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Current “No one looks at us. We might as well be invisible; or clothing marks us as strangers, transients. They are polite, so polite; no one stares at us.”
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3 days ago
Wondering if I should seek new pastures
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1 mo ago
Taggart: You use your tongue prettier than a twenty dollar whore. -Blazing Saddles-
2 mos ago
Its like the world is slowing down and I need help finding the guy holding down the break
2 mos ago
How do you know you've lost your mind when you need it to know that you've lost your mind?


Hello all or in the case no one reads this, Bugger Off.

I am originally from the Isle of Wight, Cowes where I lived a happy an carefree life till one day I was Shanghai'd an then drug away to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado an forced to dig turnips for the Goblin King. I was only 12 when I was forced to learn how to survive on the thin atmosphere found over a mile in the sky. It was a grueling life but one that prepared me for the trials I'd later face a collegiate gladiator at the Bolder arena as a scholar fighter.

Now I spend my Days lost in the dreaming realms known to the Otaku clan or haunting the Guild which I have now been so long a member

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When those who have school or children in school must shift focus @Sewer Rat
It's that time of year I think

I love 5e though I was raised playing 2e and being taught to loathe 3.5e for the grab for money it seemed to be and 4e for its banality and attempting to make D&D a GURPS ...nothing wrong with GURPS just WC's attempt to make it look like GURPS in it's portfolio

Now I want to know which Table Top

Sunday I'll be running a LUG Star Trek RP that's been on going on now for 5 years once sometimes twice a month; I miss when we did it every weekend

Should I rewrite her history or is it vague enough to stand?

I can alter the History in a few and then PM you?

No worries on adding a limitation

I was originally thinking of giving her the limitation of needing sunlight or its close equivalent for at least 4 hours a day, each day she misses this the greater chance she'll enter hibernation

As for phobias I can see mild Pyrophobia linked with the fact she takes double the damage form heat based attacks


I think I'll post Velma as a possible. She was made for another RP but I can adapt her quickly enough just thought I'd post her as is before working on adaptation


I saw they are going to be gone; I can wait for their return


Hi Just checking if this still has an opening
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