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Kyle and Kayla

Written with @JunkMail

They found it.

It took nearly a whole day’s worth of time scouring the abandoned metro tunnels of the city, empty tunnel after empty tunnel, plus finding an entrance that hadn’t been completely paved over, but Kyle and Kayla finally found the nest.

The two stood before the clutches of aswang eggs, both wielding fire in their hands in different ways. For Kyle, a Tourist-made small-tank flamethrower. And for Kayla, actual fire danced between her fingertips

The two unceremoniously raised their respective instruments of incineration, and set upon the nest two streams of fire. The sanguine eggs and the putrid growth surrounding them were all engulfed in flames, the unborn aswangs inside writhing for only moments before the eggs burst, succumbing to the heat. It was nasty, it was unsightly, and it smelled absolutely horrible - but it had to be done.

The two walked away from their handiwork as the flames began to wither, the light dying as they moved further and further away, resorting to illumination via a ball of light Kayla had conjured.

“That’s always the opposite of fun.” she said, trying to break the silence between the two. She had always been the most talkative of the bunch, and lulls in conversation always bothered her more than they ever did her brother. Patience was a virtue as the saying went, and impatience had always been one of her character flaws.

“Least it’s done.” Kyle replied, “Although knowing that was down here makes me wonder if other parts of the tunnel network are worth checking out.”

“I’m inclined to agree. I’m sure a library around here has some of the city’s documentation. There’s likely a map of these tunnels.” Kayla hummed. “Have you heard anything more about any of the supernatural communities in this city?”

“I haven’t taken a look yet. Although I don’t think there’s much the Tourists know about if they didn’t direct us to anything as soon as we got here.”

The station they’d used to enter the tunnel was coming up ahead.

“That might be our next move, then. There’s obviously a…” Kayla trailed off and looked back in the direction where they had come from. Where the eggs were. “...A presence here. Of the supernatural.”

Kayla crossed her arms as she walked with her brother towards the exit. “What do you think we should do about Ellara, now that we know her?”

“For now?” Kyle replied, “Let’s just leave her. She’s got plenty to figure out without either of us roping her into anything. Or vice versa.”

“Always the more pragmatic of us.” Kayla snorted. “Thanks for coming with me to the city by the way. I don’t think I’ve said that yet. It’s been nice to get away from places Milo has been.”


He seemed a little averse towards the mention of the name. But he shrugged it off just as well. They were close to the station now. As they approached, both of their phones buzzed simultaneously. They both retrieved them from their pockets, somewhat perplexed at the timing, and then read the group message they’d both received from…

“Who the hell is Rókur?” Kyle asked, looking confused.

“That name sounds very scandinavian.” Kayla said. “Is your text any different than mine? All it mentions is a name for me.”

“It says it was sent to both of us.” Kyle replied as he continued to read over it. “He’s… friends with Jasper, apparently.”

“I- I know the name but I can't remember why I know the name.” Kayla explained, rubbing the back of her neck. “I guess that’s at the head of our to-do list, then. Maybe I’ll remember on the way.”

“Yeah.” Kyle said, as the two made their way through the abandoned station, “But, what’s happening downtown that he wants to check out?”

“Let me get right on that…” Kayla said, quickly navigating to her phone’s web browser.

“Uh oh.”

“‘Uh oh’? What do you mean ‘uh oh’?”

“Something’s happened. A bomb or- something. They don't know yet.” Kayla answered. “We should probably move. If Rókur knows Jasper, then he’s obviously something other than human. If he’s going out in the middle of town to investigate, this might be big for all of us.” she reasoned. She quickened her pace. “We should probably get there. Quickly.”

No verbal response from Kyle. The two of them simply ran up the station steps to the entrance covered in blue tarps they’d cut through in order to make there way underground in the first place. Once they were outside and by the truck, they both immediately noticed the sight of the event in the distance - the red clouds forming overhead of the evening sky, the pouring rain, and the sounds of sirens drawing closer near it.

“It does not fucking end with this city!” Kyle called out, appearing to lose some of his temper.

Kayla was not faring any better. The rain had quickly soaked through her clothes and she was more prone to being uncomfortably cold than her brother. “Rókur first! Complain later!” She said over the sound of the heavy rain. She pulled her phone out, doing her best to shield it from the water with her other hand and sent their new contact a quick text, while the both of them made for the truck.

