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Current Every day I believe that people can't get any dumber then Trump has a press conference
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Women aren't mysterious, men are often dense
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"We commit the sins again And our sons and daughters pay"
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Good point life but to make a correction----- When Life gives you Lemons... Grab a fat one an squirt it in Life's Eyes
4 mos ago
They when life gives you lemons... grab one of the fat ones an squirt it in lie's eyes


Hello curious person, I am Rumiko Goddess of Chaos, Benevolent Dictator; The Bluemoon Dreamer....You know a nut case

Where do I come from? I could be a smartie an say the "Great State of Denial" but lets just agree that I like keeping my RL Life disconnected from my RP Life.

I survived Guildfall and have always loved this place even though I see a lot of good RP time eaten up in Discord drivel

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I looked it up because I remember in my wild days in college that a keg took one gorilla or two normal guys to carry
Not to throw a monkey wrench into the post but an average keg weighs 160 pounds @Sharidi37495


"I have sake and beer, we use it on special occasions and I suppose this if any qualifies as such" Says Yumi leading them towards the storehouse

"The beer was for a festival and made by Asahi especially for the shrine in the traditional method as it has been since 1891 in the Meiji period" she says as if leading a tour and when she opens the Store House there stacked on pallets are 26 kegs and the warehouse also contains traditional bales of Rice perhaps 42 kg each and labeled from the surrounding farming communities.

"Please some on take a keg and I will fetch the tap" says yumi as she floats to a cabinet built in the last millennium. Inside are the tools of an old school rice farmer and 8 keg taps.

Okay everyone we can chat maybe two posts or have an alarm go off and our first mission is pest control maybe goblin like extra dimensional monkeys some mean nasty lizards but only scaring the public right now. Don't mind if you write how you save a young family or have a girls college tennis team at the beach both grateful in some way

If you can write up and odd animal that's cool, an cute not dangerous you can have a pet; who wants a tea cup hairless whatsits whose eyes glow in the dark.

The After will be an Invite to a great BBQ place anytime; owned by what passes for a councilor who was there with FEMA Creeps Response made up of thee strange nerds who have government access


Wendy looks first towards Lance giving him that smile the older women of the Isle called the smile of Troy and trouble

Then her eyes settle on Charles "Hello Gamer first off welcome to the Titans Compound. I am either Wendy or Blondie and the sort of appointed Captain; these guys know me.

I encounter all kinds of freaky stuff here at the western edge of the Triangle and we need an adaptable guy

Lance is a trained warrior but with only a little practical application like the rest of us.

This is Tryion or callsign Coyote and he can whip Bruce and Jet Lees but nearly anyone in the martial arts world at his age, I spar with him and I am sure any of you could if you ask him. He can also mimic powers for short bits making helping him understand yours a good Idea in most cases where doubling your power output can end things quick or that ordinarily would be almost too much.

That's Trinity our Grounds Engineer and Tyrion's Twin sister; she connected to the suppliers that you can access and if you want something special; she can also bench a truck but is a Pacifist unless in self defense.

Well encase you don't know I am Perfect Geneticly meaning my power is the perfect human female form meaning I can run at 65 k, break all kinds of world records"

Giggles and even blushes a bit in her shinny skin tight racing coverall and riding armor like the Motorcycle guys wear at the track.

"Make money and give the group a good public media face; if any of you ever want to do some modeling for money let me know; invest in stocks


Glory piloted the little craft that carried Charles towards the Titan's docks sliding past the hull that contained her mainframe. The Yacht was a 265 foot Twin hulled hydrofoil that looked as if it were already in motion; near it were several smaller craft several that were twins of the one that carried Charles.

The little crafts parking spot was easy to spot as it was the only berth that was empty and it bumped gently into an inflated fender as two slender robotic arms reached out and attached cables to the boat's stanchions.

"We have arrived sir if you will please follow my drone it will lead you directly to Wendy."

The small drone that and contacted him hovered off the boat and towards stairs.

(You can follow it right to the others then post; they are standing in the lounge reception area)


"How could you know?"

She says with a reassuring smile
I am aiming at a few mysteries and will try and keep them easy to understand and may even contact some of you PM so we can work out a few things.

Thank you all for helping keep this RP alive


Yumi looks a bit embarrassed as she replies to the offer

"I apricate the offer but my diet is a very strict one I suppose you'd call it organic.

This shrine is dedicated to Inari the rice god and until I become a Priestess my diet must remain pure, I am even restricted to the water I drink and bathe in."


Yumi has to laugh softly when Elle asks ”Cool temple. How did you become a Miko?”

"I was born into the Suzuki family of this shrine who have been it's priests, priestess, monks and Nuns for it's entire existence" delighted to answer the question

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