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Practice - Obstacle Course -

“One...two...three...” I counted as I warmed myself up with some stretches, I threw a few jumping jacks in to boot, can’t be too careful right? I was one of the last students up for the obstacle course, which was fine by me, this would let me show them all up.

What? You think just because I can fly that I shouldn’t be so concerned about how fast I am? I’ll give you two reasons why that’s wrong. Reason number one, I can’t always be in the air. Like it or not, I have to be on the ground sometimes. Reason number two…

…I’m fast as fuck boi! They would all eat my dust! I was at the starting line, waiting for the sound off. As soon as I heard it I was off, moving like a speed demon on a beeline towards her target! Nothing would slow me down. Obstacles? HA! If you could really call them that! I dodged, I flipped, I jumped, I hopped, I skipped, EASY. No semblance required!

I flew around the course; the finish line was in my sights! I wasn’t sure what time I was at, but I knew how I could shave off at least a few seconds, at the last meter I leaped with all my strength and tackled the ground just beyond the finish line! I crashed stomach first but hey, that’s what my aura is for!

“4:00!” That’s the time I heard. I’m not sure if anything else was said, but I didn’t really care, I slowly rolled onto my back and started to laugh loudly.

“HAHA! YES! I WIN! YOU ALL SUCK! WOOO!” I shouted this and similar things for a while, this was what they got for making fun of my height! SO WHAT IF I’M THE SHORTEST STUDENT?

Well anyway, the important thing was that I showed my superiority. Faunus power! Yeah! They’d all have to take me seriously now!

Huh? What was everyone else doing? They seemed to be doing other things. It was like they didn’t care!

Well, whatever, I was the fastest and they couldn’t say otherwise. It was then I happened to notice that our hot teacher seemed to be giving Bianca some one on one teaching time.

“Hmmmmmmmmm...picture time.” I took out my scroll and snapped a few. I’d give them to Bianca later, she’d appreciate them, I was sure.
@FlitterFaux@Write@Plank Sinatra


Emerald yawned as she reached her fellow students gathering for Practice. She was a little tired from Survival, but she was sure she'd wake up as soon as she started blasting targets in Practice. She was looking forward to it, since guns and explosions were kind of her thing.

"Alright! I'm ready to blow some shit up!" It was then she noticed who their instructor was.

Blink blink. Hey, she recognized who that was! "'s that unreasonably hot guy from Armory class!" Well, this was an unexpected surprise.

It was then that Emerald just so happened to notice Bianca. It was hard to forget those fluffy feathers of hers after all, but instead of being distracted by the fluff she focused on where Bianca was looking, it seemed she couldn't take her eyes of their sexy instructor.


Emerald grinned, and then proceeded to wave a hand in front of Bianca's eyes. "Helloooo~ Whatcha lookin at?"

She was gonna make Anna proud.


Violet Steel - Dust Apps -

Violet let out a sigh of relief as she listened to the instructor for Dust Apps. She seemed a lot more level headed and reasonable than their PE instructor. She didn't even want to think about what happened in PE.

Violet was ready to learn about dust, she used them extensively in her arrows and the more she could learn uses for them the better off she'd be as a huntress.


"Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaah..." Emerald's chest rose up and down as she lay on the beach, looking straight at the airship everyone was getting all excited about.

She may have overdone the flying a bit, she was feeling a bit tuckered out. She was thinking about just laying there for a while longer when it started to rain. "Drat."

With a sigh she got up on her feet, dusting off any sand that clinged to her body. She glanced around, looking for familiar faces. Luckily for her, she spotted Oswald not too far away. He was pretty easy to spot, he had this depressing aura around him.

She sprinted over towards him, "Heeeeey Oswald, what ya doing?"
@Awesomoman64 Hey uh, Violet is on the other team. Figured I should point that out.
@Guess Who@Ryonara


The Grimm were being taken care of rather handedly, Emerald continued to provide air support by harassing as many Grimm as she could from the skies.

A sudden succession of splashes however caught her attention. Some supply crates had fallen off the boat and into the water...along with one of her comrades. Emerald was quick to fly over, quickly spotting her wet teammate.

