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Dang it. I can't get Pokemon: GO to work on my cell phone. WHY???
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Where are all of the Xmen games? Deadpool just came out on video and Xmen Apocalypse is about to come out. I was expecting more hype.
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@Harmony3812Depends on how big the group is. I don't think Teal would want to take on Hemlock unless he had a good reason, but random flunkies may have useful info or items on them, like an Apriball.
@RegitnuiThey were an hour away by flight, according to @Reflection 's post, so I'd guess that was maybe 20 kilometers or more. Flying pokemon would also be fairly common, as several people in this RP use them and they weren't out of place at the tavern, so just hearing one wouldn't be that strange.

We'll likely be done with our meeting before they arrive. Plotwise, I'd guess that either they'll arrive afterward and chase us down, or attack us as we leave. Maybe they have an agent or agents in the tavern or in town that could slow us enough for them to arrive. I haven't talked with @Reflection about that plot idea yet, though.
Just tell me if Teal was too subtle in his attempt at coded speech.
"Ah, yes." said Teal, still pretending to be a rich merchant. "I was hoping our mutual associate had gotten the message to you. You look familiar. Were you by any chance with the caravan that went with my Aunt to Lavender a year ago?" His father's brother's wife had went on a pilgrimage to an all-female monastery outside of Lavender almost four seasons ago, and had taken only female guards and Pokemon with her to avoid offending the Nuns and Priestesses that were there. He knew he had seen her guarding somewhere. Maybe his sister Scarlett's 13th birthday party, where she also requested all female guards?

A new man arrived at the table, and he nodded to the man. "Good, the pokemon expert has arrived." By the fact that he seemed to prefer talking to pokemon, it was obvious that he spent a lot of time around them. "Would either of you, or your pokemon, like something to eat or drink?" Peach stood up, waited for their orders, then took the two now empty tea glasses to the bar to be refilled. The Prince always drank hot Pecha tea when thinking, and she could tell that a strategy session, though encoded, was about to happen. Upon returning she offered the others Pecha berries as well, should they want some, and prepared hers and her master's drinks the same way she had upon his arrival.

"Good, now that things are ready we can speak business." He spoke in a normal voice, one that was hard to hear from more than a few feet away in a busy lunchtime tavern, but didn't whisper, as hushed conversations drew curious ears. "This Invasion has opened up key business opportunities. The way I see it, we have two opportunities. An army travels on its stomach, so if we were to control the supply lines bringing them food, we could profit greatly. We should also try and acquire some of these Apriballs I've heard of their troops using. Understanding how they work could open up new markets. If nothing else, people could turn dangerous foes into harmless pets. Though, I'm not sure how the pokemon feel about this. That's why I asked you to come." he nodded to "expert". "Also, if you feel we need more capital to put our plan into action, I know some noble investors..." he put three fingers out, hoping they'd realize who he was talking about, on the table, then closed his fist. "Who I believe would like to aid us in this business venture."

@Regitnui Hi! I’m on the bad guy’s side I guess but it seems a bit ambiguous considering Celebi thinks the world will go to ruin if Hemlock doesn’t win, haha

She's a Johtoan Noble, and joined Hemlock's crew.
@KoLI didn't realize she was hidden. I thought the other woman was just lifting her as she flew.
@ExoKMCShe's approved. The people of Kanto will consider the mind plate on her chest a sacred relic, as it has ties to Arceus, and may assume she's a priestess. That could help you.

There's no post order, as long as no one double posts, so everyone feel free to post.

@ReflectionThe "Erect Diglett?" Not very subtle. Though if we hurry to Fuschia, we can be at the "Playful Cloyster Bunkhouse" by nightfall. ;-)
@RegitnuiI know I wasn't clear about it before, but I would consider player owned pokemon to be a form of player character. Because of that, you technically godmodded mine and @Harmony3812 's characters, with her Skarmory and my Umbreon (at least I think Fuji was the one that said "Prince.")

As for my pokemon, I don't mind if people generally treat Barley and Fuji them as NPCs as long as they get their personalities right, and only really care about Peach, as she's basically treated as a human. Barley is Proud to a fault, as his family have served the royal family of Kanto for 200 years, and would act as if you were beneath him if you tried to one up him. If you persisted, he would take you out quickly just to prove he was superior, trying to break you mentally if possible. Fuji is playful. But all three of them are loyal and understand that they need to keep his identity a secret, so they would call him "Master". Fuji might call him "friend" depending on the situation, but wouldn't reveal his identity to a stranger.
Looking for an extra team member.
Late in the morning a man in a hooded robe left his Rapidash out the tavern, entered with a fairly attractive female servant and an Umbreon, and took a seat. The servant went to the counter and bought two cups of tea then, when she got to the table, pulled out a knife and cut two large slices out of a Pecha berry, putting one in each of the glasses, and giving the 3/4 of a berry that was left to the Umbreon.

He had been traveling in cognito for three days, but soon his allies would arrive to meet him here and they would begin their quest to save the kingdom from the Johto invaders. Hopefully they didn't blow his cover, and pretended to be merchants as the letter had requested. They could go elsewhere to discuss the mission in more detail, but this near to captured territory it was too dangerous to discuss such things in public.

The man didn't have much of a plan for how they could accomplish this. Obviously they would need to either weaken their enemy or bring in allies. The first possibility meant either sabotaging them or stopping reinforcements. The second possibility would likely best be accomplished by traveling to the three Legendary Lords and asking for their support. They usually didn't get involved in human affairs, but this new invention, Apriballs, was a threat to them and their people, and may be enough to convince them to join. Of course, they would want proof of this danger, which meant acquiring one of these balls. Easier said than done, considering that it was protected military technology.

He sipped his pecha tea and waited for the first of his new team to arrive.
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