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I am a 29 year old female who is comfortable playing as a female. I am working on my males though, and welcome opportunities to play them as my main character.

Like most people of age, I'm no stranger to mature things, and welcome those as well. And like most people, I do have my limits. Drugs, alcohol, abuse, death, gore, sex, are all fine to me. Not a big fan of smut or rape, furries, wierd kinks, things of that matter. Also, please don't take control of my character unless I've given you permission to do so. A big pet peeve of mine.

As far as posting goes, I'm normally available Mon-Fri from about 7-4. Should something come up and I'm going to be away for more than a day or two, I try to let my partners know beforehand. It's just polite. During the times I'm on, I can post several times, and my post lengths vary. Depending on where we are in the story, and what's going on, I can write from 1 to sometimes 7 or 8 paragraphs. Although, like other players, I like quality. Also, I'm kind of a grammar and punctuation Nazi. Please don't let this scare you off. Some things I can overlook, everyone makes mistakes, and that's understandable. I post from a phone, so my autocorrect tends to think differently than I do sometimes lol.

Uhm... I'm not real sure what else to put other than I'm not a big slice of life kind of girl. I have a family and live life everyday. I don't wanna live another day to day life in here. Take me somewhere else!! Give me interesting characters. I love romance, action and explosions, guns and monsters, sci fi and aliens, mystery... things of that nature. Fantasy is ok with me, as long as it's not real high.

(Don't have to be exact, just ideas we could work off of)

The Mummy (Brendan Frasier)
The Long Kiss Goodnight
I, Robot
San Andreas
Robin Hood (Russell Crowe)
Harry Potter
Beauty and the Beast (I know, I know)
The Little Mermaid
Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

Assassin/Target or Witness
Mental Patient/Mental patient
Mental patient/Doctor
Rich widow with child/Bodyguard
Almost anything involving pirates

(More to come)

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Ok so...

Have been watching alot of Spartacus lately, and am on season 3 right now. Super amazing show, if I do say so myself. I will be sad when it's finished.

It has sparked an interest to do something similar and in the same time period. I don't have any real plot or story formed, which is ok because I like to try to hash things out with a partner. That being said...

If anyone is interested in doing such a story, time period, let me know and maybe we can get thing rollin'.

Also, I would like this to be a MxF pairing.

Location: Sally's Dorm > Avalon

Interactions: @Draven

When Sally awoke, she was alone in the room. Normally, this wasn't somethig that bothered her, but for some reason, it did this time. She had been hoping he would still be there. Quickly shaking her head and pushing the thoughts from them, she tossed the blanket aside and threw her legs over the edge of the bed. With a yawn, she raised her arms above her head and stretched, her back popping in several places at once. Sally groaned in appreciation and relaxed, letting her arms back down. That was when she saw a little envelope on on her desk. With an inquisitive tilt of her head, she rose from the bed and made her way to it. As she read the note inside, her brow furrowed and jaw dropped just the slightest.
”Holy shit.”

Sally stared at the note for a moment longer before her brain finally caught up with her. She jumped into action. In a flurry of motion, she began collecting things she would need. Clothes, make-up, anything and everything. She only had a little time to get ready, and she was going to make the best of it… after she showered.

With one last look in the mirror, she smiled, pleased with herself. She wanted to look nice, but not overly dressed. Especially if there was going to be dancing. So, she went with something dress-casual. She quickly snatched her ID and the gift card from Elijah, then raced out the door. She giggled as she ran through the halls. Her destination? Drake's bike. Hopefully she could beat him to it.

As she pushed out of the front double doors, her eyes scanned for the bike, and as soon as she saw it, a grin broke out across her lips. Perfect. He hasn't left yet. She then raced across the parking lot over to the bike, and as soon as she reached it, her eyes roamed over the machine, admiring. After a moment, she leaned against it, her butt partially on the seat. Arms were crossed over her chest, and one ankle was resting over the other. Her firey hair draped over her shoulder in a braid.

It was only moments later when Drake emerged from within the school. Her eyes fell on him, and remained there as he made his way to his bike. The only words spoken, was the introduction to the bike; to Veronica. Shortly after, Drake climbed onto the bike, and Sally followed. She wrapped her arms around his waist and nestled against him. Then, they were off.

