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Remember that one time when the Demon's Souls servers were still up?
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Remember that one time when Scaramouche got killed off right after he did that amazing dance and it was the biggest tragedy in the entire series?
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Remember that one time when you could look at who's been checking out your profile and attention whores like me could be giddy that random people that I may or may not know are paying attention to me?
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Remember that if you ever feel like you're terrible at naming things, just know that my friends dragged me into playing a dark and serious MMO where a boss was named "Deathkill."



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Interactions: Tunnel Snakes
World Fighting Carnival - Tunnel Underneath.


The sound of a gunshot far louder than anything Auri could produce rang throughout the tunnels as Isabella transformed. He strode forwards at a determined pace; urgent, but not rushing into danger. However, his foe was already destroyed before he could reach it. Arianna was out in the field, which meant that Daren likely was, too. Whatever happened to their pet, he couldn’t say, but it was clear that Horizon was playing their hand. The black knight returned the raven’s gaze, faces hidden behind their respective masks. It was obvious that he couldn’t spill any secrets, here. If both their benefactors had any reason to turn on him he likely wouldn’t survive the night, not for lack of trying. Still, Arianna likely wasn’t doing this out of the goodness of her heart. It could be a trap, but there wasn’t time to hesitate, and he was better forewarned to deal with it than anyone else.

Isabella nodded.

“Let’s go,” He said, voice stern and controlled. “Be careful.” He broke off into a run, his hair and cloak of shadow trailing behind him.

Interactions: Daren, Oh-One
World Fighting Carnival - Tunnels Underneath.

The gaunt figure snaked its way through the tunnels, senses mundane and magical expanding through their depths. There were many presences here already. Some bore an approximation of the stone, but any diviner worth their salt could deduce they were fakes. The vault was still her target, and she would not be distracted by petty diversions.

Seshat could confirm for herself what her magic could not when she reached the vault. One figure she did not recognize, the other she most certainly did. She had accrued a handful of run-ins with the man with the cleaver, and his cast of occasional companions. She had no doubt that they sought to tear her apart with that cleaver, in the hopes of reclaiming secrets that mankind had lost. They were not the first to hope for this, and they would not be the last.

Regardless, he was untrustworthy. The others heading towards this position were wild cards as well. While she would have loved to have had the opportunity to take the stone for herself, and either hide it away or simply fling it into space and destroy it, it was clear this would not be possible. Instead, she would have to settle for the vault remaining sealed.

A bomb appeared in her hand, carefully drawn glyphs stretching across the surface of the parcel. She tossed it in between the two, close enough to destroy the console. She commanded it to detonate.


And the room was lit by a blast of green flame.

Interactions: Barn Owl, Ava
The Beach

Crow felt her heart skip a beat as she saw Ossifrage disappear from the readout. She didn’t even see it happen… but she knew what it meant just as well.

A moment later, though, she was back in the game. She’d seen people die before. Allies she’d never really talked to, comrades, partners, all shot down or left for dead. She’d been fighting for most of her life, and if you couldn’t process seeing a dozen infantrymen get turned into paste right in front of your eyes in time to respond, you ended up joining them. None of that bullshit heroics they liked to feed Shell pilots, either.

"Crow... I'm going to become a fucking problem now. Watch your own back."
Barn Owl

Case in fucking point.

“God damnit…” Crow hissed under her breath. She’d smack the old man upside the head, if she could. Better both of them than her, but that didn’t mean she wanted him potentially throwing his life away either. Even if he had this one Shell, people make big mistakes when they lose their cool.

Crow assessed the situation.

“Ava,” She said. “I don’t think I can make a shot on that thing while it’s got ECM and three friendlies tearing it up. I’m gonna help Magpie clear the fighters.” Her Shell strafed along the ground, boosters lighting up like flares in the rain. She moved erratically, carefully tuning and intensifying her boosters for occasional short hops of vertical movement. It was a trick she’d learned from an older pilot before they bit the dust; less energy-intensive than spamming quickboosts, but still great at fooling automated tracking. Especially when it came to long-range battles, and especially when it came to fighting unmanned Murakumo units. She picked off a couple fighters when they poked their noses above the canopy, but made sure to keep the majority of her attention locked on the Ushi-oni.

