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Current @Odin: when it happens I'll let you know XD
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@Wraith: that's a blast from the past right there :'D
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Gotta wonder how many times I can get kicked while I'm down, cause this is a new record :'3
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'Cause I went downhill at such a steep incline, that my rear-view mirror showed me only the sky, and I laughed about it all night~…
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Posts are gonna be short/slow for the foreseeable future! Sick pets are not fun and it's draining me emotionally and physically... :(


Elven | Female | 1996 | H e l l a G a y | Taken
1 x 1 Int Check | Guild Art Thread (I forget to post here...if you're really interested in my work it would be better to go stalk my deviantART account ;) I post mostly Digital Art but occasionally dabble in Fanfic writing and Animation

Above art by mee, character is also an OC of mine, no stealing *stares*! Lyrics are from The Mountain Goats' song "Up The Wolves", which does NOT belong to me)


Star Wars (KOTOR/SWTOR era is a particular favourite, if we're talking canon, AttonxfemExile and/or CarthxfemRevan yes please. Also open to current/TFA-TLJ depending on plot ideas!)
Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit/Tolkien
Overwatch (WidowTracer is my jam <33)
Draconis Memoria series
ARK: Survival Evolved and/or Jurrassic Park/World, Dinosaurs in general are also always good! <3
Elves/Dragons/Mages/Beastmasters etc.
Generic Sci-fi/Fantasy


I tend to prefer dark/gritty themes, so stick to 18+ from that respect, but can do fade-to-black/skip for other mature subjects if preferred.


deviantART | Discord: Elven#6191 | Facebook (Close friends only) | Youtube (I don't post here too often, mostly speedpaints with the occasional PMV when I do, I rarely get time to work on full-length anims nowadays ^^)

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....Hop Along is a very underrated artist and she needs more exposure? :')
Dramaaa, dramaaa everywhere

Alrightyyy folks, I hate to dip out so quickly but it seems this is the best way to do it without causing too much harm to the rest of the plot, due to unforeseen circumstances I'm going to be pulling out my participation as I don't think I'll be able to give it the time it deserves and I don't want to hold anyone back

Therefore, Fallen has my permission to write out on my behalf. Thank you for having me, even for such a short time and I wish y'all the best with the rest of the story <3

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Aria Saal

[6 ATC 5]
Korriban, The Tombs


Interacting With: Tishombra @Almalthia, Open
Mentions: Mara, Dash @Fallenreaper; Haiki @Espada Emi; Atria @vFear, Mahree @Bea


The dry, red sandstone landscape of Korriban was a welcome, familiar sight for Aria. Though she had long since passed her own trials here, the planet was the closest thing she had to something she could think of as ‘home’. It was familiar to her, and at this stage of her life, that was a comfort she clung to like a tick to a Bantha’s ass, the familiarity of it all; the tombs, the beasts, the Academy, was oddly grounding for her, not to mention that there were still many things that could be learnt and discovered at the Academy, even if one had already graduated.

Thus, she found herself back here again, this time as a tool of sorts, to aid the Overseers in testing the latest batch of ‘fresh meat’, as some liked to call the newly appointed (or otherwise coerced and/or captured) acolytes. When she had arrived, Aria’s gaze had briefly passed over the engravings on the door as she stepped off the speeder, though at this time she lacked the experience to know exactly what they said, she hoped that one day in time she would be able to do so.

Bright amber eyes scanned the initiates that Mara had assembled, two Zabraks, a human and a Zeltron hybrid. Well now, this was an interesting mix, for sure. For now, she chose not to say anything to them directly, and soon her attention was turned to Tishombra as the other apprentice arrived and broke the silence that had settled in the air by extending a casual greeting.
“I was beginning to think I was going to get to have all the fun,” she shot the redhead a mocking pout, which quickly became a crooked grin as she tipped her chin towards the candidates and asked, “How many of them are gonna piss themselves, d’you reckon? We gonna take bets?” not seeming to particularly care if the acolytes heard the statement. Good, let them hear, let them be afraid.

The volunteers themselves may not be allowed to kill the new recruits, but Aria had no doubt that there were many things in this tomb that likely could; they’d either get through this and survive, or the trials were going to chew them up and shit them out with no warning.

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