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I so wish the Guild was more active than a PBEM (Play By E-Mail)
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Asking why I am thinking of trying to devote myself to Star Trek RPG once more


Hello all or in the case no one reads this, Bugger Off.

I am originally from the Isle of Wight, Cowes where I lived a happy an carefree life till one day I was Shanghai'd an then drug away to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado an forced to dig turnips for the Goblin King. I was only 12 when I was forced to learn how to survive on the thin atmosphere found over a mile in the sky. It was a grueling life but one that prepared me for the trials I'd later face a collegiate gladiator at the Bolder arena as a scholar fighter.

Now I spend my Days lost in the dreaming realms known to the Otaku clan or haunting the Guild which I have now been so long a member

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As I said I am always here
I was waiting for everyone to show up at that the house so I could continue. I know this is a busy time of year so I have given everyone time but if we have yo we will move on tomorrow after I get off work at 5pm central time.

Understandable, this is actually my slow time, not many people want to ride a horse in weather below freezing
I am always waiting

I'm working right now and later have a club meeting to do but will try and a least answer you post between events
I have thought of such sidelines

Angela Stewart “The Witness”

Fallback Fond Memories my place year 2018 actual temporal position 2000 December 31st /January 1st Dad and Mom being Dad and Mom

It was Y2K and my Dad was on the porch watching the Park across the Boulevard, it had been snowing and any damage done by the kids to the pure white world covered over and restored. It was the dreaded day when the world was supposed to crash into the sea burned by a programming mistake and there I was snuggled up to my dad. I was cute I suppose all legs and spindly arms resembling a fawn with the innocent green eyes of a child.

My dad was a tall thin man so I blame him for what is kindly called a lithe figure which is code for skinny and flat. So I stopped Fallback holding the image of my past so that I could walk around myself knowing my neighbors might be watching me real time wondering what I was looking at.

My eyes were the same ones as my mom, soft moss green almost feline and in the 5 year old me not yet haunted by the things I would see; how many times have I done this? What am I expecting, that with myself I might actually make a connection in the empty world.

Released the scene moved till my mom came out and demanded my dad come in before I caught cold so he threw me over his shoulder saying “Forgive a man for wanting to spend time with his baby girl, at once your majesty and a bit more”

Facing as I was at 5 I couldn’t see my mom and dad kissing after mom shut the door because as a sack of potatoes I was facing the wrong direction. How my mom glowed and my dad stood breathless when they broke their kiss; I wish I could find that.

Dad put me down and I ran into the kitchen to grab a fresh cookie and when I returned sat on the couch and watched my dad dance with mom. The were fantastic together as they Danced a Tango. When I was 5 it looked like fun but now through adult eyes I saw the passion all the older neighbors still speak about to this day. My mother was beautiful and a sensual creature that my dad's strange I don’t have siblings.

I could have stayed there all day if Derrick hadn’t appeared beside me.

“Angel the car is here”

The end of Dreams
Back to Reality

I was back in my house in what passed for the now and there was Derrick my only real friend and I was losing him to three little girls who needed to see their daddy more often and i was a little jealous. People thought we were lovers but that was never the case for either of us, when he and i meet he originally held me in awe but as time passed by he learned just how messed up I was and treated me like his special needs cousin; at least that’s how I teased him.

”I was just watching some old memories” I said to Derrick as he helped me into my long dark brown trench coat

”Yeah well one of the days you’re gonna want to stay Angel then what? You can love the past girl but you gotta think of the now, the here and we both know you need your own peeps. To everybody round here you’re the crazy lady or the witchy woman so they may be friendly they still don’t know what it is to be you.” He would have gone if I had allowed him, telling me how i needed to get out and mingle, meet people.

”I am going as you can see Derrick I said pushing him towards the door.

”And this time?” he asked as he held the gate of my fence open for me.

”This time I talk to someone for at least 5 minutes and if the 1st person isn’t 5 minutes I pick someone else and so on till someone talks to me for more than 5 minutes….still think it’s like speed dating” I said as I walked to the passenger door and waited for him to open it.

