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Current Well, the "I am but an ally" to "queer af" pipeline is real.
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What do you call a rude criminal going down a flight of stairs? A condescending con descending. I'll be here all week, remember to tip your servers.
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What do you call a short physic running from the police? A small medium at large. I'll be here all week.
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That fight scene to start The Punisher S2 tho
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Have y'all ever had music that made you want to change the tone of your RP? I have, and it's amazing.


Hello one and all!

I am Whale, I sprung into existence far above what I will soon call *ground*.

In all seriousness, I am an avid writer who loves to participate in fun stories and create fun characters! I try to do my own stories, and if I fail I always look for a cool one to join!

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The Return of Magic:
Act 1 - An Intro

Scene two - The house beckons

The sound of the others arriving caught Alora by surprise. Her attention had been locked on the house itself. She turned around, raising her hands up as she did, and conjured forth her magic. She did not mean to but she still did not control her power. Two lines of flowers sprouted forth towards the source of the noise, hitting the feet of a mage who had stepped out of a portal. The flowers were a variety of colors and types, though they were pretty. Alora breathed a sigh of relief as the group appeared to have been invited by the benefactor as well.

"Makes sense," Alora whispered as she took the mages in. There was no way she could be the only one who had magic bestowed on her. She was not the main character even in her own story. She was curious though, as it was evident that each mage had a power unique to themself. One could do some form of portal magic, one mentioned they could speak to the dead. The others had yet to reveal their powers, and Alora wanted to know more about these individuals. She rubbed her temple as dark thoughts entered her mind once again. Could she trust them? While she had no reason to not, the letter made no mention of any other. She scanned the faces of the mages before a calming sense fell over her. None of these people felt like a threat, at least on the surface. Yet, her attention lingered on Matthew for a brief moment. There was something about him that seemed off.

Alora took a deep breath and flashed a quick, but genuine smile. "I was not crazy, I knew this was real," she whispered. "I, uh, can control and feel nature? I can also cause plants to grow," she motioned to the flowers on the ground, "that is the best way I can describe it." Alora paused as took in a deep breath. "I'm Alora, and I am guessing that you all got the same letter from a benefactor. Does anyone.. anyone kn-..," Alora's voice trailed off as a strange sensation fell over her body. "What does.. Does anyone feel strange?" The confusion grew on her face as her body was pulled around against her wishes. It soon faced the door. To the others, it looked like she turned around. Alora started to panic as she could no longer move nor could she divert her attention from the front door.

Something inside the house forced her focus onto the structure itself and prevented her from tearing it away. There was something hidden underneath the facade of this dilapidated mansion and it had begun to make its presence known. Alora's breathing began to quicken as she tried to fight whatever spell she was under. She could not speak, nor could she move a muscle. Each second that passed felt like more and more senses became muted. Her breathing quickened and soon its sound filled the air. She could not sense the clothes she wore and the only thing she could hear was a rhythmic wind. It seemed to emanate from the door out of the house. The wind rushed over her body out to the forest before it pulled itself back. Again and again, Alora felt this sensation. Again and again, this wind washed over her body and she felt like her energy was draining.

Was the house breathing?

Alora was not alone in her stasis. Matthew, and Ashe, would feel their focus fixed on the mansion. No matter what they would try they would be unable to break the spell. Something inside the house had the trio under its control. If any of the other mages attempted to touch or pull them out of their trance they would feel a pulsating vibration. As the spell reached its peak over the trio, it broke and they would have complete control over their bodies again. They would feel a slight weakness as if they ran a mile and back. Alora looked around at the group as she took a step back.

"What the fu-" Alora started as she breathed in and out before the sight of a lone individual reaching for the doorknob caught her attention. As he went for it Alora, Matthew, and Ashe would all feel the sensation of the spell taking over again. This time felt different. It felt calmer, and they could now move their bodies. Alora sensed that if that door was opened something would happen. "No don't open that doo-" Alora tried to shout but the wind billowed forth from the house again and it was deafening. Alora groaned as her hands struggled to cover her ears. The rest of the group would feel the rush of this wind for the first time. Once his hand connected with the doorknob the door itself slammed open and James would be thrown back against the railing.

