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The piloting droid had let out trills and beeps as the ship launched through space. It had been far to long since she had felt the pull of light speed against her metallic casings. Most of the time she was wedged in a cargo hold, not able to watch the cosmic lights blur past her photoreceptors. Not only that but it felt good to finally have the ship off of Alderaan, she wanted to go somewhere new. A planet far away from her past, where there would be new data to fill her synthetic mind. And as the ship rapidly decelerated this mystery destination was...Tatooine? B-0s photoreceptors dimmed slightly, an expression that could be interpreted as disappointment. She had been to Tatooine, and had a love hate relationship with the desert planet.

But that wasn't the most pressing matter, the approaching distress signal was. B-0 moved quickly, her metal mitten shaped hands flicking a switch, bringing a display up for the rest of the crew to see the distressed blip in space. What surprised B-0 was that the distress signal was getting closer, if the needy ship was still operational she would think it would move closer to the planet. The droid swiveled her head back, rotating on her neck 180 degrees, as she addressed Captain Varen with her wavery and jittery voice system.

"Awaiting...your command...Captain"
i will remember this. like a TellTale game. the little banner just appears over my head.
hearing the thrum of the Trandoshan alone in the cockpit

-cue B-0 crying in the distance how could wookie mom forget im there-

The Droid scanned her dimly lit photoreceptors over the control panel in front of her. This ship was different from ships she had been designed to pilot, but enough things were similar enough that she was able to orient herself. She even found herself guiding her pilots hand a few times, pointing to different controls and beeping in a game of "Hot and Cold". The two felt like a relatively competent team, but B-0 chose to withhold her judgements until they got the ship off the ground. Which, to B-0s surprise had not happened yet. She supposed they had to wait for the captains orders, and for the rest of the crew to complete their pre-flight tasks, but the Droid found herself getting restless.

Baarsuth made a comment as he pulled a strange device from his coat about music. She watched in interest as he plugged the technology into the ships speaker system and pressed a button.

B-0 had certainly heard music before, but nothing like this. She took a moment to sift through her memory banks. Once or twice, while she was on Tatooine, could she hear the distant sounds of musicians entertaining the exhausted farmers and merchants. And even more recently, on Alderaan, had her master been serenaded by a wonderful singer with a wonderfully fishy face. But this was far different from any music she had ever experienced. B-0 could not identify a particular thing about the music that she enjoyed, perhaps it was the intense volume or the was the singer's voice blended perfectly with the instruments accompanying it.

Something made B-0's hollow chest cavity feel very...full. Perhaps she was malfunctioning. Perhaps this was the Force she had been searching for.

It was, as the narrator had stated, pretty lit.

It didn't take B-0 very long to realize a certain part of the song repeated. And while her memory banks did not contain the word 'chorus' she did quickly memorize this section of the music. On the third repeat B-0 began to trill and chirp along, a little pitchy but almost accurate in tone. The droid, as she dutifully watched over the various meters and screens on her half of the cockpit, was singing in her own strange little way.

A small part of B-0 questioned why she felt the urge to 'sing' along to the music. It certainly wasn't part of her programming, her Creators were not exactly a people of fine arts. She was never taught to sing, she was hardly taught anything outside of protocol. She just felt a...desire. Was this what it was like to be alive?

Probably not but she was still having a good time.

@Spoopy Scary We have been friends for many years and through it all I would never abandon you...(when do I get my paycheck)
I am a pretty big fan of a kinda robin hood style group. Vigilante Justice!! But I could fit my character into any sort of group, I might PM you my concept :D
Oh snap. You got me. I have a character I have been dying to play.
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