“Also…” Crow toggled the settings on her comms, voice cautiously hushed. This was something she wanted to keep between her and Ava, for now. “Not giving up yet, but it’s looking like shit could go south pretty damn fast. Is Shayton gonna be able to pull us out if we need it?”

Interactions: Oh-Seven, Florian.
World Fighting Carnival - Bar.

Isabella sat perched at the bar, indeed brooding as he nursed a glass full of cheap alcohol. After his last match, there was a lot to talk about, but his genderfluid parent had managed to attract (in multiple senses of the word) so many reporters and assorted admirers that none of them were even bothering to hound him. Getting through to her discreetly was going to be absolute hell, but there was little else to do but wait for the next chance.

His thoughts were disrupted by the distinct feeling of presence. He glanced at the woman, from the corner of his eye for a short moment, and went back to ignoring her, hoping that she would leave.

She did not leave.

He sighed, and turned towards her.

"Hello! I am Auri Auclair, a friend of Jill's. I am not certain if Ms. Breicen told you about me, but I am certain she has already informed you about Oh-One. I have rea- hold on just a moment."

Isabella froze as he saw Auri deliberately try to catch the attention of Florian Wessington. If there was one person in all the world, above all the manipulators and murderers he knew, that he did not want to work with in the slightest capacity, it was Florian Wessington. The kind of utterly clueless corporate heir that should have gone extinct in the feudal age. The kind of person he intensely wanted to strangle, but had to settle with avoiding at all costs. The half-devil finished his drink, and took a long sip from the flask in his coat for good measure.

"... Now where was I? Ah, yes; I have reason to believe that Oh-One is making his attempt to steal the Power Stone... I require your assistance to prevent that from occurring."

“Sure,” The Rider said, completely deadpan. “I’d better get to it.” He stood up and trudged towards the direction of the vault. Horizon hadn’t bothered updating him on their little hunch, which meant that either they were up to some sort of scheme or the girl was lying. Either way, it was probably best to not let them know he was coming. He pulled out his phone, clicked on one of his contacts.

“... Hello?” Jasmine’s voice was barely audible over the sounds of the audience around her.

“It’s Isabella.” His tone was colder than usual. More focused. “If you’re not ready to go, start making a plan to get the hell out of here. If shit hasn’t hit the fan already, it will soon.”

“Wait, what? What’s going on? Will Jill be ok-”

“I don’t have a lot of time. Jill can handle herself. Can you?”

“I… I think so, yeah.”

“Good. I’ll see you soon.”

As soon as Isabella had hung up, he was already dialing up one more contact. An old friend.

“Hey, I’m gonna need the plane off the ground ASAP. Looks like I’m gonna need the big guns today…”

Gold City - Streets.

Seshat trudged silently through the drainage system lying under the Fighting Carnival’s innards. She had been observing, carefully, from a safehouse of sorts near the building, but she dared not draw close until now. Offering up an artifact as dangerous as a Power Stone was so irresponsible that it… Well frankly, it was perhaps one of the most utterly stupid things she had seen in all her years. Not one of the tournament’s organizers or competitors could be trusted with it, but it was too fiercely guarded to risk a direct assault.

Now, according to her divinations, the guards were all dead. So it was now or never. She focused her wings and charged upwards, bursting through a grate in the middle of a junction in the tunnels that led to her prize, and her quarry. There was no telling who or what awaited her in the vault. But she was ready.

Interactions: Barn Owl, Shrike.
The Beach

“Don’t need anyone to watch my ass, you two.” Crow rolled her eyes. It was something she rarely said without meaning it, but if the boys were committed to it, there wasn’t much else she could say. She engaged her Overboost module, another loud boom sounding throughout the battlefield as she zoomed along the side of the cliff. After a few seconds, she turned it off, letting her machine crash into the waves while it recharged. She took a moment to study her sensors. She could still see the fighters, and the drones, and her teammates. Her feed from Gizzard’s guitar provided another source of intel, even if she wasn’t positioned to take advantage of it just yet. Crow’s opening had no doubt pissed off the opposition, but the rest of the team was posing way too much of a threat for them to pursue her. And with the fighters going scorched earth, that left less missiles to turn on her…

”Kill anything on my tail!"
Barn Owl

“Yup…” Crow said slowly. “Gimme a second.” She waited for a few agonizing moments, listening to the explosions cut through the forest…

Yeah, now’s good.

