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Current Remember that one time when the Demon's Souls servers were still up?
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Remember that one time when Scaramouche got killed off right after he did that amazing dance and it was the biggest tragedy in the entire series?
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Remember that one time when you could look at who's been checking out your profile and attention whores like me could be giddy that random people that I may or may not know are paying attention to me?
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Remember that if you ever feel like you're terrible at naming things, just know that my friends dragged me into playing a dark and serious MMO where a boss was named "Deathkill."
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Remember that one time in Bayonetta when the game turned into Afterburner and then into Space Harrier a few hours later because why the hell not?



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Oh, this is still going? Yeah, sure, what's your Discord?

Rosie had hardly taken another step before her bedroom wall exploded, looking entirely unfazed. Really, all she could think about was that all the dust and debris had thankfully completely missed her. It was rather annoying to get dirty right after a nice shower. She held onto her towel and leaned slightly as she peeked out the opening. One of Horizon’s agents. Lovely. And judging by the dramatic entrance, they weren't here to hire or buy anything from her. She stepped back from the opening to allow the birdlike figure to come inside. A black paintbrush manifested in the demon's free hand.

“Arianna?” Rosie asked, head tilted slightly sideways. “I do have a door, you know.”

The past few months were, for the least, rather trying for Jill Breicen.

After she collapsed in Antarctica, she spent the next three months in a coma. Despite everyone’s best efforts, she didn’t move a muscle the entire time, simply remaining hooked up to the best life support systems SHINING could buy and Horizon Frontiers could provide as she clung onto life.

It was weird waking up again, getting immediately caught in a bear hug by her sister, tears streaming down her face. It didn’t exactly feel like she’d just instantly woken up in a hospital room, but more like everything before that felt hazy. She’d woken up feeling so weak. And the black roots in her hair were easily visible. Both of these would need to be fixed.

Jasmine and Isabella had filled her in on most of what happened since she defeated Oh-One. She had even received a surprise visit from SHINING CEO Ryuuna Raiden. But, really, she was essentially locked away from the outside world. She was not allowed, under any circumstance, to have any contact with the press, and received a diet and training regimen even more carefully curated than before. Her luxury suite in Gold City’s finest hotel was something more akin to a gilded cage.

Not that she minded. Gave her a chance to reconnect with her sister, for one.

Jasmine lazily inserted another potato chip into her mouth as she shifted around on the couch, legs hanging off the armrest. Jill had dibs on three quarters of the couch, obviously. It was really weird, seeing her curled up under a blanket, watching anime. She’d been so good at projecting this larger-than life image since she became a Justice Rider that it was weird seeing her do something so mundane and human again. It was actually pretty cool.

Jasmine’s train of thought was interrupted as a large black bat swooped down and scooped the bag of potato chips off the table. Wayward crumbs scattered to the floor as the snacks disappeared into its maw, plastic bag and all. Pit Stop quickly flew down and began cleaning up the mess.

“Beez!” Jasmine groaned. “You little shit, that was my last bag!” The bat responded with a grin that stretched across its bulbous body.

“Sorry, kid!” The demon let out a hearty laugh. “Guess I got hungry.” Jasmine rolled her eyes. He was always hungry. She got up to see what room service could get her, but quickly stopped when the TV changed channels seemingly on its own.

"Citizens of Gold City. You know who I am so I'll skip the pleasantries, it has come to the attention of MIRAGE that there is a Power Stone located here. You have thirty minutes to place that Power Stone in my hand or I will burn this city to ash. I'm waiting."

The screen promptly switched to a countdown timer.

“You need to get out of here.” Jill said, throwing off the blanket and standing off the couch.

“Are you kidding?!” Jasmine huffed. “You need to get out of here!”

“I-I can’t just let this happen, Jazzy-”

“You’re not even finished with all your physical therapy shit yet, what the fuck do you expect to do?!” Jasmine could hear her heart pounding as the stress hit her like a wall.

“The best I can.” Jill said as she disappeared into the bathroom.

Jasmine took a deep breath as she waited for Jill to finish changing. She heard an odd buzzing sound, and looked down at the coffee table. It was her sister’s phone. Izzy was calling. She picked it up and answered the call.

“It’s Jasmine.” She said curtly. “Jill’s getting ready to head out right now.”

