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AFK on vacation till next Monday, see you all then! :'3
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Cloverfield Paradox is pretty good. Just saying
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Most 'foreign' languages e.g. German, French, all have genders that words are sorted into. How come English words don't have that?
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My brain has two modes. It's currentlt stuck on 'sleep is for the weak'. Me: this will be fun, not - _-
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Star Wars (KOTOR/SWTOR era is a particular favourite, if we're talking canon, AttonxfemExile and/or CarthxfemRevan yes please. Also open to current/TFA-TLJ depending on plot ideas!)
Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit/Tolkien
Overwatch (WidowTracer is my jam <33)
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ARK: Survival Evolved and/or Jurrassic Park/World, Dinosaurs in general are also always good! <3
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Generic Sci-fi/Fantasy


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It's very pretty! I would've liked to have gone back to the Portmeirion village that I visited back in 2011 but alas we didn't have time Dx maybe another year haha

Awww, now all I can imagine from reading that thought about getting a REAL dog is Yerbol bringing a puppy home one day, and Ari being totally confused about what to do with this fluffy potato with legs that's drooling on her pillow haha XD

A suggestion there on precisely how they could go about finding/tracking Revan once they land, but as always feel free to elaborate/switch it up! Wanted to leave an opening for your Elders to say their peace too before they approach Oddessen (:
As the Champions and their learners continued to pore over the projection in front of them and bouncing potential ideas back and forth, Neta made a reappearance and began to give them the rundown on the information that they had gathered. The Champion narrowed her eyes at the comment regarding their unavailability the night before, muttering: “Just tell us what you found out, Neta.”
Mercifully, the spec ops pilot did just that, though Aria had to admit that the intel they were presented with was no more comforting than their own theories had been. She felt her jaw slacken in disbelief as she coughed out, in unison with her partner:
“S-Six MONTHS?” Slipspace could only get them so far, she thought to herself. But, as always, what choice did they have?
Her momentary annoyance at their predicament was curbed by the presence of a familiar Knight who had been sorely missed among the Qyaari since her husband’s passing.
“Kira!” the Champion broke into a welcoming grin despite everything. “It's good to have you back.”

“If only it were under better circumstances, eh?” Kira nodded to Neta as the pilot headed back towards the cockpit. “Let's get you patched in and the Elders can fill you in on everything.”
“Into the unknown might as well be the tagline for the Qyaari Champion job description at this point.” Aria snorted, flashing Ethan a wryly sympathetic grin. We'll get through this, somehow. Everyone is counting on us.


Several minutes later, the Qyaari crowded around the projections of the Council of Elders, as they received the full rundown of the information they had managed to gather about their destination. Although, that was rather optimistic, the Council were quick to reiterate that they knew nothing of the planet for certain, only yet more theories as to what they may find when they touched down.

Ailel crossed her arms as she surveyed the five in front of them, her blue eyes sparkling with worry.
“We have reason to believe that there may be a contingent, or perhaps more than one, of these ‘Revanites’ camped out on this planet. Radical Force users who were drawn in by Revan’s teachings, after he saved the Jedi, I'm sure you're all aware that Revan was not quite as dedicated to the original Code as some others. He amassed quite a following among both Orders who subscribed to the idea of neither Light nor Dark. Though, Cheriss and Malu would be able to tell you more, since most of the Revanites migrated to the jungles of Dromund Kaas for a time.” she finished, looking at the two former Sith in question.

