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Current Apologies for my absence, but a family medical emergency is taking up my time and sucking away all my creativity at present...hopefully will be back in a week or so
25 days ago
Well, I very well may disappear for a length of time after tomorrow depending on what the doctors say
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26 days ago
Do customers not realise that them giving me a £20 note for £3 worth of items literally makes me want to cry? No, I really do not want to give you all the change in the till why must you do this ;-;
1 mo ago
Life is super hectic right now, apologies for being less active/slower. May remain so for a little while
1 mo ago
*sigh* animals always have to get sick right when you really don't need to have to fork out 90% of your income for a vet bill....worth it to know they are ok of course but still .___.


PROFILE UNDERGOING A REVAMP. Excuse the mess for now o.o

I draw, occasionally, so you may find if the inspiration strikes me I'll draw a doodle or two from our roleplay! You can follow my art and stuff on my deviantart account: The-Elvenqueen, or my Art Dump Thread here in The Gallery section of the Guild! :D

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Nah, I like it, it suits her! haha
Oh gosh I am not looking forward to this happening, poor Voldon *sniffles* xD

Glad to hear everyone is ok, that's good news! Hope you're nowhere near...Irma? I have a feeling I've got the name wrong woops, that'd just be rubbing the salt in the wound and all ;-; We're very lucky not to really get natural disasters very often here, but glad to hear you're all ok and I hope everyone recovers from it all soon!

I shall endeavour to try and get a post out tonight, but it MAY be postponed till over the weekend as my Google Docs is currently throwing a temper tantrum and not allowing me to access the file due to some error with connecting to the server XD fingers crossed it'll be fixed a little later and I can get back to it :P
Just a small annoyance that has been bugging me for awhile. A friend of mine has been doing a 1x1 for some time with me on Discord, and like any good partner, he does a @mention if it has been a few days since I haven't replied (sometimes I can get busy and don't have the time to reply).

However, what annoys me is the time when he posts a reply and does a @mention if I haven't replied to him within thirty minutes to an hour. Additionally, he has a habit of going to every server we're both in and doing a @mention, so sometimes I reach almost ten notifications over the period of a minute that all deal with the same topic.

I've brought this up to him, as well the fact that he doesn't do the same thing to the other people he does 1x1s with. His only excuse is that he cares about our 1x1 and not the other ones he is in. I've known him for several years now, but frankly I've tired of all the crap he tries pulling with me because I don't have my eyes glued to the conversation and not instantly capable of responding.

Tl;dr Friend is doing a 1x1 with me and often annoys me with instant notifications or multiple notifications in the same time frame.

You have the patience of a saint for putting up with it this long, dude. This would piss me off to the point of wanting to drop the rp entirely.

I'm ashamed to say I was once this annoying person too, about 10 years ago when I didn't have anything better to do with my life and didn't understand that other people weren't the same. But jeez if you can't give a person a day to a few weeks breathing room to reply you're gonna look like an asshat

I'd suggest as others have said, just to give said friend a nudge and remind him you have other life concerns and that it doesn't mean you aren't fond of the rp...or else you're gonna eventually reach a point where you snap. We all do
Just gonna plop a link to the WIKI here, cause I have cheese for brains and I keep losing it ;3;

I also made a Playlist for Act III as well including the Starset new album you linked :'3
Oh gosh, hope you're all doing okay and no-one was hurt or anything! o: (and of course that nothing was too badly damaged!) As always, no rush, life stuff comes first and is more important! (:

Finally got something up, didn't want to jump too far ahead in one go so I kinda elluded to the start of the chaos and figured we could go from there? XD Thought of a couple options for where our dear Champions could put themselves to use so feel free to go in whichever direction seems more interesting....or if you have ideas I haven't thought of yet :3
A sympathetic smile creased Aria’s features as Kira spoke of Voldon and Manus’ friendship, the Champion shaking her head as she mumbled. “Poor Voldon…” she couldn’t have imagined what the Elder must have been feeling...she had been concerned of course when the Qyaari had first formed against Bracknell, that Vano and some of the others would rather choose to side with Bracknell than join up with Yerbol and a “bunch of Jedi”, but they had been lucky for them to come around and become integral members of the team. Manus on the other hand….well, she didn’t want to imagine how Voldon thought this would have to end, in order to protect those the Qyaari cared for. At Kira’s comment, Cheriss rolled her eyes.
“Hey, watch it youngster.” the former Sith’s voice took on a purposefully strained, elderly tone as part of her retort. “I’ll outlive all three of you yet, you mark my words!”
A brief chuckle was shared amongst the group, before Aria frowned.
“Well, that explained Manus and Voldon a little...but Cheriss, you looked about ready to strangle Kartan in there, what…?” the Champion was well aware that she might have been overstepping her bounds by asking, but curiosity was getting the better of her. The Dathomirian cleared her throat awkwardly, waving a hand towards the exit dismissively.
“That was...a lapse of judgement on my part. Nothing against the Twi’lek personally, only some of the company he keeps.” a thin smile was all that accompanied the cryptic statement, followed by: “A lot of us are confronted with old ghosts, dealing with these neutral Force users...but sometimes, those ghosts are best left undisturbed, my dear.”