“What?!” It was less a word and more a startled reaction. “Whatever. Just tell her I’ve got it covered.” Jill promptly burst through the door, wearing her usual outfit, and adjusting her hat. She quickly snatched up her phone.

“What was that, now?” Jill asked.

“I’ll handle it.”

He promptly hung up.

The sisters nodded at each other as they left the building.

Lo-fi music drifted throughout the room while sunlight poured in through the window. Rosie let out a sigh as warm water fell down her back. She had slept in today, because she was beholden to no one’s schedule but her own, and more importantly, because she liked sleeping. An afternoon shower was just icing on the cake, so to speak.

The Antarctica job was a massive success, all things considered. Her son didn’t die, she managed to negotiate her way into a satisfactory amount of cash for all the work she obviously did, and her friends downstairs weren’t displeased, either. She’d gotten enough to take a long, well-deserved vacation to Gold City. Though, now that she was here, she did find something particularly inspiring about the place that she felt the need to capture. The sense of glitz and glamour and undertones of vice were particularly strong, here. It would be art for art’s sake, rather than profit.

Oh, and she managed to walk away with a Stone of Power, too. Can’t forget that.

She’d briefly considered pawning the thing off, though experience had taught her that the second you revealed you had something so desirable, mortals went straight to thievery and bloodshed. It was best to keep such things a secret. Even though that rock was far more trouble than it was worth, in her eyes.

As if on cue, the speakers cut out and immediately switched over to a city-wide message from none other than Abel himself. Someone she’d been keeping tabs on, though she had little interest in aside from a potential source of income. And he was only giving her thirty minutes to get out of the shower, too. Did he have any idea how long it takes when you have this much hair? Let alone the amount of conditioner… Well, technically, as an immortal, eternally beautiful, shapeshifting demoness, Rosie didn’t need to sleep, or take a shower, or use conditioner. But she did it anyway.

Still, though, he had to be bluffing about destroying the city, right? He wouldn’t seriously risk destroying the stone. Though he could be a moron. That was a definite possibility. She began rinsing her hair out as she heard the front door open.

“Isabella?” Rosie called out. “Is that you?”

“Just grabbing something.” Isabella said back. Rosie had to strain to hear him over the sound of the shower. He only rarely raised his voice.

“Alright,” Rosie rinsed out her hair. “Just be careful out there, okay? And stay sober until eight!”

“... Yeah.” Isabella said back. Rosie heard the door close again as he left. He couldn’t have come here for the stone, could he?

Well, obviously he could have. He was prone to these kinds of dramatic episodes.

She shut the water off and stepped out of the shower, wrapping a towel around her body before drying out her hair. She stepped out into the living room and peeked out the window, watching Isabella walk to his motorcycle with a familiar glowing object in his hand. She checked on the enchanted safe she’d procured for the artifact, and saw it was sitting wide open.

Rosie sighed.
Lucy Selene

Shit, I’m late. I’m late. I’m so fucking late.

The student teacher let out a sigh as she pulled into the parking lot and hopped off her motorcycle. She checked her phone- she was technically on time. If she was a student, she’d be sprinting into class right as the bell was sounding and no one would be able to say anything. These were pretty extraordinary circumstances, so she doubted anyone would look down on her too much if she was a bit tardy. She pulled a pop tart out of her bag and made peace with the fact that her body would hate her for this before she started chowing down on it and broke into a sprint as everything began to turn red.

The two week break had been… very trying for Lucy Selene. Between all the calls from friends and family, the spiral into depression, getting back into drinking, an unexpected run in with a student… She felt like the break could have been a lot longer. She needed to get her sleep schedule back on track, for one.

But, hey, she was a whole week sober, now. That was worth something, to her at least. Time to rack up those milestones all over again.

Lucy shoved the last of the pop tarts into her maw and tossed the wrapper behind her into a nearby trash can as she ran past it, and swung into the classroom.

”Heyyy, sorry I’m late, I-” She paused. He wasn’t moving. ”You alright?” She looked back out into the hallway. That wrapper was frozen in space just above the can. And, actually, why was everything red? This was a bad dream, right?

”They’re back again, Lucy.” Lunasa’s voice rang out through her soul. ”Will you be ok this time?”

”I, uh,” The medium stammered. ”Yeah, of course.” She broke into another sprint as she transformed.

