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Current That fight scene to start The Punisher S2 tho
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Have y'all ever had music that made you want to change the tone of your RP? I have, and it's amazing.
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There's a RP with over 130,000 IC posts. Dear lord.
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Whats the difference between a hippo and a zippo? One is real heavy while the other is just a little lighter
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I was today years old when I discovered the up-down arrows on the bottom right of the screen. For some reason, my mouse wheel has decided that now was a good time to go on strike.


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Ohhhh that's a juicy post. Will work on a response as quickly as possible.

And to bring in more applicants, I'd say go for it!
We still welcome fresh meat to our marathon approach to an RP!

Somewhere else


"How do I fucking stop it,โ€ Britney asked. Cyrus silently agreed with the question with him mouthing the word โ€œyeahโ€. The picture the God Child painted of their possible fate had already hung itself at the back of his head. Of all the universes, remains fourteen remain. โ€œI mean, thatโ€™s thirteen more than I had tho-โ€ he initially thought positively before he shook his head. He remembered the sea of lights slowing vanishing until the few remaining universes remained. How many people were in those alternate universes? How many lives were taken by the Glutton before it was sealed here? While Cyrus did not choose this fight, or this team for that matter, if there was a way for him to defeat the Glutton and save his reality, he would do his job and attempt to save the day. The thought of sweet, sweet victory forced a brief smile across his face.

โ€œYou canโ€™t,โ€ the God Child responded and that once prominent smile quickly became a frown.

โ€œBut is there any way for us to stop it,โ€ Lynette asked to which the God Child nodded. Cyrus scoffed and muttered โ€œsemanticsโ€.

"Your power is not capable of killing it, only a being like my Predecessor could even attempt to kill a being of that level, but, everything I've told you so far was instrumental to defeating the Glutton - the Godforce and the universe,โ€ the Godchild started. Cyrusโ€™s frown only grew deeper at the thought of not being able to kill the universe eating menace. โ€œEons ago, in the last stand of the people of Glint, the Glutton was weakened to the point where it was sealed inside of the mountain that overlooks the town. Sealed behind three seals crafted from the Godforce, where it should have remained dormant for all eternity - but something damaged the seals and allows it to not only awaken but exert its dark will through the cracks."

Cyrus' head jolted back at the message. This group looked like it had fought through hell and back, and lost those near and dear to them and they were not even fighting the monster in its entirety. If they had struggled up until this point with the puppets, how would they match up when they followed the strings back to their master?

"You all have the ability to reach a level that is far stronger than you are currently at, and you have the potential to manipulate the Godforce itself," Cyrus watched as the child once again created a beacon of light at will, "and you can use that to repair the three seals and render the Glutton dormant again,โ€ the God Child continued, and the smirk once again appeared on Cyrusโ€™s face. A superpower power-up is exactly what they needed. Cyrus knew nothing about his power already, from what he remembers from his experimentation and the brief usage in the hospital he can teleport places and see things, a power-up would help him contribute to whatever fight they may face.

โ€œSweet, how hard could this-โ€ Cyrus began to say to himself but was interrupted by the God Child, โ€œyou must also enter it with clear, open, minds, and with a clear understanding of the universe at large. With no doubts, with nothing holding you back. Or else the raw emotion, the raw memories, overwhelm your minds and break them,โ€ the Godchild finished as the smile once again turned to a frown. He watched as the scene before him became bleak, as the images of armed villagers roaming the streets, no doubt looking for them, as snow fell fast all around. It looked like hell.

"Do you understand? Will you do it for not just the town you live in, but what's left of the universe?"