"Don't worry I got you uh..." What was his name again? "...Robert!" That was his name right? He was the accident prone guy, or so the rumors said.

Not wanting to get wet herself, Emerald used her semblance to form a small cyclone around Robert, which quickly turned into a water spout as it hit the water, it pulled Robert out of the water and into the air. He was then hit with another burst of air that slowed him enough for Emerald to grab him and start heading towards the lifeboats.

"You gotta be more careful...ya know?" Emerald said, her voice a bit strained. "You're really heavy...what do you eat?"
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Violet Steel - Physical Education -

"I'm...I'm Violet Steel..." The archer stammered. E-Everyone was stripping! Was this a normal thing in this part of the country when playing football? She unconscionably crossed her arms around her chest.

She tried to put in out of her mind for now. She'd just focus on strategizing, that would take her mind off it. "M-My semblance allows me to 'mark' targets so I can sense where they are at all also assists with my aim when I shoot arrows...but I guess that's not real helpful here..."

Wait...was...did that boy just turn into a girl?

Violet had to admit she'd seen stranger things...well maybe not quite that strange. He'd turned into a duplicate of her, Sand Vespa. She supposed that would confuse the other made sense, or at the very least that's how Violet rationalized it in her head.

Violet looked down at herself, looking incredibly self-conscious. " the stripping...required?" She was feeling kind of hot and a bit dizzy...


Holodeck...Danger Room, take your pick

Emerald sat down rather promptly when Stella asked to have the floor. Maybe she got a little carried away with her cupcake speech. She gave Oswald a shit-eating grin that probably only cemented Oswald's feelings of being the straight man in a sea of lunatics.

Speaking of seas, Emerald's jaw was wide open as the class was brought into a fucking holodeck! Emerald was well aware of their existence, but she had never been in one herself. She bounced on her heels a bit when a virtual Grimm was brought to life in a demonstration.

It didn't get really exciting until Stella left the room and the scenario was brought to life.

“In two minutes the ship will sink, the main objective is to head to the island 1600 meters west of your current location.

Good luck.”

Emerald looked around the ship, getting her bearings as she adjusted from being in a blank room to a sinking ship on the sea. The otter girl was already springing into action and using her semblance to push the water out of the ship. Water control, niiiiiice.... She didn't have time to admire it though, they only had about two minutes before they sank!

Emerald ran up to the ship's railing, looking out towards the island in the distance. It really wasn't that far, she could fly there in no time. Of course, they all needed to get across, and she assumed only her and Bianca could fly.

She looked down at the Grimm attacking the ship. They were completely focused on tearing it up, but that would likely change once they attempted to flee the ship. Emerald grinned, the open sky was the perfect opportunity to show off her new found power of flight.

The catgirl backflipped up onto the railing, before turning around to look at her fellow students. "I'm gonna try to keep the Grimm occupied while you guys figure out how we're all getting off this tub!"

She didn't give anyone a chance to respond as she leaped backward off the rails and flew around the ship once. She gave her weapons a quick check, making sure they were locked and loaded.

Then, she made her attack, she systematically fired single rounds at Grimm she flew close to before backing off, not to necessarily kill them as much as to irritate them enough to focus on her instead.
Violet Steel - Physical Education -

Sepia insisted she was fine and that was good enough for Violet, at least until proven otherwise. The archer decided that she would stay by Sepia's side and keep an eye on her, just in case. It wasn't like Violet was doing it because she didn't know anyone else or anything...


...right, this shirtless man was here. Violet assumed this hunk of a man was their PE teacher. So they were going to be playing football, fascinating.

"Violet, you wouldn't have to know what 'football' is, would you?"

Now, Violet wasn't sure what kind of football their shirtless teacher had in mind. When she thought of football, she only remembered blood, sweat, and tears. Oh, and screaming, lots of screaming.


"It can be a bit...intense, from my experience..."

Well, that wasn't exactly the most encouraging thing to say...


"Though...the version I played was a bit...unorthodox...I'm sure it will be fine...and free from broken bones."
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