Kayla: Where are you? Wherever you are, dont move. We’re coming to you.


Events transpire several hours before the start of Be Somebody.


“...severe damage to the vehicle, with no sign of Ms. Sorenson in sight. Authorities ask that residents of Árido Valley keep watch for any signs of Jennifer Sorenson’s status or whereabouts and report anything they find which may help in the ongoing investigation. In other news, gunfire was reported near…”

Newscast. Uncle and his son were sitting and watching while they ate, rest of the family just outside on the backyard patio. Cookout, having the family over. Everyone had already done plenty of talking, so now they were beginning to separate a bit. TV sounded good to the uncle in the meantime.

There were seven in all. A man and his wife, the man’s brother and his wife, two girls belonging to the first couple, and a boy belonging to the second.

A relatively happy family. Nothing out of the ordinary.

“I don’t wanna go back into town anytime soon after all that craziness. I’m not.” The father said, “Murders left and right, gang wars, it’s insane.”

“You shouldn’t be working there then!” The uncle’s wife said, “You can find something out here in the Valley!”

“I mean, maybe after I square everything away with my boss but-”


One of the daughters ran to the table where the three adults were seated. “What? What is it?” The father asked his little girl, who looked pale and panicked. “There’s a lady!” She called out, “She’s hurt!” She turned to look out into the yard, as did the adults. Over in the distance, the father’s other daughter was standing a few feet away from an unfamiliar figure - a woman. Ragged, filthy, and her steps uneven.

“Oh my God!” One of the mothers called out. The father sprang from his seat on the patio and sprinted over to his daughter and the stranger. A look of worry grew on his face as he became more aware of the woman’s physical condition. He placed his arms on his daughter’s shoulders and pulled her back, looking at the stranger and saying, “Miss, a-are you okay? Miss?”

No response. The woman just kept stumbling forward. Her clothes were torn to shreds and splattered in foul-smelling stains. Dried, crusted blood surrounded her eyes and mouth. Blonde hair turned wild and caked in dirt. And her abdomen... writhed beneath her shirt.

The other members of the family gathered outside to watch the event take place. “Miss?” The father said once again, “Can you hear me?”

The woman slowly raised her head and opened her mouth. Rather than any reply of words, the family was beholden to a horrifying sight. The inside of woman’s mouth - teeth and tongue - had all been replaced by a cluster of small, red, slime-covered pods. They opened wide, and began to vibrate rapidly, emitting a fast and constant clicking sound. Like a swarm of insects compressed into one small source.

The family - all standing before this strange, altered woman - did not react. They stood there, eyes wide, pupils dilating, mouths agape. The sound pierced their skulls and wormed its way into their brains, holding back their attempts to move or break away in any manner. The woman, maintaining her strange song, collapsed to her knees and then onto her side. None of this halted the sound. The family then gathered around her in a misshapen circle, dropping to their knees. They began to claw at her shirt, something still writhing beneath it. They tore it open, revealing a bloody mess of squirming pale creatures, similar to the ones inhabiting her mouth, but larger and covered in thin red veins. They moved on their own, as if detaching themselves from the woman’s exposed innards and presenting themselves to the family before them.

The seven of them began to dig their hands into the mess, grabbing the worm-like creatures and slovenly devouring them. Juices and fluids coated their hands as they dug at the woman’s body, as she maintained her hypnotizing song. They each stuffed worm after worm into their mouths, not making any attempt to clean themselves.

The horrid feast went on for only a couple minutes before the worms were all gone. The woman then ceased her song, the pods retreating as she closed her mouth, and lied still on the grass. Not quite dead, but very nearly there.

The family all slowly stood upright, mouths covered in the foul, sticky fluids from the woman’s innards. They all turned their heads away from the house and the woman, and then slowly began to stumble away from the scene altogether. They maintained a close group, as if driven by some unseen force, commanding them.

The house was left empty, the TV on, and the woman torn open and dead in yard.
Kyle and Kayla

Written with @JunkMail

It was a short and thankfully uneventful walk back to the motel. No surprises or ambushes, just two siblings returning to the one place they called home at the moment. And they were both fine with that. The effects of their prior drinking were beginning to return to them somewhat, now that their new friend Eli wasn’t applying an alleviating effect on their minds, and all the excitement of finding out there was a male aswang (that they, fortunately, did not have to deal with themselves) was wearing off.

