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Current Been a very tiring week for me, apologies for delays everyone ! Will be getting to longer posts this weekend!
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Slowly trying to get my groove back. Hope to get back to everybody by the end of the week. Still stuck on mobile for now so will still be slower :')
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And now my backup computer is ALSO dead T_T restricted to mobile so will be much slower getting posts out...why does this always happen to meeeeee ;-;
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Storms seem to have let up, should be back to normal now
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Well, you're lucky D: in the UK it happens a LOT. Specially in rural areas like my town T_T


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@AutumnFrost voila! Apologies for such a delay (and that it's a little shorter than normal ;-; ), life has been kicking my butt with lots of stuff to do this past week XD

Next one will hopefully be longer again!
“Or me.” Swiftbrook twitched her whiskers in amusement as Ashstar mentioned someone with as much energy as Poppykit. “Either way, you'll have a hard job picking her mentor I think.” the senior Warrior agreed, tail twitching absently as she answered her leader’s next question. “I do believe I am...Sandpelt asked me to go with you, and I believe Turtlepaw, Cricketpaw and Sunspot as well?” the black and white warrior curled her tail around her paws as they waited for the rest of the patrol to join them.


“Oh, cool!” Cricketpaw sprang back to his paws, tail arching over his back as he nudged his littermate impatiently with a paw. “Come ooooonnn Turtlepaw! We haven't got till sunhigh for you to get up, lazy furball!”
“Alright, alright! I'm up!” Turtlepaw grumbled in protest, swatting both cats away from her as she rolled slowly out of her nest and got to her paws. After Cricketpaw had batted the stray scraps of moss from her pelt, they trotted out to join the rest of the patrol.
“Morning, Ashstar!” Cricketpaw greeted the leader cheerfully. “Which border are we patrolling?”
“I think that's up to Ashstar to decide.” Swiftbrook reminded her grandkit, getting to her paws. “Let's find out and get going shall we?”
Tucking the last leaf wrap safely away again, Icerain gave his apprentice a nod and padded out of the medicine den. Seeing that the dawn patrol was about to leave, the medicine cat quickly raced over with Dapplefern hot on his heels.
“Wait up!” he called to the patrol as they made their way towards the bushes that concealed the camp entrance. “Mind if Dapplefern and I tag along with the dawn patrol?” he asked, knowing that Ashstar was unlikely to refuse. “We won't get in the way.” That wasn't what made Icerain nervous though...he couldn't shake the ominous feeling that something would happen whilst out on this patrol. Was today the day? Should he stay in camp and send Dapplefern out to gather herbs instead?
Steeling his nerve, Icerain silently scolded himself. No. If there was going to be a battle then his Clanmates needed him to do his duty. As a medicine cat he was privileged to share the bond he did with StarClan, he should accept the fate they had laid before his paws with dignity and respect.
Ooohhh, that sounds EPIC! *excited girly squealing*

Ahem, I mean yes, let's do that XD
I didn't want to go too far ahead and mess up anything you had planned there, so hope that works okay! XD

As always I can ammend if needed, but otherwise feel free to have the Faceless appear next? :3
Manus Vo...the name vaguely rang bells in the back of Aria's mind. She recalled sitting in Roan’s office during her early training at the Academy and hearing her father arguing back and forth with Cheriss about the man’s strategic capabilities...okay, now this all made sense. This was NOT good, putting Vo and Soto together? They'd have a problem on their hands if they couldn't capture them and get this entire network under control.
“One issue I can see...where, exactly, are we supposed to amass a believable stash of these goods in such a short space of time, Malu?”
“Ask Garza.” the Miraluka chuckled softly in amusement, waving them off. “They're simple enough things that the Alliance military has access to.”
“True....alright, we'll be ready when Voldon gets here.” The Champion promised before they disconnected the call.
“ do you want to do this so it's most believable?” she turned towards her partner again. “We could speak to Garza about the supplies first and make sure we get them, perhaps it's more believable for one of us to go in first and the other to come in afterwards, make it look like we think he won't hear us, drop Voldon’s name and the hyperspace route and then let him run?” it was a far more likely scenario than trying to convince the boy to lie to his supposed allies.

