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Rainna Rivera

Rainna listened as the boy, who after disagreeing with her suggestion that the boy could be the headmaster's son, rattled off more possibilities. While she mentally considered each one, she managed to also catch the part about someone not being in his life. The implication was obvious, and it did not take much thought to conclude that he was referring to his own father. She was slightly caught off guard by his decision to share something she considered to be rather personal with a couple of people he did not quite know yet, but appreciated the fact that he thought enough of them to do so.

"Oh I see. Well uh, I'm sorry," was all she could think to say in response to that bit. She then proceeded to address his suggestions about what they had seen. "Those are all possible, and what I'm finding most suspicious about all of this is that it happened this late at night when no one's expected to be around, and that those two are most definitely nowhere close to being friends."

She let out a chuckle when at her invitation, the two revealed that they had actually come from the party. The situation which the boy claimed he would be in if he went back there seemed rather amusing, and the mention of it helped to slightly ease the current tension. However, they both agreed that they should head back in, with 'Davarius' deciding to introduce himself before that, adding that they might have seen one another around. Right, she had been too caught up in the whole situation to think about introductions.

"It's a pleasure. I'm Rainna," she replied, as they made their way back in. "It's understandable. The academy takes in kids from all over the world. It isn't possible to get to know everybody."

She was slightly stunned when the pyrokinetic pushed the ball of fire way ahead towards the girl with the purple earrings she had spotted earlier. There was another behind her, who prompted an even more puzzling reaction from Fire Girl. What did she mean by 'You'? Why was she starting to get all worked up? What concerned Rainna most, however, was the fireball, which was beginning to behave in an increasingly erratic matter.

The Hispanic teen cautiously place a hand on her shoulder, hoping to calm her down. "Uh, I think you can put that out now Love."

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@Rabidporcupine The weaknesses kind of balance it out, so he's in. Dr. Roy is gonna love him lol.
@Rabidporcupine Yeah that's not a problem, was mostly referring to the skill set when I mentioned the character. Sure, I'd be up to see what you've got.
At Ratte's words, Kai began frantically glancing around, hoping to get some idea of how to hide them while they made their escape. That was when, to his astonishment, Isago pulled out some smoke bombs to use as cover. Hopefully he could get the older man to introduce him to his supplier when it was all over. He could make out Isago running in his direction and took it as a cue that it was time to go, besides, that female assassin in the basement was most likely on her way out after him. However, he then heard Isago addressing some 'girl', and he looked back to see a teenage girl who looked not much older than himself. There was something rather menacing and unsettling about her, and what she did next only justified his discomfort.

She did not seem like she was on the side of the group that was attacking them, but he saw the trail of fire, registering that it might blow the entire building up. Panic struck the boy. What were they supposed to do? Was there anything they could do? Every single person in that tavern was most likely going to die if they let that happen, along with their own group if they did not ditch the area at once. Sure, they were thieves who would not hesitate to take out people who were in their way, but were they going to take cover and let this mass murder happen, or attempt to find some way to put the fire out? He looked to Isago and Ratte, wondering how they were going to respond.

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@Rabidporcupine So almost like DC's Victor Stone/Cyborg? That'd be interesting. We could see the backstory you'll give this one :)
@Cerces22 Awesome, move her over to the Characters tab yeah? Thanks!

@ItMeGritty Hi welcome!
Eliezer pondered over Raven's description of what her parents would go through whenever they were apart. "The saying goes, 'Absence makes the heart grow fonder'. Now I understand. Is it not the time apart that prompts two people to realize how much they cherish each other? We have yet to determine if this is true for you and I. I would be lying if I said that I was not curious to put it to the test, but do not misunderstand, my lady, for I have never once been weary of your presence ever since we have officially started... I believe you call it 'dating'."

After receiving his gift, she touched his hand again. The kiss was also not a first, for she had done it after their day at the village as well. This time, these gestures were not only of affection, but also of gratitude. Although she was happy with the gift, what she said next then got him thinking.

"Something as nice as this?"

When she spoke about flowers, it was an expression of her preference, an aspect of who she was. Was it not so much more... sincere, to show an appreciation for somebody as a person through a gift, than attempting to impress them with one that was simply deemed valuable or precious by the standards of society? What if one did not see value in precious metals and stones, but in other things that hold significance only for them? Was it so wrong to appreciate things that were common or simple? Unfortunately, it would be frowned upon for somebody of his stature. It would be deemed 'beneath him' to present Raven with a gift that she would truly value.

The fix that her father must have been in was now understandable. He would have been shamed for valuing the love of a commoner over that of a lady born and bred of noble class, but he had to be his own person. He eloped because he could not take being told what he should value. Eliezer realized that all the while, Raven had been trying to show the same appreciation for him as an individual. He had unintentionally made it intensely difficult for her due to the fact that he did not know himself. All his life, he had been nothing more than the Crown Prince of Dainia. It had been his whole identity, and if that was to be taken away, who would he be? She once spoke about wanting to know 'the real Eliezer', and thinking back, he had hardly anything to offer with regards to that.

"Who... am I really?" He subconsciously blurted out as a result of his immense thinking.

He then turned to Raven, realizing that the question he had involuntarily asked out loud, together with the awkward silence which it had followed must have been rather strange for her. "Oh, pardon me, my lady, I was simply... lost in though for a moment. I truly am grateful that you seem to be enjoying our time together."
@Cerces22 Hmm, might prove to be quite a troublemaker, I like it. Everyone can't always get along. Accepted :)
@King Tai Sure I'll let you do it :)
If there's nothing else I'll have Kai set fire to a conveniently-placed bale of hay so that the gang can escape.
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