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"Do you think you're a bad enough dude? Then try the new videogame Ghost Note FOREVER for the N64. Featuring cutting edge graphics and hours of gameplay." - Commercial for Ghost Note Game
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"Brb grabbin some smokes." - Mahz to a young Ghost Note.
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The longer Myeisha sat on this boat, the more out of place she felt. Maine was definitely far from home, and she was super out of her depth here. She sat on the side of the Ferry, staring off into the seemingly endless expanse of the Pacific Ocean to ease her mind. However, it was very foggy, and even though she was trying to distract herself with music blaring through her Beats. Through blaring rap music loudly through her headphones, she was able to ease herself, and finally simmer down.

She was acting like she was on a slave ship!

It wasn't long until the fog broke through and she could see the island approaching... and she was hoping that these were the friendly kind of racists. Just what was she thinking? Leaving Atlanta? Especially for New England, of all places. All dressed up like some kinda gangster... sagging ripped skinny jeans with red and black Air Jordan 13's. She had a bright-red long-sleeved Polo t-shirt with the blue polo logo, and her hair dyed blonde at the tip. Of course, she had three gold chains with crosses on them... and she was hoping that God was looking over her when she took the invitation. Though there was a bit of a crowd forming around an old man and she figured that she'd see what was up.

The Atlanta-woman slid the headphones around her neck - still with the rap music loudly blaring - slid her hands into her pockets and drifted over towards the scene. As they were listening to the old man, Myiesha was staring off into the distance as if she wasn't paying attention, but anyone with a brain would know that she was listening. Not that it bothered her, it just wasn't in Myiesha's nature to stand there gawking at them. She heard bits and pieces of the conversation... just not enough to extrapolate anything worthwhile. Old bastard going on about a hotel, some bitch she never heard of, and some other boring-ass places.

Like who the fuck wants to hang out at a dusty ass fortress?

Some dude that was smoking introduced himself, after asking about the waterfall and Myeisha rolled her eyes. Like he gives a shit who he is. "Yo- I mean, hello," Myiesha started, "That's nice and all, but do you know where the good bars are at?"

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