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@Spoopy Scary We have been friends for many years and through it all I would never abandon you...(when do I get my paycheck)
I am a pretty big fan of a kinda robin hood style group. Vigilante Justice!! But I could fit my character into any sort of group, I might PM you my concept :D
Oh snap. You got me. I have a character I have been dying to play.
Maaaannn I am a sucker for any rp that I can be a centaur in
B-0 continued along with the group, her speakers remaining silent but her body whirling and squeaking softly as she climbed the stairs to the bridge. B-0 looked around the area, the gears in her neck grinding loudly as she did so. Something about this place, or the idea of this place, felt comfortable. Familiar. B-0 looked towards the two chairs at the end of the bridge, the pilot and co-pilot chairs. And although her was unable to emote, the action itself almost held longing within in.

What Varen said about the laser cannon did not seem to phase the droid, perhaps it was the wording on his phrase. Of course the laser cannon only worked sometimes, it would not work if it was broken or powered down. This would mean it did work when it was on and in good repair. Sometimes.

But the laser cannon did not really interest the droid. As Varen spoke B-0 took a few steps towards the chairs, even though she had not been ordered to. She stopped herself, however, when the rest of the group began to continue the tour. B-0 paused a moment, looking over her shoulder at the empty chairs before walking quickly to catch back up with the group, her metallic hull creaking under the strain.

The rest of the tour did not really interest the droid, luckily for her it was easy to look like she was paying attention. Oh the perks of being unable to physically emote. The lounge was nice, but she seriously doubted that she would be lounging with the rest of the crew any time soon. The supply of food kept there would also likely be untouched by the droid, as she did not eat. The bunks meant nothing to the droid, she already knew her room was the bridge. Of all the things in this section of the ship the engine was able to keep the droids attention. It sounded like her, whirling and humming, except much larger. And all the recordings and levels displayed around the engine, all things B-0 could relate to.

And then the captain said the magic words. Manning their stations. The droid, who had remained quite quiet throughout this entire tour, suddenly began to whirl and let out a long string of untranslatable beeps. Excitement. B-0 began to quickly make her way back towards the bridge, looking over her shoulder to make sure Varen and Baarsuth were following. She let out another long string of beeps and whistles, urging the others to hurry along. Soon they would be away from Aldaraan, much to the pleasure of the droid, and off into the great unknown.

The droid let Baarsuth pick his chair first, as it would only be fair to the pilot, and than sat down in the second chair. Something about this chair, and these controls in front of her, seemed to click within the droid. Although it had been years since she was allowed to be in control of a ship, and even though she moved with such strain earlier, something changed within the droid as she looked over the panels. Her programmed purpose. Her movements were clear and precise as she began pressing buttons and flicking switches, her dim photoreceptors glowing with a renewed light.

B-0 could see a little bit of hesitation in her pilot, perhaps he was nervous? The droid did not see a reason to mock the larger creature, and instead began to try and assist him. She would point to buttons and switches, giving directions in beeps and trills. It took a little work, as cooperation was a little foreign to B-0, but soon the ship was in take off, away from Aldaraan.

The little droid let out a shrill screech, followed by sounds that could easily be translated as a "woohoo". B-0 felt something deep within her chest, accomplishing her set task the task she was programmed to do. It felt...right. B-0 let out another series of beeps and whistles as she threw her arms into the air and looked over at Baarsuth. And although the droid could not emote with her facial features, it was obvious the droid was pleased.
B-0 watched with slight disinterest as Baarsuth gave her a look over. He seemed surprised that she had developed a way of speaking, most people she came in contact with were surprised that she did. But even with this confusion he did not appear hostile, there was no outcry for her to be wiped and silenced. B-0 knew little about facial expressions, especially on a reptilian race, but he seemed to be at least a little amazed by her. B-0 didn't mind the presumed praise. It took a lot of work to get herself to this stage.

He called her a custom droid, which she supposed she could agree with. Designed to be mass produced, the next great droid for battle and diplomacy, but production was stopped immediately. Too many flaws and bugs. The single B-0 unit in the entire galaxy. Custom Droid indeed.

B-0 was removed from her thoughts when Baarsuth extended one of his hands and introduced himself. He mentioned that he was excited to be working with the droid, a sentiment B-0 found interesting. Baarsuth specifically mentioned working with B-0. The little droid often found herself in the subservient side of most business relationships. Working with someone sounded pleasant.