The plan seemed to be working out relatively smoothly. After securing the needed inventory, Yerbol returned to the holding cells (“I'm the bad guy, he's not going to believe me if I tell him we’re letting him go is he?”) to “release” their informant while Aria wrapped up the loose ends with the supply drop and worked with Garza to procure a suitably “secure” ship they could use as a transport. She returned to the room precisely as Yerbol was assuring their guest of his newfound freedom.
“Yes, I'm very serious son. General Garza has agreed to let you go. You're very lucky.”
“VERY lucky.” Aria cut in precisely as they had agreed would be “the right time” in the conversation, “Considering trying to murder two Qyaari should be a life sentence at least. But Garza’s right, you're not the instigator so...You're free to go.” flashing the young man what she hoped was a convincingly long-suffering smile, Aria made a show of pulling Yerbol back into the hallway with a declaration of “we've got bigger problems to deal with anyways”, and “forgetting” to shut the door in her haste.

“Voldon’s due to land in half an hour or so. The Elders say they're attacking our convoys now, want us to guard the next one and make sure it gets to Zinuthra.” a pause, during which Yerbol feigned surprise and nodded firmly in agreement, and Aria risked a peek at their guest from under her partner’s arm.
Think he's buying it?
Looks that way to me. Aria confirmed, quickly returning her gaze to Yerbol to deviate any suspicions. One way to find out, right?
Out loud, she finished with: “So, let’s get the kid out of there and get going, we haven't got time to waste if we're going to make this convoy.”

The two Champions unlocked the cuffs and, after returning his helmet to him, sent the young man on his merry way. Needless to say, it didn't take him long to scurry out of sight of the facility and in the direction which Sho confirmed was likely to be towards a tunnel network heading towards the Undercity. The Mandalorian had agreed, under Garza’s orders, to act as the convoy ship’s co-pilot (that way if things got a little close, they had a sniper with a good trigger finger that claimed she could “drop those space monks with a few stun rounds no problem!”), while the Champions and Voldon posed as the guards set up as an extra security precaution. They met the Elder in the private Alliance hangar which Garza had arranged for the ship and the supplies to be sent to, Aria whistling nervously as she took in his stony facial expression.
“You look....a little more serious than usual.” the Champion prompted carefully as they headed up the ramp while Sho and the pilots performed the last checks before take off. Voldon did not appear too eager to elaborate on the point as they settled into the makeshift seating area. The cargo lay securely in the hold immediately to their right, everything had been set up to ensure their success and yet Aria could not help but share some of Voldon’s apprehension.
“Hey, what if this is a cop out and Vo DOESN'T come after us?”
A long-suffering sigh from Voldon before he insisted:
“He WILL. Manus isn't the kind of man to pass up the opportunity to take out three powerful enemies in one operation.”
“Even if this is a huge bust, at least y'all get the supplies you needed back to Zinuthra, right?” the intercom crackled for a few more seconds before Sho finished with:
“So all three of you should stop frowning so much, it's not very comforting for the rest of us.”
Aria responded with a half-hearted snort, ignoring Sho’s lackluster attempt at humor and turning to Voldon again.
“So, when they DO show up, we'll handle Soto and leave Vo to you?” another nervous chuckle escaped the Champion. “I get the feeling there's some kind of history there? Not that I'm trying to be nosy, of course...but it was implied. And ARE more experienced in fighting master tacticians than we are. Unless part of the plan was to let them beat us around a bit first, cause Malu didn't tell us that.” she was aware she was babbling unnecessarily, so Aria quickly forced herself to stop talking and attempt to focus her mind for the anticipated confrontation. The ship fell into silence apart from the low hum of the engines and the occasional clanking noise from the cargo as they entered hyperspace.

