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Hear hear, friendo
Woot! Gonna try to work on a post, I'm literally entering the last week of college so things should pick up on my end soon ^^
Name: Matlacapa Ataos / Teco

Age: 15

Physical Description:


Important items:

Teco- Teco is a Tazylan, a small furred dragon-like creature about the size of a cat, known for their remarkable intelligence and friendly demeanor. Far from being a simple pet, Teco and Matlacapa share a symbiotic relationship with one another, connected via a psychic resonance not at all dissimilar to the magic that the Kaisokens are known to wield. This is primarily done to allow Kotyans to communicate; Kotyan vocal chords are very underdeveloped compared to other species in the galaxy, making it incredibly difficult to use words in other languages, let alone carrying on conversations. Tazylans on the other hand have overly developed vocal chords and an innate ability to understand and speak in different languages, thus the Kotyans use their connection to effectively "speak" through the Tazylan. Outside of this voice feature, Teco is a scrappy and rambunctious fighter in a pinch, and the venom in his bite can immobilize anyone unlucky enough to get chomped. The special link also allows Matlacapa to perceive everything that Teco can, and vice versa.

Gospalt Weave Rucksack-A gift given to all Kotyans upon their bonding with a Tazylan. It's rather unremarkable save for its incredible durability and damage resistance; the Gospalt Weave's fibers are an effective neutralizer of kinetic energy, allowing it to tank blades, gunfire, lasers, and even small explosions without harming the interior. Its primary purpose is for carrying a Tazylan and giving it a safe place to take cover in dangerous situations, but it can otherwise function as a regular backpack and an impromptu defensive item.

Poly-Tool Gauntlet: Miniature computer system mounted on the users wrist and forearm for communication and computational purposes. The Poly-Tool feature can also spawn tools and simple devices constructed of temporary hard light (think your wrenches, screwdrivers, and blowtorches) for some impromptu engineering work, or a sturdy blunt instrument if you swing that way.


KT-4 ArcuBolter: An advanced spin on a primitive weapon, made and designed by Kotyans with a little innovation by Matlacapa. It is effectively a high-tech crossbow, five shot bolt action design, with the bolts fired using powerful electromagnets, which allows it to be compact and collapsible while still packing quite a punch, trading rate of fire for raw power and ease of use. The shot is also much quieter then most firearms, and can be fitted for specialty bolts as the situation requires it.

Zoomers: One of many odd gizmos in Matlacapa's arsenal, as well as one of her favorites; a single-shot thruster pack the size of one's fist with a sticky side to attach to whatever you want to send flying through the air, usually people. Can also be rigged to explode, if you want to be boring.

Resonance List:

The Kotyan species does not use magic as the Kaisoken do; rather, they possess an innate source of energy known as Resonance, a pseudo-magic that only the Kotyans and a few rare species are capable of utilizing. Unlike the Kaisoken dust that powers regular magic, Resonance is a mental energy, the remnants of a Kotyan's connection to a hive-mind consciousness that have degraded into a controllable source of power. Resonance is remarkably similar in nature to Kotyan, though due to its nature as a mental ability the Kotyan mostly use it as a mental spell, not unlike the spells connected to the Mind school.

Kindred Resonance (Mind): Matlacapa reaches out with the Resonance and comes into contact with another creature's mind, effectively connecting with their thoughts. This can be done both benevolently, such as passing a message to a nearby ally in secret or soothing someone who is in mental distress, and offensively, such as searching an enemy's mind for information. Making physical contact can make for a stronger connection, though even in that case the connection is only temporary; maintaining Kindred Resonance with another mind that isn't itself touched by the resonance becomes exponentially more difficult and can lead to mental and physical trauma in some cases. Matlacapa and Teco's connection is effectively a permanent Kindred Resonance that doesn't suffer drawbacks from protracted use thanks to the symbiotic relationship.

Resonance Shroud (Mind): Matlacapa hides her presence anyone in contact with her via a mental suggestion. Effectively, other people in the area will be unable to perceive her and will regard her as being effectively invisible and muted, though the caster is still technically visible and will appear normally to anyone outside of the spells range as well as anything that is not vulnerable to Mind magic, ie they will still be spotted by security cameras and robots.

Misc. Abilities: Matlacapa is an exceptional Pathfinder, adept at charming her way out of danger and convincing an enemy to lay down their weapon and talk things over. Her Resonance also makes her quite the empathy, and she can be counted on to soothe a troubled mind with a kind thought when things get rough.

If there's anything she's better at then talking though, it's inventing. Truly a mad scientist if there ever was one, Matlacapa absolutely adores taking things apart and putting things together in new, more effective ways and creating new gizmos and gadgets to give her the edge in any situation.


