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@EldarionI I posted btw if you were still waiting on me.
I dont understand.
I added some info about Loki's parents and an apperence. I hope that's okay?
Loki nodded her greeting and accent to a drink to her friend Gabriel. She was a bit preoccupied with what she had just downloaded onto her phone. Wordlessly, she handed the flash drive back to Tony and began to look through her file. There was no readable expression on her face but inside she was crumbling. How could their parents do this to them? She had spent a bit longer than would normally be necessary with the flash drive as she had not only downloaded her own file but the others as well.
She sat down eventually, just as Clara yelled out. Clones! They were all clones. Why? Were their parents the ones who did it? So many questions swirling through her head finally she stood up and planted herself directly in front of Tony.

"Why?" She knew he was no more likely to have an answer than any one else but his intelligence rivaled her own. She hoped he would at least have some theories.
I'll get one up today.
Loki groaned inwardly as Clara entered the cafe. Her presence was always a ruckus and Loki was was just trying to head her book on Norse mythology in peace and quiet. Her long black hair and blue-geeen eyes offsetting her pale skin as she sat in the shadowy corner of the cafe. She was just about to rebury herself in her book when she noticed Tony and Kurt acting strangely. Her head snapped up and she listened intently. She caught something about files and she noticed Tony looked distinctly upset which was unusual for him. After a few moments if debate she closed her book and sauntered over to the two of them.

"Files? What files?" She asked as she pulled herself a seat and butted in uninvited. Her British accent making her sound less annoying then she would have otherwise, especially in conjunction with her silver tones.
@EldarionI Would you be cool with our characters being friends since they both seem to be the big loners of the group?

Name: Loki Braddock

Age: 17

Clone of: Loki

Nickname: Puck

Powers: Telekinis- but only within the room she is in. If she is outside it's about a 15 foot cube. Teleportation- She is still experaminting with this power herself but so for it seems she can teleport to a location that is up to a mile away or if she has been there before. She doesn't know it yet but she can teleport between worlds. She is a sorceress. She has superhuman strength- she could lift up a car off herself but not throw it in the air. Superhuman speed- not quicksilver but more like some depictions of vampires. Superhuman reflexes and aglity- sort of self explanatory. She can shapeshift- but for now she cant copy the form of another person and with animals they look a bit...wrong. Like the eyes always remain hers or the fur is the color of her hair. Healing factor- not like deadpool or wolverine, more like she is super durable and has extensive stamina. She could survive being tossed around by the hulk. All-speak. She has immunity to almost all forms of mind control or hypnosis. She is immune to cold- her frost giant genetics. Projection- so far she can only project images of herself and small objects but she cant make them move. She is working on it.

Skills: She possess a genius level intalect, however rather than math and science, although she does rather enjoy physics and astronomy, she finds she is best suited to anthropology and psychology. Perhaps because her adoptive mother is an empath. She also has an astounding talent for dance and movement and a secret passion for Shakespeare. She loves to play pranks.

Bio: She is very close with her mother and a constant worry for her father. She first showed her magic abilities as a baby but they were mostly things like conjuring butterflies or moving her toys closer to her. The day before her first birthday she teleported herself into the tree outside her bedroom window and sent her parents into a panic. She, however, found the whole thing hilarious. Things in her life were fairly uneventful until middle school when the school put on a production of Shakespeare's a Midsummer Night's Dream and she was cast as Puck. It was such a nature fit for the gifted young prankster that it became her nickname. She is often in trouble at school because it bores her but she us really very studious when it comes to subjects that suit her. As she entered puberty she withdrew more from the community and spent more time with her magic and a black stray cat she adopted and named Frigga.

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