The Dathomirian nodded severely, tenting her fingers together in the classic “I'm really unhappy about this” Cheriss pose, clearing her throat to compose herself before she began:
“As you may or may not be aware, the Revanites were known to the Dark Council throughout their time on Dromund Kaas, though they were naught but a pragmatic nuisance at best. Roan and I previously had managed to infiltrate their ranks where we were able to locate what he believed had been Revan’s original mask. We returned it to its rightful place in the museum in Kaas City, of course, but there is one issue: just before Bracknell and Soto came to power five years ago, the mask was stolen.”
“At the time, of course, we assumed that Bracknell had taken it. The Revanites that were left on Dromund Kaas were likely where he amassed the majority of his Sith followers, after all.” Malu chipped in. “But when we defeated Bracknell on Zinuthra, we could find no evidence that it had ever come into his possession, nor that Bracknell had any idea who DID have it.”
“So another Revanite must have taken it.” Kytra muttered, perching her chin on her palm thoughtfully.

“So we believe.” Cheriss confirmed. “But the culprit left no trace of their destination, beyond that they had gone into Wild Space and never returned. It’s highly possible that this Oddessen planet could be the Revanites’ new base of operations, we would advise you to be cautious.” her mouth quirked upwards into a wry smirk. “But I'm sure Kira has told you that enough times already.”
“There's no GUARANTEE that this person landed up on Oddessen.” Kira admitted as she gave each Champion a sidelong glance. “But it’s a possibility.”

Aria had remained quiet throughout the duration of the exchange, the expression on her face indicating her silence had been due to her being deep in thought.
“If that mask really IS Revan’s, and we were to track it down, could we use it to find him, if he's still out there to BE found?” she looked between the Elders curiously. “Artefacts sometimes hold onto the Force signatures of their bearers, right?”
“POTENTIALLY, yes.” Cheriss confirmed after some hesitation. “But I would recommend that your first course of action once you land would be to locate some form of communications array, or make one, to keep in contact with us so you can report your findings.”

Or so that you know we aren't dead. Aria thought wryly to herself, as Cheriss turned to the other Elders and asked:
“Anything that I've missed, Malu? Matthew?”
Oh dear ahaha poor Kira! XD

It was good, thank you! Aside from almost melting ahaha, we went down to Wales for a day or so, so not super far (just one country over really XD) but it was still great!
Mandatory Star Wars catchphrase, courtesy of our Lorekeeper XD

Came out a bit shorter, but wanted to give you a chance to slot Neta and/or Kira in (dunno how you planned for Kira to arrive, so the voice at the end could be either of them XD) before they approach Oddessen :')
His wife, who had finally fallen into a state of blissful sleep with her head tucked beneath his chin after their earlier activities, stirred at the sound of the communicator chirping, initially rolling over to face him and throwing an arm and a leg around his torso in an attempt to keep him from rolling away, muttering a groggy protest. “Stop movinggggg, baby, pillows aren't s’pose to move around!”
The infernal communicator would not be silenced, however, and after a few moments of trying in vain to ignore it and go back to sleep, she was forced to release him so he could answer it. The Champion sat up slowly, bunching the covers around her shoulders with one hand as she wiped the sleep from her eyes with the other and listened, with a raised eyebrow, to Yerbol’s side of the conversation. Though she couldn't hear what Ethan had said, it wasn't difficult to infer both who was on the other end of the line, and the situation that had unfolded.

There were a few minutes of silence as Yerbol’s apprentice fumbled to send the coordinates through, during which it became Aria's turn to guffaw with laughter.
“Oh come on, Bol, like you've never had to do the walk of shame before in your life!” the look on his face told her that he probably hadn't (or refused to admit to it), and instead Aria shook her head and pulled a hand through her well-mussed (which she maintained was entirely her partner's fault) hair, “He's still just a kid, what is he…19? 20? Only a couple years shy of me, that’s almost certain. Pretty sure this is what ‘normal’ people our age, their age, do. How bad can it be?” An unimpressed snort, followed by an angry huff of breath as the Champions received the coordinates. “....Where is he?” Aria asked slowly, unsure if she truly wanted to know the answer. Yerbol declined to provide one, instead swallowing down his own anger and beginning to look for his discarded attire, his wife peered over at the comm unit and groaned as she registered the location in her own mind.
“Ahhh, frack.” she muttered, glaring up at the ceiling as she rubbed both hands over her face in exasperation. “This is bad.”
Yerbol grunted in affirmation, leaning down to kiss her cheek and mumble something about breakfast before he disappeared from the hotel room.
“Go easy on him!”

