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Holodeck...Danger Room, take your pick

Emerald sat down rather promptly when Stella asked to have the floor. Maybe she got a little carried away with her cupcake speech. She gave Oswald a shit-eating grin that probably only cemented Oswald's feelings of being the straight man in a sea of lunatics.

Speaking of seas, Emerald's jaw was wide open as the class was brought into a fucking holodeck! Emerald was well aware of their existence, but she had never been in one herself. She bounced on her heels a bit when a virtual Grimm was brought to life in a demonstration.

It didn't get really exciting until Stella left the room and the scenario was brought to life.

“In two minutes the ship will sink, the main objective is to head to the island 1600 meters west of your current location.

Good luck.”

Emerald looked around the ship, getting her bearings as she adjusted from being in a blank room to a sinking ship on the sea. The otter girl was already springing into action and using her semblance to push the water out of the ship. Water control, niiiiiice.... She didn't have time to admire it though, they only had about two minutes before they sank!

Emerald ran up to the ship's railing, looking out towards the island in the distance. It really wasn't that far, she could fly there in no time. Of course, they all needed to get across, and she assumed only her and Bianca could fly.

She looked down at the Grimm attacking the ship. They were completely focused on tearing it up, but that would likely change once they attempted to flee the ship. Emerald grinned, the open sky was the perfect opportunity to show off her new found power of flight.

The catgirl backflipped up onto the railing, before turning around to look at her fellow students. "I'm gonna try to keep the Grimm occupied while you guys figure out how we're all getting off this tub!"

She didn't give anyone a chance to respond as she leaped backward off the rails and flew around the ship once. She gave her weapons a quick check, making sure they were locked and loaded.

Then, she made her attack, she systematically fired single rounds at Grimm she flew close to before backing off, not to necessarily kill them as much as to irritate them enough to focus on her instead.
Violet Steel - Physical Education -

Sepia insisted she was fine and that was good enough for Violet, at least until proven otherwise. The archer decided that she would stay by Sepia's side and keep an eye on her, just in case. It wasn't like Violet was doing it because she didn't know anyone else or anything...


...right, this shirtless man was here. Violet assumed this hunk of a man was their PE teacher. So they were going to be playing football, fascinating.

"Violet, you wouldn't have to know what 'football' is, would you?"

Now, Violet wasn't sure what kind of football their shirtless teacher had in mind. When she thought of football, she only remembered blood, sweat, and tears. Oh, and screaming, lots of screaming.


"It can be a bit...intense, from my experience..."

Well, that wasn't exactly the most encouraging thing to say...


"Though...the version I played was a bit...unorthodox...I'm sure it will be fine...and free from broken bones."

Violet Steel - Physical Education -

"No homework...we fought a giant plant monster." Violet was caught slightly off guard by the girl's sudden burst of enthusiasm and pain. Violet had dealt with all sorts of people in her short life, but this was something new for the ex-mercenary.

She looks like she's in pain and laughing at the same time...what does it mean?

Was this contagious? Violet took a half a step back...

"Ah-sorry. Nice to meet you, Violet. My name's Si-Sepia Russet."

Sepia Russet. Violet repeated the name in her head a few times, she was fairly good at remembering names. The wolf faunus eyed the girl over once again, looking concerned.

"Are you okay? You seem to be in...agony."
Violet Steel - Physical Education -

Violet looked at the other faunus, her mind spinning for a moment. She quickly collected herself and steeled her mind, she didn't want to appear nervous in front of this girl...even if she was.

"...yes, I was in Grimm Studies."

I should probably introduce myself...

"I'm Violet Steel." It was then she noticed that other girl seemed to bit a bit under the weather. Perhaps she was mistaken, would it be too presumptuous of her to ask about it?

Violet wasn't sure, so she said nothing about it.
Violet Steel - Physical Education -

Grimm studies had come and gone in a blur, even faster than Violet's other classes so far. Her next class was PE, which the wolf faunus assumed would be fairly standard. She was one of the last of the students to arrive in the gym, and as she did she glanced at the others present, assessing who they were and if she recognized anyone. She thought she remembered a few of their faces, but in all honesty, she'd never spoken to any of them. This was her first day after all.

This made Violet wonder if she should attempt to strike up a conversation with someone before class started, in an attempt to get to know someone. She was...not very good at socializing, growing up she'd always preferred to let others do the talking for the most part while she listened. The idea of being the one to start a conversation was...terrifying.

