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Are we still doing this though?
"Why, thank you," Myra said in response to Jazzy's compliment.

A smirk of amusement then crossed her face when she heard Shadow's comment. "Well, believe it. None of this is a joke. All of us here are alike in how we are not 'normal'."

She thanked Mrs. Clause for her offer before sitting back down. That was when a white-haired girl named 'Urs' decided to be the next one to introduce herself. She confidently demonstrated her ability, letting vines cover the walls and ceiling of the room before they sprouted flowers. Myra found all the abilities shown so far to be rather interesting. She picked up a red petal from the ground, examining it as Mrs. Clause and Jasper began a discussion with Shadow about his powers.

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Looks like it's you again :D

How about an annoying, clingy younger sibling to go with that yandere?
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Lena shook her head. "I'm sorry, but I really don't know. This place, it's so weird. I've never seen it before in my life."

She watched Lo curiously as he made his way in the direction from where she came. He was heading out to the sand, and the endless stretch of water. Wondering what was on his mind, she tagged along as he walked out of the jungle. She became even more confused when she saw him take off his footwear.

"What are you doing?" She asked, before turning back to the water. "How is there so much water here?"

From what she had said, it was apparent that Lena had never seen a beach in her entire life.

@JewelProphet30 Wow, you are fast :O though, think I should wait for @Aphelion to get a post in before I respond. Hope you don't mind.
The fight in the arena had resumed as both Cole and Serenity turned their attentions back to it, but Serenity then spoke again, asking him if he already had his turn. He looked down again at the bruises that covered his arms, a light smirk of amusement crossing his face for a split-second before it disappeared. It had been a fight, that was for sure, but with whom exactly? Sarah, Professor Jacob, or the thing in his head?


She continued speaking to him, wondering who her opponent would be.

"I'm fairly certain that the teachers have something planned," he simply said in reply.

He looked at her curiously, finding the location of the seat she had chosen rather strange when she had intended to start a conversation with him. She seemed to be in quite an awkward position as she was watching the fight and talking to him at the same time. Cole could understand not wanting to get too close, as he usually liked having his own space as well, but it seemed to be a significant inconvenience in this situation.

"Is it not uncomfortable to keep turning like that?" He asked her, before jerking his thumb at the seat to the other side of him, the one without his jacket slung over the backrest. "Would you like to move up here?"

Cole was looking, but not exactly seeing, and hearing, but not listening. He continued to watch the activity going on in the arena as green hair went up against sword. He could pick up some commotion coming from the back, though, he still was not in the mood to trouble himself by turning around to see what it was all about. He kept his gaze fixed on the arena, and it was not long before something unusual happening fully caught his attention.

Luxianne had stopped, and she was speaking to Eric. Was she... handing him his weapon? Were they not supposed to go all out? Why would she-

Some movement near him then interrupted his thoughts. Someone was speaking to him. He turned to the other blonde who had seated herself in front of him, with an eyebrow raised. He did not recognize her. Well, that did not matter, because she had just introduced herself. Cole decided that it would be polite enough to just do the same.

"Serenity..." he repeated, to make sure he had gotten it right, especially in his state of mind right now. "Pleasure, my name is Cole."

sweet. about time he stops licking his wounds.

Well the new girl's helping him out with that ;)
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Upon noticing Lena, the man immediately asked for her name before introducing himself as 'Lo'. He seemed friendly enough, despite everything he had on. She found his armor intriguing. It reminded her of the Sphere's Brigadiers. She could not count how many she and the crew of the Saint Nazaire had ripped apart during their battles against the Sphere. However, even if he was associated with the sphere, it was probably safe to assume that he was not a Seijin, with all those weapons on him.

Lena stepped out from behind the tree before giving him a reply. "Well, it's nice to meet you, Lo. I'm Lena. Are you lost too?"

@Sailorsadie This looks like Zeke's favourite teacher.

She's gonna be Vera's too :D
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