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Appearance of Weapon: In its default state, the weapon appears to be a massive, double-edged blade that is metallic pink in color. The edges of the blade are adorned with what appears to be 'thorns' while the hilt is decorated with engravings of roses. Very over-the-top.

When in gun-mode, the blade seemingly splits open in the middle, revealing that it is more than just a blade as it surges with electricity.

Name of Weapon: Rosethorn, slayer of gods

Type of Weapon: Claymore/Railgun

Description: Being the massive blade that Rosethorn is, with all its intricate parts and mechanisms hidden within, this is an extremely heavy weapon. You must have considerable strength to pick it up, much less swing it around in battle. Its sheer weight makes the weapon ideal against slower opponents with heavy armor and/or shielding, though you'll have a harder time against nimble opponents.

Against distant targets, the weapon can be converted into a railgun that launches high-velocity projectiles that will pierce through even the toughest Grimm armor. There are very living things that can survive a direct hit by one if it's slugs, at least without an aura. Due to the tremendous amount of power required to fire said weapon, it can only be fired once every thirty seconds. Rosethorn must cooldown or the weapon could become damaged. In this form, the weapon is also very effective against slower targets, while opponents with speed may be able to dodge and put the user at a disadvantage.

Firing the railgun has the side effect of making the blade very hot. In addition, the weapon has a tremendous amount of recoil, this weapon should not be used by anyone without an aura, you are likely to break a bone.


Emerald almost didn't hear Amy's words, much less Anna's. Her heart was beating so fast she felt the force would knock her over. Thankfully Amy didn't snap at her like she'd feared, but it was obvious this had been the wrong time to approach Amy. She could see it in her eyes...

...and it probably didn't help that they were in the middle of class.

Emerald just nodded meekly in response to Amy, and Anna's suggestion as well. She'd agree to anything to get out of her current predicament. All she had to do now was run away and hide under a bed somewhere for a few hours...

"O-Ok..." Emerald suddenly had great empathy for people who were shy.

Violet Steel - Grimm Studies -


This wasn't going the way she wanted.

This creature is proving to be far more troublesome than I thought...

Not that she expected it to be easy, but perhaps she had underestimated the overgrown plant.

There's too many, I'm doing all I can keep them off me...

She needed to change tactics, as she dodged and struck at the roots she came up with a plan. It was a crude one, but it was all she had. She reattached her two blades into one once more, holding her weapon in one hand as she leaped away from the roots, she quickly drew an arrow from her quiver, the arrowhead looked rather odd though, it wasn't pointy or sharp like normal. She quickly threw it towards the roots, it went past them and struck the ground. Immediately there was a hissing sound as smoke poured out of the arrow and began to fill that part of the room. Violet was unsure how the roots could 'see' her, but she was betting on the fact that the smoke would mask her location from the monster.

Thanks to her semblance, Violet could sense the exact location of any of her 'marked' targets, it didn't matter if she could physically see them or not. She quickly reattached the bowstring to her weapon and drew another special arrow. It looked a lot like one of her fire arrows, except the arrowhead looked a lot bulkier. She fired it without hesitation towards the biggest 'head' of the monster, hoping that this time it wouldn't see it coming. The moment that arrow struck something, there would be a fairly decent explosion.


Emerald let out a small gasp of surprise as Anna put a hand on her shoulder. She was so nervous it was making her jumpy. She glanced back towards Amy and then back to Anna. She bit her lip for a few minutes, debating whether she wanted to go through with it or not. After what seemed like an eternity she finally spoke up.

“Alright…if you come with me I think I can do it. Just…back me up with I start becoming incoherent or do something stupid…”

It really wasn’t like Emerald to act all shy and nervous, but this was different. She wanted to get to know her sister more than anything, but at the same time, she was terrified at the thought of being rejected.

Still, if she didn’t confront this now it would be eating at her all day. So, she gathered her courage and walked up to Amy’s desk.


Violet Steel - Grimm Studies -


Violet narrowed her eyes as she watched the Dionaea protect its head from her arrows. It was obviously a weak point, otherwise it wouldn’t have bothered to protect itself.

She didn’t have time to think up a new strategy as five roots came flying towards the archer. Violet quickly drew another fire arrow and launched it at one of the roots, but that still left four. Violet leaped away as the first root nearly collided into her, snapping her bow in two as she did, her bow becoming two scimitars. The bow string rolled up into one of the newly formed blades.

