat. He's a good roleplayer and definitely has some very good characters.

[@He Who Walks Behind]: If he would climb out of that damn cave and actually roleplay on this site, I would say he's the best. I always enjoyed his writing style and his characters, and he was my go-to co-gm when he did roleplay. He's also funny and probably has a huge dick.

@Dragonbud: I should probably talk to her more. Probably.


@Savo: A cancer cell that has fell off my body and developed into its own person. He's pretty cool for what its worth, and I entrusted him with the World Warriors RP after I fell on hard times and despite his attempts to eliminate what's left of my will to live, he's pretty fun to bounce ideas off of.

@redbaron1234: The last surviving brony, but are you a brony if you're a girl? These questions bring up the very nature and duality of man.

@Kamen Evie Is one of the few people on the RPG who likes Armored Core. They earned their spot on this list.

@KaiserElectric: Furromantic.

@Crosswire: They should change their username to Buttwire. One of the nicest people from the World Warriors RP.

@Drag: Cowboys are overrated

@wxps350: I found it, the most cancerous human being in the world. Please eliminate soon as you read this.

@Megsychan: If this scrublord posts another Skullgirl pony in my discord server I'm going to individually bite all of her fingers off.


@Zombiedude101: My go-to Co-GM and right hand man, you've probably seen him as the Co-GM in my RPs a lot. He really helps me worldbuild and makes my retarded ideas less retarded and I appreciate that.

@Lord Wraith: Honestly he has a superhero universe that's closer to a comicbook and a lot more consistent than mine. Eventually we will actually roleplay with each other some day.

@FernStone: As much as I like reminding them they're bad, they're actually a consistent and dedicated roleplayer. A lot more than what I could say about everyone else on this fucking list.

[@Altered Tundra]: I wanted to actually put something nice down, but this fucking degenerate still listens to edgy middle-school rock bands unironically.



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Its technically weird plant necrophilia.

My character
@Sewer Rat It's never too late to throw in your rat

Tampa General Hospital - Parking Garage.

“I did exactly what Vashti said, I was so good that I made someone awaken when we slept together. Buuuut that’s not important right now. I’ll tell you all about it later.”

Trevor's cheeks turned a rosy red as Maya talked and he looked off to the side. Part of him was morbidly curious, but he knew that if Meifeng (or anyone in the squad) wouldn't like him asking about it. That sounded like a huge ass HR nightmare, the type of nightmare that Trevor didn't want to have. So he just coughed as he awkwardly said,

"Noted," He said before he addressed the rest of the Coven. "Now be careful out there... and by that I mean don't do anything crazy because Meifeng's already a Lil' pissed about Babylon."

They seemed to be working out their little drama and whatnot, so Trevor felt like it was time to leave. He didn't want to overstay his welcome, at least before Meifeng got suspicious that he was consorting with the Coven, too. While they were talking Trevor casually slid off behind the SUV without them even noticing his footsteps. Years of huntin' n' killin' allowed Trevor to perfect his ability to be quiet as fuck. Of course, Trevor made sure to give Maya one wave goodbye before he moved on.

“Yeah. Use protection. Look, I’m sorry if I came off as a jerk. I barely know any of you, but I still don’t want anyone else to get hurt. The Outsider couldn’t stop us, so a rich loser caught with his pants down will hardly be a problem for you girls. I guess that’s why I didn’t see it as something that should be such a priority. But I respect your decision. That said, I’d only be getting in the way. But I’m not gonna go look for Kayla or go home.”

It seems Vashti was smart enough to call a wild goose chase when she saw one. For that, Madison almost had to applaud her. Almost. Then she had to keep running her mouth. Most of what Vashti said went over Madison's head... to be honest, all Vashti had to say was "I don't want to go, bye". But noooooooo, little miss sunshine right here thought that everyone gave enough of a shit about somebody who just joined the Coven. She hadn't been filled in on the whole situation here... or else she would know that several of Madison's friends and coworkers were sacrificed because of that dickhead. And she thinks it's "low priority". Bitch, I'm outta a job because of him, not just that, several people are dead, Madison was about to say. It was tough for her to keep her mouth, and she realized that it probably spoke for her. Hopefully.