Short Bio: Amidst the strife between the Commonwealth and the Coalition, there are the Kotyans. Long before mankind and the aliens began to become true enemies, a new empire suddenly burst onto the scene populated by large vulpine-like aliens linked together in a singular psionic hive mind. Calling itself the Kotyan Onslaught, the hive mind sought to annihilate all sentient life in the galaxy and almost certainly would have succeeded if not for the Kaisoken managing to plant a powerful spell in the mind link, effectively putting it to sleep and rendering the Kotyans dormant. The threat resolved, the galactic powers picked up the pieces and disposed of the Kotyans they could find save for the few worlds in the Kotyan's home system. To this day, there's an unspoken agreement that no power, not even the Commonwealth, will dare to travel there again and risk waking up the Onslaught.

The Kotyans themselves, however, were not all on their homeworld. Some were left in pockets around the galaxy, and over time they began to lose their connection to the hive mind and the sleeping spell, waking up with minds that were entirely their own. Now an entirely different beast from the brutal hive mind they once were, the awoken Kotyans band together in small groups around the galaxy, often inhabiting large space stations or asteroid colonies, often times venturing out and doing good for the galaxy but largely keeping to themselves and working to build a culture of their own out of a history of blood and pain.

Matlacapa Ataos, born well after the downfall of the Onslaught on the space station Penance, never personally experienced the Onslaught's grasp as her elders did, but she played a role in helping her species to recover.
Despite her penchant for causing mischief and, as her instructors put it, "asking too many questions too quickly", Matlacapa, or "Cappy" as she prefers, showed a clear talent and mastery of the resonant psionic abilities that Kotyans were left with after the Onslaught, showing an intellect and charisma that made up for her immaturity and overly curious nature. Proving her mettle after bonding with an equally precocious and rambunctious Tazylan named Teco, she chose to be a Pathfinder upon her coming of age, a role where she could truly specialize her ability to tap into the Onslaught resonance. As a Pathfinder, Matlacapa's primary duty was to help integrate awoken Kotyans into the post-Onslaught society, but more often then not she also helped as a counselor to those dealing with the scars of the hive mind's control and occasionally served in a diplomatic role, both representing her people in disputes and at the request of outsiders who wanted a third party mediator.

It was this last role that got her into trouble, as she was called on to mediate a dispute between humans on a new planetary settlement and the aliens who were also settled there. It was supposed to be a standard negotiation between the leaders of both sides and it seemed that Matlacapa had successfully mediated the dispute before a Commonwealth officer arrived, thanking her for her time and attempting to dismiss her. Before she left, one of the aliens stepped forward to thank her personally, and Matlacapa was so touched that she took his hand and used a benign ability that connected their thoughts and left the alien with a positive emotion. Or she would have done so if the Commonwealth officer hadn't been impatient and grabbed her arm mid ritual, forcing her attention to him and connecting with his thoughts instead.

And in an instant, she learned from the officer that the whole meeting had been a setup, a trick to get the leaders of the aliens away from their followers so they could begin exterminating them without any trouble, a common trick that this officer had used before.

The commonwealth was committing genocide, Matlacapa realized, and she had just helped them.

As the connection broke, the Kotyan found herself in the center of a fight between the aliens and the humans who had been negotiating with them, he hands clasped around the neck of the officer like a vice. As the man gasped for breath and tried to reach for his sidearm, Matlacapa realized what had happened, how in a fit of blind rage she had jumped on the officer for making her the unwitting participant in a mass slaughter, and decided then and there the best course of action to take. She lifted him up into the air and tightened her grip until he stopped thrashing, permanently.

In spite of the danger she had put herself in, Matlacapa managed to escape the Commonwealth soldiers left behind along with the alien leaders, who thanked her for saving their people from extinction and, despite the slim odds, giving them a chance to fight back against the imperialist humans. The whole experience was a sea change for Matlacapa, and after making her own escape off the planet, she sent a message back to her home to explain what had happened, to warn them that the humans might seek retribution if they found out what happened, and the fact that she had a new mission. As a Pathfinder, her role was to help those who were suffering find peace, and there was no greater source of suffering for so many innocents then the Imperial Commonwealth, Matla had decided. Understanding her decision, her friends and family back home assured her that they would be cautious of the Commonwealth and wished her luck on her journey to find her own peace in the galaxy.

One of her friends mentioned that they had heard of an organization that was fighting against the Commonwealth; a group by the name of Moonstrike.

Theme Songs:


Maddy Fen Ming
Pacific Point International Airport
One Month Later

Maddy Fen Ming's move to Pacific Point had been eventful to say the least. Actually eventful may have been a poor choice of words. Moving to a new city thanks to your prodigious scientific achievements was eventful. At this point, Maddy's life was just plain weird, and if getting caught in a biker gang shootout and taking a bullet to the ribcage hadn't convinced her that her life was weird, her newfound ability to grow and shrink certainly had.

