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Current I want to fiddle around with surreal ideas that seem like a bad acid trip.
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I want to perfect useless talents more than I wanna graduate school lmao
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reestablish communism
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Animate the ancient runes, whistling classic Disney tunes.
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Osmosis Jones


Check out my phuckin' D e v i a n t A r t

"Un ensemble d'enfants
(A group of children)
La galaxie s'étend
(The galaxy extends)
Jardin de l'imagination
(Garden of imagination)

Combler la lacune
(Bridging the gap)
Roller passé la lune (?)
(skating past the moon)
La comme nous évoluons
(how we evolve)"

-Miracle Musical

I guess I'll introduce myself, I am Crystal Amalgam.

Note: I am very sarcastic and have a horrible sense of humor.

Warning, this user is awkward around strangers.
Please excuse any dumb behavior. I have a plethora of issues.

I draw quite a bit so I guess I'm an artist.

I will not reveal any sort of personal information at all to anyone, I like my privacy quite a bit.

I create characters, universes (borderline world-building), and stories for fun, I have been doing so for almost three years now. I am creating a webcomic, but it is still in its early stages of development so I most likely won't mention it often. (It'll probably be officially released in 2019 or 2020.) I currently own 150+ characters. (I'm lonely)

I write on the occasion, though I never really finish full stories, (I usually only finish my poems.)

I read quite a lot- Fantasy and Fiction catch my interest the most.

Fandoms & Interests
(Oh boy)

Current Fandoms & Interests
-Tally Hall
-Mother Mother
-Bo En
{Video Games}
-The Portal series
-Fran Bow
-Fallout 4
-The Beginner's Guide & The Stanley Parable
{Television Shows & Movies}
-Gravity Falls
-Steven Universe
-The Adventures Of Merlin
-Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts
-Jurassic Park/World
-The Hollow (Netflix)
{Web Series}
-Camp Camp
-Harry Potter
-The Maze Runner
(probably other shit that I don't remember lmao)
-Dungeons & Dragons
-Spicy memes
-Furry Fandom (yes, I'm a furry. No, I don't think I'm an animal)

Past Fandoms & Interests/things I used to like
-Undertale (oof)
-Minecraft (o o f)
-Pokemon (Still kinda like it tho)
-Maximum Ride (I might reread this series later on)

That wraps up interests

Role-playing info

I'm not sure if this lingo is used here, but on my old role-playing forum (Roleplaying Amino) I was considered to be Semi-literate, Advanced semi-literate to Beginner Literate. I hope that made sense. On average I guess I write 2-3 paragraphs in my responses on average but it heavily depends on how many characters I am using while role-playing. It also depends how much my partner(s) have given me to go off on.

I write in third-person omniscient if I am using 2+ characters. (I can comfortably role-play a 1-4 characters)
Though I really do enjoy using more than one character unless I am trying to develop a certain character.

I think I should mention that I rarely do fandom role-plays. Also I suck at making plots, those take me hours to create.

I love drama, action, and adventure role-plays along with mystery, I also have quite an affinity for sci-fi, but I have developed a great distaste for romance.

Things I will not tolerate both in and out of character
-Nsfw (I'm fine with blood, gore, and death)
-Poor grammar
-One liners (I would be happier if my RP partner(s) were around my skill level or above)
-Mary sue/Gary stu (I would be happy to help fix characters though^)
-Unnecessary swearing (I am fine with cursing, but I dislike it when it is overused, especially to put someone down)
-Suicide & self-harm jokes (unless we're good friends, but seriously try your best to avoid that subject unless I'm okay with it.)

If I continue to use this site, I will most likely be the most active during weekends.

Most Recent Posts

My interest has been piqued.

Got a character sheet down so that means that I want to use them in an RP

also, I'm going out for the rest of the evening so my replies to inquiries won't be instantaneous

Hope C. Smithe (pre-rebellion)

Full Name
-Hope Chantelle Smithe


-15 years (October 27)



-Cambion/Demi-demon/Human & demon hybrid (25% demon, 75% human)


”I’m what the cool kids call ‘edgy’.”


