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6 mos ago
Current "Lovely, big golden chips with a nice piece of fried fish. Even YOU couldn't say "no" to that!"
6 mos ago
new Puss in Boots film did not have to go this hard but they absolutely did and now I am obsessed with the characters oh no-
10 mos ago
Please forgive my inactivity. Got a lot going on IRL...so stressed that my brain feels like it hurts, ya know the deal...one day I'll be able to pick stuff back up again lmao
1 yr ago
PC has officially been fixed! Small victory in the grand scheme of the crock of shit life is throwing at me rn, admittedly, but I'll take what I can get at the mo hahaha <3
1 yr ago
pretty convinced that the universe itself is out to get me at this point. now my computer, my only means of contact with the outside world, is bricked too. as if I haven't been fucked over enough :'3
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Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit/Tolkien
Overwatch (WidowTracer/WidowTracerEmily is my jam <33)
Draconis Memoria series
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When I go into that ground,
I won't go quietly.
I'm bringin' my crown!
And when I go,
Into that ground....
Oh, they gotta bury me
Bury me face down!

His favourite days were the mornings she came,
With confessions of cardinal sin.
A beast in the business, of selling forgiveness...
Dead eyes on a treacherous grin!

And he laps up their vice,
Like a wolf in the night,
He's the left hand of God on the stage!
Yet with one hand he offers salvation to lovers,
The other he taketh away!

So give me your fire, give me your fear,
Give me your faith when love gives you tears,
Give me your heart, give me your Fate,
And give me your hand, when love gives you hate!

Give me your prayers, up on your feet!
And I'll give you a show...if it helps fill the seats!
So give me your sins, and give me your lies....
But whisper your love....and I'll whisper MINE.
Missing old threads
I've gotten good at leaning on metaphors
I've gotten good at living on someone else's page
I cut my teeth on secondhand sentiments
You can't trust a single thing I say

I keep my closet free of skeletons
'Cause I'm much better at digging graves
But I always dig up bones in your sympathy
I can't trust a single thing you say
Don't look too hard, 'cause you won't like the scars he left in me

I've gotten good at making up metaphors
I've gotten good at stretching the truth out of shape
And all these words are sweet and meaningless

You can't trust a single thing I say
You can't trust a single thing I say
You can't trust a single thing I say (I've gotten good at leaning on metaphors)
You can't trust a single thing I say (I've gotten good at making up metaphors)
Tell you you're the greatest
But once you turn, they hate us
Oh, the misery
Everybody wants to be my enemy
Spare the sympathy
Everybody wants to be my enemy
(Look out for yourself)
My enemy (look, look, look, look)
(Look out for yourself)
But I'm ready

What you confuse for glory's fire,
It's fire from the tongues of liars...
What you confuse for glory's fire,
It's fire from the tongues of liars...

Fire, fire, fire
Fire from the tongues of liars
(Oh, send your rain) fire, fire, fire
Fire from the tongues of liars

You're afraid of who you are
(You're ashamed of where you're from)
Crying cause your father's gone
(Fire from the tongues of liars)
Clinging to your youthful truth
(We can't die because we're young)
You'll find that you've nothing to lose
(Fire from the tongues of liars)
You'll find that you've nothing to prove

Clocks made God from the monsters in my head,
Do you wanna know my name?
Is that all you wanna take from me?
In your arms, the end is in my eyes
And I don't wanna die in my sleep when you're left...
Oh, oh, call me when you hang
Oh, oh, call me when you live
Oh, oh, call me when you come down
Call me when you...hang

Call me when you
Hang your head and cry if you like,
But all is well that ends
Awww, same here, really sad to see it end but given everything and with other High ranks being so inactive I'm not surprised ;w; gonna miss this RP <3 and I would definitely love to hear how the plot woulda gone! :D
I'm still in board too, sorry I'm a little spotty but I do check in even without logging in quite frequently, it's just a little hard to write posts when I don't have anything to respond to is all LOL
On some level I think I always understood
That a ship could never really love an anchor
So I did the only thing that I could
And severed the rope to set you sailing from my harbour

There are times where I still wonder about you
You are someone I have loved, but never known
And you'll never see the reasons I had
For keeping my claws away when they were close enough to hurt you...
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