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Crippling gender dysphoria be like 👌
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Man, I feel like absolute trash and it's all Quinn's fault. Bastard
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I'm on vacation with family and the Wi-Fi at the hotel sucks
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Finally got over whatever terrible bug was keeping me sick. I still have a cough, but I can think clearly again.
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Hi, my name is Felix, and I draw dumb stuff a lot
Check out my phuckin' D e v i a n t A r t

Stuff I like or Whatever
-Tally Hall
-Mother Mother
-Joe Hawley
-Bo En
-Miracle Musical
-Dirt Poor Robins
-The Beginner's Guide
-Fran Bow
-Harry Potter
-Jurassic Park
-The Adventures of Merlin
-The Office
-Other shit I don't remember lmao

Feel free to hit me up to chat. I'm generally an open person.
I'm sorry if I go silent all of a sudden. My mental health is wack and it tends to get in the way. I'm working on it.

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As much as I love the idea for this roleplay, I don't have the time in my schedule to be active. Sorry, y'all.
Question @Ruler Inc
The universe that I've been writing for a sci-fi comic of mine includes a rift between two different dimensions/universes/who knows at this point for the main conflict of the story. Is this idea okay to use?
I forgot about this, but I'm back
Merged universes seems fun.
these are a bitch to make lmao
Mister Hall

(Image not mine)


-Known as Mr. Hall or Mister Hall. Full name is unknown

-the Crow or the Raven
-Bird Man (most likely as a joke)

-Exact age unknown. Looks to be in mid to late 20’s. Despite this, Hall could be hundreds of years old.



-Unknown human variant

-Looks to be of European descent. Exact details unknown.

“Some call me a Raven or a Crow, others just call me by my name. I’m Hall, by the way, Mr. Hall.”

(Art by me)


-About 6 foot without the top hat

-unknown, light in build

Skin Tone

-Light brown and amber

-Brown, curly, ear-length

Other Features

“Twilight is brought to a creeping repose by the beckoning eyes of stories best left untold.”

(Art by me)


Casual Wear
-White collared shirt occasionally worn with a vest. Often seen wearing a dark brown top hat decorated with brown and white feathers. Dons a dark brown cloak decorated with white and brown feathers on the shoulders. Most clothing is accented with shiny rhinestones, sequins. beads, and buttons.

Formal Wear
-Very similar to casual wear, although the cloak may be longer and more elaborate.
-Bow ties

Other Wear
-Occasionally wears a masquerade mask. The nose of the mask is shaped like the beak of a bird and it is decorated with ornate feathers.
-Sometimes wears white gloves

“How dare you insult the bird man!”

(Art by me)


Positive Traits
Mr. Hall is a quirky fellow who likes just about anything that is out of the ordinary. He has a rather positive outlook on life and is generally friendly. He loves to converse with others and meet new people. Mr. Hall is very curious and likes to figure out how things work, especially small contraptions like music boxes. He is captivated by fantasy concepts and loves indulging in fiction stories. He also enjoys solving riddles and puzzles. Creativity fascinates him and he adores how people and make such amazing creations with their imaginations. Hall can perform simple and moderate magic, but nothing too complex.

Negative Traits
Mr. Hall sometimes has his head in the clouds. He also tends to speak in a very confusing manner, almost like poetry. The absurd lines he says often sound like a metaphor or symbolism, but most of the time he is just spouting out abstract ideas with no true meaning. Mr. Hall also has a plethora of strange habits and characteristics. One of his problems is properly expressing himself. When he talks, the meaning of his words can become very convoluted amidst his poetic lines- but sometimes he can be the exact opposite and become too blunt or harsh. This is usually when he is frustrated or irritated. He can be harsh when his patience runs low. Perhaps Mr. Hall’s biggest problem is his drug “addiction”. Technically, the type of being Hall is cannot get addicted to almost anything. Regardless, he regularly uses a type of psychedelic drug of his invention. He is very closed off about this topic and insists it is to aid his ideas and not much more. Mr. Hall is generally complicated and somewhat lonely, he yearns for close for close friendships.

-Animals, especially birds
-Feathers (Hall uses faux feathers, he cannot stand harming birds)
-Poetry and creative writing
-Nonsensical ideas

-Romance (or he just acts like he doesn’t like it)

-Psychedelic drug use

“Sometimes, understanding is not obligatory, it is a choice. Many tend to forget this.”

(Art by me)



Close Friends
-Time Machine

Mr. Hall’s exact origins are yet to be revealed, but he is not a being from this world. He lives in a small “castle” that has been around for as long as anyone can remember. He spends his time exploring human literature, music, and other creations. There are some remnants of huge, unfinished contraptions hidden throughout his residence. It is unclear what he was building and why he stopped. There is one invention that he somewhat completed, and that is Time Machine. Time Machine is not an actual time machine, they are a cyborg. They are a mechanical being that was once human. Time Machine is rarely seen at all and is like his apprentice.
There are hints and suggestions that Hall was once in a romantic relationship that ended on a sour note. He does not like speaking about romance or dwelling on the idea of it. He neither confirms nor denies that he was ever in a relationship. He’d rather talk about his birds.

”Living a dream in dimension number four with a time machine.”

(Art by Sgt.gemini on Instagram)


Voice Claim - Joe Hawley (specifically in Hawaii: Part II)
Mr. Hall has various pet birds, ranging from ordinary to exotic. He takes care of them.

Theme songs
Rotary Park - Joe Hawley
Nightingale - Dirt Poor Robins
Human After All - Dirt Poor Robins
Dream Sweet in Sea Major - Miracle Musical
Ilse Unto Thyself - Miracle Musical
Sacred Beast - Tally Hall
Introduction to the Snow - Miracle Musical
Ruler of Everything - Tally Hall
Great Vacation - Dirt Poor Robins
Never Meant to Know - Tally Hall
Welcome to the guild. I'm horrible at welcoming people.
I exist

indeed you do
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yo anyone want to roleplay chaotic nonsense? The world's ending, or maybe not. Who knows.
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