The sound of grinding gears and slightly squeaky metal broke up the silence between the two as B-0 raised one of her hands. Her metallic, mitten-like, hands gripping Baarsuth's in a manner that could be described as 'pinchy' but not painful.

"Bo" The Droid repeated, as if also trying to remind herself of her name, her tone still jittery and robotic. "It is...pleasure..."

The crew was then gathered together to begin the tour of the ship. B-0 found herself tuning out again, not exactly interested in the logistics of the ship. Being a droid has it's downsides, but one of the perks was being able to record what the captain was saying for later listening. That was, if B-0 ever got around to listening. B-0 started caring even less when the captain began talking about bunk and cabins, something B-0 had little need for. Varen quickly drove this point home, instructing B-0 to remain in the cockpit at night.

The droid nodded in understanding, without really understanding why she was being instructed to do this. From what she could gather the cockpit was her cabin now, and that she was free to redecorate however she wanted. If the others were allowed to personalize their sleeping spaces she could too. Maybe she could convince the larger of the two twi'lek to get her one of those awesome hammocks.

The captain than asked if anyone had any questions, B-0 had none so she remained silent.
B-0s creators made her to be a protection droid, with the protocol additions being more of a second thought. But even with this, and her faulty obedience programming, B-0 knew it was rude to just grab someone by the face. Not only that but he looked over her as if she was a product in a store, and he was looking her over for bumps. And, admittedly, she had some bumps, it still felt wrong. Wrong, but not foreign. Yes, she had gone through similar inspection many times.

She searched through her memory banks and data storage, looking for the name of the emotion she was feeling. Anger? No, she had seen anger. Shop keepers overturning tables and destroying walls. Sadness? That didn't quite fit either. She knew sadness came from loss. A loved one gone, an illness crippling, a dropped ice cream cone. She felt a strange mix of both of these emotions, and she had never even tasted ice cream.

B-0 watched the introduction of the second twi'lek woman with little interest. Blue and feminine, still not the twi'lek she met on Tattooine. Not that it would matter if she knew the twi'lek, she had no tie to him. Perhaps it was her desire to show herself off as more than merchandise. Show people who had previously attempted to buy her that she was owned by no one. Well, technically her new caption owned her, but this fell more under employment than ownership.

Speaking of captain, he had again begun speaking. Saying that their time to abandon was over and that it was nearly time for their departure, but a tour of the ship would be in order. As well as introductions. The man then said something that settled strangely within the droid. Bo. A name she had been called once long ago, but it felt like such a small and insignificant detail in the droids life that it had been stored away. Instead of processing how this made B-0 feel the droid turned to the creature introduced as Baarsuth.

So he was the pilot and she was to be his third and fourth hands. Sounded completely fair to the little droid, as long as the guy didn't mind her not following any of his commands they would make a great team! He then began looking around and asking which of the crew was Bo. Was it not obvious? B-0 didn't mind this, and decided to introduce herself the only way she knew how.

There is a sudden and brief clicking noise from within B-0's chest. Like an old-timey jukebox switching songs. From the speaker under B-0s chin comes the sound of static crackling. After a moment of noisy silence a voice is suddenly heard. The voice of a child, slightly warped and crackling within the static.

"Buh...oh...Bow! Momma! Momma look on her side! It says Bow!"

Another voice is heard in the recording, another woman but this one much older. Her voice is kind and patient.

"Oh, dear. That is a code on her side. It would be Bee-Zero."

The child's voice returns.

"No! Momma it's her name! Her name is Bow! Like the bows I wear in my hair!"

There is the sound of laughter, which dissolves back to static. After another moment the static stops, abruptly. The Droid looks around at the small group, and raising a metallic hand with a squeak to point to herself. Out of the speaker in B-0s head comes another voice, this one much more synthetic with strange annunciations.


B-0 @Zekha
Ah... Alderaan - what terrible place! B-0 has found herself disliking the beautiful planet more and more as time passes. Unloaded here against her, quickly growing, will like cargo to be handed off to a new master. Given B-0s track record with Masters, she didn't expect to stay on Alderaan very long. She anticipated staying in Alderaan for a few months, maybe even a year, before her newest Master grew tired of her inability to follow orders mindlessly. What B-0 did not anticipate was spending her time in Alderaan squatting in the woods like a criminal. Oh well, plans change.

