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Current Doing work on my PC this weekend (from tomorrow) so I'm gonna be a lil slow for the weekend! Happy pride month to all my fellow gays (affectionate) and our allies! <3
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Ah yes, the obligatory "windows update that does not update anything but actually fucks shit up" Hello. It's been a while ((((:
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Only *now*? Well damn, least it's out there now. It's a whole neeewww woooorlddd :'D
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I'm in one of those weird funks where I want to do things, but it is also too much EFFORT to do things so oh boy, here we go again...
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Points for creativity and/or effort, I guess XD


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Star Wars (KOTOR/SWTOR era is a particular favourite, if we're talking canon, AttonxfemExile and/or CarthxfemRevan yes please. Also open to current/TFA-TLJ depending on plot ideas!)
Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit/Tolkien
Overwatch (WidowTracer is my jam <33)
Draconis Memoria series
ARK: Survival Evolved and/or Jurrassic Park/World, Dinosaurs in general are also always good! <3
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Generic Sci-fi/Fantasy


I tend to prefer dark/gritty themes, so stick to 18+ from that respect, but can do fade-to-black/skip for other mature subjects if preferred.


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WillowClan Warrior’s Den ----> WillowClan Camp

interacting with: @savannahssu’s Sunfur, @PrankFox’s Stormheart

Spidernose, too, passed a lingering gaze over her new apprentice and her denmate, giving both apprentices a faint, reassuring smile before she slid out of the warrior’s den after Sunfur and slunk across the camp. Maplestream seemed okay, at least, so that was good, she hadn’t been hurt. By these racoons, or whatever else was lurking about in their territory. Another possibility, Spidernose considered, was that these strangers had been attacked by something after all, and it just hadn’t been racoons. But that of course left a far more concerning possibility. They couldn’t smell racoons, and little else other than their own scent markers, or the strangers’ scents, nearby the camp. So what was it that could have attacked them?

Well, one thing was for sure, at least if they went out hunting, then she, Sunfur and Stormheart could take a look at it. “Sorry you have to rush out with us again so quickly, Stormheart.” the she-cat mewed a sincere apology to the other tom as she fell in next to him to wait whilst Sunfur tried to speak to the Clan deputy and tell Stonefall where they were going. “You must be tired...but at least Maplestream is back okay, I guess? That’s a huge relief. Did you guys see anything else, while you were out looking for her?” Spidernose asked, wanting to be as prepared as possible for whatever they might see when they went out into WillowClan territory again.
Gonna work on a Spider post soon, too! If not tonight, then defo by tomorrow (I have a couple other RPs on discord that I gotta work on today, too :P)
She's gonna give Spidernose such awful anxiety, I can feel it XD

But oof, feel you there, hope you feel better soon Hazel ;3;
Spider is having a very bad time with anxiety this poor woman needs a long nap XD She just got this child and now Sunfur be like "abandon her in a dangerous situation so we can make sure everyone has food for dinner, pls?"


And the heart is hard to translate
It has a language of its own
It talks in tongues and quiet sighs
In prayers and proclamations
In the grand deeds of great men and the smallest of gestures
In short shallow gasps

But with all my education I can’t seem to command it
And the words are all escaping, and coming back all damaged
And I would put them back in poetry if I only knew how
I can’t seem to understand it

And I would give all this and heaven too
I would give it all if only for a moment
That I could just understand the meaning of the word you see
Because I’ve been scrawling it forever but it never makes sense to me at all
Hope nobody minds me squeaking a Spider post in there, I figure if she's gonna peel off to hunt with Sunfur and Stormheart that I should probably have her answer him and all :D

WillowClan Warrior's Den

interacting with: @Hazelrah’s Honeypaw, @solokolos’ Moosepaw, @savannahssu’s Sunfur

Spidernose’s ears flicked backwards as she heard approaching pawsteps, a quick sniff revealing that the cat about to enter the den was none other than Sunfur. Oh good; they’re both back, I assume. Sunfur certainly didn’t look too ruffled, only a little bit concerned, and the reason for that was quickly made apparent as he asked Spidernose to accompany them hunting.