“I’m going to go sit with Emily so that there’s someone there when she wakes, Or, you know, in case Babylon comes back for her. Oh, did we all forget about the bitch that actually killed one of us and nearly murdered another!? Well, anyway... Enjoy your FUCKING orgy!”

When Vashti closed the door, Madison couldn't contain it anymore.

"... I'm really startin' to hate her ass."

Madison spoke to nobody in particular as she rolled her eyes. Jesus Christ, it was like dealing with another Emily... still, Madison couldn't say that Vashti was wrong. They had to handle Babylon at some point and to be honest with herself they never should have trusted Babylon at all. That was no excuse for Vashti to be irritating as all hell, however. They'll cross that bridge when they get to it.

She shook her head as she faced the group.

"... We'll have to deal with Babylon later," Madison tried to justify her decision not to go after Babylon. Probably more to herself than the rest of the Coven. "We have to remember that Blake gave Babylon the cover she needed and right now I think he's the bigger problem..." She stopped herself as she realized how obvious it was starting to sound, but Madison was too stubborn to even admit that she could be wrong.

"I have an idea, Lyss," Madison pipped up, "We use Chompy, Quinn's Harry Potter ass summons, and the Jaws to get ourselves onto the boat and then we blend in. I sincerely hope you guys have bikinis. We blend in, and maybe..."

Madison had a different idea that she knew that nobody in the Coven would agree it. And it was also fucking insane.

"... We catch him by himself and then we give him a good reason not to fuck with the Coven ever again."

It was a loose plan, but Madison knew that the Coven was a borderline anarchic force. It was better to just direct them at something and let them do their thing rather than trying to micromanage each one of them. But, she had something to say to two of the members.

"Maya, please stay out of sight, because he'll definitely blow a gasket if he sees you," Though maybe we can use that in our favor. Madison thought to herself before she turned to Quinn. "And Quinn, I'm gonna need you to pay attention. Like seriously, we can't have you fucking us up because you didn't catch the fucking memo."

She rolled her eyes. She didn't know about the other girl, but part of her didn't trust her... but another part of her came up with a genius idea. One that she wasn't going to share with the rest of the Coven.

"Are we on the same page here? Good, let's meet on the Tampa bay in an hour."

The day was glorious! That pitiful Coven was gone, he presumed. The Outsider didn't come back yet but he trusted that the Outsider was the most dangerous thing in Tampa and beyond so of course it did.

Or those rednecks sold him a crappy Apparition.

Either way, he was probably going to hear all about the Coven's destruction in the news. Then he was going to find some other way to gain the magic powers that he so desired. But he had to celebrate! Also, he had to rebuild his... catalog of women. And what better way to do that than to invite a bunch from various circles and invite them onto his yacht! It was the greatest thing on earth, his yacht! Five stories tall, and lots of rooms for his escapades, Blake bought it with the finest money on earth! It was his palace of the ocean and the only let the select few (Aka. the rich and/or the hot) onto it.

Blake was wearing black swim trunks and Gucci slides as he stepped out with a glass of exquisite wine in one hand and raised it.

"Let the good times roll!" Blake shouted and all of his sycophants started cheering.

Blake's Orgy Porgy Boat.

An hour later, the Coven launched their secret mission against Blake Schmidt. His boat was massive.... and that made their little plan a lot harder. Of course, Madison had a plan of her own. One that Grace probably won't like. The Coven arrived at the side of the boat because showing up at the back would be suicide right now and Chompy slinked off the side and went to look for an infant to eat. Madison put her hand on her hips as she was wearing a purple-one-piece bikini and Nike slides. And she had to go out and buy this because she didn't have a bikini that wasn't a two-piece (or a thong). She had to cover up that wound on her side or else she'd stick out like a sore thumb. She looked at the Coven as she said,

"Okay, we need to find Blake fast as possible," Madison stated, "Because the faster we get this over with, the faster I can go take a nap...." And get high as fuck.

She looked around as she said, "Split up into groups so we can handle this."

"I'll be by your side," Claudette said.
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