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Current Current mode of my brain: sleep is for the week. My body: pls sleep for a week. It would appear I am at an impossible impasse XD
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Finally back from moving, posts will be coming out shortly. Sorry for the long wait, everyone!
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In the process of moving So my posts are on hold till then. My discord is Elven#6191 In case something really bad happens to RPG while I'm gone and my partners want to keep in contact!
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this is why small children are evil and not to be trusted, my dude @iTem
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Gotta love scam people blowing up the phne to insist there are "problems with my computer" when I LIVE with a computer technician that would know if there were problems with it. GTFO, seriously


PROFILE UNDERGOING A REVAMP. Excuse the mess for now o.o

I draw, occasionally, so you may find if the inspiration strikes me I'll draw a doodle or two from our roleplay! You can follow my art and stuff on my deviantart account: The-Elvenqueen, or my Art Dump Thread here in The Gallery section of the Guild! :D

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Makes me giggle just thinking about what they'd be getting up to. Probably growing A LOT of grey hairs and cursing everyone else's lack of foresight in their absence eh? ;) XD

I've been struggling to think of where they would go from there, naturally it'd be a kind (?) for them to fill the place as soon as possible, but would ANY of the current Elders be willing to fill it? Ailel certainly wouldn't, Cheriss....ehhh, I guess she'd agree to it if the others put her up to it (and she certainly has the "shut up and do what I say" personality for it, but that doesn't make her a good candidate for being the absolute leader of the Order *scratches imaginary beard in thought*) but it's not something she's going to be jumping at to volunteer for if that makes sense? XD I obviously can't speak for Matt and Malu, so I guess that leaves us at a toss up between those three (Cheriss, Matt or Malu)?

Its a real pickler, thats for sure XD We don't have to decide straight away either so maybe like you say its best to leave them to it and see what kind of formation they decide to fall into naturally? o.o
Tentatively interested, never done one with OCs before but I do love Overwatch and seems like an interesting idea. Will be watching for updates ;3

1. Miss Atomic Bomb-The Killers-Direct Hits
2. Monster-Starset-Vessels
3. Misfits-Shinedown-Threat To Survival
4. One Foot-Fun-Some Nights
5. On My Own-Hedley-On My Own
6. If Everyone Cared-Nickelback-All The Right Reasons
7. City [Explicit]-Hollywood Undead-Swan Songs
8. Run-Sick Puppies-Connect
9. For The Nights I Can't Remember-Hedley-Famous Last Words
10. Heart Go Bang-Blue October-Home
Awww, I just had to give it a little shoutout, its turned out to be such an epic story :3 I look forward to all of them, too! XD

Ari wanted to say a few things to Voldon, so have a slightly waffly transition post XD He was such an important figure though, wouldn't be right for him not to have had a decent send off ;3; I have to admit I teared up a little myself writing this one, still can't believe old Voldon's kicked it ;-; I'm gonna miss him as much as they will haha
It proved wise indeed for the Champions to have chosen to rest, given their early summons the very next morning. Neither one of them had wanted to rouse so early, but after a moments consideration they both seemed to agree that the Elders would not have asked for them without good reason.
“C’mon.” Aria mumbled, nudging her husband gently with her foot as she fought to banish the groggy haze of sleep from her own mind. “We shouldn't keep them waiting.”
Initially, her suggestion was met with a protesting grumble as he rolled over, pulling the covers tighter around his body.
“Few more minutes….then we can go, need more sleep…”
“Not if we're gonna get changed first.” this, too, Yerbol had tiredly protested against, until his wife sat up and raised a quizzical eyebrow at him.
“You're going to go dressed like THAT?”
“Wha’s wrong with what I'm wearing?” he grumbled, half sitting up and peering at her skeptically.
“Do you really want to discuss the odds of how many cameras are going to turn up to this service? Cause I can make an inferred guess that the answer is “a LOT”, Bol.”
Her observation seemed to win him over, the Champions dragging themselves from the comfort of the bed to change their attire to something more appropriate for the occasion.

If Matt’s estimate was to be believed, Aria was profusely glad that she had insisted they changed. It wouldn’t do any good to look like a pair of vagabonds in front of the Chancellor, after all. Maybe she DID inherit some of her mother’s talent for public speaking and all the drawl that came with it, after all. She turned to offer Malu her own nod of gratitude.
“We do very much appreciate it, thank you. It...wouldn’t be right not to say anything and I don’t know if I could in front of so many.” she’d never admit it but whenever there were cameras involved Aria found herself often prone to developing sudden and debilitating stage fright. Perhaps it was the feeling of constantly being judged or having more than just the “in-the-flesh” audience hanging on one’s every word, but who could say-

