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Angelica Casey

The Sun had gone down by the time Angelica had finished he dinner at the cafeteria. She made it back to her dormitory room ten minutes before curfew, and took a moment to appreciate the starry night sky prior to shutting the window. She took her time washing up and making preparations for the next day, and then spent the last hour before bed uploading the photos she had taken earlier to her laptop and sorting them out. Her photography work was one of several things that she took pride in, and from her personal experience, only a few shots out of a couple of hours of shooting would be portfolio worthy. She was sufficiently focused on the task to nearly lose track of time, causing her to go to sleep at a time that was a little later than ideal, but she doubted that it would be much of an issue. It was probably too early in the term to be falling asleep during classes.

The following day seemed to be slightly better than the day before. The mandatory classes were surprisingly interesting and not too strenuous, though, she knew that she could not expect to get through them with such ease once things started to pick up, likely when the next week came around. She also got to see the people she had already personally spoken with in yesterday's classes and got acquainted with new ones. All of her classmates seemed friendly or at least polite, which was a good thing. She would not want to make enemies for no good reason. That would be especially unfavorable for anyone if the workload got to a point where they all needed one another's help.

She got to see Alex and Erik again in art class, and she was rather surprised to see the latter. She imagined that he would have chosen another additional class after what he had told her when they had first met at the cafe. She said nothing about it, however, and welcomed his company as always. As expected, the material delivered for the first art lesson was rather basic, and having studied the content before, Angelica was bored nearly to the point of frustration, but she was satisfied knowing that this was one of the classes that she would do exceptionally well in. Needless to say, her naturally-phlegmatic demeanor kept such feelings a secret from nearly everyone present, even as she amused herself with the thought of simply submitting one of her past works as her homework assignment since she was almost always working on art.

She guessed that physical education was the only class where students could do away with the business formal dress code. The first lesson involved some sort of running test, which was quite a bore as well, but she figured that it could not always be like that. It turned out that there was a wide range physical fitness levels among the students, with some being in top shape while others lagged behind. Angelica did not do too badly herself, though, she was far from the best. She foresaw this class being a good stress reliever when one would be needed. She headed to her locker after the workout, tugging at the scrunchie that held her hair in a messy bun to let her waves down as she took sips from her oddly-shaped neon bottle. Despite the exercise not being too enjoyable, she was grateful to have been able to do it before she started on the work she had planned for the afternoon.
Ugh I miss writing Angelica lol. I'll try to return soon!
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Thought I'd say that I'm still here despite not making any IC posts here for awhile. Think I moved my character too far forward, but things haven't been too stable IRL and I'm hoping that will change soon. I'll be back to posting when the time's right for my character to jump back in, hopefully.
Eliezer was relieved when 'Azara' revealed that he knew of Raven's history, enabling open discussion about the topic. However, he was then suddenly dismayed at the other two assassins expressing themselves rather loudly upon hearing the news, for no other residents of the Nemes Estate could know that the assassins were within the property walls. While Azara silenced them, Eliezer turned to Hildebrand, signalling for him to step out and warn them should he see anyone approach the room. Visibly unsettled by the situation, the knight immediately left to keep a lookout. The prince had intended to speak with Azara about the supernatural abilities of the Lunarian royal family, but the older assassin was too busy giving an explanation to his students, though, their astonished reaction was understandable.

As expected, Eliezer was just as startled as anyone else in the room when the new voice was heard out of nowhere. He stumbled back in alarm when the orb of light appeared and shaped itself into a human figure. While the figure introduced himself as Prince Aster of Lunar and continued the explanation from where Azara left off, Eliezer shut his eyes tightly, attempting to process what was currently taking place. He also partly willed himself to wake up, considering the possibility that it was all simply an extremely vivid dream. He did manage to catch most of what was being said despite his state of mind, and opening his eyes to find things to be just as they had been, he could only engage the ghostly figure of Prince Aster before him if he desired to get anywhere.

"Your Highness, I- I..." he stuttered, looking around at the others for some validation that he had not lost his mind. "I must ask why you have not communicated with Lady Omrea all this time, unless this spell does not allow it. The abilities of your family have seemed to be rather... ambiguous, thus far, and I wish to know what one of the Lunarian royal bloodline is capable of at full potential."

