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Current If you have the chance to get infected with Mono before you have kids, I greatly urge you to do so. If a friend gets it, go over there and give 'em a good ol' french kiss.
1 mo ago
I love being told I look much younger than I actually am. The only downside is that people are always really surprised when I say I have two kids.
1 mo ago
Gareth - To some people, the Taurine in the Energy Drink actually relives the headache/migraine.
1 mo ago
@Raddum Try chugging a Red Bull. That might help.
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1 mo ago
Honestly, all I want right now is to do a My Hero Academia / Sky High / X-Men type RP with normal students with superpowers training to be freaking heroes.



So, it might be high time I do this. I've been considering it for a while, but I just couldn't really muster the need to do so. So here goes nothing...

The name's The Mad Hatter, though The Mad Hatress would be more befitting, considering my lack of a penis. You can call me Mad, Hatter, Hatress, AM, Love, Sister/Sis or Whatever. I'm a 25 years old woman with a bunch of different fancy pieces of paper stating how great I am, but I haven't really found that one thing (job) that makes me happy yet. But I like writing.

I've been Post-by-Post roleplaying since I was 12, so... that's a while. I've been writing stories since I could and I've always had a great interest in Fantasy and Sci-Fi; mostly High Fantasy with Elves and Dwarves (or other fantastical creatures) and Superhero/Superhuman stuff.
I've actually been roleplaying for as long as I can remember, starting with sticks as swords in the backyard with my brothers, evolving into Live Roleplaying in the town club, then going into Pen-and-Paper at the age of ten, with PnP overlapping with PbP for a few years.

I'm an Advanced level writer, but I can do Casual, if I'm intrigued enough at the concept/idea of an RP. I'm almost always looking for a new RP, so you're very welcome to shoot me a PM if you're looking for players for something I might like.

I'm from Denmark, making me a Dane, making me Danish. Danes are known for their "rude" nature, promiscuity (and generally pretty loose view on sex), open minds, horrible (and dark) sense of humor and, mostly currently, their racism. I can't say it's not true, but I'm not a racist; at least not really. I joke.

I have a small daughter (Freja) from October 2014 and a 4 months premature son (Balder) from December 2016. I also have a wonderful husband who fully supports my roleplaying "career".
I have a dog [Collie+Labrador Mix] (Bamse(=Teddy)) and an axolotl [Albino Gold] (Lille My (=Little Mu))

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Consider this my placeholder. CS is very WIP. Seriosuly, don't look at it.

I'll toss my hat into this.

I can help with the BB-codes and stuff, a long as I don't have to have any other sorts og GM responsibilities. Or, well, I can help with character "evaluation", too. I just have limited time to do actual GMing.
Would it be all right to make "traits" in the personality section of the CS? Like:

Loathes Personalities
The Mad Hatter is a terrible writer, who has a very hard time writing down the personality of a character without sounding like a complete idiot. As such, she has gotten to a point where she just makes traits to avoid an internal struggle.
@Agent 47

I'm hard at work, designing a costume and shit stuff.

I'll consider it. Since I completely forgot about this 'cause I forgot to subscribe and I have the memory of a retarded, inbred goldfish who's slammed against the glass too many times.
I need this in my life.
I'd like to pretend that I'll start on a post tonight, but I know that I won't. So I'll spare you the sort-of lie and tell you that I'll start working on a post tomorrow.
I'm here, too...
Just throwing my Hat in here, showing my interest. I know zip about Degenisis, but I'm up for attempting to learn something new.
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