In the end, she just couldn't do it. Violet just stood where she was a bit awkwardly. She didn't know what to do before the class started. She didn't mind being around small groups of people but right now she felt rather self-conscious, especially in her PE uniform...

Ugh, why does this scare me more than fighting Grimm? Something's wrong with me...


Armory class had come and gone in a flash, after having her little talk with Amy, Emerald was feeling a lot better. Sure, Amy wasn't ready to talk just yet, but at least she hadn't outright rejected her, right?

But never mind that now, she'd see Amy after classes. Right now, she needed to focus on all these cupcakes that were apparently on everyone's seats in Survival! As Oswald spoke blasphemy and Anna punished him for it, Emerald had already stuffed an entire cupcake into her mouth.

After a minute or two Emerald had scarfed the whole thing down, after a swallow Emerald pointed a finger at Oswald. “Sweets make the world go around Oswald. Don’t anger the gods of sugar with your blasphemous heresy!”

Emerald stood up on top of her desk. "Listen! These cupcakes will give us the energy we need to survive! That's what our good teacher is trying to tell us!" She exclaimed this rather loudly.
Appearance of Weapon: In its default state, the weapon appears to be a massive, double-edged blade that is metallic pink in color. The edges of the blade are adorned with what appears to be 'thorns' while the hilt is decorated with engravings of roses. Very over-the-top.

When in gun-mode, the blade seemingly splits open in the middle, revealing that it is more than just a blade as it surges with electricity.

Name of Weapon: Rosethorn, slayer of gods

Type of Weapon: Claymore/Railgun

Description: Being the massive blade that Rosethorn is, with all its intricate parts and mechanisms hidden within, this is an extremely heavy weapon. You must have considerable strength to pick it up, much less swing it around in battle. Its sheer weight makes the weapon ideal against slower opponents with heavy armor and/or shielding, though you'll have a harder time against nimble opponents.

Against distant targets, the weapon can be converted into a railgun that launches high-velocity projectiles that will pierce through even the toughest Grimm armor. There are very living things that can survive a direct hit by one if it's slugs, at least without an aura. Due to the tremendous amount of power required to fire said weapon, it can only be fired once every thirty seconds. Rosethorn must cooldown or the weapon could become damaged. In this form, the weapon is also very effective against slower targets, while opponents with speed may be able to dodge and put the user at a disadvantage.

Firing the railgun has the side effect of making the blade very hot. In addition, the weapon has a tremendous amount of recoil, this weapon should not be used by anyone without an aura, you are likely to break a bone.


Emerald almost didn't hear Amy's words, much less Anna's. Her heart was beating so fast she felt the force would knock her over. Thankfully Amy didn't snap at her like she'd feared, but it was obvious this had been the wrong time to approach Amy. She could see it in her eyes...

...and it probably didn't help that they were in the middle of class.

Emerald just nodded meekly in response to Amy, and Anna's suggestion as well. She'd agree to anything to get out of her current predicament. All she had to do now was run away and hide under a bed somewhere for a few hours...

"O-Ok..." Emerald suddenly had great empathy for people who were shy.

Violet Steel - Grimm Studies -


This wasn't going the way she wanted.

This creature is proving to be far more troublesome than I thought...

Not that she expected it to be easy, but perhaps she had underestimated the overgrown plant.

There's too many, I'm doing all I can keep them off me...

She needed to change tactics, as she dodged and struck at the roots she came up with a plan. It was a crude one, but it was all she had. She reattached her two blades into one once more, holding her weapon in one hand as she leaped away from the roots, she quickly drew an arrow from her quiver, the arrowhead looked rather odd though, it wasn't pointy or sharp like normal. She quickly threw it towards the roots, it went past them and struck the ground. Immediately there was a hissing sound as smoke poured out of the arrow and began to fill that part of the room. Violet was unsure how the roots could 'see' her, but she was betting on the fact that the smoke would mask her location from the monster.

Thanks to her semblance, Violet could sense the exact location of any of her 'marked' targets, it didn't matter if she could physically see them or not. She quickly reattached the bowstring to her weapon and drew another special arrow. It looked a lot like one of her fire arrows, except the arrowhead looked a lot bulkier. She fired it without hesitation towards the biggest 'head' of the monster, hoping that this time it wouldn't see it coming. The moment that arrow struck something, there would be a fairly decent explosion.
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