โ€œWhen you put it that way it doesnโ€™t leave us much choice does it,โ€ Cyrus chuckled, taking a second to compose himself to reflect the seriousness of the situation, โ€œyeah, yeah I will. Though I have one question. After we force our way through the streets that are crawling with enthralled people, into a mountain housing the most dangerous creature to ever exist, how will we know if we are mentally ready to receive the gifts of the Godforce?โ€
@Affili We are! When it comes to the Kingdom and the template, I only ask for the basic information. Who they are, where they're from, what do they do? When it comes to the forces, you can include that in the CS or the kingdom portion of your CS. I have made exemptions for some players to not even have forces at all (though I am less likely to do so with this remaining slot). If you have any questions or comments feel free to PM me.
Are you willing to face off against monsters that threaten the realm? Are you interested in a more marathon approach to an RP? Join on up at here and do your part. I gurantee you that you will face enemies that you've never seen before.
@Ruler Inc

Almost finished. Had another post ahead of it in the writing queue and I am hard at working finishing my post.

Mayor's house

โ€œDuly noted,โ€ Sโ€™venia spoke towards all the commanders as she made her way towards the table. The images that River had brought forth were very disturbing yet somehow familiar to Sโ€™venia. โ€œThe soldiers were seemingly trapped by some form of magic, River if you have any spell that can protect us from it, I advise you use it, and Beatrix if you have any wards that could do the same, Iโ€™ll welcome the protection,โ€ she finished as she placed her hands on the table and looked. While their army was small, they had the formation of something solid. โ€œAs we travel, we will be able to recruit soldiers from the town guards of the places we visit, I have granted the authority to do as much,โ€ she paused, โ€œthough Iโ€™d rather not wrest away more bodies than we have to,โ€ she finished.

The group would start to notice the temperature abruptly dropping even further as the sounds of a sudden and vicious wind lashed against the sides of the house. Something about this cold felt unnatural, unearthly even, and the magic users in the group would feel a sense of dread wash over them. Sโ€™venia stopped moving as she once again placed her hand on the hilt of her sword, slowly spinning to face towards the door. She focused her ears and listened. The howl of the wind was powerful and everlasting. It reminded her of countless nights in the deepest part of winter, huddling for warmth with her soldiers around a fire or in a cave. The wind would pierce through every layer of cloth you wore, and turned even the hardiest of soldiers into weak-willed men. On a few occasions, she had to fight soldiers who attempted to remove their clothes because he felt he was too hot. The cold lies. The cold wrapped her icy talons across your mind, promising you sweet relief but it lies. The cold spoke of warmer pastures if youโ€™d let it in but it lies. This cold offered you her warm embrace if you just fall asleep but it lies all the same. This cold that had now crept into the village was an evil cold that had taken countless lives up in the mountains, what was it doing here? She listened some more, hoping to hear the sound that she was searching for.

โ€œThe soldiers,โ€ Sโ€™venia started, her breath visible in the air, โ€œtheyโ€™ve gone quiet.โ€

Indeed, what once was a standard military encampment had fallen eerily silent outside. Whether it was the cold forcing them indoors, or the wind sucking the words out of their lips, Sโ€™venia did not guess. She listened and listened some more hoping to hear just once voice over the gushing winds. Yet there was silence. She listened and listened some more hoping to hear the closing of doors and windows. Yet once again there was silence. And as her grip tightened even further against the hilt of the godly weapon, she felt like something caused their silence; and it was not something that she expected to face so early into their journey.


A thunderous noise emanated as a blue colored light emerged above the table. Initially, it appeared as just a simple orb. Quickly, however, it shot out and adopted an appearance that looked like a lightning bolt. It crackled there for a few seconds before it erupted outward forming an oval above the table; the edges forming tendrils that crackled in various directions. The interior of the oval seemed to be flowing upward. Sโ€™venia quickly drew her sword yet she left it hanging down and to her side. Something seemed familiar and a confused expression quickly spread over her face.


The book groaned as it fell from the portal and onto the war table, knocking over the figures as it landed. In a second, the portal pulled itself back out of existence. The book had a black binder with pure white face with no markings nor any words. Sโ€™venia slowly approached the table, placing the sword back in the sheath as she did, before eyeing up the book itself. She watched as blue letters began to slowly appear on the cover before they spelled out one ominous name.

โ€œThe butcher of Seven Fields,โ€ Sโ€™venia spoke quickly and with a subtle surprise in her voice. โ€œThe soldiers,โ€ she quickly added, โ€œthey are in danger,โ€ she finished.
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