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idk if it is or not, I didn't see this was necro'd when I posted.
This is interesting, I think I can come up with something for this. ^^
I DID post C:

Commander Aamra Tulez

"Entering through the escape pods," Aamra noted with muted irony, holstering the Longstrider as she stepped up to Kim and Thatcher to survey the situation. "The space rodents are nothing if not inventive, the wretched things."

"Pretty sneaky..." Johnson commented as well. "Tango, shut off all controls to the escape pods, help Johnson out in finding any other missing pods."

"Sound orders. Kim, Thatcher, repeat those orders on this deck and sweep the entire ship," the officer ordered curtly. Aamra distinctly remembered how those on the ship who knew her by reputation were surprised that Aamra had called the synthetic soldiers by name and not their designation number. Aamra never understood why exactly; they had every right to be called by their names the same as she did, machine or otherwise, and they had more then earned that right with how efficient they were.

The same couldn't be said for Robinson, who looked to be in bad shape from the alien rat's bite. Lowering her eyes, she prayed for the waters would carry him to health or to the seas beyond, whichever fate had decided for him.

"Aamara, make sure our other surprised guest doesn't go anywhere!"

"Surprised guest?" Aamra repeated. She thought it may have been the rat she threw across the room before she spotted the diminutive human that had popped out of a nearby crate. "Ah, this surprised guest," she remarked coolly, towering over the stowaway in a threatening manner. "Would you mind getting to your feet and placing your hands on your head?"
All good, I got sick this weekend and stalled on everything myself, so I'm a bit behind too. >.<

Clearly these marauders are plotting against us
@Master Crim I'm fine with that, I imagine Aamra would order your guys to defend from any hostile boarders by default. :P

Also post coming from me soon, sorry for delay. Got some bad news recently that took me out of it.
Also working on post, but just to clarify, all the rats on the ship have been effectively beaten by now, right?

"Oh, you speak English then?" Klara remarked with some surprise, casually tossing an Ice Blast over her shoulder to take out a loudly charging Oni. "Apologies, I expected most here to be speaking the local tongue, you know."

Not even pausing to introduce herself (she could always say hello later, the ice giantess reasoned), Klara darted around with the help of her Subzero Slide, taking out what Oni's she could and giving the other struggling nomads assistance with their own battles. Hearing some of the nomads talking of rallying and choke-points, Klara decided she needed to step in to control the situation and do some rallying herself; an activity she would be eager to perform if she had ever done something like it before, which of course she had not.

"Okay okay, listen to me, everyone!" Klara called out to anyone within earshot, sliding to a halt on an icy platform. "I am...uh...Klara! Klara Grimmolfdottir! And I am here to help!" This did not seem to garner much of a reaction though; whether it was because the nomads didn't care or if they were too busy fighting off the Oni statues, she didn't know. Still, she pressed on.

"These are no mere Oni statues!" she informed the group. "These are statues possessed by the souls and disembodied ki of dead Oni warriors. We are not sure who or what is responsible, but we do know that these souls can keep possessing new stone bodies and coming back indefinitely until the culprit behind this resurrection is put down!" This got the Nomad's attention as Klara developed ice blades on her arms to fight off some Oni who also took notice, decapitating their stony bodies and leaving them to crumble to the ground before shooting them at another pair of approaching orcs.

"Help is on the way, but we need to hold firm and defend!" Klara encouraged them. "As long as we are still fighting, the Oni will come for us and not the civilians! We stand our ground, and maybe whoever is behind this will show their face!"

"A Hokuō ice giantess?" the Master scoffed.

"It must be, my lord," the servant said gregariously. "What other creature but our kin in mythic blood could produce magic like that?" The Master scowled viciously at her use of the word kin, prompting the servant to recoil once again out of fear of being struck.

"Kin, and yet she stands with these murderers," the Master continued. "It seems, then, she will share in their fate." The servant, now out of sight of her Master's gaze, smiled slightly.

"My lord, it is not merely that she is an ice giantess," she said eagerly. "But if she is so far from home...then she must be with the Sanctum."

"What?" the Master barked, turning sharply to look her dead in the eyes. "Are you sure of this?!?"

"The ice giants of the North are solitary creatures," the servant mused. "I see no reason why an independent ice giantess would go so far out of her way to look for a fight. Unless she was acting on orders."

"Yes...I see," the Master said, cool fury in every monosyllabic tone of his voice.

"They did not help you when the children of Jimmu first slaughtered your kin, did they, my lord?" the servant said encouragingly, no longer shying away from her overlord's presence.

"No...they did not." The Master's fist clenched tightly around the gauntlet it wore.

"And now one of their number returns to save the children from your retribution," the servant continued. "It seems the Sanctum must be taught a lesson as well, my lord..."

" are right! They most both be punished!" the Master declared, towering anger warring with triumph in his every word.

