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An honest to god vacation, one last road trip around the countryside before heading off to war. It sounded like a great idea, at least until she saw the rust bucket that they would all be stuffed into for the duration. Needless to say, Sabrina was glad that she applied her makeup when they were still traveling on the smooth straightaways that surrounded the Citadel and not now. After a bump like that there was a decent chance she'd end up swallowing her favorite shade of lipstick instead of wearing it; thankfully she just smacked into the back of the seat Gallahad was reclining in, her sunglasses slipping down the bridge of her nose as she appeared over his shoulder.

“For fucks sake, if I didn’t know any better I’d think you were trying to hit every damn hole on the High Road.” Galahad grumbled.

"Missed your bloody calling as a stunt driver," Sabrina said, shooting Zak a disapproving look before pushing her shades back up onto her face and getting back into her seat, briefly popping open a compact to make sure nothing was displaced or disheveled, which of course it wasn't. Flipping her hair out of her eyes, she reached down for one of her drinks, a more high-end brew then what this crowd was used to, easily popping the cap off one-handed with her thumb and taking a long swig before leaning out the window to see the road ahead. Bad roads aside, this was a rather nice little experience. No smelly polluted cities or crowded streets, just miles of open countryside under a balmy summer sky. Who could ever say no to something like this?

“Heorot Whisky tastes like paint thinner, but it’ll get ya’ drunk!” Asa quipped from the backseat as she handed Ray the stronger booze. Indeed it would, Sabrina recalled with grim composure. She had a distinct memory of when Asa introduced that little number to her, accusing her of being a lightweight and of Sabrina happily proving her wrong. At least, that's what she was told. Not much comes to mind from that night besides the incident with the floor buffer and about twenty pounds of granola.

Still peeking out the window, Sabrina caught sight of the approaching pothole like a bullet, bracing herself this time to avoid being thrown about. With a little flounce she slipped back into her chair as someone slapped the radio to turn off the news broadcast. Probably for the best, she thought as Asa's rant was cut short by a general agreement to avoid the news from here on out. Part of her wanted to keep an ear out for when the war did come to old Katerio, even if there was nothing these she was particularly fond of, but...well, they were on vacation. Fuck it.

"Not much longer!" Zac reported with a chuckle, "then you all can get off your high horses and stop complaining!"

"If we were on a high horse, you trying to jump every pot hole would be your problem, not ours," Sabrina snarked, lifting her drink for another sip of that lemon-strawberry goodness.
In SPIRITUM 22 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

In SPIRITUM 23 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Reunion, Part 1

"If we're going to be damned, let's be damned for what we really are." Jean-Luc Picard

Another day, another uneventful patrol, Riley thought to herself. It was rather nice out, maybe criminals went to the beach on warm days too.

Floating down from the sky onto the edge of a building, she sat with her legs dangled over the precipice, retrieving a sandwich from her rucksack. Technically it was for the space mission, vacuum sealed against the harshness of a deadly vacuum and a delicate bit of equipment that shouldn't be used lightly, but it made a great carrying case for snacks so she didn't have to keep spooking hot dog vendors. Taking a big bite, Voyager chewed thoughtfully as she kept an ear out for any trouble.

"Voyager-sama, your fate will be sealed!"

Riley stopped chewing at the sound of her superhero name. Turning around, a familiar figure seemed to be striking various poses on the extreme opposite end of the rooftop. Luckily the threats weren't directed at her, but some sort of person-sized prop perched on the corner. Curious, Riley quietly walked up to the ninja-like figure.

"I strike with the fury of a thousand storms, I move with the swiftness of a thousand winds," Typhoon chanted, continuing his vaguely martial artsy posing. "Through superior discipline and unerring skill, I shall be your downfall, for I am like a tiger, poised with unwavering grace-"

"Hiya Typhoon!" Riley said brightly patting him on the shoulder.

"BAKA CHIKUSHO!" Typhoon jumped a foot in the air and attempted to draw a throwing star before stepping off the edge and dropping into the alley below, landing with a distinctive thump in the dumpster.

"You okay down there?" Riley asked, looking down at the unlucky robot.

"Dame, Voyager-sama, for my dignity lies in tatters..." Riley looked over at the object Typhoon was speaking too, which appeared to be an old training dummy with a facsimile of her own head attached made from what appeared to be cooked pasta. Didn't look half bad, she thought.

