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8 mos ago
Current What do you call a rude criminal going down a flight of stairs? A condescending con descending. I'll be here all week, remember to tip your servers.
9 mos ago
What do you call a short physic running from the police? A small medium at large. I'll be here all week.
10 mos ago
That fight scene to start The Punisher S2 tho
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10 mos ago
Have y'all ever had music that made you want to change the tone of your RP? I have, and it's amazing.
10 mos ago
There's a RP with over 130,000 IC posts. Dear lord.


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Update time: Made progress on IC this past weekend but work week is here in full. Will try and finalize everything over next weekend and get it up.

ACCEPTED, move it on over.

I will begin work on the IC post tomorrow!
@Mr Irony II

Indeed! Let's hear the ideas!
Once we get a few more CS's in, I will take a look at starting the IC post and get the ball rolling on this.
@Polaris North

Approved, move it on over to the character tab!
I will attempt to respond to the CS's posted tomorrow!

I welcome it! I can't wait to see what you create!!

Best of luck in your future endeavors!
~This Whale

Oh lord, it was. Thanks for the heads up! I ended up copying and pasting what I thought was an empty CS with S'venia's information removed. It seems like that was not the case haha

So an update for all. I have added some NPC's that will be joining us to the CS tab in a bare-bone style of introduction. I am also editing in more detail for the Saldonian Nation, Empire of Aurr, and so forth. I will further edit the OOC with a timeline of the war, and add a history section that details how the war progressed. I will also (mixed results expected) be creating a map soon. As the CS's come in I will work to get everything as fleshed out as possible for you guys. Once we get the final CS in, however, I will shift my focus to getting the first IC post up. Lore will take a backburner to establish the IC posts and getting this story off the ground. I will continue to expand the lore as we go and try and reference our progress is some form.

In terms of new applicants, apply. As it stands we are still open so if you have any friends that may want to join, or if you are reading and on the fence, you all have time. I will close it eventually but that is not a worry for now!
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