The cafeteria was populated by a crowd of frozen students. None of them looked very dead, yet, and that was good. She could handle this. No panic attacks this time. The giant bug outside? She could handle that. And Thea and Amber were here again. She noticed that last part a bit too late, and nearly bumped into the two of them before she skidded to a stop.

”H-hey Thea, hey Amber.” Lucy gave a quick wave. “Fancy meeting you two here again, huh?” Lunasa quickly split off from her and flew towards the window, shooting a few lasers at the enemy Spirit as booming laughter echoed throughout the school.

Isabella sailed towards the ground and landed in a crouch, having apparently been completely unaffected by the fall. He paused for a moment.

“Rider Kick...”

He didn’t look back as the robot’s arm violently exploded, A serpent of shadows worming its way through the weapon and tearing it apart with glee before snaking its way along the snow to return to its master. Isabella turned and watched as the other Nomads continued fighting the mech, then focused on his plane, which had shifted back to its regular flight patterns as it made large, continuous loops around the tower.

Go help Jill.

The jet altered its course and blasted off towards the younger Rider’s position. If the mech was focused on the others, that left the Power Stone wide open. He had orders concerning that too, but he had no intention of following them. There was a lot that Isabella himself could do with a Power Stone, but he was in no position to take it for himself. But if he made his move at just the right moment…

The rider was shaken from his thoughts by the force of a large explosion, slamming him against the colt metal of the tower with a sickening thud. He quickly regained his composure, though, and noticed that the explosion had sent the whole tower careening over. He broke into a sprint as he saw the power stone fall down to earth…

And get snatched up by his father, gliding along on ebony wings. Rosie landed gracefully in the snow, and made a few gestures with his paintbrush. Trees inexplicably sprouted from the cold Antarctic snow, positioned in a way that they managed to hold up the rubble while the rest made their way out from under it. The demon looked at the glowing stone in his hand with a raised eyebrow, looking at it with the jaded interest in a fleeting curiosity.

“I do hope I’m not interrupting anything, Angels.”

Jill let out an excited whoop as Justin’s attack sent Oh-One flying across the snow fields. She reflexively tracked him with her cannon. The bike’s windshield popped up from the side of the weapon, having turned into a targeting lens that began to track Oh-One’s position through the icy winds… in addition to the various bits of info that Pit Stop was directly displaying across her visor. She noticed the timer in the corner of her eye and went easy on the throttle on her armor after the EX-System filled back up to full again, reducing the strain on her ki.

She turned her focus back to Oh-One. He… still wasn’t dead yet. She shifted her cannon back into a bike again and hopped on, ready to continue the chase, when Pit Stop let out a series of beeps. She looked skywards, watching as a squad of robots thudded against the ground. The bike rattled. Their cannons trained on her.

"So what do you think?" Jill asked her companion. Those cannons were a problem, but they couldn't let Oh-One get away again, especially if he managed to grab the stone on his way out.

Pit Stop started beeping out their own thoughts on the situation, but they were quickly interrupted by a hail of gunfire raining down on the cannons. Isabella's jet raced by, throwing Jill's scarf around in the wind as it began looping back around towards her.

"Jill." Isabella's voice rang out through her helmet. "We've got the stone. Take down Oh-One. It's time to activate it."

"A-activate it?" Jill stammered. "It" had only been simulated so far, not tested. That was scheduled for tomorrow.

"Yeah." Isabella's voice was hesitant. "Are you ready?"

"I-I don't know… I mean, we can take him down without it, right?"

There was a long sigh on the other end.

"Jill..." Isabella recited. "A true hero knows when to stand tall and fight." Jill froze up, Pit Stop’s beeping fading behind a layer of mental fog. Why was she scared, again?

"Who are you, really?" She asked. Why was she asking that?

“Your shining mentor.”

Justice Rider Blaze clicked back into place.

“The plane will be coming back around in a second,” Isabella explained. “I need you to go all-out and finish Oh-One off for good.” Jill revved the engine with glee.

“Got it!” She said, with renewed fervor. “No time to waste, let’s get back into gear!” She could hear the plane coming up behind her, and sped forwards to match its pace. A ramp appeared from the snow and sent her sailing straight up on top of the jet. She was gaining ground on Oh-One fast, but some of the cannons were still standing, and she could see shots whizzing past the plane. She’d need to do this quick, especially if the other Nomads didn’t clean those last few bots up.

