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Current Welp. Computer issues so stuck on mobile AGAIN. Oh boy....
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But Poo it's like 12am (Yes I ate earlier today, does that count?)
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Damn it Hank, why would you do that! We're melting here, man, you gotta do a rain dance now and fix it! D:
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*shakes the brain bush until the words fall out* I need to poooosttt c'monnn :(
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Eeeek, Ekko and Hook are absolute cutiess ;w; he is in fact not-so-little XD but Ren says henlo too :


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Star Wars (KOTOR/SWTOR era is a particular favourite, if we're talking canon, AttonxfemExile and/or CarthxfemRevan yes please. Also open to current/TFA-TLJ depending on plot ideas!)
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Eelpond : MistClan Medicine Cat

MistClan Camp/Clan Meeting

Mentions:@blindwoofer 's Tinypaw, @Ambra's Shadestar

As Tinypaw insisted that she wanted to sit where he usually did, the black and white tom's whiskers twitched, whether in amusement or discomfort was unclear, but nonetheless he nodded and bumped her flank gently with his tail in order to guide her to the spot near the front of the gathering Clan where he usually sat. As the medicine cat, it meant he usually could find an important spot out the front, though there was also another reason that he couldn't share with anyone, not even his apprentice. Keeping those thoughts to himself, Eelpond settled next to Tinypaw, the end of his tail curling up off the ground as they watched the rambunctious Skykit skitter forward to be named Skypaw, and joined in with the chant of his new name that the Clan took up once Brindleshade joined him and Shadestar had finished speaking.

When the Clan was dismissed, Eelpond tilted his head up to look at the sky, feeling unease settle in his gut as he noted the clouds rolling in. That's not a good sign for tonight...will the clouds cover the moon? was StarClan angry? With him? Was this his fault? He was about to turn back to Tinypaw and distract himself with the purpose of preparing her for the half moon meeting, when he looked up and noticed the black tom on the Poolstone looking right at them. Eelpond exhaled a long breath, mumbled to his apprentice, "Go on back to the den and put those herbs away in the places I took them from. I need to have a word with Shadestar about the medicine cat meeting tonight." before getting to his paws and weaving his way through the crowd of cats towards the leader. "I know that look, Shadestar. Want a word?"

WillowClan Territory ----> WillowClan Camp


Spidernose ducked into camp shortly after Redleap, her ears coming forward as she nodded and began to look around for their leader, though it wasn't long before the calico was making their way towards them.
"Yes, Fernstar, he was crashing through the woods while I was trying to hunt." the warrior confirmed. "Says he's been looking for the Clan. Do you know him at all?"
@The Elvenqueen Oh okay yeah. I wouldn't want to write a whole post on my phone either

If I can't figure it out and get it sorted in the next week or so I'll have a go, though! Don't wanna hold everyone up too much XD
Still here but having serious computer problems and I can't really type as well on mobile, please bear with me ;w; I'm trying to get it fixed asap ^^
Welcome back to the Guild!

Do you need a savior? Some bad behavior?
Or you could cash it all in, I suppose
Because you're in deep, resisting repeats
Face forward and don't come unhinged
Block out the actors and all these bastards
That took all the fun out of rage and revenge
1. the fall - half•alive - 3
2. Blank Space - Taylor Swift - 1989
3. Your Love (Déjà Vu) - Glass Animals - Dreamland
4. Dixie Boy - April Smith & The Great Picture Show - Songs For A Sinking Ship
5. Louder Than Thunder - The Devil Wears Prada - With Roots Above And Branches Below
6. The Mighty Fall (feat. Big Sean) - Fall Out Boy - Save Rock 'n' Roll [Explicit]
7. Scotland [Explicit] - McCafferty - Scotland EP
8. We Are - Ana Johnsson - Spider-Man 2 OST
9. Lion's Teeth - The Mountain Goats - The Sunset Tree
10. Dead Hearts - Stars - The Five Ghosts (With The Seance EP)

a very underrated band
When will they stop

Aaand one more sorrynot sorry, for the plooots mwahahaha XD

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