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Dang it. I can't get Pokemon: GO to work on my cell phone. WHY???
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Where are all of the Xmen games? Deadpool just came out on video and Xmen Apocalypse is about to come out. I was expecting more hype.
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based on this RP.

The Sith War with Revan and Malak just ended, and people from both sides came to the newly discovered planet of Cyphan to start a new life. Sometimes people would fall in love with someone on the other side. Sometimes they would sympathize with the others, or stop believing in the cause, and these people came to Cyphan, knowing that the Republic would never accept them or even fearing punishment.

The one who discovered this world, and who came up with the idea of settling it with people from both sides is a former Jedi Knight named Kale Durran, who married a Sith Assassin named Jenna Brek, AKA Darth Vindis. They teach what they call the Cyphan Way, that the Force isn't light or dark. The Force is life, and those are different sides of the life that creates it, both the benevolent and selfish sides.

Durran is trusted by most of the refugees, and wishes to found a direct democracy, in which all adults vote in rulers that only remain as long as they maintain a 50% or greater approval rating.

He is founding a town on one of the planet's large plains, near a crystal cave which is strong in the Force. There he will institute his government and treat everyone the same under the law, with the Force being treated as a tool, not an excuse to rule over others. His wife will serve as the local constable should the need arise.
Sugara had run out of the shower to get dressed and by the time Hiro had finished showering she was almost done brushing her hair. "What were you thinking, walking in on me like that?" she asked a towel-wrapped Hiro.

"It was five minutes after the girl's shower time had ended", he responded. "I thought it was another guy."

"Oh, I'm sorry." she apologized, "I was washing my hair for the fifth time. I guess I lost track of time." she reached up to the burst capillaries on Hiro's face that were in the perfect shape of her hand and a yellow glow left her palm, healing him. "What if buy you lunch to apologize? Come on." she grabbed his hand and started to drag him towards the door.

"Hey, wait." he said, trying to pull away from her.

"What? You don't want to eat with me?"

"No, I just need to get dressed first."

"Oh," she said, "in that case I'll go wait in the hallway."

Five minutes later they sat down at their table in the cafeteria, though their meal consisted of the only food that was left, tempura and rice balls.
@AngelofOctober@Hammerman@Neo Is Delight
Anything specific you want me to clarify?

I hope you don't mind the brutal honesty here, but you didn't set up much for us to go off of on the IC. What time of day it is, what the students might be possibly doing and while it may be written on your OCC, that doesn't quite account for the IC. You also didn't establish year, or what the school looked like.

Sure this is supposed to be fun and generic. Doesn't mean give the members a bare bones IC and expect them to know what to post.

It's lunch time, and I said that most guys at school would go to lunch before hitting the showers, but yeah, not much to go on.

Sorry, I didn't post much. I didn't really think that what the school looks like would be that important, but then again I was already thinking about it. We can just make up the details together, if you want.

It is on a spinning bowl shape in the surface of the asteroid, essentially a very deep parabola, which contains a park. (I can explain the science behind enhancing the gravity of low-g worlds with spin gravity if you want, but just assume they do something similar on every low-g world) On Mars it's only used in special areas designed for pregnant women, children, and people who want to experience normal gravity due to the cost, but the bowl is much shallower, like an actual bowl.

We will take a shuttle from the surface to the ship that's waiting in space (orbit is hard around a 0.03 G asteroid, so we didn't really orbit it, and couldn't land it.)

For simplicity sake, we'll say the ship looks like this:

And can even use the solar sails if we want.
@Pleek@Hammerman@Neo Is Delight@AngelofOctober
You guys are free to post IC in case I didn't make that clear.
@AngelofOctoberApproved, though did you mean he was good at English as a second language (as the only language they speak in the future will obviously be Japanese) or language arts in general?
Hiro ran into the locker room, not caring that the shower was running. Just one of the guys running late like I am. he thought. After all, the girl's shower time ran out five minutes ago. Surely none of them were taking an extra-long shower?

He had been half a lap behind in gym class, so he was about ten minutes behind the other guys getting back from the spin-grav park that the school owned. Most of the guys would get a shower after lunch, though, so they could be first in line.

Hiro got undressed, grabbed his towel and soap and ran into the showers. The other person was humming so he looked up, only to notice it was a girl. Not just any girl, though, but a soapy Sugara. "Sugara-chan?" he asked, suprised. She shrieked and slapped him.

(Opening theme song)

Started an OOC for the RP. If your character is approved, you can move it to the Char tab. I also added plots for early episodes. Hopefully we can get that far.
Since we already have four approved characters, I'll post the first IC in a little while.
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