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30 days ago
Current I might vanish for a bit. My dog passed today. She's been my best friend for close to 10 years.
1 mo ago
Can't properly fold a shirt? Call the Secret Police, they'll help you.
1 mo ago
Got my ass handed to me in pokemon and not gonna lie, my ego is hurting.
1 mo ago
Listening to WTNV while leveling up my Pokemon has proven to be a very entertaining experience.
1 mo ago
I'm done being cryptic. Why the fuck the only ATLA RP 18+ I'm gonna sOB-
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"Goodnight, lovelies."

"Thank you for tuning in to Unaligned Paralells Radio Show."

(Please wait for a tone pitched at a high B flat before continuing.)

"You didn't wait, did you? Oh well, I'm not here to tell you what to do. Remember: Good & Evil have long since been dead. Only power remains, so make sure it's eco-friendly!"

"Questions? Comments? Concerns? Please press your ear up against the nearest wall and wait for a response. You will be connected to our Help Desk, which is conveniently located in the abandoned steel mill outside of town."

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Doodled this up today.

I will cherish it forever thank you
bump lol
@honorandpride Great! PM me if you havent already!
My art has greatly improved! Unfortunately, my digital creations don't reflect this. The new character's named Chester Oldfield, and I'm obsessed with him.

As much as I love the idea for this roleplay, I don't have the time in my schedule to be active. Sorry, y'all.
Question @Ruler Inc
The universe that I've been writing for a sci-fi comic of mine includes a rift between two different dimensions/universes/who knows at this point for the main conflict of the story. Is this idea okay to use?
I forgot about this, but I'm back
Merged universes seems fun.
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