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Well I think it's time to stop beating around the bush. I discussed it briefly with the other two GMs and we agreed that this has run out of steam and it's time to call it. Nomadic Fist: Radiant Soul has come to an end.

I want to apologize to all of you and at the same time thank you for contributing; I legitimately loved seeing all the crazy awesome characters you guys brought to the field and I was always excited to see what you came up with next. The early end is entirely on us; I was really unable to give this the time and attention that it deserved, but you guys gave it your all. I don't know if we'll see the return of NF at some point in the future, but no matter what happens I'm incredibly grateful that you all contributed and made it into something special!

We'll still have our discord up for those who want to come and hang out, we may host future projects there, but for now you're welcome to come and hang out. Thank you to everyone, from the players to the co-GMs and of course the mad genius who started this whole thing, Ruler Inc. You're what made this game great, and whether or not we end up in a game together, I wish you all the best in your future RP adventures, Nomadic Fist or otherwise.

Keep on fighting!


Maddy's Apartment
Sometime Around Lunch

"I can't believe you flaked on seeing Iron Knight."

"Come on, give me a break Ter," Aleks said with an eye-roll for emphasis. "He's a superhero, not exactly an uncommon sight around SPARK."

"'s Christopher friggin' Arthur!" Terra exclaimed as she swerved around a corner, dodging a green turtle shell by inches. "Dude's a living legend among living legends!"

"He's a super-powered Kardashian! Seriously if I ever wanted to get a superhero to sign my butt I'd drop my pants in front of 'Caliber' and give her a pen."

"That's oddly specific, but I'll assume it's a complement," Maddy said wickedly. "Eat banana peel!"

"Fuck!" Aleks shouted as Luigi spun out of control, which graduated to a louder shout when the poor plumber careened off the edge of the map. "STOP DOING THAT!"

"Have a nice swim!" Maddy laughed as Bowser shot past and crossed the starting line for the final lap. "Can't dethrone the king!"

"Death to tyrants!" Terra shouted in defiance.

"Ter, you're playing Peach."

"Death to some tyrants!" Terra corrected herself. "Actually, that raises a good point, what would you do if someone asked you to sign their butt?"

"Do people actually ask to do that?" Maddy questioned as she zoomed across a chasm, dropping a fake item box at the end in just the right spot to blow someone off the map. "It would just wash off, and you can't even see where it was signed. Doesn't make any sense."

"Come on blue shell...damn it, green shell again," Aleks moped. "And I don't think that matters to some of the weirder fans out there. I've read that some of Iron Knight's disciples get really weird."

"Well as long as both my fans don't ask me to sign their cheeks I think I'll be fine," Maddy quipped, which turned into a yelp as a red shell smacked into her.

"So long gay bowser!" Terra said as Peach sailed by and crossed the finish line for the win. She stood up to do a little dance before shape-shifting into Princess Peach herself, spinning around in the pink dress happily.

"Show off," Aleks grumbled as the losing pair crossed the finish line in third and fourth place, coming in behind the computer player Donkey Kong. "Can't believe we lost to the goddamned monkey..."

"You mean DK or her?"

"Oh ho, a reservoir of cunning and wit you are," Terra said, every word dripping with sarcasm. "Them's fightin' words, I'm thinking a rematch."

"Oh you are so on."

"I'm picking the map though, that banana thing was so cheap," Aleks insisted. "Rainbow Road sounds good."

"See what I want to know, Mads," Terra said, continuing the previous line of discussion, "Is what exactly do you even do at this SPARK place?"

"Uh, well they have us on patrol times, where we group with one another and go out to keep an eye on things," Maddy explained. "I guess because Caliber is named and well-known I got put in as a team leader."

"Wow, congrats!" Terra and Aleks chimed in.

"Don't congratulate me yet," Maddy said weakly. "I still feel like I'm in over my head. You saw what I'm...well, you saw." She locked eyes with Terra, who gave a slight nod to show she understood.

"Hey if there's anyone I trust to keep a bunch of punk kids with lasers shooting out of their eyes safe, it's you," Aleks complimented.

"Thanks, that's...really encouraging, if a little oddly phrased" Maddy smiled. "And you know, at the very least I won't be working with a super-villain anymore."

"Preach," her two friends chorused.

"By the way, what was it you said earlier?" Aleks said as Luigi swerved in front of Bowser just before a sharp curve away from the endless void of space. "Eat banana peel?"


When the Lamb opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slaughtered, they cried out with a loud voice...

"How long will it be before you avenge our blood on the inhabitants of the earth?"

The cries have not been forgotten.

The hour is here.

The blood shall be repaid.


The call went out after Kim's briefing with the top generals was finished. The VKBT was mobilizing, and it was time to call in the troops.

Technically, this little organization had no name. It was referred to as the VKBT to throw off the scent, fool the Western spies into thinking it was a Vietnamese operation, but it couldn't be farther from the truth. TERRA's goals were not unknown to those who saw the UN with distrust, and some nations sought a counterbalance, an organization of their own that would care if something happened to the places that the UN considered unimportant. Or perhaps an organization that could serve as an alliance against this paramilitary group, but it was all in how you sold it.