Kayla was ready to hit the hay, after checking on her arm. Kyle, however, took it upon himself to ring Parker for an update, however bothered he was by a minor headache. He contacted the Center on his phone and had his call directed to the man, ready in the event that his head were wracked even more than it already was.

There was silence on the other side, then a sudden ‘Hmph!’ as if the person on the line was just realizing they had been connected to someone and was swallowing their drink. “Good evening, kiddo. Good to hear from you.”

“Yeah.” Kyle responded, rubbing his forehead with his free hand.

“To what do I owe the pleasure?”

“Aswangs are dead.”

“Excellent shooting, as always. Still coating the bullets the right way? Instead of however Rona teaches it?”

“I don’t want to get into it, Lance. Head hurts.”

“Sorry, kiddo. It’s just nice to hear from you. You two keep me young.”

“Yeah. Uh… Kayla and I are, gonna check for a nest tomorrow. The city has an abandoned metro network.”

Parker hummed on the other side of the line. “You did say Aswangs didn’t you? Did you ever find that Jäger I told you about?”

“Yeah. She wasn’t...” He sighed as he searched for fhe word. “Informed. Not that pleasant, either.”

“The enemy of thy enemy is thy friend.” Parker mused.

“I don’t think that’s the case here.” Kyle said in a rather deflated manner, “At least, she’s turned around on Kayla real quick.”

“Your sister has a way with people. I should’ve warned you about the potential of the Jäger being dormant. Witch blood and Jäger blood have history. I apologize.”

“It’s fine. There, uh… there’s some other stuff here. Vampires running drugs and prostitution rings, probably a lot more we don’t know about…” A heavy, tired sigh from Kyle. “Have to figure it out.”

“I’ve always been proud of you two. I don't have a doubt in my mind that you’ll do what you think is right. And take care of business of course.”

“Okay. I’m… I think that’s everything.”

There was a deep sigh on the other side of the line. “Ah, if you say so. Thank you for checking in, Kyle.”

“Actually, uh… there was someone else. This woman who had... mental powers, naturally. No magic at all. Metahuman.”

“Hmm. She help?”

“Yeah. A lot. She, uh… she does well, with the work.”

“Interesting. There is a small sect of other Tourists in the city exploring the metahuman epidemic - the mundane that become less mundane. If need be, I can always send you their way if you need help. Or send backup from here.”

“Okay, I’ll keep that mind.”

“This city gets more exciting by the day.”

“Yeah… anyway, that- that’s everything. Bye, Lance.”

“Have a good night, kiddo.”

With that, Kyle hung up his phone and set it aside on the nearby nightstand. He took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes a bit, about ready to get some sleep like his sister was already doing.

He didn’t know about Kayla, but he wanted to take care of that nest as early in the morning as they could manage.
“You’re sure this is the right tunnel?”


A young, rather short woman was making her way through one of Santa Celia’s many abandoned metro tunnels. Caucasian with a hint of Asian features to her face, pale blue eyes, black hair shaved short at the back and sides, the top still somewhat short and unkempt, a red-dyed streak above her forehead. Red shirt, black jacket, gray jeans, and black sneakers and gloves. She held a flashlight in her left hand, illuminating the tunnel. Her right hand held some form of communication device to her ear, connected to someone who wasn’t physically present.

“It’s up ahead.” The woman’s voice on the other end says. Her voice sounds aged, with an evident Iranian accent.

“Okay.” The young girl replies, “And no one’s gonna be down here, right?”

“No one. Stop worrying. I told you all the details.”

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry, I just… ju- oh my God it stinks down here!”

“That means you’re very close.”

The girl keeps moving, eventually coming up to a very out-of-place scene. A sludge-covered spot in the tunnel, a nest of a dozen large, baby-sized eggs forming a crooked circle around the spot. The girl shines her flashlight on them, a very disgusted look forming on her face as she catches sight of the infant-like silhouettes within the sanguine pods. She keeps a few feet worth of distance between herself and the nest, speaking to her friend on the line once again.

“Jesus Christ... Miss Shirazi, what do they want with-”

“Elsie, I need you to stop asking questions and just grab one of the eggs.”

