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Aya Tanaka

"Don't worry about the drinks, I'll take care of that~" Aya said, winking at Molly as she walked towards the Green Lagoon, her drone following her. "As for my fans, the majority do seem to be mutants, at least according to the comments! I get non-mutants too of course, human or otherwise. Of course I get trolls and other people in the chat that try to cause trouble. Every streamer has to deal with that, but my moderators are pretty good at shutting them down." Aya explained as they finally made it to the bar.

There were a few things Aya noticed as they entered the Green Lagoon. Besides there being a decent amount of people of course, there were a few characters that immediately stood out in a crowd. She was pretty sure it was Emma Frost over there, and who didn't know who Magneto was? It wasn't too surprising to see them of course, they were both important figures on Krakoa. Aya briefly wondered if she could get either of them on her vlog, or stream...or both!

They did however, seem currently preoccupied. And Aya knew better than to interrupt them, less she remove any chance of an interview or chat of some kind. For now, drinks!

Aya gestured for Molly to wait a moment as she smoothly slid up to the bar and looked at the barkeep, her camera still following her and fixed on her movements.

"Yo bartender! I'd like ummm..." Okay so, she'd forgot the part where she had to actually pick something...she knew almost nothing about alcohol. " know what, surprise me with something sweet and fruity...gimme two of them actually!" Even if the bartender could not legally give Molly a drink, there was nothing to stop Aya from doing so.

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Aya Tanaka

"I'm Aya Tanaka." Aya responded before looking at her camera drone as Molly asked about it. "The camera is from Stark Industries. My dad works there as an engineer and he got it for me." Aya realized that probably made her sound like a spoiled rich girl...which wasn't exactly wrong.

"I've been streaming for a while now, and I figured my next step in my online career would be to start vlogging, and I figured what better place to do that than here in Krakoa? I mean as far as I know no one else is doing it yet." Being the first to do anything on the internet was always a recipe for success after all, plus being on Krakoa was cool.

"Anyway, you wanna head to the uh..." Aya snapped her fingers. "...the Green Lagoon, that's it! I want to see exactly what sort of drinks they offer there, maybe sample a few~" She gave a foxy smile.

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Aya Tanaka

Even with all the noise around her, Aya's ears perked up from Molly's answer to Aya's question, along with a question of her own. The multi-tailed girl pumped her fist. "Yesssssss, that will make things easier." Her parents had let her sample some sake before, but she'd never been able to drink more than that, at least not legally.

"I'm currently making a video, though I do stream as well. But I prefer to stream in my own room. There's less uh..." She looked around at all the loud and rowdy mutants throwing their powers around and yelling, the fireworks going off, and all the other party chaos. "...background noise. At least with vlogging my editor can fix up the audio afterwards."

Aya looked Molly over as she spoke, she wondered what sort of powers she could have, it wasn't easy to tell by just looking at her, could be anything. Wondering what other people's unique powers were wasn't something Aya was actually used to. Despite being a mutant, Aya had never really interacted with many other mutants growing up, at least not offline. Now she was on an island full of mutants, it was pretty exciting.

"Oh, you don't mind being on camera do you?" Molly didn't seem to mind considering she'd come up to Aya and started a conversation, but Aya had to be sure. Some people really didn't like being filmed, Aya had found.

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Aya asks only the most important of questions.

Aya Tanaka

"Well here we are gamers, Krakoa!" The fox-eared mutant known as Aya Tanaka practically yelled to a small, floating camera drone in order to be heard over the fireworks and all the rowdy people around her. Crowds like this were normally loud and rambunctious as it was, but everyone in this crowd also had mutant powers to boot. It was going to be a wild night, and Aya was there for it.

"I know some of you doubted that I would make it here, but when I said I was a mutant, I meant it!" Aya stated further to the drone that was filming her. To many on the internet she was a known vlogger and twitch streamer. Being a mutant hadn't stopped her from becoming popular with both mutants and otherwise (It helped that she was cute), though many online had long debated whether or not she was a 'legit' mutant or not. There had been a crackpot theory that she'd been bitten by a radioactive fox as a child. Seriously, what idiot thought that up?

The fact that she'd made it to Krakoa would shut any doubters up. After all, only mutants could enter the island. As far as Aya knew, she was the only person vlogging on the island, she was going to get so many views!

"I think the first line of business is to find out what the drinking age here is, I hope it's under twenty!" Her tails swayed behind her as she looked at the camera with a cheeky grin, knowing full well something like a drinking age wouldn't stop her.

Looks fun, I'll give this a go. Gonna go with an original character, at least for now.

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