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I still have no idea for Wildheart, I've scoured google but no luck. Plus I'm crap at drawing so can't even draw my own.
Probably a good job that my char is in Hufflepuff otherwise you'd have two muggle born! lol

Nate Cooper lounged against the side of the building in the one spot that he felt got the most sunlight. The day was cloudy and much of the street was lined with shadows, the sun's rays patchy appearing and disappearing behind the clouds. It was cool but not cold and Nate was comfortably warm between the light and his black clothes. The trench coat thankfully wasn't too thick and so kept him warm without overheating. It wouldn't look very good if he was dripping sweat when trying to appear intimidating after all. He had a ha;f smoked cigarette in his mouth and a few finished ones were scattered about his feet. Not that anyone would notice with the amount of litter and other stuff all over the street. This area of La Vida wasn't really known for it's cleanliness, wasn't really known for much at all actually other than violence.

He had been standing there for over half an hour and was getting impatient, no more like pissed off, he didn't like waiting at the best of times and especially not when the person making him wait wanted a favour. He normally wouldn't bother with this kind of thing but having this guy owe him a favour would come in handy one day and besides...he was bored. He had realised that his usual work was becoming stale and maybe it was time to step us his game. Plus he had heard you could earn a lot of cash doing this kind of work. It would mean more heat from the cops but that didn't worry him, the cops hadn't managed to catch him yet and besides he knew they didn't have enough men with the balls to properly police La Vida.

Finally he saw the man he was waiting for walk around the corner flanked by several of his heavies, big black men with hard eyes and carrying multiple weapons. The man between them was almost as big and sported large tattoos on both bare arms, his heavies bore the same tattoos and Nate knew the symbol. It showed they were members of one of the biggest gangs in the city, the gang who claimed this area as their territory in fact. Nate had spotted the tail as he had headed here, another gang member keeping an eye on him but not approaching clearly the other members had been told about Nate. He watched the three men swagger towards him, their confidence present in every step, and smirked in amusement.

"Took 'ya long enough." He muttered stubbing out his cigarette with one booted foot.
"Photon, good that you decided to come. Sorry we're late but we had business to take care of, you know how it is." The man in the middle said with a wide grin.
Nate got his meaning and grinned back. "Cleaning house huh? Yeah been there."
"Why do you think I got in contact with you." The man answered.
"Figured my reputation had reached your ears, news travels fast."
"This isn't your normal sort of business." The man said his grin fading. "Sure you are up for it?"

Nate's grin also faded replaced with a hard look that left no one in any doubt that he was capable of doing the job. "Kill a snitch and his family? sure it ain't my usual gig but I reckon it's time to branch out."
The man smiled again pleased and told Nate the details of the job in question and then they hashed out a price as well as a favour that Nate could call in later. After they were finished they shook on it then the three black men left as quickly as they had come. Nate internally checked his light store and nodded in satisfaction, he had soaked up plenty. He walked in the other direction whistling as he headed to fulfil his job.
Wildheart's post is up, working on Photon's now. Should have that up shortly :)

Ashlyn Olivia Blackwood, known as Ash to her friends and Wildheart to her enemies, finished the last stitch in the side of the large dog lying on the large metal table. She examined her work for a moment and then stepped back nodding at one of her nurses to begin the process of moving the patient into recovery. As had become her habit, after each operation, she sent soothing images to the dog lying unconscious on the table. She had no doubt that even unconscious the animal would sense her sending and hopefully appreciate the reassurance, it had been a simple spay operation removing the animals reproductive system but even a simple operation would cause anxiety in anyone human or animal. Such operations were sometimes difficult for Ash as the animal was often confused and upset by what was going to be done to it, and since becoming part of their world she had struggled to find ways to explain to them why such steps were sometimes necessary. This dog, a Collie named Clara, had accepted the situation as she had already had several litters and felt herself too tired to bear more.

She glanced at the clock that hung on one wall of the operating theatre and was unsurprised at how late it was, the operation had needed to be performed as soon as possible due to health issues and so she had offered to do it before closing up for the night. Adrian would no doubt have eaten by now but she was sure he would have saved something for her to heat up. He usually did. Once Clara was settled into one of the recovery kennels adjacent to the theatre, she let the nurses out and closed the clinic. Unlike the nurses she did not have to travel anywhere to get home, the clinic had been built in an extension of the house she shared with her brother. It was a simple walk up a short paved path to the main house lit by small solar lamps at regular intervals. The house was dark, Adrian was no doubt asleep by now or holed up in his room with his computer, but the kitchen light had been left on. She entered the house through the back door and was enveloped by a furry mass.

With a chuckle she steadied herself and crouched to pet the various animals, the two German Shepherds and the two cats weaving between their feet, and answered their greetings and demands with several mental images. After a few minutes the animals retreated slightly recognising her tiredness and need to sit down. She fixed herself a cup of tea, with milk and sugar, and sat at the kitchen counter idly stroking Artemis's head where the dog sat beside her. Apollo had lay down at her feet and the two cats perched on the counter beside her, only Smudge was absent but she wasn't surprised as the cat seemed attached to her brother like glue most days. Now relaxing her thoughts returned to the invitation she had received from Athena a young girl who helped her in the clinic. The girl was very smart and she had figured out Ash's secret offering her an invitation to some sort of gathering of like minded people. She had been debating all day on whether to attend and sitting in her kitchen she had finally made her decision...

...The following day found her standing in front of the address Athena had given her with her two dogs beside her, she had debated whether or not to bring them but they had been insistent and truthfully she welcomed their reassuring presence. She would just have to hope that whoever else was here was ok with animals, if not well she wouldn't be returning here, since animals were integral to her abilities. She hadn't been sure whether she was supposed to come as Wildheart and in the end had decided not to. She didn't know yet what to expect and felt it was better if everyone just saw a young woman with a knack for animals. She had therefore dressed casually in her usual non work clothes, blue skinny jeans, calf length black boots, long black top and motorcycle jacket and her red hair tied back in a ponytail.
Readjusting one of the many silver rings on her fingers she took a deep breath and walked to the main entrance knocking sharply, the dogs walking on wither side of her.
Awesome, I'll start working on my posts. I'm so excited to get things rolling! :)
@Lightning Just to check, are we going with Athena helping out at my char's vets? I think it would be a good way for Ash to have learned about the house etc?

Also should I post my villain doing stuff or wait?
I'm going to have to pull out I'm afraid. I'm struggling with my health at the min. Have fun guys :)
Someone mentioned they might make a cop char I think. But if there isn't one yet I'll work one up :) I'll have it up tomorrow.
Nate isn't either really but he would if it was in his best interests lol Nate is all about looking after no 1, himself. It was a thought I was throwing out there.
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