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Hoooraaaaayy for Google docs dying in the middle of me working on a really good post! T_T sorry guys, I will get to you tomorrow, I think I killed it (Docs) D:
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Elven.exe is not responding....the new kittens and puppies in the Sims 4 have killed her with their adorableness...please come back later or restart the programme
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Being such an emotional marshmallow that writing RP posts where your characters are sad makes you cry too :') GG, Elven! XD
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sure Photoshop, just wipe all but the default brushes without warning, now excuse me while I murder you with fire >___> hopefully I still have the other ones saved somewhere still.....


PROFILE UNDERGOING A REVAMP. Excuse the mess for now o.o

I draw, occasionally, so you may find if the inspiration strikes me I'll draw a doodle or two from our roleplay! You can follow my art and stuff on my deviantart account: The-Elvenqueen, or my Art Dump Thread here in The Gallery section of the Guild! :D

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@Dusty Edited my Spidernose post up to fit your post, sorry its late, work kicked my butt yesterday and I ended up plopping face-first into bed as soon as I got home xD

I will work on a post of responses for other characters when I get home from work today :3
Gahh sorry I just contradicted your post with my spidernose one qq I'll edit it tomorrow, please disregard

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Location: The Gathering
Interacting with: Maplefoot @Dusty,

BoulderClan arrived third, behind OakClan and CliffClan, and Spidernose, as business-like as ever, headed straight for the bottom of the log, completely oblivious to the eyes of the CliffClan cats who were watching her. The deputy frowned, her tail twitching in a mode of agitation as she noticed the absence of the elderly OakClan leader. Of course this was not entirely unexpected, the last time she recalled seeing the leader, they had looked very frail, as if StarClan might claim them at any moment….but she was used to their presence at the Gatherings and it was unsettling to see them not there. Her shock was not abated as Maplefoot marched straight past the other deputies and leapt up onto the hollow log with the other leaders. A ripple of discontent passed through the cats down below as they flicked ears and blinked up at the brazen she-cat, Spidernose was no exception.

The BoulderClan deputy’s ears pinned back flatly against her skull as she craned her head up at the OakClan deputy.
“Maplefoot, what in StarClan are you doing?! Get down from there!” she hissed, but Maplefoot paid her no mind.


Location: The Gathering
Interacting with: Tigerfall @Polaris North

Softwillow had been lost to her own daydreams, as she often did while sitting in the clearing and waiting for the other Clans to arrive. She imagined herself and her mother finally gaining the opportunity to tell Spidernose the truth, and the chance to be a family….she shook herself awake as she realised her mentor had begun speaking to her.
“Hm?” she flicked an ear, taking a moment before she fully registered the question, then in response, threw a discreet glance at the space in front of the hollow log, where the deputies gathered close to the leaders. In between the deputies of OakClan and CliffClan sat the morose-faced Spidernose. “Oh…would it be terrible of me to admit that I do?” she admitted, a tinge of awkwardness to her mew. Softwillow had never spoken to her directly, but she had heard enough of the she-cat from the BoulderClan medicine cat. Since the former, Blazefoot (who had also been her father, but she wasn’t sure if Tigerfall knew that much) had passed away from greencough last leafbare, his apprentice had taken over. It sounded as if no-one else in BoulderClan knew of Spidernose’s true origins. Instead, they believed her to be the kit of a loner or rogue, left on BoulderClan’s border and found by Blazefoot when he was gathering herbs.

Softwillow knew better, her mother, Frogshade, had told her so. Tigerfall knew too, for the medicine cat had been present to help with the kits’ birth. Softwillow was always grateful to the tom for looking after herself and her mother since then, even though CliffClan was welcoming and didn’t judge her heritage, she couldn’t help but sometimes feel unconfident, or not as good as her mentor or her father. Tigerfall was always patient with her and always willing to listen.
“I often dream about what it would be like to have a littermate to talk to, or laugh with...or just, anything really.” the medicine cat apprentice gave a wistful sigh. “But somehow I don’t think that will ever happen...”


Location: The Gathering
Interacting with: Ashclaw @Drakey (indirectly)


Frogshade followed the rest of her Clan into the clearing where the Gathering would be held, finding a patch of soft moss to lay herself down on while they waited for the other Clans to arrive. It wasn’t long before the scent of BoulderClan drifted into the clearing, and soon afterwards the cats that accompanied it. Frogshade looked up to spot the lean figure of Spidernose amongst them, beside the leader Duststar. The she-cat couldn’t help but feel her heart swell with pride at knowing both her kits were so successful in their life; one training to be a medicine cat with CliffClan and the other BoulderClan’s deputy on track to be leader one day, of all things!

