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Hello darkness my old friend...
"Ameeeeeeeeeeeerica! Fuck yeah!" Clara suddenly sang, making an air guitar for a split second before suddenly stopping and looking slightly sheepish. "Sorry, the conversation sorta make me think of the song and I just felt like...just uh, go ahead and continue like that didn't happen and stuff..."

Clara slowly started to shuffle herself away, heading towards Tony until she was right up to his ear, she then started to whisper.

"So Tony, I was thinking about this whole clone thing and stuff, and it make me think of Mr. Cabb from across the street from the flower shop. The other day I saw him walking down the street with three blunts in his mouth, so I went up to him and was like, 'Hey Mr. Cabb what's shakin?' and he was all like 'Yo Clara what up? Wanna whiff?' and I was all like, 'Nah thanks but I don't blow with people I've only talked to for five minutes' then he looked at me all weird and was like, 'Clara ya crazy bitch you've known me ya whole life' and then..."

Clara paused for a second, looking like she was thinking hard. "...this sort of went off topic, but the point of all this is...I think Mr. Cabb is a clone of Snoop Dogg."
That feeling when the crazy conspiracy theorist of the group is actually right about something.
I did a posty. :D
@TheUnknowable "I'm fully aware of what's in cocoa beans!" Clara exclaimed. "I ate them raw for science..."

Clara fiddled with the flash drive, she attempted to connect it to her phone...through the audio jack. "Hmmmmm it doesn't fit...haaaaaalp me Tony~!" Eventually with Tony's help, the files were on Clara's phone. The plant girl got uncharacteristically quiet for a while as she went through her own file.

"I...I..." Clara's arms trembled a bit as she lowered her phone. "...I knew it! See! I was right all along! I've been telling you guys for years that we're clones! I proved it with a ouija board multiple times!" Of course Clara failed to mention that she also often claimed that aliens were living below them underground, watching them, or that they were all secretly inside the matrix.

Over all Clara actually seemed really happy about all this.
It wasn't very long before Clara was at the table, standing just behind Tony, she leaned down and stuck her head forward to try and get a better look at what Tony was doing, not that she was particularly good which machines, other than using her own smartphone...which she sometimes struggled with as it was. Plants were a lot easier to understand.

"What ya got there Tony? Did you find evidence of an alien civilization living underneath our feet? The rest of the world is overrun with zombies? Walt Disney's secret double life as a superhero?" All completely plausible ideas in Clara's opinion.

Suddenly Clara started looking nervous, fidgeting a bit. "If this is about the cocoa bean incident...that wasn't my fault. How was I supposed to know eating that many at once was a bad idea? They don't put instructions on them!"

"Tabby!" Clara exclaimed, her weird sunglasses falling off as she gave the other girl a surprise hug. She let go after a moment and gestured at said plant.

"George wants more fertilizer, though personally I think he's already spoiled too much." She said with a nod. "He doesn't know how hard life is out there for those regular plants that live outdoors, dealing with plant eating bugs, diseases, and of course whatever animals feel like taking a bite out of them. It's a hard knock-life."

"Hey...what are they doing over there?" Clara asked, looking over at Tony and the other at the table. "Hold on I'll ask. HEY, WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING OVER THERE?!" She waved at them as she shouted from across the room.
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