She must have drifted off for another forty five minutes or so, because the next thing Aria was aware of was her own communicator chirping loudly from somewhere across the room (had she really thrown it that far? Apparently so!). Grumbling unintelligibly about where she would rather the device went, the Champion rolled onto her back and sat up, sticking her hand out to float the communicator back over and allow her to place the earpiece into her ear to mutter groggily:
“Somebody better be dying, or they're GOING to be when I'm finished with them.”
“Well, hello to you too, Darth Grumpy.” smirked the overly-jubilant voice of the Qyaari Lorekeeper. “Please tell me you two weren't…busy, or this is about to be extremely awkward.”
All Aria could muster was a muffled snort as she threw the covers aside and began searching for her discarded attire and redressing herself.
“No, but I WAS sleeping. Whaddyagot?” the last two words merged into one continuous syllable as she yanked her shirt back over her head and worked on straightening it while she waited for an answer.
“Ash and I finally pinned down some coordinates for you.” Vano continued, “We're patching them through to the Commodore’s navigation unit now, and you should get a copy to your personal frequencies too.” A pause, then, “I tried to tell you yesterday evening, but you didn't pick up.” she could practically hear the shit-eating grin in the Mirialan’s voice.
Now Aria remembered why she had thrown the unit across the room.

“I have a bad feel-”
“DON'T say it!” Aria cut her friend off with a vehement protest before she could finish, leaning back against the headboard with a groan. “You'll jinx it.”

She had just signed off from the call, falling back onto her stomach as she brought up the coordinates and tried to make sense of them, when the door opened and Yerbol reappeared. The Champion’s nose crinkled at the familiar, mouth-watering smell wafting from the bag he carried and she quickly sat up again, peering at him in an expression of near disbelief.
“... Is that REAL bacon?” When was the last time they had actual, real bacon? She couldn't recall. “Okay, I love you even more now.”
She was starving at any rate and would've eaten whatever the offering had been, even if it was more space rations.


An hour or so later, they had reconvened at the Commodore (though Neta had not yet arrived), and the Champions and their apprentices crowded around the galaxy map as Aria and Kytra tried to input the coordinates. At first, it appeared as if they were a dud (“But Vano wouldn't have sent us botched coordinates! She's not that cruel! “) as every attempt was met with a loud bleep of protest from the tannoy on the console, a mechanical voice announcing that it was an “unrecognised set of coordinates, please input a valid astrogation position and try again”. She had just surrendered to their fate, stepping back to throw her arms in defeat, when Ethan shuffled up to join Kytra at the console and (despite his bloodshot eyes and the fact he had spent the past half hour clutching his head and complaining about the brightness of the Commodore’s interior lighting) managed to reroute the programme onto a different set of astrogation charts that finally spat out a viable planet.

It looked deceptively peaceful, at least eighty percent blue ocean, with the other twenty percent being made up of vast swathes of green.
“Hmm.” Aria muttered, scowling at the projection uneasily. “That's VERY unhelpful.”
Kytra’s nose twitched, perhaps sensing her Master’s unease, and asked.
“Do you think it's dangerous? Doesn't… LOOK like it is?”
“Looks are deceiving many times.” the Champion pointed out, gesturing to the green parts of the planet as the group heard the loading ramp engage, indicating that Neta had most likely returned. “We don't know what all this green is. It could be forest, jungle, or more swampland like Nuncata. There's no way to tell,” she paused, glancing towards the door as if waiting for the former spec ops to enter the CIC before she continued, “unless we try and run some kind of surface scan before we leave its orbit.”
“If that even works,” muttered another voice, “this place could be like Malachor, in which case all that machinery will get us nowhere.”
Sinking Man - Of Monsters And Men - The Walking Dead Soundtrack
Little Pistol - Mother Mother - The Sticks
Schloss Duwisib - Saltatio Mortis - Licht Und Schatten (Best of 2000 Bis 2014)
Arsonist's Lullaby - Hozier - Hozier (Special Edition)
When The Night Is Over - Lord Huron - Vide Noir
Mama [Explicit] - My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade [Explicit]
Always Gold (Short Attention Span Remix) - Radical Face - Always Gold EP
My Way (Frank Sinatra Cover) Chase Holfelder - My Way Single
Say You Won't Let Go - James Arthur - Back From The Edge
Move - Thousand Foot Krutch - The Art Of Breaking
Finally got a starter up, sorry for the delay! Been busy preparing for family vacation xD