The roots didn’t relent however, and so Violet was forced to dodge and strike them with her blades whenever they got too close. She needed to get away from these roots somehow, she couldn’t use her bow with them around.

Violet Steel - Grimm Studies -

@NarayanK@FlitterFaux@Rekaigan@Azereiah@Guess Who@Write

For a moment, all was calm, even as the Dionaea assaulted her fellow students. Violet simply observed, the mark she'd placed on the creature let her sense every movement it made, though it difficult to keep track of so many limbs. This did mean however that she could not be taken by surprise, she'd sense the moment one of it's many tendrils came close to her. Dodging them was simple, she easily evaded any vines that tried to snag her, almost as if she was a step ahead of them.

Despite looking frail, the Dionaea was anything from it. It's roots were tough, it would take serious firepower to pierce through them. Violet looked at the primary head of the monster. Was that it's weak point?

There was only one way to find out, while dodging a vine that tried to sweep her legs out from under her, she aimed her bow and pulled back the string before letting go. The arrow head glowed a bright orange as it traveled to it's target, the large head of the beast. It was time to see how the Dionaea liked fire.

When the arrow collided with the beast, the fire dust infused in the arrowhead exploded in a small inferno. If that didn't get the plant's attention, nothing would.

Violet didn't wait for the beast to retaliate, she had already drawn another fire arrow from her quiver and fired it at it's primary head again.

@FlitterFaux@Lucius Cypher@MULTI_MEDIA_MAN@Kaithas

Shenanigans are over, now it's time for intense feelings of angst

Emerald had to force herself not to burst out laughing as the older boy went on about Atlas having catgirl superheroes and levitating second graders. Of course, Emerald had never been to Atlas so...maybe it was true? That's fucking awesome I want to live there...

Distracted with her thoughts on Atlas she almost missed the otter girl and the boy leaving. She waved goodbye and decided it was probably best that she did as the otter suggested and landed back on the ground by Anna, Oswald and Gren. Emerald looked at Anna excitedly.

"There's so much I want to do after classes now. How high do you think I can fly? To the moon?"

Unfortunately Emerald's chipper mood was not to last, as the one person Emerald had dreaded running into arrived in class. Her newly discovered half-sister, Amaranth Desree. That name is pretty cool though...wait that's not the point! Normally she would have been very eager to talk to her sister and get to know her, but for once in her life, Emerald was actually feeling pretty shy. It didn't help that her dad had asked her to give Amy space, and from the looks of it, Amy was in a bad mood.

Emerald grabbed Anna's arm and pointed toward's the hawk faunus. "That's her, my half-sister. She...she looks a bit unhappy, should I say anything to her? I don't want to make her mad..."

Violet Steel - Grimm Studies -

Violet tugged against her uniform in annoyance. She found the school uniforms to be impractical and not very comfortable. Were they expected to fight Grimm in them? She felt way too exposed, nothing to cover her face or ears.

She sighed, it couldn't be helped, it was the required uniform after all. If she wanted to attend Beacon she had to wear it, at least during classes. The wolf faunus could barely believe she was even in the school. Somehow, Ozpin had found her wandering Vale and convinced her to join the academy, that man had a way with words.

Violet still had serious doubts, but she was already here so she was going to make the most of it. She was a bit late to her next class, Grimm studies, mostly because she'd been given incorrect directions to where the class even was.

Finally she'd found it, pushing the doors open to the classroom as she entered, she found that the students were being lead into a different room and followed behind them.

The monstrosity of a plant that was the Dionaea caught Violet off guard. She'd never run into a Grimm like this before. Caged or not it was quite intimidating. Now Violet was pretty skilled in fighting people, that was something she'd been doing for most of her life. Grimm however, she'd only fought on a rare occasion, and rather small ones at that. This, this was something new for her.

I suppose that's why I'm here though, isn't it? Violet pulled out her bow instinctively, ready for action. They apparently had a few minutes to analyze the creature, more than they would normally get in a real life scenario. Violet took this opportunity to mark the beast with her semblance, her eyes glowing purple for a brief moment as she did. Now she would know where the creature was at all times, not that it could really go anywhere. It's adrenaline levels well, she wasn't sure Grimm had adrenaline, but if it did she would sense it.

