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12 Jul 2016 20:33
Dang it. I can't get Pokemon: GO to work on my cell phone. WHY???
20 May 2016 16:16
Where are all of the Xmen games? Deadpool just came out on video and Xmen Apocalypse is about to come out. I was expecting more hype.
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In Hellion Exiles 26 May 2017 1:29 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Mistress DizzyI'm watching people play on youtube. (no one around here plays)
In GAME: Crush A Wish 19 May 2017 16:47 Forum: Spam Forum
@stardustGranted, but because I don't know what a '"Boot to the heat" skit' is, I'm going to assume that you mean "boot to the head" and "a la" means "in the style of". So what you receive is several thousand gallons of random ice cream flavors appearing Star Trek Transporter style above you and burying you. Also, an MMA fighter falls with it, gets mad that he is covered in ice cream because of you, and kicks you in the head.

I wish for the next person to get a second wish.
In GAME: Crush A Wish 19 May 2017 14:29 Forum: Spam Forum
@stardustGranted, but in what we would refer to as the 25th century humans only exist as primitive hunter-gathers due to SOMEONE'S wish, the closest thing to a physicist is a shaman. You now wear nothing but a loincloth and have multiple piercings with bone jewelry, and believe that the sun is a vengeful fire-spirit. At least basic math and newtonian physics is still around, though, so you have some scientific knowledge still.

I wish for super powers.
In GAME: Crush A Wish 19 May 2017 12:04 Forum: Spam Forum
@IntPenDespSwordGranted. You are now considered and international terrorist and spend your last few days being tortured in Guantanamo Bay alongside Justin Bieber.

I wish for all of the scientific knowledge a 25th century physicist would have.
In Hellion Exiles 19 May 2017 0:32 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Lovisa Coldeyes Feel free to skip the rest of the negotiations and assume we came to some agreement if you want.
In Hellion Exiles 19 May 2017 0:29 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Lovisa ColdeyesMark reached out to shake her hand, ignoring the drink in front of him and hoping that she didn't pay attention to it either. "Omorfia, nice to meet you." He looked at her arm. "Nice tech," Mark said, and then looked over the photos. "Treasure hunting refugees? That's different." He flipped through the photos, saving an image of them for later use, and passing them to Halla.

She licked the barbecue sauce of of her fingers and grabbed then, looking them over. "I recognize that." she said. "That's a jeweled statue of Casca, a Hibros god-king from about thirteen thousand years ago, before we went to space." She passed tossed the pictures down on the table, causing them to slide over to the other woman. "Definitely worth our fees." She looked over to Mark. "I say we do it."

Mark nodded. "Depending on how big the cut is, it could be good. Sure we can talk."
In GAME: Crush A Wish 18 May 2017 12:22 Forum: Spam Forum
Granted. The massive shift in Earth's orbit necessary to circularize it to prevent seasonal change causes massive tectonic shifts, creating Earthquakes which mostly destroy modern civilization. Also, because we are currently closer than average to the sun, we are now stuck in a slightly warmer orbit, causing the average temperature to increase by several degrees.

I wish to undo Stardust's wish. (assuming I survived)
@mattmanganonI thought I posted. Sorry about that. I completely forgot.

Is there enough interest in this for me to need to post?
In Hellion Exiles 17 May 2017 1:10 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Lovisa ColdeyesI assumed that any cyborg in this setting would have firewall, antivirus, and anti-spam software. Otherwise you're asking to get your brain hacked in a place like this.

His implant isn't a psionic power, letting him bypass network security and acces the circuits themselves. It just makes his brain wifi enabled, and since he's controlling an avatar at the moment, he couldn't really do much more than send you and instant message. He might be able to hack you if he isn't in an avatar and you get close to him, but a cyber arm doesn't really need a wifi connection except for diagnostics, so you could turn it off if you don't trust him.
In Hellion Exiles 16 May 2017 23:36 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Mark and Halla walked through the streets in a hurry. They had lost track of time shopping and were running late for their appointment. They hadn't even had time to drop off their new clothes at the ship. Halla saw "Marshal's" just up the alley and ran inside, followed closely by Mark.

Mark looked around. It didn't look like their client was here yet, so he slipped into an empty booth. Halla threw the backpack containing their clothes down on the bench beside him. "Do you want a drink, at least to keep up appearances?" she asked.

"Yeah, whatever makes me look the toughest." he answered. His avatar couldn't be harmed by it unless someone lit it on fire, and he was pretty sure he could ignore the taste long enough to swallow it.

Halla nodded and, a few minutes later returned with a glass of some black, viscous fluid that looked more like oil then liquor, a gallon of beer, and a roasted goat leg on a platter, slathered in some sort of barbecue sauce. He didn't even have to ask to know that it was flash cooked, blackened on the outside and still raw on the inside.

As she sat down the woman who contacted them walked in the door, turning around for a few seconds to talk to some giant robot or cyborg before looking around for him. Instead of greeting her, he played it cool and swallowed whatever it was Halla had brought him. It took him a few seconds of concentration before his gag reflex was completely suppressed and he could open his eyes again.
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