Her Shell sprung its legs out and leapt dozens of meters into the air, easily clearing the cliff as her boosters kept her afloat. She raised her rifle, and fired, calling one shot on each of the fighters chasing down Barn Owl.

“One…” A bullet crashed straight through the fuselage, turning a fighter into a fireball.

“Two…” A wing shattered into fragments, sending another careening into the dirt.

“Three…” A particularly gruesome hit straight to the cockpit.

“Bingo.” The bullet only lightly grazed one of the engines, but that was still enough to send it out of control. “That’s four confirmed down.” As maneuverable as they were, your average fighter might as well be made out of tinfoil once the big guns came out, and no amount of chaff or fancy maneuvering was going to dodge good old fashioned ballistics paired with a high end targeting system. Crow watched as Barn Owl’s shell zoomed towards her position. With him safe, she turned her focus towards the rest of the aircraft, plucking away at them one by one while none of them had the bright idea to rush her down.

“You got a plan now that you’re here, Barn?” CROW-III descended back down behind the cliff to reload.

Interactions: Barn Owl, Magpie.
The Beach

The Carrion Crow watched as the advance force drifted into position. The dropship raised an eyebrow, but with the element of surprise and the biggest gun in the squad in her arsenal, she’d seen a lot worse. It was clearly sparking some adrenaline in her comrades, though.

“I’ll show them a ‘big fucking problem’...” Crow muttered under her breath. Perra, it’s time.”

A searing surge shot down her spine and up her neck as she merged with the YOMI system, mind on fire as troop layouts, specs, comrades’ combat and psych records, weather data, ballistics simulations and every bit of information it could get its greedy little hands on synthesized itself and slithered through her brain. She took aim at the projected seam in the armor on the dropship’s engines.

"Crow, don't-"
Barn Owl

”Got it.” The pilot interrupted, as if she’d read his mind.

She fired.

Her whole Shell rocked back as the Monroe fired off, sending a deafening bang through the whole battlefield. Right as the first shot made impact, she fired again, and immediately stood up, cannon still smoking as it folded itself away. Shot one punched a crater into one of its engines. Shot two, due to perfectly predicted reactions of its target, landed exactly where shot one did, turning that crater into a massive hole straight through to the other side, projectile managing to impact against the engine on the opposite side. The AI predicted a reaction from the cannons, and the drones, but Crow was gone, dropping off the side of the cliff it was perched on as bullets tried in vain to catch up with it. She watched the dropship slip out of view, drifting out of control with one engine aflame.

She unsynced, drifting back to reality as she fell. She wiped the sweat from her face as she began to fly, drifting sideways. Despite how sedentary her Shell typically was, it was no slouch when it came to flying. She spoke into comms, her voice only slightly shaken:

”I don’t care if you all get on top of that thing, but get out from under it, it’s going down.” Crow paused to shake her head a little, shaking off the tingles. ”Magpie, can you make sure it’s down for me? I’ll be back to support in a sec.”

In the short time Horizon Rider had been unveiled to the public, they had generated massive amounts of hype and intrigue regarding the new, mysterious figure. Every ringside reporter was desperate to try and earn a quick interview with them, brushed off by their stoic disinterest. A few who even tried to step in front of their path were only knocked down and casually stepped over by Horizon Rider as they barely broke stride. Now, the false rider had even less patience for the crowds and media circuit than before; It was time to face off and defeat the one they had been based on.

Before SYM-24 was even built and attained sentience, they had false memories that stewed in their cybernetic mind endlessly. Recordings of nearly all the Justice Riders in their countless adventures and exploits were hardcoded into their brain. Despite how short SYM-24’s existence truly was, the insurmountable archive of data had to be experienced in real time from their perspective when they were activated. In the long instances they had been deactivated between training, they were truly hibernating, reliving their past exploits as a surreal, sleepless dream.

