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16 days ago
Current “Good News, There is a God. Bad News, He’s not the one you’ve been Worshiping.”
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23 days ago
Must not judge, must not judge, must not judge......
24 days ago
I heard the best discription for that Weeb "Behind the Glass Gangstas"
24 days ago
So slow, gone are those days I remember when Free meant speed posting that if you looked away for an hour you lost your place. When Casual posted once a day and Advanced was once a week at its slowest
2 mos ago
I just discovered that Australia doesn't exist, its been faked to fool us into believing in a globe earth so all you fake people claiming to be from there beware....I'm on to you now


Hello all or in the case no one reads this, Bugger Off.

I am originally from the Isle of Wight, Cowes where I lived a happy an carefree life till one day I was Shanghai'd an then drug away to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado an forced to dig turnips for the Goblin King. I was only 12 when I was forced to learn how to survive on the thin atmosphere found over a mile in the sky. It was a grueling life but one that prepared me for the trials I'd later face a collegiate gladiator at the Bolder arena as a scholar fighter.

Now I spend my Days lost in the dreaming realms known to the Otaku clan or haunting the Guild which I have now been so long a member

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@Azure Flame@Alisdragon911@bowtiesrcool86

”Ta made Niao!” (Chinese: God Dammit!) says Lacy who already in ghost form picks the nearest target to execute a front flip at it as her ghost tail alters form into a hammer.

Not a perfect or effective hammer yet it did distract the target so that she could land Fenton Thermos at the ready as she goes into two double roundhouse kicks knocking it to the floor as the Thermos lid pops open.

Lacy presents posh but is Hong Kong street

It says its a picture 10 years in the future

Love these of Sam

Thought I'd hide this here as I work on it hoping to perhaps find some imput

Sorry Mis posted
@Azure Flame@Alisdragon911@bowtiesrcool86

Lacy laughs softly saying

I’d show the power I have outside of what you might expect but presently all it’s good for is making anything electronic go insane

As she looks around the room floating on her ghostly flight tail like some yellowed eyed genie

Velma had been up perhaps an hour before sunrise and innerclock in her body announcing its impending arrival and compelling her to the most open space the facility might allow her to worship the morning Sun. She was dressed in a diaphanous cloth especially chosen to allow the solar radiation to penetrate without scandalizing her made into a short sleeveless sundress her feet in a pair of rope toe sandals as she entered the meeting room.

The air became fresher as she absorbed the CO2 in the air to feed the thermodynamics of her metabolism and her scent was like fresh grass or sweet flowering bamboo.

She studied the photos of the Factory. It was built sometime at the height of the Victorian Industrial age as evidenced by the roof of the center building which looked like it might be on the Old Line Canal. It showed its prosperity by the expansions first away from the canal then closer. It was a lovely example of the period which meant even if it was an active factory it would be listed on the national register of historic buildings.

Next she called up the Birmingham Historical register, then selected Brick factory adjacent to canal, the later laughably common. Minutes later she had found her building and the docent in charge of the records for the factory.

Like many such low level bureaucrat she was even available online so Vemla after an introduction was downloading building plans as far back as 1892 as well as any photos taken and in the archives.

Her goal was to use her resources to help enhance the mission by use of her knowledge of the way things were done in the UK.
Thought it would be nice to release Roxy from the net so I had to post

@Azure Flame

@Azure Flame@Alisdragon911@bowtiesrcool86

Lacy looks at the girl in the capture net and says in her Hong Kong English Accent

I think Jazz mentioned having to wrangle in her latest recruit. Lacy Giggles as she kneels by the net and pops the release

”So sorry Love Jazz can be a bit pushy when it comes to caring about people….you should meet her mom.

Then she stands and goes full Ghost and her eyes instead of glowing green a baleful yellow like something looking into a fire.

Call me Elvira when I look like this and as a fellow female of type I ask we at least entertain an alliance of sorts.
@Azure Flame@Alisdragon911@bowtiesrcool86

Lacy drove along in her little sports car thinking of what Jazz had told her when they last chatted -“You have to own the power, it's all a matter of will”-

To hear her parents talk Lacy was a most wilful child so this ghost work should be as easy as Tai Chi

Never the lazy sort she was always in motion, woke at the slightest nudge, no warmup time. As Elvira Electra she was always practicing the acrobatics she needed to avoid her foes focusing on speed and maneuverability. Then as Lacy Moon she practiced with weighted batons at an effective weight to speed blend that gave her attacks the longest duration. Then came precision drills practicing on Ted Torso Top and bottom kicking and punching the rubber dummy in her basement.

And so it was with such thoughts buzzing around in her head Lacy parked her car and then bounced in on the meeting called today taking her seat as the others spoke.

Hi Axel, Zack……..girl in the bag on the floor I’m Lacy Moon.
I was recruited by Jazz and have decided before anyone else gets to do it for me to take the name Elvira when in ghost form.
says Lacy in a cheerful tone her smile farther enhancing her happiness
Working like a horse, building a house, repairing the barns, fences, and rehabilitating an injured horse

I'll post tonight

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