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@HowlsOfWinter One more than I think I will be closing the RP for new characters.
As Gil grabbed the spear and pulled it free from its 'sheath', the red glow dissipated from the spear and fell on the corpse below in the form of a mist like red substance. A few tense seconds passed as the red substance began to cause the corpse to begin to glow an ominous red glow, much akin to the one the spear itself had. Brighter and brighter and brighter the glow grew, until in one hectic final second it vanished. The corpse did not move, nor were there any signs of any foul purpose the spear may have served. Indeed, to the untrained eye the removal of the spear was in no shape or form anything significant; but to the creature it was.

"You," the creature roared louder than ever, "you curse prayer" the beast finished as it took off in a sudden sprint towards Gil; narrowly avoiding the full brunt of Kharne's strike as the blade only cut an inch deep as it hit. As the beast neared a short distance away from Gil the beast threw back it's arm and readied a punch, aiming not for Gil but the ground some ten feet in front of him. The heavy strike landed powerfully on the ground below, causing the earth itself to heave under the creatures' strength. Cracks shot outward for many feet, surging forward in a cone-like fashion that ultimately ended up underneath Gil himself; and not much further. Gil would find his balance compromised and would either lose it and risk falling prey to the fist or foot of the creature, or he would find enough strength to backtrack and try and escape the reach of the beast.

Gil would not have long to decide as the beast again let out a mighty roar and charged once again in the general direction of Gil. Gil would need help, and fast.
Act: I

Giants of the north

The massive iron warrior surged forth through the thick maelstrom of arrows unfazed; not slowing down nor making a single move to either block or move away from them. It stormed forward with unnatural speed and grace that seemed unique to a monster this size; that is until the Draconic Acid hit him in stride. Caught off guard by the attack, the iron monster raised its ax up in a defensive maneuver, allowing the blade and the hilt to absorb most of the acid. The weapon hissed in agony as the metal and wood alike began to dissolve under the chemical assault, but not breaking under it. Though the weapons suffered it had done its job as only a small amount of the acid made its way past it and onto the armor; hissing all the same under the weight of the acid. A small, inch and a half in depth, section of the armor fell inward with jagged edges and smoking corners revealing the effectiveness of the dragons' attack while splashed across the rest of the breastplate lay other affected areas, smaller in size, that signaled a weakness. A moment later, an arrow flew in; catching the hilt of the weapon in the same spot where the acid did. In a quick motion, the weight of the ax itself combined with the structural damage caused by the acid and arrow caused the hilt to snap, forcing the ax head to fall from the grip of the creature and onto the ground.

The beast roared again in anger, louder than its first, as his right arm shout out as it charged, extending a finger towards the half-dragon as it did. "Fly," it's voice full of bass that sounded like it reverberated through the armor before exiting, "I break you in-" it started to speak before it was caught off balance by Genthok's magic. The beast did not notice the signs that a spell was incoming and it was blissfully unaware of the blue, lightning-like, lines in the ground ahead of him moments before. Instead, it greeted the now-uneven terrain with a heavy, flat foot. Stumbling to find its balance, the monstrous enemy soon found itself unable to keep itself upright and it fell, momentum carrying it forward still, to the terrain below with a thunderous clap. It skidded across the surface of the ground for a moment before coming to rest some twenty feet away from the main body of soldiers.

"Inquisition soldiers, spread out," Ardur shouted, "surround the creature, keep your distance and its attention while we probe for further weakness," Ardur paused as he further focused his magic into his hand, engulfing it even further in the red hot flame, "River, ready your magic," Ardur spoke as he pulled his arm back, pausing for a second as he let out a roar of his own, as he shot his arms forward letting his magic lose as he did, allowing the full force of his inner fire to be released.

A pillar of fire erupted from his hand, scorching through the air for a brief moment before colliding with the right-side breastplate of the beast. The fires consumed the flesh that draped the beast without much hesitation, burring them away while also causing smoke to billow from all over before being disintegrated entirely. Ardur pushed harder with his magic, causing the burning red flame that enveloped his hand to spread upward, covering the bottom half of his arm with the red crackling fire. The pillar of fire that shot out of his arm grew in size and intensity, with the fire spreading to cover the whole front side of the creatures' armor; including the section that was damaged by the acid.