"I can give you a lift if you need one!" Riley called down.

"Muri, I could never accept help from my greatest nemesis!" Typhoon shouted back, clambering out of the dumpster and up the wall.

"Just thought I would offer," Riley shrugged, taking a bite of her sandwich. "I figured-" she started to say, but a low-pitched rumble caught her attention. Typhoon caught up to the edge of the building just as something bright orange streaked through the sky.

[color=MediumOrchid]"Whoah, check it out!" Riley said. "It must be a meteor! And it is...awfully close." The two watched the orange streak sail through the sky, arcing gently down and slamming into the ground a few blocks away with a mighty crash, making them both flinch. "I take that back, NOW it is awfully close," Voyager said, floating back into the air. "I gotta go check it out and make sure no one's hurt. Truce?"

Typhoon nodded solemnly. "It is as you say. I shall assist." Riley smiled, glad that despite being a supervillain the ninjabot was willing to help out once in a while. Putting on a brave face, Voyager took off in the direction of the smoldering meteor, Typhoon leaping across the rooftops to follow at a far slower pace.

Luckily upon arrival, the object seemed to miss any bystanders, cleaving the asphalt in two as it landed instead. Already a small crowd was gathering to observe what it was that landed in the smoldering heap.

"Everyone clear away from the space rock!" Voyager ordered, coming to land near the tear in the street.

"It's not a rock, Voyager," an old man nearby said. "Look!"

Voyager looked at the rock, and her heart seemed to skip a beat. It wasn't a rock at all, she realized. Rocks weren't made of metal and shimmering glass made into angular shapes, nor did they have the remnants of engines and wings still attached to the hull.

This...this was a space ship!

"Ooh, it's like a first contact thing!" Voyager said excitedly. "Maybe it'll be Vulcans, that'd be cool! Don't worry everyone!" Voyager shouted to the crowd. "Stay back, I'll handle this!"

Suddenly a hiss of steam sounded from the broken hull of the ship, and a side panel slid open. A humanoid figure seemed to clamber out of it, collapsing onto the ground making metallic sounds that might have been coughing. Voyager took a cautious step forward, getting a better look at the newcomer. Whoever it was, or whatever it was, it wasn't Spock. It appeared to be made of...crystals of some sort? Weird.

"Hello!" Voyager said brightly. "Welcome to Earth!"

The crystal being looked up, having no facial features beyond bright spots in the general shape of eyes. Upon seeing Voyager, the crystals seemed to glow brighter and the being got to her feet.

"Nov, ao enero os!" it...said? The sound didn't seem to come from the creature, instead playing inside of her head somehow. Spooky.

"I'm sorry, was that you?" she asked. The crystal creature looked confused and tried to approach, her arms held out. Voyager took a step back and the creature stopped.

"Ihhereo? Anhi ime gdelaco, ttoem! ironus hu parues tatomfece etosem?" The crystal creature patted her hands against her chest to signify herself.

"I...can't understand you," Voyager said, confused. A hard landing behind her indicated that Typhoon had arrived, sword drawn.

"Styca kitataen?" the crystal creature asked. "Adtedwoi, tatcasu dise uicu etercete!"

"Unknown language," Typhoon said with a sudden dryness, his databanks kicking on. "Performing translation, please hold." Great, Voyager thought, hoping this creature wasn't hostile.

"Look, I don't know what you're saying, but I think my friend is translating for you, just...don't panic, okay?" Voyager hoped it came through, but the crystal alien didn't seem to respond, instead reacting with...worry, maybe?

"Enome imate?" the creature said, pointing at the back of her neck. "Luc lomoeca elferi hehuseh etarmor!"
Voyager could do nothing but stare blankly as the creature continued to gesticulate, pointing between her own neck and Voyager's.

"I...don't know what that means." Voyager shrugged, and the crystal creature looked alarmed.

"Sybet...nemebedohf iamasnanes yl. Hui ela ite ugochin..." The crystalline alien shimmered. Voyager tried to approach but was stopped by a splitting headache.

"Aaagh!" she said, gripping the sides of her head in agony. "What did you...?"

"Rdorecy! Selo pitelli, tkonelil me!" the alien shimmered again. And immediately, Voyager's surroundings went dark.

