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Current Turns out one of my favorite musical artists is a piece of shit (took me forever to get the news). What a fuckin' shame.
2 days ago
She has feathers, so everyone's happy.
2 days ago
Trying to draw a dinosaur again and I'm s c r e a m i n g .
3 days ago
I think I should watch The Office.
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Check out my phuckin' D e v i a n t A r t

I guess I'll introduce myself, I am Crystal Amalgam.

Note: I am very sarcastic and have a horrible sense of humor.

Warning, this user is awkward around strangers.
Please excuse any dumb behavior. I have a plethora of issues.

I draw quite a bit so I guess I'm an artist.

I will not reveal any sort of personal information at all to anyone, I like my privacy quite a bit.

I create characters, universes (borderline world-building), and stories for fun, I have been doing so for almost three years now. I am creating a webcomic, but it is still in its early stages of development so I most likely won't mention it often. (It'll probably be officially released in 2019 or 2020.) I currently own 150+ characters. (I'm lonely)

I write on the occasion, though I never really finish full stories, (I usually only finish my poems.)

I read quite a lot- Fantasy and Fiction catch my interest the most.

Fandoms & Interests
(Oh boy)

Current Fandoms & Interests
-Tally Hall
-Mother Mother
-Bo En
{Video Games}
-The Portal series
-Fran Bow
-Fallout 4
-The Beginner's Guide & The Stanley Parable
{Television Shows & Movies}
-Gravity Falls
-Steven Universe
-The Adventures Of Merlin
-Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts
-The Hollow (Netflix)
{Web Series}
-Camp Camp
-Harry Potter
-The Maze Runner
(probably other shit that I don't remember lmao)
-Dungeons & Dragons
-Spicy memes
-Furry Fandom (yes, I'm a furry. No, I don't think I'm an animal)

Past Fandoms & Interests/things I used to like
-Undertale (oof)
-Minecraft (o o f)
-Pokemon (Still kinda like it tho)
-Maximum Ride (I might reread this series later on)

That wraps up interests

Role-playing info

I'm not sure if this lingo is used here, but on my old role-playing forum (Roleplaying Amino) I was considered to be Semi-literate, Advanced semi-literate to Beginner Literate. I hope that made sense. On average I guess I write 2-3 paragraphs in my responses on average but it heavily depends on how many characters I am using while role-playing. It also depends how much my partner(s) have given me to go off on.

I write in third-person omniscient if I am using 2+ characters. (I can comfortably role-play a 1-4 characters)
Though I really do enjoy using more than one character unless I am trying to develop a certain character.

I think I should mention that I rarely do fandom role-plays. Also I suck at making plots, those take me hours to create.

I love drama, action, and adventure role-plays along with mystery, I also have quite an affinity for sci-fi, but I have developed a great distaste for romance.

Things I will not tolerate both in and out of character
-Nsfw (I'm fine with blood, gore, and death)
-Poor grammar
-One liners (I would be happier if my RP partner(s) were around my skill level or above)
-Mary sue/Gary stu (I would be happy to help fix characters though^)
-Unnecessary swearing (I am fine with cursing, but I dislike it when it is overused, especially to put someone down)
-Suicide & self-harm jokes (unless we're good friends, but seriously try your best to avoid that subject unless I'm okay with it.)

If I continue to use this site, I will most likely be the most active during weekends.

Most Recent Posts

Warrior Cats, eh? Been a while since I've done a Warriors rp, nonetheless, I'm still interested.

I like the acoustic guitar
<Snipped quote by Crystal Amalgam>

You either
A) really like this idea and/or fallout.
B) have had a really bad unlucky day.
C) a little of both above.

Lol anyway I'm glad your excited. :)

It's C) a little of both above
Yesterday I had a raging headache and a mild breakdown, but I'm all good now
Seeing activity in this thread is honestly the best thing that's happened today (for me)
In d e l e t e 9 days ago Forum: The Gallery
Days Go By

- | /\ | >《 》< | /\ | -

Through the rain

Through the snow

Lightning strikes

Where wind blows

- | /\ | >《 》< | /\ | -

Where I go

Where I stay

I don't know

I'm okay

- | /\ | >《 》< | /\ | -

Cause your here

By my side

My friend dear

Days go by

- | /\ | >《 》< | /\ | -

You're still here

Here we stand

I've no fear

We are grand

- | /\ | >《 》< | /\ | -

I can see

Right by you

Right by me

Days go by

- | /\ | >《 》< | /\ | -
Tensions rise

At my side

Drumming beats

Breaking ties

- | /\ | >《 》< | /\ | -

Friends will die

Losing you

It's not true

Now you’re gone

- | /\ | >《 》< | /\ | -

Anger's lie

Weapons drawn

Sleepless nights

Cry till dawn

- | /\ | >《 》< | /\ | -

Now you're gone

Chaos ‘rupts

Fires start

Hate at heart

- | /\ | >《 》< | /\ | -

Want you gone

Want you dead

Hurts my head

Heir to doom

- | /\ | >《 》< | /\ | -

Heir to death

No one left

Days go by

Empty side

- | /\ | >《 》< | /\ | -

Worries true

None can do

Want you back

Heart attack

- | /\ | >《 》< | /\ | -

Lonely side

Days arrive

Burdens I

Fire hate

- | /\ | >《 》< | /\ | -

It's too late

Battle start

Fight to death

Pierce my heart

- | /\ | >《 》< | /\ | -

Battle lost

Out of breath

By my side

Bloodstained cry

- | /\ | >《 》< | /\ | -

Days gone by

You still lie

Least I try

This is Goodbye

- | /\ | >《 》< | /\ | -

Start anew

Who are you?

Helping me

Learn to see?

- | /\ | >《 》< | /\ | -

Thank you so

Help me grow

Now I know

I’m okay

- | /\ | >《 》< | /\ | -

Here to stay

Not to die

Cleared my eyes

Saw through lies

- | /\ | >《 》< | /\ | -

We’re okay

Days go by

No betrayal

Peaceful sails

In d e l e t e 9 days ago Forum: The Gallery
This is going to be a cesspool of vents and garbage writing. Don't read if you wanna be happy.

Hopefully it does, I've been kinda excited about it
Oh fuck, finally someone who's active.

Don't ask.
I've eaten nothing but chocolate for the 4 hours and I feel...odd.
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