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Current Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand--and melting like a snowflake... -Francis Bacon-
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"If you're quiet, you're not living. You've got to be noisy and colorful and lively." - Mel Brooks -
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“Don't forget - no one else sees the world the way you do, so no one else can tell the stories that you have to tell.” -Charles de Lint-
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“You can't make anything idiot proof because idiots are so ingenious.” -Ron Burns-
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“Here's all you have to know about men and women: women are crazy, men are stupid. And the main reason women are crazy is that men are stupid.” -George Carlin-


Hello all or in the case no one reads this, Bugger Off.

I am originally from the Isle of Wight, Cowes where I lived a happy an carefree life till one day I was Shanghai'd an then drug away to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado an forced to dig turnips for the Goblin King. I was only 12 when I was forced to learn how to survive on the thin atmosphere found over a mile in the sky. It was a grueling life but one that prepared me for the trials I'd later face a collegiate gladiator at the Bolder arena as a scholar fighter.

Now I spend my Days lost in the dreaming realms known to the Otaku clan or haunting the Guild which I have now been so long a member

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Oh wow that was fast! I'm used to forums taking a few days to respond to this kind of topic! Now I'm really excited to get playing!


Poo and I are the Actives, at least two of them

Need help contact the Mods or one of us

Quite a resume

Hi I'm Rumi not an official greeter but none the less a strange local dropping by to say welcome to our little corner of madness...well at least mine

Lot of people around here and it never hurts if you see an active member if you PM them with a question in the threads they are in if the group is looking for new members. The worst i hope they'd do is refer to someone who will help
@RumikoOhara@Poi aww thank you all so much <3 you're all so sweet >///<

I love how she thinks I am sweet Poi

I'm just happy to see your enthusiasm and hope to interact soon
@OliveYou@Poi@HokumPocus@LetMeDoStuff@Polaris North

Abby became aware of Edward’s approach and tapped the mute in time to hear part of what he’d said. ”you're not a bit nervous about being here. You know, with the pressure of living up to the standards and all.”

She thought his nervousness was charming in a way but then most asian guys were were nervous around girls but then the asian girls were demure and nervous around guys but that was them and not her.

”I’d have made the incorrect career choice if I were nervous love.” then she gave her patented giggle to set the mood. ”Hi I’m Abby Winterborn my friends call me Mousie or Abby; I promise I don’t bite except when aroused. she didn’t offer her hand instead giving him a slight bow as she understood the local customs prefered.

Abby loved the nervous blokes as they were usually easiest to manipulate within certain parameters and allowed her to control the situation and Edward was adorable. She didn’t want to manipulate him for any evil purposes but did need to control him quickly because of her extremely petite stature which made most people think her a fragile orchid of rare type who they could either dominate or think needed their protection….well then there were the ecchi who saw her as an exotic treat.

”I’m from the Isle of Man...A Manx girl if you need detail and a voice by trade”

She knew that looking him in the eyes wasn’t what a Japanese woman might do but then she wasn’t a Japanese woman and she also knew it gave her a bit more control in her present situation alone with an unknown man. Japanese dating practices were still a bit of a mystery to her but she did know that Japanese men were usually the aggressors in boy/girl encounters and that they often viewed western girls with the concept western girls being unattainable so there she was safe a bit.

He was tall for a Japanese man and then it hit her that he was Hafu and the non Nipponese likely of some European origin which also explained his hair and eyes which were a lovely green. He was dressed conservatively which placed him in some other field than performer for Japanese men who were performers always dressed to set a tone about themselves though she could be wrong she was at least 70% sure he didn’t perform on that alone but then adding his nervousness she upped her assessment to 90% probable. His suit and shoes were nice but of a common cut and make marked him as a Salaryman so she guessed overworked producer’s assistant as he didn’t strike her as a technical type.

Then as she was waiting for the lovely man to respond Abby was happy to see that she and he had become the center of a small gathering of others who were here to join in or to criticize and that was when she realised she was doing it again focusing on a person and making assumptions before they’d chatted even a few minutes and its absurdity amused her which in turn was expressed in a bright smile and sparkling eyes.


In other words sweet Olive we all welcome you and hope to see more

tell me if my post is not up to standards, I feel like i'm losing my (non-existing?) touch ^^'' sorry it's so messy aa

No worries, it's all about perspective, unless Stuff has issues you're golden
Hope my post wasn't too odd
You know I thought of deleting that but why bother only a few bored looky loos will see it and I and use it as a temporal mark

”Hi I’m Alfie Your Friendly Guide To The Multiverse”

Now if you’ll…..Oh right you haven’t signed on yet.
Well it works something like this.

I am recruiting Meta Humans, Super Powers, you know? Special People for fun under the sun and potential godhood

.”Wow that last part sure drew the interest of the weirdos, but now it’s just you and me.”

This is the deal there’s a local adjacent alternate of the world where the Supers who were the Greek, Roman, Norse, and other Pantheons hung on into what might be how the world was in the early 21st century where you’re from.

Well the Greater Continuum Council had agreements with these…..
”Who is the GCC...the Greater Continuum Council; well some of them are you or should I say alternate yous. It gets really confusing if I go into details and you’d be bored before I finished a 10th of explaining it; suffice it to say it’s best to learn the details as you go or not at all.

Now what I’m offering is a chance to really cut loose, to perfect the skills you’ll need later on if you should return to your own continuum and those of you that do good luck; I’ll miss you all.

While you …
I don’t want to use it because it sounds so employer employee but working covers it best..working for the GCC I will at as your resident recovery agent. It is my job to come when you are killed, destroyed, or oblivated and should your services still be required restore you with a temporal reset to your complete and original form so you my continue with any plans you had for ridding the assigned continuum of the Deities who have overstayed their original contract and are therefore unable to use my reset function.
”I like you work for the GCC and in an odd way myself answerable to alternates of myself who have existed far longer than myself who are the ones who screwed all this up in the first place and yes I see the fact that I am asking you to help me fix a mess we all made as our alternate selves.”

I am asking you Help yes but I also offer an adventure to take the place of your mundane lives because if you think your bored now just wait...Oh and it’s your faults for doing such a great job as heros along with the abundance of the others of your kind on the world you are from.”So What do ya say; Wanna Roll the Dice, Take a Chance?”

Okay if you just read all that thanks but now a brief explanation.

The GCC is Made up of You the Players and this is I hope the Start of a “The Gods Must Be Crazy” style Roleplay as described in the Dungeon Master’s Manual edition 5.

If you’ve never heard of this style. The Gods Must Be Crazy is one in which each player gets option to toss out an adventure in the RP to be voted on as GM.

I’m putting it here in The Free Threads because this is a ground floor attempt here on the Guild Forum as far as I know to use this style but if not then in my limited knowledge the first I’ve tried or seen in the least.

It resembles Sandbox I know and well, sue me I believe this to at least be a modification lol

Okay now that I’ve babbled a bit let me toss this out as another useless attempt to make a fun RP

At least for me

interested yet confused? I'm not exactly sure how this roleplay style would work lol but I'm still interested

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