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Current There is no love as pure as the one between a human and their bed <3
2 mos ago
My New Year's resolution is to find the time to start roleplaying again instead of just being a quiet observer.
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I really hope 2018 is better than the last 25 years of my life...
2 mos ago
Christmas shopping for adults: "What?! 50 bucks is too expensive!" Christmas shopping for the kids: "I guess 10 gifts each could be enough..."
2 mos ago
Do you ever buy stuff you actually don't need, just becasue it has a silly name? I do.
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So, it might be high time I do this. I've been considering it for a while, but I just couldn't really muster the need to do so. So here goes nothing...

The name's The Mad Hatter, though The Mad Hatress would be more befitting, considering my lack of a penis. You can call me Mad, Hatter, Hatress, AM, Love, Sister/Sis or Whatever. I'm a 25 years old woman with a bunch of different fancy pieces of paper stating how great I am, but I haven't really found that one thing (job) that makes me happy yet. But I like writing.

I've been Post-by-Post roleplaying since I was 12, so... that's a while. I've been writing stories since I could and I've always had a great interest in Fantasy and Sci-Fi; mostly High Fantasy with Elves and Dwarves (or other fantastical creatures) and Superhero/Superhuman stuff.
I've actually been roleplaying for as long as I can remember, starting with sticks as swords in the backyard with my brothers, evolving into Live Roleplaying in the town club, then going into Pen-and-Paper at the age of ten, with PnP overlapping with PbP for a few years.

I'm an Advanced level writer, but I can do Casual, if I'm intrigued enough at the concept/idea of an RP. I'm almost always looking for a new RP, so you're very welcome to shoot me a PM if you're looking for players for something I might like.

I'm from Denmark, making me a Dane, making me Danish. Danes are known for their "rude" nature, promiscuity (and generally pretty loose view on sex), open minds, horrible (and dark) sense of humor and, mostly currently, their racism. I can't say it's not true, but I'm not a racist; at least not really. I joke.

I have a small daughter (Freja) from October 2014 and a 4 months premature son (Balder) from December 2016. I also have a wonderful husband who fully supports my roleplaying "career".
I have a dog [Collie+Labrador Mix] (Bamse(=Teddy)) and an axolotl [Albino Gold] (Lille My (=Little Mu))

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I'm still here, just lurking about in the shadows.
I'm still here (even though I'm not accepted yet).
Might as well give this a go.

Is this happening or not?
There we go! Finally! A post!

It's terrible and I should be shot for writing this, but I guess it gets the job done in FINALLY getting on with things. Also, this was an awfully hard post to write, 'cause I had no clue how she should react to any of it.
Haruka released a breath she did not quite realize she had been holding, along with a strained chuckle. She was absolutely livid, but tried her best not to let it show on her face. She really wanted to literally smash the laughing guy's face in or maybe just kick him really hard in the nuts, but she repressed her murderous thoughts in favor of replying to what seemed like a sincere apology from the male prostitute that had now stepped in front of her and was looking for the offender. When his gaze stopped and landed on a man who stood, winded and looking like he still wanted to keep laughing despite his coughing fit, Haruka released another breath, but rather than being accompanied by an awkward chuckle, this one came with a soft sigh.

It's fine,” she assured with a wide grin, trying to save some face despite her earlier obvious discomfort, “I was just … I wasn't really … I mean,” she tried, but failed to come up with a reasonable explanation as to why she, a trained ninja, would freeze up at something as innocent as a hug. Her face was burning by now and she decided to forgo the explanation and just answer the question she was asked, “It's Haruka,” she blurted, “My name, that is. It's Haruka.

The slight crowd that had gathered due to the sudden, bombastic laughing fit of the stranger was starting to dissipate and before she could embarrass herself any further, Haruka took a slight step back, just enough to make it clear that she was making distance between the two of them, but not enough to make it seem like she wanted to get away from him. She did not really mind him. However, instead of engaging in further self-humiliation, she turned to the one who had laughed and felt her anger flare again. She was pretty sure the slight twitch of her eyebrow was visible as she, with a slightly strained expression on her face, asked the simple question, “Can we help you with something?
Ugh, as much as it pains me, I might have to stick around and see how it goes.
I actually went as far as to make a NEW character, which I haven't done in ... three years. I don't want that energy to just be wasted.

I would offer my services as a GM as I'm a veteran and have PbP roleplayed for about 15 years and (starting with LARP) have generally roleplayed for 20 years. GM'ed my first RP after about two years and the second a few months later, which then went on to run for several years. However, I also have a family on my own and won't have time to do this as fast as some would prefer and also won't really have time to manage an RP once this week is over; I'll barely have the time to puke out some posts.

In conclusion, I'll be sticking around, I can give tips and perhaps help out a bit with the GMing stuff, but I won't be doing much, since I'm a busy bee.
I'm working on a character. Just need to fill in personality and bio. Will probably be finished tomorrow. Making a broad, since there's a boob shortage in this game

Also, posting this from my phone (on the can) so sorry.
Oh my God, I am so down for this. It just strokes me in all the right ways

Now I just need to decide which of my (many) superhuman/metahuman/mutant/whatever-you-wanna-call-it I'm gonna play. Out of all the characters I have, only a few would feel right in the particular setting, so that narrows it down quite a bit.
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