Phan Kim Xuyến had spared no effort upon her sudden ascendancy into the leadership of this group. It may have faltered since the end of the Cold War, but it still possessed an indomitable spirit. And if there was anything she knew as a proud Vietnamese citizen, it was how to fight against an insurmountable foe with little to fight with and still come out on top. That didn't mean that things didn't look grim, though...

"We're getting reports coming in from around the globe, many of them clustered around Japan and Southeast Asia," the analyst reported. "Our ears in TERRA facilities are informing us that containment protocols are failing at a spectacular rate."

Phan Kim Xuyến steepled her fingers, looking over the world map projected onto the screen as it filled with giant, red K's to indicate a new sighting. It was a small miracle, she thought, that TERRA had kept all this from the world for so long, only for the charade to come crashing down in spectacular fashion. Looking intently at the red letter indicating where the former director had been lost, she heard a commotion as a group of men arrived in the operations room.

"Director Phan, I arrived as soon as I could," the group's leader, an Iranian representative in his freshly pressed uniform, announced as his entourage spread around to join the ongoing work. "General Mostafa Vakili," he continued, offering a hand which Kim took.

"Glad you could make it, the situation is escalating fast," Kim explained. "The OPEC nations are mobilizing their armed forces to join us, and the PRC has pledged support, but at this rate I don't even think that will be enough."

"A grim sight," the General agreed. "I hope we have a plan."

"We're watching the board to make our move now," Kim said. "As it stands, we only have one of these monsters who have made direct contact with us; the Heart."

"Yes, the one named for the angel," Vakili agreed. "Iran has already deployed its fleet to the Pacific, I suggest we move towards the last sighted location and begin the search there."

"Agreed, we'll move our own fleet to rendezvous," Kim said, leading the general over to a smaller map of the Southeast Pacific, with indicators depicting fleet movements.

"Looks like we aren't alone," the General said, pointing out the indicator for the American fleet. "That must be the Nimitz, they have their new toys to fight with, from what I've heard."

"Yes, I...wait a moment. They shouldn't be over here, they're moving towards Taiwan, but the vector is wrong." Kim swiped through a few statistics, drawing up nothing suspect. It was definitely a carrier group, but..."

"Someone get me a read here, which fleet is this?" Kim called out to one of the analysts, who diligently scanned the region.

"It's not a fleet, ma'am, it's a ship. Just one."

A chill ran down Kim's spine. "The Andrew Jackson?"

"I...yeah, how did you-"

"We have our target general," Kim said seriously. "We need to move our fleets now and intercept. I don't know why the angel is dragging the Carrier behind it, but it's giving us a clear trail."

"To where?"

"If I had to guess," Kim said. "It's headed straight for the other carrier fleet in the region."
Pacific Ocean
~1500 miles from Midway Island

Director Phạm Khánh Văn looked out over the Pacific, calm and contemplative. It was a beautiful clear day, with the sun shining overhead and nothing to sully the view from the bridge of the American cruiser. Or it would have been beautiful, were it not for the ugly silhouette of that American aircraft carrier, Andrew Jackson, less than a mile away in the tight formation. The old flattop stuck out of the horizon like a slab of concrete against a clear blue sky and deep blue ocean, ominous and foreboding. Khánh wondered to himself if his father would have seen one of these things when he flew against the Americans in the liberation war. Would it have seemed so unstoppable, so invincible to him as it did here? It was impossible to say.

"Thing's a beauty, ain't she?" the American Captain, the one whose name Khánh did not bother to remember, said glibly. "Pride and joy of the American navy."

"Certainly striking..." Khánh said coolly, his English rough but serviceable. "Though I am more interested in its cargo."

"Hey, don't get all worked up, your Stone is in there," the Captain said. "Dunno why that giant rock needs so much protection but hey, that's above my pay grade."

"That it is." Khánh hoped that his silence would send the message that he really wanted nothing to do with this American, but alas.

"Heard some spooky stuff about it though, apparently we've been trying to get it to do stuff since the seventies. Wonder if-"

The Captain was cut short as an alarm blared overhead, only to be snuffed out immediately. Both men lost their footing as the ship suddenly lurched, coming to a full stop.

"The hell?!?" the Captain shouted. "Lieutenant, why the fuck did we just stop?"

"We...didn't sir!" the Lieutenant said as the bridge crew desperately tried to restore functionality to their consoles. "Something just hit us and fried all our electronics, we're trying to get emergency power on now."

"Midway and Donaldson are reporting in sir, McConnel no response, we have-"

The bridge went silent as a sudden, distant sound pierced the air. At first Khánh thought it was a scream, but it sounded...inhuman. Almost metallic.

"Captain, we have contact from Andrew Jackson, I'm putting them on now."

"Andrew Jackson!" the Captain said importantly. "This is Captain-"

The screaming started before he could finish. Panicked screaming, drowning out whatever voices could be heard.