They hated every second of it.

The gratuitous explosions, the cheeky attitude, the unending snark, the obsession with celebrity, constantly treating each monster as a disproportionate threat for the sake of stardom as opposed to pouncing on and eviscerating it instantly with their absurd technological power. SYM-24 was a beast by nature, and the constant bombardment of sensation and color, even as they lay dormant, antagonized them endlessly. Their only solace was the opportunity to utterly and completely destroy them in front of the cameras and televisions they so worshiped. To expose them as frauds playing cowboy and crush them into the dust.

They had looked forward to being able to defeat the Black Knight in the ring. Just as Horizon Rider had earlier been forced into the same repeating dreams, he had the audacity to step into their territory, as if mocking them. Had the scientists holding him in a cage not put them under to recalibrate their behavior, they would have killed them right then and there. Instead, they could only glare as they sauntered off.

Now, however, he was given a far more enticing opportunity to defeat Justice Rider Blaze. Jill Breicen. The face of this damned nightmare. SYM-24 wasted not a second as they stepped into the ring, surrounded by the deafening roars and cheers of the crowd. Their only movement before the carnage proper was to crack the ligaments in their neck, and reflexively stretch their fingers as a tiger would it’s claws.

Jill, on the other hand, knew none of this. She’d received a short text from Izzy the moment the matchups were revealed:

”Watch yourself around that one.”

She didn’t know what he meant, exactly, but she decided it was no reason to be rude. Even if she had no idea what this guy was thinking, and she could usually get a decent read on people. The blank, dark dome of its helmet was like a creepy imitation of the Riders’ typical glowing visors. Completely expressionless, and it gave her the impression that anything could be hiding under it. Still, he was probably a normal guy, right? Maybe he just had a crippling injury or something and this was supposed to be demoing some cool new prosthetic system?

Yeah, that’s probably it. Would make a nice PR stunt…

“It’s kinda funny,” Jill said, stepping on her bike as she spun her keys around her finger. “I like to keep up with what Horizon’s up to, but… I never heard much of anything about you, stranger. Been hopin’ that we can fix that today.” She stuck the key in her belt and struck her pose.


The moment her transformation finished, Jill charged forwards like a racer who just heard the starting gun. The moment she was in range, though, she gracefully slid her legs off the bike. In an impossible feat of coordination and leg strength, she held it by the handle and transferred that momentum into a powerful swing, wielding her bike like a massive hammer.

As she swung the bike directly at him, Horizon Rider was forced onto the backfoot, lunging backwards to avoid getting struck by a devastating blow. As he retreated, however, his long, corded tail extended from his lower back, immediately curving around to his front as it ejected at rapid speeds. Just as Jill had finished the swing of her first attack, the point of the tail had darted forward and stabbed into her shoulder, delivering a brief yet powerful shock that into her arm, causing the massive weight she had been carrying to suddenly drag and pull her along with it, causing her to stumble and struggle to regain balance, lest she fall to the ground.

As her guard was down, Horizon Rider leapt high into the air towards her direction. Doing a brief spin, he muttered one simple word aloud:

“Rider Stomp.”

His leg was coated in red energy as he descended at high speeds with a high jumping kick, aimed directly for the off-balance and guardless Justice Rider.

Jill was recovering, but the moment she heard those words she knew what was coming. She didn’t even bother trying to recover her balance; she just let the momentum flow, dropped her bike and spun to the ground, just barely managing to avoid a literal earth-shaking blow as she rolled to the side. She didn’t waste any time getting up, and rose into a graceful cartwheel to gain some distance. Pit Stop wasn’t nearly as graceful, and a hydraulic hiss sounded off near the bike as the drone attempted to push it up again.

Guess I can’t expect another friendly chat…

She held in her hand one of her bike’s handlebars; Pit Stop must have detached it for her when she fell. She channeled her ki and flicked her wrist, then swung her arm towards Horizon Rider. A whip rapidly formed and followed her movements, capped off by a sharp-looking spark-shaped head.

