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Current “Illegal aliens have always been a problem in the United States. Ask any Indian.” - Robert Orben-
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"Careful What You Wish For It Might Come True" - Yiddish curse -
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The fact that there is a Highway to Hell and a Stairway to Heaven speaks a lot about the expected traffic patterns
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“Good News, There is a God. Bad News, He’s not the one you’ve been Worshiping.”
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Must not judge, must not judge, must not judge......


Hello all or in the case no one reads this, Bugger Off.

I am originally from the Isle of Wight, Cowes where I lived a happy an carefree life till one day I was Shanghai'd an then drug away to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado an forced to dig turnips for the Goblin King. I was only 12 when I was forced to learn how to survive on the thin atmosphere found over a mile in the sky. It was a grueling life but one that prepared me for the trials I'd later face a collegiate gladiator at the Bolder arena as a scholar fighter.

Now I spend my Days lost in the dreaming realms known to the Otaku clan or haunting the Guild which I have now been so long a member

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If I may I will try and make a male character after noticing a the girls

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I love Airships

Vergil left the things in his cabin, a beautifully designed cabin with an archway and pillars. He decided to try to go get some peace and write in the forest. Once he entered, it took about ten minutes to actually find some place to write.

Lilith had found her cabin with ease and managed to settle in quickly which was probably due to her constant traveling with her dad when he toured in the summers. It was an easy habit to fall into when no place seemed permanent, not even their Beverly Hills home which she knew had been bought more as a place to hold parties when he was in LA.

This place had a different air to it though, it was a place used to people with spectacular parents and her Dad as the Lead Singer of a Rock Band was decidedly lower on the scale than a God or Goddess. It meant that she could let her worries go.

So once her bag was stored in the sumptuous but small cabin interior she threw on a pair of cutoff shorts and a nice dark Tank top with the Scattered Dreams tour logo on it and a pair of black tennis shoes. Once she was dressed she decided to take up Chiron's suggestion of having a look around the Camp and set off.

Vergil sat on a stump and started writing. It was not long before he heard some stepping behind him. He turned around and saw Lilith. Being the antisocial guy he is, he just kinda sat there and panicked, holding his notebook over his face to mask him.

Lilith was surprised and pleased when she discovered Vergil sitting on a stump writing, but then as soon as he realized he wasn't alone he tried to hide behind the journal he held.

"Sorry I didn't mean to interrupt and I assure you I have no ill intentions

I'm Lilith Morgan"
she said controlling the hidden power of her voice so she didn’t frighten the shy boy

"I... I'm Vergil." He says as he pulls down the journal revealing his face. He looks at Lilith and looks away immediately, hiding a blush

Lilith giggled softly at how timid Vergil was, actually enjoying his refreshing and real reaction

Its very nice to meet you Vergil, I enjoy meeting new people but I see I am making you uncomfortable.
If you'd like I could leave you in peace

She could immediately see in his eyes that he wasn’t yet ready to interact with her so she bowed to him.

”I shall bid you farewell Virgil in hope that in the near future we might pick up our association once more. she said before fleeing as she detected her voice’s power getting slightly away from her control.


Her feet soon carried her back to her tiny cabin when she saw the cabin of those her mother had whispered were her cousins.

The building was a stunning display of colors and revival greco architecture it,s roof a rich Cerise Pink with a Egyptian Blue and Daisy White checked pattern deck and polished gray granite walls, matching steps that lead up to the door.

There were lace linen curtains in every window and gloriously colored carnations in window boxes lending the air of a dollhouse to the structure. But it all paled beside the buildings residents the children of Aphrodite who were more like the cast of some teen movie made by disney.

They were dressed in what Lilith’s estimation judged to be the latest fashion off the runways of the finest design houses, even those in athletic or hiking togs. Some might have been daunted in such rarified company but Lilith had brushed shoulders with the It girls and boys of the fashion world since she was a babe many sleeping over at her dad’s place, some even friends.

Then she noticed two of the girls sitting on the deck chatting had stopped talking and were smiling in her direction.

”Look everyone it's Lilith Morgan, her dad’s Jake Morgan of the Dragons” said the oldest of the two girls and causing a familiar rush of people towards her.

Lilith was at first worried she was being mobbed by fans of her dad but it turned out that she was the newest member of the family; she was called cousin by the girls and guys of the cabin and the questions were more about her than her dad though there were a few of those.

She was saved by the sound of a horn which her cousins said was the call to the feast as she was swept up by the two girls who’d first noticed her on each arms pulling her along


I was waiting on our other player to post in our collaboration but think I'll post Lilith in the dining hall


Cypress knew that Trinity City was one of the most Gamma populated places on Earthe but the money was too good to pass up so here she was working for the Mindo Brothers a Gamma Gang that starred the two Mindo brothers Frank who went by Acid and his twin Larry aka. Ghoster. They had two tanks who went by Mandy and Bart one was maybe 95 IQ and the other 70 and followed by a Speedster named Willy aka. Booster whose talent was the get-a-away because he could impart his hyperspeed to whatever vehicle he drove.