Alora, Ashe, Matthew, and James would all rise in the air before they were pulled inside by the unseen force. As they flew through the air, a trail of flowers were conjured forth in the dirt behind Alora. The only words that would leave her mouth were "HOLY SHIT." The rest of the group would be unaffected by whatever spell was cast.

- - - -

From the outside, those who remained would start to see a very curious sight. The house itself would start repairing. The broken floorboards of the porch would start to become whole once again. The tree that broke the side of the house would groan as it was pulled away and find itself planted in the ground once again. The tree would sprout with leaves in a violent visual explosion of color. Glass would rise from the ground and find its home back in their panes. And finally, once the exterior of the house looked pristine, the group would see the interior light up and pull it back together. As the commotion of the repair subsided, the group outside would hear a faint song playing from within.

- - - -

The group pulled inside would find themselves planted on a couch in a massive living room. Adorned with various pieces of art and expensive-looking decorations, the room had a very regal look to it. In the corner, they would notice a record player that had begun to play a song. A door on the far side of the room would swing open. They would see a few cans of soda float into the room, as well as various snacks. The snacks would find a home on a table in front of the couch while the drinks would float in front of each person.

The drinks would move forwards and backward. First a coke, then a Pepsi, and then water, and so on and so forth. Was it asking them which one they preferred? Alora pointed with a shaky finger towards a can of coke and it shot towards her hand. As she grabbed it she watched as the can opened. She looked down at the drink and back up with a bewildered look on her face. A broom and dustpan floated into the room and started to sweep the floor. In the room behind the door, the sound of a stove being lit could be heard.

Alora, drink open and in hand, could only shout one thing.


Hey! Can you post your CS in the CS tab for me? <3

I like it. Approved!

A bit short, but nothing inherently wrong with that. Accepted.
@Hellion Accepted :)
The Return of Magic:
Act 1 - An Intro

It has been millenniums since magic graced the mortal realm with her presence. What was once a driving force behind the advancement of humanity has become a thing of myth and legends. There are no books, no information, and most importantly, no mention of the world that once was. When people think of a mage, they think of magic in a game, a cauldron, and a black cat. When people think about humanity's past, they see the achievements alone, not those who pushed them forward. This is by design. Humankind is filled with fear of those who are different, of those who could wield powers that rivaled the gods. Those without powers hunted those who had them, and before long the last mage died. The hunters thought they had killed off the last of magic, and they figured it would never return.

They were wrong.

Magic has returned to the mortal realm. Her presence is weak but present all the same. This has brought forth a new generation of witches and warlocks. Their powers are weak, their knowledge of their history is non-existent, and their options for advancing their abilities are limited. A question hangs in the air over the heads of each mage. What will they do with their newfound powers?

The answer will be revealed soon enough. Each mage has received an invitation to learn. A mysterious benefactor has offered each one the means to journey to an old mansion tucked away from civilization. It is up to them to decide what to make of this opportunity.

One already has.

A single mage inside a lonely car barrels down the road to her future. And she is having a mental breakdown.

- - - - - - - -

"In one mile, your destination will be on the left," the GPS shouted, breaking the silence that Alora had grown accustomed to. Her car screamed to a stop as she slammed her foot down on the brake. Her hands gripped the steering wheel with enough force to cause the rubber to squeak in pain. The grip would subside, return, and lose its strength rapidly. Her left hand shot off the wheel, found her right one wrapped around it, and rubbed them together. The car seemed to echo with each breath she took, with each one faster and shallower than the last. She could feel her thoughts follow the rabbit hole into her dark spaces. Was this a scheme to kill her? Would this be someone who sought to hurt her? Could it be her family plotting to permanently cut her out of their lives? Who else would get her to leave her life behind and travel across the country on a whim?

Alora pressed her back into her seat and looked up at the top of her car. After a few tense moments, her breathing started to relax, as did her hands. They flew off the wheel and onto her face, covering her eyes. She rubbed them a few times before she dragged her hands down her face as she let out a muffled "fuck".

