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Dang it. I can't get Pokemon: GO to work on my cell phone. WHY???
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Where are all of the Xmen games? Deadpool just came out on video and Xmen Apocalypse is about to come out. I was expecting more hype.
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@Banzai TracersI wasn't thinking of having a solid number, but that could work as an approval rating, with our fame being a bit less solid. The most famous people won't trust you unless your approval rating is high, and it also determines how much the public will help you or hinder you.
Original Int check in General

This RP will be set in modern times, but in the Incredibles Universe. Supers became legal again in 1962, though hero work requires a license and insurance to pay for any damages you cause. We are a combination of body guards, PIs, and mercenaries.

Earlier this year several companies, including Alphabet Corp, Apple, Disney, and several designer clothing brands, decided to put together a team of superheroes for the publicity and merchandising rights. They hired us to be a part of this team. They will be providing all of our gear, though we may make minor modifications if we need to. We will be sent on missions around the world from time to time, though most of our work will be done in cities around the US, as that is where most of the companies are based.

If anyone is interested in helping me design this world as a co-GM, please PM me.

(Everyone gets an Iphone 8 with a bluetooth headset. The headset includes the Quantum Entangled communications gear Quantum invented, allowing them to connect to the base with a full 4G equivalent signal. This signal can be shared with others, but normally it only allows others on the team to access it. If you let someone else access it, you have to designate their level or access, Standard or VIP (Heroes, which lets them access our files on criminals), as well as the speed of their connections. The phone also has custom security software to protect itself and us. The phone looks like a normal person's phone until you try to go to open a hidden program.)

Characters lists in case anyone wants to be related to someone from the movies.
I'm considering setting this in modern times so that we can reference modern things without having to check to see if they are anachronistic. It would let multiple characters be descendants of the same people, and we can have modern tech like the internet and smartphones without blowing our secret identity.
@sassy1085which plot do you prefer?
I watched the Incredibles 2 yesterday, and was thinking of starting an RP set in that universe in which we are all Supers that are coming out of hiding. Three possibilities:

1) Our parents were supers and we are teens and young adults that already know each other. We set up a website charity to help us crowdfund our heroics, so how fancy our equipment is will depend on how good our PR is. Super suits will be by a local fashion designer, once we are popular enough, so nothing fancy.

2) We are sponsored by a group of multinational companies, and travel around doing things in multiple countries. Super suits will be designed by major clothing brands.

3) Edna Mode decided that being the exclusive designer for the Incredibles wasn't enough, so she started a team to advertise. Several fashion/ pop culture companies have signed up to fund us and to get the PR. She will design the best suits we can get, but our funding won't be as much as #2 and we won't have the freedom of #1.

Or we could do some combination of these. If anyone is interested in helping me design this world as a co-GM, please PM me.

Edit: It will use cities and companies from our world for the most part, though fictional cities from the Incredibles might show up too.

Edit2: The Incredibles takes place in 1962. Maybe 1963 by the Incredibles 2. so #4:
We are the descendants of the people from the movies, and supers have been legal a long time, but otherwise it's just a modern variation of #1-#3.

You can just raid the snack table and wait for someone to talk to you. Lots of pokemon around for our terrori... er, support group meeting.

We've got lemonade!

edit: (We stole it from the pokemart last night.)
After the line of Pokemon wanting to give their testimonials ended, Carax addressed those that were gathered once more. "Now that you've heard the stories of these brave siblings of ours, it should be apparent that you are not alone. We will be here for you if you you need our help dealing with the trauma inflicted upon you by the humans, or need help standing up to them, or need a place to stay, and friends. This base will remain a safe haven for pokemon, a place where we can hide from the humans, live without them, and free other abused souls." He motioned to the computer beside the stage, where several captive pokemon were. "These poor souls were rescued from their abusive humans, and are now in the process of rehabilitation. Once they have learned to overcome the abuse and conditioning forced on them by their "masters", they will be free to live however they want. If you wish to help us free and rehabilitate others, just come talk to me. Any pokemon that doesn't wish us harm may stay here if they wish."

With that, the spotlights turned off and the normal lighting came up, illuminating the cave system they found themselves in just outside of Citrus city.
unfortunately, I think this died.
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