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It was warm. Something tickled her skin as a gentle breeze whispered by. It felt like it was going to rain.

Riley opened her eyes. Pushing herself up, she looked around at her surroundings. A rolling meadow extended in every direction as far as she could see, the blue-green grass tousled by the wind. Light clouds drifted through a rose-tinted sky, but there didn't appear to be a sun.

A deep breath. It wasn't her own. She looked to her left, seeing an alien sitting there, blue-skinned, with four arms folded in her lap. Riley didn't scream, or react with surprise. Why would she? She seemed so...familiar.

In fact, the whole place seemed familiar. Quite far from Pacific Point, but familiar nonetheless. But why?

"Do you know what happened?"

The alien's question startled her into remembering.

"There was an attack on my city. I was defending it, and...I think I died," Riley mused.

"I did too." The alien lowered her eyes. "I'm sorry."

"Sorry?" Riley repeated.

"They told us about this. If we weren't prepared, how our memories would be scattered," the alien said. "I wasn't ready when-"

"-the ship crashed." Riley finished, feeling the answer coming to her. "There were soldiers, they found you trying to fight them off...but you didn't survive the crash." Instinctively, she reached out her hand, and the alien took it with two of hers. The wind seemed to pick up as a response.

"You're still fighting to protect the innocent," the alien said to Riley. "You started fighting against the Game Genie, helped defeat the Hounds of Humanity...and the Guardians. You joined them too, to help save the world."

"I wish I could go back," Riley said. "I...I can do so much more."

The alien smiled. "But you are going back. Just like I did."

Riley gave her a confused look, then it all clicked into place. The wind intensified as Riley realized what all of this was.

"I...wait, I went back! You went back as ME!"

"And our memories were scattered, because of how I died," the alien said to Riley. "'s coming back now!"

"I'm starting to remember!" Riley shouted, the wind becoming a gale as it threatened to pick her up and carry her away.

" name is Riley," the alien said.

"And my name..." Riley said.

" Devashya."


A bolt of lightning illuminated the sky over Pacific Point, and at the same time, a pile of rubble suddenly gasped, the debris exploding outwards in a burst of Psionic energy.

Sprawled on the damp earth, Voyager took great, heaving breaths, like she was making up for the brief time she spent being dead. The warm feeling was gone, replaced with a damp chill and a gentle ache. It probably didn't help that most of her outfit was in tatters at this point, ripped straight through by whatever tore her up. She really needed a T-shirt or something. Taking a cursory look around, Voyager realized she happened to crash right through the front of a small clothing store. Most of what was here was water-logged, but there was a row of jackets that seemed to avoid most of the flood.

Reminding herself to find the owner and pay for it later, Voyager yoinked an oversized purple jacket and tossed it over her shoulders, figuring it'd be enough to keep her decent. Bracing herself for a quick flight to the place she last saw Wanderer, she stopped at seeing an unfamiliar alien on the wall.

No, wait. That was a mirror, that was different. Her hair looked less tentacle-esque, more like layers of hair then before, and she seemed to have webbing on her fingers and toes now. Lifted up her new bangs, a third eye between her usual two blinked back at her as well.

"Okaaaay," Voyager trailed off, quite dumbfounded at her new look. New life, new looks, she supposed. Did that mean new powers too? She tried throwing her hands around, but instead of a PsiBlast, a coat-rack flew towards her. She barely dodged it by suddenly flying out of the way.

"Well at least I can fly," she said with a sigh of relief. "Right, I'll figure the rest out, now where is Wander-aaaah!"

The second she touched down, there was a flash of purple and she suddenly found herself flying through a portal to a rooftop, landing unsteadily at the other end. Collecting herself, she realized she was on the same rooftop as Wanderer, too busy fighting aliens to notice the sound of the portal, as well as the alien ships swinging around to try and gun him down as he focused on the main force.

"Look out!"

Flying into action, Voyager threw herself between the alien ships and Wanderer, trying to put up a PsiBarrier. Nothing visible happened, but she felt some sort of Barrier block the shots, reducing them to little more then a burst of heat and a soft hit. Undeterred, she swung her hand around and carved chunks of concrete from the ground to fire at the enemy ships, smashing most of them to bits and sending the survivors away, save for one who lost control and decided to take out these meddling heroes with them. Voyager, working on instinct, made a motion as if to pry two objects apart and pulled the ship in half with her Psionics, sending each half in opposite directions to crash harmlessly.

Coming down from the high of using a brand new set of powers, she turned to Wanderer, a sheepish grin on her face as the glow of her three eyes faded.

" you have some questions," she said, rubbing the back of her neck.

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