Horizon Rider quickly manifested and swung his Bioblade at the whip, his own caustic and violent energy cutting straight through the prolonged chain, severing it and causing both ends to fizzle into sparks.

He came to the conclusion that fighting at a longer distance may be more beneficial. He extended his right arm, which quickly resculpted itself from a monstrous hand and into a pointed cannon. Directing the point of it directly at Jill, He fired a barrage of four bursts, with minor alteration for each shot, intended to throw off her footwork and trick her into getting hit.

Jill went on the defensive, in a way flashy enough to draw excitement from the crowd. The first burst was deflected by what was left of her whip. The second and third were dodged with a series of graceful flips and cartwheels. The fourth? One long, beautifully executed jump. The Justice Rider smirked…

And promptly got hit in the chest with one last shot. Her armor held, but it still had the impact of a solid punch. She began to laugh as she caught her breath, as if she’d been fooled in a particularly funny joke. She flicked her whip again, the weapon quickly reforming, and charged the EX-System. The sounds of Cloud Nine’s engine started back up again as the bike sailed away from danger, having managed to right itself again.

The uncoiling of the whip struck Horizon Rider directly in the chest, sending waves of electrified Ki throughout his entire body. His best ranged option, despite landing squarely, barely slowed Jill down. As much as he loathed to admit it, she had superior speed and mobility alone, and her accursed bike getting itself back on it’s wheels would only give her an even greater advantage. It was time for desperate measures if he was going to intercept and defeat her…

“Berserker Mode, Engage.”

As the last mote of crackling energy wore off, SYM-24 turned downwards for a brief moment, holding completely still, arms outstretched. Then, slowly and gradually, every tiny little scale and fibre of his organic armor began to twitch and vibrate wildly, like a chaotic goosebump. Slowly but surely, his body began to glow with bright, vibrant red veins coursing across his body from his torso. SYM-24 themselves also began to twitch, with much more agitation, before turning it’s head skyward and letting out a monstrous, animalistic scream.

Then, in a single flash of motion, SYM-24 was gone from Jill’s view, having vanished with little more than a blur.

Then, his black helmet was mere inches from her face, he delivered a powerful punch directly to her face, the overwhelming impact sending her flying straight into her bike, crashing against it and knocking it over. As soon as the bike fell over once again, SYM-24 turns it’s attention back to Jill, and broke into a mad, violent dash towards her, his fingers held wide open like claws.

Jill rolled to her feet, her muscles feeling like electrified gelatin. After a hit like that, her body wanted to rest, but her mind and the EX-system wouldn’t let it, as if they both knew she couldn’t. Pit Stop had managed to latch on to her during the crash, and her instincts had managed to piece things together faster than her mind could: This guy had gone from 0 to 100 fast, and if she didn’t bring out the big guns right this literal second then this would be a very short match.

The Justice Rider released another limiter on the EX-System, her new armor beginning to appear before she even spoke the words:


She held her hand forward, a glowing blue eye staring out from her shattered visor as she prepared to take another nasty hit.

As SYM-24 closed in he delivered another devastating blow directly to the face, the impact once again sending her flying. While her defensive brace managed to reduce the impact of the attack, in the brief moment she flew through the air, she noticed him immediately close the distance again to the free-flying Justice rider, then delivering another powerful kick to her stomach, sending her flying even faster and into the ground.

Jill rolled to her feet almost instantly after she hit the ground, the extra armor and power doing wonders to help mitigate the blow. She released the limiter on her arm.

“My turn.”

There was a subtle filtered quality to her voice, as if the damage to her helmet had somehow made it less clear. Her eyes emitted a fiery blue glow that once again obscured anything inside the armor. She swung her whip, not towards her opponent, but towards her bike. Putting all her body into one solid pull, she swung the machine back towards her like a flail, knocking aside Horizon Rider and bringing the machine back into her hand. She stepped on and, with a turn of the wrist, disappeared herself, leaving behind a blue blur of her own and a mighty crack that sounded across the stage as she charged toward her opponent at impossible speed.