-109 lbs

Skin tone

-Pale gray in color with vertical slit pupils, much like a cat.

-Long, waist-length wavy brown hair

-Small black star and two studs connected by a chain (left ear)
-Black helix hoop and two studs (right ear)
-Snakebite lip piercing
-Eyebrow piercing
-Snake eyes tongue piercing


Other Features/Characteristics
-A demon tail
-Elf-like pointed ears
-Fang-like canine teeth

”The last thing I need is to be insulted and then murdered, capisce?”

Casual Wear
-Purple and gray striped sweater, black pants, purple converse. (main outfit)
-Black hoodie, light purple t-shirt, and dark gray shorts.
-White, black, or purple t-shirt, jeans, and purple converse.
-Hoodies and ripped jeans

Formal Wear
-Purple blouse and white dress pants.
-Tuxedo with a black or purple bow tie.

”Do you have the thought process equivalent to that of a walnut? Because you’re fucking stupid.”


Hope is very determined and will not give up easily, she is very passionate and protective of those she holds close to her heart. Hope is loyal to her friends and considers betrayal to be one of the worst things you can do to someone. She is strong-willed and will stand up for what she believes in. Hope also has a strong sense of justice and morality, though she still tends to do whatever the hell she wants whether or not if it’s wrong. She also firmly believes in equality and cannot stand prejudice- especially after experiencing it due to her demonic heritage.
Hope is also an opportunist. If she has the chance to do anything, she will most likely do it. She is rather brave and not afraid of others, although sometimes this can get to her head. Hope often takes stupid risks and is sometimes an adrenaline junkie.

Hope can be vulgar and rude, especially to strangers. She is rather distrusting of strangers and newcomers and does not easily welcome change. Hope is stubborn and always seems irritated in one way or another. She is easily agitated and infuriated, and while she is upset it takes a great deal of time for her to calm down. Hope also rarely opens up about her emotions and tends to hide her true feelings, she deals with bottling up emotions by having an explosive temper. Hope’s headstrong and does things “her way or no way”, even if her way is counter-productive. She hates admitting she’s wrong about anything and will continue to argue even if she knows she is wrong.
Hope also has an odd habit up putting others down or below her with verbal insults, she does this for many reasons, especially to show dominance in situations. Her ego seems a bit high, but it has actually hit rock bottom, she has this “loud and harsh” facade to hide her insecurities.

-The color purple (if you haven't noticed)
-Danny J. C.
-Video games
-Mother Mother

-Jake Smithe (Brother)
-Andrew Smithe (Father)
-School in general
-T H O T S

”This conversation is a fucking trainwreck.”

Backstory, Family, & Miscellaneous

-Andrew Smithe - Father
-Paulette Smithe - Mother
-Jake Smithe - Older Brother


Here's the short version.

Hope is a high-school sophomore that was born and lives in a medium-sized town located in New York with her dysfunctional family. She has a best friend named Danny that she's had since 3rd grade. Danny is the same age as Hope and lives in the same neighborhood about a block away from her house. Hope doesn't care much for her family, especially her father since he's never home and probably doesn't care about his children because demons are bad parents. She spends most of her time either on the internet, with her friend Danny, or doing something stupid. Hope skips class whenever she can and has been doing so since middle school.

Theme Songs
-Get Out The Way - Mother Mother
-Killed by BR8K Spider!!!!!!!! - Toby Radiation Fox
-Little Pistol - Mother Mother
-& - Tally Hall
-You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid - The Offspring
-Vriska’s Theme - Toby Radiation Fox
-Sunsetter - Toby Radiation Fox
-Sunslammer - Seth Beatfox Peelle
-Snake Escape - James Roach
-30 Second Unskippable Ad - Peach Avenue

bunch o' traditional art lmao

Link to my DA, again:

Lmao bump my friends keep dying and I'm impatient ecks dee
It's okay, I know what It's like to struggle mentally. Take your time and get better.
I'll try to write a reply with Hugo on Tuesday latest.
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