She normally didn’t take jobs in the states because of the rabid NABs that made life hard for her but the bros had paid her a meg up front, promised two on completion and even agreed to a quarter each for any Gamma she might need to take down.

Born Cypress hecate Mara Friction had tried to be a good girl and even joined up with interpol in Germany but an overly handsy creep of a unit commander had pissed her off so bad she’d stopped his heart accidentally because she hadn’t yeat Mastered the Friction Force that she controlled. The worst thing was that the bastard had survived and the courts had let him off with counseling and she’d got 3 years in the Bastille a high tech lockup for her kind.

Like other young Gamma she’d been offered a chance to return to civic duty under probation but she was too pissed at her unjust loss of three years of her life. She’d jumped watch even managing to find an eraser in some little backwater of Asia who for a price had muddled her tracks against the Tracers back in Europe and she’d never looked back.


The two brothers had done their parts with the lockup but were blocked by the WW Vault and door. They had already tripped an alarm and the countdown was at 2:18 minutes before the T-city NABs busted in; it was her turn.

Friction walked up to the better than 40 ton door and was examining the frictional forces before exerting herself when one of the Muscle heads spoke saying “Don’t know why we need Blondie, I could smash the vault open in 3 hits tops”

Turning on the idiot she smiled ”This is a WW 4792 Transialloy door that would convert your kinetic energy to harden itself just like the bracelets the NABs would slap on you for being a moron”

Then before she turned her back on him the Baka tried to take a swing at her that ended in his busting his ass and dropping his partner on the short bus when she made the soles of his boots frictionless.

The Mindo’s jumped in and told the two tanks to settle down because they’d all come here for their powers and how they could help achieve their goals.

Bored and knowing the clock was ticking Cypress turned back to her work and began tapping the door lightly so it didn’t detect any kinetic energy beyond that capable by a Baseline as she watched the frictional forces go to work.

It took her all of 35 seconds to make the door fall apart as it like all things mechanical could stay together without friction while being vibrated. Inside was their prize a shipment of rare elements being held for the Starchild corp.

Meanwhile back at the Sundeck

Wendy walked into the nearly empty comasairy tent and had a seat at one of the tables where just for a giggle she made a place setting of crystal that shimmered in the indirect light along with platinum flatware.

”Please have a seat and Kat quit hovering on the periphery and have a seat and help me with emotional support” she said; the last more because she liked Kat and though her timid nature needed a bit of cultivating and she honestly didn’t like feeling so much the center of attention

While everyone had a seat she made a small hand motion which signaled the servers to begin setting the table with a buffet of all the food that was going to be wasted while the Producers and Directors went ape over how they were going to handle the days events.

Then she looked at Tyko then at Dorian saying ”So I take it you two are the leads in the investigation but judging by the way you both showed up neither of you have worked together before”

She knew instantly that she was right by their reactions then turned to the two Healers I’d love the two of you to join us in anything you’d like and because I don’t believe in coincidences; this was made to bring us together for one reason or another


Metis sensed the power coming from the snow white woman with the horns of one of the dragon races, her aura charged with arcane energy as she approached.

As a predator Metis could sense the intention of the strange one (Sophia) as curiosity so she allowed her to get close to her charge.

When she spoke Metis weighed her as a singer would measuring her tone and cadence against her memories passed down from mentor to mentor and finally to her.

"You two must be from the Alliance group, right?
I already spoke with Dremmick. I hate to disturb this little one's peaceful sleep, but could you both wait for me just outside the city? I have something really important to say to the Alliance group. I'm sorry for being so sudden. I promise, everything will be explained soon."

“Ancient” was her first clue then she caught a slight hint of the Singer’s in her tone her every word showing countless use and a tinge of the goddess language.

"Oh, but before I go..." the strange ancient said before kneeling near the sleeping Lynn and softly tapping her nose.
"She looks so adorable while sleeping! She reminds me of the young monk apprentices back at the temple..."

Metis watched as the ancient retreated Metis's body crackling with small arcs of electricity as her sach’s and hunter organs relaxing causing the display as her danger potential fell.

Then she thought of waking Lynn and telling her of the ancients words and her request they leave the city of Pearl and meet her outside of its boundaries but knowing that Lynn had exhausted herself healing thinking it might interrupt her recovery.

(To any looking at Metis she would appear almost blank in expression but her tentacles like a cat’s tail as it thinks moving absentmindedly)

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