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@KatherinWinter Is the only entrance to the basement through the tavern? Or is there a back entrance?
The boys stepped into a room that seemed to be made almost completely out of ice.

"Is this the place, Blake?" Sky asked, looking around in wonder.

"Yeah... it's so strange," the older replied. "How does this mansion even know who we are, and what we are?"

Sky made his way past the icy furniture in the living area and turned into the bedroom, where fluffy bed-sheets were arranged on top two single ice bed-frames. The boy immediately jumped into one of them and snuggled in.

"This is so exciting," Sky commented. "And it feels comfy."

Blake followed close behind, and seeing how his brother seemed to be ready for bed, he went over to properly tuck him in. It had been a rather... interesting, day and Sky needed his rest.

"Do you miss home?" Sky then asked as he shut his eyes.

"I... try not to think about it. Don't worry, we're safe here," Blake answered, stroking his brother's hair before leaving the room. Again, he did not know how he knew that, but he just did. Regardless, the thought of Azzurra had never left his mind.
Has anyone here seen the anime Karneval? Because I now picture Felix/Zeke as a Gareki/Nai parallel and I can't unsee it.
@VitaVitaAR I do wait for RPs to start, even for a couple of months if I know other peeps are sticking around as well. A clear sign of that is interactions in the OOC, even while waiting for CSs, and there's no denying it has been unusually quiet for the past week or so. This isn't meant to be a criticism, perhaps this group just works differently from what I'm used to (if so, I have no issue, I'll just take note), but an explanation of why I thought this wasn't going to take off when I wrote what I did.

@Tachi That's great :) Thanks for letting us know. Is my character accepted by the way?
I'm alright with either.
@KatherinWinter Looks like we're all set :) So now that we're starting at the tavern, is Roxy still going to start us off?
@jynmi88 Guessing this has been abandoned.
Okay I'll go with B as well then lol.
@KatherinWinter Hmm ok I might be pushing it with this next idea, but looks like we've got to assume that all lookouts are positioned at really favourable spots. Perhaps we could relay information in a chain by hand signals or something? (Also assuming all hiding spots allow everyone to be close enough to one another for that at least) I'm thinking of one of the fighters signalling to a lookout from a side window, maybe, after taking out the initial security and the lookout then signalling for the thieves to move in. The fighters can stand guard during the looting in case more security arrives to investigate. Yeah we'll be assuming a lot and it sounds super convenient, but hope it helps a little lol.
@bloonewb @KatherinWinter The message bird idea is actually quite interesting, if we don't want to include too much of a magical aspect. Another suggestion is to have a couple of the characters be runners to relay information.
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