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Current What do you call a rude criminal going down a flight of stairs? A condescending con descending. I'll be here all week, remember to tip your servers.
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What do you call a short physic running from the police? A small medium at large. I'll be here all week.
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That fight scene to start The Punisher S2 tho
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Have y'all ever had music that made you want to change the tone of your RP? I have, and it's amazing.
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There's a RP with over 130,000 IC posts. Dear lord.


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My post is 75% finished, I’ll try and get it finished after work tomorrow but expect it no later than Wednesday
Welcome to all the new faces! I will work at getting my post more refined tomorrow and then up hopefully Saturday!

Mayor's house

The creature mouth moved, curling downward on its edges, as the first of the two bolts ricocheted off its face leaving behind a small but noticeable gouge in its wake. The creature shifted its focus towards an individual in the group while the second bolt crashed into the midsection of the creature, breaking almost immediately causing a shower of splinters to fall into the nearby area. The creature’s eyes glanced downward at an agonizingly slow pace, looking as if they were inspecting the impact before they ever so slowly raised up once again, locking eyes with those of Cyterius. The creature’s eyes remained locked for a painfully long two seconds before the tension was cut by the sound of a laugh. At first, the group would hear the laugh of a child at play. It was distant in that the voice matched that of a young voice and it sounded like it originated somewhere outside the village. A second would pass before a second laugh could be heard, this one was closer and different than the first. The laugh sounded like it belonged to an old couple, laughing at just how old they had become and how much has changed. It was warm, sweet, and completely out of place in this dark and dreary village. Another second would pass and a curious of voice would join the others in laughter. The sounds of soldiers gathered β€˜round a fire, laughing could be heard coming from a nearby building while the laughter of a young woman originated somewhere behind them. Soon, the area was filled with a thousand different laughs from a thousand different directions.

The bevy of laughter carried with them a sinister tone, however, and something about it would feel unreal. The magic users in the group could feel the magic that each sound carried with it as if it was compelled by some unknown spell or magic. It would have a similar feeling as the cold that descended on the village earlier. Though they could feel it, they would not be able to identify the type of magic used. They would get a feeling that this magic predates theirs, however, and it would bring a lingering feeling of dread. The non-magic users would feel a sense of unease carried with the laughter. They could feel something was off but would not know why.

As quickly as the chorus of laughter appeared, it began to fade and before long, only one voice remained and its source was the creature. The creature's mouth moved up and down and allowed a rustic, yet distinctly feminine laughter to fill the air out as it maintained its stare with Cyterius. Slowly, a red glow began to appear on the chest of the beast as the red jewel revealed itself once again. The laughter continued as the creature brought its hand close, causing red arcs of energy to spring forth from the jewel. The energy danced across the creatures' hand for a moment before it pointed it at the splintered remains of the second bolt. The energy surged forth, reaching out and pulled at the broken pieces as the red glow cast shadows all across the road. After a few seconds, the splintered remains of the destroyed bolt began to combine back together forging the destroyed bolt into something else entirely. Smaller in diameter and length, the new bolt gleaned with a red aura as red arcs of energy danced across its surface. The creature, while still maintaining the staring contest, raised the energized bolt up and aimed it at Cyterius. The creatures head tilted as the laughter ceased.

β€œIncoming,” S’venia shouted as she dove for cover on the side of the road as the creature let loose the bolt in the direction of Cyterius.
Hey! I am still in this as well @Opposition. Just have had some crazy busy weeks beforehand. Will try and get a post up during the week but next weekend is more likely. Cheers!
My time has been completely devoured by me starting my job last month. I find that I have very little in the tank when the weekend hits in terms of creative writing. That being said, a post for this RP and one other are my goals for this weekend so let's see how I do.

I plan to work my ass off this weekend to get a post up. I got a few new ideas for this scene so let's see what I can come up with!

I'm still trying to work on my post. Just have a bad case of writers block this weekend :(
@Ruler Inc

Hahaha :D Well tomorrow I plan to get a post up. It's finally Friday :)
So I will have my post up on Saturday I want to say. Long story short, I have started my new job and I am busy during the morning and afternoon and watch my baby nephew for a few hours every night. So the weekdays are a no-go for writing.
I wanted to get a post up today but I haven't the energy :/ Just started a new job a few weeks back and I've poured a lot of energy into learning it and standing out while doing so.
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