“Okay! Okay… any one of them will do?”

“Yes, just be quick. We need to set it up in artificial incubation as soon as possible.”


The girl, Elsie, approaches one of the eggs. She crouched down and shines her flashlight at the infantile creature inside, once again narrowing her eyes and scrunching her nose in disgusted recoil. After a moment, she regains her composure and stands up. She places her gloved hands on the egg, pulling it upward. She struggles, but with some effort, the egg detaches from its place in the sludge-nest. Else holds it in her hands, grunting a bit at the egg’s surprising weight. She contacts her friend Miss Shirazi once again.

“Got it!”

“Good. Get back here quickly”


And with that, Elsie vanishes instantly, along with the egg. The space where she stood fluctuates for a split second before correcting itself. Teleportation, an apparent ability of hers. She is gone without a trace - and the aswang nest with no parents to care for it is left to its own fate.
Kyle, Kayla, and Eli

Written with @JunkMail and @Skai

With the aswang’s body reduced to ashes, and the ashes wiped away, the Fosters and Eli considered the job done. They gathered themselves after the fight and exited the alley, heading back in the direction of the nÓg. And while Eli had released her ameliorating grip on the Fosters’ minds, the fight itself had done a bit to sober them up some. A night of rest was still very much in order, however.

“Once again, Eli…” Kyle began, as the three kept their pace along the sidewalk, “You did great.” Indeed, this was the second instance in the same day she’d performed admirably, utilizing her mental abilities. It could be seen that both Kyle and his sister were impressed even with their variangly drunken states. “You really did.” Kayla followed up. It wasn’t every day a human met a supernatural beast and walked away unscathed.

Eli smiled over at the Tourists. “Thank you. I can’t say I’ve ever done anything like that before, but I know how to handle myself.” She turned her attention back to the street and brushed her hair back from her face. The whiskey had faded, and she was just now starting to feel exhaustion creeping back in. Even after her nap earlier today, she’d just affected two humans and a supernatural creature: a feat she’d never expected to accomplish.

“Is this what you two do every day? Was that a normal evening in the Tourist world?” She asked, turning her attention back to Kyle and Kayla.

“Well…” Kyle replied, “Every... other day, more like.”

Kayla snorted. “Was that something humorous I just heard come out of your mouth?” she said, feigning surprise. “Well I never!”

“Okay, settle down.” Was Kyle’s only response, with a bit of a humored smirk.

Eli grinned, listening to the siblings. “I think he has some humor in that head of his.”

The humorous atmosphere was broken by the sounds of two gunshots in the distance. Kayla instinctively dropped her stance by a few inches as if she thought she was being shot at, but quickly realized that she wasn’t in immediate danger. She rose back to her full height, clutching her injured arm close to her chest and asked the most pressing question: “What the hell was that?”

Eli stood next to her, frozen in place. She glanced over in Kayla’s direction before looking back at the direction the shot came from, her expression showing her concern. “I don’t know, but it sounds like it came from the nÓg.”

“Move.” Kyle said sternly, quickening his pace ahead of the two. They followed beside him as they hastily made their way towards the nÓg. Once they were approaching the establishment, they noticed people filing out of the doors, most with worried expressions, concerned as to what the gunshots were for. Several were already making distance between themselves and the bar.

“Go around back.” Kyle said, and the trio did so. Cutting through the side of the building to reach the back parking lot, they came upon a somewhat unsettling scene. Ellara stood there, bizarrely constructed shotgun in hand, splattered in a familiar ichorous sludge. At her feet, the corpse of a creature akin to what the trio had just defeated - albeit lacking anything above the neck. The still-smiling head lied a short ways away, beside a nearby dumpster. Its blood made an awful mess of the parking lot.

Kayla, having done her homework on philippine folklore, was instantly on the head. “Stay back, these creatures have a nasty habit of being able to remove portions of their body and be fine. Might not be dead.” She stated, an explosive flame dancing in the palm of her good hand, waiting for any signs of life.

Eli stepped further into the alley, looking between the dismembered wing, head, and the large body laying before the bartender. “There were two of these things?” She thought aloud. Her head turned to look at Kyle, and then at the bartender.

What happened?” Kyle said aloud, looking straight at Ellara.

@Lord Wraith
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