I hope its a good enough starter haha

I won't be able to post again till next Monday as I'll be on vacation so I'll get back to you when I get back! :D


MarshClan's newly appointed leader stretched her limbs slowly as a silhouette appeared in the entryway to her den. "Ah, Nightfire, excellent." she purred, sitting up and beckoning the other she-cat into the den. "Do come in, we have a lot to discuss, now that you will be my deputy." she paused to allow that fact to sink in, her bushy tail whisking over the ground as Nightfire pushed through the mossy curtain of the leader's den. "I'm sure you realise by now that Tanglestar's death was a necessary thing, you and I both know that MarshClan needs strong leaders like you and I, if it is to survive in these harsh times."

"The prey shortage is one thing," the newly appointed Cinderstar continued smoothly, "but that StarClan would abandon us at such a critical time and not send us aid or any prophecies of the sort, is deplorable." Her lip curled in distaste. "Not to worry, we don't need StarClan. And my brother won't give us trouble, he growls a lot but he's a spineless coward. He may not agree with what I'm about to propose to you, but he doesn't understand the game of survival like you and I. Cats like us don't need to rely on blind faith..."



The young grey tabby tom sighed heavily as he sat in the entrance of the apprentice's den, watching his Clanmates mill to and fro as they tried to go about their usual duties. As if things hadn't been difficult enough for the Clan, their well-loved leader Tanglestar had recently died in a terrible accident... Only his deputy, Cinderblaze (now their new leader, Cinderstar), and another young warrior, Nightfire, had been present at the time. They had dragged Tanglestar's body back to camp and delivered the terrible news just before moon high. Terrible teeth marks had torn most of his neck and parts of his ribs to pieces,the white gleam of bone easily visible beneath; neither of the she-cats could tell them what creature had made them.

Now, the Clan elders bore the old tom's body out into the swamp to return him to the territory, now that the last cat had paid their respects. Thunderpaw shuddered uncomfortably as he looked at the almost empty fresh-kill pile, spotting his mentor close by. He stood and slunk over to Swiftrunner, speaking quietly.
"Still not much prey, huh? What are we going to do, the Clan will starve!" he looked helplessly towards the camp entrance. "Should we try to hunt again? Or do you want me to practise battle moves?"

A Warrior Cats Inspired RP with a darker twist. 18+ tag for swearing and darker themes including cannibalism.
Please do not read on if mention of such themes is likely to upset you! Thank you! <3

The story of MarshClan, once a respectable Clan who had believed in StarClan, taken over by a crazy she-cat who shapes it into a Dark Forest worshipping cult where the strong thrive and the weak perish at the claws of their own Clan mates.

Will this continue forever or will there be cats brave enough to stand up to Cinderstar's tyranny?
It has! I'm hoping it's not a sign of another impending server crash Dx

There ya go, Bol, Ari after all, is nothing if not a bit of a tease :'3 XD

That shall likely be my last post of the week too, I'm afraid. I'll be AFK on holiday with the family till next week, but I shall see you next Monday! :D

Have a good week, as always!
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