Violet listened as the other students made plans of attack against the creature, what they were planning seemed as good as any plan against a giant plant.

"If the rest of you can keep it busy, I'll burn it's tentacles to a crisp." The archer stated loudly, she didn't like speaking out, but she felt it was necessary in order to achieve their common goal. She removed an arrow infused with fire dust from her quiver in preparation.

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Well, let's not get crazy here, folks!

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Emerald made a cute pose as Anna took her picture as she listened to Anna's questions, suggestions, and nonsense. They really were a lot alike, Anna was just more mature and talented! She's so cool!

Emerald shook her head, she could be in awe of Anna later, they had to get back to business! "I figured that my scroll could handle the more complex stuff...if I use the voice command already in my scroll I don't have to worry about the goggles having as much tech stuffed in them if my scroll is doing most of the work..." Emerald's eyes widened. " think I'd look cute in glasses? I mean, I do want them to be durable cute are we talking?"

Emerald's train of thought was interrupted by the awful noises provided by Gren's tinkering. Well, it wasn't actually that awful, but Emerald had far better hearing than most due to her cat ears. For some reason though the noises were bothering Anna a lot more, that was kind of weird. "I'm not sure where the earplugs are, I typically use earmuffs cause those actually fit my ears..sorta..."

That reminded her of the headset that was given to her by those soldiers from the...mission. Oh...that's right, most of them died...

She bit her lip and looked down at the assembled parts she'd removed from Gren's helmet, she started playing with one to look busy. Don't think about it...don't think about's're fine...

"Ah!" Emerald let out a noise as she realized she'd been playing with a circuit a little too roughly, it was now cracked. "Damn it! Stupid piece of crap!" She chucked it to the ground far below her, she didn't need cheap shit in her goggles anyway... Wait a sec, why is the floor way down there?

It was then that Emerald realized she was floating roughly two feet off the ground above everyone else.

"Wow...this is new." Emerald wasn't sure what was happening, was this her semblance? She'd never been able to just float in the air like this. "Oh my god..." She tried moving, she found it was a simple thing to do, she started to circle around the room, dodging heads and whatnot as she did.

"Holy shit I can fly!"

She giggled and flew around Anna and the others a few times. "You guys should try this sometime it's great!" Emerald wasn't satisfied with just that though, she flew around some of the other students in the armory as well.

"Sup Gratia...Krysanthe...Vega...lion boy who I don't know...bai!" Before they could get a word in she'd flown off to pester another group of people. @LokiLeo789@Eklispe, @Crimmy, @Ayazi

She flew just above the heads of the otter girl and the hot dude next to her. She didn't really have much of a clue who they were so she figured now was a good time to introduce herself. "How's the weather down there? No, you're not dreaming, catgirls have mastered the power of flight, the future is now!" She smiled.
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@FlitterFaux@Lucius Cypher@MULTI_MEDIA_MAN


"Well of course I'm a princess, was there ever any doubt?" Emerald crossed her arms after placing all the parts she'd salvaged from the helmet on the table.

"Eh, goggles or glasses, doesn't matter really. Goggles probably make more sense for me though, less likely to get knocked off my face." Emerald said with a nod before continuing.

"Basically I would like the goggles to have a HUD display that connects wirelessly to my scroll. That way it could display important information for me without having to take my scroll out. That could really come in handy while we're on missions ya know? There's a lot of features that could be programmed into it afterwards, but the hard part is putting the hardware together first. Oh yeah, definitely want a camera and as many sensors as possible crammed into it..."

Emerald could go on and on with ideas for the goggles, but for the moment she stopped and listened to what Oswald and Gren were saying. She soon forgot about that as she watched Anna draw two different sketches at the same time.

"Okay, how the flapjack do you do that? I can't draw that good with one hand!"
<Snipped quote by Abillioncats>

Uh, I've got discord right now but not skypeso if it really isn't much trouble? I don't even know how I got this phone to behave and properly download/run discord...

I prefer discord at this point anyway so it's not really trouble at all. I'll send you an invite I made a server.
Excellent. Oh yeah did you say something about a team channel (are they called channels?) a time ago?

ah yeah we have one on Skype, though we can easily move it to discord if necessary.
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