At first B-0 had tried to find a way off the planet, but most cargo or even passenger ships shooed away the strange Droid. And sneaking on ran the risk of being found. And having her memory wiped. That was simply not at option. But the little Droid always had a backup plan, and that plan was the forest. And B-0 did not emerge from the woods until the fateful day she stumbled upon some people in the woods, also squatting like criminals. They spoke in whispers, looking over their shoulders to make sure their conversation was not overheard. They spoke of a man named Varen Kray. And that this man was gathering a crew for his ship, The Phoenix.

That was all B-0 needed to know. That was her ticket off Alderaan. Her Freedom. Her Force.

B-0 strolled up to the meeting point with all the confidence of a Droid who didn't realize how strange she looked could have. Her outer, metallic, casing is thick with dirt and foliage and is contrasted with spots of orange rust. Regardless of her appearance she was able to prove herself to this strange Varen Kray. As her programmed strength was in her ability to pilot, not upkeeping her appearance. Varen Kray agreed to let her join this crew, after a strange question and answer session that left the both of them more confused, but not as the pilot. Instead she would be assisting someone else who already had the job. B-0 didn't mind this, it just meant less weight on her metallic shoulders.

Varen Kray told her it would take several days to assemble the rest of the crew, and that she would be free to roam about the city as long as she made it back before the ship departed. B-0 interpreted this command, with the last remaining remnants of her obedience protocol, to simply park herself outside the ship itself. She had no reason to spend any more time in Aldaraan, it would have just caused more trouble for the little droid. Instead she would wait for the others to arrive. Several days passed, and B-0 watched as numerous creatures of all shapes and sizes arrived for their own interviewing processes. Some people left looking pleased, others not so pleased. B-0 payed them little mind, not taking the time to really remember any of their faces. She had more important things to think about.

The Force.

Eventually the day came for the rest of the selected crew to come together, and B-0 had not moved from her spot outside the ship. She did take some time to try and pull off some of the stray leaves and clumps of mud from her time in the forest, but it was still clear how junky she looked. She matched the junky ship pretty well, maybe this job was meant for her. The crew assembled was full of creatures foreign to B-0, and some not so foreign.

The first to approach was a large creature, large enough that B-0 assumed that it would just walk right past her. So B-0 was surprised when the creature instead greeted the droid, speaking what must have been the creatures native tongue. Growls and grunts drifted through the air, but within B-0s internal translator, programmed into her, a pleasant greeting was heard. The little droid looked up at the hairy woman, dim photoreceptors looking over the creature for any stored date. Nothing. How Strange. The droid was so busy searching internal data banks for information she neglected in greeting the woman back.

The rest of the crew did not greet B-0, which she did not find surprising. Most creatures pay little attention to the Droid. Maybe they assume she can not hear them, or that she did not have the ability to respond. Regardless the rest of the crew was less strange to the Droid.

After the large, hairy, woman another large creature arrived. Just replace hairy with scaly and woman with man. B-0 immediately recognized the creature as a Trandoshan, a race B-0 had interacted with quite often as she was smuggled from one end of the galaxy to the other. She stayed, staring, at the reptilian man as he looked over the ship they were all about to board. Something about him felt familiar to the droid, but searching her memory and data banks yielded no answers. She felt as if she had seen him before, but perhaps it was her faulty wiring acting up. Or maybe all Trandoshans looked the same, B-0 had no idea. And yet she did not feel unease, little bothered the droid.

The next to arrive was a young woman with bright blue skin, a race B-0s internal data identified as a Twi'lek. Yes, B-0 had met a Twi'lek before, perhaps on Tattooine. She was certain this woman was not the same Twi'lek as before. The one on Tattooine was much older, gruffer. Also probably male. After her arrived another race B-0 recognized from her time on Tattooine, a Dug. Something about him set off B-0s internal alarms. Maybe it was the smug way he walked, or the way he looked over the small group with general disinterest. She would keep an eye out. The last thing B-0 needed was to exit a shut down to find she is missing an arm.

With the crew assembled outside the ship Varen began to address them all. B-0 quickly found herself getting bored with the mans gruff ramblings. She found herself tuning out of the conversation, not worried as her data banks would store anything important he said, as her mind began to wander. Was getting aboard this ship truly wise? What if she had missed over the Force back in the forest? Or worse. What if she became trapped on this ship, the constant threat of memory wipes keeping her compliant?

The last thing she wanted as to be treated like an accessory. She was real.
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