The she-cat couldn’t say she was surprised by the request, after all, they had only caught a few measly prey pieces last time they’d been hunting, before Sunfur had gotten bitten by that snake. So it wasn’t much of a surprise that their fresh-kill had all been eaten already. She was, however, a little nervous about leaving the apprentices by themselves, undefended. “But Stonefall asked me to watch them...” she began to protest in a slightly softer voice, though she knew Sunfur was right; the Clan needed food, too. With a sigh, she glanced down at her apprentice and murmured to the little tortoiseshell. “Stay with Moosepaw. Listen to him. He knows how to defend yourselves, too.” she shot the older apprentice a look next, imploring him to watch over Honeypaw in her stead. “Stonefall, Maplestream and Duskwing are out in the main camp. If anything gets too much, yowl and get them to help you.”

The brown-and-cream warrior gave Honeypaw one last, quick nuzzle, then shifted away from the apprentices to get to her paws and stretch before she padded across to join Sunfur at the den entrance. “Yeah, sure, I’ll come with you! There’s uhh, there are rogues, in the camp, by the way. Just so you know.” she mewed gently, not wanting to leave the tom in the dark since he’d only just got back. “That’s why we’re in here, and why Duskwing’s outside the nursery, making sure they don’t try to sneak off..or into somewhere they shouldn’t be.”
Spidernose is literally just like: ANXIETY.JPG rn

she out here like "pls do not hurt the bean I just got her and I love her and want her to be safe ;w;" XD

WillowClan Warrior's Den

interacting with: @Hazelrah’s Honeypaw, @solokolos' Moosepaw

Spidernose seemed quite content to sit still and allow Honeypaw to groom through her fur, even if it wasn’t particularly dirty, the repetitive motion would be soothing, she thought, for the younger cat. So she made no protest to it and simply tilted her chin down to blink at her apprentice soothingly. Her ears flicked as Moosepaw spoke, and the warrior made a small noise of agreement in the back of her throat.

Of course, she worried about Honeypaw, and whether they could say the same. She hadn’t had time to give her any battle training, this was her first day out of the nursery, the poor thing. Still, she was sure they’d find a way. Clan cats looked out for one another, and that was what Spidernose planned to do for Honeypaw.

“We can hope it doesn’t come to that,” the she-cat repeated, feeling like she’d said those exact words a few too many times. She ducked her head to give her apprentice’s forehead a quick lick between her ears, as if to offer her her own form of comfort, before her bright blue eyes moved across to Moosepaw next. “But I wouldn’t get over-confident, either. They might be scrawny-looking but sometimes appearances can be deceiving. When we were with my mother, before we found WillowClan, we lost many hunts to “scrawny” cats that we thought we could beat.” she sighed for a moment, considering how best to give her apprentice advice.

The last thing she wanted to do was get Honeypaw hurt. Fernstar would never forgive her if that were to happen. Scratch that, Spidernose was pretty sure she’d never forgive herself if something happened to Honeypaw because of an instruction she’d given the younger she-cat. And as inexperienced as she was, she knew she had to give her some advice just in case she’d need it.
“Okay. I know the thought of being in a battle is scary, but remember things like this. This is our camp, our home. We know it in a way these strangers don’t, which means, if we need to, we can use it to our advantage, duck in and out of hiding spots that they don’t know exist to get around them, or surprise them. Now, you’re small...and we haven’t done much fighting practise, and even if these rogues don’t fight much, they had to have fought off...something, to come in as scratched up as they did.”

Which meant, the best course of action for Honeypaw was to not get too close in with them, if she did, these rogues could crush her in moments. And Spidernose didn’t want that. “If a fight does break out, I want you to keep your claws out, and use them as much as you have to. Don’t let them get too close, don’t try and use your teeth, you’re not experienced enough yet. I just want you to focus on doing whatever you have to, to not get hit, okay? Stay close to me, or Moosepaw, and bring them our way, let us deal with the more complicated brawling.”

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