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Hmm we're reviving this? Not sure who we're waiting for though, or who's still here.
Kai shifted uncomfortably as the the older man started with what sounded like it was going to be a lecture. "Oh, believe me, I've been trying so hard to- oof!"

The boy did not expect the sudden tight hug. He had to admit though, it made him feel slightly better, but what the dark man had to say next turned him apprehensive once again. This 'matter' sounded rather grave, and if it concerned all of them, it probably had something to do with the heist that they pulled off days back, or that mysterious individual rumored to have taken Roxy out. He did not have much time to think about it, however, for Isago next mentioned entering the establishment, reminding Kai about why he had decided to step out in the first place.

"W- Wait, no! You don't understand, Sir, I can't been seen by-" The child's protests while he was literally being dragged through the entrance were then interrupted by a shout of Isago's name.

So, Eryx was here too. Kai glanced around anxiously, wishing that he had not caused the possibility of attention being drawn to them. He caught sight of Ratte once again, observing that she had noticed all of them. She appeared to be leaving with the other pirate. Kai had no idea what her plan was, but he could only hope the man with her did not see or recognize him, though, it might not even matter, for it all depended on how he would deal with the situation himself.

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Still here, just giving the rest some time to catch up :)
I'm ok with aliases. Post hopefully coming tomorrow.

Edit: Doing this from my phone. Laptop's wireless adapter malfunctioned. Will be back when I get this sorted out, probably soon.
Oh, guess I'll edit my last post then.
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Guess I'll post next then. Will come up with something as soon as I can.
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