The creature suddenly roared once again, though this time the tone of the roar was strangely different; more natural and higher pitched than before. Through the flames, one could make out the shape of the creatures' arm reach up and absorb most of the fire magic while it's back arm and shoulder dipped to the ground below; to brace itself against the fire magic no doubt. Feeling more confident at this sight, Ardur began to speak. "River, you will see your opening here soon, get read-," Ardur paused as he watched the creature take a mighty step forward while it drove its arm through the motion of a throw, "oh n-" Ardur tried to continue but was stopped by a fast flying rock that collided with his chest armor, causing him to fly back some distance all the while his fire magic continued in its relentless torrent; narrowly missing his fellow Inquisitors and soldi s alike. As he collided with the ground, and started to roll across the fields, he pulled his fire magic from his hands and rolled until coming to a stop some fifteen feet behind the rest of his group. The chest armor was dented inward, though not far enough to signal fatal damage. It was clear that he would have some broken ribs and a fight against internal bleeding, however.

Ardur struggled to pull his head up enough to get a look at the damage his fire magic had done to the beast, frowning slightly at the sight. All across the armor danced lines of red lightning, signaling that the armor may be enchanted against fire magic, or against magic in general. The red lightning danced everywhere the eye could see, everywhere except for the where the acid had hit. In the many small splotches of dissolved metal, and the one rather large spot over the beasts left breast, were signs of red-hot metal. The acid attack seems to have had a much more pronounced effect than seen initially, especially when combined with fire magic. Though now the groups' fire mage was likely out of commission, save for any quick healing done by Lillianna, that weakness could all be unexploitable. "That's a few broken ribs," Ardur muttered under his breath as he tried to pull himself on to his feet, "oh that beast is strong,".

Though the group had many options open to them, two soldiers in their hubris decided now was the time to charge. "The beast is wounded, charge," they shouted as they broke formation. Ardur tried to muster a yell but was only greeted by a cough. The duo charged in with a pincer strike in mind with one heading to the front while another flanked around behind, with their shields up and spears out, towards the beast who responded with a soft chuckle. The first soldier in reared back his arm in an effort to strike, aiming for the hot metal on the left side of the creatures' chest armor but was quickly greeted by a strike from the fist of the creature; impacting the soldiers shield causing it to cave inward with such force that the soldier immediately fell down backwards with blood already in his mouth. The soldier had nary a moment to shout before the thick metal boot of the creature came crashing down on top of his exposed chest, killing him in an instant. The other soldier attempted to strike the creature from behind but was quickly dispatched by the swift backhand of the creature, causing the soldier to be knocked off his feet and onto the ground below before he was booted across the field by a strong kick. The now dead soldier flew for many feet before it collided with one of the many spears that littered the field, wrapping slightly against the spear itself but otherwise not affecting the completely vertical nature of the weapon.

The beast roared in celebration and turned towards the Inquisitors, arms wide in celebration; with the sections of its armor still strangely glowing as red as initially. While some weaknesses were learned, many more would need to be found before this battle was won.
The post is live.

PSA: Combat regarding the type of enemy I have posted about IC will be as followed.

If you engage the creature directly, you can write it two different ways. You can leave it open-ended in the post and have me respond directly to it in my next IC post or you can ask me how a certain situation will resolve via discord or by PM. You will not disable the creature so easily, however. I have a few weaknesses planned for it but make sure you do not charge in without thinking about the consequences.
Act I:

Giants of the North

As Ardur listened a very faint yet very smug smile danced across his face as the Inquisitor Kharne answered the questions in a much politer fashion than Ardur would have. The questions varied from rude, asking what to do for two hours on a scouting mission, to the outlandish, asking why they were scouting a city with the sun at their back. One even suggested doing a forward scouting mission. The suggestion itself was a bold, yet equally risky, one when faced with an unknown enemy; and Ardur was going to remind them.

"Kharne is more or less correct," Adur spoke as he crossed his arms, "I have sent out a request for reinforcements from the main army," Ardur continued, "they will arrive by horseback per my request and the return journey shall take them less than an hour after the messanger arrives," Ardur continued, "in the meantime we will spread out again, and watch the walls and surrounding areas. There are clues to who we are facing, clues that aren’t very well hidden it seems," Ardur nodded in approval at River Fontaine, "good work Inquisitor," Ardur said with a genuine smile, "take Rivers' example going forward, even if you don't have their magic," Ardur finished as he turned his attention towards Cyterius.

"Cyterius, a bold suggestion given the circumstances but denied all the same," Ardur paused as he turned his head towards the city walls, "if it were the Blight I may have approved of it; however, we are faced with a new, even more brutal and cunning enemy than our age-old one," Ardur paused as he turned his attention back to Cyterius, "the enemy could be watching us right now," Ardur paused as he shook his head from side to side, "until we have further reinforcements we must all stick together, and limit the risks we take, at least until we know more about what happened here," Ardur paused as he placed his hands back on his hips, "alright, everyone spread back out, and if you see anything that may be important bring it to my attention," Ardur finished.

