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Current I'm getting too old for this ... stuff - Too much drama.
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When I first joined the site, before the dinosaurs walked the earth, the sectiosn were called "Beginner", "Moderate" and "Andvanced". The names were changed to fit the writing /STYLE/, not quality.
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When did fluffy slippers and a kimono stop being appropriate clothing??
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The best part of being in a relationship where both parts are into both sexes is comparing tastes; we mostly agree on females, but he likes butchy-er dudes than I do xD
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I just saw my husband eat a handful of Skittles ... in different colors.



So, it might be high time I do this. I've been considering it for a while, but I just couldn't really muster the need to do so. So here goes nothing...

The name's The Mad Hatter, though The Mad Hatress would be more befitting, considering my lack of a penis. You can call me Mad, Hatter, Hatress, AM, Love, Sister/Sis or Whatever. I'm a 25 years old woman with a bunch of different fancy pieces of paper stating how great I am, but I haven't really found that one thing (job) that makes me happy yet. But I like writing.

I've been Post-by-Post roleplaying since I was 12, so... that's a while. I've been writing stories since I could and I've always had a great interest in Fantasy and Sci-Fi; mostly High Fantasy with Elves and Dwarves (or other fantastical creatures) and Superhero/Superhuman stuff.
I've actually been roleplaying for as long as I can remember, starting with sticks as swords in the backyard with my brothers, evolving into Live Roleplaying in the town club, then going into Pen-and-Paper at the age of ten, with PnP overlapping with PbP for a few years.

I'm an Advanced level writer, but I can do Casual, if I'm intrigued enough at the concept/idea of an RP. I'm almost always looking for a new RP, so you're very welcome to shoot me a PM if you're looking for players for something I might like.

I'm from Denmark, making me a Dane, making me Danish. Danes are known for their "rude" nature, promiscuity (and generally pretty loose view on sex), open minds, horrible (and dark) sense of humor and, mostly currently, their racism. I can't say it's not true, but I'm not a racist; at least not really. I joke.

I have a small daughter (Freja) from October 2014 and a 4 months premature son (Balder) from December 2016. I also have a wonderful husband who fully supports my roleplaying "career".
I have a dog [Collie+Labrador Mix] (Bamse(=Teddy)) and an axolotl [Albino Gold] (Lille My (=Little Mu))

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Oh my God, I am so down for this. It just strokes me in all the right ways

Now I just need to decide which of my (many) superhuman/metahuman/mutant/whatever-you-wanna-call-it I'm gonna play. Out of all the characters I have, only a few would feel right in the particular setting, so that narrows it down quite a bit.
<Snipped quote by The Mad Hatter>
Just to be clear since we're talking to non-Scandinavians. This is not a tradition that is specifically associated with turning 25, but rather for turning any age above... twelve I guess...

Anyway, you're welcome for getting more uncomfortable, that was what I was aiming for after all.

This is true. Most bars/pubs/whatever actually give first drinks free to birthday boys and girl. So people do Pub Crawls on their birthdays to get free drinks at all bars in town. It is also tradition for the birthday boy/girl to down as many shots as years they are turning - the twist being that these shots can be anything from tab water, to vinegar, to vodka, to hot sauce and if you puke, you have to do it all over (this might just be danish, though, 'cause we're sort of a whole nation of retards).

In Denmark (or at least Jutland, since I think they do it differently on The Devil Island, better known as Zealand) you just get tied to a lamp post, spayed with a hose (no matter what time of the year your birthday is), dowsed in cooking oil and absolutely drowned in cinnamon on your 25th birthday, if you haven't gotten hitched yet. If you still haven't gotten married by the time you turn 30, you get the same treatment with ground pepper instead of cinnamon.

ANYWAYS! Post will be up TODAY *Intense Applause with whistling and shouting*
Just dropping in to let you know that I'll most likely have time to push out a post this weekend, unless something unexpected happens (which is very likely when you have kids).

In other news, I'll be turning 25 this Sunday (yay ) and, as by Danish (an generally Scandinavian) tradition, I will be getting shitfaced to the point where I'll need subtitles at the bill of my friends and family. I'll likely be hung over for at least a week, because I'm older on the inside and haven't really had a drink since new years, which wasn't even enough to get me buzzed.
Probably interested, if you're still accepting! I really like survival and desert island rps, so hopefully this will have that aspect as well as the mythos.

I very much still want this to happen, but, sadly, my players all vanished. I can try and gather some interest again, if you want?
Thanks for making it awkward for everyone around them, too. I totally felt like it wasn't awkward enough already.

I think it's your "turn" to post. Any idea when you'll have time for it? No rush, just curiosity.
Still here. I'll be moving to another state soon, which means getting the house ready to be put on the market and all the crap that involves. I've been getting posts out much slower because of this.

That's completely understandable. We're both slow posters in general, so we don't mind. And the others seem to have dropped, which is fine, too. Better a few loyal players that we know can stand the wait that the both of us are gonna cause (and now you, too, haha) than a bunch of people who're only around as long as there's "action" :)

Almost seems like it's down to us three. I'll try to get a post up today or so that will move my dude closer to you so we can... interact freely ;)

Yeah, it does seem so. Maybe caliban might still be lurking, but I don't know. I have an old "friend" that might join, but maybe not. He's definitely loyal, so I'm sure that if he joins, he's in it for the long haul and 3-4(maybe 5) people is just perfect to me.

I'm disappointed in you for two reasons:
1) You haven't fixed the broken-ass hider in your siggy yet. GET IT DONE ALREADY!!!
2) You didn't put the herpes comment in your siggy. You are like herpes. Flaunt it.

I'm gonna ignore your "interact freely" comment because if we get started, we'll never stop and I have been banned for inappropriate writing before and don't want to try it again (it was a long time ago, though, and on another forum)
<Snipped quote by The Mad Hatter>

That's as close to a compliment you'll get, eh?

Yes. Put it in your siggy. "Halvtand is like herpes - wise words by The Mad Hatter"

I called you my "kinda, sorta, as-close-as-you-get-to-a-friend-on-the-internet" once. That's definitely a compliment if I ever saw one.

I'm pretty sure just calling you a "dumb swede" is kind of a compliment, too, since it's significantly nicer than anything I've said to any other swede. Even if you aren't a real swede and are slightly danish anyways.
Of course, I'm still here.

Obviously. I just can't seem to get rid of you, no matter what I do. You're like herpes.

You guys in or out?

I can't get the IC up when we have no approved characters...
@NobodiesHeroI'll have way too much fun with this. Post is up.
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