Slowing her breathing, she channelled the Force around her whilst keeping her hearing alert for the signs that the Faceless had begun their assault. Voldon theorized that they would try to track them and then pounce as the convoy dropped back into known space, which should be in the next few hours thanks to the new hyperspace lanes Won had set up between the Core and Wild Space after the Qyaari had signed the treaty.
She just hoped they really would be prepared for whatever Vo and Soto could do when the time came.
“Any last advice, Voldon? I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a LITTLE anxious over here.”
Argh, it can be a pain...curse this tiny keyboard (and autocorrect!) *shakes fist at* XD but it's doable haha

Oooooohhhh, poor Voldon! D: now I'm intrigued! *bounces in seat impatiently*
I'm toying with a few ideas regarding Cheriss myself, but kinda waiting to see if it's workable before I attempt anything hehehe

1. It Took Me By Surprise-Maria Mena-Viktoria
2. The Lion's Roar-First Aid Kit-The Lion's Roar
3. Castle On The Hill-Ed Sheeran-Divide (Deluxe Edition)
4. Diary Of Jane-Breaking Benjamin-Phobia
5. How Did You Love-Shinedown-Threat To Survival
6. Little Bird-The Eels-End Times
7. I Have Made Mistakes-The Oh Hellos-Through the Deep, Dark Valley
8. Dear Daphne-Clara C-The Art In My Heart
9. White Blank Page-Mumford & Sons-Sigh No More (Deluxe Edition)
10. Beekeeper-Keaton Henson-Birthdays (Deluxe Edition)
*waves back* Yess, loads better! I should be back in the game now! (But still a bit slow while I'm stuck to typing on phone till laptop is fixed XD)

And no worries as always, work comes first! :P
*army crawls back in* I am ALIIIVEEEE

My sincerest apologies for such a delay, last week was a nightmare >_< but there we go! :D feel free to add or change anything there before they actually head down and try to find this place, figure they should update Malu on the goings on a little first?
Aria nodded slightly after peering at Malu’s message, knowing there would be no alternatives to the Champions conducting the interrogation. They accompanied the platoon back to the compound where the leader took his leave of them after dropping the captured assailant into the chair in the center of the bleak interrogation room.
“Oh boy...this takes me back.” Aria snorted quietly, popping her knuckles as they waited for the man to come back around.
“So does that make me the bad guy?” the Champion chuckled in amusement. “Well, I suppose I AM more used to being scary than you are.”
She tried not to be surprised when Yerbol pulled off the attacker's helmet....he certainly was younger than Aria had been expecting.
“Come on, kid...You're not making this easy on yourself.” as Yerbol spoke, attempting to pull some information out of the boy by scaring him, Aria paced deliberately slowly around the chair, her eyes never leaving his. A soft smirk graced Aria's features at the surge of fear that dominated the young man’s mind when he heard the word “Inquisitor”.
“That's, you can answer our questions and tell us what we want to know, OR I can take it from you. Forcefully. And it WILL hurt.”

Regrettably, their informant remained stubbornly tight-lipped and refused to give the two Champions any solid answers to their questions other than mentioning “The Faceless” which was….SOMETHING to go on at least.
“The Faceless? Is that what they call themselves?” Still nothing. Aria joined her partner as he sighed.
“...he's not talking, you know what that means…”
“I was hoping we wouldn't have to, but I suppose he hasn't left us much choice has he?” Aria responded, nodding slightly. “Alright, kid. Last can tell us what we want to know.” she extended her Force presence towards the young boy’s, seized hold of it just long enough to give him an idea of the discomfort it would bring him, then let him go again. “Or I WILL do what I have to, to take it from you against your will.” if he had doubted before that they were capable of orchestrating the threat, she hoped it would be dispelled now and the boy would tell them what they wanted to know. “The Faceless. WHO are they, and WHERE can we find them?”
The young man’s chin wobbled, bottom jaw tensed as he hissed out the words:
“The Faceless take care of their own. They do not bend to the Qyaari, who waste their time pandering to the weak Alliance Chancellors, they do not feel the Force like we do, they are not fit to lead this galaxy.”
“Oh, and I suppose YOU, or more accurately Soto, are? Is mass genocide a good public image for a government figure?”
“Better than forgiving them and acting like it never happened!”