Kira broke into her wayward train of thoughts, offering some heartfelt sentiments on the deceased Elder’s opinion of herself and Yerbol. The Champion couldn’t help but to offer Kira a watery smile.
“Thanks Kira, it...means a lot to hear that.” even if it wasn’t from Voldon’s mouth directly, it was honor, even, in a way, to know that he had thought so highly of them. “I only hope we continue to live up to those expectations…” a glance was thrown towards the coffin. “I suppose that’s the best we can do for him, now. Keep upholding what he helped us to build and make sure the Qyaari carry on for a long time to come.”
“Tsk, you sound just like him already.” Cheriss huffed querulously, though despite the Elder’s gruff tone there was a glimmer of fondness in her eyes as she spoke. Her demeanour, too, told of an inner turmoil of emotions that she fought to hide from her companions - her arms crossed tightly across her torso and shoulders hunched tensely, as if she were shrinking away from an unseen chill in the air. At mention of the events crew, Aria swallowed and nodded in response, although she hung back as Yerbol drifted a bit closer to the coffin to say his own words in deference to the fallen Elder. In truth, she wasn’t really sure what else she COULD say, flowery speeches had never been her forte, and yet Voldon had been such an integral being to much of the Champions’ training that she felt she couldn’t walk away without saying anything at all. As Yerbol appeared to conclude whatever he had been saying, Aria herself stepped forward and dropped onto one knee beside the coffin. The Champion heaved a quiet sigh, a short moment of contemplative silence following before she managed to find the correct words.
“I’m glad that we made you proud....and honoured to have fought beside you.” like the others, Aria spoke barely at a whisper, the words were meant only for Voldon - if his spirit could indeed hear them, wherever it was at this moment - and not for any other ears. “I don’t know what we’re going to do without you...but I suppose if you were here you would have told me that was ‘part of the learning process’, wouldn’t you?” a fond smile creased her features. “I just hope that whatever happens, you’ll still be proud of wherever the Qyaari go from here. We couldn’t have started this without you, but I promise you that I’ll do everything I can to make sure our legacy lives on, until I’m ready to join you.” swiping a hand across her eyes to rid them of any potential moisture that had built up, Aria rose to her feet and turned back to the other Qyaari members, nodding her head.
“Well then, I suppose we’d better make sure we’re ready for their arrival.”

The preparations themselves went as smoothly as they could have hoped. Every student at the Academy stood at the ready and willing to follow any instructions given: for tasks varying from sweeping leaves out of the gutters and clearing the pathways to various entrances, to laying out cutlery and table placings along the lengths of the tables in the dining hall (this was quite a feat in and of itself, taking the Champions, a Knight and a gaggle of ten younglings to fully complete).

By the time they were satisfied the interior of the building looked presentable enough for their visitors and returned to the meditation garden where the main portion of the service would be held, Ailel and Malu were hanging up the last of the bouquets while the older students helped them put the finishing touches to the aesthetics. Neither Kira nor Cheriss were anywhere to be seen. Aria certainly wouldn't have blamed the redheaded Knight if she chose not to attend the memorial at all.
“It looks...nice.” Aria managed as they approached the Elders.
“We hope so.” Ailel agreed, sighing as the whine of a hyperdrive engine echoed from overhead. The Qyaari in the garden all looked up as the transport broke the atmosphere, following the guide beacons into the safe landing zone. “That'll be the first of the guests, I imagine.” The Elder announced, dusting off the front of her robe. “We'd better round up the younglings and let the other Elders know.” she turned towards the Champions, offering a slight smile. “I think Cheriss will want you to come with her to greet the Chancellor, so you two had best prepare yourselves as well.”

Aria couldn't help but roll her eyes.
You know, sometimes I think they force us into these political meetings on purpose...can you even remember the last time we WEREN'T asked to be in attendance? Somehow, I don't think it's just because we've saved the galaxy a few times.
Shoutout to all my long-term RP partners, for sticking by me for so long and helping me to create some of the best RPs I've been in for a long time! For always making me laugh and smile with our characters antics, and giving me a little slice of happiness through our stories when I wasn't doing so great mentally. Here's to many more, hopefully1 :D

@freedomliveson with our Old Republic: Time Rewritten RP, which (unbelieveably!!) has been going for TWO YEARS NOW!!!! O___O We've come a loooong way with this one and it's safe to say it's one of my favourites of all time! From our tiny, 3 paragraph posts waaay back in "Act I" to the more substantial 1000 word+ posts we're churning out now, this story is turning out to be quite an epic, that I would TOTALLY get published if we could manage it without getting in trouble with copyright laws! LOL With "Act IV" coming up, I'm excited to keep it going with such an amazing writing partner. Thanks for sticking with it, and here's to many many more posts with our dynamic duo!