The she-cat sighed. The only thing that would make this better would be the opportunity to approach Spidernose herself to tell her how proud she was. She could congratulate the she-cat of course, but as nothing more than a senior warrior of a rival Clan paying respects to a promising youngster and offering her respect for Spidernose’s new rank. No, she could never truly tell her the pride she felt as her mother, and every day she prayed to StarClan that would change one day. She had even asked her other kit, Softwillow, to speak with them at the next meeting of the medicine cats at the Moonfall, but Softwillow had protested, telling her “Mother, it doesn’t work like that and you know it...”

Frogshade couldn’t help but tense somewhat as LightClan arrived. They had never been an amicable Clan and other cats were always on their toes about whether or not they would start a disagreement, or worse, a fight. But with the new Warrior Code in place, it was hopeful they could live a more peaceful existence. As a force of habit, she looked through the crowd of cats as LightClan intermingled with them, though only the medicine cat was talkative with members of the other Clan, spotting the familiar reddish-black pelt of her former apprentice and adopted son, Ashclaw. As she had feared, a large and brutish LightClan she-cat sauntered over to him and spoke some words to him. Frogshade stood up and stretched, meeting Ashclaw’s gaze over the LightClan cat’s shoulder and blinking slowly, an invitation that she could intervene and rescue him from her should he signal he wished her to do so.


Location: The Gathering
Interacting with: Ashclaw @Drakey


Cinderblaze trotted behind her Clan leader, the she-cat’s head held high with pride and her plume-like, black tail streaming behind her. As always, LightClan were the last Clan to arrive, cats from the other three Clans all zig zagging back and forth throughout the clearing. The warrior’s amber eyes scanned the throng of pelts and legs below her, searching out for only one. Spotting her exiled brother, Cinderblaze strutted across the clearing, tail arched high up over her back with a slight kink to the tip, and stopped in front of him.
“Well, if it isn’t my dearest brother, Ashclaw.” she purred, licking her lips as she eyed him over, noting he was still as strong as he had been before. “How’s life in CliffClan, huh? Don’t you miss your big sister? You know, if you changed your mind I could always talk to Jaggedstar...”

@ViolentViolet Oh phew, good to know! ^__^ I was panicking cause I thought I'd seen 3 para minimum somewhere, not 1...of course I will try to aim for 2 per character minimum where possible but sometimes I might only manage one lol

in that case, a post will be incoming shortly
Working on a post now :D @ViolentViolet do we have to do a post for EVERY cat in every response? cause I have quite a few and that would be...a lot of writing O__O

so is it ok for me to do posts for say, 3 or 4 now who are at the Gathering and then switch to some others later once they are back at camp? ^^; especially the more minor characters like Olivewhisker....would it be ok to post as him less often/with shorter posts? o:

I'll make my mains (Spidernose, Softwillow, Cinderblaze and probably Weaselkit or Cricketkit later on) longer posts of course but I don't want to end up spouting 3 paragraphs of unnecessary fluff describing a tree just to up the word count for a more minor char, if that makes sense? XD

EDIT: also another thought that I it at an early enough stage of the Warrior code for the whole "medicine cats must work with one another and help anyone despite Clan rivalries" rule to have not been in place yet? I.e. perhaps as a result of troubles between LightClan and the other Clans or something, all the medicine cats later discuss this possibility at the Moonfall meeting and put it forward as an addition to the Warrior Code?
@ViolentViolet ohh that's fine by me! Makes sense if they are both chimera (: in that case best to make it Speckleface since the name implies a spotted pelt :3
Pahaha, no worries dude! Hope you have a good thanksgiving! <3
I second the NPCs idea, that sounds good so we can get started. We've got quite a big group already and if anybody else happens to find and want to join the RP I'm sure there are ranks they could easily jump in as :)
@ViolentViolet oh jeez dude, get your housing situation sorted first. That's totally more important!

Best of luck and I hope you get it sorted soon :3

Here is what it looks like so far!

I can add the name of the Gathering place instead of the generic tag as well, and add or change anything else if need be :3
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