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it's fucking official: i'm getting my diploma
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I have so much mental illness
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Haha, nice. I already have my own epithet erased OC named Sirius. Would love to join this if I have the time
Pascal "Dolly" Harper

Location: Platform -> train
Mentions: @Lumiere
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“Just internally,” Dolly assured while rubbing the side of his face with a pink paw. He was sure it was going to bruise. Well, at least having fur hid it well. He was used to the feeling, anyway. Many of his escapades ended with the mouse getting damaged in some way. It was nobody else’s business. He could take whatever was thrown at him. So why couldn’t he make his nose stop twitching? Despite his composure, that single detail revealed just how shaken up he was.

He stepped onto the train after allowing the other passengers to exit. He was a little…tired? Annoyed? Whatever. Something about having to share the train with such a smartass rabbit made him feel...irked. He couldn’t even get some respect from his fellow rodents. No, no, it wasn’t the joke that upset him… He could take a joke. His life was a joke. It was the legitimate concern that made Dolly feel so utterly irritated (at least more than usual). He let out a sigh before hopping onto an unoccupied seat. Some cars had seats sized for smaller creatures. This subway car was not one of them. His shoes didn’t even graze the ground as he sat.

Dolly would’ve liked to gain some respect and stand by holding the metal pole. Nothing he wasn’t familiar with, anyway. Still, he knew a sudden lurch forward or jerk back would send him tumbling. He didn’t need that again. Ugh… That same, stupid rabbit was standing up, though. It almost felt like a personal attack. “Oh, look at me. We are both small, and yet that doesn’t stop me. But you? That’s all you are.” At least, that’s what he was able to gather from the sight. Just looking at it was an insult. Maybe that was just the mouse’s bruised ego talking… Regardless, Dolly bit his tongue and continued to behave as customary in New York- socially withdrawn and generally unfriendly.

It was most certainly a population thing. Dolly came from a podunk town in Texas. Everybody knew everybody, and they were kind to each other. He preferred that kind of kindness. It was customary and expected. It did not swell up from a place of pity or concern for him. City life could be fun, but there was no equality in it. Or maybe the mouse was trying to dig up some excuse to blame for making it so unfulfilling. Whatever. He’d finish school and get a proper job in a proper town. Preferably a place where he didn’t have to get worried about being kicked down half a flight of stairs.

Meanwhile, not far off in the subway tunnel….

Hiro Kimura

Location: Subway Platform
Mentions: @GreysonEA
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It was one of those days where Hiro couldn’t get the taste of blood out of his mouth. He’d smoked a few cigarettes to try and quell his desires, but not even that could stop him from salivating. Eventually he’d managed to fall into a hazy sleep for… It couldn’t have been more than two hours. He’d found that staying unconscious for long amounts of time was difficult. That’s what he got for not keeping up a sleep schedule. Now he had to get back into school- hell, he was in school. Sometimes it didn’t feel like it.

The snow leopard needed to catch the train to get to class. Yes, class, all while dressed in nothing but an undershirt and a pair of dull basketball shorts. He didn’t have time to waste on outfit coordination. Besides, he had too much fur to bother with being stylish, anyway. His shoulders were scruffy, and his long mop of hair was messily tied back in a vain attempt to keep it out of his eyes. He didn’t scream “academically capable” as much as “divorced alcoholic”. At least he wasn’t divorced. The alcoholism thing was a minor issue he was working on. Just a wrinkle that needed to be ironed out…somehow. How was he supposed to iron out the massive collection of character flaws that wrinkled his personality when he had so many? Drinking aside, he was actually kind of alright in his classes. He understood the material, he just couldn’t muster up the will to do it sometimes. Maybe one day things’ll click.

Oh, yeah. Hiro was on the subway. Some harsh words from a royally peeved gal made the feline focus on where he was. Train. Yeah. He should work on that. Mistake aside, he found Raven’s attitude to be unnecessary. Seriously? It was an accident. He actually did not enjoy brushing up against strangers while underground, but he was too broke to taxi everywhere or own a car. Bumping into people always happened to larger animals like himself. It was almost autopilot when he finally spoke up.

“Sorry,” the big cat grunted with a flick of his ear. He seemed unbothered. Shit like this wasn’t that uncommon. Unless she freaked out, in which case he would, too. For some reason, only insane people took the subway. This was why Hiro was waiting patiently for the train on the platform
Actually responding today, whoops
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anyway i'll get to typing my reply

Pascal "Dolly" Harper

Location: Subway entrance -> Platform
Mentions: @Lumiere
Interactions: Open

Getting to the subway was a cinch- for anybody else except Dolly. It was the morning rush hour, so every walkway was positively bursting with animals bustling about. At least with being small he could squeeze through tight crevices and openings, allowing him to hop between spaces in the crowd. The downside was having to avoid being stepped on. It was a game he’d been playing for a couple years now, though- he was practically a natural. What was he supposed to do about it, grow an extra foot in height? He would’ve if he could’ve. For now he was content with his lack of stature. Being small wasn’t so bad! Food was pretty cheap, and usually people didn’t bother him (usually because they barely noticed he was there). While continuing his journey, something caught his attention. Now, in New York, it was customary to mind your damn business. He was caught off guard when somebody said something to him- did they, like, need help or something? He didn't quite catch what was said…probably due to being tired.


Dolly looked to both sides and saw nothing. Damn, gone already? In fact, he didn't even notice that the rabbit was almost pushed into him. Must've not been that important. Okay, then… Back to business as usual. The stairs he was approaching were arguably the worst part about taking the train. Well, at least he didn’t need to go up them this time. Clutching a hand to one of the rails, the mouse hopped down from one step after another, acutely aware of masking just how much he needed to breathe. Seriously, who gets winded going down half a flight of stairs? He did. He was recuperating by the edge of the landing for a second. His foot was halfway to the next step when there was a heavy thud against his back.

Apparently it's hard to use a tail as a counterweight while holding it to your chest. With a reflexive squeak, Dolly was sent tumbling down the stairs. A mostly off-white whirl of fuzz. Thankfully, it wasn't too far down until he knocked into the legs of some other person. They, surprised by being hit with a mouse, turned to get a look at what happened.

“You okay?"

Dolly didn't answer. Instead he pulled himself up and tried to ignore the lingering gaze of passerby. He was fine. He'd been through worse. Sure, his shoulder ached a bit and his nose was twitching with reckless abandon, but he was fine.

"You should be more careful there, little…uh, mouse.”

“I’m not that little-" He said this as he dusted off his sweater, but by then they were already gone. That was New York hospitality, baby!

Dolly was left feeling a little bit more dejected than usual on a subway platform entrance. Despite how crowded it was, he was surprisingly empty. He clenched his pink paws together in silent frustration. Cool. He could feel the pressure before the wind whipped his face. All thanks to the whiskers on his cheeks (which he needed to take a second to smoothen out). The train was going to arrive in 3, 2, 1…and he watched expectantly as the hunk of metal pulled into the station. At least he wasn't too late to catch the goddamn train.

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