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Does Dainia palace not realize that their butler was missing since the night before? XD
Eliezer's mind was racing to put together an answer to the question Raven had put out right after she had awoken when a group of people suddenly appeared in the chamber. Both he and Hildebrand instinctively reached for the grips of their swords at the potential threat, not yet processing the bizarreness of how the group had arrived. As Andy ushered them behind him, Eliezer recognized a familiar face among those who had just appeared, to his absolute astonishment.

"Allister?" The prince inquired, unsure if he was completely believing what he was seeing.

At what Eliezer had said, Hildebrand properly looked the group over and spotted the butler. "Mister Cornell? What are you doing here? What is the meaning of this?"

All who had just come made no move to attack just yet. Instead, Allister and an elderly man in the group started to argue after the latter demanded that the rest of them move aside, and Eliezer listened intently to the quarrel, quickly picking up on its subject. Granddaughter? Lunar? Your Majesty? Was this man the current king of Lunar and Prince Aster's father? They would be saved the effort of looking for him if this was true. Eliezer wondered how this could be verified, before realizing that the fact that this man and his companions had been transported into the room by magic should be sufficient evidence that the power of the Lunarian royal family had been used.

"Y- Your Majesty?" He stuttered out, when he could finally get a word in.

He then felt Raven's hand around his own, and gripped hers tightly in response. She was still visibly bewildered by the entire situation, and he knew that he could not delay telling her what he had known about her origins the whole time any longer. At the king's exclamation at him and Raven being soulmates, he turned to look her in the eye.

"My lady, I regret not revealing this information to you at an earlier time. You are... the sole heir to the throne of Lunar. The heirloom and the strange abilities you possess are proof of this. This man, he is the king of Lunar, and your grandfather," he explained, before letting out a sigh and continuing. "You should go with him, at least until the chaos within Dainia and my family has been settled. My father is currently searching for you, and he must not have you."

He glanced down at the symbols on both their hands. "Destiny suggests that we shall meet again. Until then, Crown Princess Raven of Lunar."

Eliezer then addressed the king. "I can do no more for you, Your Majesty. The rest shall be between you and the princess."
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Lol are we reviving this?
Eliezer listened to Aster in silence, attempting to process the details that the latter was providing him with. He was already too familiar with such an occurrence, due to the plethora of new and unexpected information that had kept coming his way ever since he had met Raven. He was certain that there was much more to come, and had serious doubts about his ability to pull through it all for both Dainia and Lunar. He was currently making the most of the situation at hand and therefore had most of his attention on his exchange with Aster, though, he knew at the back of his mind that the overwhelming pressure was going to hit him sometime soon.

So, the lady whom he had seen in his vision was the Moon Maiden, the very origin of Lunarian magic. The power that he had felt radiating from her back then now made sense. He ran his fingers over the sheath of his sword when Aster mentioned his blade, wondering how he knew that it was he sword that the Maiden had touched, before remembering how he had mentioned that he knew everything that had happened to Raven and that he had likely seen him examining the sword. Eliezer did not wish to think about who else might have been watching him and Raven all this time. He nodded reflectively when Aster mentioned how he had been a doll, recalling how Raven had said the same about him.

"She has told me how much I remind her of the stories she has heard about you in the past, Your Highness. I appreciate the advice, I assure you that I am doing my best to think for myself. I assume that Lady Omrea and I have your blessing, Your Highness, but we shall never have that of my own parents. However, I believe that will not matter after the issues at hand are addressed..." Eliezer trailed off, admitting to himself that a dispute within the royal family of Dainia was inevitable if he were to take the steps to rectify the overall situation.

Eliezer approached Raven's side and took her hand as she started to awaken, looking over the symbols on both their hands again. He already had the intention to reveal to her that she was the heir to the throne of Lunar, but telling her that he had just spoken to the ghost of her dead father would be giving her even more shocking news. At least the other assassins in the room had been there to witness it all, had they not? Just as he began to ponder over how to break the information to her, footsteps could be heard approaching the room together with Hildebrand's frustrated voice.

"As the personal knight of His Highness, I must insist that Prince Eliezer is to be left alone!"

"Voices were heard, Sir Hildebrand. As guards of this estate, we must ensure that the crown prince is not harmed on the property of the Nemes family!"

"I assure you that I would be the first to be alerted if anybody was here to harm His Highness!"

The footsteps were only getting nearer, and it was clear that Hildebrand was speaking louder than he would have had to in order to alert the current occupants of Eliezer's room of the emergency. The crown prince signaled to everyone present to either be silent or leave before opening the door just a little to find his knight and two of the Nemes Estate guards.

"What can I do for you?" Eliezer inquired flatly.

"Forgive us, Your Highness. Voices were heard coming from your personal chamber and we were afraid that you might have been in danger," replied one of the guards.

"The concern is much appreciated, but I am safe and well. You may leave me," the prince assured them.

Hildebrand let out a sigh of relief after the guards left, and Eliezer ushered him in and shut the door.
Angelica Casey

Angelica did not have to wait long for a response from Erik. A slight smirk of amusement crossed her lips as she read his enthusiastic text before she replied with a "Sounds good, I'll see you there." She was already in the casual yet presentable apparel which she usually had on outside of classes. Her usual style was simple with one or two details that are just outstanding enough for the entire look to be appreciated as one that was aesthetically pleasing. She packed whatever study material she might need into her usual flashy satchel and headed out. The crowd of students along the corridors seemed to have thinned out slightly, or it could be that the environment was currently just less overwhelming to her after her short rest.

She spotted Erik with ease upon entering the cafe due to the unusually-arranged tables. Seeing that everyone else present had already gotten their drinks, she went over to the counter to purchase her own, opting for an ice-blended coffee this time. She then made her way over to the joined tables and took one of the empty seats, raising an eyebrow at the dog which she had not noticed earlier, but not commenting on it.

She first turned to the boy with a nod. "Erik. A very appropriate choice of location, I must say."

She then addressed the other two who were seated with them, whom she recognized from their classes together. "Ladies. I believe we haven't yet been formally introduced. Angelica Casey. You may call me Angie."

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