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I'm sorry guys but I'm going to have to leave this RP, things are very hectic/stressful right now and I just don't have the time.
True, ive now finished the paperwork etc. So should have a post up later today. Thanks for everyone's patience!
I'm sorry guys but real life has just got super hectic. I finally have a start date for my new job so lots of stuff to sort out. I'm still interested in this RP if you can bear with me. If you can't wait then I'll understand :)
Its gone :) thanks for asking
I avoided having Ash do any magic yet as I wasn't sure what you'd be ok with? But seeing how Ash is a born witch I figured she'd be able to do some?
We are seriously lacking in testosterone lol there goes my hopes for a hospital romance for Ash!
Ash rolled her eyes at the mention of Stacy Keeler, the girl was seriously bad news, and she was fed up of hearing about her. But she knew Jessica would insist on telling the story regardless, for someone as smart as her friend she loved to gossip an awful lot. The new girl Diane showed interest too but Ash couldn't blame her, it was always a good idea to know who to avoid in a new school and Stacy Keeler was definitely someone to avoid.

"Why don't they just expel her already, I don't care who her dad is." Ash said. "I'm so sick of rich kids like her getting away with everything."

Sam's words distracted her from her annoyance however when she suggested Diane should join their group. Ash looked Diane over thoughtfully there was something about her that nudged at Ash's senses and the girl recognised that Ash herself was a natural. She shrugged at Sam and Jessica. "She can come along if she wants, doesn't bother me. Though I'd rather you didn't tell anyone of the stuff you see, it's private and to be honest this lot don't need more shit to throw at me." She then glanced at Troy who was sitting at a table nearby. "I picked up on that about him." She agreed. "But he's not a member of our group."

Jessica grinned when both Sam and Diane showed interest in her mention of Stacy Keeler, Ash was her usual grumpy self about it but Jessica understood that it was personal for her. Ash had to struggle for everything in life whereas Stacy and others like her seemed to get whatever they wanted and got away with everything as well. Jessica felt a little guilty about that, seeing as she was technically one of the rich kids. She opened her mouth to tell them what she had heard when Sam asked about the club and about Diane joining them. She was a little surprised and hurt that Sam hadn't thought to ask her and Ash's opinions before inviting the new girl, they were in it together after all, but it was done now.

"Ummm sure you can join us." She said throwing a sharp look at Sam before smiling at Diane. "Oh you mean Troy? I didn't know that about him. You should have said something." She elbowed Ash gently in the ribs.
My Migraine is still bad, sorry guys. Will poat as soon as I can
Sorry for the delay, killer migraine, ill post tonight
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