@Apollosarcher for our take on the original Star Wars trilogy, which has also been going for a year! :D For always making me laugh with the crazy shenanigans our secret Jedi gang get themselves into, and the creative ways they manage to get themselves out of it! This RP is easily up the top of the list of my favourites. Also a shoutout for you, for being my longest RP partner on the site, I believe! Counting the original KOTOR-era RP we started a few years ago, which we decided ran its course and moved on from, we've been RPing with these characters for 3 years! O_O that's quite something haha

@Aristocles for our fantasy Elf mage/dragon RP that I don't think we've named yet? XD which has been running for a whole year! For being suuuuuper patient with me for being SO out of practise with fantasy RPs, and sticking by me even when it took me like 2 months to come up with a post at some points! o.o I've grown quite fond of these two characters, here's hoping we keep them going in the year to come! :3
I totally understand, I tend to default to playing ladies for the same reason so I can't exactly judge you there XD It's always a bit more awkward playing the opposite gender cause I'm never 100% sure how they'd react to stuff, y'know? hahaha

A LOT shorter than usual but I wanted to leave you room to start the memorial however you liked :3

Yerbol's description of what he was feeling put me very much in mind of the whole "wound in the Force" subplot from KOTOR 2 actually o_o that might be an interesting thing to explore when/if they meet up with Meetra while looking for Revan?
“It’s not your fault, really.” she insisted. “I was being silly, I should have trusted you more. Guess interacting with Manus made me slip back into being paranoid and bitchy.” she shrugged, sitting quietly as Yerbol spoke about what had been bothering him, her head resting gently on his shoulder as she simply took in what he had to say and tried to digest the meaning behind it. When he asked her what she thought about the points he had raised, the Champion chewed her lip thoughtfully.
“No, no...I THINK I understand what you mean. Well, maybe not all of it.” She conceded. “I can see why you'd be worried about changes to your connection with the Force...I can't say I've heard of anything like it before, but there MUST be a solution. If there’s nothing here on Zinuthra, maybe there are other Force users like Kartan and Viqi scattered around that might know more.” Aria felt it was a rather paltry suggestion, given how much it had affected her husband, but at least it was a further course of action which was better than not knowing where to turn next, wasn't it?
“As far as Manus’ ideals go...I admit that since we first met him on Kashyyyk it HAS been something that bothered me a little.” She had pushed it aside at first, unsure whether it had been some sort of mind trick on Manus’ part, but hearing Yerbol voice a similar tangent of thought was comforting. “Since the Qyaari have become more prominent throughout the Alliance worlds, there’s been a lot more pressure on us to always do “the right thing”.” - quotation marks accompanied the loose statement - “The trouble is, sometimes...the right thing for one set of people won’t help others, will it? It can be pretty difficult for us to balance that and still, you know, practise what we preach; so of course it’s possible we’ve changed as a whole order. Even Voldon changed after Manus showed up, ALL the Elders did, in one way or another…Voldon was so determined to stop Manus that he would’ve done ANYTHING to make sure it happened, even if it meant he had to sacrifice himself.” as the memory of the officiating Elder’s loss resurfaced, Aria’s voice dropped to a quieter tone and trailed off into another sigh.

“We can’t change the past, sure, but we mustn’t lose sight of what we meant to do when we all came together anyway. Perhaps we have lost our way a bit….and as bad as it may seem now, maybe with Voldon gone it’s the Force’s way of trying to give us a fresh start, to fix the problems before they become bigger ones that we CAN’T fix.”
Aria fell silent again for a moment, before she snorted loudly. “Listen to us, we sound just like Elders.” a half-hearted chuckle escaped the Champion as she kicked off her boots and scooted up to the pillows on her side. “We should try and get some sleep….I think tomorrow’s going to be an emotionally taxing day for everyone.”
Yep, finally getting there, aside from my oven/cooker going to take about another month to get here so I'm living on salad and/or microwave food for a while (I needed to lose some weight anyways HAHAHA) I'm getting there! :D Very glad to have the internet back though XD

Yeess, the restored content mod makes it soooo much better! O: I downloaded it a while back when I found out about it and I haven't been able to go back to the unmodded version since XD The extra dialogue at the end with Atton and the female Exile really tugs at your heartstrings, especially if things don't go so well and he ends up dying ;-; just gaaahh

Sounds good to me! :D
*Army crawls back in* I'm so sorry I was gone for so long! In true life fashion, everything that could have possibly gone wrong, did XD

But I'm finally getting all settled in now and I had time to finish up my post. I'm sooo excited for this next Act we have planned, I even dug out my old KOTOR disks for a bit of a refresher while I had no internet connection XD

As to my post, it's a bit shorter but Ari decided she had some stuff she needed to say. But we can move them on to the memorial in the next few posts if you like?
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