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Current I have a rescue snake who has a mostly-healed burn scar, I'm not at the computer where the pictures are atm but I can have a look and see if I have some for you to use tomorrow, @Bondye :)
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yeah, I gotta agee w/ Obscene there. Unless I give you my explicit permission, I don't want anyone touching MY characters that *I* created, That's super dodgy tbh.
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Welp. Computer issues so stuck on mobile AGAIN. Oh boy....
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But Poo it's like 12am (Yes I ate earlier today, does that count?)
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1 x 1 Int Check | Guild Art Thread (I forget to post here...if you're really interested in my work it would be better to go stalk my deviantART account ;) I post mostly Digital Art but occasionally dabble in Fanfic writing and Animation

Above art by mee, character is also an OC of mine, no stealing *stares*! Lyrics are from The Mountain Goats' song "Up The Wolves", which does NOT belong to me)


Star Wars (KOTOR/SWTOR era is a particular favourite, if we're talking canon, AttonxfemExile and/or CarthxfemRevan yes please. Also open to current/TFA-TLJ depending on plot ideas!)
Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit/Tolkien
Overwatch (WidowTracer is my jam <33)
Draconis Memoria series
ARK: Survival Evolved and/or Jurrassic Park/World, Dinosaurs in general are also always good! <3
Elves/Dragons/Mages/Beastmasters etc.
Generic Sci-fi/Fantasy


I tend to prefer dark/gritty themes, so stick to 18+ from that respect, but can do fade-to-black/skip for other mature subjects if preferred.


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All dressed up for a hit and run

WillowClan Warrior's Den

interacting with: @Hazelrah’s Honeypaw, @solokolos‘ Moosepaw

“Shhh, it’s alright. It’s gonna be okay.” the cream and brown she-cat murmured soothingly to Honeypaw as she felt the smaller apprentice huddle up against her, her fur spiked on end with fear. The warrior didn’t say anything right away, not wanting to worry them further, and ducked her head to rasp her tongue gently across the top of her apprentice’s head, smoothing back some of the fur.

Her ears swivelled as she picked up the familiar voice of their missing Clanmate, and she couldn’t help but sigh in relief, a small bit of the tension in her shoulders relaxing. “Maplestream’s back.” she announced to the two apprentices, trying to keep them optimistic. Moosepaw didn’t buy it so much, it would seem, and as the tom answered the question instead, Spidernose was forced to do the same. “Y-Yes. Some rogues came bursting into the camp a little while ago. Claimed they’d been attacked, but something seems a, about their story.” she explained, nudging the top of Honeypaw’s head again in reassurance. “Stonefall wants you and Moosepaw to stay with me, just in case something dangerous happens. Don’t be afraid, we’ll be safe.”

Spidernose didn’t want to give them any more details in case either apprentice got some sort of foolish idea and StarClan forbid tried to confront the rogues, or something like that. She flicked her tail to beckon Moosepaw a little closer to them, hoping the signal would be enough to stop the older apprentice from shoving his way past them and out of the den to investigate for himself. Honeypaw was frightened, and she could use the comfort of the older cats around her, right now. “Come sit closer to us, Moosepaw. We’re going to stay in here until Stonefall tells us otherwise, okay? I need you to be brave and sensible for me, for Honeypaw.”
Just a lil heads up that Life Stuff has come up which means I have to be AFK essentially from Fri - Sun (this weekend, 26th - 28th), so if any posts come in during that time I won't be able to start on a response on my end till I get re-situated around Mon or Tues (29th/30th) but I promise I'm still here & haven't ghosted lol
@Hazelrah You can either post as Honeypaw or wait until Felix, Otis and Heather speak again. ALSO after scrolling through the recent IC posts, I was noticing something. I have been the only one centering my posts and it started to bother me maybe a little more than it should. . . xD So if people can remember, center your posts so my eyelids can stop twitching xD

I mean, mine are "justified" which is just a neater version of centered....? XD
I'm waiting to hear more from Otis and co too dw! XD
<Snipped quote by The Elvenqueen>


Stonefalll omg they're so precious, I adore them XD
cue Spider short-circuiting for a second because OMG HE TOUCHED ME ;3; XD

WillowClan Camp ---> WillowClan Warrior's Den

interacting with: @Hazelrah’s Stonefall & Honeypaw, @PrankFox’s Duskwing (briefly), @solokolos‘ Moosepaw

As Stonefall and Duskwing relaxed, so too did their Clanmate, the cream-and-brown she-cat finally sheathing her claws as she concluded the strangers were simply haggard from their manic flight away from the vicious raccoons and tired as well. They likely wouldn’t be much of a threat to them and it was pointless to expect a fight now, she thought. When the grey tom padded closer and pressed his fur against hers more substantially, for half a heartbeat or so, she felt as if her own heart nearly stopped. He was so warm and comfortable, and without really thinking about it, even as Spidernose nodded in understanding - and fought down the pang of disappointment as she realised this wasn’t real and was just a cover in front of the strangers - she found herself leaning into the contact.

His tongue rasped across her neck and the she-cat felt her fur tingle a little, but she forced herself to focus and breathe back, just as quietly, as if she were mumbling some sort of reassurance to a mate before they parted for the night, and pressed her chin to the top of his head so she could lean closer to his ear so only Stonefall would hear. “I understand. I’ll keep them safe, and make sure they don’t wander off.” her eyes flicked to the strangers once more as the tom stepped back, and before he was too far out of earshot, Spidernose added, her mew laced with genuine concern. “You be careful, too, don’t let them drag you into something dangerous Stonefall, please.”

The cream-and-brown she-cat dipped her chin to Duskwing as she passed her, flashing the other warrior a silent look that confirmed, If anything suspicious happens, yowl and I’ll come running. before she slunk away to join the two apprentices in the warrior’s den, she noted they were both awake.
Or at least Moosepaw was awake, and Honeypaw was looking groggy as her denmate attempted to rouse her from sleep. Spidernose hunkered down beside them, still half sitting up in case she needed to leave the den on the drop of a whisker.
“Easy, Moosepaw, Honeypaw. We’re staying in here.” she mewed softly, trying to keep as calm and reassuring as she could. “Stay close to me, I’ll keep watch from in here. Nothing’s going to happen to you. Fernstar and the others will be back soon and everything’s going to be fine, you’ll see.”

WillowClan Camp

interacting with: @Hazelrah’s Stonefall, @savannahssufor The Strangers *spooky finger wiggles* XD, @PrankFox’s Duskwing

The she-cat couldn’t help but startle slightly as Stonefall raised his voice to speak to the strangers, though she couldn’t really blame him for it. He was trying to appear assertive and strong, and if he felt that was necessary she was willing to trust his judgement. Stonefall was the deputy after all, and he was given that rank by Fernstar for a reason.

Having been ordered to stay put, she did so, though she didn’t sit back down again and instead moved to stand between the deputy and Duskwing, her hackles prickling as she leaned over to whisper to the other warrior in a quiet tone that she hoped only she and Stonefall could hear, and not their strange new guests.
“ think they’re lying, too?”
Spidernose desperately wanted to believe the best, that they were just scared and maybe a little confused, but telling the truth. But with both of her Clanmates so suspicious, it was starting to rub off on her a little, too...
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