Jill stepped off the bike, feeling a cold clang as her metal boots collided with the body of the plane. She adjusted her stance and held one hand forwards, palm open. This one wasn’t just a cool pose, she needed to make sure her ki was flowing as freely as possible. Her hand drifted to the key on the side of her belt. Why was she shaking? She was the hero! And she was going to save the day, no matter what.


And with that cry, her heart started pounding, and she turned the key as far as it would go, straining as it creeped up towards ninety-nine percent. She felt the device whir in hunger, coldly devouring her ki as her body struggled to keep pace with it. She realized she was at the threshold, the last chance she had to turn back, and turned the key that one last degree.

She felt her life flash before her eyes, feeling utterly empty and hollow inside, feeling the device eat more and more. She fell to one knee, realizing the grave miscalculation that had taken place: She wasn’t strong enough to call on this much power. No one was. It was going to drain everything from her. She was going to die here. A more recent memory flashed through her mind. Her sister’s birthday…

She couldn’t let this be the end.

Something sparked within her. Her body, her armor, all of it was coated in an alien blue light that obscured her entire body. A series of pipes and tubes emerged from her bike, and stabbed themselves into her back. She screamed. She didn’t feel hollow anymore. She looked towards the bike as it slowly clawed its way over to her, tugging at the holes in her back, and stared back at it, rising to her feet through the excruciating pain; the burning and shocking sensations that were searing through every inch of her body. She reached out to touch it, and it unfolded, becoming a writhing mass of plating, wires, and tubes that enveloped her entire body. Lightning shot down from the sky onto her. She burst into flame.

The being that emerged from where Jill Breicen once stood could not be called human. Nor could it be called a machine. It defied both categories. Underneath cold exterior armor that vaguely resembled her former suit sat limbs made of living metal that folded and depressed like skin and flesh. Even deeper, an organic heart of synthetic materials pulsated and pumped glowing blue fluid throughout its body. Jill herself was not “wearing” this armor or this creature in any traditional sense; she felt she was simply a purified sludge of a person who had simply become another part of it. A fuel for this monstrosity to consume. Even mentally, she only formed half its consciousness, a familiar friend taking up the other half of this incomprehensible burden.

Jill struggled through the continual pain and looked through the odd lens of this eight foot behemoth, readjusting herself to the process of moving its limbs. This creature’s vision was strange, perpetually tinted blue, grainy in some places and crystal clear in others. What little signs of life there were in the Antarctic glowed with radiant energy. When she looked down at her own body, it was almost blinding. Her mind was racing, perception being tasked to its limit, overcome with so many different stimuli, in so many new and alien ways. She was losing herself, feeling the pain and animal instincts begin to take over-

It’s alright. Breathe…

She took the other half into consideration. The creature shuddered as its chest expanded, and contracted.

The second thing she noticed is that everything was so incredibly slow. Flakes of snow took seconds of observation to be able to tell that they were even moving at all. She felt an order of magnitude slower, having to put in seconds of maximum effort to move “her” arm or turn “her” head a single inch. Oh-One was flying below and a bit behind, and the flames of his propulsion systems were like a slow and graceful dance. The plane the creature was standing on was dipping, unable to hold its weight. There was a supernatural gravity to this titan, that rendered it far heavier than its components, and far heavier than anything could hope to support.

We’re close. We can take him down if we jump off. Let’s keep our cool.

Jill willed the behemoth forwards, taking slow, agonizing step after slow, agonizing step. She stopped at the edge. She noticed the ground under her feet slowly, ever so slowly, tilting down out from under her.

Let’s focus our efforts, channel that pain. Get some speed.

Jill focused her efforts on leaping, landing, crushing that horrid machine and wiping it out for good. She broke free of the stasis her universe was under, the armored titan making a running jump off the side of the plane that was, to her, done at normal speed. To anyone else, it was so close to instantaneous that the distinction hardly mattered. The creature fell, and Jill returned to that unending stasis as she fell. She waited. She knew she would reach Oh-One. Eventually She broke the slow down once more, this time on instinct, as the behemoth quickly wrapped a gargantuan hand around Oh-One’s torso and held the robot below itself, rocketing towards the ground at what to the outside world seemed like insane speeds.

She was going to turn Oh-One into a crater, and then she was going to pummel and tear until there was nothing left of him.