After what seemed like too short of a ride, the arrived at their destination. Music could be heard pumping from inside the club. There were tons of people waiting to get inside. This deflated her good mood just the slightest, but only for a moment. Only until Drake hit off the bike, offering her help off. She gladly accepted, grinning as she dismounted and stood next to Drake. Next to her… date. Her eyes looked over at him, and she couldn't help the smile that graced her face, reaching her eyes. Seconds later, she looked back to the entrance, and exhaled. ”Looks like we're gonna be waitin a while,” she said as she linked her arm through Drake's.

A thought suddenly struck her and her eyes lit up for a moment. ”Please tell me you brought your flask.”

H A R P E R R E S I D E N C E:

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018 - 05:35 pm | Bedroom

With a heavy sigh, Ivy closed her book and let her head fall onto it in an exaggerated motion. What the Hell was the point of homework, anyways? All it did was irritate her and give her headaches. She closed her eyes for a moment, before opening them again and grabbing her phone beside her. Lifting her head, she hit the home button. The screen lit up and revealed the time. The search would be kicking off pretty soon if it hadn't already. With a soft groan, Ivy pushed herself off of the bed and brought her foot down to the floor, the other following shortly after. Standing, she stretched her back out, her spine popping in several places, making her groan in appreciation.

”It's probably too late to stop by Noah’s, now. Damn,” she cursed as she pulled her boots on. ”Suppose I'll see him at the park, then.” Ivy looked in the mirror that hung from her bedroom door and made sure she looked alright before grabbing the handle and jerking the door open.

As she entered the hall, she noticed that the house was dark and quiet. Either mom and dad had left already, or were still at work. There was a good chance it could be either.

Hopping off the last step, Ivy went into the kitchen, flipping the light on. Her destination, the fridge. She desperately needed a snack, and the one thing on her mind at that moment. Go-Gurt. As she opened the fridge and pulled the crisper drawer open, she couldn't help but smile. Her dad would always ask her “how old she was” or “If she was ever going to grow up”. As if Go-Gurts were only reserved for kids. Of course, it was always in a playful manner, when he'd ask. It was just the sort of relationship they had. He would tease her, and she would tease him.
Ivy shut the drawer and the fridge door, tearing the tube open with her teeth. Reaching up, she took the plastic from between her teeth and tossed it in the trash, then proceeded to go to town on her snack as she left the kitchen. Without missing a beat, she headed straight for the door, and stepped out into the evening. This night should prove interesting.

M A T H E R P A R K:

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018 - 06:02 pm | Search Party Registration

When she arrived at the park, it was a flurry of activity and looked almost like a mob. It looked as if over half the town were there. Her faith in humanity went up a few notches. Sure, she had expected people to show up, but not as many as there were. It was a sight that made her smile, despite the circumstances. They were all coming together to find one of their own. The smile quickly faded and she made her way into the mob. She recognized alot of student and staff from the school. Parents. Siblings. One person in particular though, she hadn't seen yet. Well, several. She hadn't seen her mom or dad just yet, and she hadn't seen Noah.

It was at that moment, she heard a bark. Her head jerked in the direction it had come from, and Ivy saw a black blur disappear down the street. Again, a smile graced her face. Even Shadow was here. That was when the smell of food hit her nose. She couldn't help the laugh that burst past her lips and roll her eyes. ”That's why you're here.” With a shake of her head, she continued her search, weaving in and out of people, trying to find anyone she was even remotely friends with… which weren't many people.

M A T H E R M E M O R I A L H I G H S C H O O L:

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018 - 02:44pm | The ‘Loft’

Well, it seemed her volunteering to be the first to answer Me. Lerher’s question started a domino effect. A few of the students had stood and answered, each one earning a smile from her. Then, there were a few that didn't. Chloe’s statement had frustrated her, but she could understand where the girl was coming from. None of them asked to have these “gifts”, but they had them. All they could do was try to make the best of it. What else was there to do? She listened as the select few spoke, and watched as two others excused themselves to the bathroom. Ivy let her eyes move across the room, landing on each individual person there. Was there really hope for them? Could Mr. Lerher help them?

