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4 mos ago
Happy birthday to me! :D
4 mos ago
4 mos ago
@AlternateMan listening to some great songs today! Keep us posted, bro! :P
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4 mos ago
Will get as many responses out tonight as possible! :P
4 mos ago
I've got an exam this week so just to reassure the people I roleplay with, I'm still keen and I'm still excited to roleplay so replies will be minimal this week 😔
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Love a good fantasy roleplay :) Total Lord of the Rings nut :D High fantasy, magic, battles, war, would love to do an RP based on that :D

Also, I'm a Marvel nerd so I'd like to do some roleplays around that as well.

Drop me a PM if you'd like to do anything mentioned :)

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Oh no... what have I started 🙄
The way I see it as well is it opens up new villains as well 😉 But we'll see what happens 😎
My main focus is proving myself as Nova in the first series 😁 F4 is just something I'd like to do in the future, if the opportunity arises 😜
@KarmaCorps I've got a character that I've previously used that may fit with this... I'll send you a PM of the CS :)
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Not happy with Nova?

Nova's awesome! I'll never get tired of Nova! But I think having a team will be fun to write with :D Like you can interact with other characters without the restriction of waiting for them to write back because you control them all! :D
Might work on a F4 CS...
Been ill for a few days so it may be a while until my next post :( Sorry for the delay, folks :/
Could be interesting to see how the Green Lanterns and the Nova Corps interact with each other 🤔
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