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Current Every day I believe that people can't get any dumber then Trump has a press conference
1 yr ago
Women aren't mysterious, men are often dense
1 yr ago
"We commit the sins again And our sons and daughters pay"
1 yr ago
Good point life but to make a correction----- When Life gives you Lemons... Grab a fat one an squirt it in Life's Eyes
1 yr ago
They when life gives you lemons... grab one of the fat ones an squirt it in lie's eyes


Hello curious person, I am Rumiko Goddess of Chaos, Benevolent Dictator; The Bluemoon Dreamer....You know a nut case

Where do I come from? I could be a smartie an say the "Great State of Denial" but lets just agree that I like keeping my RL Life disconnected from my RP Life.

I survived Guildfall and have always loved this place even though I see a lot of good RP time eaten up in Discord drivel

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<Snipped quote by RumikoOhara>

did I mess up the hyperlink in the Interest Check? Or did you not see that I linked it or something?

Just happy to see it's up
Yay found it
Would love to try an Oni Girl
@RumikoOhara Right now, most characters have wandered over to The Warren. It's a sports bar and mostly frequented by herbivores, though anyone is welcome.

3' 9" Or 3.75 engineering rule is how tall Rumi is and yes not Carnivorous as those are mythical and found only in the Python Realm (See Monty Python's Holy Grail)

@RumikoOharaeyy another rabbit

I don't see another bunny
@RumikoOhara Your character may have pink fur/hair, but it would have to be dyed. Alternatively, she can have pink skin and very short white/translucent fur like say... a spynx cat or pink water buffalo. Neon pink hair is dyed or a wig.

I also think 45 children is a little excessive considering modern day medicine, but maybe that's what you're going for? Artists can be quirky. =P

Otherwise, your app is approved. You may join in when ready. =)

@Zanavy I agree! I want to see more non-mammals. And maybe a human or two. I think I'll try to come up with some NPC teachers and stuff to help with that.

Sure it's all a clever dye job and reduced it to Duggan's level siblings

Rumi's an actress, singer, dancer, and all round entertainer trying to improve her skills for a career in film and stage which is why college
Found it and here's a Bunny

Where is the Aplication?
With some curiosity I watch

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