Her thoughts were soon interrupted by knock at the door. Ivy turned her attention to it, then to Mr. Lerher as he made his way to the door. When he opened it, she couldn't help but wince and scoff. Elroy Bain. Student Body President. Could he be anynore fake? Rolling her eyes, she turned back around around faced the front of the classroom. Although she didn't look his direction, she listened. Ivy had never really been popular, never cared to be, and since she discovered she was a Hype, she was alone for the most part. It had been that way for a while, and quite honestly, she was happy to keep it that way. Yeah, friends would be nice, especially ones more like her. She glanced around the room again, feeling her hope for any sort of friendship, diminish. Then, the sudden mention of a search party was mentioned.

Ivy perked up a bit in her seat and turned her head just the slightest to hear better. A search was going on tonight at Mather Park. For the missing girl. Since she had nothing else to do, Ivy decided then and there, that she would be going. It was the least she could do. Aaannd then, the dance came up. Ivy shook her head. Nope, not going to that. The decision was instant. She couldn't dance. Not that, that stopped her from doing it… just not in front of the whole student body. More like, at home, where no one could watch. She doubted anyone would ask her anyways. It didn't bug her. Not in the least. Though, on the off chance someone did, she just may say yes. May.

It was at that point, the bell rang, dismissing the class. Ivy sat for a moment before slowly packing her things up. There was so much going on, and it had her brain in a frenzy. Zipping up her bag, she stood and pulled it up and over her head. Dropping the strap onto her shoulder, Ivy looked up at Noah for a brief moment before averting her eyes and following the remaining students out of the room. Once she was back outside, it felt like a weight had been lifted off of her chest. She had been so tense during that class. Ivy closed her eyes and let out a slow breath, then opened them again. Time to head home.

Maybe she could catch Noah before she left to join the search party.


Ivy’s hand slammed down on the alarm clock that blared in her ear, a groggy groan emerging from the lump of blankets on her bed. Monday. The first day back to school. That had to be like, the worst combination of days ever, in the history of forever. Ivy laid in bed for another moment or so before throwing her blankets off of herself, huffing in frustration. Again, she laid in bed for another moment, staring up at the ceiling, when she pushed herself up into a sitting position, and flung her leg over the side of her bed. She ran her fingers through her tangled hair and yawned, stretching her stiff muscles. ”Alright, let’s do this,” she said as she hopped up off the bed and began her “school morning” routine. Brushing her teeth. Fixing her hair (which today, was a messy bun). Applying the small amount of make-up she wore: eyeliner, mascara, and powder. Then she went and dug around in her closet. Ivy grabbed a pair of jeans and a band tee. Quickly pulling them on, she snatched a pair of socks from her drawer and say down on her bed. She then proceeded to put those, and her tennis shoes on.

Again, hopping up from bed, she grabbed her messenger bag and tossed it onto her shoulder. Ivy grabbed her phone from off of her night stand and hit the home button, effectively unlocking the device. 45 minutes. It took her 45 minutes to get ready. With a smile, Ivy nodded her head in approval, then tucked the phone into her back pocket. Heading out of her room, Ivy made her way down the stairs and was went into the kitchen. There was no one there. Which, it wasn't wasn't big surprise with her mom working at the hospital and her dad being a Fire fighter. There was however, a sticky note on the fridge. Ivy furrowed her brow and walked over to it, her eyes scanning the note.

Have a good first day baby girl. And don't kiss any boys you don't know

Ivy laughed and rolled her eyes. That was from dad. The funny thing about that, was that she knew most of the boys at school. She chuckled again and touched the note with her finger tips in an affectionate manner before parting from it and leaving out the door to head to school. It was only a short walk from her house.