Isabella stared down the giant machine as it continued to advance despite his assault. Disappointing, but not unexpected; the jet was, though advanced for its time, something of a relic; the rest of the world had a long time to catch up to SHADER’s once state of the art machinery. The mech raised its chain gun, and Isabella only barely had time to command the jet to strafe out of the way before bullets began to fly his way. Isabella waved his hand, creating a cloak of darkness from the shadows inside the plane, and held it up with his arm like a shield.

Though the plane managed to swerve out of the way of the opening brunt of the mech’s assault, it did not manage to avoid it entirely. A stray bullet hit the wing of the plane, another grazed the bottom, and another was only barely stopped by Isabella’s mere presence, a bullet harmlessly sinking into the darkness of the shroud the way a stone might fall into a lake.

We can’t take too much more of this…

The assault was only stopped by a large blue explosion that sent the robot staggering backwards. He looked to his side to find the android Oh-Seven… He had particular orders concerning her, but they were strictly secondary, and he held no ill will towards her, so those orders could get fucked as far as he was concerned. He offered her a simple nod of acknowledgement before turning back to the mech, conjuring a large bullet of shadows, and loading it into a slot on the side of his belt. He pulled the trigger.

Usually, there were not very many shadows in the Antarctic climate. The abundance of flat landscapes covered in harsh, reflective snow meant that there was simply too little room for them to form. This was a special circumstance, however, given the presence of a fighter jet, a giant robot, and an ominously large tower all casting their silhouettes across the frozen fields.

They vanished, drawn into Isabella’s armor. Out of the corner of his eye, the black knight saw Seshat launch a volley of dozens of missiles at the giant robot.

Perfect timing…

He focused his newly gathered power into his leg as Leviathan gave itself form from the shadows, snaking its way impatiently across his armor. He leapt high into the air and dove towards the robot foot first, Leviathan screeching with fury as it manifested a shadowy aura around its master.

Jill pulled the sword out of Oh-One’s body just before he put up his shield. She coated her sword in a shroud of flame as she aided Justin in the attempt to break through, but the effort was rendered meaningless when the barrier began to glow. Justin was backing off...


“Toh!” Jill gracefully backflipped high into the air as the shield exploded, feeling searing heat just barely graze the tip of her boot. She made sure to grind her foot into the snow a little when she hit the ground, disguising the act behind an excellently-timed landing pose. She heard a series of beeping noises as her now-repaired motorcycle pulled up beside her, Pit Stop extending a hand for a casual wave.

“Good timing, buddy.” Jill said with a smirk. “We’ve gotta shift into high gear!” She held out her hand as the robot unlatched himself from the bike and attached itself to her armor, his carapace unfolding and melding with her suit’s own armor plating until she was covered from head to toe in shining metal. Inexplicably, a second trail of cloth emerged from her scarf, which joined its twin in perpetually streaming in the wind. She reached down to her belt and turned the key further.

“Thirty-three percent…”

Jill felt a momentary burst of hollow pain as the EX-System began to draw upon even more of her ki, though it quickly faded as Pit Stop’s AI merged with it, carefully micromanaging the way the system drew power from her. She placed her hand on the throttle that now sat attached to her other wrist, and moved it into position, feeling a rush of power as her equipment began to charge itself beyond its usual limits.

“Burnout Form!” Jill announced, striking a flashy pose. She reached for her bike and lifted it onto her shoulder, transforming it into its cannon configuration, and aimed it towards Oh-One…

Wait, is that Jonas?

Damn, and Jill thought she was late. She’d forgotten he was even coming along by now. Still, it was nothing to get distracted over. She dug her heels into the snow and let loose with three giant spheres of powerful plasma, all lined up straight towards Oh-One.

Seshat, thankfully, had time to slow down before the giant robot crashed down on top of Oh-Seven’s previous location.

She did not, however, have time to mount a proper defense against the railgun. The giant bullet crashed against Seshat’s shield just before it could activate its energy field, sending the ancient warrior spinning about in midair as it faded into green light. After she righted herself, she holstered her rifle and put her hands in front of her in preparation for a spell, but she was interrupted by the sudden presence of… a fighter jet?

Isabella and Rosie stood side by side as the jet shifted into hover mode and opened fire on the mech that had suddenly appeared in front of the tower, pelting it with a deadly rain of gatling cannon fire and rockets as it circled around it. The cacophony was downright deafening, though the two stared intently at the mech for any signs of retaliation.

