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@KatherinWinter Was the post we're tagged in supposed to be in the IC tab? Also, this is before they have their animal DNA put in them, right?
Eliezer stirred in the sofa as the first rays of the morning Sun found their way through the curtains into the room. He sat up, fumbling slightly with the blanket which he remembered was not over him when he had fallen asleep the night before. He turned to the pillow on the armrest of the sofa, realizing that it had not been there either. He gladly sighed at how considerate his lady was. He left to wash up and and change into a new set of clothing. When he returned to his room and stepped out onto the balcony of some fresh air, however, he spotted some commotion at the front gate of the Nemes Estate. Adelina was conversing with a couple of guards, and Eliezer had a sinking feeling that it had to do with what he had done the night before.

If Raven were to still be asleep or not be in the room, he would immediately make his way down to Adelina, but if she were to be there and awake, he would inform her to stay hidden before he did so. The conversation was nearing its end as Eliezer approached the gate, and the two guards greeted him with a "Your Highness," before leaving.

Adelina turned to him with a frustrated and troubled look as her own guards shut the gate. "Eliezer... I- I need answers. They were inquiring about your whereabouts the night before."

"What did you say?" He asked, internally anxious.

"I told them that you were at the estate the entire night," she informed him with a sigh as she started to head back indoors.

"I am grateful that you have decided not to give me away, my lady. I was told about what had happened to you the night before, and I sincerely apologize for putting you through that," he responded as he walked with her.

Adelina shut the door once they were inside and stepped closer to Eliezer before speaking in a hushed tone. "I do not need your gratitude or your apologies, Eliezer. I need details. What are you and your brother involved in? Why did the Red Robin threaten me last night? What is this about her working for Mathazar and being a servant at the palace? Who is the Moon Raven to you, and who is this Shadow who claims to be working for you?"

Eliezer was overwhelmed, but Adelina had done him a favor and gotten herself involved in doing so, and she deserved to know the truth. "I am unsure if you will believe me, my lady, but what I am about to tell you is the truth as far as I know. Mathazar... hired the Moon Raven to assassinate me. I never knew this, but he wants the throne. The Moon Raven has decided not to do what he wants and is currently on my side. The Red Robin, whom we suspect is one of our servants, is attempting to aid my brother in obtaining the throne. She is targeting me, and the Moon Raven and her companions are therefore guarding me in secret."

Adelina was silent for a long moment as she processed what the prince had just said. It matched what Shadow had told her the night before. So it was true - Eliezer was involved with Lunarian assassins. She had hoped that it was not the case, but there was no denying it when it had come straight from him.

She finally found words, and spoke again. "How can you believe the Moon Raven, Eliezer? You know how she feels about Dainia. What if she is attempting to turn you against your brother?"

"I know her history, my lady. Dainia has greatly wronged Lunar in the past. What we had been told about the Wynton Forest Dispute is not true. My family is hiding the truth. I know this because I came across writing of Lunarian history at the palace with its relevant pages removed," he revealed.

She stared at him in disbelief. "H- How are either of you fit to rule Dainia when you have assassins killing one another over your petty sibling rivalry?"

Eliezer took offense. "Petty? Mathazar wants me dead!"

Adelina shook her head. "I am sorry, Eliezer. I adore you, I adore you both, but this is just too much with the Red Robin and her assassins coming into my home the night before. One of them held a knife to my throat. I do not know if I can ever forget that, and now you tell me that the royal family has been lying to us?"

The prince sighed in exasperation, not knowing what he could do for his good friend whom he had pulled into this situation. "I apologize, my lady. I never would have thought that I would find myself in these circumstances either. I do not know what to do myself, but if my presence is causing you this much distress, I will leave today."

He turned to walk away, but Adelina caught his sleeve. "No, you may stay. I am concerned for you, Eliezer. I want to help, but I just need some time."

"Very well, thank you, my lady."
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Thought I'd go with it and put mine in the Characters tab as well.
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Name: Blake Sullivan
Age: 15
The lonely, moody and reserved teenager of 5'5" and a slender build was often a target of teasing and physical bullying. Blake grew up in a relatively good home environment, though, his parents were hardly around by the time he entered high school due to work and other responsibilities. With Blake's reticent nature and them not seeing him often enough to notice the minor injuries he would sustain from the abuse at school, his situation continued until he eventually had enough after a particularly bad beating and public humiliation by a gang of rowdy students. He returned the following day with his parents' handgun, firing at the same group of people when they threatened to hurt him again. He gave a few students bullet wounds, but it was fortunate that no one was killed. The police were called and Blake was taken into custody soon after.
Animal: Vampire Bat
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