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Dang it. I can't get Pokemon: GO to work on my cell phone. WHY???
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Where are all of the Xmen games? Deadpool just came out on video and Xmen Apocalypse is about to come out. I was expecting more hype.
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I say heal them. So it'd kinda be like a tournament?

I missed this message, but you only got slightly blinded in the last match, so you weren't actually hurt. Whoever wins this will need a heal, though.

I posted that he leapt at her and she flew sideways, as she was in the air still when he attacked her. Is that ok?
Starfire flew sideways as the man launched himself at her, swinging where she was before dodging, and landed about twenty meters away. "You are quite agile!" she shouted. "Try to dodge this." with that she pulled a boulder that was over two meters across from the ground and hurled it at him.
Starfire smacked the new shots out of the way with her left hand and shifted her movement to run directly past him on his right, swinging at his face as she ran by. He'd have to try something stronger if he wanted to hurt her. She didn't care whether her fist connected with his face or not, it was meant to throw him off balance as she leapt into the air, throwing four starbolts at his back. If he was going to shoot at her, she might as well return the favor.
Three bolts of light hit her nose and she grabbed her face instinctively. "Why did you attack me?" she asked readying herself for a fight. "I do not wish to fight you but if you insist on attacking me you will lose." With that she ran at him as well at approximately his own speed, preparing to punch him in the face as she met him.

She didn't want to kill him, but he had attacked her first and would have to be stopped.
"Wait!" Starfire said, "Why would you wish to shoot me? I mean you no harm." She dropped guard and started walking towards him.
"Very well," said the smokey figure, teleporting itself back to it's stadium box where Lina was sitting. An orange skinned woman appeared beside Rider where the figure had just stood. "Let the fight continue." The statement echoed through the stands and the crowd cheered once more.

"Where am I?" asked Starfire of the cyborg standing beside her. "Did you bring me here?" She put up her hands to defend herself.
1) Yes, he COULD dodge her attacks. I doubt he would, though. He gets hit with attacks all of the time, even magical ones. Personality wise, I doubt he would dodge her attack simply because he's overconfident and likes to give his opponents as many chances as he can. Also, he doesn't kill his opponents and tries to not damage the environment. She doesn't care either way.
2) Yes, they are biased, but I was using logic. His personality wouldn't allow him to just max out and vaporize her like he could. He's also so overconfident that he'd only dodge attacks he know could hurt him, which he wouldn't know.
3) I would argue that Superman was broken, as you have to cheat to beat him. Even by your argument, he can just dodge anything that could hurt him. That's why the writers have to write him at way below his level or use Kryptonite or red sunlight for him to lose a fight. And even then he won't die from it.
Lina isn't useless without her OP attacks, just far less useful. Lina is a glass cannon.
Lina's body faded away and, a few seconds later, she appeared fully healed, equipment restored, in the private box of the one that brought her here. "So," she said, "I hope I entertained you. Maybe enough for me to learn your name, at least?"

"Not really." said a deep male voice which appeared to be a humanoid shadow. "You did no damage. Perhaps in a later round you will find an enemy that you are able to wound or even defeat. I won't send anyone home until they entertain me by winning at least three times."

He stood up and dissolved, appearing in front of Rider. "So, Rider, you have won your first battle and were barely even fazed by your opponent's attacks. Is there anything you would ask of me before the next round? Remember, the more wins you have, the larger your reward."

The stands cheered, vague figures standing and applauding. They were also shrouded in darkness which could not be seen through.
@BespeckledCephI meant switch after dieing, but it wasn't exactly clear.

Lina is going to try and figure out what the jailer is, now. She doesn't want to fight something until she knows what it is and how to kill it.
Well, you can always get a new character, or collect your reward (ask for a favor) and hope it's enough.
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