“I think I’ll see if I can’t find that stone, is that alright with you?” Rosie’s voice echoed throughout the half-demon’s soul. He nodded in response.

“Alright. Stay safe, Isabella…” Rosie pulled his son in for a quick embrace, sighing deeply before letting him go.

“Y-yeah…” The Rider stammered, quickly nodding once more. “You too.” Rosie quickly ran towards the wing of the plane and leapt off, wings sprouting from his back as he flew towards the top of the tower.

Jill rolled off of the robot, the bike still roaring as it took a nasty gash through the side from Oh-One’s laser blade. She gave a thumbs up and looked back towards Justin.

“Sorry I’m late, Justin!” She said, confidence radiating off her armor as her scarf blew majestically in the wind. “Let’s get this show on the road, shall we?” She stepped off her bike, and Pit Stop immediately began work on repairs, wirelike arms disappearing in a flurry of sparks and smoke. She held out her hand, and one of the bike’s handlebars shot off and landed straight into it. She swung it, and a hi-tech sword popped out from within. The bike instantly turned around and sped away behind the safety of a nearby snowbank.

“It kind of sucks that you’re scratchin’ up the bike,” Jill admitted, walking towards the robot. “Had a cool new trick I was hoping to show off!” She broke into a dash and swung the blade straight down towards Oh-One

Seshat huffed. Oh-One was already a match for her, though the fight was only beginning. She once again found herself wondering how her current battle would have gone if she were but a few centuries younger.

"... Get the power stone, both of you! I'll hold off the T1000 here!"

Seshat nodded. She, frankly, doubted that Justin stood much chance against Oh-One on his own, but it was a noble gesture nonetheless. He had bought her some time. The only question was how much.

“I will leave this to you, then, Justin.”

Extra boosters unfolded from behind her back before firing off in unison, leaving behind a trail of white fire as she followed Oh-Seven into the air.

Jill sped across the Arctic wastes at record speeds, her bike’s engine roaring in a way that almost sounded gleeful, as if anticipating the coming battle.

Much like its owner.

Under the mask, Justice Rider Blaze’s heart was pounding like crazy. This wasn’t just any fight, or any sort of canned plotline, she was going to save the world, and she was doing it live! She was going to make history, be a real hero! As long as she didn’t mess it up… But that wasn’t going to happen. Right?

The drone attached to her motorcycle let out a string of beeping noises.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Jill said. “It’s just butterflies, y’know?”

Pit Stop gave a short beep back in response.

“No, like, I’m really excited.” The Rider responded. “Just gotta psyche myself up, buddy.”

Jill lowered her head slightly and took a deep breath. She focused on that burning fire inside herself, channeling it into her persona. Most Nomads probably didn’t try to get into character, but when she did it, everything just felt easier. She turned her shaky half smile into a full-on grin.

“How about you?” Jill asked. “You holding up alright? The bike, too?” The robot beeped affirmatively as Jill made a quick check on the rest of her gear. The EX-System was fully charged, and running comfortably at its usual nine percent intake. She nodded, satisfied, and focused back on the tower.

She could make out Oh-One in the distance, fighting some other Nomads. She could handle being late. The fact that two of those other Nomads were Justin and Oh-Seven? She could deal with that too. Oh-One was the main target, here. Closing in fast, she made a ramp of light over a decently-sized snowbank and rode high into the air, tires coming down straight towards a landing on Oh-One itself.

“Hey again, Oh-One!” Jill shouted. “Did ya miss me, baby?”

Seshat raised her rifle as Oh-One made his entrance, frowning as Justin was sent flying away from the fight. One would hope, after all his panache when confronting her, he would prove at least slightly more useful in battle, but such was not the case. At the very least, he drew some fire away from her.

“Our final battle?” Seshat repeated. “Very well. Chasing you around the world has become tiresome.”

She fired a quick five-round burst of magical bullets at the robot. She considered a more aggressive approach, breaking down the shield, but that would be a brash risk to take so early in the battle. Boosters emerged from her back, sent her gliding across the snow and in front of Oh-Seven, attempting to give her momentary comrade some cover. Laser cannons unfurled from her shoulders once more and trained their sights on Oh-One before firing in tandem.
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