Still blinded with nauseating rage, SYM-24 could think of little more countermeasure than to get back up onto his feet and charge straight into their charging, empowered opponent, crackling red energy trailing behind him as he charged straight into her charge of blue. The most he could do was channel all of his energy into his left arm, and punch her rapidly approaching bike head-on. The impact of the two energies caused a large explosion of white that for the briefest moment lit up the entire colosseum and left behind a cloud of smoke.

As the smoke of the destructive charge began to fade, SYM-24 still stood on his feet… With only a slight few crackles of his berserk energy fading away, before they quickly collapsed to the floor, completely spent. Jill stood completely still for a moment, struggling to process the events coming to such a sudden stop as her heart pounded on and on. Eventually, she caught up, and re-engaged her limiter.

“... You alright?” The Justice Rider asked, tilting her head to the side. She only had a second to wonder before the crowd erupted into applause.


Jill smiled, relieved, and powered down her suit, waving back to the excited crowd.

SYM-24 could only limply twitch, desperately trying to struggle back to their feet, rage pulsating through every fiber of their broken and exhausted form. They were NOT going to let themselves be defeated in such a humiliating method. But regardless, their flesh and will had reached their limits. Their body forcibly relaxed and fell again to the floor below. His will had been suppressed by the accursed device in his head, as a small team approached to extract him and return him to the cold lab below.

Interactions: None.
The Beach

The Carrion Crow rubbed out her cigarette against the black steel of her machine, letting it fall to the floor of the hangar like she always did before a mission. She let out a deep breath before stepping inside the cockpit.

”Welcome back, Miss-

“Shut up…” Crow growled, drowning out the AI as it tried to kiss her ass with procedural suggestions it knew she would like. It didn’t need her face or voice to recognize her; her gait, the length of her smoke break, the brand of cigarettes she liked, and the specific rhythms of her movement as she clambered inside were all cues it had memorized and used to predict her entry and confirm her identity. The mercenary squirmed out of her jacket and slid into her chair, lifting up her ponytail as she plugged herself into the neural interface. A subtle tingle spread its way down her spine. CROW-III’s specs began syncing up with her mind; not represented visually, but innately understood.

“Looks like everything’s running fine up here…” The Carrion Crow’s Latin American accent came filtered through a voice typically on the husky side, and almost always at least slightly irritated. “Dropping in.”

She had a moment to breathe as her Shell drifted down to earth, having already picked out a spot she’d identified from the topography scans. New Zealand beaches were honestly pretty fucked when it came to finding some nice high ground, but she managed to find a decent enough spot on a cliffside. The rainforest would give them good cover, but her cannon could cut through a lot of trees. This whole job seemed like a cakewalk any rookie fresh out of the corporate stables could pull off, to be honest. Something was just a little fishy about it, even if she couldn’t-

Crow frowned, trying to parse out the cacophony of nonsense going through the comm channels.

“The shit I have to put up with here…” She muttered under her breath. “Perra, can-”

”Filtering out all extraneous noise from the communications line, Miss-”

“Sure.” Crow cut the AI off as her Shell’s feet touched the earth, once more blessed with the gift of silence only occasionally broken by chatter. She set the YOMI system to start running scans. Its sensor array managed to cut through the rain like butter, revealing what could potentially be the whole battlefield. She initiated the uplink, transferring the data to the rest of her squad.

“Scans should be up for everyone. Keep an eye on ‘em.” She huffed, getting ready to wait out the snoozefest.

"Gizzard, movin' towards the nearest treeline. Gonna let 'em move in a little and fuck 'em up from behind. Should be easy pickin's for the firing support." A rueful little smile spread on his face as King Gizzard blitzed into the vegetation and halted, crouching amongst the shadows. "Or, sit back and enjoy the show. I don't give a shit.
King Gizzard

“Copy that Gizz, parking my ass down.” The Carrion Crow wore an adversarial smile the second she heard King Gizzard’s voice. Her Shell’s bipedal legs folded as her sniper cannon extended to its full length. She was ready for some easy pickin’s.

“You mind syncing me up to your ventriculum feed?” She asked. “I’m in the mood to show off tonight.”
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