Strawberry Fields Forever

We had exchanged our usual Banter as Derrick drove me to the edge of Strawberry Fields and dropped me off. It was a crisp day and I was early but lucky for me I had my triple turkish coffee and a warm scarf to hold off the first wave of winter coming on. The Bridle path now a bit lonely and only had a pair of the park’s mounted police cantering along it looking out for trouble. Where were they when Franklin Groggins a 23 year old black man was stabbed to death for 8 dollars at the top of the stairs or when they dragged Amy McDanvers into the bushes that stood there near the same spot where Franklin died. I really couldn’t fault the police except for how they handled the two cases, Franklin as black and Amy had to turn tricks so they didn’t count, especially in 1964 and 73.

I planed on finding them at least some form of justice even though their cases were as old as they were, its what I do. I am a licensed Private Eye, a real Dick like in the old Noir movies my office even in a 5 story walk up on the 5th floor of a building that was built in 57.

To me the world is literally an open book waiting to be read and I have the time to read it. I admit I’d be as lost without my quirk, gift, or curse. Sure I lose track of when I am but others daydream and it's about the same I just have a better selection.

Then I was on the walk to the meeting, the old Victorian dance hall a faded reminder of when the City believed in itself and its place in the world.

I was blockaded briefly by a much used door which held flashes of everyone who’d touched it in the last three days and I know I made quite a funny sight standing there staring at the handle. Then I was saved by a man who opened the door because men did that for ladies or used to.

This was a crowded place historically but as far as I could tell no murders or other nasty business which made blanking it easy. So once more i stood out in hesitation inside the door almost being run down by a woman hurrying in followed by the sound of what sounded like a large pride of cats outside. Maybe she was the mythical lady women dressed as and outside her cat servants but I didn’t really want to look outside and see I was right so I moved inside and found a place to observe and blank as I sipped my hot devil’s brew.

Wendy Wethers
Location Unknown
The Facility

Wendy was red, Blushing because she had knocked someone down ”Dam Woman you hit like a train!”

There had been cursing and the poor guy she’d clumsily run over, not her first time bumping into someone but she thought she’d grown out of that state by 16 but she felt sort of gangly and unused to her body. She’d say off balance but she had balance it was more a case slowed reactions, out of time with everyone else.

It was while thinking about how she could have pushed the big man down when she realised she hadn’t pushed him down, she had only planted her feet so she didn’t get knocked down as he lost his balance after their initial contact; at least that was as she chose to see it.

He’d accused her of causing it when it was a mutual collision, he’d stood right outside her door then a man asked if she was okay.

He (Elijah) was a pretty red haired man and he’d called her Miss in that old fashioned way inquiring if she were okay. Beginning to feel more at ease she allowed her eyes to look the men over and as she did a brown haired woman walked up asking the big question.

"Excuse me, could one of you please help me? Where are we and why are we here?"

Wendy smiled broadly as she rolled the thought around for a second or two before responding.

She turns to Mercer ”I’m terribly sorry for our collison, good thing the doors open in than out”

Then she turned to Elijah ”I am unharmed only a bit embarrassed. Thanks for asking though and please call me Wendy”

Then with smooth precision she pivots to face (Amelia) ”Good questions, I am here to help if any of you need it and please all of you call me Wendy.

I am not appointed by any authority here or otherwise but as we all share a common delima think we should all help one another.”
she pauses and laughs softly before continuing My friends were prepers and they smelled this going down a day ahead of it all and while I at the time didn’t take the whole thing serious did listen.

Our house was wired with obvious security and hidden security so i saw them coming and used the panic room then the bugout tunnel. I escaped or I almost did but they were serious about capturing me. When they cornered me they used about 6 men and none of them were trying to protect themselves from a virus so that lie is obvious so what other reason would they have of snatching us up?

I’m the newest Gym teacher of a Private school, my friends the lawyer type resistances and had cash but me I was more the nanny at the house watching and helping the twins when I wasn’t at work so how I’d fit as a political prisoner worth the clandestine effort to take me.

We are being held in a facility that has no windows and we are virtual prisoners because of enforced confinement and people that won’t tell any of us anything.

We are all as in the dark as our comrades except for what we remember being brought in.”

Then she turns to the others with a questioning expression
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