He glanced down at the symbols on his back of his hand before he continued. "Before all this, I believe I had a... vision, of a maiden with pale skin, silver hair, and crystal blue eyes. Would you happen to know her identity, and if she is of any relevance to what is currently happening?"

Eliezer was also concerned at what Aster said last. "It is dangerous for your father to be here, Your Highness, even if he is hiding. I shall do my best to locate the king before he is discovered by my family and my people."
Angelica Casey

Angelica was barely ten minutes into her work when the jarring announcement cut through the subtle background noises which had eased her into concentration. She gritted her teeth in annoyance at the interruption, but understood the possibility of the announcement being relevant to her and made sure that she caught it when it was repeated. The gym and lecture halls? Sure, she did not see herself ending up at those places for the rest of the day anyway. She then let out a sigh of slight frustration before turning her focus back to her homework. Fortunately, there were no more disturbances for the rest of the time she was at her desk, apart from the occasional voluntary break.

The first day's homework was simple enough, though she foresaw the material getting more difficult when the term further progressed. Perhaps she should get a few contacts tomorrow. She might get Erik's the next time she saw him. He clearly picked lessons up with ease and he seemed the type to be willing to help his peers out. He was even nice enough to compliment her on her hair earlier. Was her hair not the same the day before when they had first met though? What a strange kid, but so pleasant.

She finished off what she had intended to do before glancing at the clock to find that it would be evening in about an hour. Seeing that she had some time to unwind before grabbing a meal, she took her camera with her and made her way down to the sports field for a closer look at the events taking place there. Several teams were busy with their own sports, and she figured that this was a good opportunity for her to practise capturing motion, since she rarely photographed moving subjects.

Despite the intense activity of the student athletes all over the field, the gentle rays of the almost-setting Sun bathing the area gave it a rather relaxing atmosphere. Sounds of shouting and whistling were faint at first, and grew louder as she neared the field. She hung around at the side and just watched for awhile, and some of the friendlier students who saw her waved to her. She returned their waves, and then picked her camera up to snap some shots of their practice sessions. She would alternate between taking photos and resting in the bleachers, enjoying the sights and the cool breeze of the open field until it was time for dinner.
Angelica Casey

Angelica had spent the next few hours the day before familiarizing herself with the layout of the academy's classrooms and lecture halls, at the same time hanging around the art room for awhile to have a look at the mini gallery of past students' work. She had then returned to her room early to prepare and rest for the first day of classes. She had little problem getting up in the morning, possibly energized by the change in environment. She was hardly used to the business formal dress code, but figured it could be a challenge for her to come up with different ways to express her individuality. The rules did not state that their bags had to look just as boring as their clothing, and as she did her hair, she decided to wear it as she usually did, because instead of her hairstyle clashing with her attire, she found that her messy waves worked well with the outfit to give her a fresher and more youthful image.

Having a test at the very start of the day dampened her mood slightly, but she found the rest of the classes to be rather interesting, even science. She would hear her family talk about science all the time back home, but here, where there was no pressure to do something related to it for a living, she was contented with making the effort to study it. Besides, that science homework would allow her to get a little creative with the diagrams they had to include. She was glad that the drama class eased the students in with some theory, though she wondered how she would do when the more practical lessons started. She could not act for nuts, or at least she believed she could not since her forte was visual arts and not performing arts.

As Erik had said he hoped, they did see each other during classes. In fact, she noted that all their classes were the same on Monday. It was only natural to gravitate to familiar faces, and so she ended up spending all her lesson time for the day next to him. She thought herself fortunate to have been acquainted with him the day before, for although she did not speak much, it was still nice to not have to go through the first day alone. In addition, he was clearly a diligent student, making him less of a distraction and more of a motivation to be around. Erik had also seemed to have made friends with Alex Pearson, who joined them for several of the classes. She was not quite sure how he was used to being treated or wanted to be treated, but he seemed friendly, and she would like to think that she was at least pleasant with the teen idol.

She headed back to her room after classes were over for the day, wanting to rest for awhile before starting on that English and science homework, since those were daily classes. She had a pretty good view of the sports field through her window, and she figured she could watch whatever was going on down there whenever she would decide to take a break from her work.
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