As she entered the school, Ivy was greeted with many familiar faces. Of course she would, she grew up here. The majority of them though, looked at her as if she were some sort of outcast. Which, in a sense, she was. She was Hyperhuman. Ivy released a heavy sigh and ignored the faces of disgust and hatred. She made her way over to the tables to pick up her schedule and such. The first day was always tense. Always stressful. Especially being what she was. However, she managed to find a way to push all that aside. At that point, she heard Noah’s voice over the speakers, welcoming everyone to a new school year. Ivy looked up at one of the speakers and let a small smile part her lips. Noah. She missed him. Missed their talks. Missed their adventures in the high seas and in the dragons mountain. The memories made her laugh softly, but she quickly pulled herself together and looked over her schedule. With another sigh, she made her way to homeroom. Today was going to be a long day.

Ivy stood outside the doors that lead to the class that she was almost dreading. The day had indeed, gone by slow as shit, and here she was, about to walk into yet another class. The Hyperhuman class that was supposedly here to help people like her. People with… abilities. She averted her eyes down to the ground and ground her teeth together. The urge to turn away and head home was strong. How could someone help them? She quickly shook her head and pushed herself forward, moving into the room.

The man running the program, Mr. Leher, was ready there as well as another. A boy she recognized, but had no idea he was a hyper. She stared at him in mild surprise before looking away and finding herself a seat. It wasn't long after that, that the others started piling in. Ivy remained quiet and to herself, but she looked at each and every person that entered the room. She knew (and by knew, it was mostly acquaintances), just about everyone that was in the class.

It seemed like forever before the class actually started, and when it did, Ivy half listened to the introduction and welcome to the class. She wouldn't believe anyone could help her, until she saw it happen. So, she would stay, for now. Mr. Lerher’s question caught her off guard though. Ivy looked over at the man and narrowed her eyes a bit. The question got her to thinking. If she could have any ability, what would it be? The answer came to her relatively quickly, and she stood, gaining the attention of everyone.

”Uhm… if I could pick my own ability, it would be able to change into an animal.” Ivy looked down bashfully for a moment, then looked back up to Mr. Lerher. ”For the simple reason that I seem to get along better with animals than I do my own species.” Her first thought was of Shadow, the stray that had befriended her and been her best friend… since Noah. With that out of the way, she sat down and kept her gaze down, hating having attention on her. Especially when she wasn't normal. Sure, this class was full of Hypers, but it didn't matter. She still felt like the outcast, even among her own kind.

Location: Institute Hallways


Another drink from the can, the liquid inside nearly half gone. She was going to be pumped full of energy for the next 4 or so hours… and then she'd crash. Luckily, there weren't classes today, so if she needed to, she'd just nap. There seemed to be an extra little pep in her step as another upbeat song came on. One that, as some would say, “brought out her inner stripper”. It mattered not. She was in a good mood, had her drink, and was not going to let anyone or anything fuck it up. And then, something happened. Something that scared the shit out of her.

Someone came tumbling out of their room, falling out into the hall… without pants on. Someone she didn't remember seeing. Was he New? Or maybe their paths hadn't crossed yet? Sally's eyes widened and she choked on her drink, dropping it and rushing over to his side, pants or not. Ripping her buds out, she draped them around her neck and kneeled down beside him. It was then, that she noticed he was laying on what looked like a prosthetic leg. Her eyes glanced down to the leg that it belonged to, then back up to the man. ”Jesus are you alright?!” Here, let me help you.” She grabbed his arm and wrapped it around her neck. This wasn't going to be easy, but she couldn't just leave him there. It wasn't in her. ”Alright, I'm gonna help, but you're heavier so, ya gotta help me too,” She she said with a chuckle and a bright smile, hoping to alleviate the embarassing situation. ”Alright, on 3. One… two… three.” Sally groaned in effort, her face scrunching up as she pushed herself, and the man up to their feet. Sally stumbled a bit, but quickly caught herself. Thankfully. The fact that her half dressed body was pressed against his, hadn't even registered in her head. It was the furthest thing from what was going on. She just wanted to make sure he was alright, despite the circumstances.

It took a minute, but they finally got up and Sally started helping him into his room. ”Shit,” She cursed as she glanced back, seeing the prosthetic still in the hall. ”Are you gonna be alright for a second while I grab that,” She asked as she looked over at him, her eyebrow raised in question. She figured that he would be able to stand on his own, but thought it would be better to ask anyways, instead of just disappearing and him falling over.

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