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*scoots around under the rug*

Not dead yet! Despite a computer crash wiping my progress I'm still swinging. Even got a better idea for my character then what I had. :P
Still working on CS, life is being a meany
Sounds good, I'll get my CS done tonight so I can get in on this.
Sounds good, I'll get my CS done by tomorrow as well, travelling today.
Oh damn who's the loser who just posted after however many months absent.

Commander Aamra Tulez

Poker was interesting. Essentially a game of chance, but with an element of skill in terms of deciphering an opponents actions, not unlike predicting the strikes of an enemy in battle. She would have to try it again sometime, Tulez mused. Unlike that revolting liquid the crew consumed for pleasure.

Her daily meditations finished, Tulez fastened her uniform with less then her usual finesse, her claws slipping on a few of the buttons. Taking a deep, controlled breath that rustled her frills gently, she smoothed the jacket's lapels before striding out of her quarters, marking the time for the first inspections of the day and heading to the kitchen, bracing herself for the reek that accompanied last night's jubilation. Needless to say, she was pleasantly surprised at how clean it was; you couldn't even tell there had been a party lasting all night, and...was that tea? Now that was just the thing to warm the bones and stir the river.

"That's not Lakewood Briar, is it?" Tulez asked as she approached the crystalline doctor, no doubt sounding more conversational then she usually did. "By the waters, I-"

Alas, tea would be delayed by that most loathsome melody. Almost immediately she was at the shoulder of the Captain, listening to him lament about the completion of their recent Code Silver.

"I am sorry for your loss, Captain, but you and your crew are the only ones close enough to respond to this threat," the Admiral rattled off with barely enough empathy to be considerate. "Fortunately it's on the planet of your refueling schedule. I need everyone in the briefing room as soon as possible for a briefing. Admiral out."

"Well, that's considerate," Tulez commented when the communication went out. "Storm forbid, they would be impolite enough to make us change our plans." Inwardly, Tulez groaned. This damned crew was REALLY starting to rub off on her, and not in a way she was fond of.

"It's been a while since we've had a Velvet on our hands... Sorry, folks, but we got one more job before we can hibernate. You heard the Admiral, get to the briefing room... Drink your tea fast, get dressed up, We'll question our newest recruit after all this shit is over with."

"Of course, Captain." Tulez shot off a salute before backtracking for her tea, a shot of energy that would get her through a Code Velvet. Sarcasm aside, it was absolutely something worth dropping schedule over. The Academy drummed a lot of absolutes into her head, but one of the biggest was that velvets were life or death, and not something to be taken lightly.

Of course if things were run PROPERLY, Tulez thought to herself as she entered the briefing room, they would not be the only ship in range who could deal with this. It almost made her wonder if Captain Lovhaug back at the academy was right about his theory that the Galactic Committee only ever had two ships deployed at any time. It really would answer so many damned questions.
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