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Current Every day I believe that people can't get any dumber then Trump has a press conference
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Women aren't mysterious, men are often dense
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"We commit the sins again And our sons and daughters pay"
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Good point life but to make a correction----- When Life gives you Lemons... Grab a fat one an squirt it in Life's Eyes
8 mos ago
They when life gives you lemons... grab one of the fat ones an squirt it in lie's eyes


Hello curious person, I am Rumiko Goddess of Chaos, Benevolent Dictator; The Bluemoon Dreamer....You know a nut case

Where do I come from? I could be a smartie an say the "Great State of Denial" but lets just agree that I like keeping my RL Life disconnected from my RP Life.

I survived Guildfall and have always loved this place even though I see a lot of good RP time eaten up in Discord drivel

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Oh that's right we have a discord
@Jones Sparrow
I started in the Holy City of Vegas because it is sort of her natural habitat, I suppose I can pick it up later with her arriving in Atlantic City
The noise was startling as she heard the electronic music announcing some event then there was this rattle accompanied by metallic splashes and when her vision cleared she was puzzled to see a bucket of coins filling before her. Two men in dark suits appeared beside her one looking over each shoulder, the one on her left saying “Miss would you please come with us?''

Still confused and blaming it on her drink she felt like she was floating when in fact the men were carrying her.

“We brung her Boss” they said in chorus

“Set the Lady on the couch and give us some privacy” the big man behind the desk said causing the thugs to retreat

Yawning she heard “Sleepy Miss Omen?”

“Well yes actually, what happened” she answered with a question because she still hadn’t figured it out.
“You just won the $52,745 premium payout slot, earlier you ran a craps table to the tune of $63,219 bucks, I’d say you was cheating but I’ve kept an eye on you since you was up 18,000 at the dice so you’re good there but we have a problem."

“The Dust Bunny doesn’t want your business any more, you’re banned. See the cashier and then check out and don’t even look back” grumbled broke nose Jimmy the operations man here. Inwardly he was cursing because this dame had taken him for $115,964 after only 4 hours in his shop and if the commission wasn’t breathing down his neck he’d have had her tossed out lucky if he left her her shoes.
An hour later Felicity was standing in Valet parking with the two nice gentlemen who’d helped her to their bosses office. She had cashed out and taken the casino up on their offer to pay the taxes leaving her a bit over 72 grand 5 grand in cash and the rest in a cashier’s check.

“Why are we standing here?” she asked still confused

“Your car ya ditzy dame.” chuckled the one she’d heard called Antonio

About that time a car that stood out in the line of expensive machines waiting to advance. It was a 1974 Super Beetle Convertible in perfect condition. The men walked her to ti and the young man who’d been driving it hopped out and offered her the keys which she took and somehow slipped him a C-note in a single smooth motion.

As she drove away the two men nodded to a paid LEO to follow her, the boss wanted that check. She drove down the main drag and as she did she wondered why this town was so familiar and she didn’t know it at the same time.

For 15 minutes the LEO followed her waiting for the opportunity to pull her over and shake her down, the check she had would net him about 7 grand in reward and he needed to get his boat fixed. She drove like grandmother obeying every law and on those roads with the most camera giving him no opening. So intent on following her the LEO ran a red light but being that he was in a cop car it didn’t cross his mind to worry, that’s when a trolley hit him.

Felicity was 3 hours outside Vegas on Route 66 when Brokenose Jimmy heard the cop had lost her because he’d be in an accident, she was sipping a huge lemonade and thinking about horses.

A work in progress

I claim the Goddess Tyche
Lovely group so far
I remember this

I looked it up because I remember in my wild days in college that a keg took one gorilla or two normal guys to carry
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