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21 hrs ago
Current I was in the forest looking to see the trees, but none were there
1 day ago
I have multiple Incubi characters, and most of them are terrible people. One's verbally abusive, the other's an unfaithful thief, and the last is the ultimate degenerate.
2 days ago
One time I tried to sing about spring and a storm, but you know how it goes...
3 days ago
Do ya like how I dance? I've got zirconium pants. Consequential enough to slip you into a trance.
3 days ago
@Rosenrot Nothing like self-hate and toxic relationships to spice up your time in the bedroom.


I draw dumb stuff and create OCs lmao
Check out my phuckin' D e v i a n t A r t

Stuff I like or Whatever
-Tally Hall
-Mother Mother
-Joe Hawley
-Bo En
-Miracle Musical
-Dirt Poor Robins
-The Beginner's Guide
-Fran Bow
-Harry Potter
-Jurassic Park
-The Adventures of Merlin
-The Office

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Welcome to the guild. I'm horrible at welcoming people.
I exist

indeed you do
fist bump

yo anyone want to roleplay chaotic nonsense? The world's ending, or maybe not. Who knows.
High-key interested.
@Majoras End
*commits die*
ayy lmao hi
My interest has been piqued.
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