Superpowers didn't make things any easier of course, considering she made this discovery at the same time that a violent anti-superhero terrorist group started destroying cities from orbit. Aleks and Terra had been super supportive and helpful of course, but despite her first stint as a superhero going well enough, Maddy still felt so wound up she would have spun right into the ground.

Her lab at the Silver River Institute being connected to the aforementioned terrorists, ultimately, was both the final straw and the perfect excuse to get away. Her and nearly everyone she knew there, including Aleks and Terra, loudly quit in protest, and Maddy used the following month of unemployment to de-stress, hang out with her friends, catch up on some shows and her own art commissions, and of course spending a week or two in Hong Kong to reorient and spend some time with her family. The end result was that a different girl stepped off the plane in Pacific Point International Airport then the one that boarded a few weeks earlier, standing a little taller, looking a little healthier, and feeling like she had rekindled that spark of optimism she carried into Pacific Point when she first arrived here.

In short, Maddy felt good. And at this point the only thing she had to worry about was losing her luggage again.

"...I swear if its been diverted to Lost Haven again I'm going to flip," Maddy grumbled into her phone, tapping her foot impatiently.

"The ability of airports to lose luggage is legendary," Lee Ming said on the other end of the call. "Your mother still hasn't forgiven EVA Air for sending her suits to the Middle East. What does she like to say again? 'It takes a special brand of incompetence to mistake Afghanistan for Taiwan'."

"Yeah that definitely sounds like mum," Maddy laughed, pushing her glasses back up her nose and spotting a familiar polka-dotted suitcase. "Oh good, they didn't lose it after all. I'm amazed."

"Astounded even."

"Mmm, quite," Maddy said seriously before breaking out into laughter along with her dad before yanking the suitcase off of the belt. "Alright, I better get going, my ride should be here by now. Give my best to mum and Ian."

"Will do. Good to see you again, sweetheart. Keep it touch!"

"I will, dad. Zài jiàn!"

"Zài jiàn!"

Stowing her phone in her pocket again, Maddy extended the handle on her bag and rolled past the security checkpoint into the lobby. The crowd waiting at this point was a proper crowd, with quite a few people holding signs for returning family members or off-duty soldiers coming home. With a mixture of amusement and annoyance, Maddy easily spotted a familiar face holding up a similar sign: "CLOD".

"I thought you were joking about that," Maddy said as Terra Vespa grinned mischievously at her. "Thanks for telling the entire airport I'm a clod."

"Well, you came over didn't you?" Terra argued, still grinning as she held open the door for her.

Maddy blinked before shrugging her shoulders. "Got me there. Don't think that gets you out of owing me a Jumbo Burger though."

"I was thinking I'd get you a regular one and you can go tiny instead," Terra said in a quiet, conspiratorial tone.

"You're hilarious," Maddy said, rolling her eyes as she stashed her suitcase in the trunk of the car.

"I try," Terra said, piling into the car with her friend. "Speaking of which, I think I found a place where we could work now that Silver River kicked the can, if you're interested. You remember that SPARK thing they announced a while ago?"
Glad to hear, keep me updated on what you're up to. :)
@The Jest All good, I'll await your final decision.

I'm mulling over a few ideas but I'm leaning towards a member of an insectoid alien race. The pitch for the species is that they were a hive-minded species that were a threat to the established powers eons ago but were defeated when they were forced into a state of stasis (like the dormancy period of cicadas) by a powerful magical spell. Because there were too many insects to kill without risking waking them up again and the spell was effectively permanent anyway, the powers that be elected to let the insects sleep, forbidding anyone to travel to the insectoid homeworld and burying any pockets of insects still left in the galaxy.

Since the hive mind connection is where the spell resides, some insects have managed to wake up by losing connection with that hivemind. Most are small groups of insects who develop mini-hive-minds and become raiders or bandits, but a select few, including my character, would be one of the more powerful "leader bugs", insects given a degree of self-awareness and sentience to allow them to function as commanders which over time allows them to subconsciously reject the hive mind and wake up with newly gifted sentience.

Besides that I also had the fun idea that as opposed to cybernetics or magic, this species 'exceptional skills' would come from their ability to rapidly mutate (Think Kha'Zix from league of legends). Otherwise I'm waiting to hear from you. c:
@Letter Bee Okey dokey, I'll stand by then. ^^
Goody, I got a few ideas in my shed I can work for this. Will most likely be an alien of some sort. ^.^

Is this a good jumping on point for a new person or should I wait for a bit.
I see this is temporarily open again. If so, I'm interested in hopping on board. :D

Are there any slots that are open for me? C:

Preferably not involving the crucifixion of robots, going by the lance up there.
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