"The card worked for a first-class ticket, a hotel, and this fancy car rental," Alora spoke as she rationalized the situation. The invitation that she had received had come with a prepaid card. It was a semi-gloss silver color, with "the benefactor" etched onto the front. It felt fancy, at least it felt fancy to Alora. "I was able to buy breakfast, a coffee, and pay for tolls." She paused as she sat thoughtless for a moment. "If this was my mind going crazy, would the card have worked? Would I be all the way across the country?" Alora pulled her eyes off the roof and looked at the map on her phone. Before continuing her train of thought, a sensation outside the vehicle drew her attention.

A single, brightly colored leaf was floating through the air. It wasn't the first to fall, but it was the first that caught Alora's attention. Alora took a deep breath and reached out to the leaf. She concentrated, closing her eyes as she did, and tried to feel it fall through the air. She could feel a slight, cool rush of air as it floated downwards. Exhaling, she opened her eyes and watched it touch down on the road's asphalt. Alora could feel the rough texture of the pavement beneath as if touching it herself. A quick smile broke and then faded from her face.

Alora knew what she felt. She could feel nature all around her, and her connection to it had only grown stronger since her powers first appeared. This was not some trick that her mind played on her, this was something she could feel, and this was something that she could do. She could not quantify what she was doing nor explain how she could do it, but it was true to her nonetheless.

Above, she could even feel the weakness between the leaves and the branches they were connected to. It would take a slight breeze to dislodge them and bring them down. Or a tug. Alora rolled down the car window and crossed her arms on the door. She pushed her head out while her attention shot skyward. She focused on the connection between the leaves and the trees and pulled. At first, the leaves did not move; they stood their ground and refused her command. Alora, unphased, raised one hand palm open and slowly began to close it to form a fist. She took a deep breath and slowly pulled her hand down. Above, the branches and leaves attached began to obey. In a quick motion, Alora ripped her hand down, and with it, the canopy gave way.

A torrent of color descended from above. While the pull motion was sudden and powerful, the fall was gentle and peaceful. Alora could feel the sensation of the descent all around her. She felt the cold and brisk air rushing alongside the leaves in front, behind, and to her side. It was intoxicating. The rough texture of the ground was the only thing to break her free from staying in that moment.

"This is real," Anora whispered. Alora pulled herself into the driver's seat and placed a hand on her shifter. In a quick motion, she was back in drive, and her foot was on the gas. As the car lurched forward, the radio began to play a fitting but an oddly specific song.

She had questions that needed answers. She eventually turned into a long, windy driveway. The driveway was lined with trees and bushes that had long since died. It took five minutes of driving before she arrived at the decrepit mansion. Her eyes darted from the ruined roof to the desecrated porch and back to a massive dead tree resting on the house's side. To Alora, this indicated that this place had not been inhabited for a long time. Alora could not help but shake that someone, or something, was watching her from the house. The more she thought, the more it felt like the house was watching her.

Against her better judgment, Alora exited her vehicle and headed toward the door. She did not know what was ahead of her or her future. She knew that she had these powers, and someone was going to explain what they were and why she had them.


As the rest of the new mages arrive, they will notice many of the same things Alora did. From the broken house to the tree on the side and the unnerving presence that beckons them inside. Whoever this mysterious benefactor is, he certainly has an affinity for horror. The location itself indicates this. However, what he has in store for this group is anything but known. Will this benefactor keep up his end of the bargain and offer to train these wielders of magic? Or does he have some nefarious plan in store for the party?

The party is at a crossroads, and they must choose which direction to go. Shall they travel down the road less traveled and head towards a more magical future? Or will they follow the path they have always traveled and forgo their destiny? Will they even have a choice?

Accepted :)

Thank you!!

As a heads up to everyone, I will be posting the first IC post here soon. I don't have a hard cutoff for interested participants yet but that can change. If you are interested in joining, feel free to message me!

I am liking what I am seeing.

The only change is how the power was presented throughout her life. I would say less "latent powers since childhood" and more of the tech-savvy history. I hope I did not overlook this elsewhere, but the idea is that this magic is [I[really[/i] new to all the characters. I really like the character and I can not wait to see more!
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