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Katherine Pryde

Kate tried to not look too disappointed about the bottle. It was hard. Still, Kate didn't complain, getting cut-off from her drink saved her the trouble of figuring out how to get herself to stop anyway.

She followed Emma in relative silence as they walked, simply listening to her speak as she gazed at the scenery around her. Krakoa was beautiful to be sure, though it still didn't really feel like home. Kate wasn't sure if it ever would.

Perhaps she still needed to get used to the idea, though the gates being unusable for her was still a big turn off. Hearing that even the island itself didn't know why she couldn't use the gates didn't really comfort her, that just meant it would be all the harder to figure out a solution. Man I'm really becoming a pessimist...

Her doomer outlook was interrupted however, when the yacht came into view. "Woah, that's a big fucking boat..." Kate blurted out, her eyes widening slightly. She barely heard Emma's speech about about tracking down shipments and liberating trapped mutants, though it registered in her mind. Were those cannons mounted on the front of the ship?

Kate's eyes met Emma's, and they kind of just looked at each other for a moment. Emma probably didn't need to be a telepath to see how Kate was going to answer.

"You had me at 'Captain this big fucking boat'...to paraphrase."


Katherine Pryde

Emma Frost. If she was honest, out of all the people who would be the first to greet her on Krakoa, Emma wasn't who she'd expected. She hadn't known what to expect really. Being told she was late was expected though, and it made a smirk grown on her face.

"Yeah, I had a slight uh...navigational error." Kate thought back towards Emma as she walked as steady as her drunk ass would let her towards the telepath. She frowned a bit at the mention of the gates, being known as the only mutant who couldn't use them wasn't something she really wanted to think about too hard.

As Kate finally reached Emma on the cliff, she couldn't help but give Emma a strange look. "I know I just arrived, but isn't every night strange here?"

Lockheed flew past her, seemingly happy to fly around the new island, seemed being on the boat for so long had made him stir crazy. Kate took a swig from her bottle as she watched him for a moment before looking back at Emma, then at her bottle, then back to Emma.

"I'm not turning into a drunk I promise. There's wasn't a whole lot to do on that boat. Figured Logan wouldn't mind if I helped myself to a few bottles."


Katherine Pryde

"Fuck." Kate held onto the helm of the ship she had uh...commandeered back in San Diego. She took a swig from her bottle, letting half the rum drip down her face. How many days had she been at sea again? Five? No...six? Eh, who cared anyway.

She honestly should have made it to Krakoa by now, however she may have made a slight navigation error while drinking away her boredom. She was really bigging to understand why sailors liked to drink now, there was fuck all to do while on a boat.

At least Lockheed was having fun, the small dragon had really taken to sushi it seemed. He was happily munching on a fish he had caught while on top of a crate. He cocked his head at the mutant when she looked at him.

Kate gave him a frown. "Don't judge me." She stated, before taking another long swing from her bottle. "I never snitched on you when the squirrel population at the school drastically dropped." Not that anyone would care too much, besides Squirrel Girl perhaps if she ever came to visit.

Kate shook her head before bringing her attention back to her steering of the ship, she was about to grab a new bottle when she noticed something in the distance. "Oh?" As they got closer it became apparent that it was an island.

"Finally." Being drunk could only entertain Kate so much, what she really wanted to do was get the hell off the boat and onto land for once. She kept her course as straight as she could, looking for a decent spot to anchor. "Land ho and all that."


Kate stumbled out of the water as she made her way further into the beach. It was already apparent that Krakoa was quite different from the rest of the world, almost alien. Strangly appropriate for a mutant nation.

"Now if I could only figure out what your problem is with me..." She complained to the island as she dragged a crate of rum behind her. She looked around for well...anyone.

"I know I'm late to the party but I figured at least someone would be around to greet me." Being drunk really made her snarky.

Aya Tanaka

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Aya Tanaka

Now Aya wasn't exactly what you'd call a large woman. In fact she was definitely on the shorter side. And so with her tiny frame and general lack of experience with alcohol, the Bayou Rum Punch hit her like a truck.

She swayed slightly in her seat as she sipped on her second drink. "Heehee yeah I bet...you learn all sorts of juicy things as a bartender." Aya pulled at her shirt a little. "Is it getting hot in here? I need to take this off." With that her hands began to briefly glow and suddenly her shirt seemed to 'poof' out of existence. Aya often conjured her own clothing with her powers, and so she simply undid the creation of her shirt. She was wearing a bra still, at least for the moment, it was lacy and black to anyone who cared to look.

"That's better~" She took another long sip of her rum. "Sooooooooo, I'm guessing you uh...know a lot of Avengers and X-men and other people of importance. Know anything um...interesting about any of them? Maybe something that isn't well known?"

@Ezekiel@Silver Carrot

Aya Tanaka

"Pretty or strong?" Aya was asked.

"Hmmmmm...is it too much to ask for both?" Regardless if it was or not, Gambit finished preparing the drink. Aya, unable to help herself, immediately took a sip and...wow it really did taste sweet, she could hardly tell it was alcoholic.

"Wow, Molly you have to try this! Make her one too!" Aya demanded, her tails wagging in an excitable state before she sipped on her drink some more.

The fox mutant thought over Gambit's question for a bit as she nursed her rum. "Well I'm filming a vlog, so just acting like yourself is all I could ask really. As for what kind of story...I'm sure you've been through more crazy adventures that you can count...just about any of them will do as long as it's youtube friendly."

Somehow Aya's glass was empty, she looked down into the glass for a moment before looking back up at the X-men bartender. "May I have another?" She asked with a cheeky grin.

@Ezekiel@Silver Carrot

Aya Tanaka

Aya looked confused for a second before her eyes widened in realization of what Molly was saying. "Ehhhh!?" Her foxy ears stood up straighter as she took another look at the bartender. One of the X-men was...bartending?

She hadn't expected that, well everyone has their hobbies she supposed. This was actually a great opportunity to get the infamous Gambit on her vlog. She could feel her heart pounding, whether it was from nervousness or the excitement of how many views she would get on her video, she wasn't sure.

The fox mutant played it cool and simply sat down on one of the bar stools as Gambit suggested, her tails fanning out behind her as she got comfortable. She patted the seat next to her for Molly to sit in.

"Don't bite these days? That implies you did at some point. I thought I was the animal here." She grinned at her stupid joke. Oh wait, that's right, she needed to order a drink still. "I'll have something fruity and sweet."

Aya pulled her phone out as she sent a few quick commands to her camera drone, it floated back to pan out and get a better view of the whole bar. "So anyway, how do you feel about being filmed? You could tell a story not just to me and Molly here, but the internet masses!"

@Ezekiel@Silver Carrot
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