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Current In France it is called Pain Perdu which means "Lost Bread"
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I wonder if there is a squirrel out there suffering from Acrophobia?
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Attacking Russia in the Winter isn’t impossible Napoleon and Hitler didn’t prepare properly, Tactically, Politically and Logistically
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"One of us, One of us, One of us
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I love when people use the word triggered, lets me know a great deal about them whether they use it negatively or positively


Hello all or in the case no one reads this, Bugger Off.

I am originally from the Isle of Wight, Cowes where I lived a happy an carefree life till one day I was Shanghai'd an then drug away to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado an forced to dig turnips for the Goblin King. I was only 12 when I was forced to learn how to survive on the thin atmosphere found over a mile in the sky. It was a grueling life but one that prepared me for the trials I'd later face a collegiate gladiator at the Bolder arena as a scholar fighter.

Now I spend my Days lost in the dreaming realms known to the Otaku clan or haunting the Guild which I have now been so long a member

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Almost wishful for trying to restart

Sorry sweetie I didn't know you'd replyed

Trish listened to HK and sensed her fidgeting and along with years of experience in seduction knew the signs

Sweetie please understand that there is no reason you should ,measure yourself against me, I am far older than you and you are not me just be who you are.

I don’t think you love yourself enough which is why you worry about the opinions of others and as for the Internet and how it functions I have no clue but you do and you should make goals you want and treat them as if your all depended on it and they were delicious.

Trish castled (teleported short distance) next to Hk her arms pulling her close

I know at times you doubt yourself my sweet young girl because you see me and think whatever it is that you think of me but you’re forgetting that you aren’t me and never will be and thank the abyss you aren’t

“Familiarity breeds contempt” Too much of me is too much.

You are as I’ve pointed out a Succubus and as such a creature of dreams, a seducer and yes sex is a big part of what we are but remember my little grasshopper seduction isn’t just for the old hunka-chuncka. I mean the emperor was trying to seduce Luke but he didn’t want to cuddle with him in the wee hours their bodies slick with the sweat of their physical passion.
practically whispers the latter part into HK’s left ear
Saint hasn't registered in 8 days

I know how you feel

I am the Mistress of the dark and creepy

Poor Baby got a Boo, boo
@Azure Sea
@Demon Shinobi

Couldn't hurt
I am as well @Lionhearted
Name: Sydney Smith (No really it's Smith)

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Powers: Retrocognitive, Omnilingualism , Probility Manipulation

Appearance: Black hair, Green eyes, 5’8” and like most Meta her figure and muscle tone perfect no matter what or how much she eats. Her Picture

Bio: Born in Yellowknife in The Northwest Territories of Canada Syd was always a curious child whose parents thought her inquisitive nature marked for the sciences and encouraged her to seek answers to her questions and cultivate a skill at research.

When she was only 11 Sydney happened to pick up a school friend’s coat by accident and was stunned by finding herself reliving an abusive beating her friend had undergone just that morning before school. She screamed for her friend’s father to stop beating her but found out she couldn’t be heard or seen and was just about to try anything she could to stop the man when she was shocked out of her fallback as she’s come to call them when her teacher shouted at her asking her name loudly.

Unable to explain to the school what she saw Sydney was sent to see the Board Psychologist and subjected to all sorts of screening and Diagnosed as a Schizophrenic and told that she was seeing things that weren’t there. Put on meds that made her sluggish Syd looked to be damaged and had to attend a special school with other children like herself only they weren’t which she discovered after only three months and wished she never had.

It was while attending the special school that Sydney’s power bored through the medicinal haze showing her the life her fellow students lead when not at the school and she was horrified to see the things they suffered at the hands of the people that said they cared for them but was afraid to tell anyone what she was really seeing for fear of becoming institutionalized.

Only twelve years old there was little she could do that wouldn’t affect her in a negative way if she was found out so she put her abilities to use secretly gathering information about the abuse and printing the crimes in detail and sending it in a note to the abusers which actually put a dent into their activities and just to make sure that id did stop she began sending the Children's services copies.

Her school blew up in scandal when the RCMP dug deeper encouraged by the data they held and discovered a pattern of abuse in the staff along with coverups. It was this scandal that caused her parents to move to California and it was there that Syd tired of how icky the meds made her feel and the classes designed more as daycare than school.

She gave her approach a great deal of thought and came up with a plan that was both entertaining to her parents; she did an object read on their car keys debit and credit cards and gave them an on the spot detailed description of what they had done that day. Naturally they thought it some sort of trick and her a clever girl but they also now had a bit of doubt and tried to prove it wasn’t possible but they quickly came around happy that she wasn’t a Schizo and then they felt guilty when the realized that they had allowed doctors to dope her up.

It seemed as if everything was coming up roses as Syd discovered she held other talents such as the ability to understand whatever was said around her no matter what the language and grew close once more with her mom and dad.

It was the first time her cruel and capricious talent with probability revealed itself while visiting they were visiting Vegas. Her talent saved her by having her accused of theft and tossed into a holding cell, a holding cell that protected her from a raid by a gang who boldly but foolishly tried to spring their boss only to be felled by the cops when they stormed the jail. Her parents who had been trying to talk to the police were among the 23 dead but not the 65 wounded so she was alone.

Her parents dead and Syd just 16 and loathing the idea of becoming the latest guest of Child Protection who’d likely find out her status as a Schizo and force her back on the meds which she couldn’t tolerate so she sued to become emancipated and won her case because she had by luck, insurance settlement and passed a screening for her former condition the doctors citing that she’d been wrongly diagnosed and was in their eyes capable of taking care of herself.

So two parents less Sydney now lives in the house her parents bought and manages her resources (1.4 million after paying off the house)

She graduated school early but hasn’t yet decided on whether or not she will attend college.

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