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3 mos ago
Current Going silent again. Trying to admit myself into a psychiatric hospital.
3 mos ago
I am too mentally ill at this point
3 mos ago
I have to babysit my toddler aged siblings. Slow replies today
4 mos ago
Apologies to my partners. My shift was extra long today and I need some me time
4 mos ago
If anybody is perhaps interested in a werewolf roleplay because I'm so not normal: roleplayerguild.com/posts/5…


Sup, I'm perf. Apparently, I'm kind of schizophrenic so that explains a lot.

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Welcome to the hellsite, friend!
Howdy hi. Look who came crawling back. I am currently looking for a werewolf (me) × human RP- or another lycanthrope. I have three lycanthrope OCs to choose from (all queer men). My characters work best in low fantasy with a modern setting. Angst, drama, and horror elements are preferred! Please be 18+. My information is linked below. Please read it.

DM me if interested. Discord isn't required but is preferred.
This fucking goobert is all i draw.

Guys please I will do anything if there's drama. It doesn't have to be 2009 horror, I promise.
Hi I don't feel like formatting shit because I'm on mobile. So bite me, I guess.

I need to roleplay with my character, Teddy, before I explode. I'm on some emo shit, so I'm looking for angst with maybe a smidge of comfort. I also have a craving for complicated, mildly toxic situationships. I need to emotionally destroy this man. Uhhhh yeah lmao. I know, vague, but I prefer talking shit out. Something, something, weird fucked up rural midwestern hometown.

  • GOOOO AWAY MINORS I want to write about adult stuff like tax evasion.
  • I can write smut, but do keep in mind I'll get bored eventually.
  • My post length varies. I don't feel like writing novel responses because I'm working on several other projects. I stick to 1-4 paragraphs on average.
  • This character was initially made for a murder mystery plot set in 2009, but that doesn't matter much. He also works for cyberpunk.
  • My writing style is deliberately strange to illustrate his warped perception of reality. I'm dumb and artistic like that.
  • Sorry, I'm edgy as fuck. I like horror and drama.
  • Please don't rush me.
  • Please send me cursed memes. The weirder, the better.
  • I am queer. My OCs are queer. We're all queer.

My art is trash I'll get back to this later

<Snipped quote by False Prophet>

Any update on this ?

Still in transit <_< I'm sorry my life has suddenly gotten a bit more hectic. If you guys want to start without me, you can! Just save me a spot lol
I fucking left my laptop charger across the country so posting will probably be delayed
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