As the group began to dissipate and fall back in hidden spots along the tree-line, Ardur turned his head towards River Fontaine, "except you, River, I have something I would like you to inspect," Ardur paused as he looked around, "find a spot, and examine those spears," Ardur continued, "there is something too perfect about how they are symmetrically pointing upward," Ardur paused, "try and figure out why."

2 hours later

Far back in the forest the sounds of mounted units approaching alerted the scouting party that their reinforcements were approaching. Within a minute, a dismounted force of nearly thirty soldiers had made their way through the thick forest and found themselves situated around Ardur. The soldiers themselves were well armed and armored, with full plate mail armor complemented by their tower shields and long spears; some of these soldiers were future Inquisitors in the making in both their skills and their mental fortitude. The thirty soldiers were primarily human, with a few dwarfs and elves splashed in for good measure.

"Where is my sister," Ardur asked the leading soldier, a towering Dwarf.

"She be leadin' da army forward, Inquisitor. Lass stayed behind to make sure they get 'ere nice and quick," the dwarf responded.

"I see," Ardur responded as he placed his hand on his chin, "spread out the soldiers evenly along the line, we will move forward on the city shortly," Ardur paused as he motioned for Cyterius to come close, "Cyterius, prepare your friends, as the main body of soldiers approaches I want your unit to find a way onto those walls, stay hidden and be ready to strike if need be, go" Ardur spoke as he sent Cyterius away, "Genthok, Karne come he-"

"Finally," a mysterious voice interrupted Ardur while it pierced through the minds of all the Inquisitors and the soldiers. The voice felt like it could shake the ground with its power alone, with a raspy and dead-like tone that suggested the source of it was otherworldly; though the sound of the voice was not heard, it was felt in the mind. Ardur quickly drew one of his blades while the soldiers instinctually formed into a defensive circle formation all the while the other Inquisitors quickly readied themselves. "Come, now, soldiers of the Inquisition," the voice bellowed through the minds even louder than before, "step out from the shadows and into the light," the voice continued but this time it was nearly silent, almost whisper-like in sound, "let me see those who offer their prayers to me," it whispered again.

Ardur looked around at the group as he motioned for the newly arrived soldiers to spread out amongst the Inquisitors. They all heard the voice, he could tell, though he worried about its source. Very few magic allowed one to speak telepathically, fewer yet that could do so to a group as large as theirs. Old magic was at play here, Ardur feared, and the implications it brought made Ardur shake.

"Inquisition," Ardur shouted as his head turned towards the city, "move out," he finished as he took the first step towards the edge of the tree-line. A wind picked up from the side, causing all the blue cloaks to fly sideways, as the forty-some soldiers and inquisitors left the tree-line and into the fields of decay. The soldiers themselves were spread out nearly evenly with a ten-foot gap separating one soldier from the next while the Inquisitors themselves filled in the gaps in between them

"Good, good," the mysterious voice returned to the heads of the soldiers, still sounding like a whisper, "my champion awaits your prayers," the voice bellowed, suddenly loud, "may your prayer beckon louder than his," the voice whispered once again.

*thud* *thud*

The sound of metal slamming down on cobblestone streets greeted the Inquisition, bring the whole unit to a halt. "Weapons ready," Ardur shouted as he pointed towards the gate. His mind raced with possibilities as his eyes scanned the ruined structure. The sound originated from just beyond the gate or so his ears told him, and it echoed with such intensity that it

*thud* *thud*

Ardur focused his magic into his hand, engulfing it in flame while his other hand held his sword at the ready.

*thud* *thud* *thud* *thud*

The sound grew louder in intensity as the sound of metal plates grinding against one another joined the fray. This time, however, the Inquisitions eyes could see what was coming to them. Emerging from the ruined portcullis, as smoke billowed around it while its helmet just barely scrapping underneath the midsection of the structure, came forth a monstrous being of monstrous proportions that was covered from head to toe in black as night plate armor with no obvious weak points to be observed. Anywhere one could look there was armor; as if the monster was made of iron itself. The armor was covered in what appeared to be the flesh of the citizens of the City of Ash, with some portions still dripping blood onto the streets below. It was armed with a massive ax that required both of its hands to use, with the blade being taller than the tallest man. The creature slowed to a momentary stop as it scanned the Inquisition forces that stood many paces in front of it before it let out a blood-curdling roar before charging in.
here you go... this took a little longer than i thought it would.

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Alright! Working on my second post, hopefully have it before the end of tomorrow.

Would there be any tracks left by whatever attacked the city either coming or going?


The fields would be quite trampled in front of the city.
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