"Their fates are yours to decide my lord!" the servant cried out. " the children and their protectors the face of their doom! Inflict on them a thousand years of retribution for what they have done!"

And the Master was gone, flying towards the Arena at high speed, ready to slaughter those who had once wronged him. His servant, a venomous smile crossing her face, quietly traipsed after him, her footsteps becoming less and less distinct in the driving rain until she and the sound of her footsteps vanished into the mist...

"Archie? Who is...aaaaah!" Voyager squeaked in delight when she saw the sugar glider poke his nose out. "He is so cute! I am glad he is so helpful too!" Hovering over to the ledge to survey the battlefield, the alien girl was about to ask what kind of creature Archie was before she got a face-full of rainwater from the sudden shift in the weather. Hoping that her outfit was weatherproofed, Voyager was brought back to the seriousness of the fight and scoured the ground for targets.

It didn't take long to find either as a convoy rolled around the corner, evidently drawn by the sight of their helicopters getting blown out of the sky. As Voyager charged up some PsiBlasts, noting with slight interest the steam rising from her Psionicly charged hands, she saw the stubby looking truck escorted by regular and chrome-plated soldiers come to a halt in view of her and Hound Dog. Squinting through the now pouring rain, she spotted the box on the back of the truck lift up to reveal a missile launcher, turned to aim right at the rooftop they were occupying.

"Oh no you do not!" Voyager called out, springing into action and flying right at the launcher, taking out a pair of soldiers with a concussive blast each and staggering most of the others. The soldiers flew into a panic at the sight of her approaching form as one of the chrome-plated soldiers swung around a machine gun to rake the air with automatic fire.


Voyager cried out as something painfully hot sliced across her outstretched arm, grazing her before she could throw up her PsiBarriers. Adopting the same strategy she did with the helicopter, albeit with less punching through, she kept going at full speed and careened right into the chrome soldier, sending him careening through a glass bus stop. Voyager winced as her arm twinged in pain, gripping it tightly where the bullet grazed her. She was having no trouble with her Psionics so she was pretty sure she wasn't seriously injured, but boy did that hurt. Voyager didn't have too long to think about that though as the other chrome-plated soldier had clambered up the side to duel with her.

"Well well, the alien that took out the Gargoyle," the soldier taunted, rolling his shoulders menacingly. "I heard you were a special breed of mutie, but I didn't think you'd be this ugly." There was a click as the latch on his helmet disengaged and he removed it, revealing his long blonde hair and dark colored eyes filled with murderous intent as he mockingly held out his helmet. "Here, you sure you don't want to be the one wearing this, mutie?"

"That is just rude," Voyager said indignantly, raising her fists in preparation for a fight. "And my name is Voyager, thank you very much."

"Is that what they call you? Not bad, I'll admit," the soldier mused, pitching the helmet over his shoulder as an indicator on his wrist went off. Lowering into a battle stance, he swung his fists up as, in a blaze of heat and light, the devices on his wrists ejected three-bladed claws, burning red-hot despite the driving rain. "My friends call me Razorburn."

"Oh boy..."

"Nice, isn't it? Well, enough with the pleasantries then," Razorburn declared before lunging at the alien super-heroine. "We're having calamari for dinner!"

Voyager threw up her Psibarriers with a yelp as the claws collided against it in a blinding shower of sparks and heated metal. Feeling the attack subside, Voyager brought her arms down and prepared to weather another attack, but it never came. She opened her eyes and saw, with some amusement, Razorburn staring forlornly at his now deformed and useless claws that had shredded themselves trying to pierce her Psibarriers.

"I uh...may not have thought this through..." he mumbled dejectedly, looking up just in time for a two-handed Psiblast to hit him right in the chest. The blast knocked the remains of the claws off his arms and sent him sailing down a subway entrance, trailing smoke behind him.

"If it means anything, I like the name!" Voyager shouted after her enemy, lifting off into the air to deal with the missile launcher. The rest of the soldiers scattered as a precise PsiBeam cut through the launcher, cooking off the missiles and exploding in a brief but bright fireball as Voyager lifted back towards the rooftop with the archer.

”Tend to your friend,” the archer suddenly said, tossing Voyager a small package from her pocket. ”He’s been hit in the shoulder. Use that to treat the wound."

"You got it arrow lady!" Voyager declared, catching the pack easily before looking to see where Hound Dog went off to.

"We’ll need to start taking out more of these mechs that are attacking the city,” the archer went on, finally turning to look at her ”Can you and your friend do that once he’s patched up?”

"Nothing we cannot handle. It is not the first time we have dealt with big robots from these guys," she said with a knowing grin.

”The name’s Fletch, by the way. Nice meeting you. Oh… and thank you.”

"Always happy to help," the alien said proudly. "And I am Voyager, nice to meet you too!" Waving happily as Fletch descended from the building, Voyager turned in midair and made her way to the fight with Hound Dog.

@Jones Sparrow@Master Crim Oh boy a personal death squad at my command. :D
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