And thus, the two Champions found themselves accompanied by Ailel, Kira and Cheriss to the meditation garden, where they were just in time to witness the training session out in full swing. After dismissing the youngsters back to their practise, the trio made their way over to greet the Champions and the Elders. The Cathar and Chiss were friendly and seemed very approachable, however the third and final of the tutors hung back, a scowl painted over his face that gave the impression of him being far less friendly than his peers...although, Aria noted, not unsavoury. There were no ill intentions to be sensed in Waylon’s demeanour, while he was certainly abrasive, there was nothing about him that gave her cause to be suspicious. Of course...she wouldn’t have expected any less from people hand-picked to join the Qyaari’s efforts by Cheriss, considering how suspicious the Elder was of the newcomers.
“It’s good to meet you all.” Aria nodded politely as they shook hands with Kinso, and then Paix, Waylon was less than keen and simply grunted in their direction, muttering a comment about the state of their classes’ progress.
“Yes, I believe they do, sir.” the Champion sighed, for a moment feeling somewhat guilty for the state of their students’ learning, since she and Yerbol had been so absent trying to chase after first Illesia and the Xiis and now Manus and his cult. “It would be nice for them to have some consistency in their tutoring, especially when Yerbol and I are needed elsewhere….that is unfortunately one glaring problem with there being only the two of us.” of course, this was no-one’s fault, and Aria could only hope that the Elders wouldn’t assume she was attempting to prod at their organisational skills, however it was a fact that was easily observed within the Qyaari until the new tutors had been enlisted. “They’re going to need all the training they can get if they’re going to be strong enough to handle whatever Manus throws at us.”

Cheriss chuckled in response to the Chiss tutor’s query, mouth turned upwards in a smirk as she gave her assessment. “I would say just as well as I had expected of you, Master Paix. Your students learn quick, and I daresay there may be a handful of Champions amongst them in the future when their abilities are more sharpened.” the Dathomirian Elder’s gaze rested on the training students as they worked to follow Waylon and Kin’s instructions; Aria spotted Iruba who, while still being levitated and thrown several feet backwards towards a group of other Novices and their pumpkins, managed to slow her descent with the Force in order to land firmly on her feet and charge at the Cathar once more, along with Tobe and some more of the older students who had showed promise a year prior under the Champions’ tutoring. As they watched a nervous young Togruta misdirect a flying pumpkin to bounce off Waylon’s head (much to Paix and Kin’s amusement), however, Cheriss clucked her tongue in teasing disapproval and added: “The rest of them...well, we may make librarians or archivists of them yet.”
A chuckle was shared amongst the group.
“I think our librarian would take issue with that statement, Cheriss.” Aria smirked, wondering how the Mirialan would feel if she had been privy to the Elder’s comment.
“Indeed.” the Dathomirian raised an eyebrow, her attention diverted momentarily as she watched Kartan and Vaerth approach one of the student groups and start up some idle conversation; perhaps the newcomers were trying to glean what level of training the students were at and thus where the other youngsters from Kartan’s group could best attempt to slot in, but at this distance it was impossible to hear what was being said and more than tricky to lip read. “Or she may appreciate the company.”
“Of course, the Council is under no disillusion about Vano’s ability to put that saberstaff of hers to use when the need arises.” Ailel put in with an amused snort of her own, before the Elder’s face once again became grim as if she were already trying to somehow predict where Manus would strike next. “....Force knows we will need it, the question now is only when.”
As Paix and Kinso began to excuse themselves from the conversation to return to their class (since Waylon looked as if he were at his wits’ end with having pumpkins, and on a few alarming occasions other students, bounced off his head and/or body), they were interrupted by Ailel and Cheriss’ comlinks blaring simultaneously. Cheriss tore her gaze from the newcomers sharply to attend to the message. Ailel too, sported another grim frown.
“....What is it? Cheriss, Ailel….what’s wrong?” the Elders’ initial silence on the matter was disconcerting enough to set Aria’s teeth on edge, though before she could interject and demand at least SOME form of explanation, whatever had stunned them into silence released its hold once more and Cheriss spoke as she turned to head back inside:
“Talk of the devil, that was Vano. There are an awful lot of distress frequencies coming through from the Outer Rim.”
Ailel quickly fell into step with her counterpart, both Elders making for the upper floor where the communications hub was located after putting a frantic holocall out to the other Council members.
“No way to be sure.” Ailel called over her shoulder. “We shall have to look into it!”
“Right.” the Champions cast an apologetic glance at the now concerned Chiss and Cathar instructors, Yerbol offering an apology:
“Aria and I will join you to go over some of the lesson material and see where you’d recommend we start to focus in light of...recent events.”
“Unless of course, the Elders are expecting us to join them?” his wife’s question that was called after the pair however, was not met with a definitive answer as the door whooshed shut behind Cheriss and Ailel.
Apologies for the radio's been kinda hellish over here and I've just been feeling very...creatively flattened? if such a description exists Dx

I have two thirds of this post done, but I'm struggling to connect the two bits with something in the middle, hoping to whack a playlist on tonight and try and get it done but I promise it'll be soon :)
These three sound awesome, I like them already xD post is in the works but may not arrive till tomorrow afternoon...its absolute bedlam over here LOL
Yay! Well that's good, at least it went smoothly! Moving is definitely worse when you have all the stress of moving plus "*BAM* all these things that thought we'd go wrong just for the lulz" xD

Oooohhh, that sounds very exciting! O__O I shall be looking forward to it!
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