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Banned for expecting someone to take cyanide.
Tawny only remembered the cat once Lance brought it up. That's right, it already started back then... Another individual who walked in seemed familiar at first glance, but she did not think much of it until he started to speak. Her head snapped around to look at him a second time. Wait... Odum? Why is he blond? Well, it was really not that strange anymore, considering the other things that happened to the others, like Lucas' ears changing. Donny, who had overheard her conversation with Lance then offered her some bandages and medication for the wolf.

"Oh, thank you. My wolf? I doubt it's actually-" she paused, pondering over the last thing he said. "Beastmaster huh? Interesting..."

It was all starting to come together. Was it possible that in addition to being transported to this strange place, each of them had somehow been granted a different supernatural gift? It was apparent - Lucas' accuracy, Lance's combat skills, her control over beasts, and the visible magic powers of the other two girls.

She was then brought back when everyone started introducing themselves. "Pleasure, my name is Tawny."

While she worked on the wolf's wounds, Lance had gone over to bring a plate of food to her. She was pleasantly surprised at this gesture, and her eyes widened a little before she gave him a smile.

"Aww, thank you dear," she said, before deciding to run her fingers through the animal's dark coat before she got started on dinner. "I'm thinking we could name it Ash. How about it?"

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It was relieving to see that the group had managed to chase the pack away with their persistence. However, that one wolf that Tawny had somehow pulled over to their side did not leave with the others. It was probably for the better. Who knows what the rest of the pack might have done to it if it had stayed with them. The stranger, already bruised and bleeding, then thanked her and her friends for the save and introduced himself as 'Donny'. He then offered them a place to stay for the night. Was it night already? How strange that it had been night before they went to sleep, not that Tawny even remembered that part. How did they even get to this place, wherever it was?

Naomi was the first to answer him directly, accepting his invitation. It was all too surreal, but Donny seemed like a friendly face who knew what was going on. However, he was clearly not able to tell what had happened for them to arrive here, at least not yet. The rural environment was not something Tawny was used to, and she found it all rather intriguing as they were taken to a simple yet cozy-looking cottage to spend the night in. Donny was a pleasant host, conversing with them about where they were right after preparing them dinner.

Lance had brought attention to Lucas' ears before approaching Tawny, stating how strange it was. She could not help but nod in agreement. Weird things were happening one after another, as witnessed during the battle with the wolf pack. With that in mind, she glanced down at the wolf that was settled by her feet, instinctively extending a hand to stroke it. It still had its wounds from the earlier fight. She then turned her attention back to her black-haired friend when he asked if she was alright.

"I'm well, just extremely confused," she replied, before looking back down at the injured canine. "I should probably feel bad. It got hurt by its own kind, because I turned it against them. I don't even how I did it."

Vera Wynn

There was no way. There was no bloody way. The blonde light elementalist was visibly shaken as she stared down at the city far below the clouds. Vera would not consider herself one to have a fear of heights. In any other situation, the view would have been a lovely one, but having been informed of what they were expected to do, she had completely blanked out upon being shown the 'obstacle' she had been given to overcome. Her time at the academy had been crazy, at least by the standards of the well-off city girl, but nothing from the Night Run three months back to the most recent challenge by the new light instructor even came close to preparing her for something like this. There was a possibility that she could actually die this time, and a high one at that.

She back away from the edge, grabbing onto the nearest surface for security. She stayed still for some time, watching as a wind elementalist took the challenge and leaped right off using her abilities. Vera considered, just for a moment, to offer one of them a pretty penny to help her over, but then figured that trusting a first-year might probably be disastrous. How was this a suitable obstacle for light students again? Sure, the roots leading down to the outcrop was the obvious path for those without control over the wind, but it definitely did not look like the safe one. There was no other way. Unable to decided if she was being extremely courageous or a total idiot, she inched her way over to where the roots started, taking hold of them with hands that were shaking involuntarily.

"I'm going to die... I'm so going to die... These people are insane..." she muttered, between sharp, irregular breaths. She resisted the urge to look down, though, her heart was already racing like it had never did before.

She tested the next bunch of roots by tugging on them, finding them to be stable enough. She willed herself to swing over, and grabbed onto them had tightly as she could. Her foot found its way into an indent in the cliff face, helping her secure herself at that point. The thought of moving from that spot was simply terrifying. To make things worse, the wind seemed to be picking up. One wrong move and she would fall to her certain death, as she was so reminded when she instinctively took a glance down. She let out a shriek of terror before blinking back tears she only just realized had formed. Deliberately keeping her gaze on the cliff face, she took a few deep breaths to calm herself. It would be best to let the wind die down before attempting to move again.
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