Rolling her eyes, Aria leaned forward to brace her hands against the arms of the chair, the Champion’s eyes locked with his.
“Alright, kid. No more playing games. The more you fight me, the more this will hurt.”
“You'll never get anything out of me!”
She had to give him some credit for attempting to resist her control, but he was still young and his abilities basic and unsharpened. With his hands still cuffed firmly, the boy could do little to break the eye contact between them other than wriggle feebly in place and attempt to shut his eyes, though Aria was easily able to tap into her former Inquisitor training and break through the weak mental barriers he attempted to use to block out his memories.

Dark, lights flickering faintly overhead. Buildings that looked deceptively ramshackled, with boards over the windows. A network of drainage pipes nearby, that wound through the underground tunnels throughout the planet...out of which emerged a familiar, round-faced blonde Jedi Master.
“Jean. It's been a long time.” a man, reasonable height and a clean shaven appearance, approaches Soto and embraces her.
“...I had wondered who would bother to free me.” there is recognition between them, that brings the beginnings of a smile to Soto’s face. “It's good to see you, Ma-”

But before Soto could utter his name, a surge of anger gave their informant new strength to break the mental vice Aria had locked his mind into, the Champion staggering backwards with a painful huff as the boy’s forehead rammed painfully into her nose.
Her voice muffled through her hand which now clutches her (possibly broken, given the sickening “crack” it had made on impact) nose, she growls.
“The man. That's your leader? What's his name?”
The boy’s teeth flash in a smug grin.
“You mean you don't know? Well that's a shame, isn't it, Inquisitor?” his chin lifts in apparent defiance, but there is an unsteady wobble to his voice that betrays the lie. “You don't scare me. I'll die before I betray them.”

“PSH!” Aria snorted, turning to Yerbol. “They’re somewhere in the Undercity, that's for sure. A district near the pipe network...the old Hydrosupply station.” a spike of alarm from their informant confirms the Champion’s theory. “I only saw his face briefly, but that doesn't matter.” turning back to the informant in the chair, Aria scoffed again.
“You're very lucky we aren't on Korriban anymore, or I'd tell the jailer to stop feeding you. Know how else we used to deal with troublesome interrogations there? Those who resisted the Inquisitors got shocked.” for good measure, she sent off a small spark that made him squeal like a frightened Bantha when it hit his nose. “Over and over...higher voltage every time you don't give an answer...and if you still don't cooperate? They let the beasts have you.”
Another jolt of fear. Good. Little whelp should be afraid.
“B-Beasts?” he squeaked, clearly not too keen on the prospect.
Flashing her signature sharp-toothed grin, Aria patted him on the cheek.
“Oh yes, and that...I can tell you I'd get away with. Our two are just back at the Tower, we could send for would be unfortunate for you if they happened to be too hungry not to tear you to pieces if I gave the word.”
Sweat beaded on the boy’s forehead as Aria touched Yerbol’s arm and gestured to the door.
“But let's give you a little chance to change your mind shall we? We'll be back in a few hours and if you tell us what we need to know you may just have to deal with the jailer instead of hungry Tuk'ata.”

She tried to ignore the look her partner gave her as the steel door slammed shut behind them.
“WHAT? He wasn't going to talk any other way, was he? He doesn't have to know the dogs aren't here.” she pointed out, cracking her nose back into place with an uncomfortable wince. “I saw the guy’s face briefly but I didn't recognise him...maybe he was a Jedi before.” she shrugged, placing her hands on her hips. “Either way, I think we should call Malu and let her know what we've found. Maybe she can help us figure out who he is.” another sigh as she glanced over her shoulder. “I'd like to get more information, rather than going in blind. This is Soto we're dealing with here, and any accomplices she's gathered up. She knows how to manipulate the law to her favourite. I think we should ask Sho to come with us again, a bit of extra help wouldn't hurt..."
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