The crowd screamed and ran as their alien superheroine collapsed in a heap, seemingly dead. The crystal creature cautiously approached, poking the unconscious Riley with her toe just as the ninja robot sprang to life.

"Language analyzed, translation achieved!" Typhoon became himself again and turned to face the crystal alien. "ifaha roseatul, eodeheta rase ediesa-"

"Iawo eelner rensi sunasulo?" the crystal creature suddenly said.

"Hai," Typhoon said. "Mweer efolol as enlal nuhe itatat."

"Iannisevge, mfigawelc rdorecy selo! Pitelli tkonelil, me genut ad dewer eheseb! Onily er yt derat iond seweitod fenocve etd!"

Typhoon paused, comprehending what the alien was saying. "Alidad ostico?"

The crystal creature nodded. "Idwuf del. Tohe dynaimta raaho nofesa, ihysa efedm uhryrm. Ogur, eohaa rhrene alohn."

Typhoon pondered for just a moment. "Ofrehesy, sun ulgar huroten. Aabowegt nehos ewit bapi vulirfosag."

"...Atuaroni dafothas, hhiyr dinihoic," the crystal creature said as it picked Riley up. "Ycihc tiregorh ihnur eseeh?"

"Tteratoro," Typhoon said, activating his communication relay. "Fang-sama, where are you?" A low grumble came from the other end of the line. "Fang-sama!"

"It's fuggin noon, you dumb toaster, I'm trying to SLEEP!" Fangs barked. "Whaddaya want?"

"Voyager-sama is in grave danger. We must assist as best we can."
@Silverwind Blade All good. C:
Sorry to doublepost, but since you are in the midst of a battle and you'd like me to post in the IC, should I get involved or should I be elsewhere ready to join the team?

"Silence is the best music before battle. If you have time to joke and play the part of the DJ, then you have time to open the hanger bay doors."

"Ay, sass the tweaker chick with a peashooter pointed at ye back, brilliant move Cap'n," Johanna quipped in comedic Scottish brogue. "Follow ye to the death I shall, 'twill come sooner then expected perhaps!" LAGOS let off a few distinct beeps in response. "Yes I know she didn't make the tweaker comment, but she hired the goon who did, so it still works," Johanna said in a stage whisper as she muted her mic with one hand and went to town with her hacking suite on the other, artificial fingers flying like mad across the screens.

"Access the control tower and depressurize the hanger. I can handle taking control over a ship myself when the time comes, but it won't matter if the doors aren't opened by then," the good Captain ordered. "If you really want to show your worth then keep the interior doors from closing and disable the pressure seals. Unless that's simply too much to handle little rabbit."

"Yeah, call me little again, I'll jump up and headbutt you right in the stomach," Johanna quipped. "Yes as the Captain eloquently pointed out, I am in fact a pipsqueak, mini, teeny, a runt. That's why I have the big-ass sniper pointed at her back, it's the only way I can reach em!"

Before the Captain could respond back in turn, the doors peeked open and canisters bounced in from the outside.

"Just for you Captain, a little ditty about pirates just for you!" Johanna flicked her radio on just as smoke erupted, filling the front entrance with a thick haze. "LAGOS keep the doors open for the lovely lady while I put some holes in these guys." The little rabbit robot chirped obediently as Johanna trained the massive rifle in the Captain's direction. Unsurprisingly, the blood knight Dannie immediately barged at the three Tommies breaching through the front, presenting a nice juicy target for the flankers on either side. Lucky for her, Johanna had been syncing her aim up with the camera feed on the outside, pinpointing exactly where the lead Tommy was standing. A trained eye, an educated guess, a little bit of luck, and Johanna squeezed the trigger.

The gun barked like thunder and the BUN-e gave a violent shudder as the Gyrojet cooked off and blasted across the room, whizzing right past the Captain's mech and into the thick cloud of smoke. Johanna looked out the corner of her eye at the Camera feed and watched the lead Tommy's head explode in a shower of shrapnel. Smiling, she pulled the gun back and started loading another shell. One down, and the Redcoats too busy trying to find out where the hell that came from to open fire on the maniac ripping their buddies apart. And the hanger was a few lines of code away from being breached and left wide open. This was going to be fun.

"We'll be the pirate twins again, Euuurooopaaa..." Johanna sang along as she locked another shot in place.
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