"...Captain, what's wrong with the Jackson's Deck?"

Khánh looked out to the carrier and suddenly knew exactly what that sound was. Tossing and turning despite its great sized, the whole bridge watched with horror as the Carrier began to bend, its deck twisting and filling the air with the sound of steel tearing itself apart.

"The Heart!" a voice suddenly called over the comm line. "The Heart! It's ripping us to pieces!" The line abruptly died mid-sentence, leaving Minister Khánh and the Captain stone-faced and terrifyingly pale, respectively. The other ships in the fleet, those who could still move, turned away and ran for their lives as something suddenly tore through the side of the mighty vessel. There was a flash of green light as a giant, massive blade pierced the side of the carrier and began to carve through it.

"God help those poor bastards," the Captain said weakly, falling limply into his chair.

Khánh shook his head. "God...has nothing to do with this, Captain..."

Hanoi, Vietnam
TC2 Headquarters, Base of Operations for VKBT

Phan Kim Xuyến stepped into the TC2 Ministry, her notes for the meeting with the Iranian delegation still tucked under her arm. The call had been urgent, Black Level priority. Kim didn't even know the VKBT HAD a Black Level warning, it was so serious and rarely used, but it did the trick. She was here, frazzle haired and in real desperate need for a smoke break, but she was here, and not a moment too soon either. The ministry was already in chaos, with guards and politicians running amok trying to find out what was going on, or perhaps contain the situation before things got even worse. Kim did not envy the civil forces for the task ahead of them; she took the mass transit in and the fear and panic were settling in to stay if her ride in was any indication.

"Phan Kim Xuyến, over here!"

Heading towards the two official looking guards, Kim acknowledged them both with a nod and gestured them on, where they led her into an unmarked elevator. They descended into the earth, far lower then the basement of the ministry building, emerging into a dark corridor ending in an ominous set of double doors. "They're waiting for you in there, ma'am," the guards explained before leaving in the very same elevator. Pausing to take a deep breath, Kim strode in through the double doors, where she found a few dozen stone-faced military men waiting for her to arrive.

"Phan Kim Xuyến, please take a seat," the man at the head of the table, the TC2 Minister himself, said politely.

"Where's Director Khánh, sir?"

"Take a sit, Miss Phan."

Knowing better than to argue, she took her seat next to an army general with too many medals on his lapel as the Minister cleared his throat to get their attention, a rather unnecessary gesture. They all knew why they were there.

"Gentlemen, I'm afraid this is as serious as you've heard," the Minister said bluntly. "Approximately an hour ago, a shock-wave of unknown origin spread over the entire Earth. Since then, we've had scattered reports of mysterious, giant creatures being sighted around the globe, possibly agitated or awakened by this shock-wave."

Kim felt like a heavy weight was swung into her face upon hearing this. Giant monsters? No, it couldn't be. They were fantasies, science fiction nonsense designed to sell movies and toys. Even as someone assigned to study the extra-normal, this couldn't possibly be real...could it?

"Impossible..." the general next to her declared, echoing her thoughts.

"Very possible, General. We've coordinated with the PRC and their satellite network has confirmed many of the sightings, including one that you may be familiar with, Miss Phan. Are you familiar with the artifact Director Khánh was escorting?"

"The one codenamed Zeruel, of course," Kim confirmed readily.

"It seems it was more then just an unusual stone," the Minister explained, pulling out two photos from under the desk they were all seated at. "We have this overhead sattelite image from before the shockwave hit, depicting the escort fleet. This includes several cruisers and the American carrier Andrew Jackson. This is from after the shockwave hit." Upon showing the second photo, Kim and the other leaders collectively gasped, Kim moreso because she knew what this meant for the Director.

"It's gone?"

"Our agents reported several panicked emergency broadcasts before the fleet went silent," the Minister explained. "And later scans confirmed the area to be awash in the same energy signature seen near the other monster sightings in the area."

"So that rock was one of these monsters..."

"Precisely. And it could very well be headed towards out shores as we speak," the Minister concluded. "Director, do you have a plan of action here?" There was an awkward pause before Kim realized all the men were looking at her expectantly.

"Me, sir?"

"Acting Director of the VKBT, yes," the Minister repeated himself more clearly. "This is within your area of expertise. WHat's your recommendation?"

Kim took a moment to herself to adjust to the gravity of what was going on. In the span of a couple hours, monsters had invaded the Earth and the intelligence operator found herself in charge of the VKBT, an equivalent position to some of the top generals and admirals in Vietnam. But there would be time to address the overwhelming feelings about this situation later. Right now, she had work to do.

"Simple, Minister," Phan Kim Xuyến said with overwhelming confidence. "We stop these things in their tracks."

And this monster is DONE yo!

Same here, I am sorry for your loss and glad you were able to find closure. <3
I think I may take on the idea of the benevolent monster, or at least partially benevolent, maybe pairing it with a hooman.
I don't know if I'll go in this direction since I'm feeling like something more classic monster movie-ish, but are Jaegers and/or giant robots going to be a thing in this universe?
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