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1 day ago
Current I forgor about this website again
7 days ago
I want to kiss that snobby vampire elf on his stupid lips so bad
9 days ago
Sorry i have autism burnout from pretending to be normal all day
12 days ago
I worked a longass shift yesterday im taking a break today
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14 days ago
Applogizing in advance for the type of person Baldurs Gate is turning me into


Sup, I'm perf.

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This fucking goobert is all i draw.

In Restart 20 days ago Forum: 1x1 Interest Checks
Guys please I will do anything if there's drama. It doesn't have to be 2009 horror, I promise.
In Restart 21 days ago Forum: 1x1 Interest Checks
Hi I don't feel like formatting shit because I'm on mobile. So bite me, I guess.

I need to roleplay with my character, Teddy, before I explode. I'm on some emo shit, so I'm looking for angst with maybe a smidge of comfort. I also have a craving for complicated, mildly toxic situationships. I need to emotionally destroy this man. Uhhhh yeah lmao. I know, vague, but I prefer talking shit out. Something, something, weird fucked up rural midwestern hometown.

  • GOOOO AWAY MINORS I want to write about adult stuff like tax evasion.
  • I can write smut, but do keep in mind I'll get bored eventually.
  • My post length varies. I don't feel like writing novel responses because I'm working on several other projects. I stick to 1-4 paragraphs on average.
  • This character was initially made for a murder mystery plot set in 2009, but that doesn't matter much. He also works for cyberpunk.
  • My writing style is deliberately strange to illustrate his warped perception of reality. I'm dumb and artistic like that.
  • Sorry, I'm edgy as fuck. I like horror and drama.
  • Please don't rush me.
  • Please send me cursed memes. The weirder, the better.
  • I am queer. My OCs are queer. We're all queer.

My art is trash I'll get back to this later

<Snipped quote by False Prophet>

Any update on this ?

Still in transit <_< I'm sorry my life has suddenly gotten a bit more hectic. If you guys want to start without me, you can! Just save me a spot lol
I fucking left my laptop charger across the country so posting will probably be delayed
Besides False anyone else we're waiting on?

You can just call me Perf or Prophet. Sorry for the wait, I'm a lot more exhausted from traveling than I thought i would be
Got an ex-cult member character in the works right now but probably won’t be able to get anything up for him until Sunday. I’m on the road moving right now so not a load of time to type

I will be waiting with earnest. Cult characters fascinate me
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